WIT Club News - August/September 2013



WIT Club News - August/September 2013
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August / September 2013 Vol. 44 No. 5
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“When I needed help I called the Freightliner Custom Chassis
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instantly knew who I was and gave me the information
I needed in four seconds. I was very pleased with their
knowledge and personal service.”
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2013 Grand National Rally Recap 34-41
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WIT Club Tours 44-48
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State, Special Interest & Regional Rallies 50-55
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— Steve Foland
WIT Club Staff
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Denise Daniels, 641/585-6267
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Butch & Becky Moore
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Becky: 269/615-7050
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Inside WIT Club
Doug Formanek, General Manager
We also had a disappointment with a
Special Interest Group calling it “quits.”
They are our golfers, the WIT Duffers. No
president could be found for the group
so they will be turning in their charter.
We hate this type of thing to happen as
so many enjoy golfing at our fine course
and of course they all enjoy the prizes. If
you have been involved with the Duffers
and would like to see it continue, please
contact me. This year’s tournament was a
success and the Duffers did have a golfer
shoot a hole in one. Mike Case from Texas,
Plans underway for 2014!
Doug & Pat Formanek
The 2013 Grand National Rally is now
history, but boy did we have fun! All of
the work has paid off. The WIT Club staff
did a very good job again this year. There
are always things we can learn from and
we’ll work toward improving them next
The weather was much better than the
past two years. The temperature was
in the 80’s most of the time and at the
end of the week in the mid-60’s. If you
don’t like the Iowa weather just wait a
few minutes and it will change. Our only
weather issue was on Thursday night
for the main entertainment. We had a
storm blow through and it was enough to
stop our entertainment for the evening.
I hated for that to happen but we did
have some great entertainers on Monday
and Wednesday in the amphitheater.
Tuesday at the row parties was also very
entertaining with Malek’s Fisherman polka
band serenading everyone.
New changes welcomed!
Some of the improvements and changes
that we made this year worked out very
well. The Scoopy Doo’s convenience store
was always busy. They had a line of people
to get their ice cream cones and other
items. The Waldorf College Catering in the
main food hall was another hit. They had
a great variety of offerings for lunch and
Another change was the Wi-Fi update. We
did have issues as the rally first started
but it got worked out before the end of
the week. The Watering Hole in River Oaks
was a big hit. Being able to go inside an
air-conditioned building and have one of
your favorite refreshments was great. We
will try to get this to open longer hours
for 2014.
Our people movers were pulled with
pickups this year. What a great change!
The drivers loved them as well as the
riders since the pickups were very quiet
with no engine smell like tractors used in
the past. I think we will get them again
for future rallies.
The new games that were played this year
were very well attended. The Corn Hole
tournament and the Cow Chip toss were a
lot of fun for all.
Even though we didn’t have Section A
leveled and working this year, we did get
just over a thousand units on the grounds.
I do appreciate everyone working with
us this year. We did move some groups
around to utilize the grounds. I hope that
we will be back to normal for 2014.
Special Interest Clubs gather
GNR is often the only time most of our
Special Interest Clubs gather for the year.
I am very happy to tell you that there is a
new Special Interest Club that was formed
during GNR. The motorcycle enthusiasts
decided to form a group called the WIT
Riders. Bob Peterson from Wisconsin has
volunteered to head up the group so if
you own a motorcycle or big scooter that
can maintain highway speeds, please
contact me at the WIT Club office for more
details. I think they will have a great
time each year with organized rides when
they come to Forest City and the Grand
National Rally.
I do want to tell you that the theme for
the 2014 Grand National Rally has been
selected. This will be the 45th anniversary
of the WIT Club GNR and it is also the
45th anniversary of the first moon
landing so we decided to call the 2014
Grand National Rally “Out of This World.”
I think that should bring a lot of fun
with a few green people running around
and some pretty interesting head of row
We also are changing the opening of
GNR to Wednesday, July 16. We will have
opening ceremonies that day and the
closing ceremonies will be on Sunday
evening after the entertainment on July
20. We are going to build in time on
Saturday for the Forest City Puckerbrush
Days activities and parade so everyone can
attend if they wish. I think this will work
out well for those who own our products
in nearby states that are still employed so
they can attend the Grand National Rally.
Doug & Pat with
Jay & The Amer
We have had people in Forest City and on
the grounds since the end of June. These
folks are some of the people that help us
with the many activities and planning of
the rally. I again want to thank all of the
volunteers and other people that help us
during the rally. Some may only help us a
couple of hours and others tens of hours
but the fact is that we couldn’t have this
rally without every
single one of you. We
greatly appreciate
your help.
to think about:
Thank you to
everyone who
attended the Grand
National Rally this
year. We hope that
you will come and
visit us again next
2 01 4
WIT Club News
WIT Ride
“When some things go
wrong, take a moment
to be thankful for the
things still going right.”
From Our Western Area
Andy & Jeanie Bievenu, Western Area Reps
Before leaving Bend, we checked schedules
on the website and found that our friends
in the WIT Montana Wilderness chapter
were having an Open House in Great Falls.
We contacted them and were able to join
them for the weekend. They served free hot
dogs to customers during the weekend as
they represented the WIT Club. Our thanks
to the Montana Wilderness and the Pierce
dealership staff for a nice weekend.
We are now headed across Montana visiting
with some of our dealers on the way to
Gillette, WY for the FMCA rally there. We,
along with CW and Denise Harris from
Oklahoma and WIT Tours staff members,
will be manning a booth there to help
promote the WIT Club and WIT Tours.
We look forward to meeting Winnebago
product owners on site and providing them
with information to entice them to join
our ranks if they do not already belong and
take part in some of our WIT Tours.
Well, here it is the middle of June, in a
couple of weeks we will be in Forest City
preparing for your arrival for our WIT’s Wild
West celebration at GNR!! We’ve traveled
many miles since our last writing and have
seen many good friends and, as always,
made lots of new ones. After leaving the
Texas W club in south Texas we made dealer
visits on our way up to join the Prairie
Winnies in Hutchinson, Kansas for their
state rally. They had a great time planned
for us with lots of camaraderie, delicious
food and hilarious entertainment!! We
literally laughed till we cried!! Thanks
Prairie Winnies for a wonderful weekend.
We left Kansas headed out to the Okiebago’s
State Rally in Shawnee, OK. More fun times
and delicious food!! The Okiebagos always
have lots of great activities planned for all
those who attend. We always enjoy being
with our good friends from Oklahoma and
know that all those who attended had a
wonderful weekend as we did!!
From Shawnee we touched base with
dealers in Colorado and headed up through
Wyoming where we stopped for a short
visit with our daughter and her family
and were lucky enough to be there for
our youngest granddaughter’s first dance
review! Then we were back on the road
on our way up to Washington with dealer
visits in Spokane then on to Cashmere for
the Northwest Regional Rally sponsored by
the Wash-I-Bagos state club and the Frasier
Valley Explorers from British Columbia, who
celebrated their 20th birthday in WIT with
brats and beer for everybody!! Members
from Oregon also hosted a Magueritaville
social near the display coaches as a thank
you to the dealers for their support. We
had a super time there! The drive to
Cashmere is just beautiful and there are
lots of attractions in the area. We were all
kept busy and well fed and had a great
time together with lots of fun and varied
activities for everyone.
We then headed south to Bend, OR to help
reorganize the High Desert Road Runners
Chapter in that area. Last spring we met
with Loran Levings, longtime member of
the chapter, who was concerned that he
and his wife, Jo, were the last members
of the chapter. They did not want their
chapter to be dissolved so we worked with
them to contact new WIT members in
the area to find out if there was enough
interest to get the chapter up and going
again. We had a nice weekend with the
group, got officers elected and they have
scheduled their next outing in June. Sadly
Loran passed away in March and was not
able to see that we were indeed able to get
his chapter reorganized!!
A note about dealers - as we travel across
each state we meet with many who are
very supportive of WIT and we always
thank them for their support. We also
find some, especially those who are new
to Winnebago, or have general managers
who are not familiar with WIT, who express
an interest in working with clubs and
chapters. So be sure to be in touch with
dealers in your area on a regular basis.
Having a dealer sponsor is great for clubs/
chapters, but remember not to always go in
with your hand out for donations, ask also
if you can help them in any way, such as
having a Show and Tell/Open House, like
the Montana chapter did with their dealer
last weekend.
Well, I’d better stop now and get this
sent in for publication. We’ll be in touch
again later this year. Be sure to watch for
us down the road, as several of you have
learned ~ you never know where we might
turn up ~ So until we meet again ~ From
the Welcome Winnie ~ Happy Trails and
Safe Travels
Western Area Reps:
Andy & Jeanie Bienvenu
Andy: 337/983-7745
Jeanie: 337/983-7746
[email protected]
WIT Club News
From Our Eastern Area
I’m pretty sure that all of us, at some
point in time in our lives, have counted
time—47 days till Christmas—or 10 days
till your birthday—or maybe even 2 days
till we leave for GNR? Or we look at it in
the past—as in, I can’t believe it’s been
over two months already since our last
article (more like three by the time you
read this!).
We continued our rally season with the
North Carolina state rally at the Outer
Banks. Their theme this year was “Lights at
the Shore” with innovative wall silhouettes
cut from landscape cloth and tabletop
lighthouses crafted from styrofoam cups
and tealights. It was a blustery weekend
outside—but we had fun inside. Sometimes
the weather brings folks together and—and
that was the case this weekend. You can’t
stop us WIT Club folks from having fun,
and we had plenty of it this weekend!
Next we were able to spend time with a
couple chapters who happened to have
consecutive campouts in Kentucky. The
first campout was in Cadiz, KY with the
Indybagos and we enjoyed the pontoon
boat ride around the lake. It took two
pontoon boats to hold us all and the lake
was really high due to all the rain; it even
tried to sprinkle on us, but we threw out
the anchors at the halfway point and
enjoyed a lunch of sub sandwiches and
cookies! We then traveled a whole 54
miles to the next campout with the West
Tennessee Travelers in Grand Rivers, KY.
This area is known as the “Land between
the Lakes” and it was interesting to drive
down the peninsula to see the buffalo
and visit the planetarium. It is always a
pleasure to spend time with chapters and
get to know people.
Butch & Becky Moore, Eastern Area Reps
The second weekend of June we traveled
to Pennsylvania for their state rally in
Centre Hall. The theme this year was “All
About PA” and tied in with the “Made in
America” WIT Club Tours rally. Each table
was decorated differently with things from
around the state; the Pennsylvania baskets
were spectacular again and are always
favorite raffled items. The rain chased us
inside for the chapter potlucks and Casino
Night was enjoyed by many on Saturday
night. The beanbag baseball tournament is
a traditional event here—the winning team
this year included a recruit who played in
her bare feet—yours truly!
We headed next to Ohio and arrived ahead
of the rain (think deluge!) on Thursday
night. Their theme was “Tropical Fun”—
so maybe it was a monsoon and not a
deluge! Thankfully it dried out the rest of
the weekend, but several folks got stuck.
Happy Hour each day was divided into
table groups by signs—“sit here if you have
green eyes” or “sit here if your birthday is
between April and July”. There was also a
highly spirited game of box hockey—they
were serious and determined—and tired by
the end of the game! The Casino Night on
Friday night resulted in thousand-dollar
bids for the auction items. A highlight was
the steel drum ensemble on Saturday night
– the director teaches steel drums
to students with autism, AD/HD, and
related disorders and her stories were
inspiring to all.
Our last rally stop was home to Michigan
(where we’re from) for their rally, “Wild
Western Winnebagos”. I don’t know if it was
the full moon or what, but there were some
pretty rough looking cowboys there! There
was square dancing, horse roping, and
snake tossing; there were even “Wanted”
posters placed around the campground—
the culprit was caught and the reward was
paid for the capture. They had a roaring
campfire one night and many stories and
memories were recounted around it.
So—backtracking a little, this photo was
taken at Woods Hole, Massachusetts. We
didn’t intentionally place ourselves by this
particular boat, but we think its name
pretty well sums up our rally and campout
experiences. We hope we’ll have seen a lot
of you at GNR—don’t forget to wave if you
see us on the road!
Eastern Area Reps
Butch & Becky Moore
Butch: 269/615-7049
Becky: 269/615-7050
[email protected]
The last of May found us on our way to
an “Escape to the Cape” in Barnstable, MA
for the Southern New England Rally. Two
pre-rally tours, a bus tour around Martha’s
Vineyard and a whale-watching trip, were
rewarded with spectacular views. Besides
all the usual rally events, there was even
a wedding—of sorts! It was more like a
spoof of a shotgun wedding with all kinds
of pranks and fun—the bride even fainted
(really, she did!) and had to be rushed
off to the hospital; we’re happy to report
that she has recovered and is doing well.
The bride and groom, who are married
in real life, were celebrating their 58th
anniversary—we hope the next one is
uneventful. It was a wonderful rally and
the New Englanders outdid themselves.
August / September 2013
Club, Chapter &
Rally News
North Alabama Travelin’ Warrior
Local Chapter By Tom Mosteter
May: The North AL Travelin’ Warriors
held their May outing at Roaring Pines
Campground in Union Hill, AL. This
campground in May is a favorite for us.
Early arrivals attended a local school fundraiser catered by Swamp Johns. Located
close to Arab, AL where the annual Poke
Salat Festival is held. Y’all remember the
song Polk Salad Annie. Well, the dish is
made from the pokeweed. Members had
their yearly festival dish and visited the
shops and street venders. Bob Fricker kept
the campfire going for the chapter, though
mostly for atmosphere. The only thing
we were lacking was the company of the
members not able to attend the outing.
April: The North AL Travelin’ Warriors held
their April outing at Windemere RV Resort
in Langston, AL. This beautiful facility is
on Lake Guntersville. Listed as a Good Sams
Park, it is an ownership resort that has
super amenities and the weekend campers
are permitted to use them. Management
and site owners joined us at the evening
campfire by Bob Fricker, the fire keeper. If
you are ever in the area, give them a try.
Weather for the the outing was perfect and
the final tally was eight coaches. The Lake
Guntersville area is home to the bald eagle.
Some of the members were able to watch a
mother feeding her three little ones.
We have some geo-cachers in the group
that logged finds. The Unclaimed Baggage
Center in Scottsboro, AL was on my agenda.
Of course, there was a great potluck dinner
with a brief meeting following. With so
many leftovers, we had our lunch for
the next day. Breakfast was also at the
clubhouse. We went out to a buffet Saturday
Sunday morning we bid farewells and safe
travels to all until next month.
Exclusively for owners of Winnebago Industries RVs! Our purpose is to promote fellowship and fun; develop
recreational, social and travel opportunities as an RVer. WIT Club furnishes members with benefits specially designed
for owners of our Company products. PLUS…an opportunity to purchase additional benefits at reduced rates. Visit www.
witclub.com for more information.
Mail to WIT CLUB, PO Box 268, Forest City IA 50436
Ark A Bagos
State Club By Judy Brands
May: The May campout found the group
on the banks of the AR River at Maumelle
Park in the Little Rock area. Eight coaches
arrived, setup camp, and spent a leisurely
Sunday afternoon visiting and catching up
on activities. Those attending were Bolte,
Booth, Brandes, Ford, Grice, Kadrzynski,
Perrenoud, and Weaver.
The next morning a trip to cotton country
brought us to a restaurant sitting partially
on stilts, alongside a Cypress swamp.
Cotham’s Restaurant in Scott, AR was
formerly a cotton plantation mercantile
store and is now a must-see place for
political figures and dignitaries, as well
as the many locals. It’s reminiscent of a
slower time and lifestyle and of a time when
cotton was king in AR. A cotton museum
was adjacent to the area and included an
antique cotton gin and equipment used in
area farming. We all enjoyed our various
lunch offerings, but no one was brave
enough to tackle the famous hub-cap
hamburger. Maybe next time! After lunch
we traveled through pecan groves and rice
fields to Camping World of North Little Rock
for shopping and to see the newest gadgets
in their inventory. Later, back at camp, we
pulled our chairs out to sit along the banks
of the river and just watch the peaceful
water flow by. Just relaxing after a full day
and being entertained by baby geese was
wonderful. Outside games were also enjoyed.
Tuesday brought a trolley tour of North
Little Rock and the River Market Area of
Little Rock. We stopped downtown to check
out the opening of the farmer’s market and
found local strawberries and a few other
vegetables, as well as items from local
crafters. After lunch in the area, we again
boarded the trolley for our trip back to
camp. That evening, we brought our own
picnic supper and ate together along the
river bank.
The next day, Wednesday, we went out
to breakfast together and a strawberry
shortcake surprise for Pat, our birthday
girl, was enjoyed! Later in the day rain
set in, but we still got together under a
pavilion to have birthday cake and ice
cream. Afterward, an impromptu business
meeting was held as a preliminary to the
official June business meeting. Several
ladies spent the afternoon playing games
inside our coaches out of the rain and
chilly weather.
On Thursday we drove to Sherwood and
were entertained by River City Recreation
World, our new Itasca motorhome and
Winnebago towables dealer. They presented
a seminar and provided tours of their new
inventory. Afterward, we were treated to a
spread from Whole Hog Barbeque. We really
appreciated lunch and their hospitality.
Then we went shopping and played games
back at the park.
WIT Club News
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times per year. Non-WIT members pay a subscription fee of
$30/year. Each issue highlights club and chapter activities
and includes service tips from Winnebago Industries
technical staff, WIT Tour opportunities, event schedules
and many more too numerous to list!
More than 250 State Clubs and Local Chapters, located
both in the U.S. and Canada, welcome you to join them
and participate in their activities. Also, special interest
clubs, such as full-timers, golfers, ham radio, military, law
enforcement, red hats and singles, invite you to join them.
Each year, all WIT Club members are invited to attend
the GNR held in Forest City, Iowa. You will see and enjoy
top entertainment, seminars, vendors, craft sessions, fun
activities and a wide variety of programs.
New WIT Club members receive ID license plates.
Rallies and Caravans are researched and developed
exclusively for members. More than 20 events each year
are held in the contiguous U.S., Canada and Alaska.
A CD directory of WIT Club members is published annually
and sent out on request to members free of charge. It
contains a complete listing of all members listed by name
and by WIT Club number to help you identify each other
during your travels. A current listing of campgrounds
offering a discount is also included as well as the national
WIT Club bylaws.
This road service program provides no-limit towing,
emergency service assistance and more. 877-801-0333
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includes a complete replacement for newer coaches,
towing reimbursement and other features. 800-331-1520
Emergency medical air transportation service is available at
rates exclusive to WIT Club members. This 24-hour service
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transportation and more. 800-475-9633
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Club, Chapter & Rally News
On Friday morning we departed for home or
to continue on the RV road!
April: To celebrate our club’s 40-year WIT
birthday, we had twenty-five rigs climb
Petit Jean Mountain to reach the site of our
birthday rally—Arkansas’ very first state
park called Petit Jean. Club members gaining
the high ground were Bolte, Brandes,
Brewster, Ford, Grice, Harris, Kadrzynski,
Matthews, Peach, Perrenoud, Sims, Weaver,
and Wren. Driving in on Wednesday to
attend our birthday party dinner were the
Booths. We were blessed to have eight guest
coaches and the chapter presidents of the
WIT OK Green Country Winnies, Carver, and
the Sooner Schooners, Harris. Also from LA,
the chapter president of the WIT chapters,
Bago Cajuns and Bago Winnies, Wyble. From
Atlanta, GA came the Peach family and
Baskin. And last but certainly not least, our
WIT Western Area Representatives, Andy
and Jeanie Bienvenu, the sweet icing on
our 40-year birthday cake! All together
we had forty-seven WIT members enjoying
some birthday cake on top of Petit Jean
Sunday was devoted to setting up our
campsites as well as setting up the large
white tent for the outdoor central meeting
and game area. We finished just in time
to welcome the OK caravan as it pulled in.
Monday opened with coffee and sweets
available. Our opening camp meeting kicked
off with a review and the making of final
adjustments on our rally agenda. Andy and
Jeanie unpacked their coach and brought
out the traveling WIT store to display its
clothing, accessories and promotional
items, all with the latest WIT club logo.
Monday evening we had a picnic gathering
with our grills cooking the meats. As the
sun began to set, some of the guys started
thinking about the Final NCAA Basketball
Championship Game being played this
evening. Andy invited the gang to watch
the event inside his beautiful tag-axle 42E
Tuesday morning broke with coffee and
sweets. Petit Jean State Park was conducting
a ‘Wildflower Week’ inter-active event for the
week. This included class topics of finding
edible wildflowers, wildflower crafts, and
taking great pictures of wildflowers under
a tent! Then we all enjoyed a long round of
On Wednesday, some of the ladies attended
a wildflower craft project class at the Mather
Lodge while others played games in the
lodge. After lunch, some of us gathered to
make small, decorated tote bags. Meanwhile
the guys and a couple of the gals visited
The Museum of Automobiles located on Petit
Jean Mountain. This museum was founded
by Winthrop Rockefeller in 1964 and has a
private collection of automotive vehicles.
There were so many unique historical items
to see beyond the fifty vehicles on display.
The Bago ladies had been very busy setting
up the private dining room and everything
looked beautiful for our 40-year birthday
dinner! And now, ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls, the highlight of the evening!
The main reason for this gathering on top of
Petit Jean Mountain: To receive our WIT 40
years of support patch in recognition of our
Ark-A-Bago State Club’s 40-year birthday!
Thursday was basically a YOYO day for the
rally. A few of our OK guests were leaving
while many were staying until Friday. Sam
Lewis, WIT Sales Contact for NLR Camping
World, attended our dinner and had brought
up a coach to show off on his site for the
morning. Robert Minnick, Product Specialist
for the store, came up and presented a
seminar. Then some played indoor table
games at the Mather Lodge. Others visited
the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute on Petit
Jean Mountain, where he created a home
and farm complex upon moving from NY in
Most of the attendees gathered for a final
dinner at the Mather Lodge and goodbyes
were exchanged.
Chardonnay Travelers
Local Chapter By Susan Winn
May: Yee-haw! Sixteen Chardonnay RV
wagons gathered ‘round at Cal Expo RV Park
in Sacramento for a boot-stomping good
time at our May 16-19 outing. Sporting
some mighty fine looking cowboy wear, our
guys and gals enjoyed great grub, gabbin’,
and games; then we shook our booties in
western line-dancing lessons. Where else but
at a Chardonnay event would you have the
chance to participate in such unique games,
such as: clothespin boot drop, farm animal
toss, pony lasso, or rattlesnake pass? And
there was no cheatin’ during that game of
friendly poker—or was there?
Our wagonmasters, the Worleys and the
Matrangas, planned such a fun-filled
weekend exploring our state capitol,
including excursions to a private street rod
car collection, the CA State Railroad Museum
in old town Sacramento, and historic Sutter’s
Fort. Many folks also checked out the new
Winnebago/Itasca models on display at the
Cal Expo RV Show.
Our Chardonnay Singers introduced the
Chardonnay Travelers song. After a few runthroughs and some tweaking here and there,
it is sounding mighty fine.
Following the getaway breakfast, we saddled
up and headed out. Happy trails, until we
meet again!
June: Good times were enjoyed by seven
RVs during the June 20-23 outing at Porto
Bodega Marina and RV Park in Bodega Bay.
Many members were traveling so it was a
small group, but we sure had fun!
This RV park is located on the water’s
edge along the Marina in Bodega Bay and
provides level sites with full hookups, picnic
tables, and fire pits. There is also a nice rec
room with a kitchen, fireplace, and large
flat-screen TV for chapter gatherings. Our
hosts, the Rineharts and the Andersons,
prepared a wonderful full breakfast on
Friday morning, and a delicious lasagna
dinner on Saturday night, with side salads
and desserts provided by members. Other
weekend activities included a “Woody” Car
Show, a tour of the Coast Guard station,
Friday night dinner at The Tides restaurant,
and an excursion to the town of Bodega to
see the schoolhouse and setting for Alfred
Hitchcock’s movie, The Birds, which we
viewed later in the clubhouse.
As far as advanced adaptability goes,
we did have one worthy opponent.
With the incredible ability to adapt to its surroundings, the resourceful chameleon can change colors to camouflage itself from predators.
As impressive as the crafty chameleon is, ultimately it pales in comparison to the flexibility of the 2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cab
Chassis. With Best-In-Class* payload capacity, and the impressive torque of its BlueTEC engine, the Sprinter Cab Chassis is the ultimate
adaptable platform, providing you with an unmatched foundation for a world of RV possibilities.
We simply enjoyed spending time together,
starting with the hearty appetizer social
on Thursday evening until the getaway
breakfast on Sunday morning.
Read all club
and chapter
news online at
Learn more at mbsprinterusa.com
©2013 Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC *Based on a comparison of
the Automotive News classification of full-size commercial vans.
WIT Club News
Club, Chapter & Rally News
Delmarva Winnies
Local Chapter By Art Cathell
Aspen Leaf Winnies
Local Chapter
The Delmarva Winnies held their first
campout of the year at Trap Pond State Park
near Laurel, DE, Apr. 26-28. There were six
rigs present. Some of us rode the five-mile
bike trail that meanders through the woods.
It includes a couple small bridges which
are great places to stop, rest, and enjoy the
beauty of the natural surroundings. The
park has loaner bikes for those that did not
bring their own.
June: Wow! What a wonderful weekend
for the June Rally in beautiful Salida, CO.
Eleven coaches and twenty-two members
arrived on Friday to a mild mountain rain
which soon gave way to a sunny day. Most
of the campsites were right on the bank of
the AR River. What fun to watch the rafters
and kayaks float by.
Our resident brat expert, Wally Waligorski,
fired up the grill and barbecued for dinner,
assisted by Ron Byers. The main course was
provided by the hosts accompanied by a
great selection of dishes from other coaches.
A wonderful dinner enjoyed by all.
Winnies group and other campers. Tim and
Holly are now our newest members.
Sunday morning we gathered once again
for breakfast and chitchat. We bid adieu to
some of our group, but quite a few elected
to enjoy our lovely surroundings for an
extra day and left by Monday or Tuesday.
What a marvelous mountain getaway and
a thoroughly enjoyable rally. Thanks again
to hosts Ron and Jan Byers, Karen and
Wally Waligorski, and Jo and Al Ryden. Safe
travels to all.
Our regular chapter meeting followed dinner.
President Vern Clinton gave a report from
the state meeting and encouraged everyone
to attend the next meeting. Then some
played a game using quarters. Two winners
went away winners of big bucks amid
whooping, hollering, and laughter. Winnies
always have a great time whenever they are
May: The May rally of the Aspen Leaf
Winnies welcomed eleven coaches. The
weather was lovely and the river was
running high, so we were able to enjoy a
pleasant outing at Riverview RV Park in
Loveland, CO. Friday evening we enjoyed
heavy hors d’oeuvres—very delicious. After
much chatting among old and new friends,
it was time for our regular meeting which
included information from President Vern
about the upcoming state rally.
Saturday was breakfast and lunch on
our own. Some strolled along Salida’s
downtown, which has many interesting
shops. One member even did considerable
Christmas shopping. Amazingly, a large
group of Winnies all ended up at the local
ice cream parlor. Other Winnies could be
found enjoying the beautiful weather
while watching the river rolling past.
Saturday evening dinner was held at Grimo’s
Restaurant. Some amazing Italian specialties
were topped off by delicious dessert. After
dinner we were treated to a concert by
Tim Macomber on the mandolin and Holly
Williams on an unusual instrument, a large
dulcimer; magic music enjoyed by a large
Saturday was another beautiful day and
most members attended a tour through
Art Castings of CO, one of three foundries
located in Loveland. It was an educational
and amazing tour, including the casting
process from model to a finished bronze
sculpture. Many of the beautiful works
of art are located in Loveland parks and
businesses. Lunch at a local favorite
sandwich shop was followed by a relaxing
afternoon. In accordance with our threehour feeding schedule, we soon carpooled
up the hill to dinner at Wapiti Restaurant at
the Mariana Butte Golf Course. The dinner
was delicious and the view breathtaking.
We returned to the campground to try a
new game that our hosts, Rich and Sandy,
wanted to try out. The game turned out to
be a group project with players divided into
three groups each receiving the same jigsaw
puzzle. We found out that some of us are
good at puzzles and some not so much. The
500-piece puzzles conquered all.
Sunday morning we said adieu while
enjoying breakfast. Rich and Sandy were
applauded for planning a fun rally and for a
meaningful little poem.
Nutmeg Winnies
State Club By Marcia Sindland
Our first campout of the season was at
Travelers Wood in Bernardston, MA with
eighteen coaches in attendance from May
3-5, 2013. Nine coaches arrived a day early
on Thursday and seventeen people enjoyed
an impromptu dinner in town.
