Silent Auction Red Table - Tacoma Youth for Christ



Silent Auction Red Table - Tacoma Youth for Christ
Table of Contents
Schedule of Events
Welcome Letter
Wish List and Auction Rules
Dinner Menu
Silent Auction – Red Table
Silent Auction – Black Table
Silent Auction – Silver Table
Etc., Etc., Etc…Auction – White Table
Live Auction
YFC Staff & Board of Directors
Tacoma Youth for Christ
Saturday, November 22, 2014
4:45 pm
VIP Party at the Murano Gallery begins
5:30 pm
Doors Open & Registration begins
6:15 pm
Silent Auction - Red Table closes
6:30 pm
Silent Auction - Black Table closes
6:45 pm
Silent Auction - Silver Table closes 6:55 pm
Silent Auction – Etc…Etc...Etc… Table closes
7:00 pm
Guests seated for dinner
7:30 pm
Opening Remarks and Program 7:45 pm
Live Auction
Master of Ceremonies
Bobby Arkills, Executive Director, Tacoma Youth for Christ
Stokes Auction Group
Mark Schenfeld, Auctioneer
Welcome Friends
To the 2014 Youth for Christ
“Celebration of Hope” Auction! Give Life to Your Story!
The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give
them a rich and satisfying life. John 10:10- (NLT) These are the words of
Jesus, and this is what YFC is all about; we receive life through a relationship with Jesus. Because of what Jesus has done in our lives, we are
called to invest in the lives of young people and families. Through these
relationships we are changing lives, as a result, we are giving life to their
We are so excited to be able to share this evening, not only with our regular supporters, but with the community as well. This fundraiser plays an
integral part in highlighting the mission of Youth for Christ, allowing us
to focus on a ministry that is truly making a difference in our communities! Whether you are a donor, sponsor or buyer we all count in the effort
to help bring hope into the hurting homes of Pierce County.
Since 1940, and in over 100 countries, YFC has been committed to the
gospel message of HOPE, GRACE and LOVE. Our goal is to give life to the stories of the families and youth that we
serve. The staff and volunteers meet with young people on a daily basis
in a variety of outreach activities. We are in high schools, middle schools,
and in juvenile justice institutions. Our ministry also includes a foster
care program, family and youth development centers, camps and outdoor
Tonight you will see real people, and hear real stories of changed and
transformed lives. Our passion is to see God redeem their stories as we
enter into their lives as true friends and mentors, one person at a time.
We want to THANK YOU for your generous hearts in support of this mission only made possible because of you.
God bless,
Angie Zumek and Pam Fay
2014 Celebration of Hope Auction Co-Chairs
Auction Rules
Live Auction Rules
The Cashier’s Table is located in the foyer.
We accept cash, checks,Visa and MasterCard
Cashiers may not accept yellow slips as proof of a successful bid.
Yellow slips must remain on tables.
Bidding Rules and Procedures
As you check in you will receive your bid number.
We are happy to offer Express Pay.
Express pay is the ability to record your credit card information at the
beginning of the Auction so that afterwards you will not have to deal with
cashier lines. After the auction, you simply go to the Express Pay Pick-Up
Table and give them your Bid Number and Express Pay receipt (received
at the beginning of the auction). You will receive a packet of your winning
bid information. From there you proceed directly to Sold Item Pick-Up
to collect the items you have purchased. Your completed paid invoice
will be sent to you the week immediately following the Auction. You will
be able to sign up for Express Pay only from 5:15 until 7:00 pm (the end
of the silent Auction). After the closing of our last Silent Auction Table
we will be unable to process express pay requests.
Silent Auction Rules
1. You may bid on a silent auction item by entering your bid number and
name. When the time is called, all bidders must step back from the
tables and no further bids may be made. Bid sheets are NOT to be
removed from the tables except by officials.
2. Legal silent auction bid raises are specified on the bid sheets.
3. Guaranteed bid. Each silent auction item has a “Guaranteed Purchase” option at the bottom of the bid sheet. If you really want an
item, you can guarantee that it will be yours by entering your bid
number by the guaranteed purchase amount, thus closing the item to
further bidding.
4. The successful bidder will be circled on the bid sheet.
5. Silent bids cannot be withdrawn.
6. Unless otherwise noted, all facilities and services must be used within
one year from the auction and take place at a mutually agreeable date
between donor and buyer. It is recommended that the buyer contact
the donor within two months to schedule a mutually agreeable date.
7. An auction official will resolve any disputes over bids at the time of
8. Auction items may not be removed from displays except by YFC staff.
1. The highest bidder acknowledged by the Auctioneer will be the purchaser. A signature on the bid sheet constitutes a legal contract to
2. Unless otherwise noted, all facilities and services must be used within
one year from the auction and take place at a mutually agreeable date
between donor and buyer. It is recommended that the buyer contact
the donor within two months to schedule a mutually agreeable date.
1. All items are to be paid for in full on the evening of the auction.
Cashier accepts cash, personal checks,VISA and MasterCard. All sales
are final.
2. All property is sold as-is, and Tacoma YFC neither warrants nor represents, and will not in any way be
responsible for the accuracy of description, authenticity, authorship or
condition of the property.
3. Auction items may be picked up at the Sold Item Pick-Up station, by
showing a paid receipt from the cashier or your Express Pay promissory note. In case of purchases, bidder is responsible for full payment.
4. Unless other arrangements are made, items are to be picked up the
evening of the auction.
5. If bid numbers are illegible or incorrect and do not have the bidder’s
name, the item will be sold to the next legal bidder.
6. Reservations for all trips must be mutually agreed upon with the donor unless otherwise specified. Hotel, airfare and lodging are subject
to certain restrictions. All tickets in travel packages are for coach
travel, unless otherwise specified. No refunds will be allowed on
packages if buyer should have to cancel or miss an expiration date.
Services must be arranged between donors and buyers. The BANK
will provide certificates identifying the donor and providing the donor
phone number. Restaurant and certificates and limousine service do
not include alcohol or gratuity or tax unless specified.
Please note: the charitable amount of auction purchases is limited to
the excess of the amount paid over the value of goods/services.
