2013 Annual Report - Via of the Lehigh Valley



2013 Annual Report - Via of the Lehigh Valley
Via of the Lehigh Valley
2013 Annual Report to the Community Via ‐ Crea ng Success Every Day How Via of the Lehigh Valley Began In 1952, a group of determined Lehigh Valley parents of adult children with disabili es opened a day me ac vity program. Parents and volunteers provided training and socializa on opportuni es for their sons and daughters, opera ng in the basement of a church. In 1954, the first execu ve director of the newly incorporated Lehigh County Associa on for Retarded Children (LARC) was hired. In 1989, LARC became the Lehigh Valley Associa on of Rehabilita on Centers. In 1997 the Lehigh Valley Associa on of Rehabilita on Facili es merged with United Cerebral Palsy of the Lehigh Valley. The combined en ty became known as Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. Today, Via is one of the largest provider of services to people with disabili es in the Lehigh Valley. Via of the Lehigh Valley Today Via of the Lehigh Valley is a non‐profit agency that provides services for children and adults with disabili es like au sm, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. Serving the community since 1954, Via’s staff and volunteers help individuals and families from birth through re rement to gain life skills, obtain meaningful employment and develop social connec ons. Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. works in partnership with Via Events, Inc. and the Via Founda on, Inc. to accomplish these goals with community partners. Via provides children, adults and their families with quality services that facilitate developmental and educa onal opportuni es, as well as personal choice of career, home, leisure and re rement. Via advocates for inclusion of all people with disabili es within schools, neighborhoods and communi es, personal rela onships, and employment. Via builds communi es that provide equal access to appropriate developmental services so people have friends who care and rela onships that are rich and meaningful; enjoy a rewarding career of their choice; and are connected to the resources of their community. 2 Our Mission & Guiding Principals Via’s Mission Help the People We Serve Reach Their Full Poten al. Guiding Principles Via's implementa on of its mission and vision is based on the following:  Every individual is valued and treated with dignity, respect, and courtesy.  Every individual is capable of growth and learning.  Every individual is able to communicate needs, desires, feelings, and personal choices through the experience of person‐centered planning and approaches.  Every individual has the right to be included as an ac ve, valuable par cipant in the community.  Every individual has a right to physical and mental access to the community.  Every individual has a right to an advocate of their choice. Via’s Values We Value People We believe people should be treated with dignity, respect, fairness, and courtesy in environments that are safe and comfortable, and support individual development. We Value Growth We believe that personal growth is promoted through a en on to present strengths and not past weaknesses. We Value Community We believe that the development of community supports and resources enhances the quality of life. We Value Diversity We believe that an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other’s differences adds quality to our services. We Value Shared ideas We believe that listening is a crucial part of effec ve communica on and that individuals should ac vely par cipate in their service planning. We Value Advocacy We believe that everyone is responsible for bringing about the change necessary to benefit those we serve to the fullest extent. We Value Rehabilita on We believe services must be available as long as they are needed. 3 Via’s Impact on Our Community In 2013*, Via of the Lehigh Valley provided services for 567 children and adults with disabili es throughout the greater Lehigh Valley, in Lehigh, Northampton, Bucks and Berks coun es. Below is a summary of each service Via offers and significant milestones from the past year. * Via’s fiscal year 2013, running from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. Children’s Services 
172 children, from birth to age 3, and their families received Early Interven on therapy, taking their first steps towards school readiness. 13% of children receive mul ple therapies. 
All Early Interven on therapies are delivered in natural family home or daycare se ngs. Therapists provide therapy to children and instruc on to caregivers who work with children between therapist visits. Community Employment 
194 people were assisted in acquiring and maintaining employment through job development, work assessments, follow‐along support and small business ownership. 
Via trained more than 540 county and state human service professionals, educators, and other stakeholders in community employment best prac ces. 
Via con nues to assist area school districts with transi on and job development for teens and training assistance for staff. Community Connec ons 
126 people received support for volunteer, recrea on, and educa onal ac vi es in their communi es, as well as supported living assistance so they can live independently. 
39 Lehigh Valley agencies partnered with Via and received more than 5,450 hours of volunteer assistance from people served in Community Connec ons. 
Via’s Au sm Services, which offers services specifically for adults with au sm through Pennsylvania's Au sm waiver, was expanded to support individuals in Carbon and Monroe coun es. 
Via’s Summer Teen Experience offered a summer of voca onal explora on and recrea onal ac vi es for 48 young people age 13 through 21. Via Workshop for Business Services 
4 78 people engaged in packaging, assembly and other light industrial jobs for local manufacturing companies such as Crayola, B. Braun, Mar n Guitar and Smooth‐On Plas cs. The Via Companies Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not‐for‐profit corpora on providing services and supports for people with disabili es and their families. Our service area is the greater Lehigh Valley, including Lehigh, Northampton, Berks, Bucks and Delaware coun es. Via Events, Inc. Via Events, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not‐for‐profit corpora on that operates Via Thri Stores and several special events ac vi es. The mission of Via Events is to raise funds to advance Via of the Lehigh Valley and the services it provides for people with disabili es. Via Founda on, Inc. Via Founda on, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) not‐for‐profit corpora on. The mission of the Via Founda on is to provide resources to grow and sustain services provided by Via of the Lehigh Valley. Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc., Via Events, Inc., and Via Founda on, Inc. are each registered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Charitable Organiza ons. The official registra on and financial informa on of Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc., Via Events, Inc., and Via Founda on, Inc. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732‐0999. Registra on does not imply endorsement. 5 Crea ng Success Every Day Via’s Strategic Plan focuses on five key areas: Outcomes, Growth, Staff Investment, Community Support and Communica ons. Our work over the last several years and our plans for the future focus on tracking and verifying outcomes by providing objec ve evidence of the benefit of Via’s services; growing our service array to meet the needs of our par cipants and to sustain Via’s organiza onal capacity; building and maintaining Via’s organiza onal strength and capacity to operate current and future services; maintaining and expanding financial resources to ensure viability of Via’s services; and effec vely communica ng the impact, viability, and success of Via’s programs and services. Below are highlights from the last year focused on those key areas.  Opening of the John E. Walson Center at Via which provides educa onal, social, cultural and wellness ac vi es for adults with disabili es. Par cipants in this adult training program spend a por on of their me at our facility in Bethlehem, and have opportuni es to explore the community. 
Opening of Lehigh Children’s Academy in Lower Macungie Township which provides high quality, nurturing care and educa on for young children, ages six weeks to six years, and provides before and a er school care for school age children. 
Launch of Via Pediatric Speech Therapy Services to provide individual treatment programs and evalua ons for children through age 18. 
Launch of Spruce Street brand products. Individuals in the Work Training Services Workshop make candles, bath soaks and pet blankets for wholesale. Products are sold in local retail shops like Via Thri Stores and the Sands Casino Gi Shop. 
Expansion of Via Au sm Services to provide community employment support with funding from the Pennsylvania Bureau of Au sm. 
Expansion of Via Community Connec ons to support individuals in Carbon, Monroe and Pike coun es. 
Expansion of Via Community Employment Services to support individuals in Bucks County, and through the PA Bureau of Au sm waiver, Northampton County Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) and Social Security Plans for Achieving Self Support (PASS). 
Expansion of services to include individuals who receive funding through the OBRA (through the PA Department of Aging), Independence (through the PA Department of Long Term Living) and COMMCARE (for individuals with Trauma c Brain Injury) waivers. Services include Community Connec ons, Community Employment and Work Training Services Workshop. 
Contracted with Northampton and Fleetwood School Districts, as well as the PA Cyber School to provide transi onal support services to students nearing gradua on from high school. 
