Poszukiwanie partnerów do projektów w Programie Horyzont 2020


Poszukiwanie partnerów do projektów w Programie Horyzont 2020
Warszawa, 9 lutego 2O16
Poszukiwanie partnerów do projektów
w Programie Horyzont 2020
Magdalena Głogowska
Krajowy Punkt Kontaktowy Programów Badawczych UE
Instytut Podstawowych Problemów Techniki PAN
W niniejszej prezentacji wykorzystano materiały udostępnione m.in. przez KE i/lub Ministerstwa oraz Agendy RP
Poszukiwanie partnerów
The Community Research and Development Information Service, a
partner search tool provided by the European Commission
One of the largest databases of partner profiles (self-registered
Poszukiwanie partnerów
Poszukiwanie partnerów
Horizon 2020: partner search tool for Societal Challenge 5
This tool supports potential applicants for the Horizon 2020 Work
programme of Societal Challenge 5 “Climate action, environment, resource
efficiency and raw materials” in finding partners and building a consortium
for a project proposal.
Just go to http://partnersearch.ncps-care.eu/ and you will find a short stepby-step information on how to register and how to post a partner offer or
partner search.
Furthermore, lots of useful information can also the found on the project
website: http://www.ncps-care.eu/
Poszukiwanie partnerów
C-Energy 2020
Partner search for Horizon 2020 'Secure, clean and efficient energy'
(Societal Challenge 3)
The C-Energy2020 Partner Search Tool has been created as part of
the C-Energy2020 network and is linked from the Network website.
The purpose is to offer a comprehensive and easy to use web-based
tool that supports the building of consortia for promising proposals
that are targeted at the open calls under the Horizon2020 Energy
Work Programme.
Poszukiwanie partnerów
Partner search for 'Information and Communication Technologies' - ICT
(Industrial leadership Programme)
Developed by the ICT NCPs network, but the partner profiles are not limited
only to ICT. The service includes advice on creating your profile by your local
NCP and there is a quality control of all the published data.
Poszukiwanie partnerów
Partner search for Horizon 2020 'Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and
Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy'
(Societal Challenge 2)
Interested researchers/stakeholders are requested to create an online profile of
their institution and their own expertise which will be used to pre-arrange
meetings between potential project partners in a structured way.
Poszukiwanie partnerów
Bezpośrednie kontakty są najbardziej skutecznym sposobem znalezienia partnera
… również w projektach H2020!
Dni informacyjne
Spotkania brokerskie
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Instytut Podstawowych Problemów Techniki PAN
Magdalena Głogowska
[email protected]

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