7. Youth for Christ reserves the right to withdraw any item prior to
8. Tacoma Youth for Christ has endeavored to catalog and describe all
items correctly. All merchandise is sold as-is and as represented in
the catalog. Youth for Christ neither warrants nor represents, and
shall in no event, be responsible for the correctness of description,
authenticity, authorship, provenance or condition of the merchandise.
No statement contained in the catalog or made orally at the sale or
elsewhere shall be deemed to be such warranty, representation, or
assumption of liability.
9. Only guests with either an Express pay receipt or a paid receipt will be
allowed to pick up the items or packages at Item Pickup.
Wish List Page
(Please use this page as a quick “reminder” of items that have caught your attention and you wish to bid upon)
Red Silent Table (closes at 6:15 pm)
1. ______________________________________
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
4. ______________________________________
Black Silent Table (closes at 6:30 pm)
1. ______________________________________
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
4. ______________________________________
Silver Silent Table (closes at 6:45 pm)
1. ______________________________________
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
4. ______________________________________
Etc…Etc…Etc… (closes at 6:55 pm)
1. ______________________________________
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
4. ______________________________________
Live Auction Table
1. ______________________________________
2. ______________________________________
3. ______________________________________
4. ______________________________________
5. ______________________________________
Investing in Our
One Life at a Time
Please join us in saluting those
who have invested their lives
in brightening the minds
and developing the character
of our young people.
A proud member of the Tacoma community since 1982  (253) 383-1676
Toll Free (800) 959-2001
Dining Menu
Presented by The Hotel Murano Catering
Butler Passed Hors d’ Oeuvres:
Fresh fruit kabobs
Panko chicken strips
Served Meal:
Spinach Salad with spiced walnuts,
roasted corn and strawberries
Cider Infused Pan Roasted Pork Chops
Presented with:
Roasted red potatoes
Fresh seasonal vegetables
Artisan bread basket and butter
For Dessert:
Chocolate & Berry Mousse Tower
Lemon Meringue Tart
Fresh brewed Starbucks coffee service
Tea service
We would like to thank the following sponsors
for their generous support of the
2014 Celebration of Hope Auction:
Auction Sponsors
Banner Sponsor ($5,000 level)
Partnership Sponsor ($2,500 level)
Friend of YFC
Sponsor ($500)
Smiles Orthodontics
Trinity Church of Pierce County
University Place Refuse
& Recycling
Supporter Sponsor
Life Center Ministries
Vision Care Associates
VIP Party Sponsor
Washington Water Damage
Parking Sponsor
Fife Commercial Bank
In-Kind Sponsors
Bentson Printing
Life Center SOUTH
Maxi Space Self Storage
Restoration Specialists in
Water, Fire & Smoke Damage
Full Service Restoration & Remodeling
• Board Up
• Contents Pack-out
• Contents Cleaning/Storage
• Damage Mitigation
• Debris Removal
• Dehumidification / Drying
• Document Recovery
• Electronics Restoration
• Emergency Cleaning & Repairs
• Fire Damage Repairs
• Mold Remediation
• Odor Elimination
• Reconstruction
• Secure Storage
• Selective Demolition
• Structural Cleaning
• Structural Dryout
• Temporary Power
• Water Extraction
• Xactimate Certified
Commercial • Residential
24/7 Emergency Response
Seattle ....206-621-7774 Bellevue ...425-462-7774
Kent ........253-395-3333 Tacoma .....253-581-7774
Everett ... 425-252-7775 Puyallup ...253-286-7774
Toll Free..... 866-618-7774
Protecting Homes, Families & Investments!
Special Thank you to:
Bobby Arkills ~ Master of Ceremonies
Stokes Auction Group
Mark Schenfeld, Auctioneer
2014 Auction Team
Pam Fay and Angie Zumek – Auction Co-Chairs
Jill Hamilton ~ Procurement Chair
Judy Schmidtke ~ Auction Coordinator
Jenelle Arkills Catherine Schulhauser
Kelly CulverKari Spears
Becca FayCally Uriarte
Ken Schmidtke
Auction Helpers
Stephanie Boeshaar Doug Jonson
Wendy & Scott Bream Grant Schmidtke
Mike & Ann CurranAmber Smith
Hope DavisNic Sylvain
Ann Eisner UPPC Local Ministries
Chris Gilge Stuart Curry for letting us borrow his amazing camera collection.
Sound & Audio System ~ Miguel Villahermosa / Life Center South
Ministry Slide Show ~ Alex Henning
Live Auction Visuals ~ Annette Simmons
Auction Storage ~ Bodine Enterprises / Maxi Space
Item Transport ~ Cole Graphic Solutions
Pianist ~Josh Harris
KC Auction Support – Candy Shattuck & Kat Stoker
Volunteer Room Hostess ~ Cathe Schulhauser
Vision Service Group
Bentson Printing
The Hotel Murano
Table Hosts and Sponsors
All those who made cash donations to the auction
And the many other donors who monthly & annually bless Tacoma Youth for Christ
Thank you YFC for partnering with us
to care for youth in our community!