Established academic university affilia on with Drexel University and the A.J. Drexel Au sm Ins tute to community rehabilita on provider organiza ons on providing customized employment services for the job seekers that they serve. Via Children’s Services Children deserve a bright and healthy start in life. Recognizing developmental delays and trea ng them early is vital in the growth of children. Via’s Children's Services can make all the difference in a family’s life. Via Early Interven on Program Via’s Early Interven on program is staffed by highly qualified and experienced professionals from a variety of disciplines. Via’s speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and special instructors work with children in their natural environments (homes, daycares) to meet the individual needs of each child and their families. Children are assessed by their therapist to determine their strengths. A plan is developed that helps each child learn and grow according to their needs and abili es. Via Pediatric Speech Therapy Services Speech therapy helps children improve their communica on skills to an age‐appropriate level. Via Pediatric Speech Therapy Services designs individual treatment programs and carefully evaluates children’s progress on an ongoing basis. Via Pediatric Speech Therapy Services focuses on development of skills that enable children to express themselves and understand others. Lehigh Children’s Academy Lehigh Children’s Academy provides high quality, nurturing care and educa on for young children, ages six weeks to six years, and provides before and a er school care for school age children. Lehigh Children’s Academy focuses on las ng impressions for a life me of learning through educa onal experiences that promote your child’s emo onal, social, intellectual and physical development. Via Teen Experience Via works with teens to develop educa onal, recrea onal and voca onal goals centered on developing life skills. This service includes job shadowing, career counseling, volunteering, and recrea onal and team‐building ac vi es that help prepare young adults to become successful members of the community upon gradua on. 7 Via Employment Services Work is a typical part of adult life and everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from being a part of the employed community. Every day, Via staff work on innova ve ways to help people find and maintain employment in the community. Via Community Employment Via works to provide the best employment op on for individuals and excels at crea ng innova ve employment solu ons that match business’ needs. Via enables adults with disabili es to work in integrated se ngs in the community and provides ongoing support so people can perform their job well. Via works one‐on‐one with adults and employers to make effec ve job matches, and provides onsite job coaching and support to assist individuals in ge ng, learning and keeping a job. Via Work Training Services Workshop For more than 50 years, the Via Work Training Services Workshop has specialized in contract packaging and assembly work, and provided consistent high‐quality work for businesses. Our work includes specialty and promo onal packaging, display assembly, and small parts assembly. Our diverse customer base includes some of the most well‐known eastern Pennsylvania companies. 8 Via Community Connec ons Via’s Community Connec ons facilitates rela onships between individuals and their communi es through volunteer, recrea onal, social and educa onal ac vi es. Via Community Mentoring & Re rement Services People want to be valuable, ac ve and produc ve members of their community. Via helps individuals discover preferences and choose recrea onal and volunteer ac vi es to par cipate in as independently as possible. Via also helps people, age 55 and over, transi on to re rement to maintain skills, par cipate in leisure and volunteer ac vi es, stay ac ve, and connect with ac vi es in community se ngs. Via Au sm Services Via’s Au sm Services provide adults with an au sm spectrum disorder diagnosis with educa onal, voca onal and recrea onal ac vi es in the community. The John E. Walson Center at Via Via Adult Training Services The John E. Walson Center at Via provides educa onal, social, cultural and wellness ac vi es for adults. Par cipants spend me at our facility in Bethlehem, and also have opportuni es to explore the community. Via Supported Living Via’s Supported Living helps people live independently in their own apartment or home. Individuals explore where they want to live and whether they want to live with a friend or on their own. 9 Via of the Lehigh Valley Financial Statement Funding Sources for Services provided by Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. 10 Via Events & Via Founda on Financial Statement Via Events, Inc. Via Founda on, Inc. 11 Via Events, Inc. Summary The mission of Via Events is to raise funds to advance Via of the Lehigh Valley and the services it provides for people with disabili es. Via Events promotes the inclusion of people with disabili es into a produc ve community life, emphasizing health and wellness opportuni es. Via Thri Stores People look for value when they shop and want things that are worthwhile at a good price. Via Thri Stores are value centers in every sense, offering great value to customers while suppor ng a great cause. Via Thri Stores accept dona ons of clothing, furniture, housewares, electronics, appliances, building materials and more. Drop‐off loca ons are located throughout the community. Lehigh Valley Health Network Marathon for Via The Lehigh Valley Health Network Marathon for Via is a regional marathon run through Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton, giving the Lehigh Valley the opportunity to a ract par cipants and supporters from the en re northeast. More than 3,300 walkers and runners par cipated in the 2012 Marathon supported by 550 volunteers. The 26.2 mile course starts at Lehigh Valley Hospital ‐ Cedar Crest in Salisbury Township near Allentown and takes runners through the Lehigh Parkway to the Lehigh River Canal Towpath con nuing through Allentown, Bethlehem and Easton. Via All‐Star Basketball Classic The Via All‐Star Basketball Classic is an elite sports event featuring the finest high school basketball talent in the greater Lehigh Valley. The event was started in 1976 by the Kiwanis Club of Allentown to promote community basketball, establish the Lehigh Valley High School Basketball Hall of Fame and raise money in support of LARC, now Via. Via All‐Stars are selected from high schools in Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon and Monroe coun es. The Via All‐Star Classic begins with the Via All‐Star Basketball Clinic for Kids with Special Needs and is staffed by Via All‐Stars and members of the Hall of Fame. The Via All‐Star Banquet recognizes the Via All‐Stars and inducts members into the Hall of Fame. Via Super Saturday is the culmina on of this week‐long event and features four games between the Via All‐Star boys and girls teams. Via Super Saturday’s games are played at Northampton Community College Spartan Gymnasium. Via Golf Classic The Via Golf Classic moved to the pres gious Northampton Country Club this year and supports children and adults with disabili es served by Via of the Lehigh Valley. Via Founda on, Inc. Summary The Via Founda on provides resources to grow and sustain services offered by Via of the Lehigh Valley. The Via Founda on develops and sustains rela onships with community members, businesses and industry who wish to make a las ng contribu on to support services for children and adults with disabili es. For a community, compassion is measured by the people and the manner in which they support all its members. Everyone deserves the chance to succeed and, through the support of our community, Via is able to provide opportuni es for the people we serve. We rely on our community for financial support so we can deliver high quality programs for children and adults with disabili es. The Via Founda on recently established Donor Clubs to recognize our contributors and keep them up to date on the latest successes at Via. Via Founda on Donor Clubs 
Community Supporters ‐ gi s up to $99 
Advocacy Club ‐ gi s from $100 to $499 
Achievement Circle ‐ gi s from $500 to $999 
Success Council ‐ gi s from $1,000 to $4,999 
Leadership Partners ‐ gi s from $5,000 to $9,999 
Clara Morrow Society ‐ gi s of more than $10,000 
