Faviana Prom eBook



Faviana Prom eBook
Table of Contents
I Introduction to Prom Season!
20 Great Movies about Prom
Countdown to Prom: A Prom Timeline
Ten Money-Saving Tips for Prom
Five Prom Splurges That are Totally Worth It
Don’t Know How to Dance? Here’s How to Fake It
Mind Your Manners: Prom Etiquette
II She’s going with Him?!
Finding a Date
Five Dates to Consider. . .
. . . and Five Dates to Delete
Ten Stars Who Missed out on their Proms
Date? Who Needs a Date? Three Brave Stars Who Went Stag (Or Nearly Stag)
Five Prom Stories that’ll Make You Go, “Awww!”
Five Songs Inspired by Prom
III How to be Best DRESSed
Five VERY IMPORTANT Things to Keep in Mind When Picking Out Your Prom Dress
Tips for Trying On Your Prom Dress
Four Prom-Dress Disasters to Avoid
Ten Celebrity Prom Dress Disasters
The Question of Length:
Five Great Reasons to Go Short this Year
Five Great Reasons to Go Long
What’s Your Prom Style?
The Perfect Prom Dress for Every Shape
What’s your Prom-O-Scope
Prom Fashion A-Z: A Glossary
Unconventional Wisdom: Five Don’ts You Should Do
And Five Don’ts You Just Shouldn’t
Five Ways to Know You Picked the Right Prom Gown
IV Successful Under-Accessorizing
The Girls: The Importance of Picking the Right Bra
To Spanx or Not to Spanx
The Perfect Prom Panties
V Pre-prom primp & prep
The Pre-Prom Cleanse
How to Pull Off a DIY Spa Experience at Home
The Perfect At-Home Prom Pedicure
Ten Steps to Fabulous Feet
The Best Prom Hair EVER!
Five Hair Care Fixes You Can Find in Your Kitchen
Five Easy Glam Prom Hairstyles
The Perfect Prom Face: Makeup
Four Cosmetics You Can’t Leave Home Without
Banish That Zit in Three Easy Steps
Prom Night Emergency Purse Pack
Prom Day Checklist
How to Look Great in Photos
Have a Safe Prom
I Welcome to Prom Season!
Preparing for Prom Night
Today’s prom is a mega-event to celebrate your school year and your style! Whether you decide to go Glam, Classic, or Fierce this
Prom, we have all the tips and tricks to ensure you have everything you need for a hot look and date!
As much fun as prom season can be, as April approaches, tensions start to run high. What will I wear? Who will I go with? How can I
guarantee that everything will be perfect?! With the average prom costing anywhere from $400 to $3,000, this is usually the most
glamorous and pricey event any girl will participate in until her wedding, so the stakes are high. Read more so you are sure to
navigate prom season safely and sanely.
20 Great Movies About Prom
Twilight (2008)
She’s All That (1999)
Prom (2011)
Footloose (1984/2011)
Never Been Kissed (1999)
Peggy Sue Got Married (1998)
Carrie (2001)
Saved! (2004)
Grosse Point Blank (1997)
The World’s Best Prom! (2005)
Prom Night (1980/2008)
American Pie (1999)
Zombie Prom (2006)
High School Musical (2008)
Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
Whatever It Takes (2000)
Pretty in Pink (1986)
Jawbreaker (1999)
10 Things I Hate About You (2010)
Mean Girls (2004)
Countdown to Prom: A Prom Timeline
Prom may only be one day, but preparation can be extensive. Between figuring who’s going to be your lucky date, to arranging
transportation, to hair, makeup and let us not forget the all-important dress, it can take a few months. So here’s an easy timeline to
Four-five months before:
• Start scanning fashion mags and websites for gown inspiration.
• If you don’t have a boyfriend, get out there and flirt! You don’t have to pick your prom date, but start laying the groundwork.
Three months before:
• Shop for your prom dress.
• Purchase prom dress from a reputable store or website. If you order online, make sure you have a reasonable shipping date.
• Arrange for alterations.
Two months before:
• Figure out if you’re going with a date or hanging with a group.
• Buy shoes and bag.
• Try on dress with shoes and make sure the alterations are perfect.
One month before. . .
• Begin gathering your prom jewelry.
• If you’re getting your hair and makeup done professionally, make the appointments. It’s best to schedule them for early afternoon so
you aren’t rushed getting dressed.
• If you’re doing your own hair and makeup, start experimenting with different looks. Check out department store cosmetics
counters and watch YouTube hair and makeup tutorials (there are thousands!).
• Figure out who’s going to be part of your prom crew.
• Whether it’s renting a limo or borrowing mom’s car, figure out the transportation situation.
• Call your date and make sure he’s got his formalwear figured out.
Two weeks before:
• Visit a florist and order a cute boutonniere for your boy. You may want to shoot him a reminder about your corsage.
• Make certain you have your undergarments. Does your bra show? Are your panties pinching? Are you wearing hose?
• Start wearing your prom heels around the house so you can break them in a little and get used to walking in them.
• Get your teeth cleaned and/or whitened.
One week before:
• Make sure you and your date have tickets to the main event!
• Do a trial run wearing your dress and the same undergarments, shoes, and jewelry you’re planning on wearing. Have
your mom, sis or friend snap some shots from you at every angle, so you can make sure nothing is out of place.
• Make your mani/pedi appointment for the day before prom.
• If you’re doing your own hair and makeup, now’s the time to narrow it down to the final look and make sure you have everything
you need. Do a final trial run.
• Make your confirmation calls: transportation, hair, makeup, mani/pedi—don’t leave anything to chance.
Two days before:
• Invite your besties over for at-home facials, gossip and snacks.
One day before:
• Charge your phone and camera.
• Get your nails done.
• Pick up your date’s boutonniere and refrigerate.
• Make sure your dress hasn’t gained any wrinkles since you saw it last.
• Pack your purse!
Prom Day!
• Go back to sleep—you woke up too early!
• Do some yoga and/or take a brisk walk or jog.
• Remember to eat. Nobody wants a shaky date.
• Whether you’re doing your own face and hair or going to a salon, make sure you wear a shirt that buttons or zips shut.3
• Get dressed and go!
Ten Money-Saving Tips for Prom
Between the dress, the car, the flowers and the after-party, prom night can be a real budget-buster. A recent study said the average cost is
around $800! There are many ways you can look and feel great without spending thousands of dollars. Here are just ten ways you can look and
feel great at prom and still come home with a little money left over.
1.) DIY your flowers
Corsages and boutonnières are an integral part of any prom ensemble, but making them isn’t exactly rocket science. Why should a
florist get your hard-earned money, when you can easily make them yourself? Buy the flowers at the grocery store, the ribbons and
wires at the crafts shop, watch one of the myriad online instructional videos, and get to work.
2.) Skimp on transportation
You are not Jay-Z and Beyonce, therefore you don’t need a block-long Hummer to transport you a half a mile down the road. The fun
takes place dancing in your dress, so why bust your budget when you can borrow one of your parents’ cars. If you must go the rental
route, get a bunch of friends together to split the cost and carpool.
3.) Borrow your bling
Surely your mom, granny, or auntie have one or two nice pieces of bling you can borrow if you pinky swear to guard them with your
life. The right gems can make or break an outfit, but if they also break the bank they’re totally not worth it. Just make certain you honor
your promise and hang onto the jewels. You don’t want to be hearing about “the time she lost my favorite earrings” for 30 years down
the road. Mothers never forget.
4.) Let your hair be someone else’s learning experience
Most mid-size and larger towns have at least one hairstylist school. Make an appointment well in advance (they can fill up quickly
around prom time!) and have a student do your ‘do.
5.) Learn the counter culture
Most makeup counters or large cosmetics stores have on-staff makeup artists who are happy to help you whip up a look for free. You
can either go in a week or two before the date and have them give you an instructional or try to book an appointment on your way to
prom. Though the lesson is free, it’s good manners to tip and/or purchase at least one item.