Silent Auction Red Table
(Closes at 6:15pm)
1001 Compost System
Thank You Bill Longnecker
1002 Underground Tour & Dick’s Burger for 4
Thank You Bill Speidel Enterprises & Dick’s Drive In’s Ltd LP
1003 Unlimited Play at Charlie’s Safari for 3
Thank You Charlie’s Safari
1004 Scrapbooking Fun Basket
Thank You Pam Fay
1005 Wolf Haven International Tour for 2
Thank You Wolf Haven International
1006 Lakewold Gardens Family Membership
Thank You Lakewold Gardens
1007 Button Shade Table Lamp Set
Thank You Cathe Schulhauser
1008 Golf at North Shore for 4
Thank You North Shore Golf & Country Club
1009 Glass Necklace & Earrings
Thank You Shannon Stewart
1010 Stardust Christmas by Harlequin
Theatre for 2
Thank You Harlequin Productions
1011 Hand Knit Alpaca Scarf
Thank You Designer Threads
1012 Framed Tulip Picture
Thank You Friends of YFC
1013 Blue Tea Set
Thank You Jill Hamilton & Pam Fay
1014 Seasoned FirewoodFull-size Pickup Load
Thank You Barbara Lock
1015 Garlic Lovers Basket
Thank You Garlic Gourmay & Hope Davis
1016 Scentsy Package
Thank You Friends of Campus Life
1017 Family Night Out - Gibsons &
Blue Mouse for 4
Thank You Gibson’s Frozen Yogurt & Blue Mouse Theatre
1018 Organizers
Thank You Norma O’Malley & Angie Zumek
1019 Sushi Kit, Tea Set & Golden
Iris Otagiri Vase
Thank You Esther Brown, Friends of YFC & Jim Troyer
1020 Kayaking for Two
Thank You Northwest Outdoor Center
1021 Hawks Prairie Golf with Golf Balls & Books
Thank You Oki Golf & Friends of YFC
1022 Mary Engelbreit Basket
Thank You Pam Fay
1023 T.W.O. Coffee Basket
Thank You T.W.O Coffee Shop
1024 Regal Movie & Smoke & Cedar Date Night
Thank You Doug and Jill Gardner
1025 Winter in Stehekin Christmas Basket
Thank You Friends of YFC
1026 Get Fit!
Thank You Tom and Angie Zumek & Harbor Fit Indoor Cycling Studio
1027 Husky Blanket & Scarf
Thank You Bob Taylor
1028 Cougar Blanket & Scarf
Thank You Bob Taylor
1029 Driving Lessons and Model Police Car
Thank You Lakewood 911 Driving School & Bob Goodman
1030 Fresh Cut Christmas Tree
Thank You Harbor Greens LLC
1031 Haircut and Style & Frog n Kiwi Gift Card
Thank You Hair Muse & Frog n Kiwi Cafe
1032 African Experience Basket
Thank You Fred and Pam Fay, Pete Yohann and Friends of YFC
by Dr. Ethan Larson
Call for your
Exam Today!
210 4th Ave SW Puyallup, 98371
1033 Gluten Free Baking Basket
Thank You Janie Patterson & Sherry Abbott
1034 Family Books Basket
Thank You Friends of YFC
1035 Soccer Mom’s Survival Basket
Thank You Doug and Jill Gardner
1036 Figures for Women - 3 Month Membership
Thank You Figures Health & Fitness Center
1037 Starbucks Modular Coffee Storage Basket
Thank You Sheri Luvaas & Angie Zumek
1038 Silver Earrings
Thank You Danielle Dunlap Designs
1039 PLU Christmas Concert for 2 on Dec. 6, 7 or 12$60.00
Thank You Pacific Lutheran University Office of Advancement
1040 Starbucks Breakfast Blend Basket
Thank You Sheri Luvaas & Friends of YFC
1041 Christmas Table Decorations
Thank You Bill and Jackie Brandt
1042 Zebra/Camel Rides or Family Farm Package
Thank You City Goat Farm and Zoo
1043 Thanksgiving Memory Basket
Thank You Friends of YFC
1044 Live, Laugh & Love Basket
Thank You Friends of Campus Life
1045 Antique Baroque Fostoria Etched Glasses
Thank You Friends of YFC
1046 Seahawks Newborn Hat & Booties
Thank You Friends of YFC
1047 Golfer Wine Caddy with Wine
Thank You Angie Zumek
1048 Buffalo Wild Wings Bucket
Thank You Buffalo Wild Wings
1049 Winthrop Cabin Weekend
Thank You Michele Hinz
1050 Debbie Mumm Christmas Basket
Thank You Jill Hamilton, Pam Fay & Angie Zumek
1051 Glass Art - Fused Glass Owl
Thank You Carol Stockdale
1052 Washington State Fair Basket #1
Thank You Steve and Norma Fameli
1053 Lights of Christmas 2014 for 4
Thank You Warm Beach Christian Camps & Conference Center
1054 Handmade Pen
Thank You Kelly Culver
1055 BBQ Remote Alert and Bamboo BBQ Set
Thank You TAGS Awards & Specialties & Tony and Julie Panagiotu
1056 Carved Canoe Paddle
Thank You Leonard Talbott
1057 Katie Downs Pizza & Blue Mouse Date Night
Thank You Katie Downs Waterfront Tavern & Eatery & Blue Mouse Theatre
1058 Ghost-Camo Custom Paint Services
Thank You Ghost-Camo Custom Painting
1059 Encouragement for Life Basket
Thank You Friends of YFC
1060 Musical Birthday Package with Cake
Thank You Michelle’s Sweet Designs & Ted Brown Music Co
1061 Scentsy Heavenly Warmer
Thank You Fred and Pam Fay
1062 Pontoon Boat Rental for Lake Party
Thank You Bill’s Boat House
1063 Glassblowing Experience for One
Thank You Tacoma Glassblowing Studio
Silent Auction Black Table
(Closes at 6:30pm)
