Better care thanks to You. - Holland Bloorview Foundation



Better care thanks to You. - Holland Bloorview Foundation
Better care
thanks to You.
features of
this report
Together, we are creating
a world without limits.
Letter from the Chair
retiring Board Members Bob Armstrong, Jane
Macnaughton, Jane Weatherbie and past
Board Chair Geoff Wilson. To George Lewis
and his team, we are enormously grateful for
your determination in tackling our ambitious
campaign goal. To Valerie McMurtry and
the superb team of professionals she has
assembled, thank you for supporting,
challenging and inspiring us in equal
measure. To the children and families
who help us understand the impact of our
fundraising efforts on their lives, thank you
for letting us be a part of your journey.
At a time when the needs of our children and
families are great and the Hospital’s plans for
the future are big and bold, I have the great
privilege of leading the finest group of men
and women you will find in the charitable
I would like to thank the members of our
Board of Directors for their truly outstanding
work this year. After many years of exemplary
service, we will miss the wise counsel of
And to you, our donors, for your
extraordinary generosity, our most
heartfelt thank you.
Dougal Macdonald
Chair of Board,
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation
Hospital Foundation
Letter from the President
Thank you for your unwavering support of
Holland Bloorview’s vision.
Although unrest in the economy and the
world continues to make us cautious in our
financial dealings, you made us a priority
and as a result we have had a good year.
Thanks to your support, we are halfway to
our goal of $80 million for No Limits, The
Campaign for Childhood Disability.
I know you will be inspired by the stories in
this report that show you how your gifts are
making a difference.
I am reminded time and again just how
much you care about our kids. You are
parents, staff, donors and volunteers in
the common cause to improve the health,
well-being and life experiences of kids with
It is hard work and most days it is not easy,
but you see the unlimited potential in our
children and believe that together we will
succeed in creating a world without limits.
I am grateful to our Board of Directors, and
campaign and community volunteers for
their time, guidance and passion. On a daily
basis they represent your interests well and I
know you will be pleased with the results.
Valerie McMurtry
President and CEO,
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation
Hospital Foundation
The Unlimited Brody,
Taylor and Cole
Three-year-old triplets Brody, Taylor and Cole have cerebral palsy and each has different and
unique health care needs. The triplets’ experience of care through childhood and adolelscence
is going to be complex. However, their parents Dana and Jared, founders of Three To Be, are
determined to see that their sons and daughter receive the best care possible and benefit from
innovations in clinical care that are developed at Holland Bloorview.
Care that maximizes the
possibilities for every child
With donor support, we are recruiting top talent, enhancing clinical and experiential
programs, and developing and sharing new treatments and therapies, so that kids
like Brody, Taylor and Cole have better health and better lives.
The Holland Family
Thanks to Bill and Susanne’s exceptional gift, Holland
Bloorview is actively recruiting more world-class physicians
and clinician-scientists to work with families and talented
staff to improve the lives of kids with special needs.
RBC Foundation
RBC is committed to improving the mental health of children.
Their two year pledge supports the “Triple P Stepping
Stones” Program, an education program for parents of kids
with autism. It teaches them how to manage and, in some
cases, prevent the most severe behavioural, emotional and
developmental challenges their children may experience.
The Harold E. Ballard Foundation
Under the leadership of his daughter, Mary-Elizabeth Flynn,
the Foundation that bears Harold Ballard’s name is the first
to contribute to an endowment fund to honour Dr. Doug
Biggar’s service to kids with disabilities. The fund will support
life skills and transitions programs. The Foundation also
made a second gift this year to purchase a new accessible van
for the Hospital.
Three to Be
Through its inaugural Stems of Hope Gala, Three To Be
began its fundraising efforts to purchase state-of-the-art
robotics equipment, called the Pediatric Lokomat, for use in
cutting-edge research and therapy for kids with neurological
Donors in Action
We are so grateful to the individuals and corporations raising funds for Holland Bloorview’s
highest priority needs. Their commitment to make a difference significantly impacts the
lives of children with disabilities and their families. Involving the community in their fun
initiatives makes everyone a winner!
Canada’s Walk of Fame
A star studded event in support of childhood disability!
Holland Bloorview was selected by Canada’s Walk of
Fame as the beneficiary of the 2010 Inductee Charity
Ball, presented by RBC. The Charity Ball was full of glitz
and glamour and raised $75,000 for kids with disabilities.
Kasting 4 Kids Rehab
The first annual Kasting 4 Kids Rehab event reeled in
$100,000. Twenty of Ontario’s top fly-fishing guides,
including Ian Colin James, trained 80 keen participants.
Special thanks to The Franklin Club, The Real Matters/
Solidifi Charitable Foundation and the many corporate
sponsors who made this event possible.
RSM Richter Charity Golf Classic
A hole in one! The 13th annual RSM Richter Charity
Golf Classic took place at Angus Glen Golf Club. Holland
Bloorview was grateful to benefit from the proceeds
of this event for the second time, receiving more than
$185,000 towards the Hospital’s highest priorities.
Tony & Friends Golf Tournament
The sun was shining on the 2nd annual Tony and Friends
Golf Tournament at Emerald Hills Golf Club. Led by Tony
Leask and his friends, the event raised $15,000 for kids
with disabilities.
A Night at the Capitol Theatre
More than 200 guests enjoyed live music,
great dessert, fine wine and a wonderful silent
auction in support of Holland Bloorview at
the beautifully renovated Capitol Theatre. The
event, organized by Centro’s Armando Mano
and the Uptown Yonge BIA raised over $11,800.
Toronto Parking Authority Charity
Golf Tournament
Another great day to be on the links. The
Toronto Parking Authority hosted its 5th annual
Charity Golf Tournament at Glen Eagle Golf
Club. The amount raised from the tournament
was applied to their second generous $100,000
commitment to help kids with disabilities.
Solidifi’s Buck At A Time Program
This fundraising program was launched by
Jason Smith, President & CEO of Real Matters
and Solidifi. Members of Solidifi’s appraiser
member network have begun donating $1 of
each appraisal fee to Buck At A Time. Michael
Kal was the first appraiser to enroll in the
program and said: “I truly appreciate the
opportunity to make a difference”. Revenue
from this initiative will support research and
children at Holland Bloorview.
The Bay Street Hoops Basketball
Now in its 17th year, Bay Street Hoops runs one
of Canada’s largest amateur charity basketball
tournaments. Holland Bloorview was named as
a beneficiary for the past two tournaments. The
events were a slam dunk, raising $140,000!!!
Donors in Action
Passion and drive motivate these donors to raise funds for specific areas that are “close-toheart” and in need of financial assistance. New and existing programs benefit greatly from the
dedication and generosity of these fundraisers and their community of supporters.
Bowling for Holland Bloorview
Sam and Sarah El Raheb and their team of
volunteers led the 5th annual Bowling for Holland
Bloorview. Over 700 kids and their parents had a ball
in support of childhood disability. The event raised
over $7,000 for the Nursery School programs. This
remarkable achievement truly bowled us over!
Light up the Night
The Bigioni Family certainly knows how to
make magic on a summer evening. Held in
Holland Bloorview’s Spiral Garden with a special
performance by Justin Hines, the event inspired
attendees to do everything they could to help
the family raise money for their campaign.
Prize winners from their Raffle for Respite were
announced, including the winner of the Toyota
Yaris, made possible by Clarington Toyota. The
event raised over $115,000 for The Emily Bigioni
Endowment Fund supporting respite care programs.
Bay Street Pro Celebrity Softball
Four hundred players and celebrities joined event
founder, James Duncan, at the Riverdale Flats
baseball diamonds for the 14th Bay Street Celebrity
Softball Challenge. This fun event raised $75,000 for
Holland Bloorview’s Apartment for Daily Living and
other priority needs.
RBC Canadian Open
The 2010 RBC Canadian Open took place at the worldrenowned Royal St. George Golf Club. Professional golfers
from around the world participated in this sought after
championship. Holland Bloorview was thrilled to be the 2010
local Charity Beneficiary, which resulted in over $250,000 for
Holland Bloorview’s Child Development Program.
Nota Bene
The inaugural Nota Bene Charity Dinner supported Holland
Bloorview’s Nursery School family subsidies. The crowd sat
silently as former Holland Bloorview client, now famous
Canadian singer, Justin Hines, amazed the audience with
a spectacular performance. Thanks to Nota Bene owners,
Yannick Bigourdan and David Lee for raising over $40,000.