6.) Forget the professional photography
Does anyone ever like how they look in school photographs? Unless you go to a particularly artsy school, you’re probably going to be
saddled with a pricey photographer who’ll make you look like the “before” shot in a makeover ad. Surely one of your friends or family
members has a digital camera. Even a smart phone will take a good picture. Make sure you get a few traditional shots—let your parents
take them, it’ll make their day—and then just keep snapping candids. It doesn’t matter if they’re not perfect, they’ll be a more accurate
representation of your fun than some staged pose in front of a potted fern!
7.) Prime rib or chicken?
That dinner they’re trying to get you to pay for? Not worth it. A slightly fancier version of cafeteria food, banquet grub is low on taste,
quality and quantity. The only exceptional thing about it is the price. Instead of paying for the fancy dinner, have a backyard barbecue
or pizza party for your friends. Just make sure that if you’re wearing your prom gear, you also wear a napkin tucked into the front. You
don’t want to ruin your dress before the first dance.
8.) Shoe swap
Unless you’re a very unusual high-school student, you probably don’t wear heels very often. So once you and any friends who wear the
same shoe size decide on your dresses, get together and see whose shoes go with which dress. Then swap for the prom. You’ll save a
lot of money if you don’t have to buy a new pair and a good pair of used is going to be far more comfy than a cheap pair in the long run.
And remember—most prom dresses are long, meaning most people won’t see your shoes anyway.
9.) Accessorize for less
You can spend $20,000 on a purse or you can spend $20.
Guess which number we advise sticking with? Try stores like Target, Claires,
or even a vintage shop for fancy looking bags at down-to-earth prices.
10.) Nail fun
Instead of paying a stranger to polish your nails, gather your besties the day before prom, pool your polishes, and do them yourself.
Make sure to use both base and top coat so your digits stay pretty longer.
Five Prom Splurges That Are Totally Worth It!
There are aspects of prom where stinginess
makes sense(his tux for one!), but then
there are those prom essentials that you
need to go whole hog on, budget be damned.
Here we break down the five
splurges you’ll never regret…..
Your scent. . .
Few things smell worse than cheap cologne. I mean, do you really
want chewing gum to remind you of prom? Even if you can’t afford a
whole bottle of the good stuff, haunt department stores and ask for
Your bod. . .
The right (or wrong) underpinnings
can make or break an outfit. What
you wear under your dress is almost
as important as the dress itself. Do
your bra straps show? If it’s
strapless are you getting enough
support? Turn around—is your
booty good to go or are you cursed
with VPL? Is there any chance of
them riding up or down? Do a test
run before prom, to avoid any
embarrassing surprises!
Your dress..
Next to your date, your
most vivid prom
memorywill be what you
wore. It is not only
important you look
stylish, but you need to
feel confident too! Which
is why it’s so important
that you spring for the
kind of dress that not only
flatters your figure, but
makes you feel like the
goddess you are. You
don’t want to worry
about malfunctioning
zippers or loose beading
on prom night. You want
to cut loose, have fun,
and look fantastic.
Your tan. . .
If you want to look sun-kissed for
the big day, go to a reputable spray
tan salon. Do not attempt this with
an at-home kit unless streaky orange
Oompa Loompa is the look you’re
going for. And whatever you do, do
not for one second consider a
tanning bed! Noooo! Long-term
you’re risking cancer, short-term,
you’re risking the leather-face look
by college graduation.
Your toes. . .
Swapping manicures with your girls is fine and fun, but a pedicure should
be done by a pro. For one thing, they have those relaxing whirlpool tubs so
you can soak your tired feet before you go out and dance your toes off.
Sure there’s the cute polish point of the pedi, but don’t underestimate the
powers of a good foot rub.
Don’t Know How to Dance? Here’s How to Fake It
Even with the popularity of So You Think You Can Dance, not every American is the picture of grace as they move across
the dance floor. Luckily, we have a few tips so even if you have two left feet, you won’t be left on the sidelines.
Pre-Prom Prep
You’re at the Prom!
Free your mind
Before you even start shaking your butt, work on
your brain. So you’re a bad dancer. What’s the worst
thing that can happen? People laugh at your
attempts to shake that groove thang? Who cares?
If you laugh with them, you’ll instantly
have everyone on your side. If you storm
off in a huff, you’ll only prolong your
misery and look like a jerk in the process.
As self-conscious as you might feel,
believe me, there are others feeling
every bit as awkward as you do.
Luckily for all of you, most people
will be too busy having fun to
notice you’re off–beat.
Again, brains before body
Chill out, breathe, and have a cool glass of water as
your formulate your strategy. Gather your
confidence. You can do this.
Do some digging
Is your prom going to have your average
Gaga/Beyonce/Katy Perry dance hits or are things
going to get a little more specific? Dubstep?
Reggaeton? Hip Hop? Indie? Load up your iPod with
whatever you might hear and listen to it while you
workout. Hitting the track in time with the beats will
help you learn to keep time, which is half the battle
of dance.
Listen to the music. . .
. . . and let your body move with it. You don’t have
to get fancy, just let the music move your body
Check out your date
What’s he doing? Doesn’t he look happy to see you?
Can you believe how cute he looks in that tux? Tell
him he looks hot and he’ll be happy. Give him a
quick kiss and he won’t even care that you’ve
suddenly busted out the Macarena moves you
learned when you were three.
Less is more
Speaking of the Macarena
. . . you didn’t really do that,
did you? Don’t get
complicated,swaying is
perfectly okay. You’re there
with your guy and
your friends—enjoy!
Learn from the best you can find
If you’re lucky enough to have a friend who’s
blessed in the keeping-the-beat department, ask
him or her if they can show you a few moves. You
might feel like a dork asking, but most people enjoy
a little flattery. If you’re too shy or stuck with only
klutzes for friends, remember, the internet is your
friend. There are plenty of how to dance videos on
YouTube. The earlier you start, the more you can
Mind Your Manners: Prom Etiquette
Of course you just want to relax and have fun, but here are quick pointers for prom politeness.
When it comes to
flowers, he pays for
your corsage, you
buy his boutonnière.
Thank your parents. If they’re like
most moms and dad, they probably
helped out financially, emotionally,
and practically (who drove you to
your hair appointment?). A little
gratitude will go a long way.
Thank your
date for a
Dining Etiquette
Girls get the majority of
attention at prom, but
don’t forget to tell your
date how handsome he
When you’re complimented,
answer with a sincere “thank you,”
instead of correcting that person by
pointing out your flaws, real or
Napkin goes on your lap as soon as you’re seated. If you
get up, place it on the chair. It doesn’t go back on the
table until you’re done with dinner.
Even if it means your supper gets a little cool, wait until
everyone is served to begin eating.
No talking on the phone or texting during dinner.
The outermost fork is your salad/appetizer fork and you
should work inward from that. When you’re done with
any portion of your meal, turn your fork upside down
and leave it on your plate.
Swallow before speaking—no chat n’ chew.
Quick lipstick reapplication is okay at the table,
anything more involved than that, find the ladies room.
Tip your wait staff!
If you’re renting a
remember that
there’s no smoking
or drinking allowed,
don’t hang out the
sun roof, and
always tip your
It used to be, the guy paid for everything.
But c’mon. Prom is expensive, so it’s
customary that the couple split the costs.
It’s not romantic, but it’s best to work all
the finances out ahead of time so there
are no surprises or hurt feelings to ruin
your night.
II She’s going with Him?!
Finding a Date
Right up there with finding the right prom dress is finding the right prom date. Sure, it’s easy if you’ve been dating the
same guy since you were a sophomore, but most of us don’t have that luxury. Here are five types you might not have
considered as your date and five dates to throw by the wayside.
Five Dates to Consider…
The Shy Guy
Not all quiet types are gems, but don’t rule a guy out just because you’ve never heard him belch the alphabet
or watched him score a touchdown. The library is a much smarter place to date-hunt than the gym.
