Spring Event 2016 - Krewe Mystique de la Capitale



Spring Event 2016 - Krewe Mystique de la Capitale
Baton Rouge Mardi
Mystique News
June, 2015
le Krewe Mystique de la Capitale
Spring Event 2016
Another Carnival season started
with the traditional crawfish boil
and the Member’s meeting at Forrest Grove. Thank you for the wonderful desserts you brought to
Sheila Yellot and Sheila Porche
stepped down from the board. We
thank them for their dedicated service and look forward to their continued participation in the Krewe.
Eva Smill was voted to join the
Board of Management.
Queen’s Party
King’s Party
King Cake Party 1/8/16
Ball 1/23/16
Parade 1/30/16
Mystique Board
Our Website
Username: krewemystique
Password: mardigras
Inside this issue:
King Cake Info
David Jumper, [email protected]
Robin Kennedy, [email protected]
Vice President/Logos:
David Huet, [email protected]
Carolyn Pittman, [email protected]
Treasurer :
Jim Kaiser, [email protected]
Henry Pere, [email protected]
Rick Bourgeois,
[email protected]
Connie Wagner,
[email protected]
Kris Cangelosi, [email protected]
Tommy Davis, [email protected]
King Cake:
Sally Hirschheim,
[email protected]
Spring Event:
Bill Ragsdale,
[email protected]
Newsletter/Special Events:
Eva Smill, [email protected]
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Mystique News
It's summer time and many of you are
busy vacationing. With all that fun, it's
easy to forget about Mardi Gras and
Krewe activities. But, it is time to renew your membership if you haven't
already done so.
Please submit your dues by July 31st.
A Membership Invoice is attached.
Mail it and your check to Jim Kaiser at
13713 Lexham Garden Avenue,
70810 .
There will be a New Member's Party
at the end of the summer, date to be
determined. All new members and
their sponsors are invited so get everyone signed up. We wouldn't want
anyone to miss a party!
Connie Wagner
Membership Chair
Mystique Contracts
Your help will be
welcome in many areas
of Krewe’s activities.
You may contact any
board member if you
wish to help us with the
various activities/events
we have. You will get to
see how events are
planned, organized and
what goes on “behind the
Contracts for next carnival season’s
events are falling in to place. We completed the general details for the Tableau and Ball contract with the Crowne
Plaza for Saturday, January 23, 2016.
Stormy will perform again.
Room rates have been negotiated for
the 2016 ball. The reservation code is
KMY. Use the following instructions to
make your reservation: Now you can
book your room with your discounted
group rate.
Mystique Honors
Krewe Mystique seeks two Pages for
the 2016 year.
*Male or Female,
*ages 6 through 9,
*good behavior,
*fun personality, and
*listens to instructions.
Kris Cangelosi, [email protected]
Honors Chair
*Go to the Crowne Plaza website at
*Click on “Accommodations” to the
*Click on “Book Now”
*Under “Make a Reservation” put in
your check-in and check-out dates
*Click on “Check Rates and Availability”
*Click on GROUP CODE and type in
your 3 digit code KMY and press
Baton Rouge Mardi Association
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King Cake Party is Moving!
This year's King Cake Party will be Friday January 8th at Oak Lodge.
About the Oak Lodge:
*Lovely venue with a New Orleans flare; perfect for the Mardi Gras season!
*Conveniently located off of Sherwood Blvd.
We truly hope you will be happy with the new
venue as the committee has searched various sites from the fully catered to self catering and this is overall the very best arrangement. Here are a few pictures of the Oak
Sally Hirschheim
King Cake Chair
*Private secure parking and great atmosphere.
*Food served will be much more substantial
(and tasty) and replenished all night long.
*Ticket prices will be $60 and will include
unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks.
Our Annual Tableau is January 23, 2016
The 2016 Ball will be held January 23,
2016, at the Crown Plaza on Constitution.
However, this year we are trying something
different for assigning tables. At the Spring
Crawfish Boil, we had the floor plan printed
out and everyone was asked to choose a table. Tables are reserved for 8 – 10 people
only. Many of you signed up for you and your
friends at the Spring Crawfish Boil.
We hope this will please everyone at the
ball. We also have made changes to end the
“crashers”. We are trying to stay one step
ahead of them!
We can always use your help during the
event or in its preparations. Please give me
a call at 235-247-9830 or email me at:
[email protected]h.net
Information about reserving tables:
*Tables cannot be reserved for anyone
who has not paid their dues. Make sure
you get your dues in to Jim Kaiser ASAP.
*Membership Invoice (see attached)
and checks are made payable to Krewe
Mystique. Mail both to Jim Kaiser at
13713 Lexham Garden Avenue, 70810.
*Money for the entire table and the attached Reserved Table Invoice listing all
names sitting at the table will be due
October 2, 2015,
*Checks for Ball Tickets and Reserved
Table Invoice are mailed to Carolyn
Pittman at 13835 Tiger Bend Road,
Carolyn Pittman, [email protected]
Ball Chair
Lieutenants of Mystique
The Lieutenants of Krewe Mystique are
very important to the success of Mystique. They:
*represent the Krewe in community
*help out at all Krewe events,
*work “behind the scenes,” away from
the spotlights, and
*participate in every social function held
by the Krewe.
We need both male and female Lieutenants. Any Krewe member can become a
Lieutenant and help us become better. If
interested please contact any board member or
Henry Pere, [email protected]
Lieutenants Chair
The Mystique board would like to express
appreciation to the lieutenants who are
stepping down this year. They include
Rhonda Bourgeois, Rick Breedlove, Bob
Cook, and Doug Lee.
Thank you for your service.
Krewe Mystique Parade - January 30, 2016
Krewe Mystique is very excited about our new
floats for 2016!! Our parade will now have
true New Orleans style parade floats. We expect the 2016 parade to be one of the largest the best in Krewe Mystique's history.
Here are pictures of some of the new floats.
Looking forward to next year’s parade!!
Tommy Davis, [email protected]
Parade Chairman