program schedule - Boracay Informer



program schedule - Boracay Informer
JULY 11-20, 2015
By Karen Bermejo
overnor Florencio Miraflores
says that Aklan’s prime tourism
destination is not overdeveloped yet
but admits that protection efforts must
be done now to protect Boracay’s future.
In a press conference during the
sidelines of the Aklan Investment Forum
in Kalibo, Miraflores agreed with the earlier
statement made by Tourism Secretary
Ramon Jimenez that “Boracay is not
overdeveloped” despite the continued
development in the island of only 1,064
“I agree that Boracay has not yet
reached its full potential,” the Governor
Miraflores explained that the
government has increased the carrying
capacity of the island by putting more
infrastructure development here.
Jujet Reyes
Jonathan Cabrera
10:00-12:00PM : MORNING MUSIC
12:00PM-1:30PM : TODO AKSYON
Che Indelible
“By putting in place the support
infrastructure – including water and
sewerage treatment system together with
the power, then we increase the carrying
capacity of the island,” he said.
He however pointed that the
infrastructure support must help address
the problem in the island.
“The road system should be improved,
the flooding should be resolved, (and) the
wastewater problem should be resolved,”
he said.
The Governor also said increasing room
capacity is necessary for its rising tourism
Miraflores said businesses sprouting
mostly near the famous White Beach are
there to replace the establishments with
low bedroom capacities before.
“The resorts we have before are not
there anymore, it has been taken over,”
he said.
He also said that other areas of the
island are still capable to cater to new
“On the other side of the island, we still
have a lot of space particularly in Yapak
area,’’ he said.
But the governor is quick to clarify that
proper environmental measures are also
in place for the continued development in
the island.
Boracay recorded more than 800,000
tourism arrivals in the first six months of
the year, data from Malay Tourism Office
The Department of Tourism is targeting
1.6 million tourist arrivals for Boracay this
Jess Salonzo | Reynald Bandiola
Dj Daxie
Jerome Vega
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Jess Salonzo
Dj Daxie
10:30PM-5AM : MUSIC
P20 billion investments for Aklan
By Karen Bermejo
ome P20 billion in
i nve s tm e nt s we r e
pledged by private
investors and different
national government agencies
at the first Aklan Investment
Forum held July 17 at Marzon
Hotel in Kalibo.
The forum organized by
Governor Florencio Miraflores
and Congressman Teodorico
Haresco gathered more than
150 investors, entrepreneurs
and industry experts both
from public and private sector.
According to Miraflores,
of the P20 billion worth of
investment commitments,
P10 billion will come from
private investors and another
P10 billion from different
government agencies.
In line with its theme,
“Sustaining Aklan’s Economic
Miraflores said the investment
forum showcased the
province’s business potential
to attract investors both
foreign and local.
On his part, Haresco
said after the forum, more
promotional activities for
Aklan will be conducted in
Metro Manila and around the
“For several years, investors
have only come to know
Boracay and the resor t
island has been flooded with
investments. We are now
promoting Aklan so that the
whole world may become
Aklan officials with the regional heads of different national
government agencies and private investors during the Aklan
Investment Forum on July 17 held at Marzon Hotel
(From left) Congressman Teodorico Haresco, Governor
Florencio Miraflores and Vice Gov. Gabrielle Calizo-Quimpo
Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Thomas Deeg
(center) of Buskowitz Development Inc. for a solar project in Aklan
aware of our province,” said
Vice Gov. Gabrielle CalizoQuimpo who heads the
Sanguniang Panlalawigan of
Aklan said the legislative body
already crafted an investment
code that hopes to provide tax
breaks for new investors.
Among the big companies
that committed investments
for Aklan are the following:
Oriental Energy and Power
Generation Corporation,
Tr ans A ire D evel o p ment
Holdings Corporation- a
subsidiary of San Miguel
Corporation, PetroWind
Energy Company, Boracay
Island Water Company,
Buskowitz Development
Inc. and the AMA Computer
The event was also graced
by Peter Wallace, chairman
and president of The Wallace
Business Forum and Land Bank
of the Philippines President
and former Finance Secretary
Margarita Teves.*
Boracay resort faces fine
for fire code violation
By Karen Bermejo
HOTEL in Boracay Island
was fined for violating
Republic Act 9514 (Fire
Code of the Philippines).