Capital One
The ongoing commitment of Capital One is considered
number one by the kids who benefit from Holland
Bloorview’s life skills and recreation programs. With a new
$75,000 gift this year to the Youth at Work program, Capital
One’s total giving amounts to over $400,000. Capital One
has also invested its time with Holland Bloorview, such
as the preparation of the Spiral Gardens - truly amazing
Three To Be Stems of Hope Gala
The inaugural Stems of Hope Gala organized by Three To Be
took place at the Kool Haus Nightclub in Toronto. Jared and
Dana Florence, founders of Three to Be, and their committee
led this unique, fun-filled gala, attended by 800 guests.
Celebrities Leslie Roberts and Anne Mroczkowski hosted this
event, which included Alex Bilodeau’s famous Olympic skis
in a live auction, trapeze artists performing amazing feats
of bravery and exceptional musical performances. Partial
proceeds from this event will be used to launch a clinical trial
in robotics therapy, a first of its kind in the world.
The Unlimited Benjamin
Research at Holland Bloorview is in a phenomenal growth phase. Exciting new programs
initiated by our top scientists hold the potential to deliver breakthrough technologies,
treatments and interventions that will translate into better quality of life for kids. Benjamin,
who can’t hear or speak, relies on technology to meet his communication needs. For
Benjamin, research holds the most hope for his future.
t Award
Research that delivers better care, helpful
technologies and a more inclusive world
At Holland Bloorview, researchers are collaborating with families, clinicians
and therapists to test the effectiveness of a range of clinical interventions, like
communication technologies, medications for autism, and therapies.
Michael Wekerle
Michael Wekerle is helping to give kids who are locked-in, a voice.
His pledge is directed to Dr. Tom Chau’s Infinity Centre for Access
Innovations, a first-in-the-world centre devoted to developing
innovative communication technologies for kids who can not
speak or move.
CIBC Children’s Foundation
Thanks to the generosity of CIBC Children’s Foundation, Holland
Bloorview is creating its first clinical research program in robotics
therapy for kids with cerebral palsy. Robotics research promises
to revolutionize treatment and therapy for children with
neurological disorders.
Sunny View Youth Involvement Foundation
The Sunny View Youth Involvement Foundation is raising
funds over two years to operate the Infinity Lab at Sunny View
Public School. The Hospital and the Toronto District School
Board partnered to create the Infinity Lab to develop innovative
communication technologies and test them in the classroom.
The Ward Family Foundation
Pursuit Award
A desire to encourage excellence in childhood disability research
led David and Anne Ward to fund the creation of the Pursuit
Award, an international award to recognize outstanding research
by PhD students in this field.
it Award
Chef David Lee
of Nota Bene
On November 22, 2010, Holland Bloorview Foundation hosted An Evening of Possibility, a
gathering of 250 of Toronto’s business and community leaders, for a night of fine dining to raise
awareness about the needs of children with disabilities and financial support for No Limits, the
Campaign for Childhood Disability. We are thrilled to announce we raised over $400,000.
The unique culinary treat was prepared by some of
Canada’s finest chefs including: Chef David Lee from
Nota Bene Restaurant, Chef Jason Carter from Centro,
Chef Victor Barry from Splendido, Chef Marc Thuet from
Conviction Restaurant & Petite Thuet and Chef Michael
Potters from Harvest Restaurant.
The memorable evening was hosted by Sandie Rinaldo,
News Anchor, CTV National News. Holland Bloorview
gratefully acknowledges Thomson Reuters as the
Presenting Sponsor, Mark Davidson, the Dinner Chair
and Armando Mano, the Culinary Director. Thank you to
all of the generous supporters.
Squab and Soba Noodle Soup
Chef Feature Sponsors
1. Tom Flynn, Executive VP
& CFO, BMO, Chair, Holland
Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation
Hospital and David Allgood,
EVP & General Counsel, RBC
Law Group, Trustee, Holland
Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation
2. George Lewis, Group Head,
RBC Wealth Management,
Director Holland Bloorview
Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Foundation, Chair, Holland
Bloorview No Limits
3. Sheila Jarvis, President &
CEO, Holland Bloorview Kids
Rehabilitation Hospital and
Armando Mano, Co-Owner,
Centro Restaurant
4. Nada Ristich, Senior
Manager, Corporate
Donations, BMO and Myles
Mindham, Jewellery Designer,
Mindham Fine Jewellery
5. Jennifer and Mark
Davidson, Managing Director,
Canada, Thomson Reuters
Americas, Chair of An
Evening of Possibility
6. Kelly Alkier; Sheila Jarvis,
President & CEO, Holland
Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation
Hospital; Roz Nella; Priti
Kawale; Nitin Kawale,
President & CEO, Cisco
Systems Canada, Director,
Holland Bloorview Kids
Rehabilitation Hospital
Foundation; Susanne
Holland and Karen Stemmle
7. Charlie Sims, President &
CEO, Mackenzie Financial,
Director, Holland Bloorview
Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Foundation; Laurie Sims;
Joanne and Gary Reamey
8. Janet MacPhail; Susanne
Holland and Christopher
Hopper, President, KLQ
Mechanical Ltd., Director, CI
9. Wesley, Holland Bloorview
Ambassador and Mark
Davidson, Managing Director,
Canada, Thomson Reuters
Americas, Chair of An
Evening of Possibility
10. Mary-Elizabeth Flynn,
President, Harold Ballard
Foundation; Valerie
McMurtry, President & CEO,
Holland Bloorview Kids
Rehabilitation Hospital
Foundation and Sandie
Rinaldo, News Anchor, CTV
National News
For recipes visit:
The Unlimited Emily
From respite programs to financial assistance to information resources, Holland Bloorview’s
family support programs are designed to strengthen families. Now we are going a step further
and making families full partners in care. We saw the impact of family partnership when
the Bigioni Family partnered with our Foundation to raise funds to secure respite programs
and camps. Thanks to their efforts, their daughter, Emily and thousands of other children
with complex needs can grow artistically, socially, mentally and physically in this safe and
stimulating environment.
A strong foundation of care begins
with family strength and resilience
Holland Bloorview’s new family leadership program will employ the expertise of
families as advisors who will sit on hospital committees, teachers who will train new
staff and students and mentors who will share their experiences with other families.
Yveline Audemars and Humberto Rivero
When Yveline Audemars first read about the Bigioni Family’s
commitment to save respite programs, she dropped by the
Foundation office with a cheque. Since then, she and her husband,
Humberto, have become ardent supporters of the family’s respite
campaign, contributing a second and third gift to help the Bigionis
reach their target.
Inspired by Vito and Sandra Bigioni’s commitment to build an
endowment for respite camps and programs, the shopping centre
developer was among the first to make a generous pledge toward
respite in 2008 and an additional gift in 2011 to bring the Bigionis’
$1 million campaign over the top.
Chillin’ for Kids
For the past four years, Denise Guerriere and her dedicated
committee have swept their way to fundraising success. Proceeds
from the 2011 Chillin’ for Kids curling event were designated to The
Family Support Fund, which helps families with the unexpected
expenses of caring for a child with special needs.
President’s Choice® Children’s Charity (PCCC)
PCCC shares our commitment to making life easier for kids with
disabilities and their families. Last year, PCCC supported Spiral
Garden, an outdoor art, gardening and play program that gives
kids a real community camp experience and their parents a
much-needed break.
*President’s Choice® is a trademark of Loblaws Inc. Used with permission.
The Unlimited Rachael
Holland Bloorview is committed to providing the best education and training in the world
to student doctors, nurses, psychologists and therapists. This will impact care for kids with
disabilities. Rachael acquired a brain injury when she was five, which left her with complex
disabilities. Rachael’s progress will not only depend on better care and breakthrough research,
but innovative quality of life programs like music and art therapy. Teaching, informed by
research and supported by interprofessional collaboration and simulation-enhanced learning,
equals better care for the hundreds of thousands of children with disabilities in Canada.
Investing in the education of future health
professionals makes for better care too
With the establishment of our new Teaching and Learning Institute, we are
advancing education by introducing leading-edge methods and tools, such as
simulation and interprofessional education.
BMO Financial
BMO Financial Group’s
pledge will establish an
endowment to help us
develop and implement
advanced teaching
and learning methods.
Thanks to BMO’s support,
Holland Bloorview will
be the first to develop a
comprehensive simulation
education program in the
childhood disability field.
