FY 2015 Annual Report



FY 2015 Annual Report
FY 2015
Annual Report
Table of Contents
Highlights .............................................................................................................................................3
Program Updates .............................................................................................................................4
Personal Letters from The CEO & The Chairman .............................................................5
Samfund Stories ...............................................................................................................................6
Board of Trustees .............................................................................................................................7
Advisory Council ..............................................................................................................................9
Staff .......................................................................................................................................................10
Sambassadors ...................................................................................................................................11
Alumni Leadership Council ........................................................................................................12
Samfund Babies ..............................................................................................................................13
HP Young Employee Network ..................................................................................................14
Corporate Sponsors ......................................................................................................................15
Financials ............................................................................................................................................16
Thank You to Our Donors ...........................................................................................................17
In Memoriam .....................................................................................................................................22
This past year has yielded many exciting developments at The Samfund. For one, we have a brand
new look! We hope you like The Samfund 2.0 as
much as we do. In addition, our staff has grown to
a team of five. Our family continues to expand with
an influx of volunteer Sambassadors; this dynamic
group is comprised of past grant recipients, other
young adult survivors, and supporters of The
Samfund community. Finally, we have awarded $1.35
million in grants as of June 2015, and are thrilled to
be offering two grant cycles for the first time in FY16.
We asked YOU:
In one word, what does
The Samfund mean to you?
3 Full Time
Staff Members
5 Full Time
Staff Members
We look forward to seeing what the next year holds
for all of us at The Samfund!
Program Updates
The Samfund is proud to have awarded a total of $250K during this fiscal year to
deserving young adults. We are also thrilled to announce that for the first time,
we will open a second grant cycle in FY 2016.
Total Grants Distribution
FY 2015
Our Webinar series is still going
strong, with seven presentations this
fiscal year ranging from selecting an
insurance plan, to resources for copay assistance, to rebuilding savings.
We are also continuing to develop
our Finances 101: A Toolkit for Young
Adults with Cancer, in partnership
with Triage Cancer. Over the next year
we hope to finish an interactive
online tool which will provide users
with information applicable to their
circumstances, and will allow us to
increase our reach to young adults
and caregivers exponentially.
Stay tuned for updates!
Total Amount Awarded
in Grants per Year
Letter from The CEO
Dear friends of The Samfund,
We are proud and excited to share our first-ever annual report with you,
highlighting the milestones and accomplishments of the year ending June
30, 2015. I can easily say, without exaggeration, that it was one of the most
pivotal ones in our 12-year history.
From internal growth to external partnerships, we’ve added the young adult
perspective to larger conversations about the costs of cancer. We’ve got
new programs in the works, most notably the next iteration of the Finances
101 Toolkit, in collaboration with Triage Cancer. This online, interactive educational tool will provide young adults with the information they need to make
well-informed financial decisions during and after treatment, so that they don’t find themselves facing
mountains of debt. We are excited to launch the next phase of this program in the upcoming year.
In FY15, we welcomed new staff members and many new volunteers (including 14 new Sambassadors!), and
are grateful for all that they bring to The Samfund. We are on the verge of so much exciting change and
know, with certainty, that we wouldn’t be here without the continued generosity and support of our donors.
It’s because of you that more young adults are finding the support they need to survive and move forward.
We cannot thank you enough and hope you are as excited as we are for The Samfund of tomorrow.
Letter from The Chairman
It has been my deepest honor to serve as Chairman of The Samfund. Working
with our outstanding Board, it is my mission and passion to give back, and provide critical support for as many young cancer survivors as possible.
Over the past 30 years I have been blessed with an incredible family, a
successful business career, many friends around the globe and numerous life
experiences. Many young adults face a very different future. They have tremendous challenges during what should be the most vibrant time in their
lives. With the rising cost of medical care and the demands of balancing health
needs with job responsibilities, this special age group of cancer
patients deserves our attention.