2001 Gardening Package with Potting Bench,
Master Gardner and Accessories
Thank You Tom and Angie Zumek & Friends of Campus Life
2002 Dance Lessons at Arthur Murray Studio for 2
Thank You Arthur Murray School of Dance
2003 Tea for Two basket
Thank You Friends of YFC
2004 8 Hour Home Remodel by Ironwood Remodel
Thank You Ironwood Remodel Inc
2005 Vintage Costume Jewelry by Hobe
Thank You Friends of Campus Life
2006 Dessert a Month for a Year
Thank You Ken and Judy Schmidtke
2007 Liz Claiborne Purse
Thank You Tom and Angie Zumek
2008 North Shore Round of Golf for Four
Thank You North Shore Golf & Country Club
2009 Pink Camo Lanterns
Thank You Ghost-Camo Custom Painting
2010 Blue Fun Basket
Thank You Sheri Luvaas & Pam Fay
2011 Lakewood Playhouse Six Show Flex Passes
Thank You Lakewood Playhouse
2012 Wine Barrel Candle Holder
Thank You Joan Bickler
2013 Go Huskies!
Thank You Pam Fay & Jessica Fay
2014 Go Cougs!
Thank You Jill Hamilton
2015 Tacoma Concert Band & Smoke & Cedar for 2
Thank You Tacoma Concert Band & Stan and Mary Schmidtke
2016 Curl Up & Read Basket
Thank You Andy and Celeste Ayton
2017 Roller Skating Party for 8
Thank You Rollin’ 253 Skate & Community Center
2018 Partylite Basket
Thank You Tanya Branch
2019 European Hostess Set
Thank You Friends of YFC
2020 Model Sailboat
Thank You Bob Goodman
2021 Wine and Cheese Basket
Thank You Norma O’Malley, Angie Zumek & Friends of YFC
2022 Fleur de Lis Package
Thank You Angie Zumek
2023 Rock Climbing Intro for 4
Thank You Kelly Culver
2024 Evolve Home Accessories Basket
Thank You Evolve Home
2025 Four Maisto Diecast Model Cars
Thank You Bob Goodman
2026 Innovative Fitness Personal Training
Thank You Innovative Fitness LLC.
2027 Tacoma Art Museum for Four
Thank You Tacoma Art Museum
2028 Glass Bowl
Thank You Mark Gulsrud
2029 Regal Cinema Movie & DeLongs for Two
Thank You DeLong’s Deluxe & Doug and Jill Gardner
2030 Gourmet Pickle, Jerky & “Shark Bait” Basket
Thank You Kelly Culver, Mike and Hope Davis & Lynnae’s Gourmet Pickles
2031 Seabrook Two Night Stay with Candles
Thank You Bruce and Pam Wheeler & Jeff Bethke
Thanks Youth for Christ
for the great work you do in Pierce County!
Serving Pierce County Since 1992
Specializing in Pool & Spa Repairs
We Service All Makes & Models
Certified/Licensed Service Technicians
Custom Pool Cleaning Programs Available
licensed - bonded - insured
10747 A St S # H • Tacoma, WA 98444 • (253) 531-3454
2032 Love Plaque - First Corinthians 13
Thank You Jill Hamilton
2033 Ocean Shores Condo - 4 days & 3 nights
Thank You Luther & Dee Jonson
2034 Date Night Basket w/ Visa Card and
Movie Tickets
Thank You Scott and Wendy Bream
2035 ManeStage Package C Season Tickets for 2
Thank You ManeStage Theatre Company
2036 Travel in Style
Thank You Angie Zumek, Pam Fay & Friends of Campus Life
2037 Nutrition Consultation
Thank You Sound Nutrition Education, PLLC
2038 Glass Art - ‘’Grove of Trees’’
Thank You Carol Stockdale
2039 Starbucks Citrus Tumblers
Thank You Sheri Luvaas & Friends of Campus Life
2040 Pacific NW Ballet Swan Lake
for 2 on April 18, 2015
Thank You Nancy Rowland
2041 Seahawks Stepping Stone
Thank You Suzanne Pock
2042 South of the Border Basket
Thank You Grocery Outlet,Tom and Angie Zumek & Friends of Campus Life
2043 Estate Planning Package
Thank You Terry Posey
2044 Overnight for 2 at Oregon Garden Resort
Thank You Oregon Garden Resort
2045 Bronze Galore
Thank You Sheri Luvaas, Angie Zumek, Pam Fay & Friends of Campus Life
2046 Hair Styling (2) by Salon Swish
Thank You Salon Swish
2047 Seahawks Signed Football
Thank You Seattle Seahawks
2048 Pony Birthday Party with Cupcakes
Thank You Janie Patterson & Castle Rock Riding
2049 Seahawks Flag, Scarf & Blanket
(moved to live)
Thank You TAGS Awards & Specialties & Bob Taylor
2050 Singing Christmas Tree & Dinner
at Smoke & Cedar
Thank You Life Center Music Ministry & Stan and Mary Schmidtke
2051 Hand-Crafted Glass Bird Bath
Thank You Brian and Kristin Neufeld
2052 High Tea at Hill House for 10
Thank You Karin Williamson
2053 Simple Serenity Basket
Thank You Norma O’Malley
2054 Swarovski Crystal Necklace
Thank You Tony and Julie Panagiotu
2055 Bird and Berry Table Lamp
Thank You Bob Goodman
2056 Packwood Cabin Weekend
Thank You Clark and Sharon Montgomery
2057 Coffee a Month for a Year
Thank You Olympic Crest Coffee Roasters
2058 Washington State Fair Basket #2
Thank You Steve and Norma Fameli
2059 Kyle Seager Signed Baseball and Bat
Thank you Scott Budner, Mariners Pitching Coach
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Silent Auction Silver Table
(Closes at 6:45pm)
3001 Super Hero Basket
Thank You Becca Fay, Stephen McCausland,Tyler Eugineo
& Ken and Judy Schmidtke
3002 Museum of Flight & Starbucks for 4
Thank You Museum of Flight & Cathe Schulhauser
3003 Handcrafted Birch Bowl
Thank You Pete Yohann
3004 Zoo Membership & Pizza for a Year
Thank You Little Caesars & Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
3005 Northwest Camo Oil Lanterns
Thank You Ghost-Camo Custom Painting
3006 Mary Kay Eye Care & Dazzle Basket
Thank You Catherine Erolin
3007 Hyperbaric Therapy Sessions
Thank You Berry Family Chiropractic
3008 Fruit & Wine Gift Basket
Thank You Harbor Greens LLC
3009 Tea by the Sea - Women’s Afternoon
Thank You Dawn Morris & Chiari Blair
3010 Thermal Perfect Party Set
Thank You Kate Curry
3011 Game Basket for Preschool/Early Elementary
Thank You Friends of Campus Life