Friday evening everyone enjoyed hearty
appetizers and lots of fellowship. Our guests
this weekend included Linda and Brian
Martel from the MA club and Ginny and Nick
Sanborn from the Caloosa Winnies in FL.
Saturday morning we had a big breakfast.
For dinner we enjoyed a pizza party. We
enjoyed campfires both nights and during
the day Saturday. Saturday we had a brief
meeting regarding the upcoming Southern
New England Rally to assign duties and
Sunday we had a nice breakfast cooked
by Allan Dean. Thanks to all for a great
WIT Club News
Saturday afternoon six of us signed up for
the pontoon boat tour of the pond itself.
On this tour, you will see the most northern
stand of naturally grown Bald Cypress trees
in the United States. Our tour guide gave
us a detailed overview of the history and
evolution of the park. It began in 1941 as a
CCC project and became DE’s first state park
ten years later. We were able to see a bald
eagle and several turtles as we made our way
around the pond.
Of course, eating is a big part of any
campout and we handled this well. Friday
night we drove the short distance to
Millsboro where we ate at The Pizza Palace.
We had a table to ourselves in a room with
few others, which made conversation easy
and comfortable. The food and service were
outstanding. We switched gears a little
Saturday and had a potluck barbecue with
hotdogs and all the fixins’. Everyone enjoyed
the fellowship and there were no ants to
bother us.
We held our meeting Saturday morning and
the major focus was our upcoming joint rally
with the MD State Club.
Florida State Winnie Gators
State Club By Nancy Miller
May: “Pirates ‘n Treasures” was the theme
for the May meeting of FL State Winnie
May 10-12, 2013. With thirty-six coaches in
attendance and eight chapters represented.
Twenty-two members arrived for early days
to share in the fun! Thursday happy hour
kicked off the event in the rec hall with
tables decorated in red and black with all
kinds of pirate treasures on the tables. This
was a relaxing time to renew friendships
and also welcome some new members and
visitors! Joining in the weekend were David
August / September 2013
Rosenblatt and Merrily Miller, Dick and
Linda Balzer, and James and Carol Connolly.
Dinner plans were on your own and several
folks visited the local restaurants. After
dinner, back at the rec hall was the first
chapter challenge. The Buccaneer Winnies
won this first competition!
Dinner was served by Sonny’s BBQ. The
silent auction awards were presented and
winners collected and paid for their items.
The proceeds will go toward GNR FL Row
expenses and all participants were thanked
for their contributions. Many stayed around
to play games for the rest of the evening.
Friday morning everyone was on their own
for breakfast while the cooks were busy
getting food preparation completed in the
kitchen for dinner. A silent auction was set
up with members bringing items for bidding.
A wide variety of items were offered and
the bidding was underway. After breakfast,
we enjoyed another team challenge game.
Again, the Buccaneer Winnies won this
challenge! After lunch, the board of
directors had a meeting.
Sunday morning breakfast was our usual.
Soon it was time to bid farewell until the
next meeting in Oct.
Happy hour brought everyone together for
sharing food and drinks. A money raffle was
held and three lucky winners were happy.
The officers had dinner underway with
the guys wearing pirate hats and grilling
while the ladies prepared to serve the side
dishes. For dessert, the volunteers served
ice cream and everyone made their favorite
sundaes. After dinner cleanup, it was time
for another game! The Caloosa Winnies won
this competition!
Saturday morning the officers were busy
getting the pancake breakfast underway.
After breakfast, it was time for the team
treasure hunt. Each chapter was given a list
of things to look for out in the campground
where our coaches were parked. The
chapters all finished within the time frame
and late that evening, the Caloosa Winnies
claimed their prizes.
The general meeting was held with President
Ted Fumia presiding. Several topics were
discussed including the March Rally results
and the upcoming Grand National Rally. It
was time to pick a new charity for the next
two years and Shirley Halstead presented
Caring Voice Coalition, a group that provides
support for individuals diagnosed with lifethreatening diseases. A vote was taken and
they will be our charity. At the conclusion
of the meeting, it was free time for
everyone. Some went shopping, some visited
the pool, and others spent time chatting
outside. Happy hour brought out all the
pirates in costumes. There was a pirate
parade and judges were our new guests and
members. The winners were picked: Butch
and Pat Crosby, Pete and Gayle Putman,
Jerry Miller, and Ted and Janis Fumia. It
took brave souls to wear the costumes and it
turned out to be just great fun!
March: “Kartoon Karavan” was the theme
for the annual Winnie Gators State Rally
held Mar. 21-24, 2013 at Central FL
Fairgrounds in Orlando, FL. The event
kicked off under the leadership of President
Jerry Miller and his outstanding staff of
officers. We had 244 coaches greeted at the
gate by the Funtime Travelers and all their
“characters” dressed in costumes with all
kinds of decorations guiding the RVers to
the right place. The Caloosa Winnies led the
way for parking of each coach.
Wednesday was a special opportunity for our
dealers who had coaches on display. Dealer
Day was designated for all day Wednesday
and our early arrival folks had the chance to
check out all the latest coaches. You could
just see the smiles on everyone’s face as
they checked out all the great decorations.
The registration desk was open under the
supervision of the Mid-FL chapter. Their
many chapter volunteers did a great job
keeping things organized so the registration
went extremely smooth.
Thursday the opening ceremonies began
with many of the participants in costumes!
The FSWG officers dressed as the Wizard of
Oz characters to parade down the center
aisle when introduced. Jack Caffrey, Master
of Ceremonies (Dubol Winnies), handled the
duties on stage perfectly, along with his
wife, Gloria, who assembled the “characters”
for introductions. President Jerry welcomed
the chapter presidents as they walked the
aisle to much applause. The guests were
assembled on stage, including Chad Reece,
Director of Marketing, and Tom Pilgrim,
Senior Training Instructor, both from
Winnebago Industries. Butch and Becky
Moore, WIT Eastern Area Reps, our charity
representative, and the fairgrounds general
manager rounded out the guests. At the
conclusion of the ceremonies, lunch was
served to everyone.
Suncoast Winnies had the food serving duty
this year and with everyone pitching in,
all our meals were served in record time!
Seminars were scheduled for the afternoon
Club, Chapter & Rally News
and the dealers who brought coaches
for display were open for business. The
friendship walk, hosted by Seaside Winnies,
was the first event of the day which was a
fun time. Then the row party at the rally
began with all chapters participating and
bringing food to share with everyone. The
LUUZERS Club (a division of FSWG) tended
bar giving away free adult beverages and
soda to everyone to add to the enjoyment.
“Still Kickin Two,” Ken Perry and Cheryl
Conito, members of South FL Winnie Gators
chapter, entertained us with great music for
the evening, followed by bingo with over
100 people participating in the games.
Friday morning after breakfast, all the
seminars were in full swing. We also enjoyed
the pet parade lined up by the Caloosa
Winnies. Bob Coy led the parade of almost
fifty pets throughout the hall. Such great
costumes and imagination—with many of
their owners in matching costumes! Friday
afternoon the arts and crafts show was open
for viewing with many beautiful entries. The
members of FL Sunshine Winnies tended to
the show to make sure items were on view.
They judged and ribbons were awarded with
the Best of Show Ribbon going to David
Nobert for a beautiful, wooden-based trio of
bud vases.
The next popular event of the day was the
ice cream social with Spacecoast Winnies in
charge. All the Spacecoast members wore
special aprons and served the ice cream
sundae cups in record time! Before dinner,
our team of charity ticket sellers were on
hand to take donations for the four prizes
we offered to the winners. The Friday
evening dinner was prepared by Golden Coral
Catering and served by Suncoast Winnies
and several volunteers. Soon our entertainer
for the evening, Rob Vollmar, took over the
stage. Rob is a DJ and played music for us
through dinner and got a different version
of musical chairs started in the middle aisle.
It proved to be such a fun game—everyone
was laughing and enjoying the escapades of
our audience! The rest of the evening Rob
played a wide variety of music that had the
dance floor occupied for two more hours.
At the conclusion of the music, awards were
given out to winners of the pet parade, arts
and crafts, and about fifty door prizes to the
lucky winners.
Saturday morning breakfast was ready and
afterwards, it was off to another busy day
for everyone! Dubol Winnies had the games
all set up and ready to go. The book fair was
also set up in the main hall with Panhandle
Winnies in charge. Later in the afternoon,
it was time for the wine and cheese party!
Buccaneer Winnies had their special aprons
on and were ready to serve the wine and
cheese before the crowd arrived.
Dinner was prepared by Golden Corral
featuring a variety of food. Suncoast
Winnies and a host of volunteers helped
serve the meal. Before long, it was time for
our closing ceremonies and installation of
officers for the next year.
We welcomed to the stage the
“Entertainment Revue,” a group of young
ladies from ages 5 to 18 who sang, danced,
changed costumes, and just dazzled our
audience with their talents for two hours.
We closed out the evening by giving away
about fifty more door prizes to our lucky
We Go Where You Go!
Sunday morning breakfast we served Dunkin’
Donut, followed by board of directors and
general business meetings, conducted by our
new presidents, Ted and Janis.
Georgia Winnie Rebels
State Club By Theda Chambless
May: Our May 17-19, 2013 GA Winnie Rebel
State outing at Leisure Acres Campground
in Cleveland, GA was a good one. Though
we had only seven coaches present, we had
loads of fun visiting, eating together, and
playing games in the roomy clubhouse. The
Gone with the Winnies were hosts for the
outing, headed by Milton and Melva Dalton
and Wanda and Bobby Eubanks. What a
great job they did!
For the evening meal, the hosts introduced
us to a new delicacy—Chicken Mull! Never
heard of it? Well, neither had many of us,
including myself. But believe me, it was
delicious. I understand it is unique to a
particular area of GA and is often served at
church dinners. A Winnebago motor home
was parked near our group at Leisure Acres
Campground and we invited them to have
Chicken Mull with us. They accepted and
we enjoyed their company. This is the third
time in a row we have had unexpected
Winnebago guests. After dinner, we played
Saturday breakfast seemed as though the
hosts were cooking for an army—it was a
huge spread. After breakfast, GA Winnie
Rebels had their business meeting. Wayne
Thomas was sworn in as President and Sid
Sidlauskas as Vice President by outgoing
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We had the rest of the day to do whatever
we wanted. Most of us went out for lunch.
Some went sightseeing to Alpine Helen,
GA. Others went to the Babyland General
Hospital. For the Saturday evening meal, we
had a wonderful meal and dessert.
Sunday we had plenty of breakfast leftover
from Saturday and it was just as good the
second time around. Shortly after breakfast,
we had devotions led by Chaplain Jesse
Chambless. Even though there were only a
few of us, I rate it high on the fun scale.
April: Our Apr. 18-21, 2013 GA State
WIT Rally was held at the Bald Mountain
Camping Resort in Hiawassee, GA. The theme
was “A GA Mountain Cruise.”We had fiftyseven coaches spread all over the spacious
grounds of the mountain resort, with room
to spare.
Gate workers got there Monday to start
receiving and parking people. Those
checking in Tuesday either had a day of
relaxation or explored the surrounding area.
Some went to Helen, while others shopped
in local stores. Even though Wednesday was
still prerally, there was golf headed by Pat
Thomas and a hamburger welcome cookout
provided by John Byrnside.
The rally officially started with the opening
ceremony Thursday morning. John Byrnside
and Milton Dalton presented the colors.
We then said the Pledge of Allegiance to
the American Flag. After an invocation by
GWTW Chaplain Jesse Chambless, President
Fred Tomsett introduced the Eastern Area
Representatives, Butch and Becky Moore.
Butch and Becky brought us greetings
from the WIT home office. Shortly after
the opening ceremonies, Becky presented
a seminar on the upcoming Grand National
Rally and WIT Tours. We had lots of
questions and she had all the answers.
“Jamin’ with Dan” on the pavilion front
porch kept us entertained as the talented
guitarist did his stuff. Everyone seemed to
like the old favorites and western best. We
all enjoyed the offerings at our Thursday
afternoon get-together on the porch of the
pavilion. After dinner on our own, many of
us gathered in the pavilion to enjoy several
games of bingo, plus a lot of visiting and
kidding around.
Friday morning breakfast was superb with
all the usual mountain fixins’. Our breakfast
was sponsored by Camping World. After
breakfast, Butch Moore tended the WIT store
as members purchased articles boasting the
new WIT logo. Wayne and Pat Thomas did a
great job supervising the games. Thanks to
all the people who brought cakes or goodies
for our cakewalk. After a fine catered dinner
of barbecue with all the trimmins’, we
enjoyed the hula skirt and Hawaiian shirt
contest. Sta-Goner Linda Palmer won the
hula skirt contest and GWTW Tom Padgett
won the Hawaiian shirt contest.
After prizes were awarded, Jumpin’ Jim (Jim
Bell) emceed the “GA Home Grown Review,”
organized and overseen by Dan Rankin.
Jumpin’ Jim did a great job, as usual. The
Home Grown entertainment was great. All
the acts were very entertaining and laughs
were shared by all. Fred Tomsett, Butch
Moore, and Pat Lee drew names and gave
out door prizes. Fred also announced the
winners of the 50/50 contest, the Money
Umbrella, two chairs, and the GA basket.
Jim Bell, Bill Moye, Wayne Thomas, and
Sid Sidlauskas made sure we had plenty
of pancakes for Saturday breakfast. For
lunch we had hot dogs sponsored by the
Apalachee RV Center. After lunch Apalachee
owner, Dave Kobos, held an RV Seminar
session. Mary Ann Findeis taught a jewelrymaking class with the assistance of Theda
Chambless. Each lady left with a pair of
beautiful earrings they will wear many,
many times.
Because you never know what’s ahead...
President Fred Tomsett. Fred advised us that
our new president has chosen the theme for
the 2014 State Rally as “Hillbilly Hoedown”
with a Beverly Hillbilly look-alike contest.
We should have a lot of participation in that
one. Afterward, the Gone with the Winnies
had their business meeting.
WIT Club News
August / September 2013
Club, Chapter & Rally News
Peggy and Dean Woodruff of Integrity RV
had dinner with us and stayed to enjoy the
“Majic” band, which they had sponsored.
Chuck Cape, the “Majic” vocalist and band
leader, kept everyone clapping or swaying to
the beat of their lively music. Sarah Sowers
and Lyn Brown performed with Chuck and
did a superb job. I think he wanted to keep
them as part of his show.
After a Sunday continental breakfast, we
said our goodbyes, unhooked our coaches,
and were on our way to other rallies,
caravans, or summer vacations.
Illinois Indians
State Club By Christy Burke
Photo by Gail Barthel
The IL Indians Apr. 25-28, 2013 was a funfilled and memorable event. Though our
first activity, the golf outing, was cancelled
due to cold, rainy weather and high winds,
coaches continued to roll in and were parked
by the Winnie Poos. This time parking was
on the gravel roads as the grassy areas were
still damp and soft from the late and wet
spring. By evening, all but a few of the
thirty registered coaches had arrived and
attended opening ceremony and the state
club officers’ barbecue, followed by the
white elephant which was lead by Roxann
Prarise of Prairie Scooners.
Friday was much better weather and many
officers, club presidents, and members
headed to the Watseka Area Food Pantry
at the First United Methodist Church in
Watseka. For many years, the state club
has collected donations three times a year
for this charity, but this time we gave
our time as well. The ladies attending
the ladies outing arrived and joined us
for the luncheon served by the ladies of
the food pantry. We then walked or drove
the few blocks to the Iroquois County
Historical Society, where we had two
tour guides walk us through the large
collection of memorabilia. Several on the
tour remembered the last visit there ten
years earlier when it was the red hat ladies
outing. Those not attending hung around
the fairgrounds or town reviving memories
and friendships. Several members of Windy
City Winnies and other chapters worked on
a special project for the summer outing. It
required additional trips to the store for
more paint and it turned out to be amazing.
A happy hour was held which resembled
a potluck, thanks to the generous and
delicious food prepared by the members. The
level of laughter was high and happy. The
evening concluded with games played.
Saturday started with drinks set up by the
Little Egypt chapter and a cooked breakfast.
The craft session was to create keychains
from wine bottle corks and beads. These
floating keychains were popular with
adults and kids. Afterward, the solemn flag
burning ceremony was lead by Jack Slater.
Members showed respect for our nation
and remembered the many service people
and family as part of this ceremony. The
general meeting was held that afternoon
followed by the member’s forum where the
Fox Valley chapter presented information on
how they ran a recent outing to Goodfield,
the kinds of activities, location information,
photos, and commentary. The Windy City
Winnies presented an itinerary, GPS address
information, and photos of an eleven-day
trip they took to southeastern WI. That
evening a catered dinner was followed by
card bingo, lead by the Jones from Winnie
Sunday morning was the traditional
breakfast and everyone pitching in with the
Four Winds for cleanup with one new twist.
Members who wished to stay on the nicest
day of the rally had a soup and sandwich
lunch together in the kitchen.
Siouxland River Ramblers
Local Chapter By Bill Leshovsky
The Siouxland River Ramblers held our
first meeting of our very first full year as a
local chapter. There were fourteen members
present that met on Apr. 16 at JoDean’s
Restaurant in Yankton, SD. Our hosts for
this meeting were Don and Marcia Albers.
Discussion during lunch included catching
up on each of our winter activities, the fun
we expect to have at GNR this year, and
then a brief business meeting where we set
our monthly outing schedule for this year’s
six-month camping season.
We are a young club that welcomes new
members. After browsing around all of the
antiques that JoDean’s had on display, we
bid farewell and safe travels until next time.
Prairie Winnies
State Club By Rosetta Bartels
May: Windy as ever—that’s what it was
like on the hill east of Dodge City, KS when
the KS Prairie Winnies gathered for another
show and tell at Hawleywood RV Ranch. This
was the 32nd annual show and tell hosted
by Bill and Karen Hawley and their staff. As
always, a great time was had by all.
Winnebago and Itasca motorhomes started
arriving on Thursday, May 9, and by Friday,
nineteen Prairie Winnies rigs were present.
Also present were Prairie Winnies’ firsttimers, the Froestshners; guests, Alberta
Triyilla and the Marrs and visitors from NM,
the Tooleys. Tours included a visit to ForgetMe-Not Farms and Dairy and another one to
the Western State Bank Expo Center. To help
the gang get in the mood for GNR and the
Wild West theme, the members were treated
WIT Club News
to the 1939 movie, Dodge City, starring
Errol Flynn and Olivia de Haviland. Other
activities included an arts and crafts show
and tell and a presentation by J D Overstreet
who represents several RV products. Of
course, lots of good food and especially lots
of good cookies provided by Karen Hawley
were enjoyed by all. The show and tell ended
on Sunday with a worship service lead by
our own president, Randall Weller.
Pilgrim Winnies
State Club By Sandy Bates & Jerry Little
Sunday morning closing ceremonies were
held and twenty-three coaches stayed
another night to enjoy the last dwindling
hours of our Escape to the Cape.
April: They started arriving on Monday
and by Thursday, Apr. 25, almost all of the
Winnebagos and Itascas were at the KS State
Fairgrounds. The Prairie Winnies hosted
thirty-eight rigs at the second KS State
Rally in Hutchinson, KS.
RVP RV Products provided a tour of
their manufacturing facility in Wichita.
This company manufactures roof top
air conditioners for Coleman Industries.
Several vendors gave presentations and
demonstrated their products for the WIT
members. Hawleywood RV Ranch from Dodge
City brought a trailer and a motorhome for
Our WIT Area Representatives, Andy and
Jeanie Bienvenu, opened the WIT Store and
presented information about Winnebago
Industries as well as WIT Tours. As always,
their friendly faces added to the success of
the rally.
All attendees received swag bags to top all
swag bags. Thanks to Anna Hill and Mary
Schmidt plus others who contributed to the
bag full of “stuff.” Multiple door prizes were
given to many attendees. In other words, a
great time was had by all.
Pelican Winnies
State Club By Veronica Guidry
LA Pelican Winnies June meeting hosted
by the Bago Cajuns was held at the Mural
Room in Rayne, LA on June 6-9, 2013. The
twenty-seven members enjoyed a delicious
meal at a local restaurant, Chef Roy’s, on
Thursday night. Everyone furnished potluck
on Friday. The Bagos provided a wonderful
Italian meal on Saturday night. Some of
the members enjoyed the painted frog
statues located throughout the city, but
the highlight of the state campout was the
wonderful fellowship between old and new
August / September 2013
more than any entertainment has achieved
in many years! People were so caught up
with their excellent production they could
only keep dancing! The quilt raffle, won
by Paula Seminara, netted $500 which was
given to the Make-a-Wish Foundation from
the Southern NE Rally!
Motor Cities Winnies
Local Chapter By Bob Paszko
“I have been attending rallies throughout
the U.S. for fifteen years and this one is one
of the top five that I have ever been to!”
quoted one of our attendees. The accolades
were numerous and heartwarming from
the seventy-eight coaches that attended
the 24th Southern NE Rally, held at the
Barnstable County Fairgrounds on Cape Cod
from May 29-June 2. The tour to Martha’s
Vineyard on Thursday and the whale watch
excursion on Friday kicked off our journey
to Escape to the Cape!
Our tour to the island of Martha’s Vineyard
started at Oaks Bluff, where we were split
up into two buses for a narrated tour
through many of the townships, stopping
in Edgartown where we shopped or ate our
time away. The tour concluded with a walk
through the campground of gingerbread
houses, each unique in its trim and paint
Friday night all were invited to The Wedding
of the Year. It is said that a picture is worth
a thousand words. How true! The entire
group dressed in fun costumes, some even
in drag. After the wedding ceremony, we
were served a catered dinner, followed by
wedding cake and a reception dance.
Saturday everyone was busy shopping
at our vendor hall, taking advantage of
our numerous seminars, playing games,
participating in the friendship walk, or
strolling through the beautiful fairground
gardens. Flagg RV showcased five new
coaches for our inspection. A catered
dinner with barbecue pork and chicken
was followed by the evening entertainment
with “Dale and the Duds.” This event had
everyone dancing late into the evening,
April: Our first outing was to Elkhart, IN
and it was jam-packed! We stayed at Elkhart
Campground and they couldn’t have been
more helpful. We were able to use a huge
room with a kitchen for our potluck and a
smaller room for our movie and speaker. This
was all at no extra cost.
Our days were filled with tours and
shopping. Starting on Wednesday we went
on a tour of Show Hauler, a factory that
customizes trucks and motorhomes in
Middlebury. They can be seen on the RV
Thursday morning was a choice between
the Studebaker National Museum in South
Bend or shopping at the Old Bag Factory
in Goshen. In the afternoon, we went to
another RV brand’s factory tour. You can bet
we asked many pointed questions on the
Friday morning we went on the first-ever
tour given at Bradd and Hall. We hope it
won’t be their last. Before meeting for
dinner later in the day, we had shopping in
Shipshewana. Friday night was movie night
complete with popcorn.
Saturday there was a trip to the RV/MH Hall
of Fame in Elkhart. Our first-ever ladies tea
was held in the afternoon and it went over
extremely well. After a potluck dinner, we
were treated to a fantastic slide show given
by Al Hasselbart, historian of the RV/MH
Hall of Fame.
Throughout the week, we went to Callahan’s
Restaurant in Elkhart and they were very
accommodating for us in the dining room,
both for the size of the group and our noise
level. We found two places that gave us our
own rooms and two waitresses just for us.
We had breakfast at Golden Egg Pancake
House in Elkhart and dinner, family-style,
Club, Chapter & Rally News
at the Blue Gate Restaurant in Shipshewana.
We would recommend anyone who is
visiting the area to try visiting all of these
restaurants. The prices were good and the
food was fantastic!
By the end of the weekend, we were
ready to go home and actually have some
downtime and try to exercise off all the
weight we gained over the week.
Say Goodbye to
“white-knuckle”steering and
put the fun back into driving.
March: Mar. 9 those Motor Cities Winnies
who had braved the MI weather met to have
dinner at Waldenwoods Resort. We enjoyed
an all-you-can-eat ribs or lasagna buffet.
We even had kind souls who bought warm
chocolate chip cookies for all of us.
It’s a part of RVing you can do
Forces like strong crosswinds, uneven
pavement and front-tire blowout can
push your motorhome off course and
into harm’s way. To give you more
State Club By Marcia Fabricius
confidence, safety and peace of mind,
June: June 14- 17 saw twenty-seven
Winnehahas coaches gathered at Ogston’s RV
Park in Saginaw, just west of Duluth. There
was a nice building for meals and activities,
but it was very cramped for 50 big eaters.
Some had to dine at a table in the laundry
steering control products.
Those arriving before noon on Friday could
take a tour of Bullyan’s RV dealership where
they were treated to a pizza lunch. Hosts
Patt Farness and Sandy Wegner provided
dinner back at the campground. Games
followed, along with socializing inside and
Hosts provided Saturday’s breakfast. There
was time for Joanne Bauer to direct a
class in card-making. She had all the parts
cut out and sorted into envelopes, so
her eager students just had to do a little
stamping and a little gluing. The finished
products were very impressive. In the early
afternoon, carloads caravanned to the
Lake Superior Brewing Company, a small
but rapidly growing craft brewery, which
produces award-winning German-type beers.
The tasting went on for a long time; some
wished it would never end. A few people
bought growlers—half-gallon glass jugs
which can be refilled at the brewery. After
a potluck dinner on Saturday evening, most
of the campers participated in a game of
“Wienerschnitzel,” vying for valuable prizes.
After Sunday’s continental breakfast, several
units pulled out for home, but many stayed
on for the Northwoods campout starting
the following day. There’s so much to see
and do in Duluth, it can’t all be done in one
weekend, or even in one whole week.
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May: May 9-12 found the Winnehahas
once again in Albert Lea at the Freeborn
County Fairgrounds. The excellent building
is perfect for cooking, eating, games, and
shelter from the icy wind. A freaky May
snowstorm had brought 18 inches of snow to
the area.
Coffee and cookies welcomed those arriving
on Thursday. There were nine couples and
all played games.
More coaches arrived on Friday to make
nineteen coaches in all. Two groups toured
the Alamco Wood Products plant where they
make laminated power poles, beams, and
girders for use all over the world. It was an
amazing and impressive process—everyone
was wowed. Zion Lutheran Church held
its annual salad luncheon and most of the
members took advantage of the excellent
offerings. The entire bunch went to Pizza
Ranch for dinner in a reserved room so they
could be silly and no one would care. They
played various games before retiring.
Hosts Joe and Amy Holden, Bob and Carol
Volk, and Bill and Dorothy Pomerson served
up an excellent breakfast, but could relax a
bit for dinner because it was potluck. Deb
Johnson patiently led two rounds of games,
followed by even more games.
There was a lot of discussion about the
Wild West themed GNR and September’s MN
State Rally, which has a theme of MN sports
Saturday morning was breakfast, cleanup,
and all headed out.
WIT Club News
WIT Montana Wilderness
Local Chapter By Fred Dahlman
April: Springtime in the Rockies has not
been conducive to those of us living along
the Rocky Mountain Front of the Continental
Our April outing to Fort Benton, MT, had
to be canceled two days prior to the event
due to the weather forecast. We moved
our meeting to Great Falls and had a
combination luncheon and meeting at the
Prime Cut Restaurant.
May: Chapter members had themselves
ready for May with a planned campout
at the Lincoln Road RV Park in Helena,
MT. Our chapter president, Milt Munson,
called for a meeting on Friday evening at
the O’Hare Manor in Great Falls. We turned
the evening into a social hour with the
chapter paying for the snacks furnished by
Louie and Clark’s Restaurant with beverages
purchased by the members in the Sip N Dip
Lounge. It is a unique facility as the motel’s
indoor swimming pool has a glass wall that
separates the pool from the lounge.
June: Many of our members were traveling
during June, so our June Father’s Day
campout was canceled. However, we did have
a fun activity on May 31 and June 1 when
chapter members manned a hotdog and soda
stand for Pierce RV in Great Falls during
their open house. The bonus for our chapter
was the arrival of our Western Area Reps,
Jeanie and Andy Bienvenu, in Great Falls.
They were doing visitations of Winnebago
dealers and were able to schedule a visit to
our local dealer to coincide with the open
house. On Friday evening, we were able to
spend quality time with Jeanie and Andy at
a no-host dinner at the Bar S Supper Club in
Great Falls. We thank them for sharing their
time with our chapter.
Washoe Winnies
Local Chapter By Marv Jensen
June: Our May-June campout at Meadow
Cliff Resort in Coleville, CA was wonderful.
The owners are very nice and the campsites
were large. The clubhouse and the grounds
were very well maintained. We had beautiful
views of the cliffs and valley. Being close-by
to most everything made it a great choice.
Thank you to our wagonmasters, Bev and
Marv. Some of us went to nearby Bodie,
August / September 2013
which was very interesting. Others went
four-wheeling and took pictures of old
mining machines, mountain ridges, and
valley views, and some just kicked back
and relaxed. The dinners we shared were so
good. We really have some good cooks in
our chapter. I think we all stuffed ourselves
every night!
