Tuesday was a shopping and touring day. First a stop at San


Tuesday was a shopping and touring day. First a stop at San
 Cavalier checking his section along the River. Tuesday was a shopping and touring day. First a stop at San Antonio Shoes (SAS)
Factory and store; but before deboarding the buses, there was a drawing for a free
pair of shoes. Then once inside the fun began, there were antiques cars, 5 cent
cokes and popcorn, shoes and more. Most everyone left the store with one pair of
shoes and others three; a couple of folks almost missed the departing bus. The
next stop was the San Jose Mission were there was a movie and a tour of the
mission. San Jose is one of the 5 missions in San Antonio.
Are we ready to leave? When do we start shopping? Dinner this evening was a Mexican dinner followed by a visit from her grace
Duchess, of Quest and Discovery, Payton from the House of Strozier from the
Court of Seven Seas of 2012. Payton happens to be the grand-daughter of Doug
and Sheryl Wylie and the niece of Shannon Wylie. Once photographs were taken
and questions were answered by the Duchess the sound of trumpets could be heard
as the five Mariachi los Toritos entered to entertain. The Louisiana group was so
impressed with the mariachis that they had to have a group photograph which was
graciously agreed to by the Mariachi los Toritos group. Following this, it was time
for the promised Blue Bell ice cream—mint chocolate.
Wednesday had the attendees again boarding the motorcoaches, this time for a
sampling of the Texas Hill Country—a visit to Fredericksburg and then a driving
tour of the LBJ Ranch in Stonewall.
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookUpon returning there was time for
relaxing during the social hour prior to having a Texas barbeque which was
prepared on site by Tom Rennie, a National Barbeque Champion, of Head Country
Foods. Tom arrived at 10 am with his barbeque trailer in tow; by 10:30 am the
brisket was cooking.
A representative dance group from Danzavida de San Antonio provided the
entertainment. Director of the group is Krystal Ruiz, Miss San Antonio 2010. A
variety of Mexican style dances were colorfully and beautifully performed;
however, the show star was a beautiful dark-haired, dimple-cheeked three (3) year
old. The photographers went wild. The final dance performed was a Cumbia and
included audience participants—volunteer or otherwise; again the photographers
were busy.
Blue Bell vanilla ice cream was then served to the dancers and butter pecan to the
Thursday morning brought out the golfers—a tournament was held. The golfers
enjoyed themselves and returned around 4 pm with a 5-way tie for 1st place.
Others returned to visit the remaining Missions, take the San Antonio river cruise,
visit Fort Sam and the museums, and sun poolside, but all were back for the social
hour where Blue Bell chocolate ice cream was served prior to boarding the
motorcoach at 5pm. With a sack dinner in hand the attendees were enroute to
Alamo Stadium to attend the Battle of Flowers Band Festival. This festival was a
competition of highschool marching bands and the grand finale was 3000
highschool band students performing as a group.
Friday began as overcast and cloudy; this was good since this is the day for the
Battle of Flowers Parade—day parade. The motorcoach was here at 10 am to start
the loading; attendees had sun-hats, drinks, stadium seats, cushions, sun lotion,
long-sleeved shirts/jackets and tickets. Some had to make 2 trips to get everything.
The clouds lifted, the sun was bright and the parade began with the vanguard.
There were marching bands, clowns, and floats; spectators were interested in
having the ladies, on the floats, “show us your shoes.” There were barefeet,
decorated flip-flops, cowboy boots, flamingoes, etc. just individual, comfortable
footwear for “float-standing.”
Returning to the RV park the attendees were greeted with frozen margaritas, grilled
hot dogs, the trimmings to include chili sauce and sauerkraut and dessert of Blue
Bell vanilla ice cream.
Saturday was a free day; several attended SeaWorld and others did a repeat of
Thursday and others prepared for Sunday’s departure. Dinner this night was a
German meal and entertainment was by the Hill Country Ranglers—a Country
dance band with our own Joe Long sitting-in and playing the pedal steel guitar.
The dance floor stayed crowded and the music lively. After all the excitement and
exercise subsided, a variety of Blue Bell ice cream flavors was served.
Jim Schwerdfeger, our Master of Ceremony, wished all a Vaya Con Dios! We
were happy to see you. Tell your friends about the rally. Drive Safely!
Sunday the rally was closed with a devotional lead by Linda Knezek, Region 9 2nd
VP. By noon, all was packed and ready, silver city was on the move with some
headed home, other returning to the Texas Hill Country and others going south to
Robstown and Mexico.
The following companies and individuals donated door prizes and supported the
rally: Camper clinic II, Buda; Camping World, New Braunfels; Mary Kay, Sondra
Nelson; San Antonio Shoe (SAS); Southwest RV Super Store, Seguin; Raisin
Schwerdfeger; THCU; and Gayle Ketchum & Joe Long.
This rally was further supported by the following THCU members/chairpersons:
After Rally Clean-Up:
Joe Long
Linda Knezek
Entertainment: Dan & Zephyr Marek
Ronnie & Andi Gilliland
Don & Lynette Croft
Safety Leak Test: Warner & Gail Hord
Tour Coordinators:
Jim & Raisin
Willing Workers:
Ronnie & Judy Opphile
Raisin Schwerdefger
Door Prizes:
Gayle Ketchum
Food Preparation: Doug & Sheryl Wylie
Master of Ceremony: Jim Schwerdfeger
Zephyr Marek
Souvenir Dolls: Raisin Schwerdfeger
Welcome Bags:
Myron & Kathryn
Shannon Wylie
It was the consensus of the THCU members present that we want to continue the
SA Fiesta Rally, but in alternate years.
Evaluations were distributed and 26% have been returned. Comments were
positive and favorable and there were several helpful critiques for the future rally.
Myron & Kathryn Fischer packing the “Welcome Bags” Who goes on this bus? Don & Lynette Croft Upcoming Rallies May 17-20
THCU/TGCU Joint Rally (Business Meeting)
Texas Airstream Harbor (TAHI)
Zavalla, TX
Jun. 27-July 4
WBCCI International Rally-- “Where Friends
Sedalia, MO
Luncheon TBA
Sept. 12-16
Fall Kick-Off/Buddy Rally (Business Meeting)
Fort Mason City Park
Mason, TX
Oct. 18-21
THCU/THLU Joint “Ride-the-Rails” Rally
Rusk KOA RV Park
Rusk, TX
Nov. 7-11
Thanksgiving Installation Rally
“Honoring our Military Men & Women”
Shady River RV Park, Georgetown, TX.
Birthdays and Anniversaries May: 6th Nancy Westley B 12th Dick Westley B 18th Bonnie Kuehn B 29th Louis & Mary Hendricks 29th MaryAnn Bunke B A Duchess of Quest and Discovery Payton of the House of Strozier 

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