Via Legacy Society ‐ Planned Giving Gi s Legacy for Tomorrow Thank you for your ongoing support of Via’s mission to help the people we serve reach their full poten al. We are working to secure Via’s future, so our services can be sustained for coming genera ons. Did you know there are crea ve ways to support Via? These crea ve ways are called Planned Gi s. With though ul planning, you can make a gi to Via that benefits you, as much as us, and costs nothing during your life me. To learn more about these opportuni es, please call Rachel Kave at 610‐317‐8000 x489 or email at [email protected] 13 Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. 2012 to 2013 Contributors The following individuals have contributed to Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc., Via Events, Inc. and the Via Founda on, Inc. during the period July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. For a complete lis ng of Contributors, please visit www.ViaNet.org. These tax deduc ble dona ons are a very important part of providing quality service the children and adults with disabili es. Thank you for your support. John R. Diamant Todd Donnelly Duggan & Marcon Mr. Herman Altman Easton Coach Ms. Agnes A. Bok Embassy Bank Mr. Meyer Cohan Enterprise Fleet Mr. Donald N. Diehl Management Mrs. Miriam W. Dynan Chrystal Erb Ms. Dorothy Hi ell Thomas R. Hall Ms. Marguerite Huff Highmark Blue Shield Ms. Marjorie T. Kulai s Dr. Thomas A. Hutchinson Mrs. Miriam T. Landis Anna C. & Robert E. Mengel Ironton Telephone Company Johnson & Johnson Family of The Waldman Family Companies Mrs. Stella Washko Josh Early Candies Ms. Pearle Wasserman King Spry Herman Freund and Faul, LLC Clara Morrow Society Lafaye e Ambassador Bank Gi s of $10,000 & above Jerry Lloyd Aesculap/B. Braun Medical, Morgan Stanley Wealth Inc. Management F. L. Smidth Mosebach, Funt, Dayton & First Niagara Duckworth, P.C. Lehigh Valley Health Dennis Murphy Network NAI Summit Realty Sands Casino Resort Na onal Penn Bank Bethlehem PenTeleData Limited Partnership Leadership Partners Paul & Alison Pierpoint Gi s of $5,000 to $9,999 PPL Air Products & Air Products RCN Telecom Services Founda on Reichenbach's Oil Campbell, Rappold & J.B. Reilly Yurasits LLP Michelle Robertson Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Sidium Solu ons Dealers Associa on Sally Slifer‐Ryan Founda on Lisa & Jerry Somers Na onal Penn Bank S fel, Nicolaus & Company Reynolds & Reynolds Incorporated Electronics, Inc. The Color Run LLC Team Capital Bank West Side Republican Club Via Legacy Society Planned Giving Gi s Success Council Achievement Circle Gi s of $1,000 to $4,999 Gi s of $500 to $999 James A. Arnold William F. Baade Banko Real Estate Peter Bergonzi Bondi Band, LLC Caruso Benefits Group, Inc. Ted Charles John Crampsie Jeff Dailey Memorial Founda on 14 David C. Arner Bracalente Construc on Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley, Inc. Buckno Lisicky and Company City of Bethlehem ‐ Department of Parks & Public Property Brian A. Cook Barbara J. Davies Timothy Duckworth Edwards Business Systems Erie Insurance Group First Northern Bank & Trust Fitzpatrick Lentz & Bubba David Fronheiser Michael D. Guman ING Financial Partners, Inc. Jaindl Family Founda on Ardith Kuhns Lehigh Gas Corpora on Marjorie S. & Joseph E. Correll Fund of the Lehigh Valley Community Founda on Lehigh Valley Financial Group Eugene M. Lennon Joseph Long Lubriplate Lubricants, Co. Merchants Bank Katherine S. Merle‐Smith Thomas Timothy Moeller Northampton Girl's Basketball Booster Club Tom & Lori Novak Office Basics Paragon Transit Parkland Lady Trojans Basketball Booster Club Phillipsburg High School ‐ Student Ac vi es Dennis Raudenbush Rea Deeming Beauty Inc. Werner Reinartz Roberto I. Reyes Caroline Robert de Massy Roxanne Torne a Kristen Sewards Mar n Sheffield Richard Snyder Southern Lehigh High School Stroudsburg Boys Basketball Booster Club Unity Bank Wilson Area School District Karen Zeigenfuss Advocacy Club Gi s of $100 to $499 Ma hew Abbo Alan & Marsha Abraham Mike Acer Beth Adams Aetna Founda on Samuel Agresta Tara Aguiar Houman Ahdieh Steven Ahlen Tony Alessi Kerry Alexander Michele Alexandre Ariel Alicea Shawn Allison Roberto Almanzan Anthony Alonso Lynn Altemose Sherwood Altemose Joseph Alvey Maria Amerman Jonathon Amlung James Anderson Howard Andrews Anthony Angelini Lindsay Anspach Lori Arceo Mary & George Archer Molly Ashforth Rachel Ashton Karen Asman Kyle Asmussen Rich Baber Frank Bahus Julie Bailey Michael Bailey Ronald Bailey Cathy Bailey Ewa Baj Kevin Baltzer Rosemary Bane Bangor Area High School Bank of America Adrian Barb Marie Barne Donna Barney Sarah Barr Joanne Barre Eugene Barry Jo Ann Barry Pete Bartkiewicz Lauren Baskin Cory Ba les Casey Baxter Thomas Beauregard Thomas Beerbower Nicholas Beers Benjamin Behler Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. ‐ 2012 to 2013 Contributors, con nued Laura Bellot Tara Bender Keith Benninghoff Cory Benson Bonnie Berenger Andrew Berg Bruce Berger Laura Berger Katherine Berkshire Roger Beutler Murat Beyazit Alejandro Bienes Randall W. Biggs Dale & Carol Binder Joey Binder William Bisci Deberah Black Carlson Blake Leonard Blanar Kaitlyn Blanche e Lisa Blaszko Timothy Bliss Tamara Blizard Thomas Block Christopher Bobo Sri Bodkhe David Bodoff Wendy Body Brian Boggs Terrance Bomar Jeff Bonasso Jocelyn Bonneau Jenna Booher Anne Boran Ka e Bordner Rich Bostwick Dennis Boucher Wade Boudreau Jennifer Bougher Andre Boulais John Bourgeois Waylon Bowers Tristan Boyd Colleen Boyle Cathie Boyles Holly Bracken Josh Brand Laura‐Jean Brand Alexander Braun Braveheart Highland Pub Ma hew Breidenstein Robert Breighner Brian Breter David Brewer Bonnie Brezinsky Sheryl Briggs MaryAnne Brndjar Jaime Brogan Jennifer Brown Kenneth Brown Ron Brubaker Tonya Brugler Joel Bubnack Jennifer Bucar Tim Buckley Fred Buonocore Jennifer Burling Christopher Burns Kim Busby 15 Sco Bu z Rachel Byerly Karin Byers Edwin Caceres Sandra Cahill Chris Caka Donald Caldwell Elizabeth Campbell Kevin Capasso John Caprez Samantha Carney Wendy Carney Sco Carpenter Hazel Carrera Diana Carter Andrew Casey Whitney Casstevens Luciana Castellan‐Mullins Christopher Castorena Daniel Cavalari Donald Cavenaugh Robert Cawley Central Catholic Viking Booster Club Scot Chadwick Kate Chandler Thomas Chobot David Chorney William Chrisman Chubb & Son Melissa Cibula Julie Clarence Bobby Clark Brian Clark Vince Clemen Amanda Coble Joseph Cohen Richard Cohen Stephen Cohen Marsha Colaluce Daniel Colameco Adam Cole Brendan Collins Joe Collins John Colton Marissa Comia Bill Conway Adrien Cooper Timothy Cooper Corporate Enviroments, Inc. Michelle Costello Ma hew Courtesis Andy Courtney Michael Cover Douglas Covert Steven Cox Elisa Coyle Amy Cramer John Crampsie Crayola Chris ne Creedon‐Bowens Bryan Crist Daniel Cru enden Karen Cunliffe Keith Cunningham Lyle Cunningham Ned Cunningham Jim Dahlem Anne‐Marie Dalessandro Drew Dalius Cheryl Dally Joan D'Alonzo Chris na Dalton Joseph D'Amico Lynn Dare Gerard Darville Kim Daubert Ma hew Davenport Virginia Daversa Amanda Davis Charles Davis Maria De Guzman Susan DeAngelo Aus n Debalski Roger DeBlois Michael Dedekian Wayne Deegan Joi Deibler Lisa DeMarco Emil DeMicco Kimberely Derby Laura DiFelice Timothy Diflo Heiddy DiGregorio Nancy Dile John DiMaggio Sharon DiPaolantonio Connie Divine Charles Dixon Pierre Donahue Nick Donald Kelly Donatelli Stephen Donches Ashley Doran Gary Dornblaser Lisa Dorrill Thomas Do a Robert Douglas Jennifer Doyle Debra Dreisbach Holly Dubbeling Robyn Dumas Dun & Bradstreet Desi Duncker Desmond Duncker Robert Dundervill John DuPont Tom Durbin Kristen Dwinnells Mark Dyer Michael Eddo David Eden Josh Eden Michelle Egan Holly Eich Jim Elledge Janne e Ellio Tom Ellio Sarah Emerson David Emili Emmaus Lioness Club Judith Emmert Ida Marie Engelhardt Howard Epstein Julie Erickson Ma Erlanger Ryan Ernhoffer Michael Esders David Esposito Andrea Esty Debra Evans Sarah Ezell Megan Fair Dave Farese Edward Farnum Mary Jane Fast Traci Fauerbach Tom Feehery Joseph Feichtel Taryn Feist Ross Felice Nathan Felt Janine Ferdinandi Conrad Fernandes Lynn Fernandez Gerry Ferraro Elisabe a Ferre Frank Finch Bernhard Firner Eileen Fischer Janice Fish Kevin Fish Liz Fisher Dan Fitzgerald Bill Fitzmaurice Timothy & Alice Flavelle Victor Fleitas Maureen Fleming Sumner Fletcher Ann Flynn Joe Folger Douglas Fox Kathy Frailing Jim Frascella Alyson Freeman Timothy Freeze Barry Frey William Frey Douglas Fricker Lisa Frink Audrey Fronheiser James Fronheiser Lauren Fuchs Janet Fugarazzo Bob Fuller G&L Sign Factory Emmanuel Gaffud Karen Gallagher Tom Gallagher Mike Galvin Eric Gamble Hollee Garcia Tammy Garde JoLee Gardner Ma hew Garippa Daniel George Karin George Rich Germain Elizabeth Gertz Nona Ghazanfari Andrew Gill Robert Gillanders Ashley Gillman Ryan Gingrich Michael GInne Peter Gitney Amy Glasco Daniel Gleason Jessica Goedtel Nicole Goerge Laura Gold Andrew Goldfarb Darla Gonson Ferdinand Gonzaga Tom Goodridge Lori Goodwin Google Joe Gorberg Rose Gordon Fred Goris Taylor Gorman Barbara Gornick Fran Gotzon