3012 Girl’s Spa-tacular Party
Thank You Juvenile Justice Ministry Team
3013 Rainy Day Basket
Thank You Friends of YFC
3014 Crystal Trifle Bowl & Desserts Recipe Book
Thank You Friends of YFC & Tom and Angie Zumek
3015 Lakewood Police Ride Along
Thank You Lakewood Police Department
3016 Everything Pie Basket
Thank You Brandon and Amber Smith
3017 La Tresse Boutique Salon Hair Color & Cut
Thank You Amber Pubols
3018 Dooney & Burke Tote Bag
Thank You Tony and Julie Panagiotu
3019 Mariner’s Main Level Seats for 4
Thank You Seattle Mariners
3020 Two Snow Jacks
Thank You Bob Goodman
3021 Swarovski Crystal Necklace
Thank You Tony and Julie Panagiotu
3022 Rainier Symphony & Grassis Café for Two
Thank You Rainier Symphony & Grassi’s Fowers and Gifts & Garden Cafe
3023 Forza Gift Basket
Thank You Forza Coffee Company @ Cirque
3024 Tacoma Little Theatre and the Cliff House
Thank You Tacoma Little Theatre & Cliff House Restaurant
3025 Catered Dinner for 4 with
Wine & Cheese Basket
Thank You Derek Bray
3026 Letter Sparrow Art Piece 11 X 14
Thank You Kelly Hollstrom
3027 Leavenworth Getaway at
Front Street Suites for 2
Thank You Front Street Suites
3028 Snowman Collection
Thank You Cathe Schulhauser
3029 Bowling Party & Jimmy John’s
Party Platter for 10
Thank You Narrows Plaza Bowl & Jimmy John’s
3030 12th Man Basket
Thank You Tom and Angie Zumek
3031 Seattle Thunderbirds 10 Suite Tkts
for Dec. 6, 2014
Thank You Fikes Products
3032 Bug Birthday Party
Thank You Tom & Angie Zumek, Michelle’s Sweet Designs
& Craig and Jill Hamilton
3033 Cookie Baking Basket
Thank You Doug and Jill Gardner
3034 Golf for 3 with Lunch at Fircrest
Thank You Rick and Cathy Tunnell
3035 Glass Art - ‘’In a Row’’
Thank You Carol Stockdale
3036 University of Washington Stepping Stone
Thank You Suzanne Pock
3037 Washington State University Stepping Stone
Thank You Suzanne Pock
3038 Picnic Basket
Thank You Tom and Angie Zumek
3039 TNT Fireworks $300 Gift Certificate
Thank You TNT Fireworks
3040 Frog n Kiwi Play Passes for Two
and $20 Gift Card
Thank You Frog n Kiwi Cafe
3041 Everything Chocolate Basket
Thank You Believers Fellowship Church
3042 Anderson Island Getaway
Thank You Anderson Island Kayaks, Beth Kobernik,
Riviera Community Club & Golf Course & Simona’s Kitchen
3043 Debbie Macomber Basket
Thank You Debbie Macomber
3044 Cinderella at the Paramount for 2
& Etta’s Gift Card
Thank You Mark and Erin Shagren & Thad and Nicole Kittelson
3045 Thanksgiving Table Set
Thank You Nancy Keay & Friends of YFC
3046 Ocean Shores Polynesian Resort Getaway
Thank You Polynesian Resort & Las Maracas
3047 Crystal Mountain Gondola for 4
Thank You Craig and Jill Hamilton
3048 Summertime Fun
Thank You Friends of YFC and Sheri Luvaas
3049 Taproot Theatre ~ Two Shows for Two & Pizza $200.00
Thank You Taproot Theatre Company & Razzi’s Pizzeria
3050 Red Kitchen Fun
Thank You Fred & Pam Fay
3051 Massage! 2 - One hour sessions
Thank You Chiropractic Office of Kevin M. Small
3052 8 Hour Home Remodel by Ironwood Remodel
Thank You Ironwood Remodel, Inc.
3053 Devotional Tea & Cupcake Plate Pkg
Thank You Friends of YFC
3054 Entomologist’s Delight
Thank You Friends of YFC
3055 Grace Adele Purse with Two Clutches
Thank You Dee Fridenmaker
3056 Salishan Resort Two Night Getaway with Wine $463.00
Thank You Salishan Spa & Golf Resort & Bob Goodman
3057 Sonicare by Philips
Thank You Dr. Kimura
3058 Coffee Craze Basket
Thank You Camano Island Coffee Roasters, LLC,
Treos, Blue Steele Coffee Coffee & Cafe & Anthem Coffee
3059 Cheesemaker for a Day & Serving Set
Thank You Beecher’s Handmade Cheese & Friends of YFC
3060 Dinner for 8 Catered by King’s Cooking
Thank You King’s Cooking
3061 Electronic Charging Station
Thank You Roberta Brasier
3062 Starbucks Tasting Presentation
Workshop & Basket
Thank You Daniel Wolbert, Jim Troyer, Sheri Luvaas & Esther Brown
3063 Garden Bench, Planter, Art Piece & Birdhouse
Thank You Karin Williamson, Brian & Kristin Neufeld, Stuart Curry
& Friends of YFC
3064 Custom Floor Length Wood Mirror
Thank You Novo
3065 Radio Flyer Row Cart
Thank You Friends of YFC
3066 Slow Down Basket
Thank You Friends of YFC
3067 Reindeer ‘’Roxy’’ Christmas Basket
Thank You Friends of YFC
3068 Backpacking Trip in the Cascades for 4
Thank You Kelly Culver
3069 Stainless Steel Seahawk Sign
Thank You Derek Kipapa
3070 Craftsman Beer & Brewery Tour
Thank You Mark and Sherry Abbott,Wingman Brewers
& Ken and Judy Schmidtke
3071 Wine…Wine…Wine!
Thank You Tacoma Youth For Christ Board of Directors
AST Proudly Supports
Thank you for all you do for
our community.
4410 South Washington St, Tacoma
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tenant satisfaction by lowering their utility bills, increasing
their comfort and reducing outside noise.
 Milgard windows are virtually maintenance-free to save you time and money.
 If you have an electrically-heated 5+ unit building in Tacoma Power or
Seattle City Light's service area, be sure to ask us about new window rebates!
[email protected]
New Energy-Efficient
Windows Attract
New Tenants!
"We were very pleased with their work and would definitely use them again." Ed and Sharon Bezy via Angies List
Live Auction
1. A “Wicked” Weekend in the Emerald City
Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just looking to create a memorable getaway, this will be a weekend to remember. This two night-three day
escape to the Emerald City will be amazing!