One evening some of us watched an old TV
episode of Death Valley Days, thanks to
Marv. This was the first time in a long time
I can remember sitting around a campfire
late at night, talking and laughing together.
Some very funny stories were told and
enjoyed with great laughter by all. It was
nice to get to know a little about each
other. And for me, it was an education. I
learned about “cow tipping.”
May: The Washoe Winnies turned out in
great numbers for the Regional Rally. There
were seventeen members present with
nine rigs. Everyone had a good time at the
rally and visiting various attractions in the
Pahrump area.
Members took part in the many activities
during the four days which included an
ice cream social, slot tournament, cribbage
tournament, beanbag baseball, and a
cavalcade of games. Dave Tiongco won a
golfing prize and Marv Jensen finished
second in the cribbage tournament.
Excellent dinners were served on Friday
and Saturday nights with Saturday night
music provided by the Smoking Gun Band, a
country-western group.
Prior to the NV state meeting on Saturday
afternoon, the two NV chapters held their
own club meeting to review future activities.
At the state meeting, Doug Formanek
installed the new Washoe Winnies officers.
As everyone departed on Sunday, the
consensus was that this was a very
successful, well attended event by the
Washoe Winnies and everyone looks forward
to the next campout in May.
Granite State Winnies
State Club By Mackie Heinrich
Seven rigs from the Granite State Winnies
had a grand time campout at Red Apple
Campground in Arundel, ME the weekend
of June 21-23. Activities included a huge
evening fire ring with lots of munchies,
a bocce tournament—complete with hors
d’oeuvres and a prize for the winner, theater
night at the Arundel Playhouse to see the
comedy/musical The Andrew Brothers,
and a lobster feast the final night at the
At the monthly meeting held after
breakfast on Sunday, President Jo Ann
Metz announced that the club received its
new charter and she noted that WIT sent
the group a 40-year recognition certificate.
Granite State Winnies received its first
charter June 1, 1973. We are 40-years old.
That is a lot of camping, camaraderie, and
good fun shared over all those the years.
We had the pleasure of welcoming two
new members. Many of us look forward
to attending GNR as well as the three
additional campout opportunities over the
next several months. We had a wonderful
time at Red Apple Campground. Our club is
alive and well and excited about the future.
Jersey Seashells
Local Chapter By Carole Maxwell
May: We camped at Lickdale Campground in
PA for the Memorial Day weekend. Members
present were: Hilton, Horto, Maxwell, Isaacs,
Jones, Knight, McGuckin, Rizzuto, Takata,
Thon, and Wakemen. Pat Schledsener was a
guest who knew Joyce and Vito Rizzuto from
FL and Kathy Knight from a club in NJ. We
hope she had a good time with us and will
come back again.
We postponed Saturday morning breakfast
to Sunday and then had it inside due to
weather. Thank goodness they had an
activity room. We had our dinner there also.
We held our business meeting Saturday. We
had our annual birthday party with lots
of fun gifts. Birthday cake and ice cream
followed. Sandy and Rich Hilton had their
daughter, Carol, and grandchildren, John
and Emily, as guests and Pat and Dan Isaacs
had their daughter, Melanie, her husband,
Jeff, and grandchildren, Claudia, Derrick,
and Cory as guests. The Hiltons’ grandson,
John, was a big help at the birthday party
and the Sunday night entertainment. Glad
we had him. We left on Monday.
April: The Jersey Seashells started to
arrive at Seashore C.G. in Cape May, NJ on
Thursday. By Friday night we had sixteen
coaches in attendance. Members were
Horton, McGuckin, Jones, Knight, Morton,
Takata, Spinelli, Kaplan, Wakemen, Pirkey,
Gore, Lassen , Rizzuto, and Isaacs. We had
guests Bob and Linda Peterson and Lee and
Jay Ferrette
Club, Chapter & Rally News
Saturday morning was our huge breakfast
with our meeting to follow. The Mortons
had their son and his wife, and grandson
as guests. We discussed our web page and
Gary Gore suggested a facebook page also.
Gary will keep our information current as
well as some good pictures. Our Saturday
evening dinner was spectacular and all had
a good time. Bob and Linda Peterson joined
the chapter and we hope to see Lee and Jay
Ferrette again.
Most of us left Sunday morning with
promises to keep in touch.
March: We started our camping season at
Shady Pines Campground in Galaway, NJ.
Members present were Horton, Isaac, Knight,
McGuckin, Kane, and Edge. A Winnebago
camper drove into the campground and
we invited Bernice and Steve VanPelt to
join us for the weekend. They had never
experienced a chapter outing before, and
wanted to see what happens at one. After
a Friday night in the clubhouse, Saturday
morning breakfast, and a good Saturday
they joined the chapter before the weekend
was over.
Keshequa Winnies
Local Chapter By Judy Venditti
Long Island Winnie-Tascas
Local Chapter By Arlene Schuber
June: We are happy to tell you all about
our wonderful 25-year birthday celebration
June 6-8. Friday ten coaches arrived and
we had the great building at the Battlerow
Campground in Old Bethpage, NY to shelter
us. One by one the coaches arrived and we
gathered inside and out of the torrential
rains. We welcomed three great couples from
the NY State Seneca Winnies: Carlene and
Gary Gay, Harry and Sylvia Tracy, Don Paphel
and MaryEllen Warner. We had our usual
Friday night potluck supper followed by
desserts and catching up and spending time
with our guests.
Saturday we woke to Joyce Deubel and
her sixteen-year old daughter preparing
breakfast to order—what a treat. We held
our monthly meeting and then we went
back to our coaches until it was time for
our celebration. We had an appetizer and
wine gathering and enjoyed the outdoors.
The Senecas did a Long Island day trip and
when they returned, we prepared for dinner.
Boy we love to eat. Skip Armstrong and Rich
Morrell, along with their wives, prepared
a great barbecue. The room was decorated
with balloon centerpieces and flowers done
by Arlene Schuber.
Roy Schuber, in years past, has always
collected money and we would pick a
number to match a horse in the Kentucky
Derby. This year we didn’t camp on derby
day but it was the day of the Belmont
Stakes. We each picked a number for the
fourteen horses and the pot was won by
the Tracys. We had several past and retired
members join us for the party. They were
the Fitzpatricks, Sives, Griffins, Jeannette
Johnson, and Angela Preuss.
It was a wonderful weekend. After dinner,
members Leslie and George Bagnell became
Annie Oakley and the Lone Ranger, and put
on a skit telling us the interesting history of
great women from the past who made great
strides and are part of our history today.
The Keshequa Winnies had their first
campout of the 2013 season at the Genesee
Country Campground. Great fellowship,
catching up on news, and remembering past
activities were enjoyed by all. President
Joan Thompson presented Mary Blier with a
certificate of achievement for dedication and
many years as a member of the Keshequas.
Sunday, we again had a beautiful sunny day
and the Bagnells treated us, once again, to
a prepared-to-order breakfast to end our
celebration weekend.
May: The weekend at the Suffolk County
Kickoff in mid-May produced a great day
Friday with sunshine and warm temps.
The Bagnells, Morrells, Rogers, Davis,
Griffins, Armstrongs, and Schubers were in
attendance. We started with our potluck on
Friday night. There were over three hundred
camping units in attendance.
We held our annual raffle by selling tickets
for a Keurig coffee maker and eight boxes
of K-cups. All members helped in the sales,
which helped our treasury build. Saturday
afternoon we held our monthly meeting.
While there is a very large tent area and
lots and lots of tables, the night outside
listening to the fabulous band 6 GUN was
soggy. Saturday and Sunday mornings, a
group prepared and served breakfast and
Saturday evening we had a baked ham
dinner with all the fixins.
We enjoyed the weekend together. We have
a great group and look forward to seeing
everyone at our next outing.
April: Well, it seems like spring has arrived
but the temperatures sure aren’t keeping
up with the calendar. We had six coaches
in attendance for our first campout of
the season: Schuber, Armstrong, Bagnell,
Ruckert, Hoyer, and Shaefer.
We met at the Battlerow Campground in Old
Bethpage, a wonderful camping place with
a building to keep us warm and out of the
weather along with the kitchens and heat
for our use. We arrived on Friday and we
were happy to see our members. We set up
chairs in the room and everyone did what
was needed to get the weekend started.
Friday night we had our potluck and then
lots of good conversation.
Saturday morning Joyce and her daughter,
Annie, made breakfast to order. After
breakfast we held our first meeting of the
year and planned the upcoming outings and
planned our 25-year club anniversary party.
We all returned to our coaches for lunch
and later in the afternoon, had our happy
hour. We then welcomed past members, Rich
and Mary Jane Griffin and Gloria and John
Fitzpatrick. What a great time thinking
For the latest
rally updates
and outing
schedule, visit
WIT Club News
about years past and talking about the trips
we had made together. Our club is getting
smaller each year, but we are blessed with
many members returning for dinner and
Saturday evening we once again sat
together and talked about the winter
past and the upcoming events. Sunday
morning, once again, Joyce and Annie
made breakfast to order. After breakfast, it
was time to cleanup the building and put
away all the tables and chairs and pack up
our things. Some members stayed to visit
awhile longer and others went on their way
home thinking about the great weekend we
had. So til next time, be well, travel safe,
and camp happy.
Winnie Tarwheels
State Club By Pat Reese
Fun, fellowship, and helping others sums
up our rally this year. Our pre-rally weather
was not ideal making bridge crossings
a frequent topic for early arrivers. The
decorations used were our lighthouse
theme. Charlotte Parrish and Kathy Willox
impressed us all with their creativity. We
continued our tradition of a personal touch
to the welcome bags, including dishcloths
made by Mary Shuttleworth and Pat Derr
and magnetic lighthouses made by Walt
Parrish and Alonso Morrison.
We had fifty-three coaches with six states
represented. By coincidence, the Derrs’
hospitality cake was a perfect match to
the design used for the beautiful T-shirts
and buttons that David Beedie selected.
We enjoyed our usual silent auction and
book exchange, and this year’s quilt that
Dorothie Johnson designed was a huge hit.
The money hats, creatively designed in
the shape of lighthouses by the Beedies,
occasioned many photos. In addition to
our interesting vendor sessions, the chat
and share discussions that we tried this
year were very well attended. Social hour
immediately before dinner was popular and
seemed to encourage fellowship. With our
games, bingo, friendship walk, and door
prizes, we were very busy.
Butch and Becky Moore, our eastern
representatives, brought the WIT store with
lots of items with the new logo. They were
kind enough to open up their coach for
tours as well. Butch Moore also swore in our
2013-2014 officers.
August / September 2013
Saturday night’s Variety Pac Band was a
highlight, getting several of us up on our
feet to dance. One of the most exciting
moments was the drawing for the quilt.
When JF’s name was called, he put it up
for auction with $480 being donated to
Wounded Warriors.
River City Winnies
Local Chapter By LaVerne Graham
It is April and many members could not wait
to participate in River City Winnies Olympic
Games. We should crown Joan Peskin for
her wonderful job as the wagonmaster.
John Chanault cruised down the river in
his boat to attend the meeting. His boat
is aptly named “Winnebago.” Everyone
received a guided, paid tour of Nancy and
Al’s newest coach, a 36-foot 2005 Itasca
Meridian. What did Nancy like most about
the new coach? I think everyone knows the
answer. Congratulations on the new baby!
The Olympic sport of dominoes ended in
a draw. The three remaining contestants
were Mike, Della, and Luke. The winner
was presented with a medal. The newest
Olympic game of beanbag baseball started
in the afternoon. Two teams were selected
by the committee and a fierce competition
ensued. The winners were Team B and were
presented with a free breakfast on Sunday
morning. Jim offered money to members as
a bribe to influence our newest members,
Bernie and Lynn Huff and Larry and Ann
Lane, that he was a great guy. I know of one
person who took advantage of the offer. I
could not turn down the offer. I just needed
the four quarters to play the Olympic game
Right, Center, Left. It was down to Betty
and LaVerne. Betty was the winner of the
Green Country Winnies
Local Chapter By Darrell Carver
June: Ken and Donna Zwiegel and John and
Shirley Forrester hosted our June campout
at Wanderlust RV in Eureka Springs, AR.
Attending were: Carver, Holt, Parnell,
Stone, Wall, Ward, Standridge, Forrester,
Zwiegel, and Turley. Everyone had arrived
by Thursday so we went out to eat barbecue
and came back to play games. Donna did
a good job of laying out information on
local attractions on one of the tables and
everyone pretty much did their own thing
during the daytime.
Friday night we had our potluck. It was all
very good! Several of us went to the Passion
Play. It was pretty amazing how they did
it with all the actors and animals. Highly
Saturday night we all went to the Catfish
House for dinner and then sixteen of us
went to the Pine Mountain Jamboree. We
took up the whole center section second
row. The highlight of the evening was when
they got Vickie Holt up on a stool and sang
to her. Another highlight was when the
entertainers came out dressed as the Village
People. They did a rendition of the Village
People’s YMCA called AARP! Overall, it was
a very good show as they did all types of
music and provided plenty of laughs.
Sunday morning, Henry Stone led our
singing and church service and then
everyone packed up and headed out to
their next destinations. It was a very
enjoyable weekend. It is a location that I
think everyone will enjoy going back to.
May: The Green Country Winnies May 3-5
outing was at the Expo Center in Shawnee,
OK. This was the WIT OK State Rally, the
Okiebagos were the hosts. The theme of the
rally was “Wild Wild West.” The meeting
room was decorated with many western and
cowboy items. The ladies did a fantastic
job with the decorations of the stage,
tables, and the hospitality table. We had
an excellent time playing games, eating,
attending seminars, craft making, viewing
a few new Winnebago coaches provided by
McClain’s, and general socializing with our
friends from AR, TX, IA, and KS.
Friday night the “Okie Players” performed a
Murder Mystery Dinner. It was a who-dunit with a lot of players. Even the players
didn’t know until the end who the murderer
was. The dinner guests had to keep track of
the clues and bits of information given out
by each of the players and then guess who
did it. Only one table guessed the right
answer. Denise Harris and Janet Wright
did a great job putting it all together and
keeping everyone organized.
April: The Green Country Winnies Apr.
4-7 outing was at Choctaw RV Park KOA
in Durant, OK. This was a combined
outing with the other OK chapter, Sooner
Schooners, and the state club, Okiebagos.
The Okiebagos were the hosts.
An unexpected surprise was Andy and
Jeanie Bienvenu joining us for the
weekend. On Sunday they went the 300
Club, Chapter & Rally News
miles with six of our rigs in a convoy to the
Ark-A-Bagos 40-year birthday campout at
Petit Jean Mountain State Park in AR. Of
course, they were the tailenders! CW and
Denise Harris were our convoy leaders. It
was like a free mini WIT caravan for a day!
During the four days in Durant, we prepared
for our OK State Rally May 2-5 in Shawnee,
OK, planning activities, putting together
welcome bags, and other tasks. The hosts
also prepared five great meals for the group,
which were greatly appreciated by everyone!
Of course, every evening was time for games
and social get-together.
Oregon Trail Winnie Itascas
State Club By Bobbie Lindsay
The first OTWI state meeting was held
the weekend of Apr. 20, 2013. There were
nineteen coaches and one drive in that
joined us for dinner. We had representation
from all of our chapters and all enjoyed
catching up from our winter hibernation.
The majority of coaches arrived on Thursday.
Friday was a free day except for the
executive board so several members went to
the Carousel Museum and, of course, there
were Costco shoppers, dog walkers, and
afternoon nappers. The usual games were
played and long walks were taken as there is
a beautiful park next to the campground.
Friday evening Rose City, as host for the
weekend, prepared a wonderful dinner. I
believe all the cake disappeared by Saturday.
French toast was prepared Saturday morning
and then our general meeting was held and
plans made for our state rally in September.
Saturday evening we enjoyed potluck and
there was plenty to choose from as usual. It
is custom for the state to present a Pulitzer
award after dinner to the person who most
deserves this prestigious honor. Well, you
can guess the member who walked away
with the prize was Diana...oops, I said no
names...as it will be a long time before she
outlives this.
Cascade Travelers
Local Chapter By Janet Hamby
June: We arrived at the Rivers Edge RV Park
in Coquille, OR on Friday, just in time for
happy hour. Everyone was already there.
Luckily we were parked next to Beckey
who was hosting happy hour at her rig. It
High Desert Road Runners – Welcome back!!
Local Chapter By Andy & Jeanie Bienvenu
Andy and Jeanie Bienvenu, WIT Western Area Reps, along with Perry and Charlene McCart,
representing the OR Trail Winnies and Itascas state club of OR, recently met with a group
of Winnebago owners to reorganize the High Desert Road Runners chapter in the Bend/
Redmond area of OR. The group of seven units and thirteen people enjoyed a nice, if a bit
damp, weekend together at the Bend Sisters Garden RV Resort. After a weekend filled with
fun and fellowship, all of the new WIT members in attendance had gotten to know each
other and decided that they would indeed like to be a part of the chapter. New officers were
elected and sworn in and plans were made for the next meeting of the group.
was great to finally meet our new member,
Diana Wells, and welcome another new
member, Allan Dubois. We enjoyed catching
up while we settled in for the weekend. We
adjourned to the local Chinese restaurant
where we enjoyed enough food for about
fifteen people. Too bad there were only
seven of us. After our meal we went home
to care for the myriad of critters waiting
for our undivided attention. Our pets still
outnumber our members. Everyone came
to see the new coach Gene and I bought, a
2005 Vectra. We discussed different opinions
on where the mysterious radio station was
coming from that we could hear through the
sound system that was turned off. Everyone
helped in the search. After many others
left for their coaches, Dick Hulse stayed to
try to help us figure out how to turn on
the television. You know you’re getting old
when you can’t even turn on the TV.
Saturday morning we enjoyed a leisurely
breakfast and a short business meeting.
After the meeting, we all stayed fairly
close to camp. During the day Gene
and I continued through the check list
of things we needed to learn how to
operate: dishwasher, air conditioner, and
refrigerator/ice maker. And so the afternoon
went. For dinner we ordered pizza. Then it
was off to the theater where a boisterous
crowd booed and hissed at the villain and
cheered on the helpless damsel in distress.
Thankfully, the good guy won!
Sunday morning, after a tasty breakfast,
we said our goodbyes and headed for home.
Until our next great adventure, safe travels.
May: The weekend unofficially began on
Thursday with rigs arriving before dinner.
Even though there were no formal or
planned activities, all of us were entertained
by adventures that just always seem to
happen. Saturday morning a delicious host-
inspired breakfast began with the picnic
tables threatening to throw those sitting on
one side to the ground with their food and
the picnic table on top of them! Thankfully,
those on that side held on while others
could balance things out on the other side.
It was fun and no one bit the dust!
There was a delightful little path that wove
its way to river’s edge. Pearl and Diana
decided their dogs needed to go for a little
swim. They all came back wet and muddy!
However, it looked as though all four had a
great time!
There was a small golf course at the park, so
Dick and Phyllis decided to play a few holes.
All was going well until the Rocheleaus
drove up and parked right in the line of fire
of the golf balls!
Our guest and new member purchased her
rig three weeks before our weekend. She
was getting acquainted with all its parts
and learning how to manage it. It was fun
to watch and she had lots of expert help. As
you can see, impromptu fun was had by all,
the weather was unbelievably beautiful, and
Dick and Phyllis took mighty good care of us
as last-minute hosts.
After a cold start on Tuesday evening,
it did manage to warm up for the most
Tuesday’s dinner included many potluck
dishes and desserts. No one ever goes
hungry at these events! Al and I want
to thank our great cohosts, B and
Duane Pysher, for the wonderful waffle
and sausage breakfast on Wednesday
morning. Also, they were so helpful
seeing us through our first-time host
initiation. B’s constant reminder to us
was just one word—adjust! We did a lot
of that. Ward Swift brought his large
canopy for our use and Nancy’s famous
grilled sticky buns were a big hit on
Thursday morning.
We appreciated those members that
brought their vehicles to the campsite.
We were expecting to have the
campground’s restaurant for Wednesday’s
dinner, but at registration were informed
that the restaurant was not available
until May 23, so we adjusted. We
managed to get a room for all of us at
Funck’s Restaurant nearby and used
available vehicles to get everyone there.
The food was good.
We had much laughter each night sitting
around the campfire and working on
decorations in B and Duane’s motorhome,
overflowing with PA State Rally items.
After our breakfast on Thursday morning,
we all said our goodbyes until the PA
State Rally.
Delaware Valley Winnies
Local Chapter By Larry Falcone
What a beautiful day in Amish country to
celebrate our 40-year anniversary. The
campground, Old Mill Stream, in Lancaster,
PA has wooded sites, a stream, and cows
feeding in the pastures. As is customary at
our meetings, the seventeen members
attending were treated to wonderfully
prepared and bountiful meals.
Led by Wellis Balliett, we reminisced
about the founding members and the
many friendships we have made over the
40 years. One especially comical activity,
since discontinued, was women dressing
up as cheerleaders for the competitive ring
toss game. Our jaws still ache from all of
the laughter. In addition to the formation
of our chapter, we noted that there were
some other notable events during 1973: last
episode of Laugh-In airs on NBC and lite
beer is introduced by Miller Brewing.
After dinner, we gathered in front of the
coach of our past president, Bill Trinkle,
for our group photo. The balance of the
evening was spent preparing for our state
rally. Our signature responsibility will be to
serve approximately 125 attendees at the
eagerly awaited pancake breakfast. Two of
the traditional activities of our chapter is
working together to prepare a money hat.
This year, one of our more adventurous
members, Clayton Luxton, will don the
hat—an Amish bonnet. The other activity
is playing cards. Regardless of the day’s
activities, we usually end up playing cards
until the wee hours of the night.
Our chapter memories revealed why we
enjoyed being with one another and we look
forward to continued good times and new
relationships that will be enjoyed by all.
Rhody Winnies
State Club By Sandy Nicolo
May: Ten coaches arrived for our annual
meeting/rally at Fishermen’s campground
in Point Judith, RI on May 2-5, 2013.
Attending were: Jon and Sally Quinn,
Dick and Sandy Nicolo, Maria Brito, Tony
and Sheila Donatelli, George and Anne
Henault, Bill and Susan Thompson, Millie
and Bob Osborne, Bill and Joyce Smith, Pete
and Joanne Atack, and Barbara and John
Thomas. Victor and Maureen St. Laurent
joined us on Saturday for the meeting.
Thursday after setting up, everyone decided
to have a social hour. Most were feeling full
or chilly so they did their own thing for
dinner. During the day some people went
off to shop, took a walk, or helped each
other with some RV repairs. It was decided
to go out for a late lunch. Debra and John
Williams caught up with the group at lunch
to visit and tell about their new FL home. A
campfire was made in the evening to help
warm things up and watch the sun set over
the water before people went inside to get
The annual meeting was held Saturday
afternoon. Following the meeting, a cookout
was held. Later on people retreated to their
coach for a rest or to watch the Kentucky
Derby. When the race was over, there was a
campfire for the hardy souls willing to come
back outside and watch the setting sun.
Sunday after breakfast the group got their
coaches ready to leave by checkout time.
Capitol Area Winnies
Local Chapter
June: “Rain, Rain, Go Away” was the
mantra of the eight members of the Rhody
Winnies as they camped at Charlie Brown
Campground in Eastford, CT from June 1012, 2013. The members attending included:
Donatelli, the Henault, the Nicolo, Brito,
and Timmins.
Attendees for the May campout were: Jackie
and Allen Kohl, hosts-B and Duane Pysher,
cohosts-Jim and Kate Smith, Marcel and
Jan Perusse, Ward and Nancy Swift, Terry
and Peggy Achey, Jay and Bonnie Myers,
Bob and Joan Bower, Ken and Karen Putt,
Burton and Sally Lee, and Ken and Rosemary
Charlie Brown Campground is a well
maintained facility with a fully equipped
playground and camp store. There is a river
which is ideal for tubing or swimming.
They also have several pavilions which are
The campout at Twin Pines Campground,
Pine Grove, PA was well attended with
eleven motorhomes and twenty-two people.
WIT Club News
August / September 2013
Club, Chapter & Rally News
sheltered, with tables and fire rings under
cover. We were fortunate that we had use of
one of these shelters which all of our rigs
could pull up to and park around, which
made eating and socializing much more
Monday evening we had hot dogs and beans
and all the fixings and Tuesday night dinner
was a potluck meal where everyone grilled
their own entrees and enjoyed a variety of
sides and desserts. Tuesday during the day,
the ladies toured several local yarn shops.
They enjoyed a very informative behindthe-scenes tour of one facility, where they
were shown how material is transformed
from the raw fiber into finished yarn. Also,
Ken Timmins showed us badges with the
new WIT logo and several members took the
opportunity to order one.
Our time at Charlie Brown passed all too
quickly and after three full days, the sun
finally showed up as our members headed
home or to other campgrounds.
Palmetto Winnebago Club
State Club By Geri Galloway
Barnyard RV Park in Lexington, SC was the
site of our second campout of the season
and was held on May 31-June 2, 2013. A
total of eleven coaches attended. We were
glad to welcome the Elmores who were
attending their first campout since joining
the club. We also welcomed guests, the
Faulkenberrys, who decided to join as our
newest members.
Friday night’s potluck dinner was great.
Saturday morning’s breakfast, omelet-in-abag, was a new experience for some of us. It
was a lot of fun and pretty tasty, too.
We held our business meeting that Saturday
morning. Saturday evening, we went out to
dinner at the Vegetable Medley. We enjoyed
the great buffet there and no one went away
The weekend was spent relaxing. Some
visited relatives or friends in the area,
shopped, and even attended one of the
games for the NCAA baseball regionals. The
Barnyard Flea Market was adjacent to the
RV Park, so most of us made at least one
trip there, some of us finding treasures we
could not resist. A lot of time was spent
relaxing under the shade trees with good
conversations about RVs, travel plans, and
anything else that came to mind.
Ringneck Winnies
Local Chapter By Pat Lauck
June: Vice President Marlene Masker
conducted our June 20, 2013 meeting at the
Engstrom farm near Tabor, SD. We had six
rigs present. Discussions were held on GNR
and upcoming gatherings for the rest of the
On Friday we enjoyed the Czech Days parade
and festivities in Tabor with a lot of good
kolaches and Czech food. On Saturday,
we toured the BonHomme Colony and
enjoyed the good home-cooked food and
winetasting. Later that afternoon, most
attended the Polka Mass at St. Wenceslaus
Church in Tabor and enjoyed the coronation
and dancing in the park all evening.
The wagonmasters, Maskers, Winters, and
Engstroms, served a pancake breakfast after
our church service on Sunday morning. A
good time was had by all.
May: The Ringneck Winnies met at Memorial
County Park near Watertown, SD on May
17-19 with nine units in attendance.
Regular business was attended to and plans
made for the rest of the summer campouts.
Wagonmaster Krause brought their pontoon
boat and treated members to a scenic
ride on Lake Kampeska. The chapter had
an informative tour of Joy Ranch. The
Watertown Police Department brought
their drug dog to the park and gave us a
demonstration. Much food and sociability
completed the weekend.
April: The Ringneck Winnies had a oneday, drive-in gathering Apr. 27, 2013, at
Godfather’s Pizza in Huron, SD. The main
order of business was catching up on the
members’ winter activities and planning our
summer campouts.
Pat Lauck was elected and installed
secretary, replacing Jean Kurtenbach.
Rushmore Winnies
Local Chapter By Connie Howard
June: The Rushmore Winnies June meeting
was attended by eight member units.
Activities for the weekend included the
Friday night potluck, a road trip to and hike
around Devil’s Tower, a scenic drive through
the Devil’s Tower and Bear Lodge Mountain
area of WY, including the tiny towns of Alva
and Aladdin, WY. Two delicious meals at ARO
Café in Sundance polished off the weekend.
The hospitality of the campground hosts
at the Mountain View RV Park helped make
this a very enjoyable stay.
May: Throughout the rainy weekend, ten
member units camped; three member
units drove in by car for various activities;
and one new couple, Ann and Jim Jones,
joined the club. Available activities for the
weekend included the Friday night potluck,
tours of the fish hatchery, drive/hike
through Spearfish Canyon, shopping, dinner
at Killian’s Tavern, breakfast at Perkins, and
best of all—just hanging out and catching
up with each other. Significant rain did not
dampen the camaraderie of the weekend.
West Tennessee Travelers
Local Chapter By Jane Bolding
May: Our chapter camped in a Coe
campground on the canal that connects the
two lakes on the northern end near Grand
Rivers, KY. Those who arrived early traveled
to Patti’s 1880 settlement for dinner. Patti’s
is famous for their two-inch pork chop and
17 original desserts. There were a variety
of foods ordered and more than one person
was seen with a carryout box and others had
small boxes for their carryout desserts. Back
at the campground, the mosquitoes were out
in force. With the aid of citronella torches
and candles, we were able to sit outside and
visit for awhile.