Fire Insp. Stephen Jardeleza,
Boracay Island Special Fire and
Protection Unit (BISFPU) chief, said
Boracay Isle Hotel was slapped
with a P50,000 administrative
fine for failure to install fire alarm
system, sprinklers, emergency
lights and illuminated fire exit
The hotel also lacks fire hoses
which could be used to respond
to blazes.
The notice of imposition of
administrative fine was signed
by Fire Senior Superintendent
Eleuterio Iturriaga, Bureau of
Fire Protection (BFP)-6 director,
and was served to the hotel
management July 16.
The hotel was given three days
to pay the fine.
“Failure to do so will lead to
for another fine and eventually
may lead to the closure of the
establishment. A fire hazard sign
was also posted on the gate of the
establishment which will serve as
warning to the public,” Jardeleza
Jardeleza said the BFP is also
monitoring other establishments
for violating RA 9514 as part of
their continued campaign on fire
safety following the monster blaze
which gobbled the talipapa of the
island resort.
Section 13 of R A 9154
mandates that all taxes, fees and
fines collected by the BFP shall
be used for the “procurement
of fire protection
and fire fighting
rescue, paramedics,
materials, and
related technical
services necessary
ser vice and the
improvement of
facilities of the
Bureau of Fire
Protection and
abatement of fire
Members of the Boracay Island Special Fire and Protection Unit
(BISFPU) serve the Notice of Administrative Fine and posted the Fire
Hazard Warning at Boracay Island Hotel
Aklan towns, hospital get new PCSO ambulances
By Venus Villanueva, PIA-Aklan
ight Aklan towns and one hospital the Dr. Rafael S. Tumbokon Memorial
Hospital (DRSTMH) each received an
ambulance July 20 from the Philippine
Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) at the
turn-over/distribution ceremony held at the
Aklan Trade Hall, Capitol Grounds, Kalibo,
The turn-over was led by PCSO General
Manager Jose Fernando Rojas II and Board
of Director Francisco G. Joaquin, Jr. and
other PCSO officials, and attended by Aklan
officials led by Vice Governor Gabrielle
Calizo-Quimpo, Sangguniang Panlalawigan
officials, the 8 recipient mayors, Municipal
Health Officers (MHOs), government
employees and the media.
Municipalities that received the brandnew ambulances included Altavas, Balete,
Ibajay, Nabas, Malay, Madalag, Libacao and
The ambulances were received by the
mayors together with their respective MHOs.
In his message prior to the turn-over/
distribution, GM Rojas told the audience
that ambulance donation is just one of the
services of the PCSO as the agency also has
other services like hospitalization assistance
and many more which are provided to the
people also through the support of people
by buying lotto tickets from the PCSO outlets.
He also called on the people not to
hesitate to ask for PCSO’s assistance
whenever they need help.
“Palapit lang sa amon” (Just approach us),
he said.
For his part, PCSO Board of Director
Francisco Joaquin revealed to Aklanons the
much-improved response and assistance of
the PCSO to the needy.
In 2010, Joaquin said the PCSO’s daily
extended assistance amounted to P4 million
but presently, the amount is P18.5 million
To sustain this, Joaquin told Aklanons
to buy PCSO tickets daily, recommit
themselves to good governance and share
the knowledge to others.
Meanwhile, Vice Governor CalizoQuimpo expressed her gratitude to the PCSO
in behalf of Governor Florencio T. Miraflores,
Rep. Teodorico Haresco and the Aklanons for
the new ambulances.
Calizo-Quimpo said the distribution
of the ambulances is timely as most town
ambulances in Aklan are already more than
20 years old.
She also commended the PCSO for giving
back to the people in many forms various
services and programs like ambulances
and free medicines.
“Every time we hold the Gobyerno
Sa Baryo, we distribute the medicines
you provide us to each barangay”, CalizoQuimpo told Rojas and Joaquin.
She also assured them that “good
governance” is already a way of life in
Aklan. *
Aklan guv inducts new BFI officers
Text and photos by Karen Bermejo
klan Governor Florencio Miraflores inducted the newly
elected Board of Directors of the Boracay Foundation
Inc. (2015-2017) at Boracay Regency Beach Resort and
Spa Saturday night, July 18.
The BFI is a group of Boracay’s leading establishments with
over 150 members.
BFI Chairman Chusuey, in his message pledged that BFI will
continue broaden and deepen positive change needed by the
“I am confident we can do more and great things to the island,”
he said
Meanwhile, BFI President Salme, in an interview with Boracay
Informer said BFI will to continue its support in the development
and protection of the environment of Boracay.
