What if something unexpected happens? Haus Melitta cancellation



What if something unexpected happens? Haus Melitta cancellation
Haus Melitta cancellation policy
We are delighted that you want to spend your holiday with us in Mats Lech Alpine Accommodation.
Unfortunately, sometimes you need to cancel your holiday with us, arrive later or leave us earlier
than expected.
You can cancel your booking without incurring a cancellation fee up to three months before your
agreed date of arrival, provided you do so in writing.
Cancellation is possible within three months prior to your arrival, subject to the following
cancellation fees:
• up to one month prior to arrival: 40 % of the total agreed price
• up to one week prior to arrival: 70 % of the total agreed price
• within the last week prior to arrival: 90 % the total agreed price
up to three month
no cancellation fees
between three months between one month and
one week
within the last week
and one month
40 %
70 %
90 %
In case of late arrival or early departure, we have to charge the full room price. Austrian Hotel
Contractual Terms and Conditions (Österreichischen Hotelvertragsbedingungen, ÖHVB) apply.
What if something unexpected happens?
We recommend that you take out hotel cancellation or travel insurance
(Holiday Austria Insurance) for MATS LECH Alpine Accommodation: www.europaeische.at
A lot can happen before the start of a trip; the trip cancellation insurance (Hotelstorno Plus) covers
the costs (without a deductible) if you have to cancel your trip unexpectedly for reasons such as
a sudden serious illness of a family member, or even in case of dismissal by your employer. In
addition, the trip cancellation insurance (Hotelstorno Plus) provides insurance cover for any travel
interruptions, delayed arrivals, an involuntary extension of the stay as well as for any search and
rescue.The insurance cover applies for a stay of up to 31 days in Europe. All information about the
insurance can be found on our info sheet, including the terms and conditions (PDF).
The insurance company will require confirmation in writing from the treating physician for any
medically justified claims relating to the cancellation cover. Please note that existing medical
conditions are only covered if you become acutely ill unexpectedly.
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