•Two tickets to the Broadway production of “Wicked” at the Paramount
on July 11, 2015
•Two night stay in the Camlin Hotel across the street from the Paramount
(outdoor heated pool, hot tub, BBQ area, and fitness center)
•Gift card to the Dahlia Lounge for a delectable dinner (The Dahlia
Lounge is a renowned Tom Douglas restaurant that was shown on Top
Chef Seattle)
Generously donated by Patty & Mark Anderson, Friends of YFC and Angie & Lewis Griggs
2. YFC Work Party for Camp
This is your opportunity to get a jump start on all those projects on your
‘’to do’’ list. Our very own Youth for Christ youth will come out in full force.
Money raised by this item will send kids to camp this coming summer. This is
perfect for your spring cleaning projects!
•6-8 youth for 6 hours on a project of your choice
•We rake, we paint, we clean, we shovel!
•Limited to the Pierce County area and must be used by June 30, 2015
Generously donated by Campus Life & City Life Youth of Tacoma Youth for Christ
3. Seaside Beach Getaway for 4 Nights:
Escape to the Oregon Coast for a relaxing four-night stay in a spacious and
gorgeous cottage in Seaside, Oregon. Package includes:
•3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms plus many modern amenities
•Dinner for two ~ including drinks and desserts at Mo’s
•Gift certificates to Bella Latte Café and Pizza a Fetta
•Getaway is valid December 1, 2014 through April 30, 2015 except for
holiday periods
•Maximum occupancy is 8 persons
•Sorry, no pets allowed
Generously donated by Joe Foss, Mo’s Seafood Restaurant, Pizza a Fetta and Bella
latte Café
4. Dessert Frenzy!
Treat everyone at your auction table to a special dessert! Bid to win one
of 11 fabulous, decadent desserts, which will be served to your table guests
NOW! (OR, choose to take the whole thing home to serve at a dinner party
tomorrow!) The beautiful cake plate is yours to take home, along with the
leftover dessert … if there IS any!
5. Private Cruise on Puget Sound for 20
You will enjoy a three-hour tour cruising on a luxurious 57 foot yacht. This Jolly
Craft pilot house will be hosted by Captain Bryan and Princess Dianna Stockdale & crew.You will spend an amazing afternoon or evening on the beautiful
South Puget Sound with up to 20 of your closest friends and family while you
relax and enjoy delicious appetizers & desserts.
Generously donated by Bryan and Dianna Stockdale and the JJM Team
6. Florida Adventure at Villa at Regal Palms
This sunny vacation destination can take on any adventure your family desires.
Either an escape to the beach or fun-filled days at Disneyworld. Or BOTH! It’s
up to you! This package provides you with amazing accommodations at the Villa at Regal Palms from June 6-13, 2015. The three bedroom unit sleeps up
to 8 comfortably, and includes a full kitchen. This unique Orlando Florida resort boasts all the comforts of home nestled in a tropical setting. Situated next
to the Highlands Reserve Golf Club, and just minutes from the excitement
Orlando has to offer, Regal Palms Resort Orlando offers a quiet retreat off the
beaten path. It’s where you can spread out and enjoy spacious accommodations
paired with full service amenities. Generously donated by Scott & Stephanie Boeshaar
7. Puppy Power!
This package speaks for itself! This sweet little Puppy is a golden lab mix! He
was just born on Oct. 31st and will be ready to go home with you on December 21st….or if you’d like a Christmas surprise, you can pick him up on
Christmas Eve! If hunting is your thing, the father is a proven bird dog….and
both father and mother are loyal family dogs, very loving and smart. Package
•First set of shots and deworming
•A cozy bed, puppy chow & treats, accessories
•Gift certificate for veterinary services
•DVD “How to raise the perfect puppy”
Generously donated by Johanna Swalander, Friends of Campus Life, Fircrest Veternary Hospital, Mud Bay, Soggy Doggy, Bo & Dick Teodoro, Sherry & Mark Abbott and
Grant Schmidtke
8. Family Fun in Fabulous Palm Springs
Whisk your family away for a fabulous week of fun, adventure and play in Palm
Springs, California! Throw something on the barbecue while the kids play in the
heated pool and Jacuzzi or prepare a fabulous meal in the beautiful gourmet
kitchen. The kids will love the many family activities available in the area such
as the Living Desert, the Desert Children’s museum, Joshua Tree National Park,
Boomers Mini-Golf and Gaming, and the Aerial Tram to the famous San Jacinto
State Park.
•3200 square foot home with 4 bedrooms and 3½ bathrooms
•One week stay on mutually agreeable dates
•Round trip airfare and activities not included
Generously donated by the Thompson Family
9. Hit the Road!
If you win this package, you’ll be the envy of everyone on the road … and this
room! That’s right! You’ll be behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo ... and
it’s yours for 24 glorious hours! Included is a dinner for two at the Sky City
Restaurant at the top of the Seattle Space Needle and tickets to the Experience Music Project. The rest of the time you have with this car is up to your
imagination... Generously donated by Drive Lambo and Mike & Ann Curran
10. Romantic Hawaiian Escape at Kona Coast Resort
Bask in the sun and enjoy the view and beaches at beautiful Kona Coast Resort
in Keauhou on the Big Island of Hawaii. This spectacular condo has an amazing
ocean view. When you visit the Kona Coast you will want to take advantage of
ideal conditions for snorkeling and diving. The calm and clear water is perfect
for swimming with manta rays and watching the large sea turtles that are
native to the area. Or, you may prefer a dive trip, which will take you to underwater lava tubes and gorgeous coral reefs. If golfing is your game, this condo
is located right on an 18-hole golf course. Other amenities include two pools,
hot tubs, tennis court, volleyball court and gym. And it’s just a short walking
distance to theaters and restaurants.