The Guy Who Doesn’t Go to Your School
Looking outside your school for a date is one of the best strategies for prom. For one, your man has an air of
mystery. Two, if the date is terrible, you won’t have to look at him every day in biology. And three, if things go
great, you can go to his prom too.
Your BFF’s Brother
He’s cute, he’s available and he’s your bestie’s bro. Where’s the downside? There is none, unless she’s
squicked out by the idea. You know he’ll be on his best behavior because nobody wants to experience a sister’s
wrath and you’ve known him for years so you can relax and have fun.
The Fix-Up
We’re not going to lie—the blind prom date could go either really right or horribly wrong. But it’s an
adventure! And you’re going to be going out into the world and meeting tons of new people at college, so why
not get a head start? Just make sure you have no expectations of true love everlasting and concentrate on
having fun.
The Class Clown
True, he may not be as handsome as some, or as smart as others, but the class clown has one thing going for
him—he’s fun. And in ten years, when you think about prom, you’re not going to remember what your date
was wearing and how your corsage smelled, you’re going to remember if you had a good time or not. And this
guy nearly guarantees that. Go for it!
And Five Dates to Delete
The Jock
The Drop-Out
He’s built, he’s
popular and he’s the
guy every girl wants
to go out with.
Which is why you
should give him a
pass. You want to
have fun at prom,
not be an extra in
some guy’s main
This is one of those
times when you
should actually
listen to your
mother. A guy who
has dropped out of
school will hopefully
eventually pull
himself together,
but until then, no.
Just no. He doesn’t
like school enough
to attend classes, he
shouldn’t get to do
the fun stuff either.
The Much Older
While yes, it’s
flattering that a man
in his twenties is
flirty with you, think
about how awkward
you would feel at a
sixth-grade dance
and then wonder
why he’s not feeling
that awkward about
prom with a bunch
of teenagers. Creep
The Relation
When Reese
Witherspoon’s date
stood her up, her
dad took her to
prom. Other
dateless girls have
been known to ask
their brothers.
Errrrm, no. Yanking
a branch off the
family tree may
seem like an easy
out, but going to
prom with a bunch
of your dateless
besties will be way
more fun. We
You can rent a tux, a
car, a party tent,
and, incredibly,
there are places
where you can hire
a prom date. No, no,
no, and no. Have we
made ourselves
clear? NO!
Celebrity Prom Stories/Sidebars
Ten Stars Who Missed out on their Proms!
We tend to think of celebrities as luckier than us, but that’s not always so when it comes to prom. These ten celebs
spent prom night, not dancing with friends, but going it alone at home.
1. Owen Wilson
Apparently military schools
don’t have proms. Gee,
Owen, maybe you shouldn’t
have gotten yourself expelled
from your regular school!
3. Paul Wesley
The Vampire Diaries
hottie claims that he
didn’t attend his prom
because “Girls didn’t like
me that much.” Puhlease!
6. Darren Criss
He spent prom night being
grounded for bad
behavior. You can bet his
date was not pleased.
2. James Franco
The boy who was
voted “best smile” in
his class chose to go
see some plays in
Aspen rather than
attend his Palo Alto
4. Madonna
Swears she couldn’t get a
date for her prom. Maybe
that’s why she’s dating such
young men now—still hoping
to recreate that moment she
7. Taylor Swift
Missed her prom,
but later attended a
9. Uma Thurman
The statuesque blond was also too
busy to attend prom, telling one
reporter, “I never went to my
prom. It was sad. I didn’t go
because I had started working
when I was 16.”
5. Mena Suvari
Also dateless on prom
8. Mila Kunis
It’s not all fun and games being a TV
star, as Mila missed her own prom
because of a scheduling conflict with
That ‘70s Show. Years later, she said
yes to a Marine who asked her to his
10. Diane Sawyer
Diane was such a teacher’s pet
that her English teacher “burst
into tears” when nobody asked
Diane to prom.
Date? Who Needs a Date? Three Brave Stars Who Went Stag (Or Nearly Stag)
1. Sarah Hyland
The Modern Family star’s prom was unlucky on Friday the 13th and the actress went stag.
2. Ke$ha
Didn’t have a date, so she went with her gay bestie. She told MTV News, “I had way more fun than anybody else at a
prom with their boyfriends . . . Everybody else was, like, crying and drama and breaking up, and me and my gay best
friend just danced until 8 a.m.”
3. Reese Witherspoon
Her boyfriend never showed up, so Reese attended her prom with her
own father.
Five Prom Stories that’ll Make You Go, “Awww!”
1. Adam Sandler
Not only did the star say “yes” when a fan asked him to be her date, he
actually showed up!
2. Hillary Duff
Since she was home-schooled, Duff never had a traditional prom. So
she and her girlfriends threw their own ‘80s-themed prom party.
3. Paula Deen
Her date’s car got into a fender bender on the way to the dance, but
the two were unhurt, undeterred and attended their prom in 1960s
4. Demi Lovato
Demi promised her friend Nolan that they’d go to prom together when the two were in kindergarten. Fame and fortune
came Demi’s way, but she cheerfully honored that promise 12 years later.
5. Drew Barrymore
When she heard a friend was sad because she’d never been to prom, Drew threw one for her. What a good pal.
Five Songs Inspired by Prom
1. Beyonce, “Best Thing I Never Had”
2. Justin Beiber, “First Dance”
3. Li’l Wayne, “Prom Queen”
4. Rebecca Black, “Prom Night”
5. Fountains of Wayne, “Prom Theme”
III How to be Best DRESSed
Five Very Important Things to Keep in Mind While Picking Out Your Prom Dress
Size Doesn’t Matter
Do not let a number on the size tag ruin your day. One
brand’s size two is another brand’s six and most prom dresses
run at least one size smaller. An arbitrary number does not
mean you’re too fat, too skinny, or too anything else. What
matters is that your dress fits and makes you feel confident
and desirable.
Alterations are Your
Not all Trends are Your
Off-the-rack doesn’t
work for every body
type. Busty girls may
need to buy a bigger
size, just to
accommodate the girls.
Petite women may
have trouble finding a
dress that doesn’t drag.
In many cases, an
otherwise perfect dress
can be tweaked into
perfection by a skilled
tailor. If you have any
questions about fit, be
sure to ask your
know the designers
that fit best.
So often we’ll see a
trend in a magazine
that we think is perfect,
only to try it on and
wind up looking like a
sparkly bag of
potatoes! This has
nothing to do with
whether or not you’re
gorgeous (you are!),
it’s just that this is not
the style for you. What
looks good on your BFF
may look tragic on you
and vice versa. Try on a
wide variety of styles
and you’ll find a bunch
that look great on you.
Shop Outside Your Comfort Zone
Prom is a great time to experiment with new
looks. Normally preppy - try something a little
flashy. Tomboys should see how girly they can
get. We’re not suggesting you try on a new
personality, just get a little wild with your style
for one night. Go for ruffles with a killer fur
coat like Angelle of Texas!
Be Flexible
That dress that you had your heart set on? The one
that you’d been envisioning yourself in since you saw
it in Teen Vogue? It’s out of stock everywhere! You
feel a tantrum coming on. Prom is ruined! You may as
well wear jeans! Um, no. You relax, regroup, and keep
looking. Try on everything, because many gowns are
going to look better on you than they do on that
hanger. Shop designers you know are reliable and
have the best dresses in stock! Guaranteed you’ll find
something you like better, if you just keep an open
Tips for Trying On Your Prom Dress
The most important things to bring on any prom dress shopping expedition
is a good attitude and your mom’s checkbook, but bringing along
these four items will also make it easier.
Panties with some Coverage
Even if you’re planning on wearing
something lacy and bare on prom night,
stick to granny panties when you’re trying
on your dress. For one, that saleslady is
going to be in the fitting room with you and
unless you plan on baring your keister,
cover it up. For another, getting bare-butt
cooties all over every dress you try on is
bad manners.