Only through corporate and individual donations will these young adults have the opportunity to live healthy
and prosperous lives. Thank you for joining me in this very important cause.
Best regards,
Samfund Stories
From FY 2015 Grant Recipients
“Before my grant, I had to spend the full amount of my
limited time and energy on scraping by trying to cover
the basics needs. Getting The Samfund grant changed
all of this. I suddenly felt freed from the heavy weight
of ‘survival mode’ that I had been stuck living in. I took
the first step towards days with purpose and room to
move forward.”
“There’s not much financial and social support available to
young adults once they’re no longer in active treatment.
Often it seems we are forgotten about once treatment is
over. I think many people forget about survivorship issues
that many of us encounter regularly, especially issues
surrounding finances, treatment late effects, and overall
quality of life. I strive to not only survive, but to thrive.
Organizations like The Samfund help us to do the latter...
“My grant helped to alleviate some health-related
expenses during a critical time in my young adulthood. By
awarding me the grant, you lightened my financial
burden, which allowed me to focus more on continuing
my education. Since then, I have completed a master’s
degree and began a doctorate. The Samfund inspires me
to help others one day at a time.”
“I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am to have been
chosen to be a recipient of a Samfund grant. I have
struggled to find resources that I qualify for which has
made it difficult for me to get back on my feet. The only
program/charity that has helped me has been The
Samfund and I will forever be grateful for the generosity and kindness that everyone from the organization has
shown me.”
Board of Trustees
Steve Bandrowczak
As our first Chairman of the Board, Steve brings The Samfund 30 years of experience and demonstrated success as a leader in the IT world. Steve is a Senior Vice
President for Business Process Services at HP Enterprise, has been named by
Computerworld as a Top lOO CIO, and frequently headlines conferences and
teaches leadership at educational institutions. His background in driving business
transformation inspires and challenges us to think strategically on how to best serve
young adult cancer survivors. Steve was introduced to Sam’s story by a colleague
and so began his long time support of The Samfund. Since joining the Board, he has
helped us forge many partnerships and alliances, at both the corporate and
individual employee level.
Jeffrey Cooper
Jeff joined the Board in 2011, bringing with him 35 years of experience as an
attorney in New York City. A cancer survivor himself, Jeff began his involvement
with The Samfund by generously offering his law firm’s conference room for our
quarterly Board meetings. After meeting Sam he was inspired by the work of The
Samfund and, soon after, he was invited to join the Board. Jeff’s considerable
expertise in the field of Corporate Governance has helped us with our growth
strategy. He chairs our Governance/Nominating Committee.
Cynthia Eisenstein
Cynthia is currently a Certified Occupational Health RN in Employee Health Service
at Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. Prior to this she was a Nurse
Practitioner for 25 years, primarily at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in
NYC. Her background has been in Adult Lymphoma. To The Samfund Board, she
brings both professional expertise and personal compassion, as Sam’s caregiver and
advocate during her years of cancer treatment. She has a special interest in
Survivorship and is honored to participate in the mission of The Samfund.
Glenn Eisenstein
“As a fulltime bridge teacher/player for the past 25 years, I’ve been fortunate
enough to come across many philanthropic individuals and families who have embraced The Samfund after they learn of our existence. Their support, financial and
emotional, has been a source of tremendous importance to me.” Glenn’s passion
“is in continuing to support my daughter’s dream, the one she had years ago when
she started all this. From the day Sam told me she had found what she wanted to
do with her life, I’ve been determined to help make sure it happens. She made lemonade out of he lemons that she was given. I just want to help set up the lemonade
Vic Feldman
Vic has always been an entrepreneur, with an interest in and passion for advancing
the health and education of young people. He came to The Samfund Board with
a personal tie to young adult cancer, having been a longtime friend of Sam and
her family. With 15 years in clothing manufacturing and 36 years in the securities
industry, Vic also brings professional skills and knowledge in a range of areas, and
currently chairs our Nominating Sub-Committee. In addition to The Samfund, he has
been a strong supporter of children’s health, education and housing in his Chicago
Board of Trustees
Morley Goldberg
Morley is passionate about helping people who find themselves in unforeseen life
situations. He feels strongly that he can make a difference to those that have the
inner strength and determination to get their desired life back. Morley owns and
runs an investment advisory firm, and has 45 years of experience in Finance and
Investment Management. Since becoming a Trustee in 2006, Morley has
contributed his significant expertise in finance and marketing, ensuring continuing
support for young adult cancer survivors. Morley says that being part of The
Samfund excites him because it enables him to live the saying “It is better to give
than to receive.”