“We will continue to invest in the protection of the marine
resources and the environment of the island,” he said.
Undersecretary Demetrio Ignacio, representing Secretary
Ramon Paje of the Department of Environment and Natural
Resources served as keynote speaker of the event.
Ignacio cited BFI’s programs including the regular coastal cleanup drive, the coral reef protection program and its continued
promotion of the island locally and internationally.*
Undersecretary Demetrio Ignacio of the
Department of Environment and Natural
The new set of officers of the Board of Trustees (2015-2017 are:
Chairman – Dr. Henry Chusuey, Boracay Regency Beach Resort and Spa
President – Dioniso Salme, Jonys Beach Resort
VP for Internal Affairs – Jose Macavinta, Balinghai Beach Resort
VP for External Affairs – Nenette Graf, Boracay Beach Resort
VP for Corporate Communications – Juan Dayang, Casa Dayang
VP for Finance – Virgilio Garcia III, PCTV
Secretary – Blanca Eunicia Aldaba, BIWC
Treasurer – Harvey Gelito, AKY
Auditor – Socorro Ruchannie Gadon, Willy’s Beach Club Hotel
Members of the Board of Directors:
Hon. Jupiter Aeldred Gallenero, SB Malay
Consuelo Helgen, Red Coconut Boracay
En Calvert, Tirta Spa
Leonard Tirol, White House Boracay
Miguel Labatiao, Oceanphil Boracay
Peter Tay, Boracay Adventures
(From left) BFI President Dioniso Salme, Aklan Governor
Florencio Miraflores and BFI Chairman Dr. Henry Chusuey
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Maria Solita Zaldivar-Guzman
ne of the perks of photography is
being able to capture moments and
turn them into timeless photos. This
is the reason why JS Wilce Pastor
Rey, fondly known as Dhoodz to his family and
friends, ventured into the magnificent world
of photography. His passion for his craft led to
the creation of Dodge & Burn Images, a team
comprised of talented individuals who are
experts in photography.
Dhoodz is a registered nurse by profession
and is currently employed as an OR/DR nurse
at Dr. Raphael S. Tumbukon Memorial Hospital
(DRSTMH). His work in the hospital—assisting
in delivering and saving lives—is comparable to
how he sees different facets of life with just a
click of his camera. When asked to choose which
profession he is more inclined to, he says that
both are important to him. Thus, he balances
his time being a nurse and a photographer as
both careers for him are essential and he finds
joy in doing the things he loves the most.
His fancy for photography started as a
hobby which later developed into a passion. He
started taking photos of landscapes as he loves
scenic views of nature. He does [mountain]
biking and trekking with friends and enjoys
exploring new places yet discovered in Aklan.
He never forgets to bring with him his camera
and takes a photo of the beauty caught by his
He later ventured into portraits and events
photography, specializing in weddings. He
explains that weddings are one of the most
remarkable milestones in a couple’s life and
he wishes to seize these moments particularly
the joy of the groom and the bride. He was
blessed to meet a group of people who share
the same passion as him and it prompted them
to build Dodge & Burn Images, which is now
vastly recognized in the premier province.
More than being a registered nurse and a
professional photographer, Dhoodz is a doting
father to his 4- year-old daughter, Selena May.
He claims that his daughter is his priceless
possession and is his inspiration why he strives
to be the best in his chosen craft. On the side,
he loves travelling outside of the country to
shoot places, people, and sheer randomness.*
Fairways & Bluewater
is Most Booked
Property in Boracay
airways & Bluewater, the largest property in Boracay, was recently
named 2014 Most Booked Property in the island by, the
world leader in online booking accommodations. Fairways bested more
than 200 hotels and resorts in Boracay cinching a coveted spot in
the 2014 awards. This is the second consecutive year that the resort
received the prestigious award from the Amsterdam-based accommodation site.
The Most Booked Property award came at the heels of a massive development
project at the 150-hectare property. By yearend, the total room inventory of
Fairways & Bluewater will reach 600 with the additional 200 rooms which will
be contained in the resort’s new building cluster. The three-building cluster will
have its own private pools, landscaped gardens, specialty restaurants, game
room, bar, meeting rooms and conference areas.