If you’re like most girls, you’ve been looking
at magazines for inspiration. Hopefully
you’ve cut out pictures or made a Pinterest
board of all your ideas. Bring this to the
store with you to show the salesperson and
she won’t waste your time with styles you
have no intention of wearing.
Nina Shoes
If you have the shoes you’re planning on
wearing, bring them along, though if you
haven’t picked out a dress yet, that’s pretty
unlikely. That doesn’t mean you should try
on your dress with your Converse’s though.
Bring a pair of heels that are approximately
the same height that you’ll be wearing on
the big day.
The Right Bra
Wearing a strapless,
or—better yet, a
convertible—bra will
give you a better idea
how different styles
will look on the big
night because you
won’t have to
Photoshop out the
straps in your mind’s
Four Prom Dress Disasters to Avoid
Eek—I Really Don’t Have Anything to Wear
Maybe you’re indecisive, or maybe you’re just a procrastinator, but waiting until the last minute to buy your
prom dress can be a huge mistake. For one thing, most stores carry a very limited supply, so there may not
be anything you like left on the racks. For another, unless you’re one of the lucky few who won’t need
alterations, you’re going to need time for tailoring. Do you really want to be stuck in an ugly dress that
doesn’t fit? Get going!
Wardrobe Malfunction
Every girl loves a bargain, but too many times, you get what you (don’t) pay for. A cheaply made knockoff
might save you some dough in the short-term, but end up costing you your dignity in the long. Haphazardly
stitched dresses are more likely to split. When cut-rate fabric is dyed in bulk, it can run, leaving your skin a
lovely shade of Smurf-blue long after the dance is done. And don’t forget that a cheap zipper can open you
up—literally—to a whole world of problems.
She’s Wearing MY Dress
One of the most popular features in Us magazine is the page showing two
celebrities wearing the same dress, and a panel of fashionistas deciding
which one wore the dress better. Trust us—you do not want this to happen
at prom. A lot of girls set up class Facebook pages where everyone can post
online ads of their dresses, but then don’t end up buying that dress for
whatever reason (maybe the store didn’t have the right size, perhaps they
found another they liked better, etc.). Instead, wait until you’ve bought the
dress to start the page. Then everyone can see what’s really been
purchased and nobody buys the same dress.
Makeup Meltdown
One of the biggest sources of stains on dresses isn’t the wayward cup of soup, it’s spray tan or makeup
smears. To ensure that your tan will stay put, do a test run a month or so before the big day. Get the tan,
dry off, and then walk around in a tight-fitting white outfit—hopefully one that you won’t miss if you ruin it.
That should give you some indication of whether or not yours will cover all your clothes and you can adjust
As far as cosmetics go, put on your makeup before you put on your dress. This way you won’t risk dropping
the mascara wand or an ounce of purple eyeshadow down your gown. Once makeup is done, put a
dishtowel over your face if you have a dress that goes over your head.
Celebrity Prom Dress Disasters
Tori Spelling
Spelling admits she was “obsessed”
with the movie Pretty Woman at the
time and so copied the iconic red
dress for her prom. Um, did her
parents know what that movie was
Tyra Banks
One of the straps on her dress
broke, making it a little more
revealing than she’d originally
Ashley Tisdale
Her dress was so
huge she
couldn’t dance
in it.
Kelly Pickler
The American Idol contestant raised
plenty of eyebrows when she wore a
bedazzled bra top and matching
maxi skirt to her prom. Her jewels
for the evening? A spangly
rhinestone bellybutton piercing.
Her gown
turned out
to be so
ugly she
called and
to stay
home in her
Romy & Michelle
Okay, so technically
speaking they’re fictional
characters in a movie,
but Lisa Kudrow and
Mira Sorvino wore some
seriously Madonna-fied
ridiculousness in the
1997 film, Romy and
Michelle’s High School
Michelle Obama
The now extremely tastefully-dressed
first lady showed her wilder side and
wore a satiny gown cut up to her
Renee Zellweger
Many years later, the tiny star
still regrets her prom attire. “I
didn’t know you shouldn’t wear
forest green in May in Katy,
Texas,” she told a reporter.
Natalie Portman
The super-stylish
star’s 1999 prom
dress was a rare
fashion miss,
featuring a droopy,
sparkly, baby-blue
strapless top, over
an even paler blue
skirt. More
nightgown than
formal wear.
The Question of Length
There are so many factors in figuring out which dress is best for you, but none quite so pressing as the length issue. Should I go long or should I
go short? Tea length or high-low? Since every length has its strengths, we’ve broken them down for you:
Five Great Reasons to Go Short
Gorgeous Gams
When your legs are your best feature, it’s natural to want to show them off. Even if they’re
just one of many fine features, you might want to consider it. But remember, if you’re
revealing down below, don’t go crazy with the cleavage.
You live in a tropical climate
Many women wear maxi dresses despite their warm climates, but if you’re someone who
likes to keep it cool, a shorter style might be for you.
You’re just a tiny bit of a tomboy
Formalwear should be you times ten. If a long dress seems like it’s going to make you
uncomfortable, go with the freedom you’ll find in a short one. Or perhaps get the best of both
worlds with a high-low style that’s short in the front and longer in the back.
You’re madly in love . . . with your shoes
Most women buy their shoes to match your dress. Not you. If you’ve blown a year’s
babysitting money on your footwear, a short dress will act as a frame for your find.
You’re an aspiring DWTS contestant
If your dance style involves high kicks, splits or the Party Rock Anthem, you probably need a
dress that’s not going to get in the way of all that action.
Five Great Reasons to Go Long
You’re self-conscious about your legs
Hot up top and only so-so down below? The figure-flattering maxi is your friend, then. Bare your
shoulders and show a little cleavage and limit the leg exposure to a strategic slit or gauzy peek in a
floor-length gown.
It’s going to be chilly
Proms are generally scheduled during the warmer months, but some climates stay chilly all year ‘round.
If this is the case, a long dress is not only a beautiful option for you, but a sensible one as well. If the
weather is usually dreary, you might want to opt for a ballet length to avoid dragging your hem.
Your middle name should’ve been “Elegance”
You’d wear gowns every day if you had your way. Okay, at least once a week. You love the regal feeling
You get when you’re zipped into a curve-hugging mermaid cut frock or dancing the night away in
full-length princessy ball gown.
You know you won’t last in heels
There are heels women and then there are the rest of us. If you feel like you’re probably going to slip
into flats at some point during the dancing, opt for a ballet length gown, so you don’t trip over your hem.
You’re the tallest girl in the class
Maybe you feel a little awkward being taller than any guy on the basketball team, but height is a
blessing and we say accentuate the positive with a long, beautiful, flowing gown. Don’t you dare
hunch over and try to disappear. Prom night is for letting it fly!
What’s Your Prom Style?
Take our quiz to find out which prom style is right for you.
The most-played song on your iTunes is inevitably
something by:
A) Lady Gaga
B) Adele
C) Rye Rye
D) Madonna
Your favorite color is:
A) Silver
B) Black
C) Neon green
D) Navy blue
What would your ideal evening entail?
B) Dancing at an underground club
C) Sipping tea with your best girlfriends
D) Learning to surf
E) Working out and then working out some more
You NEVER leave the house without your. . .
A) iPhone/iPad
B) Journal
C) Glow-in-the-dark nail polish
D) Yoga mat
If you could only bring one item from your makeup kit,
it would definitely be:
A) Metallic eye pencil
B) Subtle highlighter
C) Four-inch feather false eyelashes
D) Black mascara
If you could choose one superpower, it would be:
A) Time travel
B) Mind-reading
C) The ability to leap tall buildings in a single
D) Flight
Mostly A’s: Futuristic trendy
Mostly B’s: Boho
Mostly C’s: Sexy tomboy
Mostly D’s: Classic
The Prom Perfect Dress for Every Shape
According to most style mavens, women’s bodies generally fall into one of seven distinct shapes. This wide variety is one very good reason not
to freak out if a dress that looked fabulous on the hanger looks like a burlap sack when you pull it over your head. It’s not you—it’s just that that
particular dress was simply built for a different body type. Fear not, there’s one out there waiting for you.