Melissa Jacoby
Melissa has been practicing law since 2000 in the field of estate planning with a
focus on trusteeship. While Boston is her home, she currently lives in London with
her family and continues to be an active member of the Board, which she joined
in 2012. Melissa believes she can add value to donors who would like to create a
legacy for continuing support for The Samfund as part of their estate planning. She
is thrilled to be affiliated with The Samfund and overwhelmed by its success and
Sharon Karsten
Sharon’s 35 years in the Banking and Securities industries gives her a wealth of
understanding for the corporate world but has not dampened her entrepreneurial
spirit one bit. While Sharon supports other charities, she has chosen not to sit on
any other Board besides ours. In addition to her involvement as a member of The
Samfund’s Executive Committee, Sharon supports The House of the Good Shepherd, a long-term shelter for abused women and their children, and the Center for
Independent Futures in Evanston, which supports physically and intellectually
disabled young adults. Sharon has a passion for those who struggle economically,
for the disadvantaged, and especially for young adult cancer survivors .
Corey Peterson
Corey became a member of the Board of Trustees in 2014, but his involvement with
The Samfund is a personal one, dating back to 2003 when The Samfund was first
created and his wife, Josephine, worked with Sam. From the beginning, Corey has
been a member of our Investment Committee, donating his time and expertise to
help manage our investment portfolio. Corey has been in the Financial Services field
for 15 years, with experience in investment management and event coordination.
Financial planning and financial literacy for all people at all ages is what inspires
Corey to serve on our Board.
Barry Seigerman
Barry has over 5 decades of leadership responsibilities as a CEO and Director with
both private and public companies in insurance, finance and banking. He has been
actively involved with The Samfund since it was founded by his niece, Sam, and
has contributed his strategic planning and organizational skills. Over the years,
Barry has actively served on several Boards of for-profit and not-for-profit
organizations as a Trustee. Inspired and motivated by Sam’s vision and strength,
Barry remains committed to support The Samfund and its mission.
Advisory Council
Our Advisory Council members bring a specific area of expertise to The Samfund and are
passionate about helping us grow. Our advisory council members volunteer their time
and expertise with the support of the companies they work for.
We are grateful for their involvement and dedication.
Katie Price
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Chief of Staff Office for Customer Success
Katie currently supports HPE’s EVP & Chief Customer Officer as the
Executive Briefing & Operations Manager for the newly named Customer
Success organization. She has been involved in extensive campaign
efforts for The Samfund through HPE’s Young Employee Network and
has become an avid believer and advocate for The Samfund’s impact on
the lives of young adult cancer survivors. Katie’s main advisory focus for
The Samfund is strategy, growth, and corporate engagement.
Mark Bennett
Bayer Corporation
Director, Head of Digital Communications
Mark is responsible for developing and overseeing all digital
communications and social media efforts for Bayer Corporation in the
United States. This includes a coordinated and proactive social media
program designed to enhance the company’s visibility, engagement and
reputation in the United States. Mark serves as a special advisor on social
and digital media for The Samfund.
Adam Carr
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Transformation Director
Adam is a Transformation Director for Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s
Customer Success organization where he most recently led the business
readiness and release management of Hewlett Packard’s business units,
functions, and regions through the IT cutover into two separate Fortune
50 companies. After meeting Sam in 2014 he was all-in to help The
Samfund through a national campaign at his company in partnership
with its Young Employee Network. He serves as an advisor to The Samfund on strategy development.
