June - Madison BMW Club



June - Madison BMW Club
The Mail Boxer
June 2010
The Prez Says
By Todd Herbst
Wow, another Great River Road Rally, emphasis on great. I think we had
over 300 paid rally fees. Our web site, posters, advertising and the prereg. drawing for a night in McGregor really must be working. We had
around 85 preregisters, which is great padding if we have a bad weather
year. Hopefully we can keep them coming in at that rate.
I got the go ahead form the boss a couple of days ago to get a new bike.
I think I’m selling my R1100RS to get a good bike for commuting. It will
be much less displacement, but still able to tour if needed. My R80 will
still be my long haul trucker though...............I think.
Now what could that bike be? I guess you’ll have to wait to see me on it.
Now for Rally/Bike porn.
Upcoming Events
Friday - Sunday June 4-6, 2010:
34th Annual Hiawatha Rally
Money Creek Haven Campground,
Money Creek, MN
Sunday, June 6: WINGS Benefit
A day of biking and poker! Enjoy
a scenic 100 mile ride through
northern Illinois and Wisconsin
starting at JD Bootlegger’s in
Antioch. Pre-register by May 7th
to receive a free t-shirt and commemorative pin and to enter the
early bird drawing for a custom
cycle detailing! All proceeds will
go to WINGS (Women in Need
Growing Stronger). More details
at www.wingsbenefitride.com.
Thursday - Sunday June 10-13,
2010: 34th Annual Iowa Rally
Middle Amana Park, Middle
Amana, Iowa
Date for the BMW Club Picnic
is Aug 8th Bringham Park. Be
there or be square.
Friday - Sunday September 10-12,
2010: 40th Annual Dells Rally
Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin
Dells, WI
The Soldiers Grove Rally
from an anonymous source
Did everyone enjoy the rally? I sure did. We really lucked out with
the weather. No snow, no rain, no plague of frogs, life is good. I want to
thank all of our club members who worked so hard on the rally, especially
the two Jims. These guys have worked tirelessly to provide the best rally
experience for all our guests and members alike. XXXOOOXXX You both
are hereby appointed as rally czars ad infinitum or at least until the men in
the white jumpers take you away in those shirts with the really long arms.
I've got to tell you that it's the rally that first brought me into the
club. I attended my first GR3 (and my first rally) at Badger Camp. I just
rode up the hill and found a grassy spot and set up camp. Come to think
of it, I don't even think that I registered (Sorry John, I'll put a check in the
mail!!!!). I wandered around the site and the first person I met was Bert, followed by TVH and JT. These guys had never seen me before and yet, after
just a few minutes, I felt like I was a part of the club. Man, I was hooked.
Mailed in my dues after I got home and never looked back. For me, the rally is one of the most important parts of being a club member. Meeting and
riding with fellow rally goers, swapping lies, having a rally mug of beer, a
good cigar and a little wine (alright, more that just a little--thanks Todd and
Betty) and hanging out around a roaring campfire makes for a great time. I
hope that next year we will see more of you in Soldiers Grove.
Madison BMW Club
P.O. Box 152
McFarland, WI 53558
Todd Herbst 608-831-4439
[email protected]
Linda Low 608-838-2690
[email protected]
Jim Low 608-838-2690
[email protected]
John Ong 608-222-6489
Newsletter Editor:
Sam Garst 414-704-7767
[email protected]
Rally Chairs
Jim Harms 608-798-3645
Jim Low
[email protected]
Activities Directors:
Tom Schirz 608-221-9682
Bert Hefty
[email protected]
Rally Rooster
Lone Camper
Sidecar National?
Cruddy Musings
Most of yawl are familiar with the Slimey Cruds Cafe Racer Run - it’s been a twice-ayear, Pine Bluff-and-Leland institution for some time. Two guys decided to make a documentary on the Run and the Cruds thereof - It was to premiere at the Sundance Cinema in Madison
on May first. Well, that showing sold out very quickly, so they expanded the screening at Sundance. Well, THAT sold out. So, they added another theater (the Barrymore) to premiere
at the same time. Got that?...
Well, I finally did. Got tickets, that is. To the B’More showing. The street in front
was bike-only, and it was full. A grand sight. Rob Himmelman's Puch twingle was a
notable addition to the show. I ran into Atkinsons, J.T., Ernie Bell, Malys, Klopps, Rabideauxs,
Harms, Huber, and others that I've just spaced out. My brother in law Doug tagged along with
me. While not a rider, he did run a Montesa around Spain in his feckless youth.
The movie was grand . A not-super-polished documentary on the Cruds. Lot of interviews with early members. They’d often mention some incident or character in passing and the
theater would fill with chuckles because many of the audience knew who or what they were alluding to. The filmmakers interspersed interviews with the grey eminences together with segues
of two guys trying to get two old beater bikes running and given the cafe-racer treatment for the
next Crud run. This is kind of a tradition. I have a Yamaha 500 single that I call my Crud bike.
I gave it a Brit cafe treatment, notsobadifIsaysomeself. If I bring my much-modded Ducati SS
or the BMW sidecar rig, they don’t get near the attention/cameras/questions that the old Yam
banger gets. ? ? ? The Barrymore was full before and after (they had a reception after) - Doug
marveled at my knowing, as he put it, ‘every third person there!’ Well, we are a cult, as one
amigo has said.
The Crud run in Pine Bluff was (nice weather) crowded, a couple of thousand easily.
Again, the Yam thumper got lots of face time, and I just schlepped around, ogled machinery,
A Piece of Club History
from Jeff Dean
This is a photo of the Madison BMW Club in May of 1968. I am sitting on the bike to
the far right. I cannot clearly identify the others. I am sure Dave Maly is in there, perhaps on the bike furthest left with the Wixom fairing.
Can any of the members identify some of these characters? (ed).
Madison BMW Club
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