TD Bank Financial
TD Bank played a seminal
role in the establishment
of our Developmental
Pediatrics Fellowship
Program in 2003. TD’s
new pledge continues
support for this important
program, which addresses
the national and
international shortage of
pediatricians trained in
the care of children with
developmental disorders.
Look what
you have
From Campaign Chair, George Lewis
No Limits
We’ve rocketed past the
half way point in the No
Limits Campaign and
our $80 million target
is within our reach. We
could not have come so
far in so short a time were
it not for the tremendous
support of our donors,
community partners and
allied health leaders for
our clinical programs
and provide the training
and experience they need
to work in the field of
childhood disability.
William & Susanne Holland
Your support for research
means our scientists can
strive every day to ensure
that clinical care is the best
it can be, that assistive
technologies are helpful,
and that the world is an
inclusive place for children
with disabilities.
$500,000 - $999,999
CIBC Children’s Foundation
Barbara L. Steele
Anne & David G. Ward
You believe that Holland
Bloorview is making
a real and meaningful
difference in the world
for kids with disabilities.
Perhaps in telling your
friends and family about
us you’ve made others
believe in our vision and
goals too. As a result, our
donor family grows, our
community partnerships
flourish and the hospital is
buzzing with a new level of
The $43.3 million we have
raised to date is having
an impact on every part
of the hospital. All of our
campaign priority areas
received significant gifts
this year.
This means we can get
on with the business of
recruiting highly skilled
physicians, scientists and
As always, we are humbled
by your compassion for
children and your gifts to
ensure their families have
what they need to raise a
child with a disability.
We still have a ways to go
to meet our ambitious
target, so we hope you will
continue to contribute,
participate in our
fundraising events and
introduce your friends to
this amazing children’s
rehabilitation hospital.
When we work together,
there are truly ...
$1,000,000 - $4,999,999
BMO Financial Group
David & Lynn Coriat
Mackenzie Investments
George W. Oughtred
The WB Family Foundation
Michael Wekerle
$100,000 - $499,999
Robert & Mary Pat Armstrong
The Alva Foundation
Peter & Brigitte Anderson
Yveline Audemars & Humberto Rivero
The Harold E. Ballard Foundation
Bay Street Hoops
Bay Street Pro Celebrity Softball Challenge
Vito & Sandra Bigioni
The Buchan Family Foundation
Chillin’ for Kids
Cisco Systems Canada Company
Marilyn & Richard Coles
Kasting 4 Kids Rehab
Ronald, Warren & Debbie Kimel
George & Leanne Lewis
Dougal & Barbara Macdonald
Power Corporation of Canada
RBC Foundation
RSM Richter
Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust
TD Bank Financial Group
Toronto Parking Authority
George Lewis (Chair)
Dr. Ben Alman Robert Armstrong Geoffrey Belsher
Giorgina Bigioni
Tie Domi
Tom Flynn Bill Holland Clay Horner
Dougal Macdonald
Tom Muir
Neil Selfe
Charlie Sims
Jason Smith Howard Sokolowski
Dr. John Wedge
Michael Wekerle
Rob Wheeler
Geoff Wilson
Our kids - there
is just no better
Statement of operations and fund balances
REVENUES 2011 Total $
2010 Total $
During fiscal year 2011, the Foundation received
new pledges of $8.7M of which $1.4M was recorded
as revenue in the year, and the remainder is
expected in future fiscal years.
Donations and bequests 7,801,223
Special events 1,426,756
Realized investment income 3,444,532
Total 12,672,511
1,464,073 12,576,618
Salaries and benefits
Fundraising activities
Total Excess of revenues over operating
expenses before the undernoted
800,615 164,074 2,594,719
486,895 272,225
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
External organizations
Total Excess of revenues over operating expenses
and distributions, before the undernoted
Unrealized investment income
Total excess of revenues over
operating expenses and distributions 2,305,587
Fund balances - beginning of the year
Fund balances - end of the year
Note to Statement
For a copy of the audited fianancial statements, please contact the Foundation at (416) 424-3809.
Sources of $12.7M
Defy Disability
Campaign Pledge
Payments 1%
Marketing 3%
Bequests and
Other 1%
income 27%
Major Gifts corporations 13%
Major Gifts individuals 34%
Major Gifts foundations 7%
Areas of Funding for
$5.2M Granted
Academic 9%
Care 15%
Institute Core
Funding 27%
Resources 6%
Life Skills &
Capital &
Project 5%
The Holland Bloorview Family is
pleased to welcome these new
BMO Financial Group | Michael Wekerle | RBC | George W. Oughtred | CIBC
These remarkable donors join those who have already made the investment of a lifetime
Bay Street Children’s Foundation
The Holland Family
Toshiba Celebrity Golf Classic
John William Billes (in his estate) The Kinder Foundation
Anne and David G. Ward
Mackenzie Investments
The WB Family Foundation
The Grocery Foundation
David and Lynn Coriat
Ada Gertrude Mahoney (in her estate) Anonymous
Toronto Police Association Bloorview Childrens Hospital Foundation
Holland Bloorview Champions are passionate about the cause of childhood disability. In making
gifts of a lifetime, they have enabled us to make a lifetime of difference to children with disabilities
and their families. Whether their contribution has been a single donation or legacy gift, a community
event or the culmination of years of support, we at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
Foundation are honoured to recognize their extraordinary commitment.
The unlimited generosity of
Holland Bloorview donors
Estate of Alvin R. Morton
PC Children’s Charity
Power Corporation of Canada
Reprodux Day at the Races
RSM Richter
Toronto Academy of Dentistry
$100,000 - $249,999
Gifts of $10,000 and higher make a lifetime of
difference. Donors achieving this threshold of giving
are precious to us.
William & Susanne Holland
$15,000,000 - $24,999,999
Bloorview Childrens Hospital Foundation
$5,000,000 - $14,999,999
The Grocery Foundation
$1,000,000 - $4,999,999
Bay Street Pro Celebrity Softball Challenge
Estate of John William Billes
BMO Financial Group
CIBC Children’s Foundation
David & Lynn Coriat
The Counselling Foundation of Canada
The Kinder Foundation
Mackenzie Investments
Estate of Ada Gertrude Mahoney
George W. Oughtred
Toronto Police Association
Toshiba Celebrity Golf Classic
Anne & David G. Ward
The WB Family Foundation
Michael Wekerle
$500,000 - $999,999
In Honour of Elkie Adler
The Harold E. Ballard Foundation
Bike for Tykes
The Ron Joyce Foundation
Ronald, Warren, & Debbie Kimel
Kurl for Kids Celebrity Bonspiel
Neate Roller Limited
RBC Foundation
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Scotiabank Group
The Slaight Family Foundation
Barbara Steele
TD Bank Financial Group
$250,000 - $499,999
Robert & Mary Pat Armstrong
Automotive Aftermarket Retailers of Ontario
Charity Golf Tournament
Max Bell Foundation
Capital One
Chillin’ for Kids
Marilyn & Richard Coles
James & Mary Davie
Estate of Eldred Durham
Estate of Elizabeth Ferguson
Estate of Margaret A. Lambe
Estate of Florence Evelyn Moodie
Air Canada Employee Charitable Foundation
Alva Foundation
Estate of Helen Anderson
Estate of Margot Anderson
Peter & Brigitte Anderson
Yveline Audemars & Humberto Rivero
Bay Street Hoops
Bell Canada
J.P. Bickell Foundation
The E.W. Bickle Foundation
Vito & Sandra Bigioni
BMO Fountain of Hope, Employees’ Foundation
The Buchan Family Foundation
G.R. Chang
The Chau Family
Joel & Lainie Cohen
Donald & Phyllis Cooper
The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund
Estate of Elizabeth V. Dundin
Estate of Donald Brooke Duval
The Eaton Foundation
Kenny Field & Vivian Berman & Families
Estate of Ruby Finlayson
Tom Flynn & Cathy Hampson
The Giving Tree Foundation of Canada
Stephen Gooderham
Herman Grad
Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation
IBM Canada and its Employees and Retirees’
Margaret Irwin
Estate of Margaret Agnes Isaac
Sheila Jarvis
Kasting 4 Kids Rehab
K. Michael Kelly
Henry White Kinnear Foundation
Estate of George Kirk
Louis & Sophie Lau
George & Leanne Lewis
Light up the Night
Estate of Peter Hammond Lyon
Barbara & Dougal Macdonald & Family
Manulife Financial
Gene McBurney
The R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation
Estate of Earl C. Morgan
Patricia & Tom Muir
Muzzo Family Charitable Foundation
Estate of Lorna Myrtle Obee
Estates of Milton & Dorothy Odell
Quillsoft Ltd.
Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust
Rotary Club of Willowdale
Cookie & Stephen Sandler
Shoppers Drug Mart
Robert & Mary Susanne Singer
Thomas & Joanne Singer
Heather & Jason Smith
Splendido Charity Dinner
Stupp/Cohen Families Foundation
Mats Sundin
Toronto Parking Authority Golf Tournament
Unilever Canada
John & Josie Watson
W. Garfield Weston Foundation, George Weston
Limited, Loblaw Companies Limited
Estate of Isa Willett
Estate of Erich Wood
$50,000 - $99,999
AGF Management Limited
Esther Alexander
David Allgood
Estate of Beverley A. Banting
Barney Home Video Canada
Geoffrey & Nancy Belsher
Secondo & Filomena Bigioni
In honour of Rita Bolthezar
Estate of Margaret Boyd
Estate of Albert Arnold Brooks
Estate of Katherine Elspeth Brouse
Estate of John Brunner
Frank C. Buckley
Donald & Edith Bumstead
Burman & Fellows Group Inc.
Canada’s Walk of Fame
Cisco Systems Canada Company
Citigroup Foundation
Estate of Freda Cole
Estate of Jean Connell
Estate of Alfred S. Creer
Crown & Bridge Study Club
Dagmar Construction Inc.
Dentistry Canada Fund
Estate of Peter Devine
Estate of Tekla Catherine Donat
The Dunin Foundation
Dynamic Fund Foundation
Estate of Margaret Louise Edwards
Estate of Leslie Ehrlick
Gay & John Evans
Carolyn Everson & Peter Irwin
Export Packers Company Limited & the
Rubenstein Family
Estate of Nellie L. Farthing
Fidelity Foundation
Ira Gluskin & Maxine Granovsky Gluskin
Charitable Foundation
Great Gulf Homes Charitable Foundation
Estate of Bernice Guziker
H.H. Angus & Associates Limited
Estate of Marion Hay
Hermes Canada Inc.
Estate of Nancy Hethrington
Home Again Inc.
The Hope Charitable Foundation
Nelson Arthur Hyland Foundation
Ronald & Pamela Jones
The Henry & Berenice Kaufmann Foundation
Estate of Muriel Kennedy
Knight, Bain, Seath & Holbrook Spirit Foundation
Sheila & Al Libfeld
William & Molly Anne Macdonald
Maple Leaf Foods Inc.
The Margaret and Wallace McCain Family
McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited
John & Aileen McGrath
John J. Meehan
Estate of David Meltzer
Merrill Lynch Canada Inc.
Mintz & Partners/Brettler Foundation
Estate of William K. Mounfield
Louis Nemes Golf Tournament
Estate of Rose Oliver
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Patterson Dental Canada Inc.
Petritz Enterprises Limited
The Printing House Limited
Dr. Christine Pun
Estate of Edward George Raymond
The REMAD Foundation
Royal Canadian Legion Ontario Provincial
Estate of John Sanders
Neil & Chrisula Selfe
Charlie & Laurie Sims
Howard Sokolowski & Linda Frum
Estate of Jessie Somerville
Estate of Sarah Olive Thompson
The Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund
Mrs. Norman A. Urquhart
Estate of Betty Verner
Estate of Avis Ruth Vickers
Estate of Peter Watt
John H. Wedge, O.C. & Patty Rigby
The Mike Weir Foundation
Estate of Jean Elizabeth Wells
The Wheeler Family
Estate of Geraldine Susan Widdifield
Estate of Florence Phoebe Wight
George & Janet Wilson
$25,000 - $49,999
The Barrack/Pilkington Family
Denis Bigioni & Trina Chiarelli
Geoffrey Bledin
Bloorview Nursery School - Play and Learn Site
Dr. Aldo & Peggy Boccia
Estate of Ethel M. Bowyer
Bramalea Limited
Estate of Carl A. Brand
Estate of Howard William Brown
Estate of Collamer Chipman Calvin
Dr. Trevor A. Carmichael, Q.C.
Vince Carter Embassy of Hope Foundation
The Castelane/Weinryb Family
Dr. Tom & Grace Chau
Estate of Athol L.B. Cherry
Chick ‘n’ Deli Golf
Peter & Catherine Clark
CNC Global
Estate of Wilhelmina Cooper
Estate of Helen W. Crawford
Dario Cucco
Dagmar Christmas Party
Thomas & Patty Davidson
Vera Dolly Denty Foundation
Estate of Alvin R. Dodds
Dome Stadium Hostessing
James & Anne Dunlop
David & Elizabeth Edmison
EllisDon Corporation
Equitable Trust
Foundation For Better Communities
Peter & Sharon Fullerton
Estate of Edith Gombas
Estate of Prudence Greey Gooderham
Anthony & Felicitas Goodliff
Goodyear Canada Inc.
Barry Gordon
Harry Gorman
Estate of Harriet Jean Gourley
Jennifer & Bill Graham
Estate of Kathleen M. Grosvenor
Edie & Robert Harlang
HB Group Insurance Staff Fund
HBC Foundation
Peter Heiler
Estate of Clayton A. Hern
hma systems, Division of Janwood Machinery
Estate of Frances Holden
Estate of Ruth Holtby
Estate of Florence Hunter
Elizabeth A. Hutcheson
Johnvince Foods Wine Tasting Event
Estate of George William Jose
Nitin Kawale
KidsAction Research
Tracy Kitch
Estate of Tekena Komisarczuk
Estate of Marguerite E. Lewis
Adrianna & Rocky Lofranco
Estate of Hester K. Long
Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation
Estate of Harold Watts MacMahon
Karen & Dave Maidment
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd.
Amanda Marascio Memorial Gala
Estate of Vera Maughan
Estate of Catherine Emma McInnes
Rosemary & John McIntosh
Estate of Jean McKenzie
George Cedric Metcalf Charitable Foundation
Golda Milo-Manson, David Manson & Family
Mitsubishi Canada Limited
Music for Possibility
Michael Mutcheson Memorial Trust
Estate of Charles Myland
Estate of Willem Natte
John & Nancy Neate
Norcar Investments
Nota Bene Charity Evening
Paloma Foundation
Estate of Richard K. Person
Pool People Limited
Christopher & Susan Portner
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Nancy Ralph & Associates
Estate of Barbara Reid
Estate of Pearl Reid
Rotary Club of Toronto Charitable Foundation
Janis Rotman
Royal Bank Financial Employees’ Charity Trust
Vinay Kumar Sarin
Carolyn Sifton Foundation Inc.
Estate of Evaline Sills
Nathan and Lily Silver Family Foundation
Estate of Mary Jean Small
Peter Soumalias & Giorgina Bigioni
Estate of Ethyle Stark
Estate of George H. Stedman
Suncor Inc.
Ben & Mary Sybring
Tony & Friends Golf Tournament
Toronto Community Foundation
Toronto Japanese Association of Commerce and
Estate of Gladys Elaine Tripp
Estate of Francis W. Watson
Estate of Edgar G. Winstanley
John Young
$10,000 - $24,999
A Night at the Capitol Theatre
Dr. Benjamin & Zena Alman
Alpha Omega Foundation of Canada
Alternative Computer Training
The Jennifer Ashleigh Foundation
Tracey Bailey
The Bajc Family
Lorne & Rosemary Barclay
Estate of Grace Victoria Becker
Estate of Irene Elizabeth Beill
Bell Canada’s Employee Giving Program
Benjamin Moore & Co. Limited
Donald Berman Foundation
The Late Linda Berman, Marsha & Jerry Berman
& Family
Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd.
Aldo & Marie Bigioni
Birks Family Foundation
Jean & Susan Bisaillon
Bloorview School Authority
BMO Capital Markets Social Night
Eugene & Alice Boccia
Estate of Marshall Bogart
The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company
of Canada
Estate of Harriet Jane Bolton
Dr. Burt Borthwick
The Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation
Brewers Retail Inc.
The Bridle Bash Foundation
Broadcasters Golf Tournament
Garth Brooks
David & Fran Brown
Estate of Vida May Burt
The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd.