On Monday morning, we had an organization
meeting to decide what activities we wanted
to participate in during our campout. Mike
Logan had brought his van to the event and
he, Diana, and Butch and Becky Moore took
a ride down the trace to view the buffalo
and elk. They also went to the planetarium
while they were out. While we were all
gathered, Carissa Dixon was presented
with her own two West Tennessee Travelers
shirts which had been secured by the two
Bolding families. We had a great meal and
all the sides. After the meal, president
Larry Bolding conducted his last meeting.
Butch Moore, Eastern Area Rep for WIT, had
consented to swear in the new officers. New
president is Mike Logan, vice president is
John Shannon, treasurer is Dan Doyle, and
secretary is Ken Dixon.
On Wednesday afternoon, we traveled to
Drafenvill, KY to eat at the catfish kitchen.
The restaurant is adjacent to some small
manmade lakes. It was a nice setting and
we were able to watch some of the Canadian
geese swimming as we ate our meal. Back
at the campground, we all went to the
Moores’ motorhome to have a look around
their beautiful coach and eat our dessert
of homemade pies that the Logans had
After our meal in the rec hall; the winners
for “travel poker” were picked. Winning the
high hand was Nona and Curt, and the low
hand was shared by Wally and Dorm and
Glen and June. Afterwards, some had the
itch to go and gamble.
April: During a few glorious spring days in
April, the West TN Travelers met at Seven
Points Campground on Percy Priest Lake in
Nashville. This is a really nice campground
on the banks of the lake. We enjoyed
watching the sailboats, fishermen, and all
the birds that were flying around. We had
some ducks that were so fearless they just
walked right through our campsites. There
was also a flock of turkey buzzards that
roosted in the trees above the Doyles one
John and Sally Shannon were the first to
arrive as they had been enjoying a few days
of camping with their granddaughter, Ava
Grace. They had the campfire burning and
the makings of smores ready for making
when Larry and Jane Bolding arrived on
Sunday afternoon. Mike and Diana Logan;
Dan and Judy Doyle; and Ken, Jeanette,
and Carissa Dixon all arrived later in the
afternoon on Sunday. Kay and Kliff Klein
came on Monday.
The Doyles were hosts for the campout and
they did a great job of planning our meals
and assigning dishes for the other members
to prepare.
During our business meeting on Monday,
President Bolding had the help of everyone
in filling out the Chapter of Excellence
Award Form. The nominating committee, Pat
Bolding and Diana Logan, presented a slate
of officers for next year. This slate was voted
on and new officers were elected and they
will take office at our May campout at Canal
Campground near Grand Rivers, KY.
Golden Spike Travelers
Local Chapter By Glen & June Hamblin
May: Eight units gathered May 17 at the
Layton Hills Mall parking lot and drew their
first card for “travel poker” as they headed
out for the Wendover, NV outing. Hosting
this event was John and Sue Bergeron.
The second card was drawn at the Tooele
Stansburg turnoff. The third and fourth
cards were drawn as we stopped at two rest
areas. The fifth card was drawn at the KOA
in Wendover.
People were leaving early the next morning
so goodbyes were said that night. It was a
good campout.
Tuesday we woke up to rain, but several of
the ladies braved the rain to go shopping.
By mid-afternoon, the rain had stopped and
we were able to grill out for the evening
WIT Club News
Nor-Tex Travelers
Local Chapter By Celia Reid
Saturday morning, members gathered at the
Red Garter for breakfast. Afterwards, some
took the chance once again to try their luck
at the slots and tables. Several were winners
and others just donated.
The June meeting of the Nor-Tex Travelers
was held at the Choctaw Casino KOA in
Durant, OK. The facilities at this RV park are
some of the finest around with a large
meeting room and complete kitchen, salt
water swimming pool, large sites, and
beautiful landscaping. As usual, Charlie
Tyree and his staff bent over backwards
attending to our needs.
Nine coaches joined in for a weekend packed
with preparations for GNR and the upcoming
TX W State Rally in Oct. Thankfully, a
video of us line dancing did not end up on
YouTube. We especially enjoyed visiting
with our honorary members, Sue and Angel
Our hosts, the Lovells, Mahoneys, and
Rigsbys, prepared a grand slam breakfast
on Saturday morning and treated us to an
Italian dinner that night, complete with
table decorations and music.
We said our goodbyes on Sunday knowing
that most of us would be going to GNR and
looking forward to the festivities there.
Others sat outside as stories were exchanged
until it was time to check out the Wendover
Air Field self-guided tour. There was a very
interesting as an eight-minute video about
the base. On March 1, 1942 the Army Air
Force activated the Wendover Air Base.
Gathering once again in the rec room, all
enjoyed a home cooked meal made by the
hosts, John and Sue. The door prize was the
huge deck of poker cards won by Tom and
June: Our June outing was held at the
beautiful Hyrum Lake State Park. Hosts
Keith and Karen Waldron greeted fourteen
members and guests Phillip and Nicole
Bergeron and children, with a schedule of
events and a bag of trail mix. Friday night
we gathered for a potluck supper. The
place setting had a fan for the ladies and
a notebook and pen for the men. After the
meal, Karen had the ladies come up and
bring their fans. Karen read the instructions
on communicating with a fan. The ladies
demonstrated using their fans and a little
flirting. For example, hiding the eyes with
an open fan means I love you. This brought
a lot of laughs. The men were to take notes.
One thing the Golden Spike Travelers never
lack for is good food.
After breakfast, seven of us visited the
American West Heritage Center. Tom and
Janice panned for gold but darn, they
August / September 2013
Club, Chapter & Rally News
didn’t make enough to pay for their lunch.
We visited the Wood Shop where we saw
interesting tools and beautiful carvings
and furniture. The fur trappers and native
site was interesting—Karen wanted to
know what they make out of the skunk’s
hide. The pioneer site displayed games
and pioneer cooking. It had several living
quarters. The dugout was a little crowded
and dark. The opera house was beautiful.
It would have been fun to see one of their
Karen had technical problems with a new
game she brought for us to play. She
couldn’t figure out how to put it together,
so she dumped all the parts on the table
and in a short time, the talented men had
it all put together. It was a lot of fun. June
Hamblin and Janice Walker won the prizes.
Later that evening, Tom and Janice won
the door prize.
Ye Ole Virginia Winnie Tascas
State Club By Pat Montgomery
It was the first state meeting of the year
for the Ye Ole VA Winnie Tascas. Everyone
hadn’t made it back from the south yet
and with good reason. Mother Nature
still is letting us know that she is the
boss. Thirty-two coaches showed for this
weekend. It was great seeing everyone
after the long winter—finding out what
everyone did, where everyone traveled, and
where everyone was going next.
Friday it seemed that everyone got off
from work early as we just could not wait
to see everyone. Meet and greet was great,
followed by bingo, and the comedians were
out in full force. The Tidewater Tascas table
was hot that night. There was plenty of
laughter and I think that our sides were
sore from laughing too much.
Saturday the meetings were held and some
more socializing that did not get done
from the night before. That afternoon
everyone was left to venture out on their
own shopping, sitting around, talking,
or cooking up for the potluck dinner.
Everyone seemed to enjoy visiting one
another. Saturday night potluck dinner
was fit for a king. Everyone was filled to
the brim. We had our 50/50 drawing for
a good size pot and then on to another
night of bingo. The second night of bingo
had more people and more prizes—not only
did we have the usual cash, but added some
extra cash prizes and one night of camping
just to make it a little more interesting.
All in all this weekend was filled with a lot
of food, laughter, tales, journeys, stories,
experiences, and a good time by all.
Blue Ridge Winnies
Local Chapter By Nancy Coiner
member, join us for dinner. The meet and
greet and bingo completed our Friday
Saturday breakfast was provided by
our hosts. The advisory board, chapter,
executive board, and general meetings
filled the first half of the day. The Blue
Ridge Winnies had a barbecue lunch sale
to raise money for the year’s charity,
Cancer Research. Saturday night we
enjoyed a potluck dinner followed by
bingo in the pavilion.
Sunday after a continental breakfast, we
said farewells until our next outing.
The BRW had a very enjoyable camping
weekend at Natural Bridge Jellystone Park
Apr. 5-7. We enjoyed weather of rain, sleet,
snow, and sunshine. Never let it be said the
weather will stop us. One of our couples
celebrated a 60-year anniversary and Yogi
Bear brought them a cake!
Tidewater Tascas
Local Chapter By Lily Lach
April: The Tidewater Tascas and the VA
Coasters enjoyed a joint campout Apr. 1921 across the border in Shawboro, NC at
the North River Campground. We had a
combined fifteen in attendance. We started
the weekend off with a trip to Montero’s
Italian Restaurant in Elizabeth City, NC.
It was a very nice place with a number of
rooms set up for groups. The menu was
varied and the food was delicious. Saturday
morning started with the Tascas providing
our famous Tasca breakfast. The rest of the
day was a combination of day trips, repairs,
and helping the Coasters decorate items for
the upcoming VA State Rally goodie bags.
The Coasters provided our Saturday night
We met Sunday morning for coffee before
heading back across the border to our homes
in VA.
May: May 17-19, we had seven coaches
attend the state meeting at Holiday Travel
Park, Virginia Beach, VA. Our hosts were the
Blue Ridge Winnies. Friday night the Martins
provided our Tasca dinner at the Edwards’
site. We had Holden Hewlett, honorary
June: The June 7-9 campout at Camp
Hatteras Campground in Waves, NC was
a wind-whipping experience. We had ten
coaches, a total of twenty-one people
attend. We were glad we had reserved
the campground convention center for
inclement weather. It had a well-equipped
kitchen and large gathering area. Lach
and Aldrich hosted the weekend and
provided dinner on Friday.
Saturday, we had our Tasca breakfast to
start the day and then we were all on
our own until dinner. Dinner was a salad
buffet. It was a healthy and well-received
idea. We played games and William Frye
was the lucky winner.
Sunday, the weather was beautiful for
our continental breakfast. We said our
farewells and most headed home. A couple
of us stayed until Wednesday and found
a great place for lunch at The Captain’s
Table in Buxton, NC. It is about 25 miles
south of Waves. Great food and prices! The
Pea Island Art Gallery in Salvo has over
100 local and regional artists represented
in this historic replica of the 1874
Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station—very
enjoyable. The Camp Hatteras Campground
has outstanding facilities and a very
friendly, helpful staff.
State Club By Mary Everest
One hundred forty-one coaches gathered
in Cashmere, WA for the Northwest WA
Regional Rally. Among the many activities
scheduled for Thursday were the opening
ceremonies and a golf tournament. Frazier
Valley, a chapter from BC, celebrated their
20-year anniversary by serving brats, hot
dogs, and Canadian beer, which included
a fundraiser for domestic violence, their
charity. The evening ended with the
traditional bingo game with prizes donated
by the dealers.
On Friday one could visit the WIT store,
hosted by area reps Jeannie and Andy. One
chapter hosted a craft project to make a key
fob. The vendors held many seminars, as well
as a well-liked seminar on how to restring
shades. The highly coveted beanbag baseball
trophy was won by the Sun Catchers. The
games had to be moved indoors due to rain.
That afternoon, the chapters held meetings.
After a delicious dinner catered by Country
Boys BBQ, the entertainment for the
evening was a professional comedian, Bill
Robison, a man of limitless energy.
Saturday, a moving memorial tribute was
held in honor of the military as well as
chapter members who had died in the past
year. There was a craft contest and many
more seminars. Wash-I-Bagos held their WA
state meeting. Your Friends from OR hosted
a Margaritaville social. After dinner, thank
yous, awards, and door prizes were handed
Sunday included a nondenominational
religious service followed by goodbyes and
safe travels.
Evergreen Winnies
Local Chapter By Judy Thompson
June: Sixteen Winnebago rigs from the
Evergreen Winnies and Apple Rovers
chapters traveled over hill and dale to the
small town of Lind, WA. We got settled in
next to the arena and, ignoring the strong
winds, prepared for the weekend festivities.
Following our chapter meetings, we filled
up on a filling meal. Many of us had gone
over to the arena earlier and reserved our
spots so we had our pick of great seats.
Friday night was filled with car and truck
races. The race drivers loved spraying the
crowd with dirt going around the corners.
After the water truck wet the track down,
they sprayed us with clods of dirt! There
was plenty of excitement with rollovers and
two cars that got stuck on top of the outer
Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny.
Some of us enjoyed the breakfast at the
arena. Most of us either walked or drove
into town for the parade, which was full of
WIT Club News
August / September 2013
combines and representatives from other
towns advertising their upcoming events.
Then we gathered in the park for lunch. The
town served us a great meal and you could
buy pie for dessert if you wanted. After a
brief rest, we made our way to the arena
stands for the main event. One by one the
behemoths lumbered into the arena and
prepared for battle. Slowly, the combines
would move toward each other and then
there was a huge crash. They continued
ramming into each other until only one was
left running. In between combine heats,
they raced pickup trucks or grain trucks.
Evergreen Winnie attendees were Sandy and
Mike Rosco; Shirley and Sharon Richard;
Sherry Atterbury and her daughter, Suzy;
Sue and Bruce O’Brien; Judy and Rex
Thompson; Helen and Joe Hesketh; Ethel
and Gene Klopfer; and cohosts Margaret and
George Terpening.
Apple Rovers attending were cohosts Melissa
and Roger Simmons, Marcia and Garland
Hogue, Shirley and Don McInnis, Jill and
Sandy Rogers, Maggie and Chuck Nelson, and
Gloria and Jerome Tolbert. Everyone had a
great time.
May: What a great rally we had in Cashmere.
Evergreen Winnies had twenty-one rigs in
attendance. Several members arrived on
Monday to get the welcome bags assembled
in preparation for the arrival of all the
other attendees. Among the many activities
scheduled for Thursday were the opening
ceremonies, the golf tournament, a charity,
and 20-year anniversary fundraiser dinner
hosted by the Frazier Valley Explorers, and
On Friday one could visit the WIT store,
make an fob for the craft project, enjoy
lunch hosted by the Evergreen Winnies,
attend seminars, play beanbag baseball,
attend chapter meetings, and partake of a
delicious dinner catered by Country Boys
BBQ. Our entertainment for the evening was
comedian, Bill Robison, a man of limitless
Saturday brought the Memorial Tribute, the
craft contest, many seminars, the Wash-IBagos WA state meeting, beanbag baseball
playoffs with the Sun Catchers being the
winners this year, plus a Margaritaville
Social hosted by “Your Friends from OR.”
A delicious dinner was served and catered
by Jaso Cascade Catering from Cashmere.
Awards and door prizes were handed out
after dinner.
Sunday included a nondenominational
religious service followed by goodbyes and
safe travels.
Ranier Ramblers
Local Chapter By Robyn Gleim
June: June found the Rainier Ramblers
setting up camp at the base of Mt. St.
Helens for an all American weekend with an
afternoon at the races. Eight coaches,
including new members, Bob and Gloria
Hemmen, settled in and spent Thursday
afternoon in the sun visiting and sharing
stories about family, friends, and fun times.
Friday found members visiting Mt. St.
Helens to check out the regrowth since the
1980 eruption and grabbing breakfast-witha-view on the Spirit Lake Highway. Friday
afternoon, following happy hour, our
wagonmasters gathered up their barbecue
team to prepare meat to go with the potluck
sides and salads provided by the attendees.
Dessert of apple pie and ice cream kept with
our “All American” theme and a rousing
game of pass the trash ended a very fun
Saturday started with the group having
breakfast at nearby Stuffy’s Restaurant,
followed by a visit to the world-famous
squirrel bridge. The pinnacle of the weekend
was the afternoon at the races. The
attendees donned their “derby duds” and
hats for the horse races. As jockeys grabbed
their bedazzled stick horses and found
their way to the starting gate, everyone
gathered to cheer on their favorites. As the
dice rolled, the horses sped down the track
for the exciting finish. Following after-race
cocktails, a dinner of heavy appetizers was
enjoyed by all. The evening wrapped up with
more visiting and storytelling.
After a Sunday morning breakfast, members
hit the road home nursing their sides still
sore from laughter and, possibly, too much
good food, too.
May: Ten Rainier Rambler coaches gathered
at the Northwest Regional Rally on the
Chelan County Fairgrounds in Cashmere,
WA. Parked with the nearly 150 Winnebago
First Place
Club, Chapter & Rally News
coaches in attendance and with sunny
weather abounding, we participated in the
myriad of activities, seminars, games, and
meals provided at the rally. Our chapter was
responsible for the hospitality duties. We
also held a used book sale fund-raiser for
our charity, the Purdy Prison Pet Partnership
Program. Rainier Rambler member, Donna
Coorough, handled the craft contest and had
the difficult task of selecting prize winners
from the variety of crafts entered.
Following NWRR, seven Rainier Ramblers
motorhomes headed to Lake Chelan, WA
for a joint outing with the San Juanderers
chapter. We had a total of thirty-three WIT
coaches at the lake. Along with free time
to take in local attractions, we enjoyed
joint happy hours, shared meals, and had
a rousing game of beanbag baseball. The
highlight of this joint outing had to be
the Aebelskiver breakfast cooked up in the
pouring rain by San Juanderer John Phillips!
A very fun extended outing shared with
friends from four WIT chapters.
Wisconsin State Club
State Club By Janice Mauer
What an adventure we had in beautiful
Elkhorn, WI! The rally was held at the
Walworth County Fairgrounds and for
those of you who have not camped there,
it is a lovely wooded area with water and
electricity, and a dump station located
on the fairgrounds. There is a wonderful
building with a kitchen area where our
meetings, meals, and games were held.
Twenty-one coaches were present,
representing the three chapters, so it was
a great turnout. Eighteen of those couples
were from our state club.
The Southeast chapter served delicious
breakfasts on both Wednesday and Thursday,
with a potluck held on Wednesday evening.
On Thursday we all went to dinner at Moy’s,
a local Chinese restaurant.
A state meeting was held on the morning of
May 15. It was so nice to see everyone once
again. Many new friendships were made and
old friendships were renewed. Good times
were had around the evening campfires.
Much laughter was shared as some of us
learned to play some of the new games
brought by others. All in all, I believe a
good time was had by all, all in part to the
great job of our hosts.
Alberta Wild Rose WIT By Dani Mashford
Our first outing of the year was held on the
weekend of May 24-26 at the Rivers Edge
Campground in Cochrane. Friday night we
tried to copy a favorite from last year’s
Norsk Host Fest of a baked potato bratwurst
with all the trimmings.
The sun came out on Saturday and we
all enjoyed some shopping in the quaint
Cochrane Cowboy Town and we had a tour of
the amazing Sports Centre right next to the
Terry and Val Soderberg gave us a tour of
their new 36-foot Winnebago Adventurer.
Val planned a fun raffle which took place
Saturday after our potluck dinner.
After our Sunday morning meeting, we
packed up and moved to the Cochrane Ranch
Park for our usual hot dog lunch before
everyone headed home.
Frasier Valley Explorers
By Hazel Robb
June: Four coaches arrived on Wednesday
afternoon June 12 at Nk’Mip RV Park in
Osoyoos and were treated to a spectacular
happy hour watching helicopters, water
bombers, and men fighting a fire above the
resort after a logging truck lost his brakes
coming down the hill. The driver tried the
runaway lane but it wasn’t long enough,
so he jumped out just as the truck rolled
and burst into flames, causing the hill to
catch fire. Thankfully, he was okay! Even
on Thursday afternoon, when the rest of
the group arrived, the firefighters and a
helicopter were still trying to put out hot
Twenty-five people were in attendance
for dinner on Thursday night in the new
clubhouse that isn’t quite complete. Our
hosts, wanting to do something different,
served chicken potpies with sides and it was
wonderful! Afterwards some folks played a
variety of games.
Breakfast was served on Friday morning
before some of the group left to play golf
and others went into Osoyoos to shop or just
to wander. Dinner was barbecue your own
meat with salads and desserts supplied as
Saturday morning was beautiful and the
pancake breakfast was served outside.
Breakfast was followed by the chapter
meeting, which left us with an hour before
the tours started for the wineries. We
visited several and then, of course, we
had to make a stop at Tickleberry’s for ice
cream on our way back to Osoyoos. Our last
stop was at Silver Sage to check out the
gardens which were spectacular!
After happy hour we were off to the
Ridge View Pub for dinner, where the food
was fabulous. Thanks to our hosts for a
wonderful, relaxing weekend!
May: Eleven rigs met at Tulalip Casino
on Tuesday to leave early on Wednesday
morning to caravan to the Chelan County
Fairgrounds where eight other rigs from BC
joined us. Five more rigs from the States
joined in the fun. It was good to see our
two latest members, the Reddekops and
the Warcups, who were able to experience
their first rally.
Julie Krause, W14088
Thursday morning saw many of our
members playing golf. After lunch, it
was time to prepare for our anniversary
celebration. A donation box was set out
and we raised over $750 for our charity for
battered women.
During the festivities our Western Reps,
Andy and Jeannie Bienvenu, presented
Ron with our 20-year anniversary patch
and a copy of the letter received from Doug
Formanek. Several members participated in
both the indoor and outdoor games. Dennis
came in first in the parade of games.
Scenic Barn in Co
a, WA
Becky Blair W15133
White Sands National
Al Phillips W157985, Lak
e Barrington, IL
Congratulations to the
Friday morning many of our members were
up early to check out the new items in the
WIT store. Our chapter entered two teams
into the beanbag tournament. They both
lost in the second round. Claire Hudson
entered three items in the craft contest
and won two firsts and a second place
ribbon. Her beautiful quilt was announced
the overall winner at the awards
presentation on Saturday evening.
2013 WIT Club
Contest winners!
All in all, it was a successful rally this
weekend. So many friends and so little
time to visit with everyone.
We were pleased to receive 75 entries to our first ever photography contest in the three
categories: Destination, Nature and People. Our judges had a tough time choosing the
best of the best, but we think you’ll agree that these photos are amazing! Each of the
photographers will receive $50 and their photo will be featured on upcoming covers of
WIT Club News as well as featured on our WIT Club website and Facebook. Thanks to all
WIT Club members who participated in this year’s contest. We look forward to seeing
more photography from our members in the future!
Entering Black Hills
Greg Lussier W158486,
From Lake City, FL
Attendees to the Grand National Rally also had the opportunity to vote on their
one favorite of all entries in the contest. Wisconsin’s Julie Krause, W140880, won
$25 for her photo of “Pool Kids” and received recognition during Thursday evening
announcements. Congratulations to Julie as well!
Happy Anniversary!
Congratulations and Best Wishes to the following
clubs and chapters celebrating anniversaries!
15 Years
25 Years
20 Years
30 Years
OH Maumee Valley Winnies
40 Years
ON Ontario Trillium Travellers
IN Indiana Meanderers
International Handicap Club
MA Quinebagos
FL Space Coast Winnies
Maine A Bagos State Club
Louisiana Pelican Winnies State Club
WIT Member Anniversaries
George & Maxine Zackey, 54 yrs
Donnie & Elfriede Williams W111931,
52 yrs
Ron & Linda Doerschug W130556, 52 yrs
Charles & Louise Faulconer W69898,
62 yrs
L J & Rosetta White W55625, 58 yrs
Tom & Maralyn Moore W087539, 54 yrs
Ed & Marg Ellis W049684, 57 yrs
Victor & Edith Naderer W137733, 57 yrs
Robert & Shirley Fricker W74842, 69 yrs
Glen & Virginia Duysen W87179, 65 yrs
Arie & Helen Van Groningen W72130,
60 yrs
Bob & Edythe Walter W136017
George & Barbara McCormick W93705
Ray & Mary Jane Lewis W140770
Jack & Bonnie Griffith W72525, 61 yrs
Jud & Lorraine McDougal W69400, 61 yrs
Dick & Diane Stonecipher W57417, 55 yrs
George & Mary Perry W142572, 52 yrs
Philip & Shirley Halstead W69815, 60 yrs
Leon & Dorothy Hill W142118, 57 yrs
Dave & Barb Watkins W070395, 51 yrs
Parker & Rosemary Remes W09404,
50 yrs
Tony & Linda Turri W135394, 56 yrs
Ran & Judy Hennells W80499, 57 yrs
John & Christine Trathen W76568, 50 yrs
Bill & Marion Marzion W92096, 61 yrs
Don & Marie Eickholdt W102439, 56 yrs
Joe & Karen Aalto W080894, 55 yrs
Don & Beverly Sands W121493, 50 yrs
Gil & Sandra Bachmann W149978, 52 yrs
Joe & Ginger Weiss W86966, 51 yrs
Larry & Hallie Olson W98159, 59 yrs
Toby & Barb Watne W104001, 50 yrs
John & Beverly Hammond W067769,
63 yrs
Maurice & Jean Wolfe W056952, 53 yrs
William & Betty Borchardt W105198,
60 yrs
John & Leila Waldron W80452, 60 yrs
Glen & Peggy Riedel W093780, 57 yrs
Mac & Peggy McIntosh W081073, 59 yrs
Ivan & Nell Alspaw W154013, 58 yrs
Jim & Judy Bandy W88210, 54 yrs
Bob & Connie Miller W151364, 50 yrs
Donnie & Elfriede Williams W111931,
52 yrs
Ron & Linda Doerschug W130556, 52 yrs
Charles & Louise Faulconer W69898,
62 yrs
L J & Rosetta White W55625, 58 yrs
Wayne & Bev Baker W95343, 58 yrs
Frank & Betty Beno W14387, 60 yrs
Jack & Genie Carmody W23409, 56 yrs
Ed & Marion Graveline W89248, 58 yrs
Bob & Bonnie Milligan W142733, 55 yrs
Eddie & Louise Jones,W52550, 67 yrs
Ben & Millie Grunig W45756, 69 yrs
Dalton & Kathy Bray W137321, 56 yrs
Jim & Joyce Martin W85258, 62 yrs
Virginia Coasters
gives to American
Cancer Society
During a recent outing, the
Blue Ridge Winnies sold
barbecue sandwiches with
slaw, chips, and a drink to earn
money for their charity, the
American Cancer Society. They
raised $305.
Does your club or chapter have
a favorite charity that you
support? Send us your story at
[email protected]!
Thanks to everyone who
attended the 2nd Annual
Blood Drive at the Grand
National Rally. We were
able to collect and donate
39 pints of blood thanks to
your support of this cause.
Dunk Tank event during
GNR encouraged participants to donate a
non-perishable food item or money for the
opportunity to dunk one our WIT Club staff
members. Thanks to Doug, Andy and Butch for
their entertaining participation and for taking
yet another one for the team! WIT Club donated
$120 and many food staples to North Iowa Food
Bank thanks to our generous WIT Club members!
WIT Member Memorials
Greta Dain, W72975, passed away May 1. She was a long
time member of the Buckeye Winnies.
Jean Gaston, W1000345, passed away. She was a charter
member of WIT.
John E Quickery, W088591, passed away April 30. He is
survived by his wife Carole & four children.
Millie Lamar, W54993, passed away May 24. She was a long
time member of the Winnie Gonians & served a number of
positions. She is survived by a son & two daughters.
Katrina Rusher, W156192, passed away. She was a long
time member of the Heart of Texas chapter.
Ione Theres, W81628, passed away May 25. She was a
charter member of the Southeast Wisconsin Travelers. She is
survived by three daughters & a son.
Dan Gabrus, W73271, passed away on June 3. He was a
charter member of the Southeast Wisconsin Travelers. He is
survived by his wife, Joan, two sons, a step-daughter & a
Geneva Swinback, W16197, passed away May 12. She was
a member for over 34 years of the IL Cardinal Capers. She is
survived by a son & a daughter.
Herman Wilks, W49469, passed away April 21. He was an
honorary member of the Du-Bols.
Eugene Bastys, W91521, passed away May 28. He was a
long-time San Ju&erer member. He is survived by his wife,
Janet, two children, & several grand children.
WIT Club News
Minnesota Winnehahas enjoy time at Pleasureland RV
Wow, what a great weekend we had in
April at our Show & Tell at Pleasureland
RV in St Cloud. After very iffy weather
during the week before and not knowing
if it would clear up we had just perfect
weather. Pleasureland RV, as always did
a wonderful job of entertaining us and
keeping us busy all weekend. There was
August / September 2013
no shortage of food for our potluck on
Friday, and most of Pleasureland’s staff
stayed to eat with us. We played lots of
games, had great seminars, and Saturday’s
catered dinner was delicious.
The new Winnebago models were very
inviting, we have never seen so many new
units in one place. Thank you so much
Pleasureland RV.
