A Delightful Experience Just Down the Road



A Delightful Experience Just Down the Road
A Delightful Experience Just Down the Road
By Denise Heidel
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As a Southern girl, I know good food. It’s in my blood. And unfortunately,
on my hips… But who can blame me when Ketchie Creek Bakery & Café is
right down the road?
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This gem of a restaurant is based in Mocksville and is a goldmine of delicious gourmet
sandwiches, savory salads and sides, sumptuous desserts, fabulous cakes, and (be still my
beating heart!) world-class coffee! Owners Gerald and Renna Welborn bought Ketchie Creek
Bakery in 2008, though the bakery has been in business for over 30 years. However, the
Welborns weren’t out to reinvent the wheel. As the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t
fix it!”
“Many of our regular customers were nervous when we bought the bakery that we would
change everything,” shares Renna. “They were relieved when we kept the same menu and
same recipes. Though over time, we have added to the menu.”
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One of the primary additions made was expanding the available options in the deli, including
grilled sandwich options such as their Reuben, Buffalo Chicken, and Grilled Cajun Chicken.
Their sandwiches are freshly made to order from Boars Head meats and cheeses and the
freshest vegetables. They offer their customers a mouthwatering selection of made-fresh daily
salads, including broccoli salad, cucumber salad, and German potato salad (to name a few).
The entire selection of deli sandwiches is available through the catering branch, too, and
speaking from experience – your guests or colleagues will not be disappointed!
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If you order from them for a corporate event, be sure to order their top seller. After all, there
are few who wouldn’t love the Cracked Pepper Turkey, Havarti Cheese and Lingonberry
mayonnaise (or the “#5” for short).
In fact, word about a good thing must have gotten around because the Welborns’ catering
arm is in full swing. Their delivery van goes as far as Clemmons, Winston-Salem, Salisbury,
Lexington, and Statesville on a weekly basis.
But we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about the bakery side of the business. Muffins.
Pastries. Brownies. Cookies. Cakes. Pies. OH, MY! The bakery’s reputation is
splendiferous and whatever you’ve heard, brace yourself – it’s even better than you can
imagine. In fact, my personal favorite (today anyway) is the Carrot Raisin Muffin. It’s not a
flavor that I would have normally reached for, but oh, dear – it was undoubtedly the best
muffin I’ve ever eaten.
My favorite notwithstanding, the most popular item in the bakery department is their
signature 5-Flavor Pound Cake. A recipe that was recognized as a Top 100 Foods in 100
Counties by Our State Magazine, the 5-Flavor Pound Cake is a confectionary mix of lemon,
almond, coconut, vanilla, and rum flavors coexisting into one delicious masterpiece.
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Rarely are there leftovers at the end of the day as the deli is a made-to-order operation and the
bakery part of the business is measured pretty accurately against demands. But on the
occasion that there are leftovers, they are donated to the Storehouse for Jesus, the local food
pantry in Davie County.
This is a true community-based dining experience and, moreover, it’s a passion by two
dedicated individuals who have made this a family business. Gerald and Renna took a huge
leap of faith when they assumed ownership of Ketchie Creek Bakery & Café. Not only as a
young married couple who gave up their day jobs to jump feet first into this endeavor, but
they are parents who are committed to finding the balance between their entrepreneurial spirit
and their two beautiful little girls.
The café is open six days a week (Monday – Friday from 7 am – 6 pm and Saturday from
7 am – 5 pm). They reserve Sundays for their families and so their team of 25 part time and
full time staff can enjoy a day off. And they are passionate about having their family time in
the evenings. This is a couple that has fully embraced a work-life balance.
If you haven’t visited Ketchie Creek Bakery & Café, it’s well worth a quick jaunt down the
road. Your taste buds will be grateful!
Ketchie Creek Bakery & Café is located at 844 Valley Road in Mocksville. Their café seats 60
and offers outdoors seating as well. Call 751.9147 to place a to-go order, request info on
catering, or special event order. Online ordering is available at KetchieCreekBakery.com.
Ketchie Creek Bakery & Café has partnered with Forsyth Woman to provide breakfast muffins and customized, gourmet boxed lunches for the shoppers on
September 20th’s Tour de Boutique! Learn more at TinyUrl.com/2014TourDeBoutique.
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