The Canadian Toy Collectors Society
Canusa Products
Cardinal McGuigan Assembly 0865
Don, Janice & Robbie Carmichael
Mark & Sandra Carrington
Shelley Carroll Charity Golf Classic
Ian Cartwright Foundation
CBC’s Battle of the Blades
Albert Celotti
Central Ontario Building Trades
Century Concrete Products Limited
Estate of Elizabeth Kilpatrick Charlesworth
Douglas & Chloe Chau
Estate of Major Harry Cherry
Estate of James M. Chicules
Valerie & David Christie
CHUM Charitable Foundation
CIT Healthcare, Canada
Geof & Cynthia Clarkson
Corporate Assets Inc.
Estate of Nora I. Crane
Purdy & Beatrice Crawford
George & Ruth Crawford
Estate of William Caleb Douglas Crook
Cyrene Preceptory K.T. No. 29
Dino & Jane D’Alessandro
De Boer Foundation
Estate of Joseph Dennis
Danny Dichio & Toronto FC
Donner Canadian Foundation
Dow Chemical Canada Inc.
Ted & Sheila Duncan
The Duncan Family
Dundee Securities Corporation
Earlscourt Rotary Golf Tournament
Emily Grace El Raheb Memorial Fundraiser
Estate of Mabel M. Elliott
Christine A. Featherstone
Anthony S. Fell
Joan & Euan Ferguson
Freda & John Finley
David A. Fleck
Estate of Agnes M. Flynn
Forest Hill Hockey Association Foundation
Forest Hill Lions Club
Foresters, Trillium Branch
Freeburne Banting Foundation
Guy & Barbara French
Estate of Hazel Elizabeth Freshwater
Estate of Marjorie Alma Gibson
Giffels Associates Limited
Estate of Jack Gilbert
Estate of Diana Gillespie
Peter Gooderham
Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Ltd.
Estate of Ruth Graff
Estate of Katherine Graham
Randy & Patty Grimes
Denise Guerriere & Michael O’Rourke
Estate of William F. Hacker
Stella Mundy Hallett
Michel Hart
Estate of Gertrude L. Hayes
Estate of Mary Jane Hazelwood
Glynis A. Henry
Estate of Mary Margaret Hogan
Clay & Robin Horner
Mark Hundert and Lynda Beyea
Margaret Huycke
Estate of Kathleen Innes
Pamela, Stephen & Sam Jeffery
Estate of Joachim Jeschonek
Drs. Helen & Doug Johnston
George Jorisch
Maliha Kamal
Gary Kelly
Estate of C.H. J. Kiely
Stephen & Mercedes Koo in Memory of Kenneth
John Kustec
Pat & Colomba Lamanna
Lannick Group Inc.
Robert S. Leon
Marion Leslie-Bethune
Dayle A. Levine
Estate of Mary E. Libby
London Life Insurance Company
Sir John A. MacDonald, Student Council
Doug MacDonald
Dr. Robert L. & Eluned MacMillan
Stephen & Janet MacPhail
Macquarie Capital Markets Canada
The Maritime Life Assurance Company
Masonic Foundation of Ontario
McCarthy Tétrault LLP
Raymond & Carolyn McDougall
Walter N. McFarlen
Sean McIntyre
Estate of James McKee
Estate of George McKenzie
Valerie McMurtry
MFP Financial Services Ltd.
Midland Walwyn Inc.
Estate of John D. Miller
Dr. Morris (Mickey) & Maureen Milner
Molson Indy Festival Foundation
Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc.
Multimedia Trade Shows Inc.
Mulvey & Banani International Inc.
Nabisco Brands Ltd.
National Life Assurance Company of Canada
Navy League, North York Branch
Estate of Ann Neil
Stephen & Kathryn Nelson
Newmarket Hurricanes in honour of Josh Sedore
Gordon & Janet Nixon
North York Chamber of Commerce
North York Fire Fighters Association
North York Rangers Alumni
City of North York
Mary Florence O’Brien
Robert & Robin Ogilvie
Ontario Power Generation Employees Charity
Ontario Provincial Police Association
Irene & Frank Palmay
Louie Palu Photographer
Robert & Pina Parro
Parr’s Print & Litho Inc.
Partnership in Service - Rowan Jack Project
Dr. Tom Pashby Sports Safety Fund
David Pauli
Pescosolido Gala Dinner
Wilfred & Melba Pound
Lucie Presot
Estate of Marie Putre
Maureen Quigley & Patrick Reid
Bill & Cindy Quinn
Raptors Foundation
Rasch Foundation
Estate of John Leslie Redcliffe
Reprodux Digital Imaging & Copy Centres
Estate of Phyllis I. Ringer
Robert Lowrey’s Piano Experts
Estate of Verna Ilda Robinson
Rotary Club of Toronto - Forest Hill
Estate of Letitia Bertha Rumgay
Dr. Peter Rumney & Shelley Neal
Saddlebrook Management Consultants Inc.
David & Rosita Salomon
Sears Employees Charitable Fund
Joubin Selig Family Fund
Shell People in the Community
Shokokai Golf Tournament
Mark Shoom
Shorcan International Brokers Limited
Estate of Patricia Simpson
Catherine & Peter Singer
Sam, Christina & Priya Sivarajan
Howard Smuschkowitz
The Conn Smythe Foundation
St. Patrick’s Day Run
Stantec Architecture Ltd.
Yvonne & Dan Stefanin
Ramona Stevenson
Superior Propane Inc.
Therapeutic Clowns Canada Foundation
Thomas, Large & Singer Inc.
Alan Tinney
Estate of John Tomlinson
David & Heather Toswell
TSX Group
UBS Canada
Vaughan Rangers Hockey
Estate of Horace Wakefield
Estate of H. Graham Walker
Wallenstein Feed Charitable Foundation
Wally Clayson Classic Charity Golf Tournament
Estate of Frederick William Warren
Jane Weatherbie & Bob Lougheed
David & Ann White
The Whittaker Family
George & Letha Whyte
Estate of Arthur Morton Willis
Peter Wills
Barb & Geoff Wilson
Winberg Foundation
Winners Merchants International LP
Lillian and Don Wright Foundation
Xerox Canada Limited
We are eternally grateful to the families and friends
that have established Endowments of $100,000 and
higher to support the mission and vision of Holland
Bloorview in perpetuity.
Emily Bigioni Endowment Fund for Respite Care
Bloorview National Research Award in Childhood
Bloorview Research Institute Endowment Fund
Coriat Family Life Skills and Transition
Endowment Fund
Princess Diana Memorial Fund
Eaton Art and Music Endowment Fund
Holland Family Global Leadership in Childhood
Disability Care Recruitment Fund
Isaac Family Endowment Fund
Margaret A. Lambe Family Support Fund
Mickey Milner International Professorship
Endowment Fund
∞ Peter & Catherine Clark
Sheila Cowan
Dino & Jane D’Alessandro
Robert Donaldson, QC
DundeeWealth Inc.
Dynamic Tire Corporation
The Egan Family Foundation
Carolyn Everson & Peter Irwin
Gazzola Paving Limited
∞ Denise Guerriere & Michael O’Rourke
Clay & Robin Horner
Kingslea Developments
∞ Louis & Sophie Lau
$10,000 to $24,999
Drs. Colin & Alison Macarthur
A Night at the Capitol Theatre
Alexandra MacDonald’s Baby Shower
Geoffrey & Nancy Belsher
McCarthy Tetrault
Donald Berman Foundation
Jenifer Mulock
BFI Canada, Inc.
∞ Muzzo Family Charitable Foundation
Secondo & Filomena Bigioni
Northlea Corporation
Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP
∞ BMO Fountain of Hope, Employees’ Foundation Robert & Robin Ogilvie
The Sasha Bella Fund Walk and Fun Day Event
Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
Brice Scheschuk
William Silvera
CI Financial
Established with the University of Toronto, Holland
TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice
Dagmar Construction Inc.
Bloorview Foundation and its donors are proud to
Toronto Bead Society Calendar Sales
support talented and passionate leaders in the field of Deloitte & Touche Foundation Canada
∞ The Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund
∞ Toronto Dental Charity Golf Classic
childhood disability
Jane Weatherbie & Bob Lougheed
Tom English
∞ John H. Wedge, O.C. & Patty Rigby
Export Packers Company Limited & the
Bloorview Kids Foundation Chair in Childhood
∞ W. Garfield Weston Foundation, George
Rubenstein Family
Disability Studies
Weston Limited, Loblaw Companies Limited
Fairmont Raffles Hotels International
Chair in Developmental Paediatrics
Estate of Olga Margaret Wright
∞ Tom Flynn & Cathy Hampson
Chair in Paediatric Rehabilitation
Danila Zajc
Foyston, Gordon & Payne Inc.