Here’s our guide to different types of figures and the dresses that will flatter them.
The Hourglass
Do you have a
distinct waistline,
knockout bustline,
and shapely legs?
If so, you’re an
hourglass. You’ll
want to play up
your waist with a
dress that’s clingy
from the bust
through your belly
and then gently
flares out. Vamp
out in a low-cut
number that
accentuates your
assets, making
you look like the
screen siren you
so easily could be.
The Apple
Tummies are generally the Apple’s
trouble spot and this can lead these
curvy girls to ignore their considerable
assets—namely a strong back and
bodacious bustline. Apples often have
slender arms, and great legs, which
they should concentrate on
accentuating. Show off those
shoulders with strapless. Showcase
your legs with dresses that come with
a sexy slit up the side.
The Goblet
Your shoulders are wide, your
bust is voluptuous and your
cute little belly might be a little
pronounced. Empire-waisted
dresses will flatter your midsection. Low-cut v-necklines
will elongate your torso and
draw attention to your rather
impressive cleavage. Since
your legs are so slammin’,
you’ll probably want to show
them off with a dress that’s cut
high in front.
The Brick
You’re probably
active in sports
and are the girl
everyone wants
on their team.
Your waistline isn’t
very pronounced,
and if you’re not
careful you could
wind up looking
larger than you
actually are. A
dress with a fitted
bodice, will give
you a waistline
and show off
those arms and
shoulders you’ve
worked so hard to
get. Ruching and
an accent around
the waistline will
also give you some
The Pear
Your hips are larger than
your bust and your waist
is beautifully defined.
With such an elegant
neck, narrow shoulders
and slim arms, wearing
strapless should be a nobrainer. Feel free to
experiment with bright
colors and bold patterns.
A-line skirts and lightly
gathered skirts will show
off your terrific legs.
The Column
Most common, your hips and bust are balanced and your waist is
not overly defined. Because so many women are built like you, this
means you’re going to have more options than your average pear.
Dresses with defined or banded waistlines will give you a dramatic
mid-section. A u-neckline will balance out your bod. Ruching
around the chest will give you the illusion of bustiness and closefitting gowns will flatter your figure. Because you’re long and lean,
feel free to show off your legs!
What’s Your Prom-O-Scope?
(3/21 – 4/19)
Style: You’re a fearless trend-setter who
looks best in sharp, tailored pieces. No
frou-frou for you.
Colors: You are the hottest of the fire
signs, so think bright colors like reds,
neon pinks and screaming yellows.
(6/22 – 7/22)
Style: Cancers are so naturally
stylish, elegant and chic, so
you’re probably not even
reading this!
Colors: You glisten like freshly
harvested pearls, rich
emeralds, and the shimmery
silvery blue or a crescent
(9/23 – 10/22)
Style: Being the sign of the scales, it
may take you a while to decide what
to wear, but once you do, you’re
most likely wearing a tasteful classic
that’s both soft and flowing.
Colors: Violet, royal blue, deep pink
or eggplant will ensure you’re
looking your regal best.
(12/22 – 1/19)
Style: You’re one of those
intuitive fashionistas—always
pulling just the right thing out of
your closet for any occasion.
Colors: Since you’re an earthy
type and feel most comfortable
in browns, grays and neutrals,
add a little sparkle with blingy
4/20 – 5/20
Style: Feminine flowy fabrics in
gauzy, ethereal cuts are what
looks best on you.
Colors: You’re like the first blush
of summer, so think rose pink,
pale turquoise, light green.
(7/23 – 8/22)
Style: Madonna
personifies Leo style.
Bold, dramatic, and often
very revealing.
Colors: Leo the lion is
sunny and bold, so think
golds, yellows, oranges
and copper.
(10/23 – 11/21)
Style: You work hard to look as
good as you do, so wear clothes
that hug your body without
lapsing into the severe. You’re
naturally seductive, so play this
up with romantic cuts.
Colors: Scorpio is a fiery woman
of mystery so wear a color that
suits you: deep reds, chocolate
brown, or even sophisticated
(1/20 – 2/18)
Style: Unconventional and
eccentric are just two of the
words to describe your style you’re never boring and always
do the unexpected. Your prom
style runs towards vibrant
patterns and diaphanous fabrics.
Colors: Think electric blues,
vibrant violets, and neon greens.
(5/21 – 6/21)
Style: Fun is your middle name, so
no serious heavy suits or
constricting bandage dresses for
you. The clothes that suit you best
are the lighthearted outfits that
match your personality.
Colors: You’re cool like the days
when winter morphs into spring.
Think bright white, cool silver, or
pale gray.
(8/23 – 9/22)
Style: You perfectionist Virgos aren’t
going to have much use for gauzy fabrics
or handkerchief hems. You want your
clothes flawlessly tailored and effortlessly
Colors: Whether you go soft with pastel
blue or peach or make a statement with
jade green or deep violet, you’re golden.
(11/22 – 12/21)
Style: You leave the sequins and bling
to the other signs, preferring unfussy
fashions that are elegant and chic,
yet still very comfortable.
Colors: Shades of blue like amethyst,
violet, indigo and midnight will bring
out your inner diva.
(2/19 – 3/20)
Style: You’re like the shimmering sprite
that floats into the party unnoticed, until
everyone around you is gradually
captivated by your glow. Your style is
ethereal, delicate and never ever loud.
Colors: This water sign should take her
cues from the sea—beautiful turquoise,
ocean greens and the same purple the
Pacific turns at sundown.
Sometimes it can seem like the salesperson at the gown store is speaking an entirely different language. If you don’t
know a placket from a pleat or an a-line from a batwing, fear not, we’re here to help.
A-Line: A cut that’s shaped
like the letter “A.” If it’s a
skirt, the pointy part is at
the waist, if it’s a dress, it’s
fitted around the shoulders
and/or bust and flares out
from there.
Ballerina neckline: A
low neckline, usually
accompanied by
spaghetti straps.
Batwing: A long sleeve
that starts out wide
and loose around the
armpit and tapers
down and wraps
around the wrist.
Lustrous on the
front, dull on the
back (which nobody
but you will see), it’s
a lightweight fabric
with a satin weave.
Corset top: It’s a form-fitting
long-form bra-top that either
laces, snaps, or hooks closed.
Fishtail train:
This style fits
snugly around
the hips and
down to the
knees, where it
flares out
Back drape: A swath of
to the back of the
shoulder or waist and
flows down the length
of the dress.
Bandeau: A band
around the bust.
Basque, or “V” waist: A drop
waist that begins just below the
natural waistline, forming a “v”
in front.
Bias cut: This figure-conscious
style is cut diagonally, across
the train of the fabric, so it hugs
your curves.
Chemise: Also
known as
skimmer, this
is a straightcut, freeflowing,
unbelted dress.
Draped bodice:
Extra piece of
flowing material
over the chest.
Halter top: A
sleeveless top that
wraps around the
Ball gown: It’s
long, it’s fitted
around the bodice
and whooshes out
into a full,
beautiful skirt.
Broomstick: A
style notable for
its many pleats
and crinkly,
wrinkly material.
Bateau neckline:
It’s a neckline that
runs straight across
from shoulder to
Just a
fancy tank
Color block:
Big, bold,
blocks of
Chiffon: A
sheer fabric.
Empire waist:
Waistline of the dress
is just below the
Eyelet: A small,
opening in the
fabric. Often
embellished with
beading or
Handkerchief hem: Hem falls
into distinct, graceful points,
like a scarf (or hanky).
High-low: Shorter
in the front, longer
in the back.
