2015 Bid Calling Contest FINALS SOLD!



2015 Bid Calling Contest FINALS SOLD!
Going Once...Going Twice…
2015 Bid Calling Contest
Tuesday, August 18, 2015
9:00 a.m.
Anne & Bill Riley Stage • Iowa State Fairgrounds
Iowa Auctioneers Association
900 Des Moines Street • Des Moines, IA 50309 • 515-262-8323
2015 IAA Bid Calling Competition
Jerick T. Miller
Leon, IA
Hello my name is Jerick T. Miller. I'm a third generation auctioneer. I love working sales. I sell estate
auctions and consignment auctions, among others! I love competition and I'm proud to be a part of the
Iowa Auctioneers Association! Thank you all for coming to the contest today and supporting the
Auction Method!
Adam Marshall
Elm Creek, NE
Adam is a 3rd generation auctioneer specializing in Ag Real Estate, Machinery, and Benefit Auctions.
Adam has a true passion for the auction industry and has chosen it for his lifelong career. He is a
member of the National, Nebraska, and Iowa Auctioneers Association.
Kam Hartstack
Hartstack Trucking & Auctioneering - Clarinda, IA
Kam Hartstack is a first generation auctioneer. The desire to venture into this exciting career was
spurned on by the years growing up on a multi-generational trucking and farming operation. Alongside
his father and grandfather the cattle and farming auctions were a weekly highlight. Now he serves NW
Missouri and SW Iowa with a full service auction and real estate business.
Jared Chambers
Corydon, IA
Jared Chambers is a professional auctioneer and licensed real estate agent for Peoples Company
specializing in farm and recreational ground. He is a graduate of Reppert School of Auctioneering
and holds several designations in the auction industry. Corydon, Iowa is where he calls home at along
with his wife, Pam, and their son, Jett.
Tracey Bantz
Route 20 Auction Co. - Independence, IA
Tracey attended auction school in 2008, and as a first-generation auctioneer, founded Route 20
Auction Co. in northeast Iowa in 2009. He conducts auctions with the help of three his sons and wife,
Dorothy. He is involved real estate, personal property, and benefit auctions. In addition to his duties
as an auctioneer, Tracey is a U.S. Mail Carrier and licensed Real Estate Agent in his hometown of
Justin Steward
Steward Auction Co. - Wyoming, IA
Justin Steward is a first generation auctioneer from Wyoming, Iowa. He graduated from WWCA in
February of 2011. He is the owner of Steward Auction Service. He also works as a livestock auctioneer
for Cascade Livestock Auction, LLC and Kalona Sales Barn. He also auctioneers for Twin County
Produce Auction in Kalona.
Jeff Garber
Garber Auctioneering Services - Lincoln, MO
Jeff grew up going with his grandpa and father to auctions of all sorts. Through that he came to love
the auction chant and some of the great auctioneers in the auction profession as well. At an early age
he knew what he wanted to do for business: become an auctioneer. In 2012 he started entering state
and national auctioneer associations as well as their bid calling contests to help widen his knowledge
of the auction profession.
Top 20 Finalists
Jason Dvorak
Dvorak Auction Service - Madrid, IA
Jason Dvorak is an auctioneer and ringman from Madrid Iowa. Jason conducts all
types of auctions from collectibles to real estate. He formed his auction company
Dvorak Auction Service in 2011 and since partnered with Greenfield Pro Auction
in Des Moines.
Jordan Cannon
Cannon Auction Service - Cedar Rapids, IA
Jordan grew up in the auction industry. At a young age, he began working for his
dad by running clerk sheets to the office trailer. At age 14, Jordan attended the
World Wide College of Auctioneering and is now an auctioneer for Cannon
Auction Service.
Thomas Bradley
B.E.S.T Auction Service - Winterset, IA
Thomas is the co-owner of B.E.S.T Auction Services in Winterset, Iowa and has
been a member of IAA since 2011. He is a board member of Madison County
Cattlemen’s, graduated from the World Wide College Of Auctioneering and the
Professional Ringmen's Institute.
Brian Tompkins
Solon, IA
Brian Tompkins attended the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City
in 2007 and has since been a member of the Wears Auctioneering Team in
Solon. He plays a vital role in the operation of the business being able to perform
Bid Calling assistance, and helps to implement and develop of technology
requirements that are so vital to the auctioneering business.
Steve Maynes
West Central Sales and Auction Co. - Dexter, IA
Growing up in a small farming community in rural Iowa, I have always had a
strong interest in auctions. After beginning my auction company in 1999 and
attending auction school in 2004, I have worked for several local and national
auction companies. These experiences have introduced me to several
outstanding mentors and given me valuable knowledge in several different
auction fields.
Seth Steinhoff
Steinhoff Auctioneering - Smithland, IA
My name is Seth Steinhoff, I was born and raised in rural Smithland Iowa
where I reside with my family today. I work full time farming, auctioneering,
and selling real estate. My passion is auctioneering and I'm currently
employed by Dunlap Livestock Auction, Chuck Hardie auctions, and Steinhoff
Top 20 Finalists Cont.
Rodney A. Backes
Backes Commercial Auctioneers - Raymond, IA
Rod Backes is from Jesup, Iowa and is the co-owner of Backes Commercial Auctioneers and has been
actively involved with commercial and industrial auctions for over 20 years. He was recently remarried
to his wife Susan and they have two high school children together, Ethan and Kenedy. Rod specializes
in Commercial Real Estate, Food Service, Business and Service Equipment.
Leroy Hoffman
Hoffman Auctions - Titonka, IA
Leroy Hoffman company Hoffman Auctions is based out of Titonk, Iowa specializing in Real Estate,
Farm Machinery, and Antiques.
Chantz D. Davidson
Orient, IA
Chantz Davidson first competed in the IAA bid calling preliminaries in 2014, this year he made it to the
top 20. Chantz is a graduate of the WWC in Mason City, Iowa and specializes in livestock, real estate,
and farm liquidations. Chantz has been a member of IAA since 2014.
Jared Anstine
Kingsville Livestock Auction - Holden, MO
Jared graduated from the World Wide College of Auctioneering in June of 2012. He works at his family
business and he owns and operates Anstine Auction LLC. Jared finished 3rd in the Missouri Livestock
Auctioneering Contest in April of 2014.
Daniel Wilson
Redfield, IA
Wilson began auctioneering in 2009 when he was invited to help with an estate sale. Wilson quickly
knew the opportunity would become more than a hobby. In 2010, he received a scholarship to attend
the World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa. Wilson received his animal science
degree from Northwest Missouri State University.
Bret Walters
Grafe Auction Company - Racine, MN
Bret Walters works for Grafe Auction Company located in Spring Valley, Minnesota. Bret has been a
member since 2013.
Dylan Webb
Webb Auction Service - Osceola, IA
Dylan Webb works for Webb Auction services in Osceola, Iowa.

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