George Padula
Modera Wealth Management, LLC.
Principal & Wealth Manager
At Modera, George advises and develops customized financial planning
and investment solutions for individuals, families and non-profits to meet
their unique goals and objectives. He is a business owner himself and an
advisor to small business owners and non-profits, including The Samfund. As a financial advisor, he has seen the financial impact that cancer
can have on everyone, especially young adults. As an advisor to The
Samfund, he provides insight on financial planning for individuals as well
as developing organizational business strategies.
Samantha Eisenstein Watson, MBA
Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Sam is a two-time young adult cancer survivor. Diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma
in December of 1999, and with secondary Myelodysplastic Syndrome in April of
2001, she co-founded The Samfund in 2003 after recognizing a lack of programs
and services specifically for young adult cancer survivors after treatment. She
is proud to be an active member of the cancer community and an advocate for
young adult survivors throughout the country. Sam holds a BA from Brandeis
University and an MBA in Mission-Driven Management from the Heller School for
Social Policy and Management at Brandeis.
Michelle Landwehr, MPH
Chief Operating Officer
Michelle is our COO, and she has been involved with The Samfund since its
inception. She oversees all program and evaluation activities, and is grateful
for the opportunity to work with the young adult survivor community.
Michelle holds a BA from Brandeis University and a Masters of Public Health
from Columbia University.
Kristen Coco
Development Associate
Kristen is our Development Associate, responsible for conducting a variety of
fundraising activities in order to secure financial support for The Samfund.
Kristen graduated from Clemson University with a dual degree in Communication
Studies and Sociology, and following graduation spent a year in Phoenix, Arizona
serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA member. The daughter of a cancer survivor, she
is proud to be a part of The Samfund team.
Greg Parent
Program Assistant
Greg’s role at The Samfund is to facilitate the programs that help our young
adult survivor community. A graduate of the College of Saint Rose in Albany,
NY, Greg has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work with a dual major in Religious
Studies. Having previously worked supporting cancer survivors who have
traveled away from home during their treatment, Greg is excited to continue
helping a community of people he has grown to love.
Pam Anderson
Social Media Marketing Associate
Pam is the newest member of The Samfund team and responsible for all things
digital. While receiving a B.B.A. in Marketing, she realized the nonprofit world is
where she wanted to be. She made that a reality and started at The Samfund
just a few months after graduating from the The University of Massachusetts
Amherst. Pam has a passion for social justice and is enthusiastic about raising
awareness for the young adult cancer community through various digital
Who are
What do they do?
• Fundraising and Event Planning:
Participate in online fundraising campaigns
Sambassadors are some of our most
and plan events in their area to benefit The
loyal and dedicated volunteers,
committed to taking a leadership role
• Team Samfund: Initiative started in 2014,
in our organization while spreading the
where individuals participate in runs, walks
word about our mission and raising funds
or other athletic competitions while raising
for our programs.
funds for The Samfund’s programs.
• Community Outreach: attend national and
regional conferences as a representative
of The Samfund to share information and
materials with survivors or staff information tables, share helpful resources with
our alumni group, raise awareness of The
Samfund at local hospitals and treatment
• Social Media: author blog posts for The
Samfund website, share their personal
story with the media, spread the word to
friends and family about upcoming events
and news from The Samfund.
Alumni Leadership Council
Valerie is a survivor of Aplastic Anemia. She received a Samfund grant in
2008 to help with her medical bills, which allowed her to get herself out
of medical debt entirely. She earned an MBA from UCLA Anderson in 2013
and now works in the field of Healthcare Operations. She says, “Young adult
cancer survivors are a particularly vulnerable population, typically having no
established savings and sometimes little headway in their careers. There is no
other organization in the country dedicated to helping young adult survivors
in this way. I chose to become part of the ALC because I realize that the need
didn’t stop with me.”