John Goye e David Granger Theres Grant Bill Grech Ma hew Greco Dale & June Green Joshua Greenberg Amber Greviskes Heather Grey Karen Grier Lynn Grimes Michael Grimm Chad Groover Sydney Gross Lenny Grossman William Gumula Julia Gurganus Karen Gurzenda Peter Guza Carolyn Hadka Charles Haertel Deborah Hafner Christopher Haines Zuleika Haldeman Doug Hall Steven Hall Susan Halter Tom Hardin Melissa Harrison Ka e Hartman Brian Harvey Jo Haubenreiser Timothy Hawkins Ken Hawrey John Hayward Brian Healy Craig Healy Kris Heatherstone Todd Hebden Mike Hedgecock James Heidbreder Cynthia Heimanson Dan Heintzelman Nicholas Heisserer Nichole Held Denise Heller Jerry Hellman Barbara Helm Jeremy Helm Zachary Henderson Adam Hendrickson Jus n Herbert George Herren Josi Hershey Sco Hershey Andrew Hertzberg Sarah Heverly Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. ‐ 2012 to 2013 Contributors, con nued Sarah Hewertson Kevin Hewi Karl Heydt Annmarie Hickey Anna Hill Jonathan Hill Joseph Hill Rebecca Hillard Greg Hillman Hilton Garden Inn Cassie Hintz Miya Hirabayashi Jim Hite Dolores Hnatow Michael Hodsdon Margaret Hoey Joshua Hogan Jonathan Holland Tracy Hollida Bob Hollis Dyanne Holt Ashley Honey Steven Horning Tara Houser Darlene Howard William Howard John Hrebik Chih‐Kao Hu Nathan Huckle Jeff Hudson Mercedes Huff Guinevere Hughes Ma hew Hughes Michael Hughes Tammy Huk Ryan Hulvat Thomas Hutchinson Michael Iacobucci Pat Igo Andrew Inglis Nick Inniger Interstate Fleets Inc. Michael Ireland Kim Isler Bengt Ivarsson Peter Izanec LeeAnn Jacksits Andreia Jackson Michael Jacobs Shawn Jakubowski Mark James Ann Marie Jamieson Janney Montgomery Sco David Jasko Sabrina Jedlicka Cathy Jeffrey Tom Jennings Margaret Jessell Mark P. Jobes Bernadine Johnson Jay Johnson Kara Johnson Paul Johnson Charise Jones David Jones Todd Jones Lisa Jones Foose Chris Jordan Jennifer Joyce 16 Brandi and Jason Jurasits Jeff Kahler William Kallatch Pamela Kane Gary Kaneb Shin Kang Kevin Kassick Ma Keck Patrick Keenan Howard Keener Dan Kelley Lee Ann Kelly Olivia Kelly Joseph Kempfer Brian Keno Darcy Kerr Bryan Kershner Bruce Kesselring Tom Kiernan Jongwook Kim Corinne Kirk Arpad Kisch Paule e Kish Makoto Kitamura Stephanie Klegarth Kevin Kle David Kmetz Donna Koder Mark Kohler Venkata Kollipara Lindsay Kos Paule e Kosinski John Kowalak Joseph Kozlowski Robert Kra owitz Myles Kramer Jolie Kritzar Hillary Kuhn Melissa Kulp Carly Kunkel Chris ne Kupillas Fred Kurst David Lach Kristen LaFontaine Gary Laird Oswaldo Lairet Jason Lakritz Tran Lam Timothy Lambert Mel Lancet Stein Langlie James LaPorta Michael Laporta Dawn LaRezza Harry Larkin Michael Latham Jonathon Laub Jack and Ben Lawler Stephen Lawrence Mairin Leahy Michael Leaver Nicholas LeBlanc Meghan LeClair Wayne LeClair Douglas Lee Lehigh Valley Rugby Football Club Meghan Lenahan James Lennon Rae‐Ann Lentz Mike Leonardo Doug Leonhardt Randall L. Le erhouse Mary Ellen Levine Noelle Levy James Lewis Joseph Lewis Yvonne Li Chian Der Liang Kimberly Liscinski Patricia Li le Sandra Litzenberger Kimberly Lockwood John Logsdon Donna Lombard Claire Lonergan Meredith Longo Bridget Looby Jovita Lopez Smith Victoria Lopezrogina Karol Love Beth Lowenthal Amy Loy Henry Lubsen Brianna Luna Pendleton Laura Lundell Emily Lupcho Joseph Lust Robert Lynam Patricia Lynch Joshua Lyon Meghan MacArdy Kate & John MacDonald Rich MacDonald Michele MacLean Greg Maclin Laurence Macon Brian Madden Andrew Madison William Magdeburg Julia Magnusson Steve Maguire Randy Mah Fred Mahugu Jamie Mains Eric Maki Joseph Mallee Karen Mallo Joseph Maloney John Marin Kevin Marks Richard Maroko Michelle Maron Atsuko Maruyama Minu Johnny Mason Robert Mason Mass Mutual Jon Masters Michael Masters Kate Maul Chris Mauser Timothy Mauser Kathy Maylath Lisa Mazzocco Jack McCallum Jim McCann Dugan McClellan Patrick McCollian Dani McCullough Keisha McFarlane Jessica McGarty Shannon McGinn John McGivern Krysten McGovern John McKenna Michael McKenna Todd Mckenna James McKeon David McMurray Marie McNamara MCS Industries Inc. Gerard McShea Amy McWilliams Stacey Mears Brad Meinhart Anne e Meinhold Merck Partnership for Giving Cathrine Messick Michael Meyer Visha Meyer Geoff Michalski Mackenzie Miers Olivia Miles Milestones Jewelry Ma hew Millard Amy Miller Erin Miller Glenn Miller Ma Miller Thomas Miller John Min Ke a Ming Kenji Mizumura Joseph Mladosich Suzanne Moffat Timothy Moley Thomas Moll John Mongan Suzanne Moore Toyia Moore Moore Township Lioness Club Debra Moran Michael Moran Harry Morra Dave Morton Dot & Bill Moss Marc Mouhadeb Rich Mueller Thomas Mullins Tony Munoz Chris ne Murray Richard Myers Alyssa Nam Susan Na ello Ian Neckin Jennifer Negley Daniel Nelson Drew Nesbi Amy Neugebauer Dianne Newman Brian Nguyen Elizabeth Nolen Hunter Norte Mark North Notre Dame High School Green Pond Robert Nourse Kelsi Nu er Debra O'Connell Michael OConnor Ed O'Connor Robert Oddo Thomas ODonnell Karen O'Donnell Mark O'Donnell Kevin Oeffinger Jonathan O'Hara Sean O'Leary Malcolm Oliver Carrie Olson Olympus America, Inc. James Osborne Amy O'Sullivan James Owens Sandra Pacenta Jennifer Pack James Pagliaro Palmerton High School Basketball Parents Club Nicholas Panebianco Denise Pantason Jamie Panzer Kalpana Parakkal Catherine Paris Allison Pastorek Susan Patla Tom Pa on Rolland Paulus Trevor Payne Chris Pearce Melissa Pearce Christopher Peffall Craig Peiffer Luke Perkins Sharon Perkoski Daniel Perry Michele Perry Paul Peters Allen Petros Jayme Pe t Travis Pezzuto Tiffany Pfluger Sarah Phillips Timothy Phillips David Phipps Jason Piasecki Andrew Piccirillo Valerie Pichardo Ronald Pierantozzi Stacey Pietras Alan Pietruszkiewicz Jonathan Pinto William Pinto Wendi Pla R. Ma hew Plona Pocono Mountain School District Rachel Polhemus Marc Pollina Karina Ponomarciuc Kristen Poole Michael Pope David Poppel Erin Posbergh Ken Posmer Mary Postma Deborah Potash Stacy Po s Edward Powell Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. ‐ 2012 to 2013 Contributors, con nued Samiyeh Price Pamela Schroeder Prior Coated Metals Inc. Geraldine Schroth Ashwin Prithipaul Kurt Schumann Alexandra Scibe a Colleen Propsner Chris Scmidt Cynthia Proulx Antony Sco Ma Prusch Tania Scriff Ronald Pruszynski Schwab Charitable Fund Gary Pryblick Ma Searles Amy Putlock Molly Sebas an Jeffrey Pu Zachary Seip Richard Ramsay Joe Senate Peter Rautzhan Raven One to One Marke ng Jeremy Ses to Christopher Shakib Denise Reaman Alice Shanklin Anita Recchio Praveen Sharma Carol Rediger Michael Sharo George Redman Ellen Sharrer Glenn Reibman Lee Shaver Shannon Reidnauer Terrance Shea Jay Reingold Sheex, Inc. Kami Reinhard Bryon Shepherd Janel Renaldo Jennie Repsher Dennis Sheppard Danni Resnick Molly Sherwood David Restaino Christopher Shoemaker Kimberly Reynolds Mary‐Theresa Shore Juliet Shuck Melissa Reynolds Robert Shu e Florence Rhue Amee Siegel Kathleen Ricci Ryan Sieler Jason Rickard Erica Silbiger Kenzie Riddle Susan Simmons Alicia Rider Brian Simpson Mathew Ridley Abhinav Singhal Rebecca Righi Sam Skeels Kelly Rindock Sco Slayton James Rivera Cheryl Smith Joel Rivera Genevieve Smith Michele Rivera Jeff Smith Rebecca Robbins Michelle Smith Faith Robertson Tara Smith Michael Rockoff Conrad Smoker Indarjit Roopchand Samantha Snukis Todd Rose Tina Soares Harold Rosen Peter Soares Jacqueline Rosenberger Chris Sobolewski Gayle Ross Kim Soleymani Kimberly Rucks Jacob Ruggles Lulu Spitzer Danielle Russell Rebecca Sproul Andrzej Rutkowski Sandy Stahl Michael Ruvolis Rachel Stamateris Chris Stamper Danielle Ryan Richard Stansfield Jim Ryan Charlene Starra Jennifer Rybak Angela Sten Laura Saboe James Ste ler II Jeanine Sames Eric Stevens Rita Sammons David Stevenson Eve Sandoval Alison Stevenson‐Lee Jim Santanasto Bonnie S ckel Michelle Sartor Tom S ne Asako Satoh Susan S rrat Elizabeth Savino Kathryn Stoker Peter Schiraldi Janice Stout Jan Schives Kathy Strauss Lynn Schlegel Holly Street Craig Schleicher Dana Stromberger Sandra Schmidt Cari Stromski Karen Schneider Bianca Strzelczyk Lauren Schreier Jessica Stuart 17 Keith Sullivan Sheila Su on Allyson Swanson Michael Sweeney Michael Swinton Dawn Szarek Donna Taggart Stephanie Tang Bill Tanzola Bryan Taylor Trina Taylor Koichiro Tezuka Three Point Club of EHS James Toulouse Andy Trahan Arlene Transue Elizabeth Transue Charles Turner Jeffery Ubersax Ma hew Uebele Carolyn Umbenhauer Melanie Unger Jeremy Urwin Donna Utakis Michael Valerio Michael Vallee Jennifer Van Allen Jamie Van Vuren Stephen Varney Vikram Verma Mario Viesca Stephanie Viloria Christopher Voce Lisa Voicheck Julie Vorhis Noriko Wada Ma hew Wade Theresa Wagner Ma Walenciak Ka e Walker Lisa Walkiewicz Ma hew Wallace Christopher Walsh Colleen Walsh Gerri Walsh John Walter Dale Walters Michele Walters Andrew Warner Jean Warnick Patricia Wasson