Jewel neck: A
dress that’s cut
high, resting at
the base of the
flash of skin!
Rosette: A circular
gathering of fabric, sewn
to look like a rose.
Shelf bra: A bra that’s
built into the dress. Be
warned that these
bras don’t offer a lot
of support, so if you’re
busty, you might want
to investigate other
neck: An open
neckline in the
shape of a
Illusion: Sheer fabric that
gives the illusion of nudity.
Your dad will not be fond of
this feature.
Keyhole: A strategically
placed opening in the
garment—usually found on
the bodice, back or neckline.
Intermission length:
A gown that ends
between the knee
and ankle.
Mermaid: A
close relation
to the fishtail,
this dress hugs
your curves
until it hits
your knees
with a showstopping flare.
Placket: An opening—usually bookended by
hooks, snaps, buttons or laces—that allows
you to get into and out of a garment.
Ruching/ruched: A
French sewing term
that means fabric
has been gathered
or ruffled.
Shirring: Gathered fabric, usually decorative.
Taffeta: A
crisp, smooth,
woven fabric.
Jersey: A
knit fabric
with a bit of
Ombre: A shaded,
graduated color, usually
moving from light to
Pleat: Fabric
folded and
sewed back on
Satin: A glossy
fabric often used
for evening
gowns or lingerie.
Smocking: Gathered
fabric that’s
together to provide
a little elastic-free
Tea length:
A dress
that ends
at the
Princess seams: These
seams, running down
the front or back of your
dress, keep your frock
Sheath: A
straight, formfitting dress,
sometimes with
a slit cut in to
walking, dancing
and getting in
and out of the
Spaghetti strap: A
strap that’s thin—
like spaghetti.
Tulle: A
Unconventional Wisdom: Five Fashion Don’ts You Should Do
There are certain rules that people follow only because they’ve been around forever. Most have no basis in fact. Like
don’t wear white after Labor Day. Some brave soul saw the folly in that and so today we have winter whites. Here are
five other alleged fashion faux pas you should feel free to ignore.
Shoes, bag and belt
must match
Um, no. Accessories
are where you are free
to get as wild as you
Never match
wanna. Sequined bag
black and navy
and satin shoes, why
not? Red dress, black
Again, wrong.
bag, silver shoes—color But you don’t
blocking is big this year. want to wear a
black dress,
black bag and
a pair of blue
shoes. It’ll look
like you picked
Nina Handbags
the wrong pair
Redheads shouldn’t
out. Wear big
wear pink or red
swatches of
Those blessed with a
both colors so
fiery mane should
everyone can
wear whatever color
it was done
their little hearts
desire. Pink can look
great on some and
ghastly on others.
You won’t know
Benjamin Walk
until you try it on.
Never dress in unicolor
Sure, dressing
head-to-toe in
shades of the same
color is different,
but if you pull it off
right, it can be
intriguing and
stylish. Do it wrong,
however, and you
can wind up just
looking like a nut.
The line between
the two is slim, so
make certain
Don’t mix your
before you go for
Whether you’re
talking metals or
material, mixing
metallics can look
fierce. And you
wouldn’t want some
boring rule to keep
you from fierceness,
would you? Would
And Five Don’ts You Just Shouldn’t
• There is no such animal as “formal
shorts.” Hollywood has been trying
to sell us on this trend, but don’t
believe the hype. Shorts are pants,
but shorter. There is nothing
formalwear about them.
• Low-cut or high-cut, pick
one. Accentuate your best
feature and leave the rest
to their imagination.
• Don’t overdo
anything. Sparkly on
top, go a little less
blingy on the bottom.
Sparkly necklace goes
best with a more lowkey bracelet. To
quote the great Coco
Chanel, “I always take
off at least one piece
of jewelry before I
leave the house…to
ensure that I am not
‘overdoing’ it.”
• Open-toe shoes paired with
hosiery remains a definite don’t. A
nice pedicure should be the only
thing covering your tootsies if
you’re wearing an open toe.
• A natural tan is always a
bad idea. Get the bronze
look via cosmetics, not
cancer-causing UV rays.
FIVE Ways To Know That You’ve Picked the Right Dress
When you look in the mirror you see you,
only hotter.
Your mother sees you and bursts into
tears. Just to clarify, tears of joy. You feel
celebrated and validated by the people
who matter to you!
IV Successful Accessorizing
Underneath it all
The Girls: Picking the Right Bra
Consider the convertible
If you can’t or don’t want
to schlep your dress
around, think about buying
a convertible bra. The
straps allow for a number
of different styles, including
halters, racer-backs and
one-shouldered dresses.
The first thing you need to
do is make certain you’re
wearing the correct size.
It’s estimated that about
80% of us are wearing a
bra that’s either too big or
two small. To figure this
out, find an old-school
lingerie store. It won’t be
pretty, because these
saleswomen are hands on,
pulling, adjusting, and
juggling your girls around
like they don’t have any
nerve endings. But if she
does her job correctly,
you’ll leave there looking
bustier and skinnier than
when you walked in.
Julie France
If you have your dress, you might want to consider
bringing it bra-shopping with you; especially if it’s an
unusual cut. You want to make sure you get support
without a big tell-tale band hanging out, ruining
your look.
Adhesive cups or petals
These are either cups or petal-shaped bits of
fabric that adhere to your skin with an adhesive.
These don’t offer much support and are mostly
used as a modestly measure. Stick to the
traditional bra if you’re over an A-cup.
If your gown is strapless,
your bra should be as well.
Yes, we’re aware of those
atrocities with clear plastic
straps, but you fool no one
with a big band of plastic
wrapping over your
shoulder. Tacky! These
won’t work for super busty
women, but strapless
dresses usually aren’t such
a great fit for the bigger
breasted anyway.
The backless bra looks like
your normal everyday
undergarment from the
front, and just doesn’t exist
in the back—it’s held on
with adhesive. Again, this is
a bra for the more smallchested girl. Some instead
rely on very low straps that
wrap around the waist.
These are better if you’re a
B-cup or bustier or don’t
enjoy the feeling of glue on
your skin.
To Spanx? Or not to Spanx? That is the question. . .
Our great grandmothers wore girdles while our grannies went the opposite route and let it all hang out during the hippie days. Our
moms, well they didn’t have many options for the tummy bulge. Luckily, we do. Spanx is the brand name of the most popular kind,
but there are many varieties of shapewear called “slimming intimates.” Do you need to wear one? Well, that’s your call. Here are a
few things to consider.
Your Dress Clings Everywhere
If you’re naturally thin and don’t have to worry about a tummy bulge, why bother? But
for the rest of us humans, the answer is maybe. Before you commit to the shapewear
look at yourself realistically: you probably look great just the way you are. If you’re
freaked out by a little bulge, by all means go for it. It’s an easy solution and the most
important thing is that you feel like you look amazing.
It’s Really Hot Out
If it’s above 80 degrees, Spanxing it is going to be sheer torture. Instead of a little belly bulge,
you’re going to be dealing with butt sweat if you go this route. Only you can decide which is
the more painful option, but remember, you want to have fun.
If you’re one of those girls with a pea-sized bladders
Spanx are not your friend. Once they go on, they want to stay on. If you’re the
type who’s always running into and out of the bathroom, your shapewear is
going to be a nightmare by the end of your evening.
You’re wearing a ball gown or empire waist
You are home-free, my friend. No reason to stuff your tummy into
what is still essentially a girdle, because nobody’s going to see it
anyway. Enjoy your dinner, feel free to go to the bathroom without
it turning into a major production, and breathe easy all night long.
High five!
The Perfect Prom Panties
What to wear under there is always a big question on prom night. You don’t want the dreaded VPL (visible panty line),
but you don’t necessarily want to go bare and risk a Britney moment getting out of your limo. Here are a few options:
Granny panties
You’re not going to be taking home any best-dressed-bottom awards in these
sensible pants, but if you’re wearing a non-clingy gown, they might be your
most comfortable option.