Kate is a survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After receiving a Samfund grant
in 2008, she began volunteering immediately and has grown into a leadership role within our organization. She graduated from Columbia College with
a BFA and now works in graphic and web design. Of her involvement as an
Alumni Leader, she writes, “I am living proof of the effect the grants have on
young adults, so I want to continue to give back to help people who are in the
shoes I once was in. My grant did so much for me and I am forever thankful. I
will never forget the impact it had on me and I want to give that impact and
help to others.”
Kyle is a survivor of Rhabdomyosarcoma. Receiving a Samfund grant in 2010
to help with his rent enabled him to catch his breath, focus on his graduate
studies and use his limited resources to get health insurance. After graduating with honors from Tufts University, he was able to pursue a career in urban planning. He writes, “As a young adult survivor we are often overlooked
through treatment and after treatment. Everyone thinks that we are young
and resilient, but that resilience often only goes so far. Getting healthy costs
money, and it is more than any young adult can bear on their own. We can’t
solve every problem for our young adult survivors, but we can give them
hope, and provide them with small grants that can get them back on their
Erin is a survivor of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Within a nine month
period, she underwent countless rounds of chemotherapy, full body radiation
treatment and two bone marrow transplants. After completing her treatment
she returned to work and received an MBA from Northeastern University. Ms.
McCabe is licensed as a Certified General Commercial real estate appraiser
and is currently the Massachusetts Deputy Director of Finance and Operations for the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. Erin is extremely
grateful for her survival and volunteers as a patient advisor at the Beth Israel
Deaconess Hospital in Boston where she was treated.
Samfund Babies
The Samfund is proud to distribute a small number of grants each year
to recipients who need assistance building their family after cancer.
Receiving photos like these from our family building recipients reminds
us of the incredible and lasting impact our grants can have. These
photos represent a few of the dozens of success stories of which we’ve
been privileged to play a part over the years.
HP Young Employee Network
In 2014, our Board Chair, Steve Bandrowczak, introduced us to HP’s Young Employee
Network, and we couldn’t have predicted what would happen next. Teams across the
country put their collective arms around The Samfund, and launched what became the
largest single fundraising effort in our history.
YEN members in Georgia, California and Texas decided that they wanted to make a
difference, and what a difference they made. They set a $5,000 fundraising goal to start.
Then a $25,000 goal. And then, they raised an incredible $100,000 for The Samfund.
Thank you, YEN, for the ripple effect you have created, both for The Samfund and, more
importantly, for the young adults who we’re now able to help. You have created
something so much bigger and so much more meaningful than
anything we could have imagined.
Community &
Corporate Partners
We are thankful for our community and corporate partners who have
sponsored events, offered their services free of charge,
and supported The Samfund.
Graham Family Foundation
Downey-Short Foundation
Financials FY 2015
The full financial report is available upon request. Email [email protected] to request a copy.
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Larisa Klebe
Steven Klein and Leslie Skolnick
Jeff Kleine
Alan Knepper
Kathleen Knopoff
David Korenthal
Hillel Korin
Dan Koschik
Meg Koschik
Patricia Koschik
Sue Kowalski
Stephen and Sallie Krass
Jillian Kren
Ganesh Krishnamurthy
David Kroll
Steve Kruger
Shakeb Kundiwala
Marci Kurlowicz
Rona Kurtz
Russell Kwiat
Mike and Laurene LaCombe
Caryn Laflamme
Erin Lanahan
Susan Landau
Mystic Landrigan
Jillian and Jason Landun
Joshua and Michelle Landwehr
Melissa Lane
Jaime Lanin
Judy Larsen
Susan and Bob Laskin
Norman and Michelle Lattman
Thomas Lavender
Law Firm of Berman DeValerio
Vu Le
Paul Leatherman
Barbara Lee
Chris Lee
Grace Lee
Miseon Lee
Nancy Lee
Alan and Judi Leichtner
Josh and Kimberly Leichtner
Karen Leitson
Ellie LeMar
Janice and Doug Lempereur
Ivan Lentz
Joe and Ellen Leondis
Anissa Leong
Bob and Bev Leslie
Gene and Flossie Levenson
Annie Levin
Ralph and Francine Levine
Scott Levine
Scott and Alice Levine
Stephen and Alison Levine
Roy and Eileen Levinson
Peter Levy
Carol Lewis
Caroline Lewis
Paul Jay and Linda Lewis
Florence Libin
Perry W. Lichtinger
Alissa Lieppman
Bob Light
Eric and Donna Lindenberg
Thomas Lipscomb
Joshua Liss
Caitlin Lister
Claudia Little
Paul C. Lloyd
Arthur Loeb
Douglas Longo
Love Is Bald, Inc.