•7-day 6-night stay
•One bedroom condo at the 5 star Kona Coast Resort
•Dates subject to availability: Not available December 13 - April 14
•Must be used by November 22, 2015
Generously donated by Marguerite Yoshino-Yoshikawa
11. Formal Dinner for 20
Love to host a dinner but hate the hassle? This will be a unique evening that
will be sure to impress! Invite your friends for a formal dinner and we will
take care of the rest! This catered gourmet dinner for 20 will take place at a
stunning 6,000 sq. foot home overlooking Chambers Bay. This package includes
appetizers, an elegant meal and decadent dessert. Your party will be taken care
of from preparation to clean up. There’s even a game room downstairs if your
guests want to linger and have more fun. This evening will be sure to impress!
Generously donated by Gaylord Anderson and the JJM Team
12. Memorial Day Weekend Family Fun at Cannon Beach
Play in the sand & surf of the Oregon Coast while you enjoy your stay at the
Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center. This 4-day getaway over Memorial
Day weekend for your family has everything you’ll need for a refreshing and
inspiring retreat. Package includes:
•The Memorial Day Family Conference happens over Memorial Day May
•Lodging, home cooked meals and an optional program for a family of up
to 5 people
•“Hay Stack Morning” an open edition, framed and matted Giclee print
•Seascape Vase to bring the ocean back to your home
Generously donated by Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center and Jeffrey Hull Gallery
13. Give Life
Raise the paddle to give life to the stories of kids and families! Here’s how
it works: Our Auctioneer Mark Schenfeld will call funding levels of $5,000,
$2,500, $1,000, $750, $500, $250 $100, $50. Simply raise your bid
number at the level of your choice.
•$5,000 - Sponsors a Campus Life club for an entire year
•$2,500 - Mentors a young leader for an entire year
•$1,000 - Sponsors one month of tutoring in Hilltop and Tillicum
•$750 - Licenses a Christian foster family to take kids into their home
•$500 - Sponsors one month of chapel services in juvenile detention
•$250 - Provides a YFC foster home for a child for one month
•$100 - Provides a life changing experience in nature for a young person
•$50 - Mobilizes a volunteer to build Christ-sharing relationships
Thank you for giving life!
14. Seahawks!
It’s been an amazing season so far, and it’s going to get better! Official tickets
are sold out and it’s almost impossible to find tickets anywhere. Monday Night
Football might be your only choice…..unless you win this package. That’s what
makes this priceless! You will get to cheer on our favorite team from CenturyLink Field as they battle the San Francisco 49ers! This highly anticipated game
of the season happens on Sunday, December 14th at 1:45 pm. After the game,
there’s no need to fight the traffic because we’ve included a gift card for dinner
to the Pyramid Ale House which is within walking distance of CenturyLink
Field. Also included are Seahawks flags, scarf, blanket and a special edition
Seahawks Starbucks card.
Generously donated by Jason & Railene Gordon, Bob Taylor, Dee & Bryan Fridenmaker,
Tagg and Friends of YFC
15. Ultimate High Flying Adventure
This is the Ultimate Adventure for two!
•The journey begins with an overnight stay in a Fireplace Suite at Gig Harbor Wesley Inn and dinner at Anthony’s
•In the morning after you enjoy the complimentary breakfast, you’ll fly high
above the clouds as you journey to Friday Habor on a private Cessna 177
•Next, you’ll soar across the natural landscape of this San Juan Island while
zipping from platform to platform through the forest canopy on your two
to three hour zip line tour
•After your exhilarating tour, you’ll have a $50 Visa card to enjoy lunch or
dinner at the location of your choice, before flying back home
Generously donated by Rick & Kathleen North,Thrivent Financial Services, Bjorn
Freeman-Benson, Zip San Juan and Dave & Brenda Ricker
16. Two Raleigh Special Cruisers
Picture yourself cruising down Ruston Way or Chambers with a loved one,
enjoying the sites and sounds on these two sleek bikes. Simplicity defines the
Special Single speed Cruiser with coaster brakes. For the leisure rider who
enjoys cruising from point A to point B without all the bells and whistles and
get back to basics. This low maintenance, steel-framed cruiser will stand the
test of time.
Generously donated by Accell North America and Chris Speyer
17. Three Nights in the Heart of Napa Valley at the Zinfandel Inn
Spend a long and lovely weekend away at the Zinfandel Inn. Wake to the smell
of baking scones, croissants or muffins and enjoy the lavish, full hot breakfasts.
The Zinfandel Inn, an English Tudor built in 1984, is located on two beautifully
landscaped acres in the heart of the Napa Valley. As described in Bon Appetite
magazine, “It looks as if it were airlifted from the French countryside.” Located
in the heart of Napa Valley, it is just minutes away from many of the world’s
most famous wineries. The Zinfandel Inn is an elegant destination with warm
hospitality awaiting you as you plan your holiday in the Napa Valley.
•Good for three nights’ stay on mutually agreeable dates for two adults
•Includes $400 Visa Gift Card that can be used towards airfare or local
Generously donated by the Thompson Family and Dave & Brenda Ricker
18. Mai-fest Celebration Weekend in Leavenworth
Celebrate your Mom and the beginning of spring in the beautiful village of
Leavenworth over Mother’s Day and Mai-Fest weekend! This 4 night - 5 day
stay at the Leavenworth WorldMark begins on Friday of Mother’s Day weekend. Mai-Fest is the authentic Bavarian celebration and Leavenworth knows
how to do it right! The weekend includes afternoons and evenings of music and
dance, local jazz groups and entertainers from the Pacific Northwest. There’s
also a Parade and Grand March on Saturday, horse gallantry and “Looking
Good in Lederhosen” contest!
•4 night - 5 day stay at the Leavenworth WorldMark
•Mother’s Day Weekend, May 7-10, 2015
•$100 gift certifcate for the family-owned Mozart Restaurant
•$35 gift certificate for Cafe Verona
•Chocolate gift box for mom consisting of 24 pieces of handcrafted
Schocolat chocolate
•Additional candy boxes are also included
Generously donated by David & Jewell Folsom and Northwest Emergency Training
19. Skagit Valley Weekend & Wine Tasting for 9
Located in the heart of Skagit Valley, this is at a charming early 20th century 5
bedroom farmhouse with all the modern conveniences - A perfect getaway for
friends, family, or even a business retreat.
