RE/NOWNED for their excellent performance,
effectiveness and community involvement,
RE/MAX agents are also distinguished by
their extensive market knowledge and the
great number of tools and resources
at their disposal.
A real estate leader since 1982, RE/MAX brings together the highest
performing real estate agents who close more transactions than
other agents from any other real estate banner.
By entrusting the purchase or sale of your property to a RE/MAX
agent, you are sure to enjoy the benefits of the best tools and
get the best RE/SULTS.
RE/MAX is :
• The largest real estate network in Quebec and in the world
• Providing total support for the sale or purchase of your
property — your RE/MAX agent frees you from the
complexities of your real estate transaction
• Offering its agents continuous training at the
Collège d’enseignement en immobilier (the real estate
college founded by RE/MAX) and the RE/MAX University
accessible via the Web
• Supporting your agent throughout your transaction with
expertise from legal advisors
RE/ALIZE all your goals with the highest performing agents in the industry!
Pierre Titley
F o u n d e r a n d P r e s i d e n t , RE / M A X Q u e b e c
RE/COGNIZED for its expertise and high performance, RE/MAX attracts
the industry’s best talent and public confidence throughout the world.
With RE/MAX, RE/SULTS will always meet your expectations!
Looking to buy or sell a property? Why not put every
chance for a successful transaction on your side?
With some 3,500 agents in 134 offices, RE/MAX puts
the largest sales force in Quebec to work for you.
A team of nearly 100,000 professionals in 6,796 offices
across 6 continents combine their efforts to better
serve your needs. Our global network assures that
we use the best strategies to achieve your goals.
RE/MAX agents account for 19% of all real estate
agents in Quebec and hold close to half the market
share — even more in some regions. Choose the
number one network in Quebec and take advantage of
the expertise and tools only the best agents can offer.
Did you know that RE/MAX sells nearly
one out of two properties in Quebec?
RE/MAX is everywhere! Every year,
we spend more than 10 million dollars
on advertising in Quebec.
With the range of market tools we have developed and our network’s
purchasing power, your RE/MAX agent gets more visibility for you.
RE/MAX invests in advertising and sponsors in prime time on the
largest television and radio networks. We also maintain a constant
presence in newspapers, real estate guides, billboards
and the Web.
In addition, our marketing tools are available to buyers and sellers,
as is our user friendly and ultra-efficient real estate Web site,
Our advertising activities also promote your
property worldwide, giving you visibility far
beyond our borders. Every year, RE/MAX agents
facilitate many transactions with customers
RE/cogniZed at first glance, our 20,000 signs
in front of properties throughout Quebec are
all opportunities to bring together the right
buyers and the right sellers.
Television, radio, newspapers, real estate guides, Web
RE/MAX is the most RE/COGNIZED
real estate name in the world!
RE/FER to the most visited
real estate Web site in Quebec!
Every day, the majority of Quebecers looking for properties
on the Internet visit
RE/ACHING the largest number of visitors
every month, is the site
for buying and selling properties in Quebec.
With an established reputation and the highest number of
visitors per month, the RE/MAX site is the busiest in the industry.
That’s why we give special attention to making this powerful
marketing tool work for you with a complete and easy to use
high performance RE/SEARCH engine that best serves
your needs.
Our site offers you:
• A powerful, accurate and fast search engine
• Complete, detailed listings of our 20,000 properties
• Virtual tours with digital, panoramic photos and videos
• RE/MAX Explorer, powered by Google Earth to locate
a property using satellite photos
• The possibility to obtain information about a RE/MAX property
listing directly on your mobile phone
RE/ALIZE your dreams in confidence with the Tranquilli-T* program.
This protection for the purchase or sale of your property is offered
exclusively by your participating RE/MAX agent.
Buying or selling a home is a big decision in anyone’s life.
Your RE/MAX agent is there to support you by acting in your
best interest and by providing maximum peace of mind.
Whether you’re buying or selling a property, the
Tranquilli-T program, exclusive to RE/MAX, helps
protect your transaction in specific situations.
When you sell your property, you are protected in case
of the death of the buyer or his/her spouse. You will receive
the purchase price as agreed in the promise to purchase
in the event that the estate no longer wishes to purchase
the property*.
Delay and withdrawal
Legal assistance
Unforeseen events can delay or even cancel the signing of
the deed of sale, but with the Tranquilli-T program, additional
costs of up to $25,000* would be reimbursed to you.
Upon acceptance of the promise to purchase, and for up
to 12 months after the signing of the deed of sale, you can
benefit from a helpline service offering legal assistance.
This also entitles you to a reimbursement of up to $10,000
in legal fees in the event of a dispute after the purchase*.
The Tranquilli-T program allows you to RE/LAX.
Enjoy RE/AL peace of mind.
Discover our Tranquilli-T* program!
* Certain conditions apply. For more details, visit
RE/ASSURING those who need it most!