Has your club or chapter participated in
an event with a sponsoring dealership
or simply stopped in to show them
appreciation for their support? Share your
story and photos with WIT Club News!
E-mail [email protected]
New Jersey
Club & Chapter of Excellence
Congratulations to the following Clubs and Chapters
who achieved this annual recognition for 2013.
We applaud your loyalty and participation in WIT
Club activities! To qualify for Club and Chapter of
Excellence status, the group must meet a minimum
amount of points in each of six categories including:
For more about this criteria, please visit www.witclub.com/community.
Compliance – follows all WIT Club and Club or Chapter
Membership – points given for each new member
gained in the year
Communications – recognition for all newsletters
sent to membership and Area Reps as well as all
outings must be published in Who’s Inviting Travelers
Participation – Chapter membership belongs to State
Leadership – Members participate in officer positions
for either their Chapter or State Club; submit
this information to WIT Club office and introduce
themselves as officers to their local dealership.
Activities - recognizes the amount participation in
various WIT Club rallies and events
Jersey Seashells
New York
Keshequa Winnies
Western New York Winnies
Windmill Winnies
North Carolina
Western Winnie Tarwheels
Winnie Tarheel Travelers
Buckeye Winnies
Cardinal Winnies
Emerald Necklace Winnies
Maumee Valley Winnies
Mid Ohio Winnies
North Coast Winnies
River City Winnies
Ontario, Canada
Ontario Trillium Travellers
Nutmeg Winnies
Delmarva Winnies
Florida State Winnie Gators
Georgia Winnie Rebels
Illinois Indians
Who’s Yur Winnies
Water Wonderland Winnies
New Hampshire
Granite State Winnies
New York
Excelsior Winnies
North Carolina
Winnie Tarwheels
Wandering Ohio Winnies
North Alabama Travelin’
Buccaneer Winnies
Caloosa Winnies of SW
Rhode Island
Du-Bol Winnies
Pennsylvania State Club
Rhody Winnies
Vol State Winnies
Ye Ole Virginia Winnie
Wisconsin State Club
Florida Sunshine Winnies
Funtime Travelers
Mid-Florida Winnies
Panhandle Winnies
Seaside Winnies
Spacecoast Winnies
South Florida Winnie Gators
Suncoast Winnies
Gone With The Winnies of
North Georgia
Metro Atlanta Winnies
Middle Georgia Sta-Goners
Cardinal Capers
Fourwinds Winnies
Fox Valley Winnies
Little Egypt Winnies
Prairie Scooners
Quad Cities Winnies
Windy City Winnies
Indiana Meanderers
Cereal City Campers
Grand Valley Winnies
Lansing Area Winnies
Motor Cities Winnies
Tip-O-The Mitt Travelers
WIT Club News
Capitol Area Winnies
Delaware Valley Winnies
Keystone Winnies
Lake Erie Tri-State
Susquehanna Winnies
Three Rivers Winnies
Music City Winnies
Rocky Top Travelers
West Tennessee Travelers
Lake Champlain WIT
Blue Ridge Winnies
Cardinal Winnie Tascas
Dogwood Winnies
Peninsula Winnies
Tidewater Tascas
Virginia Coasters
August / September 2013
Northern Lights
Big Valley Drifters
Green Country Winnies
Southeast Wisconsin
Central Coast Pelicans
Sooner Schooners
Chardonnay Travelers
Grand Canyon Winnies
Ark-A-Bago State Club
California State Club
Iowa Winnie Hawks
Prairie Winnies
Pelican Winnies
Winnie Mo Tascas
Silver State Travelers
North Dakota
Nodak Flickertails
Oregon Trail Winnies &
Texas W Club
Five Star Winnebago
Cascade Travelers
Golden Bear Winnies
Rogue River Ramblers
Hi-Desert Rig Runners
Rose City Winnie Tascas
Lone Cypress Winnitascans
Willamette Gad-A-Bouts
River City Rollers
Winnie’ Gonians
South Dakota
Aspen Leaf Winnies
Ringneck Winnies
Colorado Columbines
Rushmore Winnies
Busy Bee Winnies
Alamo Winnies
Iowa Cornbelt Campers
Bluebonnet Travelers
North Iowa Travelers
Heart Of Texas Winnies
We Wan To Go
Nor-Tex Travelers
Winnie Korns
Red River Wrangers
Bago Cajuns
Apple Rovers - Yakima
Bayou Winnies
Columbia River Rollers
Gator Travelers
Evergreen Winnies
N’awlins Winnies
Inland Empire Explorers
Rainier Ramblers
Northwoods Winnie Tascas
San Juanderers
Southern Honkers
Sundowner Winnie Tascas
Chief Winnies
Gateway Winnies
Wild Rose Wiit
British Columbia
Fraser Valley Explorers
Ozark Winnies
Wit Montana Wilderness
Vegas Rollers
Washoe Winnies
Arizona Sunbirds
Valley Suntascans
2013 GNR Geocacher
un from IL, W15
na Korz
Richard and Ti
Glenda Han
Diane Moore from SD,
a d m itt anc e
in to t he
2014 GNR
Congratulations to this
year’s contest winners!
Your creativity amazes us
every year and we always
look forward to see what
you’ll come up with next!
Thanks to all rows who
took pride in showing
everyone their version
of WIT’s Wild West!
m VA, W1
naford fro
2013 GNR row
a ny
2014 wit
We’ll have a
y e ar
WIT Club
& $100 cash
derland Winnies
1-14 RVs: Michigan Water Won
2014 Grand National Rally Announced:
Wednesday, July 16 — Sunday, July 20
The Wild West has been tamed.
Our Wild West themed 2013 WIT
Club Grand National Rally went
off without a “hitch” in July and
we’re already in planning mode
for the 2014 WIT Club GNR.
What do the WIT Club GNR and
the historic Apollo lunar landing
have in common? They both
first happened in the summer of
1969 and next summer we will
celebrate the 45th anniversary of
both events with an “Out of This
World” GNR. This spectacular
event will “blast off”
on Wednesday, July 16 and run
through Sunday, July 20, 2014.
This new mid-week kick off
is designed to better meet the
schedules of more WIT Club
members by enabling attendees
to take less vacation time to
attend. So invite your friends
and family to join you for our
45th WIT Club Grand National
Rally for a party that will truly
be…out of this world!
40+ RVs: Minnesota Winnehahas
Texas W
15-39 RVs:
We’re excited and ready to start
the countdown.
WIT Club News
August / September 2013
2013 GNR Contest Winners
First Place
1st place: E rrol Conn W123335 and
Ed Hargrove W155588
2nd place: D
ennis & Paula Olson
3rd place: D
an & Linda Tuzzolo
First Place
Blue Ox
Golf Tournament
1st place: Dennis Pfaltzgraff W128743, Larry Diaz W122985, Jim Hull W107307
2nd place: Dinie Hesseltine W084488, Fritz Ilgen W159743, Paul Riehm W101165
3rd place: B
ill Lachance W102794, Junior Branson W125576
1st place: Ed Hargrove W155588 & Phyllis Weller W028642
2nd place: Dennis & Paula Olson W159641
3rd place: Dave & Terry Nystrom W157799
First Place
First Place
Bocce Ball
1st place: Dick & Marcia Fabricius
2nd place: Joe & Irene Gersinger
3rd place: T oby & Barb Watne W104002
Women’s WIT Rodeo
Men’s Cow Chip
1st place: Kevin Cuervo W126772
2nd place: Albert Knech W079517
3rd place: Ed Hargrove W155588
First Place
Women’s Cow Chip
1st place: Phyllis Weller W028642
2nd place: Carolyn Troite W160540
3rd place: Laurel Geiselhart W157352
First Place
Bowling Tournament
Newsletter Contest
Men 1st place: G.J. Martin W132277
Men Runner Up: Joe Lance W149660
Women 1st place: R
honda Wahlberg W157656
Women Runner-up: Vi Schlagel W121355
Local Chapter Runner Up:
Tennessee Rocky Top Travelers
First Place
1st place: Duane Ziegler W150125
2nd place: Doug Wood W129729
3rd place: Doyle Wilson W154840
First P
State Runner Up:
South Carolina Palmetto State Club
First Plac
Website Contest
WIT Club News
August / September 2013
Pie Eating
State Club 1st place:
Florida State Winnie Gators
Rob Nemec W158544
Local Chapter 1st place:
Rainer Ramblers of Washington
Special Interest:
International Presidents
Men’s WIT Rodeo
Local Chapter 1st place:
Oklahoma Green Country Winnies
State Club 1st place:
Tennessee Volunteer State Winnies
First Place
1st place: Dave & Terry
Nystrom W157799
2nd place: Bill & Cheryl
Ebers W159558
3rd place: Dennis &
Paula Olson W159641
1st place: Mavis Johnson W148147
2nd place: Lynne Csaszar W152964
3rd place: Pat Scarlet W153648
First Place
WIT Club News
August / September 2013
WIT Club News
August / September 2013
Thank You!
2013 GNR Chili Cookoff
Road Bites
WIT Club and the youth who attended this year’s Grand National Rally
want to extend sincere appreciation to the following clubs, chapters
and members who supported this year’s youth program. These funds
supported a fabulous week full of activities for tomorrow’s WIT Club
members. Our youth enjoyed roller skating, bowling, movies,
swimming, and even traveled to Des Moines for a day at Blank
Park Zoo with a visit to Chuck E. Cheese for dinner. We know
these young attendees are forming WIT Club friendships and
memories they’ll remember for a lifetime. Thanks again for
your generous donations to make these memories happen!
Double “C” Chili Recipe
Directions: (in order of completion)
1 lb. Ground Chuck (85% lean)
1. In a saucepan, lightly brown the
1 lb. Angus choice Beef Stew Cubes (cut
into small pieces about ½ inch squares)
1 lb. Italian Sausage (used Bill’s Family
Foods, Forest City, Iowa own Brand of
Italian Sausage)
4 cloves finely chopped Garlic
Delmarva Winnies
Texas W Club
Prairie Scooners
2 medium size medium chopped Onions
Nebraska Cornhusker
Winnie Tascas
Cardinal Winnie Tascas of
West Tennessee Travelers
2 cups finely chopped Celery
Chardonnay Travelers
Sooner Schooners
FL State Winnie Gators
2 large finely chopped Green Peppers
Connecticut Nutmeg
Sundowner Winnie
Tascas of Minnesota
Water Wonderland
No-Tow Bagos
Winnie Poo Club
Western Winnie
Wisconsin WinnebagoItasca State Club
Green Country Winnies
Tidewater Tascas
MO Ozark Winnies
Maumee Valley Winnies
Palmetto Winnebago
State Club
Nodak Flickertails
IA Winnie Hawks
North Iowa Travelers
Vegas Rollers
Cardinal Winnies of OH
Du-Bol Winnies
Silver State Travelers
Grand Canyon Winnies
Peninsula Winnies- VA
River City Winnies
Caloosa Winnies of
Southwest FL
Cardinal Capers of IL
Ononbago Winnies of
Central NY
Rhody Winnies
Keystone Winnies- PA
Indy Bagos
Golden Bear Winnies
Volunteer State Winnies
Fox Valley Winnies
Busy Bee Winnies
WIT Rio Grande Travelers
Wandering Ohio Winnies
Illinois Indians State
Buckeye Winnies
Windy City Winnies
Mid Florida Winnies
Lone Cypress
Border Cities Travelers
1 (28 ounce) can Hunt’s Diced Tomatoes
with Juice
1 (8 ounce) can of Hunt’s Tomato Sauce
1 (24 fluid ounces – 3 cups) Campbell’s
Tomato Juice
1st place team: R ichard Korzun W156743
Who’s Yur Winnies
& Jerry Frost W093734
Four Winds Winnies
Winnehahas – In
memory of Charlie &
Mavis Mann
This year’s cooking contest challenged our
members to a chili cookoff and we were
pleased to have so many states represented
by eight teams. From green chilies to
coriander, the various ingredients brought
a wide range of flavors for those who
attended. The judges had a tough job to do,
but in the end the winners came from the
state of Illinois – Cardinal Capers members
and friends Richard Korzun and Jerry Frost.
And won with a chili containing the most
interesting of ingredients – CHOCOLATE!
Please enjoy this award winning chili by
trying the recipe below.
We Wan To Go (IA)
Southern Tier Winnies
WIT Singers
WIT Handicap Club
WIT Singles
365 Club
Congratulations and thanks to all who
participated especially Runner Up team:
Dave & Terry Nystrom, W157799.
Virginia Coasters
Colorado Columbines
Enjoy – the WIT Chili Judges enjoyed the
consistency of the 2013 Winning Double
“C” Chili – So will you.
Prairie Winnies
Central Coast Pelicans
WIT Club News
1 teaspoon Ditka’s Real Hot Sauce
(Chicago Bears Coach Mike Ditka Hot
3 (12 ounce) cans of your favorite Beer
(One can for the Chef, One can for the
Assistant Chef and One can for the Chili
3 Tablespoons - Chili Powder
2 Tablespoons – Instant Beef Flavored
Bouillon (or 6 cubes)
2 teaspoons – ground Cumin
2 teaspoons - Paprika
2 teaspoons - Oregano leaves
3 teaspoons - Sugar
1 teaspoon - Sea Salt
1 teaspoon – ground Coriander
3 Tablespoons - Ghirardelli Double
Chocolate (Yes – Ghirardelli Chocolate Hummmmmm)
1 cup of dried Lentil’s (before cooking)
chopped onions, celery and garlic with
some Olive Oil until the combination is
transparent and tender. Do not let the
combination burn; just soft transparent
and tender – (transfer the mixture to a six
(6) quart slow cooker).
2. In the same saucepan, lightly brown the
chopped Green Peppers with some Olive
Oil until they are tender. Do not let them
burn; just lightly browned – (also transfer
the peppers to the slow cooker).
3. In the same saucepan brown the pound
of the ground Chuck meat (the beef) drain off excess fat and also transfer to
the slow cooker
4. In the saucepan brown the pound of
the small cut up Beef Stew Cubes - drain
off excess fat and also transfer to the slow
5. In the same saucepan brown the pound
of Italian Sausage - drain off excess fat
and also transfer to the slow cooker
6. Add the Tomato Sauce, Diced Tomatoes,
one can of Beer, and Tomato Juice and stir
into the mixture
7. Then add Chili Powder, Beef Bouillon,
Cumin, Paprika, Oregano Leaves, Sugar,
Sea Salt, Coriander, Hot Sauce and
Chocolate. Mix well.
8. Cover, bring to a soft boil then reduce
heat and cook / simmer for two (2) hours.
9. In a separate four (4) quart cooking
pot, cook Lentils as per the instruction
on Lentil Package. Drain, stir into cooked
Chili mixture, bring again to a soft boil
and cook for an additional thirty more
Serve with:
Oyster Crackers, Vermont Extra Sharp
Cheddar Cheese, sliced Hot Peppers and/
or a mixture of your coarsely chopped
favorite vegetables (coarsely chopped
combination of Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Red
Peppers, Red Onions, etc.)
Alaska Caravan
Canadian Rockies
Black Hills
Calgary Stampede
Great River Road
Twin Cities
New England
2 0 14
New York City
New Explore Galveston Rally
Due to popular demand, this rally will once again take
place in Naples, FL and includes nine nights camping
at Bonita Lake RV Resort, Bonita Springs, FL, with full
hookups, a refreshing heated pool, fishing lake and
more! Travel round-trip by catamaran from Fort Myers
Marina for a two-night stay in the tropical paradise of
Key West, FL to enjoy the history and stories of this
major tourist attraction.
Galveston is one of the most historic cities in Texas – we’ve
put together a tour of this small romantic island designed to
captivate you with its natural beauty, eccentric charm and
traditional Texas-style hospitality. The rally also includes a
day-trip to Houston, TX, where you’ll tour the Space Center
Houston-NASA. Camping includes six nights with full hookups
at the Jamaica Beach RV Park with unobstructed views of the
Galveston Bay area and the Gulf of Mexico.
Washington DC
Made in America
Puerto Peñasco
Grand Circle
Balloon Fiesta
Explore Galveston
We have a full schedule planned once again for 2014 and as usual some of our most popular events are
filling up! We’d love to have you and your friends join us for a rally or caravan – please check out details
for each of these tours at www.witclub.com. Also watch for next month’s special WIT Club Tours edition
of this publication with a special section highlight each of the events in our 2014 schedule.
Pasadena Rose Parade Rally
December 28, 2013 - January 2, 2014
Be a part of the Tournament of Roses festivities including
viewing the building of floats and Bandfest. You will also travel
by charter bus to Simi Valley, home of the newly renovated
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum. Camping
at East Shore RV Park, located on the bank of stream-fed
Puddingstone Lake in Sand Dimas, CA.
1 unit/2 people: $1,900
1 unit/1 person: $1,165
Each guest: $900
New Oregon Coast Caravan
June 11-July 1, 2014
The all-new Oregon Coastal Caravan is a spectacular event
offering miles of breathtaking views of the Pacific, sandy
beaches, towering rugged cliffs, coastal lighthouses,
quaint seaside towns, and sightseeing adventures. Your
journey begins at the northern most part of Oregon in
Astoria, ending at Crescent City, CA in the northern most
part of California.
Florida Sunshine
April 6-12, 2014
April 2-11, 2014
1 unit/2 people: $2,800
1 unit/1 person: $1,800
Each guest: $1,250
Florida Sunshine Rally
1 unit/2 people: $2,800
1 unit/1 person: $1,875
Each guest: $1,050
1 unit/2 people: $1,490
1 unit/1 person: $865
Each guest: $660
Black Hills Rally
June 16-22, 2014
A tour of the Black Hills of South Dakota, an oasis of pine
clad mountains on the Great Plains, is one you will not want
to miss! This offers everything you expect from a mountain
vacation: Natural Parks, scenic drives, American Indian
Culture, abundant wildlife and numerous attractions for
adults and children alike. See Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse,
the Shrine of Democracy and the beauty of Needles Highway.
Stay six nights with full hookups at the Happy Holiday RV
Park in Rapid City, SD.
1 unit/2 people: $1,400
1 unit/1 person: $875
Each guest: $700
Does It Better
Puerto Peñasco, Mexico Rally
#1 - February 10-21, 2014
#2 - February 24-March 7, 2014
Enjoy the magnificent views of the northeastern shore of the Sea
of Cortez in Mexico, also known as the Gulf of California. This
popular fishing town has blossomed into a popular modern day
vacation destination that is just over 60 miles from the USA border
– making it a popular drive-to destination by visitors from the
USA. Camping 10 nights with full hookups at Playa Bonita
RV Park, a beach-side park.
1 unit/2 people: $850
1 unit/1 person: $565
Each guest: $345
Number One In Air Ambulance Member Services
Our goal is simply to be the best emergency air transportation membership service in the world.
Will Klein, Chairman SkyMed Group of Companies
SkyMed provides comfort that if you or your
loved ones suffer a critical illness or injury
while traveling we will provide emergency
air transportation to your local hospital and
medical providers.
Call WIT members Tom and Nancy Bickers
and tell them you are a fellow WIT traveler
and want the peace-of-mind only SkyMed
can provide.
call: 1-866-460-3245
web: www.skymed.com/bickers
The Premier Emergency Air-Transportation Membership Service
WIT Club News
August / September 2013
Atlantic Canada Caravan
Twin Cities Adventure
Alaska Caravan
Grand Circle Caravan
Charming fishing villages, lighthouses, expansive forests,
lobster suppers, huge tides, quaint farms, whales and exotic
sea birds, sand dune covered beaches, and rocky ocean cliffs
beckon you to this caravan! Begin this unforgettable journey
along this popular coastline at Kiwanis Oceanfront Campground
in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick. See witclub.com for all the
daily details of this incredible and popular caravan!
Welcome to the land of sky blue water and the Twin Cities!
We’ll explore City of the Lakes, Minneapolis, and her
sister, the Capitol City of Saint Paul, MN. We’ll explore two
spectacular cities which are both in their won charming ways,
magnificent cities to experience. Your tour guide will narrate
highlights of Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and neighborhoods
in-between, including historic sites, legendary homes, and
breathtaking landmarks. You’ll enjoy a seven-night stay at
the Twin Cities premier RV park, Dakotah Meadows RV Park,
located in Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, MN.
It’s no wonder why this is one of our most popular caravans!
Don’t miss out on the chance to travel with WIT Club Tours
seeing some of the most magnificent scenery in the world
and to experience its beauty and history firsthand. It is an
opportunity for you to see parts of British Columbia, the Yukon
Territory, and Alaska that might otherwise be missed. See all
the details of this fabulous journey online at witclub.com.
The vast land of the Grand Circle is yours to explore - from
the high red rock canyon walls of southern UT to the higher
elevation of the awe-inspiring North Rim. Travel off the
beaten path to one of the most photographed landscapes in
America, Monument Valley, a traditional Navajo homeland.
You will tour Canyonlands, Arches National Park, Bryce
Canyon and much more!
New England Caravan
Great River Road Caravan
Discover the wonders of New England while traveling along
back roads, through villages and farmland, giving you the
opportunity to become better acquainted with local people
and their customs of which they are so proud. This caravan
begins on the western edge of Vermont, traveling east,
crossing through New Hampshire, the Maine coast, and down
into Eastern Massachusetts with trips into Connecticut and
Rhode Island. A dinner cruise aboard the Spirit of Ethan Allen
on Lake Champlain kicks off this popular caravan!
What a great time you will have on this caravan as
you travel the Great River Road through America’s ten
Mississippi River states, with an incredible array of
unforgettable attractions and unique events. Rendezvous
in Bemidji, Minnesota where a chartered coach will take
you on a tour of the Itasca State Park. Here you will be
able to walk across the Mighty Mississippi where this small
creek in starts its winding journey of 2,552 miles to the
Gulf of Mexico.
June 24 - August 8, 2014
1 unit/2 people: $7,850
1 unit/1 person: $5,150
Each guest: $2,925
Tow car to Newfoundland: $210
June 29 - July 6
July 14 - August 31, 2014
1 unit/2 people: $1,350
1 unit/1 person: $800
Each guest: $575
Canadian Rockies / Calgary Stampede
September 9 - October 8, 2014
June 30 - July 9, 2014
Banff National Park is a vast untamed territory that begs to be explored from
eagles soaring over the Canadian Rocky Mountains to pure water streaming into
rivers from a 1,000 glaciers! Your tour will include nine nights of camping with
full hookups at Spring Creek RV Campground in Canmore, Alberta, located 14
miles from Banff National Park and a day at the The Calgary Stampede.
1 unit/2 people: $2,600
1 unit/1 person: $1,675
Each guest: $1,100
to the winners of the $1,000 WIT Club Tours Caravan Certificates
Bill & Nancy Grey, San Clemente, CA
1 unit/2 people: $6,900
1 unit/1 person: $4,300
Each guest: $3,150
1 unit/2 people: $4,300
1 unit/1 person: $2,500
Each guest: $1,800
September 3 - 30, 2014
1 unit/2 people: $4,150
1 unit/1 person: $2,465
Each guest: $1,800
September 14-21, 2014
1 unit/2 people: $5,100
1 unit/1 person: $3,225
Each guest: $2,000
Mary & James Stoddard, North Port, FL
Enjoy a great trip this year!
WIT Club News
August / September 2013
WIT Club Tours
Washington DC Rally
Norsk Hostfest
Discover the majesty of our national monuments and
the beauty of our parks! Impressive architecture,
national monuments and museums – this is a tour you
will not want to miss! You’ll enjoy the ideal location
for your seven-night stay while touring the Nation’s
Capitol, Cherry Hill Campground, the closest RV park
to Washington, D.C.
Norsk Hostfest is North America’s largest Scandinavian festival
held each fall in Minot, North Dakota. The event is conducted
in the All Seasons Arena on the grounds of the North Dakota
State Fair in Minot, North Dakota. Tens of thousands of
people attend the Norsk Hostfest to celebrate and partake in
the Scandinavian culture and entertainment. You won’t find
such a wide variety of authentic Scandinavian food anywhere
else in North America! Your Hostfest experience will include
shuttle bus service from your camping area to the Hostfest’s
main door, international shopping at the Viking Market,
celebrity chefs, and three Great Hall performances.
WIT Club #
Spouse/Companion Name (as you want it on your name badge)
September 23-30, 2014
1 unit/2 people: $2,175
1 unit/1 person: $1,435
Each guest: $1,075
September 30-Oct 5, 2014
1 unit/2 people: $1,000
1 unit/1 person: $625
Each guest: $400
America was “born” in the great state of Pennsylvania
and so were many American icons. Let’s go tour and see
just what America is made of – from Harley-Davidson
motorcycles to pretzels and chips to Hershey’s chocolate!
We’ll also take a couple days to quiet our minds from the
hustle and bustle to appreciate our Civil War history and
to learn about the Amish lifestyle and the rich traditions
of Lancaster County. These seven days are full of great
sightseeing, mixing history with present-day Pennsylvania.
1 unit/2 people: $2,300
1 unit/1 person: $1,325
Each guest: $1,050
1 unit/2 people: TBD
1 unit/1 person: TBD
Each guest: TBD
RV License Pl#
Length of Unit
We look forward to providing you with a fun, interesting
and entertaining sightseeing experience in The Big Apple!
Take your seat and watch the curtain rise for two exciting
top Broadway Shows! See the fabulous lights of Times
Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of
Art and experience the magic of NYC at sundown as you
gracefully cruise past the city’s famous landmarks. You’ll
stay eight nights with water and electric at the Liberty
Harbor RV Park with a view of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis
Island and the Lower Manhattan skyline.
Holiday cheer and world-class live entertainment combine
for an unforgettable Branson Country Christmas in Branson,
Missouri. WIT Club members will enjoy Christmas-themed,
star-studded production shows, millions of holiday lights,
along with warm Ozarks hospitality. The 2014 Branson
Country Christmas will be an experience you will not
want to miss! Join us at the conveniently located
America’s Best Campground for a five-night stay
with 50-amp full hookups.
1 unit/2 people: $1,600
1 unit/1 person: $950
Each guest: $750
Driver Side
Location of slide(s)
Additional persons in unit - list name(s) as they want it to appear on their name badge(s)
Are you celebrating a special event during this time? such as a birthday or anniversary?
List state name, date and occasion
One unit/1 person
# of Guests @
Non-WIT member fee
Less deposit of $100 (or amount stated in ad) enclosed with this form
Balance due for this event after payment of deposit
Balance of event fee is due and payable 75 days prior to activity. If sending registration is less than 75
days before event, remit full amount.
Personal Check
3-digit Security Code
In consideration for being able to participate in any WIT Club sponsored caravan, rally, special event or other function, the
named registrant(s) agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify WIT Club Tours, WIT Club Tours rally operators, and Winnebago
Industries, Inc., its successors and assigns, from any and all claims for loss, damage or injury to property or person, for any cause
whatsoever occurring during its event. Registrant expressly acknowledges and assumes responsibility for any minors in his/her care.
Note: To avoid canceling a caravan, WIT Club Tours reserves the right to run a caravan with only one host couple if we do not meet
the minimum number of RV reservations needed to run the event.
By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to all terms and conditions noted on this page. This
reservation form must be signed to become valid.
WIT Club News
1. Upon registration: $100 deposit unless
stated otherwise on ad. Please allow 4-6
weeks for processing.
2. Full payment of balance is due 75 days
prior to the start of the event unless
otherwise stated.
WIT Club Tours reserves the right to make changes prior
to and during the caravan and rally. Changes may involve
sight-seeing events, campgrounds, and/or meals. Any
changes made are in the best interest of the WIT Club
members participating, or as a result of circumstances
beyond WIT Club Tour’s control.
Cancellation Policy
Handicap? Name and special needs
November 11-18
Pass Side
# of slides
One unit/2 people
Christmas in Branson
1 unit/2 people: $4,200
1 unit/1 person: $2,550
Each guest: $1,800
Rally/Caravan Deposit and
Payment Schedule
Oct 5-12, 2014
New York City Rally
October 14-22, 2014
Name (as you want it on your name badge)
Tow Car Pet
Put hundreds of giant, brightly colored hot air balloons
in the same place on a perfect October morning, have
them rise all at once into New Mexico’s impossibly blue
sky, and you have one of the man-made wonders of
the world! This why you will not want to miss out on
all the fun and activities we have planned for the 2014
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.
WIT Club Tours Rally and
Caravan Schedule Policy
Each rally and caravan has a maximum
number of units and/or persons that may
be included. Some events are filled well in
advance and a standby list is maintained. As
a result, you are encouraged to sign up early
for the event of your choice.
Made in America Tour
Non-WIT Member
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
October 4-12, 2014
Rally/Caravan Registration
Written cancellation of your WIT Club Tours
caravan or rally reservation must be made
to the WIT Club office. Cancellation date is
effective immediately upon receipt of your
written notice in the WIT Club office in
Forest City, IA.
