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Company Profile
SAKRET dry mortar
European Economic Area
Constructions and
concrete constructions
The ideal network
The future of construction
The competition
The professionals
The one for the job
Works well. Done well
SAKRET dry mortar:
The one, they all wish they’d invented!
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SAKRET dry mortar
Back to basics. Durable, non-depreciating, optimum structural
and living environment properties: mineral mortars with their
natural raw materials such as sand, marble, quartz and limestone
have been a popular choice for centuries. That’s why they are
still held in the highest esteem by architects and builders today.
Leaving nothing to chance
It was an idea that would transform the construction industry. Instead of supplying mortars and
concrete as on-site mixes as was the case in the past, the American construction engineer Arthur
C. Avril hit upon the idea in 1936 of manufacturing the ingredients as exact formulae for readymixed dry-mortar mixes on an industrial scale. He called his invention SAKRETE – a derivative of
“sack” and “concrete”.
Four German entrepreneurs recognised the potential of this invention in 1966 and smoothed the
path for it to become an unparalleled European commercial success under the brand name SAKRET.
The innovation in this idea was that it not only improved the individual technical characteristics in a
product category, but simultaneously redefined the full on-site sequence of events. This brought
with it a host of advantages – namely time-saving, improved performance and lower costs. In
concrete terms: industrial ready-mixed dry mortar has made manufacturing easier and faster and
the results safer and better. Even today, professional builders still assess the quality of a product or
system on the basis of workability and result.
SAKRET: European Economic Area
0° 7'W London
4° 53'O Amsterdam
13° 25'O Berlin
23° 44'O Athens
24° 6'O Riga
24° 46'O Tallinn
24° 56'O Helsinki
28° 58'O Istanbul
A union of pioneering ideas
18 plants in Germany, a total of 25 in Europe and over 60 around the world: that’s how the SAKRET
Transparency in the corporate structure mobilises SAKRET as a whole, which means that size is not at
brand history reads in figures. This expresses the commercial success of SAKRET dry mortars, which
odds with an organisation capable of reacting and changing. This decentralised structure gives the
have become a leading player with architects, construction companies, craftsmen and traders in
SAKRET Group firstly and lastly its regional strength and its customer orientation. However, it is also
the high-rise construction industry, tiling and paving systems, landscape design and concrete
the source for both national and Europe-wide brand synergies. The sphere of influence of the SAKRET
construction industries. In addition to this product-based structural potential, another crucial factor
brand is therefore constantly expanding, despite the diversity of the European market with all its
has helped shape its success: the SAKRET brand licence-holder model. Unusually, it is not created as
social, political and economic complexities and differences. The latest developments in Eastern Europe
a central doctrine, as is typical elsewhere, attempting to control and specify everything down to
provide proof of its dynamic extent.
the smallest detail of business policy. On the contrary: at SAKRET, the driving force is a network
of independent companies sharing a common European brand identity, which defines the scope of
strategic positioning.
SAKRET: Constructions and concrete constructions
Offering solutions at all levels
If you ignore our skims and paints, SAKRET product systems are among the less striking building
In landscape gardening, the scope covers features of exterior and interior development such as
materials. Their functional role, whether in buildings, landscape gardening, concrete structures or in
paths, driveways, patios and other open areas. In the concrete sector our products find application in
tile and paving systems, is however of central importance.
residential and commercial structures and in local public transport, water supply and power
Together the four SAKRET ranges cover an extensive area: in terms of different construction types
infrastructures. And when it comes to tile and paving systems, we cover the entire spectrum of
and the various options associated with applied construction and construction techniques. As far as
construction coatings: from wall and floor construction to grouting.
product range policy is concerned, the complexity of these tasks can mean two things: either the
In all these areas, SAKRET consistently provides investors, planners, master craftsmen, building
specialisation on individual themes or the provision of comprehensive system and product expertise
companies and building material trade partners with custom technical solutions – including
to cover numerous structural engineering applications. The SAKRET focus is on application breadth.
comprehensive advice and the fielding of all logistical issues.