•2 night stay for up to 9 people
•10 minutes from La Connor and 25 minutes from Deception Pass
•Includes lovely wine from Carpenter Creek Winery in Mt.Vernon,
Washington, and a wine tasting event for 9 guests
•Must be used by March 31, 2015
Generously donated by Swiss Family Farmhouse and Carpenter Creek Winery
20. Ultimate Girls Night Out!
This is the Ultimate Girl’s Night Out for Four! You and three friends will have
the time of your life as you laugh, get pampered and build special memories
together. Now this is the way to celebrate friendship! We’ve bundled the perfect combination of services, accommodations and food to make a memorable,
rejuvenating and fun filled event:
•SAVI Manicures & Pedicures at the Savi Day Spa
•Dinner at Pacific Grill
•Chocolate fondue at the Melting Pot
•Overnight stay in TWO double deluxe rooms at the Hotel Murano
Generously donated by The Hotel Murano, Savi Day Spa, Linda Troeh, Stan & Mary
Schmidtke and Doug & Jill Gardner
21. Lake Chelan Escape
Imagine a one week getaway to a beautiful and tranquil resort on Lake Chelan
to escape the busyness of life! This 7 night / 8 day vacation is at Wapato Point,
a resort known for its quintessential experience of visitors for generations. The
year-round resort is located on the shore of the Lake Chelan, Washington’s
Premier Destination.You’ll be staying in a 1 bedroom/2 bath fully furnished
condo which sleeps 6-8. The unit also includes a living room, dining room and
kitchen. Other amenities are indoor swimming pool, hot tub, exercise room,
tennis courts, cleaning service. The waterfront Resort is just minutes from
Downtown Chelan.You get to choose from ONE of the following weeks:
Jan 22-29, 2015
March 5-12, 2015 OR
April 16-23, 2015
Generously Donated by Richard and Clare DeVine
We provide
for all your
business needs:
Business Cards
Carbonless Forms
Color Copies
Digital Printing
...and much more
Some of our
clients include:
As a small business we take pride
in our ability to provide quality products
with fast, friendly service.
Single, multi and full color printing.
FREE delivery in the Tacoma / Puyallup
Gig Harbor Area
Tacoma Rainiers
Kemper Sports
(Chambers Bay Golf Course
US Amateur Championship)
Youth for Christ
St. Francis
Larson Motors
Spectra Labs
Pacific Research Labs
Historical District
Tacoma YFC staff
Bobby Arkills, Executive Director
Katie Bass, Receiving Care Coordinator/Supervisor
Sarena Bellovich, Foster Care Visitation Director
Myron Bernard, Ministry Director
Holly Bernard, Foster Care Licensor
Amy Biemeck, Foster Care Case Manager
Lauren Canzler, Foster Care Visit Supervisor
Josh Chambers, City Life/SOZO Coordinator
Jeff Clare, Foster Care Director
Josh Collier, Development Director Joelle Crace, Foster Care Visit Supervisor
Kelly Culver, ReCreate Director
Emily Davidson, Foster Care Visitation Coordinator
Katrina Davis, Foster Care Visit Supervisor/Admin Assistant
Janelle Dittus, Child Placement Coordinator
Jason Emanuel, Tillicum Youth & Family Center Director
Renee Fortier, Foster Care Licensing Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Foyle, Foster Care Visit Supervisor
Regina Forward, Incredible Years’ Instructor
Karen Grove, Foster Care Case Management Supervisor
Steven Hastings, Foster Care Health/Safety Coordinator
Tiesha Henneberg, Foster Care Visit Supervisor
Brian Holloman, MCYM
Cheryl Hollstrom, Foster Care Licensing Administrative Assistant
Tutu Johnson, Foster Care Parent Liaison
Doug Jonson, City Life Director
Amy Jonson, Incredible Years’ Instructor
Kelly Kalalau, Foster Care Case Manager
Brittney Koorstad, Foster Care Visit Supervisor
Blaire Lessor, Foster Care Case Manager
Anna McCoy, Foster Care Licensing Administrative Assistant
Emily Meltzer, Foster Care Case Manager
Marilee Messner, Foster Care Support Group Coordinator
Sue Miller, Caregiver Core Training Coordinator
Mark Mounts, Foster Care Support/Recruitment (Thurston County)
Kellie Murry, Foster Care Visit Supervisor
Lauren Nelson, Foster Care Home Study Specialist
Charisa Nicholas, Foster Care Case Manager
Lorie O’Donley, Foster Care Visit Supervisor
Jonathan Osterman, Foster Care Visit Supervisor
Alison Palmer, Foster Care Licensor
Candace Pannuzzo, Foster Care Visit Supervisor
Adam Parks, Campus Life Director/Gray MS
Suzanne Pock, Finance Director
Kate Rabb Receiving Care Case Manager
Meleea Russell, Development Coordinator
Rachel Sanchez, Foster Care Case Manager
Sage Sanchez, Juvenile Justice Ministry Director
Judy Schmidtke, Auction Manager
Ken Schmidtke, Campus Life Director
Cathe Schulhauser, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Kerry Ann Shaughnessy, Incredible Years Coordinator
Jennifer Shutter, Foster Care Case Manager / FPS Therapist
Kent Silver, Foster Care Visit Supervisor
Ciara Spacone, Home Study Specialist
Anna Thompson, Family Services Program Manager
Sarah Villahermosa, Foster Care Home Study Specialist
Sarah Wagner, Foster Care Development Associate
Kristen Bramer Watt, Foster Care Home Study Specialist
Trista Wolcott, Foster Care Visit Supervisor
Jeanna Marie Wright, City Life Middle School Coordinator
Leslie Yohann, Office Manager
Tacoma YFC Board of Directors
Christy Allen, Board President
Financial Analyst, Russell Investments
Sebastian Brost, Treasurer
Business Owner
Carolyn Teodoro, Secretary
Automated Systems of Tacoma LLC
Ed Ogle, Member
Business Owner, Cole Graphic Solutions
Carl Peterson, Member
Eisenhower & Carlson, PLLC
Linda Remsberg
Community Leader
Doug Burton
Business Owner,VSG
Bryan Hopkins,Vice President
Automated Systems of Tacoma LLC

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