WIT Club Tours will retain a $35 cancellation
fee if reservation is cancelled prior to final
payment deadline. If reservation is cancelled
74 to 15 days prior to start of event, for
any reason, WIT Club Tours will retain a
$35 cancellation fee plus 10 percent of
full cost of event, plus charges incurred
from guarantees and/or deposits made for
registrant. Cancellation 14 days or less prior
to start of event, for any reason, WIT Club
Tours will retain a $35 cancellation fee plus
20 percent of full cost of event plus charges
incurred from guarantees and/or deposits
made from registrant is not refundable.
NOTE: This can be a substantial amount.
For Trip Cancellation Insurance information,
call 800-331-1520.
Normal processing time for rally and caravan
refunds is 6-8 weeks after the end of the
The uniqueness of some caravans and rallies
require a deposit and cancellation schedule
other than the one listed above. If so,
requirements will be noted in the descriptive
literature and/or the WIT Club News.
It’s so easy to see North America with a WIT Club Tours Caravan or Rally!
Call for more information today! 1-800-643-4892, Ext. 1
State, Special Interest
& Regional Rallies
New York State Rally
Frankfort, NY
September 5-8, 2013
The New York State Excelsior Winnies
invites all WIT members to their annual
State Rally. The rally will begin on
September 5, 2013 and conclude on
September 8, 2013. The event will be held
at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds in
Frankfort, NY.
Opening ceremonies will be on Thursday
at 4:30 pm, followed by a potluck
dinner. Friday morning starts off with a
continental breakfast and ends with a hot
dog and ice cream social. Saturday begins
with a fully catered breakfast followed
by a catered dinner. Friday and Saturday
nights will have entertainment. Sunday
morning we close the rally with coffee and
donuts and a fair well to all of our guests.
Cost for the rally: 1 unit/2 people $125;
1unit/1person $100 and each extra person
$$75. Fees include four days and three
nights of camping with 30 amp electric
and water. A dump station is provided on
the camp grounds.
Early arrivals are all welcome for $22 per
night. Registration received after August
23, 2013 will be accessed an additional
$25. So please register early.
Reservations should be sent to Ed Welch,
45 Filkins St., Fairport, NY 14450. Checks
must be made out to: Excelsior Winnies.
All cancellations made after August 23,
2013 will be subject to a $25 cancellation
fee. No refunds for any cancellations after
September 1, 2013.
Directions to the Herkimer County
Fairgrounds: New York State Thruway
(I-90), take exit 30 from either direction,
turn left and go across bridge, bear right
onto 5S West and drive 5 miles onto
Cemetery Road then turn into fairgrounds.
Vendors are welcome. Contact Gary Gay,
Rally Master and 1st Vice President
at (602) 571-8433 or email him at
[email protected] for more
Minnesota State Rally
Hutchinson, MN
September 6-8, 2013
We are inviting everyone to attend our
42nd Minnesota State Rally which will
be held on September 6-8 (with early
arrivals on Thurs the 5th at no extra
camping fees) at the McLeod County Fair
Grounds located at 840 Century Ave. SW
Hutchinson, MN 55350.
A potluck meal will be served for all early
arrivals on Thursday evening followed by
social time and games.
A golf tournament is being planned for
Friday along with other activities.
A pancake breakfast will be served on
Saturday followed by seminars, games and
tournaments. The evening meal will be
catered and served to us.
Other fun activities that are being
organized throughout the weekend are
possibly a 50/50 raffle, theme baskets,
arts and crafts and a silent auction.
Sunday morning we will have a
continental breakfast followed by a nondenominational church service. A closing
ceremony will end our weekend before we
all head our separate ways.
Cost for the rally: 1 unit 2 people: $100.
1 unit 1 person: $80 before August 23,
unit with 2 people, $85 per unit with 1
person and $35 for each extra person. For
those renting a cabin, the rally fee is $75
for 2 people, $40 for 1 person and $35
for each extra person. Fees postmarked
August 17, 2013 and after will increase
$10 per unit. A $20 fee will be applied to
all cancellations made after August 30,
2013. After August 23 there will be an
additional $10 with the price at $110 and
$90. Extra adult will be $25 and each child
6-12 will be $15. Children 5 and under
will be no charge. Extra nights of camping
available for $22.50/night. Each campsite
will have electricity (limited to 20 amp on
some sites). There is a dump station on the
Send your registration and rally fees (made
payable to Minnesota State Winnehaha’s)
to Ted Steele, 1309 Schooner Court
Woodbury, MN 55125.
Please mark our rally dates on your
September 2013 calendar and we will look
forward to seeing everyone there.
For more information contact: President:
Ted Steele at 651-253-5284, email:
[email protected]
Missouri State Rally
Mountain View, MO
September 13-15, 2013
The Winnie-MO-Tasca sheriff invites all
of you cowboys and cowgirls to don your
chaps and spurs, saddle up the Winnebago
and head on down, or up, or over, to
Mountain View, MO to join the Winnie-MOTasca Missouri State Club for their ‘Wild &
Wooly West’ rally.
The rally will be held September 13-15 at
the Ozark Mountain Springs RV Park, 5400
CR3200 #19, Mountain View, MO 65548.
Cost for the rally: 2 nights full hook-up
campsite, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast
and dinner, ice cream social, Saturday
evening entertainment and Sunday
continental breakfast. If you choose to
leave your trusty steed (Winnebago) in
the corral, the campground has cabins
available; 1BR-$55, 2BR-$65 or Sleeping
unit-$25. The rally fee will be $120 per
WIT Club News
The weekend promises to be a lot of fun.
At the age of most of the participants
there will probably not be a lot of bronco
busting or bull riding, but there should be
plenty of opportunities to shoot the bull.
The sheriff will be bringing the stagecoach
cargo box filled with door prizes to be
given away throughout the weekend
and he will be on hand to welcome all of
you cowpokes to the opening ceremony
on Friday evening. After dinner you are
invited to mosey on over to the Ozark
Mountain Jamboree to enjoy an evening of
bluegrass and gospel music. Jim Orchard
and Pickers perform from 7:00 until 8:30,
then its open mike for all musicians and
singers to join in and show your talent.
The jamboree is located right behind
the rv park. There is a $5 per person
admission charge and concessions are
available. Saturday afternoon activities
will include bronco racing. Saturday
evening’s activity will be the ‘Oldie Weds’
game, which should fulfill the ‘wild and
wooly’ billing. Participating couples will
be determined by a random draw from
those willing to be in the spotlight. Prizes
will be awarded. Both of these activities
should be a lot of fun. We may also have
vendors and a seminar(s).
Plan to arrive on Thursday or earlier.
Although no official tours are being
planned, we will organize caravans to
interesting sites in the area. The Laura
Ingalls Wilder Home is in Mansfield,
MO, approximately 45 miles from the
campground. Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote
the ‘Little House’ series of books. And
there are several historic gristmills
and springs within a 45 mile radius
(approximately 60 mile driving route) of
the campground.
Directions: The campground is located
on the north side of US60 in southern
Missouri. Traveling from the east the
campground is located approximately
9 miles west of Mountain View, MO.
August / September 2013
Traveling from the west the campground
is located approximately 4 miles east of
the Willow Springs junction of US60/
US63. Travel past the campground to the
first crossover, make a U-turn and head
back west to the campground.
Important: Contact Terry Parsons for
registration information and instructions.
816-591-0747 or [email protected]
Virginia State Rally
Virginia Beach, VA
September 20-22, 2013
Mark these dates on your calendar and
come to the beautiful resort city of
Virginia Beach where the Virginia Coasters
will be your host for this year’s Virginia
State Rally at the Holiday-Trav-L-Park,
a full service park which also has a
reserved parking lot at the resort strip
for guest staying at the park. Our theme
will be “A BEACH BUM BASH”, so be ready
for a real good time with two nights of
entertainment, vendors, seminars, and
interesting things to do and see in the
area, and of course, great people.
Come early and stay late to take in many
of the resort area attractions. Pre rally
“Early Bird Specials” will include pier
fishing on the Chesapeake Bay for the
reduced daily price of $5.00 payable at
the pier. You may bring your own tackle
or tackle is available for a rental fee and
a deposit of your driver’s license. Snacks
and sandwiches are available for purchase
or you may bring your own picnic, chairs,
coolers, etc. Try your luck at catching
spot, croaker, flounder, whiting or
puppydrum. The state of Virginia requires
a fishing registration that may be secured
by calling 1-800-723-2728 for free. Keep
registration number with you in case an
official walks the pier. Size is important
for keeping a fish and how many you
catch. Blowfish even count for show and
tell, and who can catch the biggest or
the most is also important. Non-fishers
may use the sandy beach [no lifeguard],
there are public rest rooms on the pier.
Also available is the gourmet restaurant,
“Lynnhaven Fish House” which adjoins
the pier.
On Thursday prior to the Rally we will
caravan to the “Military Aviation Museum”
located 10 miles from the campground.
Here you will see Fighters, Bombers,
Seaplanes and Trainers used in WWI,
WWII and the early days of the Korean
conflict. All have been restored to their
original flying condition. If we have a
large enough group they may fly one
for us. They have an actual WWI Hangar
for the planes of that era. Admission
fee is $8.00 per person; fee must be
paid along with Registration. A truly
great and rewarding experience awaits
you so sign up early and don’t miss this
opportunity. You will not regret it.
Other activities include: arts & crafts
competition, door prizes, ice cream
social, venders, games, money hats,
50/50 raffle, bingo, friendship walk, and
new Winnebago units on display.
Local attractions include: the Virginia
Marine Science Museum, Military Bases,
Battleship USS Wisconsin, Fort Story
Lighthouse and many more.
Cost for the rally: One unit 2 people
$135.00, 1 person unit $105.00, each
additional guest $60.00. Additional
nights are $33.90 per night inc. tax,
good for 3 days prior and 2 days after.
Super Sites are available for an extra
$25.00 per night.
After August 15th the fee goes to: one
unit 2 people $155.00, 1 person unit
$125.00, each guest $80.00 and super
sites an extra $45.00, these additional
fees are for the Rally only, extra nights
will be the same as listed above.
Rally fees include two nights camping
with full hook-ups 30/50 amp, one full
breakfast, one continental breakfast,
two dinners, two night’s entertainment
and an ice cream social. Make checks
payable to “Ye Ole Virginia Winnie
Tascas” and mail with registration form
to Registrar, Linda Absalom 1501 Quail
Pt. Rd. Virginia Beach, Va. 23454
Please direct questions or Vendor
inquiries to: Duke Coolman 757-4791464 or Chauncey Ayers 757-547-8207
Directions: From Jct. of I-64 (exit 284)
and I-264, east 10.5 miles on I-264 to
Birdneck Rd. (exit 22) south 3 miles to
General Booth Blvd. Southwest 0.3 miles
to campground entrance on right.
State, Special Interest & Regional Rallies
Oregon State Rally
Rickreall, OR
September 26-29, 2013
Once again we invite all of our WIT
members and friends to make plans to
head for Rickreall, Oregon to attend our
42nd Annual WIT Rally hosted by the
Oregon Trail Winnies & Itascas (OTWI)
State WIT Club and supported by the five
Local Oregon WIT Chapters.
Our theme for 2013 is “Mardi Gras”, a
carnival event with outlandish costumes
and revelry to help us celebrate the
wonderful “Indian Summer” of Northern
Oregon and forget the coming of another
cold and wet Oregon Winter. It will
be a party to rival what New Orleans
puts on each year! Come join us in this
The Hospitality Table will open Thursday
morning at 7:30 am with coffee and
donuts, the Opening Ceremony will begin
at 8:30 am, Registration will reopen at
9:30 am, Vendors and Dealers will open for
the duration of the Rally, and Seminars
will begin at 10:30 am on Thursday
morning. Early Registration will be open
on Wednesday afternoon from 3:00 to
5:00 pm. Events this year will include
a variety of seminars, the ever-popular
Red Hat Tea open to all of the ladies,
indoor and outdoor games, evening
entertainment, vendors with “got to
have” products, raffles, door prizes, great
food, and whatever else we can think
of to fill your days and evenings with
fun, friendship, and useful information!
We plan a tour of the Albany Carousel
Project where volunteers are creating and
old-fashioned, hand-crafted, and handpainted wooden carousel inspired by the
very successful carousel project completed
a few years ago in Missoula, Montana and
Salem, Oregon. Of course our Winnebago
and Itasca dealers will have coaches on
display and should be ready to offer great
deals on both new and previously-owned
Your rally registration fee includes three
and a half days of activities (Thursday
morning through Noon Sunday), three
nights camping (Thursday, Friday,
and Saturday) with electric and water
hook-ups (one-time dump available on
grounds), rally bag, rally pin, dinners
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, fresh
baked pastries Thursday and Friday
mornings, lunch Friday and Saturday,
a full breakfast on Saturday, and a
continental breakfast on “Get-Away”
Sunday. We do not include a Wednesday
night camping charge in the overall
registration fee since a large portion of
attendees arrive Thursday morning, even
though they miss the opening ceremony
and some morning activities. We treat
Wednesday night camping as an early
arrival and charge a separate $12.00 fee,
thus keeping it optional for the local
members who prefer it that way. Do not
forget to bring extra 30/50 amp extension
cords, water splitters, and extra water
hoses that you may need.
In order to ensure allocation of
appropriate space, vendors must preregister by contacting OTWI Vendor
Coordinator Suzan AuFeroth at 541-5215301 or at [email protected]
Cost for the rally: Until August 15th is
one unit/two people $135.00; one unit/
one person is $90.00; each additional
guest is $60.00. Registrations received
August 16th or later, add $20.00 to each
registration fee.
Cancellation Policy: Full refund if
cancelled before September 5th in writing.
Refund of parking fees only if cancelled
on or after September 5th since food since
food costs and other expenses will have
been committed.
Checks should be made payable to OTWI
and sent with your rally registration
form to: OTWI, c/o Ray Daniel, 16120 SW
Grimson Ct, Tigard, OR 97224. Ray can be
contacted at 503-639-1553 or [email protected]
comcast.net. Your registration will be
confirmed by E-Mail or by letter-mail if
you do not have E-Mail.
For those who are mobility challenged,
handicap parking spaces are available in a
limited number on a first-registered basis.
Include a copy of your DMV Handicap
Card with your registration. We request
that you register early and indicate your
special needs on the registration form so
that we can accommodate your needs.
We cannot guarantee disabled parking
availability if you do not indicate this
need on your early registration form.
Directions: Rickreall is about 10 miles
west of Salem. From the intersection of
I-5 and Hwy 22 (Exit 253), drive west
on Hwy 22 to Hwy 99W, turn south onto
Hwy 99W and drive a short distance to
the main entrance to the Polk County
Fairgrounds on the left.
The address is Polk County Fairgrounds,
520 S. Pacific Hwy W., Rickreall, OR
For up-to-date information on the 2013
Oregon State Rally and other activities
of the Oregon State WIT Club and Local
Chapters, check out our website at www.
For more information: contact Bob
Schlapfer, OTWI President, 541-7723505 (Home), 541-301-8009 (cell), or at
[email protected]
California State Rally
Hollister, CA
Oct 2-6, 2013
The California State Club would like
to invite all of our WIT friends to the
California State Rally being held at Casa
de Fruta RV Orchard Resort in Hollister,
CA 95023 from Oct 2nd though Oct 6th.
The theme for the rally this year is Pilgrim
Join in the games, seminars, raffles,
and ice cream social and check out the
vendors. We always have great food at
our rallies. Also Hollister will be holding
their Annual Renaissance Faire during our
stay right next door to the RV Park. The
theme at the Renaissance Faire is Octfest,
so bring your beer mug or stein, and join
in the fun. See you in Oct at the rally.
Check out the Cal WIT website for more
information at www.calwit.org or contact
Augie Sansone [email protected] or
Deanna Kojder [email protected]
WIT Club News
Maryland/Delaware State Rally
Whaleyville, Maryland
Oct 4-6, 2013
Join the Maryland and Delaware State
WIT Clubs at our WITober Fest at the Ft.
Whaley Campground, Whaleyville, MD just
outside Ocean City, MD. Come put your
toes in the ocean surf, stroll in the sand
or just walk the boardwalk.
Highlights of the Rally include: For
early arrivals on Thursday Oct. 3rd there
will be a 1½ hr. boat ride around the
Chincoteague and Assateague islands to
view the beautiful beaches , wildlife and
the famous wild ponies. The cruise leaves
at 2:30 pm from Talbot St. in Ocean City.
You will be shuttled to the site by a bus
from the campground. Please indicate on
the registration your interest in the Cruise
(monies for the cruise will be paid at time
of cruise $13.00/person for seniors).
Opening ceremonies will be held on Friday
followed by our renowned crab soup, hot
dogs, beer and soda dinner and then we
will close our evening with a German
band for your entertainment. Our own
Joe Haba, Pres. of the MD State Club plays
the tuba in this band. Who would want to
miss this entertainment!
Saturday will include breakfast, games,
bingo, ice cream social, friendship walk
and seminars. The WIT store will be
available during the breakfast hour.
Saturday evening will feature a catered
dinner by the famous Em-ings Caterers
followed by Casino Night, so be sure to
bring your good luck charms.
Cost for the rally: $70.00 for one unit/
two people, or $60.00 for one unit/1
person. Cost for additional persons, 10
years of age or older, attending rally in
your rig is $25.00 per person, to be paid
with your registration fee. These fees and
registration form should be sent to: Steve
Erlitz, Treasurer, MD WIT Club, P.O. Box
8113, Elkridge, MD 21075. The registration
form can be found in the WIT Club News
magazine or on the website: www.witclub.
com. (click on “community”) Don’t forget
August / September 2013
to indicate your interest in the boat
cruise on your registration form.
Camping Fees: Your camping reservations
and fees are being handled by you directly
by contacting Ft. Whaley Campground
at 888-322-7717. They have reserved
Section A and B for us with water and
electric, dump station on grounds. The
fee is $34.00/ per night. When you call
the campground to reserve your site, YOU
this, your second night camping fee is
only 25 cents (or two bits). If you prefer
a full hook-up site, the cost per night
is $43/per night with the second night
being just 25 cents (or two bits). They
are only offering these camping fees for
our Rally, so it is imperative that you tell
them you are attending our Rally.
We will be updating the Rally information
as needed…….so check the WIT Club
website so you don’t miss anything.
Our Rally is a joint effort this year as
Maryland and Delaware come together for
a great WITober fest weekend. You don’t
want to miss it!!! Any questions, contact
Phyllis Sherbert at [email protected]
verizon.net or 410-490-7254 or our
wagonmaster, Claudia Jewell at [email protected]
gmail.com or 410-490-7857.
Nevada State Rally
Pahrump, NV
Oct 10-13, 2013
The Silver State Travelers of Nevada are
inviting all WIT Club members to attend
our “Oh America” themed state rally Oct
10th through the 13th, 2013. Bring your
Red, White and Blue to Wine Ridge RV
Resort in Pahrump, NV for a great time.
Cost for the rally: $145.00 for two people
and includes: Thursday evening pot
luck, 3 nights of camping, two dinners
and two lunches and lots of fun and
planned activities. The price for a Single
participant is $120.00. Wine Ridge RV
Resort is completing a park renovation
so each site has 30/ 50 Amp with full
hook up. Wi-Fi is available at each site.
Amenities at this park include a renewed
fitness center, on site Restaurant, RV/
Car wash, 2 Pool & 2 Spas. Wine Ridge has
offered our rally attendees a pre and post
rally rate of $20.00 per night.
Directions: Wine Ridge RV Resort are
when you enter Pahrump either from the
North or the South on 160, turn East
on Homestead Rd/ Winery RD. There is
a traffic light at this intersection, with
a Maverick Convenience station on the
eastern side, then travel one mile up
the hill to the resort which will be on
your left. The address is 3810 Winery
Rd., Pahrump, NV 89048. For reservation
information on additional nights call the
Resort at 775-751-7805. The Pahrump area
is only 75 miles from Las Vegas Strip, is
close to Death Valley, Shoshone, CA, and
The Date Ranch.
Please send your rally fee and completed
WIT 2013 State Rally Registration Form
to: Mary Haupt, Treasurer, 3900 Avonwood
Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89121. [email protected]
com. 1-702-451-9617.
Texas W Club Rally
Mineola, TX
Oct 18-20, 2013
celebrate Halloween with the Texas W
Club at the Mineola Civic Center, 1150 N.
Newsome in Mineola, TX 75773. Mineola
lies at the junction of US highways 69 &
80, eighty miles east of Dallas. Come enjoy
that “old town feeling” while walking the
brick streets of downtown, visiting their
unique shops or just relaxing at a good
Our rally officially kicks off Friday, Oct
18th with opening ceremonies, however,
as a convenience to early arrivals the
civic center hall will open on Thursday,
Oct 17th for games and fellowship. Early
arrivals pay an additional $25 nightly
camping fee. The following pre-rally
events are available: on Wednesday
State, Special Interest & Regional Rallies
morning a visit to nearby Grand Saline is
scheduled to see the Salt Palace and then
to the East Texas Wildlife & Gator Park.
There is no charge. Thursday, join us for a
tour of the famous Tyler Rose Garden and
Museum followed by a tour of the Shady
Oaks Ranch, a true Texas grass fed beef
operation. There will be a charge of $3.00
for the Rose Museum to be collected at
the door. You will have ample opportunity
to purchase beef at the Shady Oaks
Ranch and Texas W will bring coolers for
the return trip to the rally. Details will
follow. Please visit our website at texasw.
org for upcoming details.
Friday activities include crafts, a pumpkin
carving contest, games including new this
year a Wii bowling tournament, ongoing
silent auction with all proceeds benefiting
the Wounded Warrior Project, an electrical
seminar with Darrell Carver, a “how to
training” for iPad/iPhone seminar with
Retha Moulder, book exchange, vendors
and more. Dinner Friday is traditional
pot luck. Please bring only a side salad,
vegetable or dessert to share and bring
your set ups. Meat dishes and beverages
will be provided. After dinner watch for a
“strange visitor” to arrive with his friends.
Saturday activities planned are a
catered breakfast followed by a Sky Med
presentation, more games, a Pampered
Chef cooking demonstration, the ongoing
silent auction and of course an ice
cream social. Don’t forget to check out
our vendors and new coach displays
compliments of McClain’s RV. The evening
meal will be catered. Please join in the
fun and come dressed as your favorite
Halloween character or otherwise and
do the “Monster Mash” to the sounds of
Mr. C.
Sunday brings coffee and donuts prior
to a devotional by our chaplain, Steve
Cost for the rally: if registered prior to
Oct 1st, is $125.00. After that date it is
The fee includes camping with full
hookups, 1 breakfast, 1 evening meal,
coffee and donuts on Sunday, Please note
that the sites in the circle at Mineola Civic
Center are 50 amp only and pig tails are
required for 30 amp.
Please reference texasw.org for a
registration form. All questions may be
directed to Marty Anderson at (361) 5498190.
Tennessee State Rally
Lebanon, TN
Oct 24-27, 2013
We had a great time at our 2011
Tennessee VOL State Winnies Rally and in
2013 we hope to excel and make it even
better! Three nights of entertainment,
lots of games, vendors, new motor homes
on display, daily giveaways, and PreRally events are just a few of the exciting
things that will be happening. Our theme
will be “America…Our Home Sweet Home”
and we will be recognizing all the great
things we love about our country. The
2013 Tennessee VOL State Winnies Rally
will begin on Thursday evening, Oct 24th
and will end on Sunday morning, Oct
27th. Bring your friends and make new
friendships from several states. At our last
Rally we had visitors from Texas, Georgia,
Arizona, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania,
Virginia, Iowa, Illinois, Florida, New
Hampshire, Alabama, Ohio, Michigan,
Colorado, and Maine. Our Rally will be
held just east of Nashville at the James
E Ward Agricultural Center in Lebanon,
Cost for the rally: $140 and includes
three nights of camping, three breakfast,
three dinners, and three very special
nights of entertainment that we know
you will enjoy. Also included, are days of
fun and fellowship with your Winnebago
friends which is priceless. The Pre-Rally
events include a tour of the Nisson
Manufacturing Plant and a tour and lunch
at the famous Arrington Vineyards. We
will be sure to post all the activities on
our website at www.tnWITrally.weebly.com.
Make your plans now to join us this Oct
for the last official WIT Club Rally for the
year 2013. Go to our registration page and
let know us know if you are planning to
attend our Rally so that we can be sure
have enough food and gifts for all. We
hope to see you at our 2013 Tennessee
VOL State Winnies Rally!!! Contact us at
[email protected] or call Dennis
Graham at (931) 200-2498.
Southwest Regional Rally
Palm Desert, CA
April 9-13, 2014
Save the date, April 9-13, 2014 for the
Southwest Regional Rally to be held next
year in Palm Desert, CA, at the Emerald
Desert RV Resort! In keeping with our
Hawaiian theme, a luau for Friday night the
11th has already been planned. In addition
to the usual SWRRally tournaments your
SWRRally committees are exploring all there
is to do in Palm Springs! So watch for further
information in upcoming WIT Club News
publications (including price information and
registration form!)
Sue Chambers, CA SWRRally Committee
Chairman, 707-321-1704 or [email protected]
Florida State Winnie Gators Rally
Orlando, FL
March 20-23, 2014
Sponsored by the Florida State Winnie Gators,
this rally themed the “Wild, Wild West” is sure
to be full of sunshine and fun, so we hope
you will make plans to attend! Held at the
Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando, Florida
the Rally begins at 11:00am on Thursday,
March 20, 2014. Make sure you arrive in time
to attend the Opening Ceremonies. This is a
ceremony you won’t want to miss!
After the opening ceremonies, get ready for
three nights and four days of jam-packed
excitement! Friday evening’s entertainment
we have scheduled “Rob Vollmar, D.J.”, who
will play music for your listening and dancing
Saturday evening’s stage will be taken over by
“Neil Zirconia” who will dazzle you with his
Neil Diamond ultimate tribute experience!!
Spend the evening in our Winnie Gators
nightclub atmosphere with sing- a- long songs
and dancing!
Dealer Day! On Wednesday, March 19, 2014
our dealers will have coaches on display for
you to view!
This is an opportunity for you to get
acquainted with the new models! This is the
time for you to make a deal with special show
pricing just for our rally!
Cost for the rally: This year’s rally will
includes 3 nights of camping, 2 catered
dinners, 1 catered lunch, 1 catered breakfast
and 2 continental breakfasts. We will also
have a wine and cheese party, games, ice
cream social, a pet parade and lots of door
prizes. As usual, our vendor area will be filled
with bargains and services for your RV. There
will be many informational seminars and
games with prizes for the winners. Winnebago
and Itasca RV’s will be on display with the
latest innovations for you to check out. We
encourage you to enter your handiwork in
the “craft show”. We use the same categories
WIT Club News
cost is $10 per shirt and must be preordered and pre-paid. They come in Small,
Medium, Large, XL and 2X. Please note the
appropriate size on the registration form.
Shirt orders must be received by February
12, 2014 and will be available for pick
up at the rally. The t-shirt design will be
available on our website after our October
meeting. *Please note* Shirts will not
be available for sale at the rally so please
make sure you pre-order if you want one!
and guidelines that are used at GNR. Fees
include electricity and buddy water with
dump stations and bath houses on the
Rally grounds. A mobile dump service will
be available.
For Registration Received by February 12,
2014: 1 Coach (2 people) $175, 1 Coach
(1 person) $125. Additional guests age 6
and up $45. Early arrival camping fee is
$25 per night. CHECK OUR WEBSITE www.
winniegators.org for the registration form!
(Early camping begins Tuesday, March 18,
Registration should be sent to Christine
Ross, 4037 Lakewood Rd., Sebring, FL
33875. Checks should be made payable to
Florida State Winnie Gators.
The Florida Rally Fee is refundable; less
a $5 cancellation fee. Notification should
be sent to Christine Ross, e-mail to:
[email protected] No shows will not
be refunded, nor will t-shirt payments.
For more information visit our website at
www.winniegators.org or contact President
Ted Fumia, [email protected] or phone 813263-7219.
For Registration Received after February
12, 2014: 1 Coach (2 people) is $190.
1 Coach (1 person) is $135 Additional
guests over age 6 is $45 and the early
arrival camping fee is $25 per night.
(Early camping begins on Tuesday, March
18, 2014.)
Rally T-Shirts: We will be offering rally
t-shirts for sale again this year. The
Make plans to join us and dust off those
costumes for “Wild, Wild West”. You’ll be
glad you did!
WIT 2013 State Rally
Registration Form
WIT#: Address:
E-mail Address:
Model Year:
Length of motor home:
Number of Slideouts:
State/Regional Name of Rally:
Registration Fee (
Cell Phone:
couple/single) (
# Children X Fee
# Additional Adults X Fee
) First Time (Y/N) Home State:
See Rally description as to availability of items listed below.