David Webner Allison Wehr Jason Weimer Brian Weiss Lynda Weller Nathan Wenger Anita Werner Randy Westergren LJ White Whitehall High School Steven Whitmore Nolan Wildfire Aaron Wilson Christopher Wilson Gaye Wilson Gretchen Wilson Robert Wilt Diane & Jeffrey Wilush Eric Winchock Beverly Wispelwey David Wong Srinivas Yalamar Hanpin Yan Michael Yankovich Richard Ybarra Lily Ye Walter & Donna Yext Charlie Yingling Kim Yohe Kris n Young Chak Yu Audrey Zaferos Michael J. Zambelli Leslie Zapp Michael Zbiegien Christopher Zelonis Andrew Zientek Roy Zimmerman Robert Zmirich William Zuk Ashton Zylstra David Zynn Community Supporters Gi s of $1 to $99 Adam Achenbach Luke Ackerman Rob Acton Bob Acuff Joseph Adamczyk Kelly Adams Sheila Adams Keith Adams Jim Aden Rebecca Ahner Sanjay Ahuja Mark Albert Douglas Albright Stacey Albright John Aleszczyk Kristen Alford Cynthia Alisesky Ali Allen Jose Almeida Amanda Alter Doug Alvey Jennifer Amato Richard An Jonathan Anderson Lee Andrews Rachel Appelbaum Charles Apple Apollo Grill Michael Dominic Arcangel Ka e Argotsinger Kristen Arico Dylan Armajani Todd Armbruster Lou Armstrong Steve Armstrong Jenna Arnold Kerry Arouca Joe Mari Arriola Elizabeth Ar s Janice Ash Brian Ashforth Grace Ashforth Linda Ashforth Jennifer Ashley Linda Ashmore Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. ‐ 2012 to 2013 Contributors, con nued Meg Ashton Lori Ashworth Susan Asmann Maureen Atkins Kim Aubrey‐Larcinese Dora M. Auer Robert Babilon Kristen Babinchak Mark S. Bacak Jason Bach Kimberly Bachman Harry Back Laurie Backowski ManHang Bae Sung Baek Susan Baer Zheng Bai Donna Bailey Judith Bailey Patrick Bailey Stephen J. Bailey Cheryl Baker Jessica Baker Melanie Baker Rich Baker Robert Baker Rebekah Baldwin Elaine Ballas Stephen Bandfield Leah Bane‐Miesowitz Annika Bannon Sarah Bantz Lori Barbadora Thomas Barclay Barbara Barker Bob Barker Kimberly Barner Flo Barnes Kristen Barone Jill Barron Kiers n Barron Ed Bartels Carol Barthold Melissa Bartman Michelle Bartolomei Connor Barz William Basta Samantha Batko Billy & Colleen Bauer Monica Baumer Walene Baunach Mark Bausher Adam Beam Amanda Beaudoin Amanda Beck Bob Behler Daniel Beideman Jenna Beidleman Kate Beisel Chantel Beishlane Linda Belanger Andrea Belford Lisa Bellito Dominic Bellucci Diego Benalcazar Jennifer Benner Heidi Berard Jessica Berarducci Patrick Berarducci 18 Beth Berger Amber Berkoski Bill Bernier Stuart Bernstein Beta Sigma Phi Interna onal Bethlehem Catholic High School Booster Club Gavin Betz Joanne Betz Rajinder Bhanot Sara Bibi Sharon Bickert Mary Bielucki Brian Biery Amanda Biggs Larry Biggs Samantha Bilsak Chelsie & Julie Binder Jarred Binder Lynsey Biondi Elizabeth Bird Ma hew Bird Stacy Birkel Nicholas Birosik Tim Bi el Miranda Black Samantha Blake Chris ne Blasko Kris n Blasko Brigid Bleaken Yvonne Bleam Philip Blickley Marjorie Bliss Marissa Blockus Shawn Bobyak Al Boccadoro Amy Boccadoro Pa y Boccadoro Rebecca Bodnar Boeing Karen Bolin Gretchen S Bolton Amy Boltz Sam Bonfig Kaitlin Bonner Dan Bonora Marc Bonora Gregg Bonstein Karol Bonstein Sara Bonstein Lizzie Boorse Kimber Booth Barret Boozer Andrea Borella Chris ne Borger Meredith Boris Kevin Boughan David Bower Jacquelyn Bower James Bowers Annie Bowler James Bowman Chris Boyd John Boyd Linda Boyer Kimberly Boyko Brian Boylan Craig Boyle Shupriya Boyle Phillip Braddy Allison Bradley Jessica Bradley Stacey Brady Bobby Bramble James Brand Hans Brandes Amanda Brandone Elyse Braner Kate Breiner Stephen Breininger Chris Brennan Jennifer Brennan Pamela Brennan Sean Brennan Harris Brenner Paul Brenner Ann Brensinger Joseph Brereton Bonnie Brezinsky David Brice Mary Bricken Patrick Brickley Jeremy Bridges Pat Brier Jeff Brillhart Stacey Brobst William Brogley Terry & Gina Brokenshire Jason Broll Wayne Bromfield Isabel Brooks Regina Broscius Albert Broscius Meagan Brosnan Brian Brower Chris e Brown Daniel Brown Diane Brown Gerald Brown Glenn Brown Kristy Brown Liz Brown Ma hew Brown Michael Brown Selina Brown Jay and Judy Brown Byron Brown Jeff Browne Julie Browne Michael Browne Jenna Brunner Chas ty Bruno John Bruton Pamela Buchman Jill Buck Meagan Buckley Lisa Bucklin Steve Budlong Steven Burkart Barry Burkholder Naomi Burley Garre Burns Jonathan Burns Liam Burns Rusty Burns John & Rita Burns Robert Bury Ben Buschi Trisha Buskirk Patrice Buss Vanessa Bu ery Tammy Bu s Thomas Bu s Gary Byala Art Byram C.F. Mar n & Company Ben Cady Leah Calahan James Callihan Lou Camille Joseph Cammarano Jessica Campbell Michael Campbell Sky Canaves Kathryn Capasso Dean Capone Frank Capone Bri any Caprista Bill Carey Amanda Careyva Carolyn Carganilla Michael Carlantone Joseph Carlantone Patricia Carlantone Fred Carlantone Kara Carlin Ashley Carlson Theresa Carpency Eileen Carr Saudy Carrera Mike Carrigli o Marvel & Oren Carrol Anecia Carter Brandon Carter Andrew Casale Ann Case Allyson Casey Karen Cassidy Timothy Cassidy Alexandria Castaldo Morton Caster Celia Cas llo Bob Cawley Daniel Cech Jose Centeno Larry Center Kyung Hak Cha Kris n Chalfant Janet Chambers Edward Chanda Lora Charles Cliff Cheek Lisa Cheney Xuanhong Cheng Rachel Chiaverelli Jacqueline Chimiak Susan Chiovi Ermin Chirdon Bonnie Chlebowski Karina Chmielewski Jay Chung Tim Chure a Thomas Churylo Marissa Ciancio Tom Cichocki Roseli C Cichocki Daniel M Cichocki Anthony Cioffi Mark Cipolle John Cirucci Jim Clark Stephanie Clark Kathy Clawson Denise Claycomb James Clee George Cleffi Kelly Clement Gina Clements Carla Clifford Le a Close William Cody Dororthy Colalillo Lisa Cole Sco Cole David Coligado Lori Connelly Susan Connolly Chad Connors Shannon Constan ne Annemarie Convey Kelly Conway Elaine Cook Jami Cooper Robert Cooper Sara Cooper Michelle Cope Ellen Corbe Hannum Terry Corcoran Mark Corgan Ed Coringrato Darren Corona Bryan Corrado Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. ‐ 2012 to 2013 Contributors, con nued Megan Corrado Melissa Cossarini Denise Costea John Costello Debby Cougar Jay Coughenour Elliot Coups Bethany Couto Ryan Couto Reid Cox Sherman Cox Kathleen Coyle Rachel Crabill Robert Crampsie Lauren Crampsie Nicole Crane Sonia Crane Suzanne Craybas John Crehan Catherine Crème Henry Timothy Crespo Jr. Keith Crispin Sarah Cromwell Michelle Cross Jodi & Steven Crosse Randy Crouse Anylise Crouthamel Brian Crownover Camille Crumpton Amy Crush Jessica Csakai Raymond Cuevas, Jr. Winson Cumberland Andrew Cunningham Barclay Cunningham Brigid Cunningham Tom Curbishley Tammy Curcio Dave Curry Jennifer Cur n Lisa Cur n Tommy Cur s Jane & Tony Cygan Lewis & Traci Cyr Steven Cyr Richard DaCosta Jennifer Dager Lee Daignault Tim Dailey Kyle Daily Debra Dally Jessica Dalton Renee D'Amico David Danas Sophia Danenberg Ka e D'Angelo Lori D'Angelo Kurt Dannerth Nika Daragan Toniann Da lo Alexis Dauley David Daullary Juan Davila Meg Davis Natalie Davis Sco Davis Abbie Day Garland Days Julianna Deakyne 19 Natalie DeAngelo Rick DeCarr Kris na Deck Shaun Deck Zachary Deck Shelli Deckert Julie DeFelice Cynthia DeGirolamo Epifanio DeJesus Magdalena DeJesus Megan DeJesus Ma Delaney Mary Kate Delaney Kyle DelCampo Ruby Deleon Katrina Delgadillo Gary Delp Michael DeMar n Alek Dembowski Lisa Dente Anne DePasqua Joseph DePasqua Erin Deppe Luis Derechin Jennifer Derleth Fia Der Mary DeSanto Todd DesFosses Amos Desjardins Elizabeth DeSousa Linda Deveney Dan Devlin Roxanne Dew James DiCara Lorraine Dickey Stacie Dickinson James Dickson Mark Dickson Christopher Didden Anneliese Diehl James Diehl Christopher Dieterich Hillary Dietz Dennis DiFebbo Danielle Dilcher Alyssa Dilsaver Colleen Dinan Donna DiPetrillo Amos Disasa Meher DMello Greta Dobe Erin Docherty Michael Dockry John Dodds Ed Dolack Linda Domowicz Alyssa Donahue Caroline Donelan Caitlin Donnelly David Dopkin Mike Dopkin Jacob Dorland Michael Dorward Richard Doyle Lisa Draper Douglas Drewry David Drexler Carly (Hsiu Wen) Dreyer James Driscoll Chris ne Duborg Wayne Dubov Mark Duffield Lisa Duffy Candis Dugan Nicole Duggan Bryan Dulog Jaye Duncan Kelli Dunker Alden DuPont Andrea DuPont Robbin Durie Kathleen Durnin Patrick Durnin Lisa Dvorin Kristen Smalarz Dwinnells Crystal Dye Daniel Dykes Deborah Ealer Tom Earley Lynne Eaton Lisa Eaton Christa Eaton Robert Eaton Jessica Eberly Michele Ebert Robert Eccles Wellington Echegaray Pamela Eck Dennis Eddinger John Eder Pa y Edleblute Michelle Edmonds Ron Eichenberg Nadine Eichner Amanda Eilers Nancy Eiring Tracy Eisenreich Stephanie Elijew Amy Elliker Susan Ellio Ma hew Emrich Patrick Engel Rockwell Entwistle Sco Essex Laura Estep Donna Eureyecko Nancy Eutsler Michael Evans Nancy Evenden Therese Evrard Rhonda Ewing Charleen Eyer Mary Fabian Gregory Fabiano Jordan Fagan Megan Fairchild Gregory Falkenbach Rebecca Farmakis Alisa Farrell Walter Fatzinger Thomas Faughnan Ricardo Favila Carlos