Daniel Lubetsky
Chuck Lucas
Cile Lucas
Peter and Jean Ludwig
Julie Luevano
Sarah Lui
Abbie Lundberg
Sarah Lunn
Jacqueline Lynch
Marla Lynn
Mike and Heidi Lynn
Tricia Lynn Crum
Margaux’s Miracle Foundation
Marianne Macdonald
Peter MacKinnon
Patrick MacLellan
James and Paulette MacPherson
Linda Maerov
Kris Magliaro
Vivian Mak
Ken and Phyllis Makovsky
Sushma Maletira
John and Leslie Malhame
Francis Malone and
Sharon Karsten
Anne Malvicini
Cheryl Mannes
Michael Mantel
Christine Marapao
Randi Marder
Amy Margolin
Jacob Markey
Dana and Susan Marks
Charles Maron and Maggie Hoover
Jen Marram
Heather Martin
David and Judy Marwell
Gail K. Mayer
Deborah McBride
Erin McCabe
Alex McCallum
James McCarthy
Edward and Mary McCauley
Mary Eliza McEachen
Philip and Elizabeth McFarland
Bill McGarigle
Ronald and Mary Ellen McGarry
Linda McGarry
Andrea McGrath
Teri McGuire
Megan McKee
Dan McKenzie
Caleb McKinley
Kathy McLaughlin-Jerge
Ali McManus
David and Jen McNamara
Kristin Mead
Cynthia Mederios
Jake and Jenna Meilach
Joshua Mellits
Amy Menezes
Bob and Myrna Merowitz
Brian Messinger
Lynda Meyer
Lara Michaels
Bonnie Miller
Debra Miller
Susan Miller
Amanda Miller-Burg Gillian Miniter
Alex Modell
James Moore
James and Bonnie Morgan
Brian Morrissey
Allie Morse
Michelle Morse
Robert and Marjorie Morton
Bill and Barb Muench
Heather Mulford
John and Janet Mulvey
Maureen Murphy
Rachel Murphy-Banks
Lauren Murray
Karen Murstig
Marcella Musto
Jane Myers
Stefan Nafziger and Einat Admony
Richard and Stephanie Nathanson
Julie Nations
Dan Naturman
Harout Nazerian
Brad Nease
Jonathan and Sheryl Necheles
Sayer and Diane Needelman
Kelli Neese
Babette Negbaur
Norman Neufeldt
Susan Neville
Steve and Lenore Newman
Diem Nguyen
Michael Nguyen
Van Nguyen
Adam Nichols
Sarah Nicole
Lainie Nissim
Susan and Jules Nissim
Debra Noble
Maggie Nokes
Patrick Norris
Joseph Noto
Andrew and Ellen Novick
Brenda and George Novoson
Ken and Marie Nowicki
Michael Occulto
Katie O’Hara
Michael Ohlstein
Luis Ojalvo
Jin Sun Onanian
Eleanor Onstott
George Padula
David Palmadessa
Gary and Miriam Paluba
Lee Panosian
Greg Parent
Elaine Paris and William Dunckley
Henie Parish
Michael and Cynthia Parks
Raymond and Suzanne Parodi
Linda Parsons
Ashley Pasen Shields
Badal Patel
Yogesh and Mainak Patel
Rocky and Michelle Patti
Ariella Perkes
Edward and Debra Perkes
Paul Perlstein
Beverly Perry
Corey and Josephine Peterson
Melinda Peterson
Sandra Peterson
Shenita Peterson
Steve Petracca
May Petry
Stephanie Petta
Vinny and Lisa Petta
Quyen Pham
Marlyse Pikul
Heidi Pio