Estate of Diana Christie Gillespie
Ira Gluskin & Maxine Granovsky Gluskin
$2,500 to $4,999
Charitable Foundation
We are so very grateful to those of you who made
208937 Ontario Inc.
Griffiths McBurney & Partners
∞ Tracey Bailey
a contribution between April 1, 2010 and March
Mitchell Goldhar
∞ The Bajc Family
31, 2011. Special thanks to our infinity “∞ “donors
Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Ltd.
Richard Balfour
who’ve donated more than $250 in each of the last
Barry Gordon
Ballantry Homes Inc.
five years.
∞ Herman Grad
∞ Jean & Susan Bisaillon
∞ IBM Canada and its Employees and Retirees’
Paul Bishop
George Jorisch
Linda Blair
∞ William & Susanne Holland
Gary Kelly
Boston Consulting Group
George W. Oughtred
George & Leanne Lewis
Esme Carroll
Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation
Centro Restaurant & Lounge
$250,000.00 to $499,999
Doug MacDonald
Estate of Athol L.B. Cherry
The Harold E. Ballard Foundation
∞ Barbara & Dougal Macdonald & Family
Estate of Major Harry Cherry
∞ CIBC Children’s Foundation
Stephen & Janet MacPhail
Valerie & David Christie
Macquarie Capital Markets Canada
J. Rob Collins
$100,000 to $249,999
Sean McIntyre
Davis Moldaver LLP
Peter & Brigitte Anderson
∞ Miller Thomson LLP
Envirosafe Inc.
Robert & Mary Pat Armstrong
Morgan Stanley Canada Limited
George Eydt
Bay Street Hoops
∞ Patricia & Tom Muir
George Friedmann
David & Lynn Coriat
Ogilvy Renault
Furfari Paving Co. Ltd.
The Giving Tree Foundation of Canada
∞ Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
Patricia Gill-Finnigan
Kasting 4 Kids Rehab
Paloma Foundation
Golder Associates Ltd.
Light up the Night
PC Children’s Charity
∞ Goodyear Canada Inc.
∞ RBC Foundation
∞ Dr. Christine Pun
Gorbern Mechanical
RSM Richter
Real Matters / Solidifi Charitable Foundation
Greenspan Humphrey Lavine
The Slaight Family Foundation
Alejandra Rendon
Paula Hegarty
The WB Family Foundation
∞ Riocan Real Estate Investment Trust
HSBC Capital (Canada) Inc.
Michael Wekerle
Robert Lowrey’s Piano Experts
∞ Sheila Jarvis
Cookie & Stephen Sandler
Mark Johnson & Susan Marshall
$50,000 to $99,999
∞ Vinay Kumar Sarin
Mary Kardos Burton
Yveline Audemars & Humberto Rivero
The Schneider Family Foundation
Tom Kehoe & Teresa Lee
∞ Bay Street Pro Celebrity Softball Challenge
Charlie & Laurie Sims
Len Keywood
∞ Vito & Sandra Bigioni
∞ Robert & Mary Susanne Singer
John Kustec and Beverly Grainger
∞ BMO Financial Group
∞ Thomas & Joanne Singer
Lionhart (Canada) Ltd.
Canada’s Walk Of Fame
Mariano Elia Foundation
∞ Capital One
Peter Soumalias & Giorgina Bigioni
John Marinucci
∞ Chillin’ for Kids
Stikeman Elliott LLP
Markham Handmade Craft Sale
Cisco Systems Canada Company
∞ TD Bank Financial Group
Peter & Jane Marrone
∞ Marilyn & Richard Coles
Thomson Reuters Markets Americas
Thomas McCarthy
Dentistry Canada Fund
Tony & Friends Golf Tournament
∞ Valerie McMurtry
Mackenzie Investments
Crown & Bridge Study Club
Scott & Kerry Lynne McRorie
∞ Scotiabank Group
∞ Golda Milo-Manson, David Manson & Family
The REMAD Foundation
∞ Anne & David G. Ward
$5,000 to $9,999
Erwyn Naidoo
The Mike Weir Foundation
Shaun Alie
∞ Newmarket Hurricanes in honour of Josh
William Aziz
Barberian’s Steak House
$25,000 to $49,999
OMERS Administration Corp.
Beutel, Goodman & Company Ltd.
∞ David Allgood
OMERS Private Equity
∞ Emily Grace El Raheb Memorial Fundraiser
BMO Capital Markets
∞ David Pauli
Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP
Burman & Fellows Group Inc.
The Polar Foundation
∞ Douglas & Chloe Chau
∞ The Chau Family
Ronald McDonald House Charities Play Program
Endowment Fund
Patsy & Michael Roszel Endowment for
Excellence in Developmental Paediatrics Fund
Ward Summer Student Endowment Fund
Max & Ida Weisfield Endowment Fund
Whipper Watson Scholarship Fund
Dr. John Whittaker Memorial Fund
Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion 2009
Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion 2010
Estate of Hester Kerr Long
Music for Possibility
Norcar Investments
Nota Bene Charity Evening
∞ Power Corporation of Canada
Neil & Chrisula Selfe
∞ Toronto Parking Authority Golf Tournament
The Woodbridge Company Ltd.
Brian Porter
Gary & Joanne Reamey
Shokokai Golf Tournament
Mark Shoom
Estate of Mary Jean Small
Superior Events Group Inc.
Toronto Users Group for iSeries
∞ David & Heather Toswell
University of Toronto Faculty of Law
∞ Ronald, Warren, & Debbie Kimel
∞ Barb & Geoff Wilson
$1,000 to $2,499
468436 Ontario Limited
Paul Atkinson
Atlantis Restoration
Baker & McKenzie LLP
Garnet Banks
∞ Lorne & Rosemary Barclay
K. J. Beamish Construction Co. Ltd.
Douglas Beaudoin
Charlotte Bell & Glenn Miller
Benchmark Building Services Inc
Benjamin Walker Foundation
∞ Dr. Douglas Biggar
∞ William J. Biggar
Aldo & Marie Bigioni
Denis Bigioni & Trina Chiarelli
The BLG Foundation
Robert & Joan Brakel
Matthew & Sandra Bratty
Don and Edith Bumstead Charitable Fund
Canaccord Genuity
Patrizio Cardarelli
Dr. Trevor A. Carmichael, Q.C.
Mark & Sandra Carrington
∞ Century Concrete Products Limited
∞ J.S. Cheng & Partners Inc.
Chisholm International Food Merchants
∞ Ken Christie
CIBC Community Investment
CMT Group of Companies
Chris & Laura Coates
Jenny Coco
Joel & Lainie Cohen
Concert for Holland Bloorview
Corix Water Products (East) Inc.
Mark L. Cucco
David Daniels
David’s Harp Scholarship Fund
Deloitte & Touche
Delta Chelsea Hotel
∞ The Dickens Fellowship of Toronto
Michael & Patti Dilworth
The Dinec Store
Dr. Speros Dorovenis
Mark & Joanne Downing
Scott & Nancy Dudgeon
The Everson Company
Mark Faircloth
Fairweather Ltd.
Family Snow Day
Fasken Martineau & DuMoulin LLP
∞ Joan & Euan Ferguson
Jon Finkelstein
Luigi Franciosa
Harvey and Annice Frisch Family Foundation
∞ Peter & Sharon Fullerton
George E. McFarlane Insurance
Bryan Graham
Health Impact Inc.
Philip & Kim Henderson
∞ Glynis A. Henry
Dr. Robert Hirst
Randy Hoffman
∞ J. Bradley Holland & Jean Wong
∞ Home Again Inc.
Howard Holdings Corporation
Hull & Hull LLP
∞ Mark Hundert and Lynda Beyea
Hunter Richard Little Champs Invitational
Icon Insulation Inc.
Intercontinental Toronto
Invesco Trimark
Kapp Contracting Inc.
∞ The Henry & Berenice Kaufmann Foundation
Stuart Kedwell
Kingsway Electric Company Limited
Tracy Kitch
Craig Lahmer
Pat & Colomba Lamanna
Anita Lapidus
Edda and Ron Laxer and Family
Mary S. Lorriman
∞ MacKinnon & Bowes Limited
Lidio & Anna Mancuso
Kim Maron
Heather McCormack
Rick McCreary
∞ Raymond & Carolyn McDougall
George & Katie McFarlane
McMaster Medical Student Council Memorial
∞ Frank C. Buckley
Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.