Fazenda Jane Featherman William Fee Karl Feigley Kirsten Feil Joseph Fennell Kristen Fenstermacher Jamie Ferraiuolo Megan Ferrani Jessica Ferris J. Alain Ferry Jeffrey Ferry Daniel Field Gary Figore Felix Figueroa Courtney Findlen Jacqueline Finkelstein Kathleen Finlayson Randall Finn Patricia Fiore Louise Firestone Susan Fischer Dale Fisher Jennifer Fisher Nicholas Fistner Barbara Fitzgerald James Flanagan Jennifer Fleischer Holly Fleming William Fleming Emery Flexer John Flynn Saundria Flythe Mary Fogarty Lisa Foley Elizabeth Ford Michael Ford Sco Ford Lorine Forman Chris For Helen For ni Vivian Foulke Christopher Fowler Pamela Fowler John Fox Mary Ann Fox Amy Frace Mary Fragassi Tony Fragassi David Franz Amy Franzini Gert Freas Andrew Freda Timothy Frederick Irving Freeman Cynthia Frelund James Frene e Teresa Frene e Michele Freund Barry & Lucy Frey Bill Frey Sarah Fried Mark Friedlander Jason Friedman Blaine Fritsch Robin Fritsch Brandon Fritz Kris n Fritz Kyle Fritz Lois Fritz Rhona Fromm Lynn Fronheiser Sydney Frontz Timothy Fry Brandt Fuller Jo Fuller Steven Fuller Ryan Funck David Fung Stephen Gabryluk Tamara Gabryluk Bernard Gajos Norbert Gajos Brian Galbraith Yvonne Galea Kristopher Galius Caitlin Gallagher Catherine Gallagher Rob Gallagher Sharon Gallagher Bonnie Galvin Beth Gambone John Garber Julie Garberg Anthony Garcia Josiely Garcia Julie Garcia Kevin Gard Linda Gardner Marshall Gardner Jordan Garfinkle Lauren Garges Patricia Garin Kelly Garrity Donna Garske Jo Garton Tea Gasanin Marcia Gasper Tim Gaumer Thomas Gauntner Eric Gaus Rebecca Gavigan Devon Gaydos Andrea Gdonski Robert Gearhart Tamar Gehris Jeff Geist Theodore Gekas Amy Gelle ch Sco Gelle ch Tina Genay Cris na Genna Colleen George Ingrid Gerber Wade Gerhard Patricia Gerichten Julio German Sarah German Jonathan Getz Neil Ghezzar Jason Giandomenico Kelsey Gibbons Kim Gibney Larry Gibson Bonnie Gieske David Gilchrist Aaron Gildner Karen Gill Laura Gill Amy Gillespie Jeff Gilliland Sally Gilo Basil Glaros Kathleen Glicas Hana Godrich Chris ne Godshalk Sco Godshalk Steve Goetz Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. ‐ 2012 to 2013 Contributors, con nued Gary Goldman Benjamin Goldsher Ma hew Goldstein Stephen Goldstein Sherry Gombos Corissa Gondecki Patricia Gondecki Christopher Good Kim Goodnuff B.L. Goon Cheryl Goral Ma hew Gordner Bre Gordon Jennifer Gordon Shana Gorel Brenda Gorham Andrea Gori Joseph Gorman Louise Gormanly Bri any Gornick Chad Go o Robert Gould Mike Gozdan Rick Grab Monique Grable Rebecca Grady Wendy Graham Joanne Grant Mark Grapen ne Cheryl Green Kerri Green Ma hew Green Debra Greenwood Steven Greenwood Kathleen Greslik Maureen Grieco Eileen Grier Liam Grieser Karen Griffin Chris an Griffith Bruce W. Griffiths Nancie Griffiths Cameron Griggs Jeffrey Griswold Paul Griswold Karen Groller Michael Gross Karen Grossi Dale Grove Katherine Grove Miranda Grove Rebecca Grover Cindy Gruber Michael Gruits Kristen Grunza Shana Gugliandolo Laura Gunden Troy Gunden Ashley Gunter Sanjay Gupta Chris na Guthrie Pamela Hache Margaret Hadinger Cindy Hagan John Hagan Amy Hagen Michael Haggerty Amy H. Hahn Jeanna Hahn 20 Jenny Hahn Lolita Haight Ma hew Haight Louise Haines Andrew Haldeman Ann Haley Jacqueline Hall Jennifer Hall Hannah Hallman Robert Hamel Sarah Hamm Seung Hwa Han Jeff Hancock Susanne Handling Stephanie Hank Gregory Hanlon Dana Hannis Ruth Hans Benjamin Hanson Dennis Harbon Damien Hardgrove Rob Harlow Shannon Harper Charles Harris Fred Harris Philip Harris Dennis Harrison Laura Hars ne Susan Hart Helene Hartman Jennifer Hartman Stuart Hartman Chrissie Hartner Missy Hartney Tristen Hartney Pa y Hartzell Syed Hashmi Ray Hauck Joseph Haughey Dan Hausser Erik Hawk Zach Hawkins Hawley Realty Inc. Millie Hayes Robert Hayward Alexandra Heavilon Marlene Heckstall Kris n Hedgelon Michael Hedlund Peter Hedlund Jack Heely Paul Heffner Karen Hegedus Jacob Heglar Erica Heinrich Keely Heintz Randy Heinzel Jennifer Heiser Kim Helder Rich Helder Amanda Helwig Dianne Helwig Jacquelyn Hemperly Tanya Hendershot Christopher Hendricks Sco Hengst Nicole Hengst Adam Hennessey Timothy Herb Jeffrey Herbine Kelsey Herman Angel Hernandez Pedro Hernandez Denise Herr Lori Herz Charles Hess Robert Hess Sarah Hesselmann April Hetrick Steve Heveron‐Smith Tiffany Hevner Jessica Heyn Kristen Higgins Sco Higgins Ma hew Hilderbrandt Malinda Hill Wendy Hillegass Lee Hilt Jeane e Himpele Josh Hinkle Chris ne Hnatow Jason Hoadley Russell Hoch Casey Hoch William Hochella Kris n Hoeberlein Milissa Hoeing Laura Hoff Jennfier Hoffman Joseph Hoffman Robert Hoffman, Jr. Nancy Hogin Bobby Holcombe Carol Holderman Rebecca Holko Daniel Holland IV Adele Holliday Cynthia Holmes Ka Holmes Diana Holtz Mark Holtz Jennifer Homacki Alan Honig Douglas Horn Victoria Horn Alison Horner Sco Horner Deb & Tom Horvath Mike Hoskin Joseph Hosler Rachel Hosterman Kristen Houck Yve e Houlbreque Sofia Howard Rick & Jeannie Howe Bob Howland, Jr. Millicent Hrizuk James Hrubesh Helen Hsu Carol Hudak Lauren Huffman Susannah Hufstader Ben Hughes Jessica Hughes Rosemarie Hulbert Robyn Humphrey Regan Huneycu Tricia Hunsicker Almut Hupbach Brenda Hurst Juan Hurtado Tara Hu er Betsy Hwev Alison Hwong Molly Hyde John Hymans Ma hew Iames Anthony Iasiello Mary Ibbetson IBM Moises Iglesias Kristy Illuzzi Nicole Imler Donna Iorio Ronalyn Iredale Kathy Iwasaki Shelly Jablonski Jeff Jacksits Keith Jackson Diane Jacob Ryan Jacobs Asude Jacque e Jayson Jacquez Geoff Jago Christopher James Megan James Ryan James Richard Jan Frank Janiec Joseph Janiga Jeff Jarrell Renee Jarrell Peter Jasko Jenna Jebitsch Jamey Jeff Allison Jeffery Bobby Jenkins Xavier Jenkins Nicholas Jennings Danielle Jensen Ginny Jensen Amy Jeon Amy Jezorwski Ashley L. Ji Charlo e Joelsson Heidi Johannesen Bruce John Carlin Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Jocelyn Johnson Margi Johnson Michele Johnson Patrick Johnson Steven Johnson Christoffer Johnston Cynthia Johnston Laurie Johnstone Amy Jones Glenn Jones Michele Jones Rob Jones Chris Jones Elaine Jones Kelly Jonke Jennifer Jurney Earl Kaiser Mary Joy Kaiser Kathryn Kalian Maria Kammetler Maggie Kanak Richard Kanak Ralph Kane Dorene Kanusky Tyler Kaplan Ron Kappus Jill Kardane MaryBeth Karpel Joseph Karpinski Ed and Pam Karpinski Melissa Karwacki Ma hew Kasprzak Udayakumar Kathaiyan John Katora Colleen Katzenmoyer Ryan Kaufman Paul Kaulius Rachel C. Kave Ma hew Kay Courtney Kazmierczak Jon Keagy Kelly Keegan Cathleen Keegan‐Pursell Deborah Keen Michael Keenan Seito Keenya Emily Keim Mary Ann Keim Michael Keitz Jay Kell Lauren Keller Lisa Kelley Kyle Kellinghaus Brian Kelly Cassie Kelly John Kelly Tom Kelly Edward Kelly Brian Kelly Donna Kendrick Barbara Kennedy Bob Kennedy Beth Kenney Annie Kephart Joyce Kern Kris Kern Richard Kerr Stephanie Kershner Bev Kesterson Cat & Alex Kha Nguyen Donald Kienz Pa y Kieser Jennifer Kilareski Robert Kilbride Jana Killar Lina Kim Michelle Kim Young Kim Amy Kimball Graham Kimmerer Jason Kincl Debra King Rory King Brutus Kingpin Geoffrey Kinka Kimberly Kinney Ka e Kircher Daniel Kirk Mark Kirk Kevin Kirner Kent Kisenbauer Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. ‐ 2012 to 2013 Contributors, con nued Samuel Kiser Greta Kistler Kate Kitz Monica Klaman Nick Klastava Susan Klegarth Stephanie Klegarth Ashley Klein Brian Klein Chad Klinedinst Deb Klinedinst Tracey Kling Debbie Klingaman Karl Klinger Ashley Klokocs Chris Knaff Jared Knapp Jess Knecht Ron Knecht Donna Knepp Melissa Knight Kirsten Knowles Beth Knox Joan Koch Rebecca Koch Sandra Koch Kevin Koch Michelle Kocher Jus n Kocis Ma hew Koehler Daria Koester Hoyt Kohl Jen Kohlmeier Lauren Kohut Sarah Kolb David Kolesar Elizabeth Kolis Joseph Kolok Linda Kopf Denise Kopp Anne Koralova Tricia Kordalski Mark Kotchey Joseph Kovacs Jamie Kovacs Wendy Kowalski Jill Krafczyk Cur s Kremer Kathryn Kremer Sue Krempasky Christopher Kruslicky Chris Kruslicky Gina Kubicz Angie Kubovsky Marc Kubushefski Andrew Kuczmarski Josh Kuelling Jeffrey Kuklinski Danielle Kulawiak Robert Kulp Christopher Kunkel Falcon Kunkle Howard Kuritzky Stefanie Kurlanzik Marc Kuster JoAnn Kutz Dave Kuzma Andrew Kwa netz Michele LaBarre 21 Maryann Labaw Adele Laboz Sean Lacey Stacey Lacey Dave & Pam Lach Steve LaChance Ingrid Ladendorf Margaret Lafashia Patrick Lambe George Lance Mar n Landau Esther Lander Llexandra Landreth Amy Lane Stacey Lange Tony LaPorte Michael Lapp Allyson Larish Lisa Larkin Liz Larkin Amy Larkin Kathleen Larkin Kent Larsen Lan‐Anh Larsen Daniel Lasko Jessica Lasko Randy Latza Trisha Lavertu Stephanie Layton Barbara Lazaridis Jennifer Le Samantha Le Stuart Lebson Mary LeClair Paul LeCompte Eliot Lee Hyunkang Lee Rhonda Lee Stephanie Lee Vincent Lee Chang U Lee James Ka e Leger John Lehr Ralph Lehr Todd Leibenguth