Cotton Bralette
Yes, we just said going bare was a bad idea, however, if you’re wearing tights or shapewear, panties
are redundant.
Seamless briefs
Fabric has gotten so high-tech that there are full-coverage options that offer nearly
zero in the way of VPL. Usually made of microfiber, though occasionally cotton, these
come in any style you can think of, from thong to boyshort. Not all are as seamless as
they claim though, so before you commit, go for a test drive in your dress and see.
Wearing a Whipser
These tiny undergarments offer enough coverage to keep mom happy and the
paparazzi bored. If you get the right fit and fabric, you might not even be able
to see so much as a waistband indentation around your middle. You definitely
won’t see any lines around your butt.
Low Rise Thong
Clamp panty
Honestly, this item seems like the most uncomfortable undergarment out there and in a world
that includes Spanx, that’s saying something. The clamp panty is like a headband for your crotch
and looks so uncomfortable that you’ll probably end up taking it off before the end of the
evening anyway.
The difference between a thong and a g-string is that a thong is at least
trying to be a panty. The g-string—or “butt floss” as it’s sometimes
known—has no such aspirations. This is the bare minimum in undergear—
just a string up the back, connecting to a very thin band.
G-string panty by Hanky Panky
V Pre-prom primp & prep
The Pre-Prom Cleanse
In the week leading up to prom, it’s good to take a few days to prep your body and mind. Here are five ways to make
sure you look and feel your best the day of prom.
You’re stressed and busy,
but you can’t let that
keep you from sleeping. If
you’re tired, it shows.
Your skin gets funky, your
eyes get puffy, and you
can have trouble
concentrating and
remembering things (like
to pick up his
boutonnière!). So even if
you’re running around
like a madwoman all day,
make sure to get eight
hours of shut-eye each
Relax that hair
Give your hair a
much needed
break to prepare
for the routine
you’re going to put
it through on prom
night. A few days
before prom, deep
condition it, but
remember not to
wash it the day of
prom. Slightly dirty
hair is much easier
to style.
How to Pull Off a DIY Spa Experience at Home
It would be fabulous if you and your girls had the dough to spring for a day at a fancy spa, but prom itself is a budget
buster for most of us. But that’s no reason you can’t all get together spoil yourself at home.
1. Pick your Location
If the weather permits an outdoor
spa, pick the friend with the nicest
backyard. If you’re indoors, make
sure the room is quiet. Light some
candles, pick a chill playlist on
Spotify, and make sure there are
plenty of pillows, towels, and
2. Dress for the Occasion
Have everyone bring their bathing
suits (if there’ll be swimming or
saunas), an exercise outfit, flip
flops or slippers and a comfy
bathrobe for lounging.
5. Scrub
You can customize this by adding
additional ingredients (like
coffee), but the basics of any
homemade scrub include equal
parts brown sugar, olive oil, and
raw oatmeal. This one gets messy!
3. Move it
Whether it’s group yoga or a quick
jog, start your day by getting your
circulation going with exercise.
We’re not talking three hours of
hardcore cardio, but just enough
to put a little pink in your cheeks.
6. Citrus Solution
Citrus is a vital part of any spa
experience. Cut oranges and
lemons into thin slices and drop
them into pitchers of ice water for
a refreshing beverage. Slice them
in half and rub the juicy parts on
your elbows and knees to soften
skin and slough off dead skin.
4. Hydrate
Glamour magazine suggests you
blend together cold cream, yogurt,
honey, aloe vera gel and avocado.
You can take turn painting each
other’s faces with it, wait 15
minutes and then rinse.
7. Eyes
Slice a cucumber very thinly and
put the slices in a bowl of ice
water. Before everyone gets ready
to leave, spend a few minutes
lying around with refreshing
cucumber over your eyelids.
The Perfect At-Home Prom Pedicure
There’s no reason to spend money on a pedicure if you’re willing to put in a little work at home. First, gather your equipment. You’ll need. . . .
• A pumice stone
• Nail polish remover
• Cotton balls
• Q-tips
• Nail polish
• Clear top and bottom coat
• Nail clipper
• Nail file
• Lotion
• Foot bath (you can find prepared
powders at the drug store)
• Toe spacers
• Exfoliating scrub
Ten Steps to Fabulous Feet
1.) Start by getting rid of all your old polish. Soak a cotton ball in
remover and swipe each nail gently until all the polish is gone.
2.) Grab your pumice stone and file off all the dead skin on your
feet. You’ll probably be surprised (and grossed out!) by how
much comes off. Yuck.
3.) Fill a big bowl with hot water and empty an envelope of foot
bath into it. Fill to about ankle-deep and relax your feet in the
warm water.
4.) After your feet have had time to soak, massage the
exfoliating scrub into them. Take your time and pay attention
to your toes and arches especially.
5.) Rinse your feet off and dry with a big clean fluffy towel.
6.) Wrap them up in the big warm towel and hang out for a few
while they dry.
7.) Massage lotion into your feet one at a time. Crack your toes
for added fun.
8.) Clip your nails and then file them to the desired length. Clip
off any hangnails or lingering dead skin.
9.) Time to polish—do one coat base, two coats of color and top
it off with one application of topcoat. For best results, wait a
couple minutes between each coat.
10.) Remove any stray polish marks by soaking the Q-tip in polish
The Best Prom Hair EVER!
Five Hair Care Fixes You Can Find in Your Kitchen
Not everything healthy for your hair takes place at the salon.
You can fix a variety of hair care dilemmas with ingredients found right in your kitchen.
For shinier hair
Squeeze the juice from half a lemon into a cup of cold
water and use it as a rinse for super-shiny hair.
The frizzies
Take half a cup of sour cream or yogurt and apply it to
damp hair. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and rinse with
cold water. Shampoo and style as usual.
Damaged hair
All those hours spent drying, flat-ironing and coloring
your hair can really mess with its structure. To combat
these forces of evil, mash up half an avocado, combine
with a few spoonfuls of sour cream and apply to your
damp hair. Let it soak in for about 20 minutes, rinse with
cool water and shampoo as usual.
For oily hair
Separate one egg and save the yolk for your friend with dry
hair. Apply the egg white to wet hair and let it sit for 20
minutes. Rinse with cold water so the egg doesn’t cook!
For dry hair
Mash up a banana with a few tablespoons of honey until it’s
a creamy consistency. Dampen your hair, apply the mixture
and put on a shower cap. 15 to 30 minutes later, rinse and
shampoo as usual.
Five Easy Glam Prom Hairstyles
Having great hair for the prom doesn’t necessarily mean dropping serious coin at the beauty salon. There are many different styles you can do
at home with just the barest hair essentials. One important note—do these on only day-old (or a little longer!) dirty hair.
The half-up/half-down ‘do is fairly easy and open to improvisation on your part. Carefully section off the
top half of your hair (everything above the ears) and gather it in one hand. Hold it high and give it a little
backcomb with your other hand. This will add a bit of volume, especially if you give it a few blasts of
hairspray. Wait til the spray dries and clip it in back with festive barrette. You can curl everything with an
iron or leave it as is. Looks great on Sydney of Indiana!
Loose, low bun
This works best on slightly dirty hair. Tousle hair with a few squirts of sea-salt spray and let dry. Gather
hair loosely at the nape of neck (or to one side) and wrap in a loose ponytail. Working clockwise, twist
the hair around in a circular motion, securing every few inches with a bobby pin. Tuck the ends under
with a clip, spray and go. Don’t worry about any stray tendrils, just loosely curl them with your iron.
Pretty pony
You can turn a simple ponytail glam in a few easy steps. First, brush your hair and flatten with a dab of gel or quick squirt of hairspray. If you
have long hair, you can do a high J-Lo style and wrap a rhinestone bracelet or band around the base. A few minutes with the curling iron can
make beautiful waves of the loose ends.