Ingrid Mida
Glenn Miller & Charlotte Bell
Don Milne
Shane Miyama
Motion Specialties Incorporated
David Murray & Wendy Adams
David Naiman
Stephen & Kathryn Nelson
∞ Wing & Winnie Ng
Oakville Rangers Minor Peewee A
Earle & Janice O’Born
∞ Ontario Power Generation Employees Charity
Lillian and Leroy Page Foundation
Paradise Homes
The Pathfinder Foundation
Alex Patinios
∞ Patty King International
Pop-up Shop
Adrian Presot
Lucie Presot
Proximagen Neuroscience PLC
PS We Love You Foundation
∞ Bill & Cindy Quinn
R & C Engineering Inc.
John Rays
RBC Financial Group
Ted & Kathy Rechtshaffen
∞ Reprodux Digital Imaging & Copy Centres
Phil Richmond & Hayley Avruskin
Sean Riley
The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
Rogers Communications
Brian Rose
Jennifer Rotstein
Maria Roussel
Royal Bank Financial Employees’ Charity Trust
∞ Dr. Peter Rumney & Shelley Neal
Senzel Limousine Service Inc.
Carol Shaw
Patrick Shaw
∞ Nathan and Lily Silver Family Foundation
Catherine & Peter Singer
Gerry and Anita Smith Family Foundation
The Conn Smythe Foundation
Howard Sokolowski & Linda Frum
Spin Master Holiday Party
Sporting Life Inc.
∞ St. Patrick’s Day Run
∞ Yvonne & Dan Stefanin
Wayne A. Summerville
∞ Ben & Mary Sybring
Michael Taylor
TD Waterhouse Institutional Services
Tesari Charitable Foundation
∞ Thomas, Large & Singer Inc.
∞ Alan Tinney
Torgan Group
Toronto Community Foundation
Trace Electric
Trace Fire Protection Inc.
Sharon Trumbley
Vicdom Sand And Gravel
Qinghe-Xiang Charity Foundation
Jennifer Watson
∞ John & Josie Watson
∞ Kim White
∞ Priscilla Wright
Stefania Yarhi
$500 to $999
Sandra Adams
Advance Optical
Corinne Ah-Nim
Deborah M. Alexander
Michael & Kelly Alkier
Rigo Andres
Annuity Accords Insurance Agency Inc.
Glenda Avayianos
∞ The Baker’s Dozen Group of Hoteliers
Bell Canada’s Employee Giving Program
∞ Elaine Berry
Best Limo
Beth Tikvah Sisterhood
Fred Bigioni
Bigourdan Enterprises Inc.
Tom Bogart
∞ The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company
of Canada
Peter & Alison Bowen
Ivanka Brijeski
∞ Ron G. Bull
The Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd.
Martin Cairns
Andy Canham
∞ Gerardo & Donna Cappelli
Caralectric Contracting Ltd.
Max Carlini
Ben Cascioli
Fred & Christina Char
∞ Ron & Marjorie Charette
Frank & Vjera Cifelli
Ken Collins
Ted & Sally Conrod
Timothy Costigan
William & Jane Crampton
Marcia Cushing
Roger & Mariola Daher
Jack Darville & Pamela Bryant
Davis LLP
Tony & Daneen Di Tosto
Leo J. Dillon
Paul Dilworth
John E. Donald
Sam Duboc
Margaret Elizabeth Duncan
∞ Ross & Marilyn Durant
David & Shelagh Durno
Earth Boring Co. Ltd.
∞ David & Elizabeth Edmison
John & Tina Edwards
Emerald Foundation
Fallbrook Technologies Inc.
Anthony Fazio
Christine A. Featherstone
Andrew Fleming
Patricia Fleming
Peter & Gaye Fletcher
Focus Asset Management
Forest Hill Real Estate
Drew Foss
The Franklin Club
Luigi Frigerio
Marilena Fuda
Gamma-Dynacare Medical Labs
Jaqueline Helen Gooderham
Goodwood Inc
∞ Janet R. Gouinlock
Michael Guerriere
Dr. Neera Gulati
∞ Christa Haanstra
James Haggarty & Lora Valoppi
Hanson Heidelberg Cement Group
Hanson Pipe & Precast Inc.
Ken & Linda Hartwick
Pruyn Haskins
Alan Heron
Highland Junior High School
W. Alan Hill
Margaret Hudson
Hunter Engineering Company
Judy Hunter
∞ Hydro One Employees’ and Pensioners’ Charity
Trust Fund
∞ International Brotherhood of Electrical
Workers, LU 353
J.T.F. Homes Ltd.
Moe & Andrea Jabouri
Kilgour Estates Events
James Kofman
∞ Dr. Stephen P. Kraft
Janice Lawrence
Connie Leis
Gail Lewis
Dawn Lunan
Max MacIntyre
John & Gail MacNaughton
Jane MacNaughton
James Malliaros
Manulife Financial
∞ Richard Marcovitz & Dr. Sheila Laredo
Marriott Toronto Downtown Eaton Centre
Chetan & Clara Mathur
Ted & Donna Mayers
Carrie McClean
Douglas McKenzie
∞ Ian Van C. McLachlin
Virginia McLaughlin
Eric Meerkamper
∞ Estate of David Meltzer
Gina Memme
David Mensour
Lloyd & Nadia Milani
Gary & Nora Montgomery
Stephen Moore
Muin Management Inc.
Doug Munro
Sam & Rozlyn Nella
Neuro-Rehab Services Inc.
Order of the Eastern Star- Birch Cliff Chapter
PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
Pencon Construction of Canada Corporation
Wayne & Carol Perry
∞ Mihai Pintilie
Wilfred & Melba Pound
Ron & Katherine Prosserman
Peter Puccetti
Reinhart Foods
Retz and Associates Inc.
Peter Ribeiro & Daphne Dias
RoadPost Inc.
Martin Rochon
David Rogan & Margaret Hudson
Dr. Janet Rossant
The Rosseau Resort & Spa
Dr. James Rutka
∞ Scott M. Sandler
Sanick Haulage Limited
Brian Smyth
Ron Soluri
Spin Master Ltd.
Warren & Maureen Spitz
St. Marys Cement Inc. (Canada)
Elizabeth Stone
Richard Suggit & Sarah Nixon-Suggit
THE Incorporated
Mark Thompson
Toronto North Dental Hygienists Society
Toronto Symphony Orchestra
∞ Estate of Lillian Massey Treble
Tri City Equipment Rental & Leasing
University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine
URS Canada Inc.
Eric Versteeg
Bill Vlaad
David Wakayama
Linda Warth
Randolph & Anne Weisz
The Wheeler Family
∞ David & Ann White
Michael & Lisa Winer
Mark Woolgar & Jennifer Warren
Katherine Wotherspoon
$250 to $499
1000060 Ontario Ltd. O/A Cobi Concrete Sawing
Nick Adamson
Sameer Ahmed
Heather Anderson
Nick Angellotti
Arbonne International
Ian Arellano
Jaime & Claudia Aronowitz
Astley Gilbert Intelligent Imaging
Franco M. Bachetti
Jorge Backal
∞ Jean A. Ballinger
Lyndon Barnes & Lisa Hagglund
∞ Don & Joan Barton
Sandra Battarino
The Bayview Cup Annual Golf Tournament
∞ Paul & Kaye Beeston
Bell Canada
Linda Bell
David Bentley-Taylor
Kilian Berz
Michael Bigioni
Chris Bingham
Fiona Birkness
Yousry Bissada
Marc-André Blanchard
∞ Dr. Aldo & Peggy Boccia
Mario & Cathy Bottero
∞ David & Fran Brown
Karen Brown
Ted & Carmen Bunker
Bill Butt & Susan Quigley
Buttonville Childcare
Frank Campo
Canterbury Coffee
Ian Charlton
Lorry Chen
ShiLiu Chen
∞ J. M. Clancy
Marilyn Clark
∞ Stephen Cohen
Theresa Cook
Bill Cooper
Dr. Matthew Cooper & Ursula Devine
Dr. Peter Copp
Chris Corkill
Charles & Barbara Coupal
Courtyard By Marriott Downtown
Courtyard By Marriott Ottawa Downtown
Judi Craig
Robert R. Cranston
Jeremy Creed
Jason & Kathleen Crowley
Curbside Construction
Robert Cuthbert
Dabba Developments Ltd.
Sera D’Amario
Dancap Productions Inc.