Arts and Crafts:
(In order to receive any consideration on special needs, it must be noted on application)
Please explain any special needs, i.e. dietary, mobility, parking or other restrictions, that would help us
better serve you as you attend this rally:
Additional Days Parking:
Arrival Date:
Special Tours:
Optional Meals:
President of a Club or Chapter? (Y/N)
Local Club/Chapter Involved In:
August / September 2013
(U.S. Funds or equivalent thereof)
[email protected]
Sep 20-22 Roaring Pines Park, Somerville, AL
Oct 23-27 TN State Rally, Lebanon, TN
Dec 13-15 River Cty Campground, Gadsden, AL
Grand Canyon Winnies (SC)
Joseph Yesensky
[email protected]
Oct 17-20 State Meeting, Far Horizons Tucson
Village, Tucson, AZ
Valley Suntascans (SC)
Elliott Barlett
[email protected]
Arizona Sunbirds
John Mollerus
[email protected]
Nov 7-10 Wickenburg Community Center,
Wickenburg, AZ
Yavapai Winnies
Donald Coldiron
Ark-A-Bago (SC)
Bonnie Kadrzynski
[email protected]
Sep 3-8 Corps Dam Site Park, Heber Springs, AR
Oct 7-11 Woolly Hollow State Park, Greenbrier, AR
Nov 4-8 Wanderlust RV Park, Eureka Springs, AR
Dec 2-6 Cloud Nine RV Park, Hot Springs, AR
California State Club (SC)
North Alabama/Travelin’
Tom Mosteter
Foothill Funseekers
[email protected]
Sep 18-22 Durango KOA, Durango, CO
Oct 18-20 State Meeting, TBD
Nov 15-21 Quartzsite, AZ
Dec 8 Christmas Party at the Nelson’s, TBD
August Sansone
[email protected]
Oct 2-6 California State Rally, Casa de Fruta,
Hollister, CA
Jan 23-26, 2014, State Meeting, Golden Village
Palms, Hemet, CA
Apr 9-13, 2014, SWRR, Emerald Desert RV
Resort, Palm Desert, CA
Apr 23-27, 2014, State Meeting, Flag City RV
Park, Lodi, CA
Jul 2014, GNR
Oct 1-5, 2014, California State Rally, Wine
Country RV Resort, Paso Robles, CA
Five Star Winnebago
(Los Angeles/Orange County area)
Paul Rich
[email protected]
Sep 3-6 Chula Vista RV Resort, Chula Vista, CA
Oct 2-6 Casa de Fruta, Hollister, CA
Oct 8-11 Canyon RV Park
Nov 5-8 Pechanga with Mission Bells
Dec 3-6 Newport Dunes RV, Newport Beach, CA
Golden Bear Winnies
(Sacramento area)
Brad Purcell
[email protected]
Oct 18-20 Bodega Bay RV Park
Dec 6-8 Lodi Grape Festival Grounds
Jan 17-19, 2014 Vineyard, Vacaville
Lone Cypress Winnitascans
(San Jose area)
Julie Mangney
Sep 12-15 San Lorenzo County RV Park, King
City CA
Oct 2-6 State Meeting, Casa De Fruta RV Park,
Hollister CA
Nov 7-10 Jackson RV Park, Jackson CA
Dec 12-15 Grand Holiday Outing, Casa De Fruta
RV Park, Hollister CA
San Diego Rolling Homes
Donna Chandler
[email protected]
Beverly Hammond
[email protected]
Sep 20-22 KQ Ranch
Oct 18-20 Chula Vista RV Resort
Nov 15-17 Del Mar Beach at Camp Pendleton
Dec 20-22 Mission Bay
Jan 23-26, 2014 WIT State Meeting in Hemet
Feb 14-16, 2014 San Diego KOA
Mar 21-23, 2014 Newport Dunes
Mission Bell Travelers
(Southern California)
Randy Walker
[email protected]
Chardonnay Travelers
(North Bay area)
Sue Chambers
[email protected]
Sep 26-29 Durango Resort, Red Bluff, CA
Oct 2-6 State Rally, Casa de Fruta, Gilroy, CA
Oct 31-Nov 3 Almond Tree, Chico, CA
Sep 25-28, 2014 Friendship Rally, Jackson
Rancheria Casino & RV Park, Jackson, CA
Central Coast Pelicans
Geoff Halpin
[email protected]
Sep 25-28 Valencia Travel Village, Castaic, CA
Oct 2-4 State Rally, Casa de Fruta, Hollister CA
Oct 24-27 River Run RV Park, Bakersfield, CA
Dec 5-8 Wine Country, Paso Robles, CA
Mile High State Club (SC)
Raincross Ramblers
Mary Hahn
(Inland Empire area & High Desert)
Janet Jensen
(Modesto area)
Gordon Lasiter
River City Rollers
Earl Jess
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 TBD
Oct 2-6 CA State Rally, Casa DeFruita
Oct 11-13 NV State Rally, OFallon NV
Nov 8-10 Duck Island RV Resort, Rio Vista CA
Dec 13-15 Christmas Party, TBD
Clare Gilbertson
[email protected]
Sep 18-21 Desert Willows, Hesperia, CA
Oct 2-6 California State Rally, Casa de Fruita,
Hollister, CA
Nov 14-17 Sportsmans Lodge, Joshua Tree, CA
Dec 2-5 Banning KOA, CA
Fresno Floaters
Judy Cottom
[email protected]
Rampart Rangers
[email protected]
[email protected]
Oct 2-6 State Rally, Casa de Fruita, Hollister, CA
Oct 24-27 TBA
Nov 21 Deer Creek RV Park, Porterville, CA
WIT Club News
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 Strasburg KOA, Strasburg, CO
Oct 11-13 Greeley RV, Greeley, CO
Nov 9 Lunch, Brickhouse Barbeque, Mead, CO
Dec 7 Christmas Party, Biaggi’s Restaurant,
Loveland, CO
Colorado Columbines
Ray Bowman
[email protected] 303-880-0506
Sep 5-8 Cheyenne KOA, Cheyenne, WY
Nov TBA Cultural Outing
Dec 14 Christmas party, Mt Vernon, CO
Nutmeg Winnies (SC)
Eileen Hamel
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 Deer Haven Campground, Lisbon, CT
Oct 4-6 Highland Campground, Scotland, CT
Dec Christmas Party at the Hamel’s
Delmarva Winnies (SC)
Art Cathell
Florida State Winnie Gators (SC)
Ted Fumia
[email protected]
Sep 19-21 VA State Rally, Virginia Beach, VA
Oct 3-6 Joint State Rally with MD, Fort Whaley,
Whaleyville, MD
August / September 2013
[email protected]
Oct 18-20 Blueberry Hill RV Resort, Bushnell, FL
Jan 17-19, 2014 Blueberry Hill RV Resort,
Bushnell FL
Mar 20-23, 2014 Florida State Rally, Orlando, FL
May 9-11, 2014, Alligator Park, Punta Gorda, FL
South Florida Winnie Gators
(South Florida area)
Rick Bunn
[email protected]
Sep 12-15 Silver Palms RV Resort, Okeechobee,
Oct 10-13 Upriver RV Resort, North Ft Myers, FL
Nov 7-10 Signature Motorcoach RV Resort,
Naples, FL
Dec 5-8 Upriver RV Resort, North Ft Myers, FL
Jan 9-12, 2014 Southbay RV Campgrounds,
South Bay, FL
Jan 30-Feb 2, 2014 Okeechobee Resort, Pahokee,
Feb 27-Mar 2, 2014 Okeechobee Resort, Pahokee,
Apr 10-13, 2014 Upriver, North Ft Myers, FL
May 1-4, 2014 Signature Motorcoach Resort,
Naples, FL
May 29-June1, 2014 Jolly Roger RV Park,
Marathon, FL
Buccaneer Winnies
Judy Weaver
[email protected]
Oct 10-13 Sun Lake RV Park, Ruskin FL
Oct 17-20 State Meeting, Blueberry Hill RV Park,
Bushnell FL
Nov 14-17 Sun & Fun RV Park, Sarasota FL
Dec 12-15 Paradise Oaks RV, Bushnell FL
Caloosa Winnies
(SW Florida)
Pete & Corinne Wightman239-594-3912
[email protected]
Oct 18-20 State Meeting, Blueberry Hill,
Bushnell, FL
Oct 31-Nov 3 Riverside RV Park, Arcadia FL
Dec 5-8 Oak Haven RV Park, Arcadia FL
Jan 9-12, 2014, Blueberry Hill RV Resort,
Bushnell, FL
Jan 17-19, 2014, Blueberry Hill RV Resort,
Bushnell, FL
Feb 1-4, 2014 Lazy Days Campground, Seffner, FL
Mar 20-23, 2014 Florida State Rally, Orlando, FL
Apr 10-13, 2014 Pine Island KOA Resort, St.
James City, FL
May 1-4, 2014 Alligator Park, Punta Gorda, FL
Du-Bol Winnies
(Jacksonville area)
Mid-Florida Winnies
(Tampa area)
Aspen Leaf Winnies
Vern Clinton
[email protected]
(Sacramento area)
Diane Klibbe
(North Colorado Front Range area)
Big Valley Drifters
(Riverside & Bernardino Counties)
Guy Gauthier
[email protected]
Sep 16-19 Golden Shores, Long Beach, CA
Oct 2-6 State Rally, Casa de Fruita, Hollister, CA
Nov 5-7 Pechanga RV Park, Temecula, CA
Dec 8-10 MBT Christmas Party, Emerald Desert
RV Resort
Hi-Desert Rig Runners
(Los Angeles, Orange & Ventura Counties area)
James Stracka
[email protected]
Sep 19-22 Stagecoach Campground, St.
Augustine, FL
Oct 18-20 Blueberry Hill RV Resort, Bushnell, FL
Nov 14-17 Wild Frontier Campground, Ocala, FL
Dec 12-15 International RV Resort, Daytona
Beach, FL
May 12-15, 2014 Friendship Rally, Wilderness RV
Resort, Silver Springs, FL
(Orlando area)
Tom & Sharon Zopff
Sep 17-19 Grand Lakes RV Resort, Orange Lake FL
Oct 18-20 State Meeting, Blueberry Hill RV
Resort, Bushnell, FL
Nov 5-7 Daytona RV Park, South Daytona, FL
Dec 10-12 Thousand Trails Orlando, Clermont FL
Spacecoast Winnies
(Melbourne area)
Ron Koehn
[email protected]
Oct 18-20 State Meeting, Blueberry Hill RV Park,
Bushnell, FL
Nov 15-16 Tropical Palms RV Resort, Kissimmee,
Dec 13-14 Blueberry Hill RV Park, Bushnell, FL
Jan 17-19, 2014 State Meeting, Blueberry Hill
RV Park, Bushnell, FL
Suncoast Winnie-Gators
(Clearwater area)
Larry Bergsman
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 Sandy Oaks RV, Beverly Hills, FL
Oct 18-20 State Meeting, Blueberry Hill RV
Resort, Bushnell, FL
Nov 8-10 LeLynn RV Resort, Polk City, FL
Dec 6-8 Manatee Encore, Bradenton, FL
Jan 17-19, 2014 State Meeting, Blueberry Hill
RV Resort, Bushnell, FL
Feb 8-10, 2014 Old Mill Stream RV Resort,
Umatilla, FL
Mar 20-23, 2014 FL State Rally, Central Florida
Fairgrounds, Orlando, FL
Apr 11-13, 2014 Camp N Water RV Park,
Homosassa, FL
May 9-11, 2014 State Meeting, TBA
Panhandle Winnies
(Pensacola area)
Bob Meader
[email protected]
Sep 12-15 Johnny’s Lakeside Resort, Foley, AL
Oct 17-20 Live Oak Landing RV Park, Freeport, FL
Nov 7-10 Southwind RV Park, Magnolia Springs,
Dec 5-8 Topsail Hill State Park, Santa Rosa
Beach, FL
Mar 2014 FL Winnie-Gators State Rally, Orlando,
Florida Sunshine Winnies
(Central Florida area)
Stuart Pierce
[email protected]
Seaside Winnies
(East Central Florida)
Bob Senus
[email protected]
Oct 7-10 Myakka River State Park, Miyakka, FL
Nov 4-7 Campers Hoiday, Brooksville, FL
Dec 2-5 Manatee Hammock, Titusville, FL
Jan 6-9, 2014, Orange City RV Resort, Orange
City, FL
Treasure Coast Travelers
(SE Coast of Florida)
Billy & Gail Barnes
[email protected]
Who’s Inviting Travelers
Miracle Strip Winnies
(Panama City, FL area
Richard Nallick
(Sarasota-Bradenton-Venice area)
[email protected]
Sep 19-21 Sun N Fun RV Resort, Sarasota, FL
Oct 18-20 Winnie Gators State Meeting,
Blueberry Hill RV Resort, Bushnell, FL
Nov 15-17 Little Willey’s RV Resort, Arcadia, FL
Dec 30-Jan 2, 2014, Lazydays New Year’s
Jan 17-19, 2014 Winnie Gators State Meeting,
Blueberry Hill RV Resort, Bushnell, FL
Feb 16-19, 2014 Paradise Oaks RV Resort,
Bushnell, FL
Mar 20-23, 2014 Winnie Gators State Rally
(Wild, Wild West theme), Central Florida
Fairgrounds, Orlando, FL
Apr 10-12, 2014 Sun N Fun RV Resort, Sarasota,
May 9-11, 2014 Winnie Gators State Meeting
Paradise Oaks RV Resort, Bushnell, FL
Miracle Strip Winnies
Richard Nallick
Georgia Winnie Rebels (SC)
Wayne Thomas
[email protected]
Middle Georgia Sta-Goners
Wayne Thomas
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sep 20-22 Calhoun KOA, Calhoun GA
Oct 4-6 Sugarmill RV Park, Thomasville GA
Nov 1-3 Pine Mountain, Columbus GA
Dec 6-8 KOA South, Savannah GA
Metro Atlanta Winnies
Nick & Barbara Nicholson 4
[email protected]@comcast.net
Sep 20-22 State Meeting, Calhoun KOA, Calhoun
Oct 18-20 Catersville, GA
Nov 15-17 Lakeville Alatoona
Dec 13-15 River Country Campground, Gadsden
(Boise area)
Larry Seibold
[email protected]
(Central Illinois)
Illinois Indians (SC)
Jack Slater
[email protected]
Sep 26-29 Illinois Fall Outing, Iroquois County
Fairgrounds, Crescent City, IL
Windy City Winnies
(Chicagoland Area)
Claudette Slowik
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 Rustic Barn, Kieler, WI
Sep 26-29 Illinois Indians Fall Outing, Crescent
City, IL
Oct 3-6 Blackhawk Valley, Rockford, IL
Nov TBD, Thanksgiving Luncheon, IL
Dec 7 Christmas Luncheon, Chicago, IL
Winnie Poo Club
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 Kamp Komfort Kampground, Carlock,
Sep 26-29 State Fall Outing, Iroquois County
Fairgrounds, Crescent City, IL
Oct 11-13 Spindler Marina, East Peoria, IL
Nov 9 Annual Fall Dinner
Dec 14 Annual Christmas Party, Home of Joyce &
Dick Jones, Bartonville, IL
Cardinal Capers
(Rockford area)
Delores Frost
[email protected]
Sep 12-15 Geneseo Campground, Geneseo, IL
Sep 26-29 Illinois Indians, Crescent City, IL
Nov 8 ”Crazy Bowling” Rochelle, IL
Dec 1 Christmas Holiday Party
Oct 10-13 Crow Valley, Sterling IL
Prairie Scooners
(Chicagoland’s south suburban area)
Neta Luther
[email protected]
Fox Valley Winnies
(West Suburban area)
Ken Nelson
[email protected]
Sep 1-6 Door County, Beantown CG, Bailey’s
Harbor, WI
Sep 27-29 State Fall Outing, Iroquois County
Fairgrounds, Crescent City, IL
Oct 10-15 Amana Colonies, Amana, IA
Nov 2 Annual Meeting & Luncheon, Barrington
Motors RV’s, Bartlett, IL
Fourwind Winnies
Snake River Winnies
Joyce Jones
Sep 20-22 State Outing, Calhoun, GA
Nov 8-10 TBA
Dec 13-15 River Country Campground, Gadsden,
Oct 11-13 Leisure Acres Campground, Cleveland,
(Macon area)
(Meridian and Boise, ID area)
(Peoria area)
Gone With The Winnies of North
Joan Blakenship
Treasure Valley Travelers
David Glass
Funtime Travelers
Carole & Edwin Gies
Bob Todd
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 Clinton Lake Recreation Area, Dewitt,
Sep 26-29 IL State Fall Outing, Crescent City, IL
Oct 11-13 Champaign Sportsman Club, Mahomet,
Randy Burlison
[email protected]
Sep 27-29 State Fall Meeting, Lazy Acres,
Urbana, IA
Mike Isebrand
Quad Cities Winnies
(Northeast Iowa)
Marcus Lawrence
Mike Bealer
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 Sports Unlimited, Prairie du Chien, WI
Sep 26-29 State Rally, Crescent City, IL
Oct 4-6 Amana Colonies RV Park, Amana, IA
Nov 6 Red Lobster, Davenport, IA
Dec 4 Christmas Party
We Wan To Go
[email protected]
Sep 27-29 State Meeting, Lazy Acres
Campground, Urbana, IA
Oct 18-20 Diamond Lake Park, Montezuma, IA
Nov 2 11 a.m. Luncheon, Buford’s Steakhouse &
BBQ, Ames, IA
Dec 7 Noon Luncheon, Old Main Brewery
Iowa Cornbelt Campers
(Northwest Quarter)
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 Webster County Fairgrounds, Ft.
Dodge, IA
Sep 27-29 State Mtg, Lazy Acres, Urbana, IA
Oct 11-13 Twin Lakes Christian Camp, Rockwell
City, IA
Nov 9 Golden Corral, Boone, IA
Dec 14 Coon Bowl III, Coon Rapids, IA
Winnie Korns
(Southeast Iowa)
Who’s Yur Winnies (SC)
John Krull
[email protected]
Shirley Little
Oct 8-10 Ceraland Campground, Columbus, IN
Sept 12-15 Marr Park, Ainsworth
Sept 27-29 State Mtg, Lazy Acres, Urbana
Oct 10-13 Trojan Field, Russell
Indiana Meanderers
North Iowa Travelers
(Northern Indiana)
Scott Feichter
[email protected]
Sep 12-15 Beaver Ridge Campground, Lakeville,
Oct 8-10 Ceraland Park, Columbus, IN
Nov 9 Don Hall’s Tavern, Coventry, IN
Dec 14 Luncheon, Home of Dave & Mary Hasty,
Huntington, IN
(Central Indiana)
Bruce Barta
[email protected]
Sep 12-15 Sauter Village Campground, Archbold,
June 20-23 Fox Lake Campground, Portland, IN
Oct 8-10 Ceraland, Columbus, IN
Nov TBD Greenstreet Eatery, Brownsburg IN
Dec TBD Christmas Luncheon
WIT Club News
Mike Isebrand
[email protected]
Sep 10-12 Lake Cornelius, Clarion, IA
Sep 27-29 Iowa Winnie Hawks Fall Meeting, Lazy
Acres, Urbana, IA
Oct 9 5:30pm Telluwhat Restaurant, Lake Mills,
Siouxland River Ramblers
Doug Guillaume
[email protected]
Sep 17-19 Alexandria Ramsey Municipal Park,
Redwood Falls, MN
Oct 15 Royal Fork (Lunch only), Sioux Falls, SD
Busy Bee Winnies
(Northeast Iowa)
Mike Donahue
Randall Weller
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA
Sep 8-19 Chapter Caravan to SW Iowa
Sep 27-29 State Fall Meeting, Lazy Acres
Campground, Urbana, IA
Oct 2-4 Antique Acres RV Park, Cedar Falls, IA
Nov 2 Bufords, Ames, IA
August / September 2013
High Plains Roamers
(Western Kansas area)
Errol Conn
Sep 11-13 Flying Squirrel, Central City, IA
Oct 9-11 Coffins Grove, Manchester, IA
Larry Overton
(Moline-Davenport area)
Winnebago Wheels
Valerie Peters
[email protected]
Sep 5-8 Devils Backbone, Grand Tower, IL
Sep 26-29 State Fall Outing, Crescent City, IL
Oct 17-20 Rend Lake, Gun Creek Campground,
Benton, IL
Nov 7-10 The Landing Point RV Park, Cape
Girardeau, MO
Dec 7 Christmas Luncheon, TBA
Prairie Winnies (SC)
(Central Iowa)
Little Egypt Winnies
(Southern Illinois)
Iowa Winnie Hawks (SC)
Richard Catlett
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sep 12-15 Poche RV Park, Breaux Bridge, LA
Nov 7-9 Lakeside RV, Livingston, LA
N’Awlins Winnies
Gayle Meraux
Joe Haba
Chesapeake Winnies
Phyllis Sherbert
Oriole Winnies
(Baltimore area)
Hazel Topa
Ed Bates
Bradford Brigade
(SE Massachusetts area)
(Worcester area)
[email protected]
Sep State Meeting, Poches RV Park, Breaux
Bridge, LA
Oct 10-13 Green Room, Rayne, LA
Nov State Meeting, Lakeside RV, Livingston, LA
Dec 12-15 Green Room, Rayne, LA
Jan 23-26, 2014 Green Room, Rayne, LA
Jack Warrum
[email protected]
Sep 12-15 Poches Fish-N-Camp, Breaux Bridge,
Oct 10-13 Shady Pines RV Park, Texarkana, TX
Nov 7-10 Lakeside RV, Livingston, LA
Dec 12-15 Lincoln Parish Park, Ruston, LA
Bayou Winnies
(Baton Rouge)
Charles Wyble
[email protected]
Sep State Meeting, Poches RV Park, Breaux
Bridge, LA
Oct 10-13 Green Room, Rayne, LA
Nov State Meeting, Lakeside RV, Livingston, LA
Dec 12-15 Green Room, Rayne, LA
Jan 23-26, 2014 Green Room, Rayne, LA
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 Oak Haven Campground, Wales, MA
Oct 11-14 Brant Rock, Marshfield, MA
Nov 1-3 Circle CG Farm, Bellingham, MA
Brian Martel
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 Oak Haven Campground, Wales, MA
Oct 11-14 Brant Rock, Marshfield, MA
Nov 1-3 Circle CG Farm, Bellingham, MA
Water Wonderland Winnies (SC)
Bob Dunn
Gator Travelers
[email protected]
Oct 11-14 Brant Rock, Marshfield, MA
Bago Cajuns
(Northwest Louisiana)
Pilgrim Winnies (SC)
Janet Hoilman
Charles Wyble
[email protected]
Oct 4-6 Maryland State Rally, Ft. Whaley
Campground MD
[email protected]
Sep 12-15 State Meeting, Poche’s Fish & Camp,
Breaux Bridge, LA
Oct 3-6 Sun Roamers RV Resort, Foley, AL
Nov State Meeting TBA
Dec 5-8 Parker’s Landing RV Park, Biloxi, MS
(Lafayette area)
[email protected]
Pelican Winnies (SC)
(New Orleans area)
Jean Lajoie
[email protected]
Oct. 4-6 MD State Rally, Ft. Whaley Campground,
Whaleyville, MD
Heartland Winnies
Joyce Haerich
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 Huff & Puff Hot Air Balloon Rally, Lake
Shawnee, Topeka, KS
Oct TBA Olathe Ford RV Show & Tell, Hillside
Lake, KS
(North Central Kansas)
Jackie Matthews
Maryland State Club (SC)
Ka Mo Headwaters
(Kansas City/Topeka area)
Maine A Bagos (SC)
[email protected]
Jul 21-26 GNR, Forest City, IA
Sep 13-15 State Fall Campout, Marshall, MI
Grand Valley Winnies
(West Michigan)
Dale Vanderlinden
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 Timber Trails RV Park, Decatur, MI
Sep 13-15 State Fall Campout, Turkeyville,
Marshall, MI
Sep 27-29 Poncho’s Pond, Luddington, MI
Nov 30 Christmas Party, Branns Steakhouse,
Grand Rapids, MI
Who’s Inviting Travelers
Lansing Area Winnies
Mike Hoag
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 WWW State Fall Campout, Camp
Turkeyville RV Resort, Marshall, MI
Sep 15-17 Fall Campout, Camp Turkeyville,
Marshall, MI
Oct 11-13 Late Fall Campout, St. Lorenz Church
Campground, Frankenmuth, MI
Motor Cities Winnies
(Detroit-Metro area)
Bob Paszko
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 State Fall Campout, Turkeyville, MI
Oct 4-6 Lighthouse County Park, Port Hope, MI
Nov 1-3 Jellystone Campground, Frankenmuth,
Dec 7 Moose Grille, South Lyon, MI
Cereal City Campers
(Battle Creek area)
Jim & Bev Simonds
[email protected]
Sep 13-14 State Outing, Turkeyville, MI
Oct 2-4 Little River Casino Resorts (Friendship
Outing), Manistee, MI
Gordon & Bonnie Rollenhagen
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 State Fall Campout, Turkeyville,
Marshall, MI
Oct 2-6 Little River Casino Resorts (Friendship
Outing), Manistee, MI
Oct 5-7 TBD
Sep 6-8 State Rally, McLeod City Fairgrounds,
Hutchinson, MN
Oct 4-6 Rochester/Marion KOA, Rochester, MN
Nov 2 Christmas Lunch, Hubbell House,
Mantorville, MN
Terry Parsons
[email protected]
Jul 21-26 GNR, Forest City IA
Sept 13-15 MO State Rally, Ozark Mountain
Springs RV Park, Mountain View MO
Gateway Winnies
Rebecca Casey
Ozark Winnies
(Springfield/Mid MO area)
Jerry Van Meter
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 State Rally, Ozark Mountain Springs
RV Park, Mountain View, MO
Oct 4-6 Wanderlust RV Park, Eureka Springs, AR
Nov 1-3 Treasure Lake RV Resort, Branson, MO
Dec 1 Annual Christmas Dinner, 2-4 p.m., TBA
Hillbilly Rollers
(Springfield area)
Carlon Huff
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 Stanton/Meramec KOA, Stanton, MO
Sep 13-15 State Rally, Ozark Mountain Springs
RV Park, Mountain View, MO
Oct 4-6 Osage Beach RV Park, Osage Beach, MO
Nov 1-3 Sundermeier RV Park, St. Charles, MO
Dec 1 Holiday Party, TBA
Chief Winnies
Winnehahas (SC)
Ted Steele
[email protected]
Sept 6-8 State Rally, McLeod City Fairgrounds,
Hutchinson, MN
Northwoods Winnie-Tascas
(Northern area)
Bill Keeler
[email protected]
(Kansas City area)
Jerry Adkins
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 State Rally, Ozark Mountain Springs
RV Park, Mountain View, MO
Oct 4-6 Show & Tell, Olathe Ford RV
WIT MT Wilderness
Siouxland River Ramblers
Milt Munson
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sep 17-19 Alexandria Ramsey Municipal Park,
Redwood Falls, MN
Oct 15 Royal Fork (Lunch only) Sioux Falls, SD
Sundowner Winnie Tascas
(Central area)
Jim Rademacher
[email protected]
Sep 27-29 Redwood County Fairgrounds,
Redwood Falls
Southern Honkers
(Southern area)
Herb Jensen
[email protected]
(Great Falls area)
Sep 21 Luncheon & Meeting, Location TBD
Oct 19 Luncheon & Meeting, Location TBD
Cornhusker Winnie Tascas (SC)
Al Hannam
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 Scenic Park Campground, South Sioux
City NE
Oct 11-13 Walnut Creek Recreation Area,
Papillion NE
Siouxland River Ramblers
Doug Guillaume
[email protected]
[email protected]
Oct 10-13 Nevada State Rally, Pahrump, NV
(Southern NM & El Paso area)
Don Burford
[email protected]
New York
Excelsior Winnies (SC)
David Tiongco
[email protected]
Sep 5-8 State Rally, Herkimer Co. Fairgrounds,
Frankfort, NY
Sep 27-29 Post rally, W. Canada Creek, Poland, NY
(Carson City/Reno area)
[email protected]
Sep 6-7 Pioneer RV Park, Quincy, CA
Oct 10-13 State Rally, Pahrump Winery RV Park,
Pahrump, NV
Vegas Rollers
Dennis Hoelzle
Keshequa Winnies
Joan Thompson
[email protected]
Sep 14 Dinner at the Deley home
Oct 13-16 Nevada State Rally, Pahrump, NV
Nov 8-9 Lakeside, Pahrump, NV
Dec 13-14 Winery RV, Pahrump, NV
[email protected]
Sep 4-8 NY State Rally, Herkimer County
Fairgrounds, Frankfort, NY
Sep 26-28 Ontario County Campground, Bristol
Springs, NY
Oct 3-8 Camp Bell Campground, Camp Bell, NY
Nov 3 Holiday Party, Location TBD
Seneca Winnies
New Hampshire
Granite State Winnies (SC)
Joanne Metz
Les Bonesteel
[email protected]
Sep 26-29 Glen Ellis Campground
Oct 19-21 Lake Forest Resort, Annual Meeting
Dec Holiday Party, TBD
Tom Burke
Hudson Valley Ramblers
North Coast Winnies
Sep 5-8 NY State Rally, Herkimer Co Fairgrounds,
Herkimer, NY
Oct 4-6 Copake KOA, Copake, NY
Nov 3 Holiday Party
Dave Blood
Foothills Winnies
Buckeye Winnies
Peter Zwart
Wheeler Maynard, Jr.