Fairways & Bluewater is known for its exclusive attractions such as the only
golf course in Boracay, the only cable car ride to Mt. Lujo, the longest zipline
and private white sand beaches. The resort also has a carefully-planned list of
activities including diving, island hopping, banana boat ride, kayaking, parasailing,
Segway and horseback riding activities.
Also found within Fairways & Bluewater are five food and beverage outlets,
four swimming pools, gym, Jacuzzi, steam and spa facilities, salon and convenience
Fairways & Bluewater also implements strict security measures for the safety of
its guests. The guarded and gated property recently provided a safe environment
for the delegates of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Senior Officials’
Meeting and Related Meetings (SOM2), and the Ministers Responsible for Trade
Meeting held in May. The delegates arrived at the resort’s exclusive Welcome
Center, which provided a safe and convenient access to Boracay Island.
Fairways & Bluewater is committed to preserving the environment. The resort
implements a zero waste management sewage system and uses earth-friendly
transportation vehicles such as electric jeepneys and eco-friendly golf carts to
take guests around the resort.
The brand new Boracay Suncruiser –
Boracay’s ultimate pleasure boat
ince it’s Grand Launch &
Maiden Voyage last June 23rd,
the newest addition to Boracay
Island’s water wonderland of
attractions has been sending massive
ripples across Boracay’s shores!
One has never really experienced
or explored Boracay, until you’ve come
aboard the brand new Boracay Suncruiser
– Boracay’s ultimate pleasure boat!
Introducing the first of its kind, “Rock
The Boat” – The Grand Launch and
Maiden Voyage event gathered over
60 of Boracay Island’s top movers and
shakers and island residents for an epic
“Great Gatsby” themed get-together.
Guests enjoyed a perfectly relaxing
afternoon experiencing what it felt like
to have a private boat of their own, to
simply live it up and soak-up the good
vibes that flowed as freely as the wine,
cocktails, and conversation, with a
sumptuous spread of hors d’oeuvres,
while relishing pure and unadulterated
moments of the charmed beach lifestyle
they all shared.
Due to the prevailing Habagat or
southwest monsoon winds on White
Beach, guests were shuttled from the
designated reception area along Bulabog
Beach, for a cruise of a lifetime! The
Boracay SunCruiser navigated across
the Eastern side of Boracay Island at a
leisurely speed, offering panoramic views
of nearby islands and coves, with music,
dancing and moments of meditative
silence. This magical experience is what
The Time of
Your Life is
Photos by Jack Jarilla
defines each “uncharted” and truly
memorable Boracay experience, aboard
the Boracay SunCruiser.
Halfway through the maiden voyage,
without much ado on their part, the
event’s hosts, longtime Boracay residents
and events, marketing & PR couple Mark
Santiago & Freida Dario-Santiago along
with their Boracay SunCruiser partners
– the visionary Richie Ley and Angel SeeLey, restaurateur Nathaniel Imson and
marine architect Kit Laureta propose a
toast, thanking one and all for totally
rocking the Boracay SunCruiser, which
was totally “blinged-up” for the occasion
by event stylist Ed Aniel.
The Boracay SunCruiser anchored
off Ilig Iligan Beach for some water fun.
Guests took turns plunging into the deep
blue from the Jump-Off Pad and from the
Super Slide, just as the sun began to set,
with chill out music by Boracay’s own,
DJ Reo Mendoza a.k.a The Blindside at
the decks. Progressing to tasteful dance
music, the party reached fever-pitch
proportions with dancing, capping a
cruise that was truly off the charts!
So the next time you visit Boracay and find
yourself saying, “Been there, done that,” get off
the tourist traps, take your revel to the next level
on your own private space under the sun, and
dare to discover Boracay aboard the Boracay
SunCruiser! As their tagline says, “The Time of
Your Life is NOW!”
The 65-footer outrigger fiberglass Boracay
SunCruiser boat can accommodate up to 60
passengers comfortably, making each voyage
an exclusive party that cannot be missed!
Fully equipped with world-class facilities
and amenities, and a skilled crew, enjoy an
exhilarating afternoon of scenic panoramic views,
relaxing on the sun decks, chilling out to good
music, and experiencing the Super Slide – the
first & only one in Boracay, and the three-storey
high Jump-Off Pad to your heart’s content!
The “ROCK THE BOAT” experience can be
yours at the introductory rate of ONLY Php1,300
per person, inclusive of one round trip boat
shuttle service, a welcome drink plus two local
cocktails, onboard snacks, Full Bar Service
(cash bar basis only), Deck Steward & Lifeguard
service, unlimited use of the Boracay SunCruiser
Super Slide and Jump-off Launch Pad, and other
facilities and amenities.