Marlowe Leibensperger Sara Leier Nancy Lembo Ma hew Lempka Stephen LeNard David Lengel Christopher Lenhart Laurie Lentz Bri any Leon Donna Leon Ana Leonard Ronald Leonard Carolyn Lese Victor Lesky Carrie Leslie Gayriel Lester Alan Levenstein David Leviten Michael Levtchenko Graham Levy Michele Levy Ursla & Ed Levy Colene Lewert Ma Lewis Edward Leydon Alejandra Li Lisa Licata LaVake Phyllis Lichtenwalner Lori Lichtenwalter Molly Lieberman Lauren Liguori Michael Lillie Beth Lilly SooHee Lim Hochol Lim Charrissa Lin Sco Lindgren John Liptak Jennifer Liriano Todd Lisetski Marcel Lisi Mary Lisicky Diane Lista Andrew Li lefield Renee Litzenberger Weiping Liu Hubert Liu Kristen Lloyd Margaret Lloyd Dillon Lockwood Richard Loeper‐Vi Alisa Lo us Shawn Logan David Logerstedt Julie Loisel John Lombardi Laura Lombardi Chris ne Lombardo‐Zaun Stephanie London Kimberly Long Shayna Longacre Juan Lopez Michael Lopez Jeane e Lorenze Cheryl Lo to Donald Lowe Lisa Lower Cara Lowy Nicole Loyd Ada Lubanski Dennis Lubas Brian Lubeski Linda Lubin Roosevelt Lucas Lisa Luciano Daniel Luckenbill John Ludrof Grace Ludwig Anne Lundblad Gwenn Lundy Erin Lungren Dorothy Lupariello Patricia Lurwick Ann Lushis Jaclyn Luster Bob Lynam Johnny Lyons Laurie Lyter Hoa Ma Carole Mac Dougall Craig MacDonald Robert Machlus Bethann Macioci Kathy Mack Teresa Mackey Brian MacMahon Ma hew Madden Jean Madeira Kaitlin Maguire Sandy Maguire Brian Mahoney Lucia Mahoney Lindsey Makuvek Tara Malanga Kim Male Sarah Malerich Beverly Malinowski Steve Malliard Paul Mallon Devon Malone Meghan Maloney Kimberly Malsch Khalid Mamun Jeanne Manavizadeh Michael Mancini Mary Mancino David Mancke Zahin Maneckshaw Caroline Mann Coke Mann Lana Mann Nan Mann Maria Marcano Melissa Marche Kathy Marcus Carrie Maria Richard Marino Kimberly Markey Rebecca Markson Roberta Marler Fraser Marlow Christopher Marozzi Janis Marsh Rich Marshall Veronica Martella Carol Martellucci Brooke Mar n Christopher Mar n Chuck Mar n Rebecca Mar n Jorge Mar nez Carmen Mar nez Escalada Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. ‐ 2012 to 2013 Contributors, con nued Barbara Martucci David Martula Gary Marx Catherine Masiello Kathleen Mason Johnny Mason Melinda Massad Bob Masterton Chris Mauser Sarah Mauthe Philip May Lauren Mazzei Carrie McAdams Kathryn McAdams Shaun McAdams Liz McAdams Brendan McAnally Kevin McBrearty Laura Mcbrearty Kristen McCabe Katherine McCalley Lindsay McCarron Anna McCarthy Dennis McCarthy Marita McCarthy Nancy McCarthy Shannon Nicole McCarthy Kevin McCartney Amy McClenathan Mike McCord John McCormack Patricia McCormick Thomas McCray Krista Mccrum Kenny McCullough Bryan McCusty Annie McDermo Honora McDowell Stephen McFarlane Amanda McGeary Andrew McGinniss Lisa McGinty Mari McGoff Kathleen McGonagle Michael McGrath Terry McGurk Russell McIlvain Sco McIlvennie Sco & Dailynn McKeague Kent McKelvey Sco McKelvey John McKenna Mike McKerns Kathleen McKinley Megan McLane Kathleen Mclaughlin Deborah McLeod Kevin McMahon Joy McManus Mary McMillan Shavonne McNeal Patrick McOwen Sco McQueen Toni McShane Nicole Medei Mark Meehan Susan Meier Emelie Meinhart Tyler Meinhold 22 Ann Meislin Debra Meixell Nick Meli Anish Menon Joy Merle Joann Mertz Trudy Mertz Linda Mery Chris na Mestayer Wendy Meyers Jason Mich Denise Michael Sharon Michaelson Jim Micheels Victoria Mickley Microso Anthony Migliozzi Kelly Mikulski Chris Miller Dana Miller Jill Miller Kris na Miller Kris ne Miller Mark Miller Patricia Miller Pete Miller Phillip Miller Raymond Miller Stephen Miller Zachary Miller Tom Miller Chris Miller Mike & Rita Millhouse Patrick Milligan Jenna Millman Brendon Mills Eve Mills James Miner Daniel Miranda Wojtek & Teresa MIsiolek Margie & Mike Mizak David Moerder Mary Ann Mohr Wilbur Mok Maggie Molina Michael Molina Juan Molina Amanda Molinaro Jennifer Moloney Brian Monahan David Monahan Michael Monahan Chris Monasmith Ana Monge John Montgomery Shawn Mooney Lauren Moore Vivianne Moore Jason Moorehead Alec Moran Frank Moran Wade Morasco Jean Morgano Megan Mormile Brian Morris Monica Morris Michelle Morrisey Melissa Morrison Steven Morrison Sara Morrison Bob Morrow John Morse Leighann Mosher Elizabeth Moss Lisa Moss Sco Motaka Theresa Moulton Michael Moxley Daniel Moyer Tammy Moyer William Moyer Robert Mozo Chris ne Mueller Megan Muller Deb Mulroy Henry Munger Jon Muro Kathy Muro Duane Murphy Kaitlyn Murphy Raymond Murphy Patricia Murr Brenna Murray Meaghan Murray Mitch Murtha Lisa B. Musselman Richard Musselman Sharon Muzerall Corby Myers Kathi Myers Colleen Myers Employees of NAI Summit Brian Naisby Donald Names Bernard Nauroth Khim Neang Chad Neff Edward Neighbour Jacqueline Neilson Amanda Nelson Jennifer Nelson Julia Nero Thomas Neuberger Suzanne Newbrough Sonya Newton Aileen Ng Karen and Bruce Nicholson Francis Nick Alison Nicklas Stanley Nocek Alison Nolan Billy Nolas Susan Noonan Jenifer Norton John Norton Amanda Norvell Kris n Nosovitch Patricia Novelli Thomas Nowlan NWL Boys Basketball Booster Club Selen Obelinas Leigh Ober‐Selden Greg O'Boyle Ritanne OBrien Deborah O'Brien Terrie O'Brien William O'Brien Roger Ochoa Brandon O'Connor Craig Odell Jonathan Odom Dan Oh Soon Hea Oh James Ohland Raul Olmo Andrea Olock Jillian Olsen Jill O'Malley Tina O'Neill Brenna Ortwein Kiku OShea David Os le Tara Oswald Niccole Oswald Megan O'Toole Rick O'Toole Michael O Thomas O Allison Overhiser Cindy Overhiser Kevin Owen Paul Owen Karen Oyster Tom Ozahowski Tina Pagane John Page Stephen Page Peter Palai s Tara Paletski Paul Palmer Samir Pandya Patrick Panfile Sarah Paradis Hyunsoo Park Ji Park Jeffrey Parker John Parks Debora Parvel Renee Parvin Nancy Pascavage Steven Pasquine Billie Pastor Ma hew Patchcoski Rachana Pathak Christopher Pa erson Dwayne Pa erson Jane Pa erson Linda Paugh Gillian Paul Katherine Paul John Pauley Daniel Paulus Janelle Paulus Jonathan Payne Jordan Payne Barbara F. Peabody Stacie Pearson Charlyn Peart Jeremiah Peck Lindsay Pedersen Chaunice Peebles Shelly Pender Frank Pepp Chris na Pereira Marcia Pereira Lisa Perez Terese Perez John Perkins Le cia Perlaza Cindy Perosa Jeffrey Perry Patricia Perryman Nichole Persing Thomas Peterson Barbara Peyrek Bonnie Pezzuto Travis Pezzuto Courtney Phillips Samuel Phillips Seth Phillips Jus n Pichaj Leah Picone Joel Pierstorff Michael Piet Gary Piligian Pam Piligian Josue Pimentel Michael Pinchiaroli Holly Pinkerton Donna Pinkowicz Robert Piper Kelsey Piranio Irene Piripavel Michele Pisano‐Marsh Stephanie Plantone‐Hubbard Deana Plaskon Amy Plimpton David Ploskonka Todd Pollock Michael Pompella Kimberly Poole Kristopher Poor Poppa Zulu's Inc. Francisca Porras Judy Porsavage Tom Porter Jillian Posada Heather Posavek Eileen Posgay Jane Posipanko Sandy Posocco Erica Potocnie Barbara Po er Tom Power Douglas Prechtel Karen Prechtel Jim Price Emily Prifogle Gerald Prince Beth Pritch Newton Pritche David Proffi Jared Proper Kelly Proper Eric Prostko Laura Prue Troy Prue Jon Pulaski Mona Purcell John Puskas Carrie Pus lnik Benjamin Putbrese Leigh Ann Quill Angela Quinn Elaine Quinn Joanne Quinones Srini Rajagopalan Lisa Rakebrand Paul Ralyea Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. ‐ 2012 to 2013 Contributors, con nued Patsy Ramirez‐Arroyo Michael Ramsey Connie Ramunni Kimberly Ranck Katherine Rando Richard Rapine Stacy Rapp Garry Rarer Shanley Rassler Campbell Krista Ratwani Ruth Raubenhold Larry Redding Amy Reed Kristopher Reed Ellen Reeling David Rehm Daniel Reichenbach Joanne Reichenbach Michelle Reid Samantha Reidnauer Thomas Reinert Mary Reither Mark Remy John Renfer Robert Rentler Kelly Repplier Lauren Ressler Kim Rex Richard Reynolds Jordan Reynolds Megan Rezza Mark Rhode Francine Ricci Jen Rich Lori Richardson Carolyn Richon Jana Richtrova Emma Riconda Lisa Rindock Paula Riola Richard Riopel Angela Riordan Antonio Rios James Rissmiller Stacy Ri enhouse Irma Rivera Kevin Rizzardi Alyssa Roberts Amy Roberts David Roberts Krista Roberts Richard Roberts Christopher Rode Lizbeth Ann Rode Amy Roesener Bre Rogers Donna Lee Rogers Kenny Rogers Peter Rohr Eric & Michele Rohrbach Leah Rohrbach Stacey Rohrbeck Steven Roll Virginia Roma Dean Rompella Joanne Ronyack Joseph Rosado Alli Rose Ka e Rose 23 Linda Rose Kevin Rose Barbara Rosenberg Melissa Rosevear Raymond Ross Lisa Rossello Laurie Roth Danny Rotondo Marilyn Rouvrais Lisa Rowe Gary Rowles Pamela Rucks Brian Rudzik Gina Ruggiero Cesira Ruggiero Ning Rui Janice Ruland Lane Rundle William Rush Garry Russ Penny Russ Maria Russell Sean Russell Shawn Russell Nancy Ruth Kris n Rutkowski Corey Ru Kelly Rutz Michelle Sacche Michael Sacco Jan Saeger Kurt Saeger Clemen ne Salon Anthony Salvino Michael Salzarulo Jaymi Sam Amanda Samuels Patricia San Andres Linda Sanchez Jim Sands Michael Sandt Sco Sanger Colleen Santaspirt Katelin