Donald Piotter
Gabe Pitta and Adam Marks
Amy Pivar
Frances Platzer
Mary Pocsik
Rachel Pohl
Christine Pollock
Julie Polvinen
Jeff Porzio
Abigail Posner
Roberta Pressel
Katie Price
Jim and Dianne Probola
Dawn Raab
Susan Rabi
Bill and Karin Rabin
Sherwood Raden
Michael and Judi Radin
Dan and Leslie Rakauskas
J Ramer
Matt Ramer
Humberto Ramirez
Karthik Ranganathan
Steve and Ellie Rappaport
Cara Raskin
Allyson Rathkamp
Lora Ray
Ryan Reading
Drew Reeder
Barry and Meryl Reichman
Kate Reid
Tausha Reneau
John Rengstorff
Jesus Reyes
Dana and Aaron Rice
Althea and Arthur Rich
Jason Richter
Michael Richter
Jeffrey and Linda Ringler
Peter Ringquist
Saray Rios
Ellen Ripstein
Sarah Risko
Chip Ritchie
Yahira Rivera
Brenda Robbins
David Roberts and
Sue Fischlowitz
Cynthia and Frank Robertson
June Robins
Natalie Robinson
Bradley and Tracy Rock
Dominick Rodriguez
Gina and Jason Rodriguez
Lex Rofes
Rachael and Dennis Rohn
Dan and Betsy Rohtbart
Chris Rolf
Sheila Roman
John and Diane Romano
Carol and Ron Roos
Billy Rosenbaum
Jordan Rosenblatt
Naomi Rosenfeld
Harold Rosenson
Andrew Rosenthal
Keith Rosequist
Mark Roshkind
Mike Rosiecki
Nancy and Richard Rossman
Alan Rossolo
Gary and Jody Roth
Scott and Lauren Roth
Sashka Rothchild
Vicki Rother Pliskin
Russin Royal
Adam Rozell
Sherrie Rubenstein
Dana and Jake Rubin
George Rubin
Justina Ruszala
Kelly Ruszala
Margareta and Tom Ruszala
Chris and Sharry Rutken
Julie Ryan
Karen Sackowitz
Judi Sadon
Susan Salaber
Charles Salameh
Corey and Lisa Salka
Marissa Saltzman
Alejandro Sanchez
Skyler Sanders
Nicole Sanfilippo
Robin and Vincent Santarlasci
Kimberly Santini
Senthil Sathiya
Emily Saunders-Wage
John Sauriol
Nicole Sauriol
Kelley Savacool
Jenna Savage
Hollie Savitt
Andrea Sayles
Philip Schachter
Helene Schaefer
Heather Scharf
Jill Schiefelbein
Harold and Laurie Schiffmiller
Ira Schloss
Lauryn Schmerl
Amy Schott
Kevin Schreiber
Lex Schroeder
Betty Schuler
Marilyn and Steve Schwack
Ed and Gail Schwartz
Stuart and Barbara Schwartz
Jan Scott
Laura Scott
Charles and Arden Scranton
Patrick Seaward
Michael Seidman
Barry and Susan Seigerman
David and Elizabeth Seigerman
Jaime Seltzer
Dana Semmel
Sharon Seneker DeJule
Laura Senn
Cynthia Serrato
Kyle Serres
Katie Sewell
Darren Shaffer
Michael Shafir
Marsha Shah
Debbie Shao
Debra Shapira
Dan Shapiro
Robin and Steve Shapiro
Nikita Sharma
Edward Sheldon
Steven Sherman
Larry and Janet Shiff
Douglas and Rachel Shuman
Karen Siegel
Kenneth Siegel
Amber and Jonathan Sievers
Kate and Christopher Sievers
Steve and Bobbi Sievers