Cheers for fierce from the
Boracay SunCruiser partners
& event hosts (from left):
Nathaniel Imson, Freida
Dario-Santiago, Kit Laureta,
Angel See-Ley, Richie Ley,
and Mark Santiago
Boracay SunCruiser’s Port deck
and buffet lounge
Boracay SunCruiser’s Starboard
deck and receiving area
The Floating Bar & Cruise Party schedule is subject to weather and tide conditions. Chartered private cruises
and exclusive events are available and private parties can be arranged.
(From left) Susanne Trischberger, Freida Dario-Santiago, Louise Lee,
Heather Williams, and Joyce Manahan
(Clockwise from left) Jakie Malbrunot, Julia Lervik, Nenette Graf, Rea
Anchores, Girlie Gasser, Gladys Calonia, and Irma Hernandez
PR maven & one of the event’s
hosts Freida Dario-Santiago
DJ Reo Mendoza
and Richie Ley
(From left) Tantan Rosal, Nathaniel Imson, Aaron Civitarese,
Peter Montemayor
| 13
The people behind the Boracay
SunCruiser (from left): Mark
Santiago, Nathaniel Imson, Freida
Dario-Santiago, Angel See-Ley,
Richie Ley and Kit Laureta
Subo Boracay’s chefs Sunny de
Ocampo and Jian Sacdalan
Paolo Occhionero
and Russell Cruz
Epic Boracay’s Robert Morido,
Fran de Leoz and Mark Santiago
Tootsie Ronnholm
and Chiqui Llige
Boracay SunCruiser’s Nathaniel
Imson, Richie Ley, and Kit Laureta
For inquiries & reservations, contact Boracay SunCruiser at (+63 917) 555 8282 or
email [email protected] Visit their website at and
on Facebook at and on Instagram at #boracaysuncruiser.
Breaking-in the Bar (from left):
Nathaniel Imson, Reo Mendoza,
Zebaztian Kadestam, Jove Schrottmann,
and Aaron Civitarese
The Saloon-turned-dance floor
Hey Jude’s
legendary couple
Louise & Jude Lee
Pole Dance master & event stylist Ed
Aniel showing us how it’s done
Boracay Kitchen
Mainroad Station 1, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan
Tel No. (036) 288-2410
I Boracay
D’mall de Boracay, Boracay Island
Malay Aklan
White House Resort
Station 1, Boracay Island Malay Aklan
Tel No. 036-288-3675
Sitio Cagban, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc,
Boracay Island Malay, Aklan Philippines 5608
Tel: (6336) 288.1790 Fax: (6336) 288.1789
G/F Kamayan Bldg. Station 2, Balabag, Boracay Island,
Phone:(036) 288 2283
Station 1, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan
Tel. Nos.: (036) 288-3156 / (036) 288-3837
Fax No.: (036) 288-4510
Mobile No.: (0909) 691-1038
Boat Station 2, Main Road
Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan 5608, Philippines
Phone number: (+6336) 506 3111
Fax number: (+6336) 506 3131
E-mail: [email protected]
Station 2 Alice in Wonderland, St. Boracay Island, Malay,
Borocay Island, Philippines
OLE Spanish Tapas Bar & Restaurant
D’Mall Phase 4 -#1, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines
Phone number: (036) 288-5940
Email: [email protected]
The Orient Sun Travel and Tours
Across E'Mall, Zone 7 Manggayad Highway, Manoc-Manoc,
Boracay Island Malay Aklan,
(036) 288-2789/09278220727
Email:[email protected]/[email protected]
Municipal Tourism Office Department of Tourism - D’Mall
Boracay Tourist Assistant Center/PNP
Boracay Action Group
Red Cross
Phil. Coast Guard
Boracay Hospital
Bureau of Fire Protection
Municipal Health Office
Mayor’s Office
Malay Auxiliary Police
PNP Cagban
(036) 288-7108
(036) 288-3689
(036) 288-3066
(036) 288-2338
(036) 288-2068
(036) 288-6150
(036) 288- 3041
(036) 288-4198
(036) 288-5624
(036) 288-8772
(036) 288-5269
(036) 288-4392
For iMap inclusion, just contact:
(036) 288-2418

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