Mark & Jennifer Davidson
Mark & Cathy Davies
Shan Dhamija
Sacha Diab
Paola DiCarlo
∞ David & Margriet Dunlap
Christopher Dussett
James & Jennifer Dustan
Jean Dustan
Susan Edmiston
Enbridge Gas Distribution
Andres & Katherine Escobar
Jose Estevez
∞ Mark & Heather Evans
Mark Fan
Richard Fernandes
Marco Ferrara
Liesbeth Ferriman
Russell C. Finch
Dan Fitzgerald
∞ Michael Ford
John Forsyth
Harold Fortis & Stacey Ryan
Sonia Fracassi
Fradel Garden Care and Design
William Fraser
Alex Fung
Elissa Gamus
Oliver Gayagoy
Alison Gittins
Kenneth & Maria Gittins
Gladys Speers Public School
John Glover
Chitra Gnanasabesan Aloysius
Jamie & Tal Golombek
Paul Gordon
Jason Gould
Arun & Michele Gowda
Grangeways Trailer Park Inc.
Rosalee Guerriere
Lisa Hagglund & Lyndon Barnes
Kareen Hague
Frederick G. Hamilton, QC
George Hampson
Julia E. Hanigsberg
Brad Hardie
Lisa Harley
Robert Harris & Debbie Nelson
Hatley Boutique
Estate of Clayton A. Hern
Alicia Hernandez
Herrold & Vernon Disability Management Inc.
Sandy Higgins
Scott & Sandy Higgins
Jennifer Hines
∞ Allan Hinman
∞ Garson Hoffman
David & Jule Hoffman
Christopher & Michele Hopper
Victoria Hubbell
Frank & Fariba Hubbert
Candace Hummel-Kusins
IGC Tools
James Irwin
Audrey Jamieson
Marco & Carmen Jaramillo
Janice Jickling
Michael Kalles
Nitin S. Kawale
Marina Kelly
Peter Kinkartz & Janice Jickling
Ed Kusins & Candace Hummel-Kusins
Jody Lalande
Jamie Lamont
Norm Lang
Shannon Langton
Phillip Lanning & Patricia Shephard
Larkin Homes
Martha Lawrence
Lisa Leaman
Esther Lever
Lila Lupo
Cheryl Liuzza
V. Joyce Lock
∞ Arnold Lopez
Arvils & Cecilia Lukss
Tom & Dawn Lunan
Ted Maduri
∞ Steve Manno
Manusonic Inc.
∞ Bernie Marcotte & Wendy Kennish
Sam Marino
Michael & Sara Markovic
Paul Marsh
James Martin
David Massey
Nickolay Matatiyahu
Michael McCrone
Caroline McGrath
Brett McIntosh
∞ Rosemary & John McIntosh
∞ Erin McIntyre
Amanda McPherson
Michael Mercer & Signe Silver
Daniel & Ingrid Mida
Jack & Gloria Mighton
Ron Miller
Dr. Morris (Mickey) & Maureen Milner
Doug Miron
Brett Moldaver
James Moore
Enzo Morini
Bart Munn
Brady Murphy
Patricia Murumets
Unni Narayanan & Anita Narayanan-Morris
Peter Neal
Neil G. McDonald Ltd.
Robert Neish
Debbie Nelson
∞ Murray E. Newbigging Funeral Home
Charles & Tanya Newman
No One Should Miss a Beat!
The Novotel Toronto Centre
Ontario Liberal Fund
Mihail Onu
Shaun Osborne & Lorie Scarfarotti
Steve & Lee-Ann Ottaway
George Payne
Mel Pearl
Dr. Calvin Pike
Daryl Poechman
Lou Pompili
Mary Pompili
∞ Christopher & Susan Portner
Richard Potts
Nadine Powell
Emmanuel & Daphne Pressman
∞ PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Clelia Proia
The Quilter’s Palette
France Rays
Wayne & Lauralee Rays
RBC Wealth Management
Residence Inn by Marriott Halifax
Residence Inn by Marriott Toronto
Chris Reynolds
S&y & Helene Rhind
Alex Ribeiro
Dianne A. Richards
The Barker Family
Rosenberg, Edwin M.
Sarah Rosenberg
Sherry Ryan
Stacey Ryan & Harold Fortis
Jasvinder Sandal
Lorie Scarfarotti
John Schiebel
Karl & Debbie Schlicht
George Schnarr
Ian Schnoor
Scotia McLeod Mutual Funds
Steve Sedore
Michael Segal
Sonia Sharma
Peter Sinclair
Mauro Sisti
Michael Skehill
∞ Fred & Mina Smart
Thomas A. Smee
Craig & Bridget Sokoluk
Frank & Nancy Spaziani
Spectrum Health Care Inc.
Stark Iron & Metal Company
Mira Stefanovic
Wil Steller
Leigh Stewart
Richard Talbot
TD Waterhouse
Theresa Tedesco
Klaus Tenter
Tomar Construction Ltd.
Toronto Hydro Employees’ Charity Trust
Joe Triolo
TSI International Group Inc.
Tynan Studio
Upper Canada College
R.J. Valela
Rola Vander Zee
Wakefield Canada Inc.
Warner Bros. Entertainment Canada Inc.
David Watson
Suzanne Waybrant
Sheila & Michael Weinberg
Michelle Weir
∞ George & Janet Wilson
Glen Wilson
Winners Merchants International LP
Susan Witteveen
Joan Woolever
Estate of Alice Beatrice Yates
Jessica Ying
Lisa Young
Dr. Emma Yu
Teresa Zigrossi
Jan Ziminski
Spin Master Holiday Party
St. Patrick’s Day Run
The Baker’s Dozen Group of Hoteliers
The Bayview Cup Annual Golf Tournament
The Sasha Bella Fund Walk and Fun Day
Tony & Friends Golf Tournament
Toronto Bead Society Calendar Sales
Toronto Dental Charity Golf Classic
Toronto Parking Authority Golf Tournament
Toronto User Group
It is an honour for Holland Bloorview Foundation
to join with you in celebrating achievement and in
remembering those you love.
In Honour
Pui-Ying Chu
Gary Clement
William Cowan
Cristina I. Estevez
Ken Field
Lewis & Sue Field
Ian Greenspon
Ella Hoffman
Susanne Holland
S. Horton
George & Leanne Lewis
Jayden Liuzza
Jack Long
Mary S. Lorriman
Robert MacKenzie Ede
Jane McKinnon
Andrew Moore Ede
W.J. Moore Ede
Michael O’Regan
Adrian Presot
Charles R. Sims
Sam Sivarajan
Bob Smart
Jason Smith
Crosby Wilmott
In Memory
We salute our community organizers and their
volunteers, corporate partners and participants for an
extraordinary year of extra-special events between
April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2011
A Night at the Capitol Theatre
Bay Street Hoops
Alexandra MacDonald’s Baby Shower
Bay Street Pro Celebrity Softball Challenge
Emily Grace El Raheb Memorial Fundraiser
Canada’s Walk of Fame
Chillin’ for Kids
Concert for Holland Bloorview
The Dickens Fellowship of Toronto
An Evening of Possibility
Family Snow Day
Francisco Iron Man Challange
Hunter Richard Little Champs Invitational
Kasting 4 Kids Rehab
Kilgour Estates
Light Up the Night
Markham Handmade Craft Sale
Music for Possibility
Newmarket Hurricanes
No One Should Miss a Beat!
Nota Bene Charity Evening
Pop-up Shop
RBC Canadian Open
Rick Hansen Wheels In Motion
Rocca’s No Frills
RSM Richter Charity Golf Classic
Shokokai Golf Tournament
Jennifer Bain
Zdravko Brijeski
Benjamin A. Cifelli
Iris Cooper
Shane Daniell
Freda Gorvy
Bernie Hotz
Ashley J. Lopes
Heather D. Luckman
David Merritt
Dalbender S. Sandal
Rohit Sharma
Helen M. Stewart
P. Dougal Macdonald, Chair
Robert Armstrong
Giorgina Bigioni
Esme Carroll
Ted Conrod
Tom Flynn
William T. Holland
Clay Horner
Nitin Kawale
Michael Kelly
George Lewis,
Campaign Chair and Vice Chair
Jane Macnaughton
Tom Muir
Charlie Sims
Jason Smith
Jane Weatherbie
John Wedge
Rob Wheeler, Vice Chair
Geoff Wilson
Valerie McMurtry,
Foundation President & CEO
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation, 150 Kilgour Road, Toronto, ON M4G 1R8
T: 416-424-3809
F: 416-425-4531
E: [email protected]­­
Charitable Business Number: 88932-6278-RR0001
Principal photography:
Board of Directors

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