Peggy and Marc Silbert
Bernard and Joyce Sillins
Elizabeth Silver
Phil and Roz Silverstein
Robert Simmons
Barbara Simon
Evan Slepian
Ted and Janis Slepian
Gary and Barbara Slutzky
Erika Small
Michael Small
Sheryl Smiloff
Brad Smith
Meagan and Luke Smith
Mitchell Smith and Holly Dushkin
Robert and Jacqueline Smith
Alison Sneag
Brian Snyder
Richard Sokel
Allyson and Scott Sokol
Paul Somerhausen
Jennifer Soshnik
Claire Spera
Eleanor Spitz
Howie Spurlock
Laurie Starr
Adam Stearn
Pepi Stein
Allan and Nancy Steinberg
Bernard and Nancy Steinberg
Monica Stenmo
Leah Stephens
Arlene Stern
Michael and Cecilia Stern
Lynn Stevenson-Edmonds
Courtney Stone
Bev Strom
Vickie Stumpf
Dave Stutz
Nancy Styer
Carol Summers
Lindsay Summers
Valerie Sun
Andrew Swartz
Conor Sweeney
Janell Tachis
Sarah Tafoya
Maja Tampe
Anna Tan
Robert Tanenbaum
Dianna Tate
Gail Teicher
Mark Teitelbaum
Lauren and Daniel Thal
Loren Thal
Leslie Thomson
Millie Thomson
Marina Tjahjadi
Sarah Tollie
Ellie Tonder
Martin and Margaret Topper
Wayne Toughill
Lisa Tran
Andrea Tricarico
Emily Tricarico
Andrew and Amanda Troka
Lina Tsoi
Jeffrey and Melanie Tucker
Catherine Turley
Josh and Jessica Turnof
Rhonda Ulmer
Chelsea Ulrich
Shira Uriarte
Nils Vaule
Melissa Van Schaick
Blake and Megan Vandergeest
Victor Vasquez
Adam Vazquez
Ingrid Velmonte
Margie Venuto
Giovanni Visentin
Anita Volta
Kavita Vora
Kelly Vuksanaj
Leslie Wagner
Darrel Waite
Ruth Walker
Amber and David Wallace
Jackie Wallenstein
Lew Walter
Virginia Wann
Seamus Ware
Adam and Samantha Watson
George and Marilyn Watson
Scott Webb
Ryan Weeks
Shirley Weinger
Jordana Weiss
Kurt Weissling
Jamie Wester
Peter Wheeler
Ann Marie White
Judith White
Jaren Whitfield
Peter Whoriskey
Jack Widman
Steve Williams
Meg Wimbiscus
Sara Wimbiscus
Stephen Winokur
Elizabeth Winstead
Steven and Barbara Wolf
Lauren Wolken
James Woloszyn
Amanda Wong
Teresa Wong
Evan Wormser
Lauren Woronowich
Eric and Tandra Wright
Kathleen Wruk
Nancy and Ken Wruk
Beth and Dean Wylie
Kirk Yamamoto
Shukang Yao
Krysten Yezak
Day Yi
Jenn Yoo
Patrick Young
Dan Zankman
Lisa Zehm
Caren and Steve Zeitler
Granaz Ziaghazvini
Veronica Zieminski
Klara Zimmerman
In Memoriam
We’d like to recognize those alumni The Samfund
family has lost over the years. Their memories
motivate us to work even harder to do what we do.
Rebecca Babcock
Andre Bellis
Jason Brightfield
Brian Hahn
Tara Pietromonaco
Lisa Rapp
Adam Thomas
Rhonda Ulmer
Marcie Williams
Christy Wilson
Tanya Wray
Board Member
Jeremy Hill

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