Washoe Winnies
Sep 5-8 NY State Rally, Herkimer County
Fairgrounds, Herkimer, NY
Sep 26-29 Association Campground, Henderson,
Nov 2 Holiday Party TBA
[email protected]
Sep 20-22 Association Island, Henderson Harbor,
Western New York Winnies
Ron Gister
[email protected]
Sep 5-8 NY State Rally, Herkimer County
Fairgrounds, Frankfort, NY
Sep 27-29 Friendship Rally, Genesee Country,
Caledonia, NY
Nov 2 End of the Season Party, Colton RV, North
Tonawanda, NY
North Carolina
Winnie Tarwheels (SC)
Wes Shuttleworth
[email protected]
Nov 1-3 State Meeting, KOA Campground, New
Bern, NC
Western Winnie Tarwheels
(Charlotte area)
Linda Reddick
New Jersey State WIT Club (SC)
[email protected]
Sep 5-8 NY State Rally, Herkimer Fairgrounds,
Frankfort, NY
Sep 27-29 W. Canada Creek, Poland, NY
Nov 2 Annual Dinner
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 Tanglewood RV Park, Clemmons NC
Sep 21-22 MS Bike Ride, Darlington SC
Oct 11-13 Riverside RV Park & Resort, Sevierville
Nov State Club Meeting
Dec 6-8 Doris Moore’s Home, Statesville NC
[email protected]
Ononbago Winnies
Winnie Tarheel Travelers
[email protected]
Alonzo Morrison
New Jersey
William Wakemen
(Central New Jersey, Delaware River to Atlantic
Sep 27-28 Seashore Campground, Cape May, NJ
Oct 25-26 Shady Pines Campground, Galloway,
Nov 22-23 Old Mill Stream Campground, East
Lancaster, PA
New Mexico
Rio Grande Travelers (SC)
[email protected]
Sep 19-22 Philmont, NM
Oct TBD Fredricksburg, TX with the Zia’s
Nov 21-24 Festival of Cranes, Bosque d Apache
DJ Hoffman
[email protected]
Sep 19-22 Philmont, NM
(Durham/Raleigh area)
Richard Lilliard
Jersey Sea Shells
Stuart Burke
Windmill Winnies
Jim Bruce
Carole Maxwell Horton 609-877-7208
[email protected]
Sep 19-21 Wildwedge RV, Pequot Lakes, MN
Doug Guillaume
George (Skeet) Smith
Oct 27-Nov 2 Fredricksburg RV Park,
Fredricksburg, TX
Nov 21-24 Festival of Cranes Bosque d Apache
Border Cities Travelers
Silver State Travelers (SC)
Winnie Mo Tascas (SC)
(St. Louis area)
Sep 17-19 Alexandria Ramsey Municipal Park,
Redwood Falls, MN
Oct 15 Royal Fork (Lunch only), Sioux Falls, SD
WIT Club News
Southern Tier Winnies
(Corning/Elmira/Binghamton & Twin Tier Areas
of NY & PA)
Paul Mittan
[email protected]
Windmill Winnies
Jim Bruce
[email protected]
Sep 5-8 State Rally, Herkimer Fairgrounds,
Frankfort, NY
Sep 27-29 W. Canada Creek, Poland, NY
Nov 2 Annual Dinner
Long Island Winnie-Tascas
Marianne Armstrong
Sep 5-8 NY State Rally, Herkimer NY
Sep 10-17 Smiths Point
Sep 27-29 Nassau Committee for Camping, Fall
Family Fun Rally
Oct 4-7 Cupsogue
Oct 18-20 Indian Island
Nov 8-10 Battle Row Holiday Party
Jul 19-21 Indian Island
August / September 2013
[email protected]
Sep 20-22 VA State Rally, Holiday Travel
Park, Virginia Beach VA
Oct 18-20 Cool Breeze Campground, Galax VA
Nov 1-3 State Meeting, KOA Campground, New
Bern, NC
Dec Christmas Party TBD
North Dakota
Nodak Flickertails (SC)
Helen Evans
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 Ft. Ransom, ND
Wandering Ohio Winnies (SC)
Bob Mervis
(Cleveland area)
[email protected]
Sep 27-29 Willow Lake Park, Geneva, OH
Oct 18-20 Pymatuning Resort, Andover, OH
(Canton area)
Marlin Geesaman
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 Austin Lake Park Campground,
Steubenville OH
Sep 27-29 Seneca County Fairgrounds, Tiffin OH
Oct 9-13 Two Rivers Campground, Nashville TN
Nov 1-3 Salt Fork State Park, Lore City OH
Dec 14 Christmas Luncheon at Radosevic’s,
Canton OH
Cardinal Winnies
(Central area)
Tom Reeb
Sep 20-22 TBA
Oct 18-20 TBA
[email protected]
Emerald Necklace Winnies
(Cleveland-Akron area)
Paul Majcher
Sep 13-15 River Run, Loudenville, OH
Sep 26-29 WOW Fall Campout, Tifin, OH
Oct 11-13 Country Stage, Nova, OH
Nov 1-3 Kandels Camping, Millersburg, OH
Mid Ohio Winnies
Jim Smith
Joann Miller
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 TBA
Sep 26-29 State WOW, Seneca County
Fairgrounds, Tiffin, OH
Oct 18-20 Circleville Pumpkin Show
Nov 9 Berrys Restaurant, Norwalk, OH
Dec 14 Brown Derby Steak House, Ontario, OH
Maumee Valley Winnies
(Northwest Ohio)
Barbara McCormick
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 15th Anniversary Campout, Maumee Bay
State Park
Sep 27-29 WOW Campout, Tiffin Fairgrounds, OH
Oct TBD, MVW campout
Nov 2, TBD-Dinner
Dec 7, Dinner at Mango Tree, Toledo, OH
Maumee Valley Winnies
(Northwest Ohio)
Barbara McCormick
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 15th Anniversary Campout, Maumee Bay
State Park
Sep 27-29 WOW Campout, Tiffin Fairgrounds, OH
Oct TBD, MVW campout
Nov 2, TBD-Dinner
Dec 7, Dinner at Mango Tree, Toledo, OH
[email protected]
Sep 26-29 Fall Campout, Seneca County
Fairgrounds, Tiffin OH
Who’s Inviting Travelers
Rogue River Ramblers
Okiebagos (SC)
Patrick Wright
(Southwest area)
[email protected]
Oct 31-Nov 3 Thanksgiving Campout, Choctaw RV
Park, Durant, OK
Green Country Winnies
(Tulsa area)
Darrell Carver
[email protected]
Sep 20-24 Ozark Country RV Campground,
Branson, MO
Oct 4-6 TBD
Oct 31-Nov 3 Thanksgiving Gathering, Choctaw
RV Park, Durant, OK
Dec 7 Christmas Luncheon Freddie’s Steak House,
Sapulpa, OK
Sooner Schooners
(Central Oklahoma area)
Allen Michael
[email protected]
Sep Pine Island, OK
Oct Friendship Outing TBA
Nov Thanksgiving Outing, Durant, OK
Dec Christmas Outing, Cowboy Hall of Fame
Oregon Trail Winnies & Itascas
Bob Schlapfer
[email protected]/
Sep 26-29 Polk County Fairgrounds, Rickreall, OR
Oct 17-20 Casey’s RV Park West Fir, OR
Dick Hulse
[email protected]
Sep 26-29 State Rally, Rickreall, OR
Oct 3-6 Wildlife Safari RV Park, Winston, OR
Oct 17-20 Casey’s RV Park, West Fir, OR
Dec 7 Christmas Luncheon, Highlands at Vista
Ridge, OR
Rose City Winnie-Tascas
(Portland area)
Glenn Slack
[email protected]
Sep 26-29 OR State Rally, Polk County
Fairgrounds, Rickreal, OR
Oct 17-20 State Meeting, Casey’s RV Park,
Westfir, OR
Oct 23-27 Netarts Bay RV Park, Tillamook, OR
Nov 7-10 Hee Hee Illahee RV Park, Salem, OR
Dec Luncheon TBA
Winnie ‘Gonians
(Portland area)
Gene Wiskow
[email protected]
Sep 26 State Meeting, Rickreall, OR
Oct 17 State Meeting, Casey’s RV Park, West Fir,
Nov 21 Premier RV Park, Salem, OR
Dec 14 Christmas Luncheon at Willamette
Country Club, Canby, OR
[email protected]
High Desert Road Runners
(Central Oregon)
Bobby Gieg
[email protected]
Willamette Gad-A-Bouts
Ray Daniel
[email protected]
Sep 26-29 State Rally, Rickreall, OR
Oct 8-10 Brookhollow RV, Kelso, WA
Pennsylvania State Club (SC)
Marcel Perusse
[email protected]
Sep 28 State Planning Meeting, Centre Hall
Grange Fairgrounds, Centre Hall, PA
Keystone Winnies
(SE Pennsylvania)
Steve Plant
[email protected]
Sep 19-22 Don Laine Family Campground,
Palmerton, PA
Sep 28 State Planning Meeting, Centre Hall
Grange Fairgrounds, Centre Hall, PA
Oct 10-13 Sill’s Family Campground, Adamstown,
Nov 16 Luncheon, Viva Mediterranean Bistro,
Reading, PA
Delaware Valley Winnies
(Tri-county area)
Larry Falcone
Cascade Travelers
(West Central area)
Jim Smith
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 Holly Shores Campground, between
Wildwood and Cape May, NJ
Oct 3-6 Delaware/Maryland State Rally, Fort
Whaley, Whaleyville, MD
Dec7 Hunterton Hills Playhouse, Hampton, NJ
Susquehanna Winnies
(Central Pennsylvania area)
John Schon
Sep 13-15 Old Mill Stream, Lancaster, PA
Oct 25-27 Walker’s Farm
Nov 10 Damon’s of Hazelton
Lake Erie Tri-State
Kathy Plant
[email protected]
Sep 12-15 TBA
Sep 27-29 Fall Planning, Centre Hall Grange
Fairgrounds, Centre Hall, PA
Oct 3-6 Oil Creek Campground, Titusville, PA
Nov Thanksgiving Luncheon TBD
Dec Christmas Luncheon TBD
Three Rivers Winnies
(Pittsburgh/Western Pennsylvania area)
Pam Stranford
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 Evergreen
Sep 18-Oct 16 Myrtle Beach
Capitol Area Winnies
(South Central area)
Jim Smith
Music City Winnies
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 Shangri La, Milton, PA
Sep 28 State Meetng, Centre Hall, PA
Oct 9-10 Paradise Stream, Loysville, PA
Nov 2 Hoss’s Steak House, Enola, PA
Dec 14 Christmas Party, Bower Residence
Rhody Winnies (SC)
Sally Quinn
[email protected]
Sep 16-18 Big “E” Campout
Oct Fall Luncheon
Dec Annual Christmas Luncheon
South Carolina
Palmetto Winnebago Club (SC)
Ray Stewart
[email protected]
Nov 15-17 Ocean Lakes Campground, Myrtle
Beach SC
Mar 28-30, 2014, Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park,
Swansea, SC
May 23-25, 2014, Palmetto Cove, Cleveland, SC
Foothill Winnie-Tascas
Nita Stewart
[email protected]
Low Country Winnebago Itasca
[email protected]
Sept 20-22 Cedar Creek, Mt Juliet, TN
Oct 18-20 Long Branch Center Hill, Lancaster, TN
Oct 24-27 TN State Rally, Ward Agriculture
Center, Lebanon, TN
Nov 15-17 TBA
Rocky Top Travelers
West Tennessee Travelers
Michael Logan
Texas W Club (SC)
Gary Rigsby
[email protected]
Oct 18-20 State Rally, Mineola Civic Center,
Mineola TX
(Austin area)
Stephanie Mosley
[email protected]
Alamo Winnies
Siouxland River Ramblers
[email protected]
Sep 17-19 Alexandria Ramsey Municipal Park,
Redwood Falls, MN
Oct 15 Royal Fork (Lunch only), Sioux Falls, SD
Rushmore Winnies
Phil & Arlene Lynch
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 State Meeting, Sioux Falls, SD
Oct 11-13 Piedmont, SD
Nov 9 Pizza Ranch, Rapid City, SD
Ringneck Winnies
Larry Dumke
[email protected]
Sep 16-18 Natchez Trace State Park, Wildersville,
Oct 20-23 Wilson County Fairgrounds, Lebanon,
Oct 24-27 TN State Rally, Lebanon, TN
South Dakota WIT Travelers (SC)
Doug Guillaume
[email protected]
Sept 26-28 KY Music Hall of Fame & Country
Music (Friendship Rally), Renfro Valley, KY
Oct 24-27 TN State Rally, Lebanon, TN
Nov 7-10 Two Rivers Landing, Sevierville, TN
Lone Star Travelers
South Dakota
Bob Mallow
(Wichita Falls area)
Larry Smith
Dave Franke
Rhode Island
Red River Wrangers
(Nashville area)
[email protected]/lonestar.html
(San Antonio area)
Marty Anderson
[email protected]
Sep 6-8 Sioux Falls, SD
Oct 11-13 Kelley Farm, Yale, SD
Aug 11-13 Hole in the Mountain Campground,
Lake Benton, MN
Vol State Winnies (SC)
Dennis Graham
[email protected]
Oct 24-27 State Rally, Wilson County
Fairgrounds, Lebanon, TN
WIT Club News
Sep 19-22 The Lagoons RV Park, Rockport, TX
Oct 18-20 TX State Rally, Mineola Civic Center,
Mineola, TX
Nov 7-10 Parkview Riverside RV, Concan, TX
Dec 5-8 Colorado Landing, La Grange, TX
(Houston area)
Mike Ellerbrock 281-359-3964
[email protected]
Glenn Riedel
Ernest Gonzalez
[email protected]
Oct 18-20 TX State Rally, Mineola Civic Center,
Mineola TX
Nov 20-23 King Ranch, Kingsville TX
Dec 7 Christmas Party, Nolan’s Restaurant,
Calallen TX
Cen-Tex Travelers
Mike Todd
[email protected]
Oct 18-20 TX State Rally, Mineola Civic Center,
Mineola TX
Big Thicket Winnies
Jim Leggett
Rear View Mirrors
(Lubbock area)
Jean Kirkpatrick
[email protected]
Sep TBD, Roaring Springs Ranch Club, Roaring
Springs TX
Oct 18-20 TX State Rally, Mineola Civic Center,
Mineola TX
Nov 12 Thanksgiving, TBA
Dec 10 Christmas, Harvey House, Slaton TX
Rambling Rose Travelers
(Northeast Texas - Tyler area)
R.S. Robertson
[email protected]
Sep 5-6 Shady Pines RV Park, Texarkana, TX
Oct 18-20 Texas W (State Rally), Mineola, TX
Nov 7-8 Bell Ranch, Emory, TX
Dec 5-6 TBD
Celia Reid
Bluebonnet Travelers
Mike Ellerbrock
(Corpus Christi area)
[email protected]/nortex.html
Sep 13-15 KOA Greenville, Caddo Mills, TX
Oct 18-20 TX State Rally, Mineola Civic Center,
Mineola TX
Nov 8-10 Oak Creek RV Park, Weatherford, TX
Dec 13-15 Destiny Dallas RV Park, Denton, TX
Tex-Pan Ramblers
Grady Wilkinson
Jan Reddick
[email protected]
Golden Spike Travelers
Glen Hamblin
[email protected]
Sparkling W
(North Texas/DFW area)
[email protected]/hot.html
Sep 18-22 Red Willow RV Park, Chico, TX
Oct 16-20 TX State Rally, Mineola Civic Center,
Mineola, TX
Nov 6-10 Antique Capital RV Resort, Gladewater,
Dec 5-8 Coffee Creek RV Resort, Santo, TX
(Houston area)
[email protected]
Sep 19-22 Coffee Creek RV Resort, Mineral Wells,
Oct 18-20 TX State Rally, Mineola Civic Center,
Mineola TX
Nov 21-24 Friendship Rally, TBA, Nacogdoches,
Nor-Tex Travelers
Heart of TX Winnies
(Dallas/Ft. Worth area)
Marjorie Lawrence
Utah Mountaineers (SC)
Ye Ole Virginia Winnie Tascas
Phil Hannaford
[email protected]
Sep 20-22 Virginia State Rally, Holiday
Trav-L-Park, Virginia Beach VA
Nov 8-10 Virginia State Meeting, Cozy Acres
Apr 12-14 Cheatan Annex, Williamsburg, VA
Jun 14-16 Thousand Trails, Gloucester, VA
Oct 11-13 Thousand Trails, Gloucester, VA
Cardinal Winnie Tascas
(Northern Virginia area)
Tom Fleming
[email protected]
Sep 20-22 VA State Rally, Holiday Travel Park,
Virginia Beach, VA
Oct 4-6 MD State Rally, Whaleyville, MD
Nov TBD State Meeting
Dec Christmas Party, Reines RV
Dogwood Winnies
(Richmond area)
Joseph Nicolella
[email protected]
Sep 20-22 VA State Rally, Holiday Travel Park,
Virginia Beach VA
Dec 1 Calabash Seafood Restaurant,
Mechanicsville VA
Oct 18-21 Walnut Hills Campground, Staunton VA
Nov 8-10 State Meeting TBD
Peninsula Winnies
(Newport News area)
Marcia Fry
[email protected]
Sep 20-22 VA State Rally
Oct 11-13 Thousand Trails
Nov 15-17 State Meeting
Virginia Coasters
(Virginia Beach area)
Pat Snow
[email protected]
Sep 18-22 VA State Rally, Holiday Travel Park,
Virginia Beach
Oct TBD KOA New Bern, NC Emerald Island
Nov 8-10 State Meeting TBD
Dec 13-15 TBD
Jun 7-9 Fort Chiswell RV Park, Max Meadows, VA
Jun 9 Paradise Lake Campground, Keeling, VA
[email protected]
[email protected]/bbt.html
Oct 18-20 Texas “W” State Rally, Mineola Civic
Center, Mineola, TX
Nov 7-10 Rayford Crossing RV Resort, Spring, TX
Dec Christmas Party TBD
August / September 2013
Who’s Inviting Travelers
Tidewater Tascas
Mike Montgomery
[email protected]
Sep 20-22 VA State Rally, Holiday Trav-L-Park,
Virginia Beach, VA
Oct 4-6 Yogi Bear Jellystone Park, Laray, VA
Nov 8-10 State Meeting, Cozy Acres Campground,
Powhatan, VA
Dec 13-15 Christmas Party, Carolina Crossroads
Campground, Roanoake Rapids, NC
Blue Ridge Winnies
Donny Murray
San Juanderers
Carol Franz
Tom Rodewald
(Spokane & NE Washington & Idaho)
Lake Champlin WIT
Mitch Loiselle
[email protected]
Oct 4-6 Warrensburg NY
[email protected]
Sep 20-22 State Meeting, Fairgrounds, Lynden,
Dec 7 1:30 p.m., Luncheon, Timber Creek
Restaurant, Spokane Valley, WA
Rainier Ramblers
Wash-I-Bagos (SC)
Dudley Loomis
[email protected]
Sep 21-22 VA State Rally, Holiday Travel Park,
Virginia Beach, VA
Oct 4-6 Philpott Lake
Nov 8-10 State Meeting, TBA
Dec 7 Christmas Party, Roanoke, VA
Inland Empire Explorers
[email protected]
Sep 19-22 State Meeting, Lynden Fairgrounds,
Lynden WA
(South of Seattle)
John Cook
[email protected]
Sept 19-22 Lynden Fairgrounds Wash-I-Bago
State Meeting, Lynden, WA
Oct 3-6 Woodburn RV Park, Woodburn, OR
Nov 7-10 Midway RV Park, Centrailia, WA
Dec 7 Christmas Party, Indian Summer Golf &
Country Club, Olympia, WA
Valley Vagabonds
(Tri-Cities & SE Washington)
John O’Brien
Winnebago’s Preferred
In-MotIon antenna
Winegard roadtrip Mission
Automatic Dome Satellite TV Antenna
HD ready for DISH® and Bell TV™.
DIRECTV® receives standard
programming only.
Valley Vagabonds
John O’Brien
Oct 3-6 Legends RV Park, Toppenish WA
Columbia River Rollers
(Clark County)
Jo Anne Akely
[email protected]
Sep 26-29 OR State Rally, Rickreall OR
Oct 18-20 Odell Fairgrounds, Odell OR
Nov 8 -10 Woodburn RV Park, Woodburn OR
Dec 1 - Holiday Dinner TBD
Peninsula WITs
(Kitsap & S. Oly. Peninsulas)
Bill Higday
Apple Rovers
(Yakima area)
Roger Simmons
[email protected]
Sep 27-29 Coulee Playland Resort, Grand Coulee,
Oct 17-19 Eagle Tree RV Park, Poulsbo WA
Nov 16 China Buffet, Yakima, WA
Dec TBA, Bob’s Burgers and Brew, Yakima WA
Alberta Wild Rose WIT
[email protected]
Oct 10-13 Icicle Creek RV Park, Leavenworth WA
Nov 8-10 Fidalgo Bay RV Resort, Anacortes WA
Dec 7 Christmas Party, Camaloch Golf Course,
Camano Island WA
(Calgary area)
Sun Catchers
Fraser Valley Explorers
(Sequim & N. Peninsula)
Joe Williams
[email protected]
Sep 19-22 Lynden Fairgrounds, Lynden, WA
Oct 18-21 Brookhollow RV Park (Friendship
Outing), Kelso, WA
Nov 14-17 Eagle Tree RV Park, Poulsbo, WA
Dec 14 Christmas Dinner, China Garden, Sequim,
(King County)
Margaret Terpening
[email protected]
Sep 20-22, State Meeting, Lynden, WA
Oct 11-13 American Sunset RV Park, Westport,
Nov 8-10 Burlington KOA
Dec 13-15 Midway RV Park, Centrailia, WA
Jan 17-19, 2014 Outback RV Park, Rochester, WA
Mar 2014 TBD
Apr 24-27, 2014 Old Stone RV Park, McMinnville,
May 15-18, 2014 NWRR, Cashmere, WA
Aug 22-24, 2014 Poulsbo Show & Tell
Sep 2014 State Meeting
Oct 2014 TBD
Dec 4-7, 2014 Midway RV Park, Centralia, WA
Wisconsin State Club (SC)
[email protected]
Sep 26-29 OR State Rally, Polk County
Fairgrounds, Rickreall, OR
Sep 29-Oct 3 Olde Stone Village RV Resort,
McMinnville, OR
Nov 7--10 Bremerton Elks, Bremerton, WA
Dec 14 TBA Christmas Dinner
Evergreen Winnies
Oct 3-6 Legends RV Park, Toppenish WA
(Tri-Cities & SE Washington)
(North of Seattle)
Julie Krause
Sid Mason
[email protected]
Sep 13-14 Harmattan Hall, Harmattan
British Columbia
[email protected]
Sep 14 AGM, Fraserway
Sep 19-22 Lynden Fairgrounds, Lynden, WA
Sep 26-29 OR State Rally, Rickreal, OR
Oct 17-20 Fidalgo Bay, WA
Dec 8 Christmas Party, ABC Restaurant, King
George Hwy, White Rock
WIT Singles Club
Edgar Kremer
Interested in golf? We’re looking for
an officer for the WIT Duffers!! Please
call Doug Formanek, WIT Club General
Manager at 641-585-6461 for more
WIT Law Enforcement Officers
Tom Bickers
Ontario Trillium Travellers
[email protected]
Sep 17-20 Country Property RR #1, Gowanstown,
Oct 3-5 Galvin Bay Resort, Lakefield, ON
International Association of
State Presidents
[email protected]
International Association of
Local Chapter Presidents
Bud & Paula Geng
Lois Maas
[email protected]/ia/witcars
WIT Singers Club
Mary Harms
WIT Alley Cats
Linda Burlison
George Gallagher
WIT Rods
Bob Garcia
Southeast Wisconsin Travelers
Brenda Wall
Carol Omernik
[email protected]
Sep 9-12 Door County “Fun Run”, Beantown
Campground, Door County, WI
Sep 13-15 State Meeting, Harbour Village Resort,
Door County, WI
ON FACEBOOK: NLWIT CLUB removed as there is
no information at this time.
Darla Lewis
[email protected]
Alice Broers
[email protected]
Bob Allwein
WIT Charter Member Club
Handicap Club
[email protected]
[email protected]
Don Aukland
[email protected]
365 Club
Northern Lights
Red Hat WITS
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 State Meeting, Harbour Village Resort,
Door County, WI
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Sep 13-15 State Meeting, Door County
Carolyn Loomis
[email protected]
Ed Potts
[email protected]
WIT Duffers
Ron Breitenstein
604-596-9635 (Apr-Oct)
480-204-1799 (Jan-Mar)
Barb Watkins
Chet Camp
[email protected]
Classic Winnebago Club
Jeff Barth
[email protected]
Armed Forces Veterans of WIT
Earl Orr
[email protected]
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WIT Club News
August / September 2013
Our WIT Club
2013 Canadian Rockies
Canmore is a former coal-mining town in
the Canadian Rockies. It is a perfect base
for visiting some of the country’s most
impressive national parks. Due to heavy
rains two weeks before the rally, the Bow
River and Cougar Creek raged through
the scenic mountain town where the rally
It also flooded downtown Calgary
including the Stampede Grounds. The
TransCanada highway was closed both east
and westbound near Canmore, preventing
the hosts and guests early arrival. Crews
worked around the clock and repaired the
highway just in time for the rally.
The Rally
Rally guests embarked on an
unforgettable adventure amid the
snowcapped peaks of the Canadian
Rockies. We visited Banff, Yoho, and
Jasper National Parks, exploring a
stunning wilderness of hanging glaciers,
rushing rivers, and blue-green lakes.
We saw elk, bighorn sheep, bears,
and a mountain goat. We hiked to
Takkakaw Falls where we could feel the
thunderous spray of the waterfall. After
a wonderful buffet at Lake Louise Lodge
we photographed the most beautiful lake
in the world. Along the famed Icefields
Parkway, we encountered an abundance of
geological wonders, including the largest
ice cap in the Canadian Rockies.
Calgary Stampede
“Come hell or highwater!”
The rally was capped off by a day at the
Calgary Stampede. Volunteers worked for
hours to drain, clean and prepare the
flooded stadium grounds for the greatest
show on earth. Their motto was “Come
Hell or High Water, the show must go on.”
They sold 30,000 t-shirts and the money
is being donated to the Canadian Red
Cross Alberta Floods Fund.
Grandstand Show
The show is a spectacular production.
The show focuses on five genres of music
- each performed by one of the many
guest performers along with the Young
Canadians of the Calgary Stampede who
spend more than 400 hours rehearsing for
the show. Stunning special effects include
a flying baby grand piano and fabulous
You can find out more of the 2014 WIT
Club Tours schedule at www.witclub.com/
wit_tours Don’t forget - you can invite
your non-Winnebago Industries product
owner friends to come along! Call us to
find out more!
Introducing the all-new Winnebago Minnie Winnie and Itasca Spirit.
Although they’re priced amazingly low, they can make you and
your family feel like a million bucks.
With three new floorplans (including the double-slideout,
bunk bed-equipped 31H) they’re perfect getaway vehicles for
adventures that your family will remember for a lifetime.
Startingg at
The fully equipped galley makes it easy to feed the troops, while
the available HDTV and DVD player offer a great way to unwind after outdoor
fun. And the private back bedroom provides a peaceful retreat when day is done.
. OM
3 Wi
nebago Ind
es Inc.
I c
WIT Club News
WIT Club News
P.O. Box 268
Forest City, IA 50436-0268
Presorted Standard
U.S. Postage
Des Moines, IA
Permit No. 589
W he
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staff is frie
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are support
of the WIT
Club and th
RV Lifestyle
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Call us today for your no-obligation insurance
quote or visit our website