Santhin Richard Santos Wallace & Amy Sargent Thomas Sartor Vince Sartori Melissa Sassaman Jay Sa ler Brent Saul Laura Brook Sawyer Alexandra Scaggs Daniel Schaal Rhiannon Schaeffer Steve Schaeffer Paula Schafer Danielle Schaffer Daniel Schaffer Ma hew Schaidle Cris Schaller Thomas Schanta Dan Scharnhorst Danielle Scheller Jane Schiff Sue Schilling Kimberly Schlack Chris Schlack Patricia Schleckser Jennifer Schlegel Ma hew Schmidt Jefff Schmidt Holly Schmi Mark Schnalzer Regina Schneider Michelle Schneider Susan Schnell Amy Schoch William Schoentube Gregg Scholl Meghan Scholl Nancy Schoonover Michael Schrader Jennifer Schram Karen Schrantz Sco Schrantz Don Schroder Mason Schuler James Schulmeister Alexis Schultz April Schultz Derek Schultz Andrew Schwab Betsy Schwartz Dean & Lisa Schwartz Jason Schweyer Susan Schwoyer Ruth Sclar Tracey Sco Kris ne Seasholtz Sco Sechler Rachel Seelig John and Denise Seibert Viktoria Seip Eileen Seitz Paul Seitz Dana Seitzinger Nick Seitzinger Troy Seitzinger Nancy Seksinsky Barry Selinsky Janet Sena Jennifer Shade Theodore Shalack Dan Shanahan Dennis Shanahan Jamie Sharpe Dennis Sheehan Trey Sheeler Shaun Sheeler April Shelly Claire Shelton Sarah Sheppleman Masako Shima Kazuhiro Shimbo Patricia Shimkus Jennifer Shingles Jim Shivas Seth Shiver Adam Shober David Shoenfelt Amy Shoff Roy A. Shook Bernard Shumate David Shumway Jeffrey Shurr Lisa Shutkufski Dawn Shu Myron Sidloski Gina Sierzega Alexandra Sieving Jay Silcox Joe Silva Bruce Silverberg Alex Silverman Meghan Silvia Katharine Simon Preston Simon Bob Simons Jennifer Simonsen Burt Simpson Sco Sims Jenny Sing Amanda Sipes Randy Siri Allan Sison Renee Sivinski Peter Skelly Heidi Skibenes Lacey Skodocek Francine Slifer John Slowick Janice Small Sherri Small Robin Smallen Laura Smelas Amanda Smith Brian Smith Christopher Smith Grace Smith Jeff Smith Joelle Smith Kieran Smith Michael Smith Michele Smith Peter Smith Sheldon Smith Susanne Smith Tricia Smith Kevin Smith Jonathan Smolin Kate‐Lyn Snare Kimberly Sniechoski Amy Snyder Andrew Snyder Doreen Snyder Doug Snyder Gambrelle Snyder Julie Snyder Melissa Snyder Ross Snyder Lori Snyder Charles & Lola Soares Mandeep Sob Clair Socci Lorraine & Steve Soisson John Sokol Timothy Solt Amy Sol s Brenda Somers Theresa Soracco Patricia Sost John Sotzing Kelly Spandra Jane Sparnon Maureen Spata Steven Spears Patricia Spencer Maria Spinosa Kelly Spring Tom Sproul Jen Staats Susan Stachowski Melinda Stacknick Christopher Staehle William Stafstrom John Stanley John Stanmore Jackie Stanus Carla Stauffer Vivian Stecker Kelsey Stecklow Daniel Stein Susan Steinhardt Jennifer Steinmetz Rami Steinruck Kelly Stemmler Michael Stephen Marie Stephens Chris Sterling Harry Stern Jill Stevens Nicholas Stevens Michael Stocker Casey Stockman Samantha Stockman Veronica Stoeckel Kelly Stohl Maegen Stokes Thomas Stone Benjamin Stoner Laura Stoudt Janice Stout Dana Stow Laura Stoy Carol & Frank Stracco Rosemary Stramka David Strangarity Jennifer Strauss Robert Streit Amarilis Stricker Betsy Strickland Adrienne Strickler Randy Strite Georgeann Strohecker Derek Strohl Kasia Strojwas Katarzyna Strojwas Michael Strouse Christopher Stuchko Karen Stuebing Robos Heather Sturgis Mariheli Suarez Jennifer Suchecki Lauren Suchecki Stephanie Sukal Dan Sullivan Elaine Sullivan Gregory Sumner Lai Sun Mark Surovy Phil Swartley Ma hew Sweitzer Patrick Swere Nadine Swierzawski Susan Swigart Mary Synoracki Brandon Szoke Melody Talpas Jay Talsania Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. ‐ 2012 to 2013 Contributors, con nued Jennifer Tamburlin Maria Tanaka Denise Tancredi Michael Tannous Pat Tannous William Tarbox Edward Tarpey Myla Tayco Stephen Taylor Tracy Taylor Melissa Taylor ‐ Bergonzi Chris Teague Timothy Teague George Teas Lisa Temple Anne Tepper Susan Terre e Jessica Testani Shelby Tewell Karen Thibodeau Beth Ann Thomas Kris Thomas Sco Thomas Tod Thomas Bonnie Thomas Allison Thompson Linda Tibbi Anne Tiger‐Days Joel Tilli Luis Tineo Sco Todd Jonathan Tompkins Robert Tona Mark Torstenson Anna Toth Rachelle Toth Suzanne Toth Jon Tower James Townsend Denise Travis Ellen Trent Jack Trent Nancy Tre er‐Long Enrique Trevino Joanne Trimpi Cassandra Tripaldi Lee Triplicata Allison Troup David Troxell Jared Troyer Vanessa Troyer Truist Timothy Tulio Allen Tullar Mary Tumminello Todd Turbe Elaine Turner Elizabeth Turner Landon Turner Michele Turpening Edward Uber Patricia Uhlar Donna Utakis Stephan Uzzell Janet Vacon Antony Valen ne Shelly Valerio Miguel Valero Neichma Valle 24 Rich Van Doren Lee Van Fleet Adriaan van Gaalen Suzanne Van Hoorebeke Abby Van Horne Melvin Van Houten Christopher Vance Joseph Vance Jennifer VanDeVoorde Diederik VanHoogstraten Heather VanKeuran Vince Varallo Michael Varieur Helen Varsos Lauren Vassallo Ana Vega Karen Velas Ma hew Velekei Diana Veliz Diane Venezia Marc Vengrove Jessica Vernouski Donatella Verrico Jessie Vicari Frank Victor Leanne Viens Amy Villani Jus n Villere Eileen Vince Yvonne Vincent Mom & Dad Vinci Erica Vinci Ma hew Vinci Brenda Vinton Melissa Visco Philip Vitale Nick Vitali Cari Vitone Mark Vivanco Dana Vlasics Janet Voelpert Kelly Voetsch Sven Voetsch Sue Wade Andrew Waer Ma hew Wagner R. Lenore Wagner Rhonda Wagner Vincent Waits Kathy Walbert Kimberly Waldenmayer Ronda Walker Nancy Wallitsch Mis Walls Christopher Walmer Lindsey Walmer Charles Walter Edward Walton Michael Wambaugh Wanabe a Star Bou que Henry Wang Christopher Ward Carrie Ward John Ware Katharine Warehime Mark Wargo Stephen Warnick Lesley Wassef‐Birosik John Watkins Claire Wa s Donna Malone Wauhop Suzanne Weaver Emma Webb Lisa Webb Maureen Webb Laurie Weber Sonya Weber‐Peters Heather Webster Jeffrey Weeks Rob Weidman Adriane Weigand Bob Weinhold David Weinstein Chris e Weiss Krysta Weiss Laura Weiss Bob Welby Joyce Welch Meg Welker Tanya Welsh Joe Wentzel Ruth Wentzel Jodi Werbisky Amy Werkheiser Nancy Werteen Mike Wescoe Laura Westco Marc Weston Allison Wetzel Tom Whalen Jill Wheeler David White Kenneth White Marlene White Robert White Joanmarie Wickel Chuck Widener Thomas Widor Cherie Wienszak Alan Wiesner Brian Wiest Lauren Wiest Janet Wilhelm Sco Wilhelm Michelle Wilke Whitney Wilkinson David Willard Andrew Williams Beth Williams Drew Williams Jeff & Nancy Williams Mark Williams Nick Williams Stacy Williams Jack Williamson Larry Willis Michele Willis Michael Wilson Megan Wise Rachel Wise Kerrise Wise Kristen Wismer Nancy Witham Pam Wodzicki Stentzee Woepple Jesse Wolfgang Kevin Wong Doug Wood Kavisa Wood Cur s Workman Fran Worman Be yann Woyewoda Calvin Wright Jaimie Wright Patricia Wright Anastasia Wrobel Evan Xenakis Amanda Yagel Debbie Yahnke Wenyu Yang Richard Yanoski Jr. Elizabeth Yasso Ali Yazdanyar Alissa Yeager Steve Yeakel David Yeomans Lily Yeung‐Barreiro Jeff Yi David Ying In Kul Yoo Haesun Yoo Kial Young Laurie Youshock Sheila Youst Tom Yunker Daniel Zablotsky Alicia Zaffiro Kaitlin Zahn Joseph Zairo Edwin Zajac Jim Zajko Jenna Zak Laslo Zamolyi Quintessa Zamolyi Heather Zanoni Heather Zavecz John Zavecz Megan Zazworskey Tammy Zborel Sue Zdroik John Zemenak Jeff Zemgulis Alan Zerbe Joseph Ze lemoyer Michael Ze lemoyer Yu Zheng Lynn Ziller Allison Zimmerman Kenneth Zimmerman John Zoeckler Anna Zsigovits Jerry Zubey LaVerne Zuk Michael Zumas Joseph Zwastetzky Cory Zwerlein Laurie Zydel Debra Zyskowski Gi s In Kind 6ABC Aardvark Sports Shop Adams Outdoor Arts Quest Bethlehem Township Borough of Freemansburg Boundless Network City of Allentown City of Bethlehem City of Easton Clipper Magazine Coca‐Cola of the Lehigh Valley Contractor's Equipment Coordinated Health Crystal Signatures Easton Coach Edwards Business Systems Emmaus Run Inn EMS Squads Express Times G & L Sign Factory Gatorade Goosey Gander of Bethlehem Historic Bethlehem Just Born K Lee Web Design Lamar Outdoor Adver sing Leading Edge Signs & Imaging Lehigh Gas & UniMart Lehigh Valley Health Network Lehigh Valley Magazine Lehigh Valley Press Lehigh Valley Sports Extra Lehigh Valley Style Lower Macungie Township Money Mailer Morning Call Natural Awakenings Nestle Norfolk Southern Northampton Community College Olympus Band PA Fish & Boat Commission Palmer Township PBS Channel 39 Pennsylvania Department of Transporta on Penske PenTeleData Limited Partnership Pocono Record Power Bar ‐ Nestle USA Primo Produce Raven One to One Marke ng RCN Telecom Services Road ID Salisbury Township Sam Adams, a Boston Beer Company Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem Sands Event Center Service Electric Technicom TMR Adver sing Total Health Massage Therapy Units Storage Valley Beat ViaMedia Waste Management WDIY Wegman's WFMZ ‐ Channel 69 Board of Directors Board of Directors Via of the Lehigh Valley Via of the Lehigh Valley, Inc. 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