The French Twist
First, flatten your hair with gel—not too much—and part either on the side or middle, whichever looks best. Smooth
your hair back and at the nape of your neck, gather it and twist. Once you have a long twist, pull it up and secure it
to the rest of your hair using clips or bobby pins. You can curl the ends, or tuck them back under the rest of the
Tousled tresses
You know how some girls (hi, Emma Stone!) have that casual, “I just got out of bed, yet I’m perfect”
look? Not impossible to replicate at home with long hair. The trick is to get a big barrel (1-inch)
curling iron. Grabbing random sections of hair, curl them, rotating the direction, so it looks more
natural. When you’re done curling, take a dab of pomade and rub it first in your hands and then
through your hair to rough up the wave. Finish it off with a mist of Moroccan hair oil spray.
The Perfect Prom Face: Makeup
Because cosmetics are a mega-billion-dollar industry, it’s in their interest to help you spend your
hard-earned babysitting bucks on their products. So there are hundreds of instructional
resources out there.
YouTube and Vimeo
Beauty Bloggers
Cosmetics Counter
You can find
instructions on any
kind of face you
want—from scary
movie makeup to
glamorous looks for
every day. Start early
and check out as
many as you can.
Once you find
someone whose style
you like, look through
their channel and see
if they have anything
that you can use. You
may even get help if
you email them and
ask. Instructional
videos are the next
best thing to handson help.
You may think you
love lipstick, but these
people are downright
obsessed. You’ll find
bloggers who
specialize and plenty
who cover everything
from nail polish to
mascara to body
lotions. Find one who
speaks to you and
look through their
archives for ideas.
You know those
people who assault
you with the perfume
sprayer as you trying
to find socks? Their
cousins stand behind
the makeup counters
and are there to help
you figure out a look.
Okay, they’re really
there to move
makeup, but most of
them will do a gratis
application for you—
ask them to do half
your face so you can
learn by mimicking
their process on the
other half. Just make
sure to buy something
and see if they’ll take
a tip if they were
especially helpful.
Big-box Cosmetics
Unlike the
department store
counter makeup
artists, the people
who work at stores
like Sephora don’t
work on commission
and can recommend
any brand, because
they’re paid by the
store, not any one
company. (If you go to
the Lancome counter
at Macy’s, they’ll only
use Lancome product
on you.) You can take
your chances by
walking in and seeing
if anyone’s available,
or call ahead of time
to set up an
Four Cosmetics You Can’t Leave Home
Go cheap with
mascara because
there’s not a huge
quality difference and
you should only hang
onto it for a month or
Highlighting Concealer
This should be a splurge.
Yves St. Laurent’s Radiant
Touch Touché Éclat is one
that all the supermodels
swear by, but Benefit
makes a nice one that’s a
little more budget friendly.
Lipstick, Gloss, or
(Or all Three)
Loose Powder
When you’re sweating
your butt off, you’ll
appreciate a little shine
Banish that Zit in Three Easy Steps
Pick a concealer that exactly
matches your skin tone.
Dab on with finger, not
Brush loose powder on top.
Yes, yes, we all know to pack our cellphones, wallet (with ID and cash!), and lipstick, but into that perfect little clutch,
you should also have a little parcel to open in case of emergency. We’re not talking gallon jugs of water or a solarpowered radio, but five little items that can help you out of an unexpected jam.
1. Some sort of stick lip balm. Not only will it keep your lips kissably soft (we’re sure your date will appreciate that too), but
in case of zipper malfunctions, a little lippy on a stuck zip will go a long way towards getting you into or out of that
gorgeous dress.
2. A Tide Stick or stain wipe. Whatever you do, do not leave the house without one of these indispensable items. You look
amazeballs—do you want that to be marred by a wayward lipstick or soda stain? Answer: no.
3. Clear nail polish. Again, not for your gorgeous manicure, but to repair any runs or snags in your hose. (If you’re going barelegged, you can leave this one at home.)
4. A tiny stapler. You know those sky-high heels you’ve training yourself to walk in? Well, one misstep might spell a rip in
your hem. Or an overzealous/mega-clutzy dance partner could turn your one-shouldered dress into a strapless number.
Since you probably can’t fit a tailor into your sparkly clutch, a mini-stapler will keep a wardrobe mishap from turning into a
wardrobe malfunction.
5. Bandaids. You went to the trouble of buying dancing shoes, there’s no reason in the world you should sit even one dance
out because of blisters. Even if you don’t wind up using them, no doubt someone at your table will appreciate your
6. Double-stick tape. Ever wonder how J-Lo keeps those low-cut dresses from becoming a wardrobe malfunction? Doublestick tape, baby.
7. Breath mints or gum. A few hours into your night, somebody’s breath is gonna get fun-kay. Whether it’s yours or his, you’ll
hold the cure.
8. Moist towelettes or liquid hand sanitizer. Believe me, these will come in handy.
9. Cash stash. Tuck an extra twenty in your bag, just in case.
10. Flip Flops or thick socks. If you have enough room in your bag for these, your feet will thank you profusely at the end of
the evening.
The day has finally arrived! Your dress is perfect, your date is a doll, and you and your friends are ecstatic. Here’s a
few things to remember before you head off into the night.
 I wake up and discover that yes, I’m still fabulous!
 I’ve eaten breakfast
 I’ve brushed and flossed
 My transportation is arranged and confirmed
 My hair is unwashed
 My date and/or girlfriends have all been contacted and
 My mani/pedi still looks fantastic, otherwise I’ll do a quick
 I am resisting the urge to freak out at my mom
 I’ve taken a brisk walk/jog/yoga break
 I’ve eaten lunch
 I’ve either done my hair or had it done
 I’ve either done my makeup or had it done
 My dress looks gorgeous
 I look gorgeous!
 My date and/or friends looks amazing
 Mmmm, my corsage smells yum
 I’m letting my parents take more photos than I’d prefer, but
since they’ve been so generous, it’s the least I could do.
We’re off to prom!
How to Look Great in Photos
Prom is definitely one of those nights you’ll remember forever and if you look bad in all your photos,
it’s going to cast a pall over the entire event. Here are some tips for looking good in every shot—or most of them,
Resist the urge to strike a pose in every shot.
Nobody likes a model wannabe and you’ll just look
uncomfortable standing next to your casually posed
You don’t want shiny face, but you do want some light
on your face, so stand close to the source. Bright light
covers any flaws, real or imagined.
Don’t let anyone shoot you from below. Seriously. If someone tries it,
grab their camera or phone and delete the photo. Shot from below =
insta-double chin, no matter how thin you are. Make sure the lens is
at your eye level or above.
Don’t let your chin sink into your neck. In fact, hold it out from
your neck for better shots. Yes, you may feel silly, but you’ll look
like a swan. Practice this at home.
Make sure your eyes are open. Sounds obvious, but think
about how many shut-eye photos you’ve seen. An easy way to
accomplish this is to shut your eyes and then have the
photographer count to three. Open your eyes on three.
Angle your head to minimize your flaws. Obviously the flawed
side should be away from the camera.
Look above, not at the lens and show a little spunk.
Jut a hip out, raise an eyebrow, crack a joke. You’re
having fun—show it!
Okay, this is the less-fun part of prom, but it’s
important that you exercise at least a little bit of
caution during prom.
Keep an extra
$20 in your bag,
along with the
phone number
of the closest car
Keep your cellphone
charged and on you at all
times. You never know
when you might need to
call mom and dad.
Don’t drink or do drugs and
drive and don’t let yourself be
driven by a drinker or druggie.
It may be the last thing you
do. We’re not kidding.
Stick to your curfew. Your
parents have been great
about helping you out with
prom, don’t abuse their trust
and scare them—come
home on time!
Drink plenty of water and eat—you
don’t want to get lightheaded,
which can happen very easily if
you’re dehydrated and/or hungry.
If you start to
feel worried or
scared at any
point during the
evening, call
your parents!
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