The product focus for construction is on façades and building interiors – ceilings, walls and floors.
SAKRET: The ideal network
Manufacture where it’s needed
To be strong and present where it is important for our customers and partners to be so: describing
When it comes to market developments, transparency and tangibility are especially important to the
SAKRET’s image concept is as easy as that. SAKRET has thus built up a consistent and dense network
construction industry as they reflect both the sector mentality and commercial realities.
of production companies and trading partners in Europe. This not only suits the current trend, in
Outstanding product quality is just one way in which SAKRET assists its customers in the successful
which the traditional strength of the real economy to produce substance is just being rediscovered.
realisation of their construction projects. The other is material availability – in other words: trade
The specific advantages of this strategy can also be seen in its practical implementation – especially
partners. Even in this era of European markets, the regionality of his sources of supply remains the
in terms of customer relations. Our customers can rely on solutions that have been tailored to the
main argument for the specialist tradesman – even in times of European markets. The specialist
particular characteristics of their region, whether this refers to architectural style, construction
building materials trader largely organised on a medium-sized basis will meet this demand ideally.
techniques or building regulations. Only a conglomerate that has close contact with its customers
In the building trade, where deadlines are ever tighter, he primarily ensures three factors reliably:
and partners – whether in the office, on the building site or at the negotiating table – can supply
completeness, reliability and accuracy in delivery of the SAKRET ranges.
solutions such as this.
SAKRET: The future of construction
Built to last. In addition to environmental demands
for energy and material-efficient building methods,
there is also the need to ensure new and existing
architecture blend together harmoniously. Only when
buildings from different construction eras sit happily
side by side can we create cities, settlements and street
patterns that generate a positive social atmosphere.
Between innovation and sustainability
The era of the individual is on everyone’s lips. It’s easy for anyone to work out what that means for
modern architectural and living aesthetics. In built-up surroundings we are constantly being
confronted by new shapes, styles and material combinations.
This interest in innovation goes hand in hand, however, with another development within the
European construction consciousness – the topic of environmental responsibility. After all, buildings
– well-designed or otherwise – are “permanent” features that have a lasting impact on their
surroundings. At the same time, a second reality is emerging in addition to the aesthetic-social
dimension that cannot be ignored: the construction industry’s mammoth consumption of materials
and power. Both aspects undoubtedly bear partial responsibility for the climatic and environmental
changes being felt everywhere. Sustainable construction is therefore an indisputable criteria
– and rightly so – for current and future building projects. But that’s no problem for SAKRET. The
SAKRET product systems already maintain a balance between both expectations: technical and
aesthetic innovation poses no contradiction to the demand for permanence of structural function.
SAKRET: The competition
Markets are either carved up. Or combined
The construction industry is in flux – and that on a European scale. On the one hand there is an
By contrast, SAKRET has always relied on the superiority of flexible structures, on the principle of
ongoing shift away from new builds towards the renovation of existing stock, even if new builds still
divide and rule. At the same time it is becoming increasingly important for the SAKRET Group to
look set to dominate the sector in Eastern Europe for the foreseeable future. On the other, problems
expand its corporate and cross-sector strengths and resources. The future of the SAKRET brand
associated with demographic development are – to a greater or lesser extent – emerging, not to
depends on the synergy potential derived therefrom.
mention the structural problems currently being experienced by conventional industry and public
The success of this adaptable and forceful company strategy is down to the individual licence-
authorities. A European brand like SAKRET can therefore little afford to pursue a single strategic
holders and their employees, teams that represent an ideal blend of knowledge, enthusiasm and
course. The incredible complexity of an international and globally linked economy means corporate
expertise. They provide essential market and customer-related brand values: customer expertise, user
management must be set up in a future-proof manner, always ready to adapt. Just how threatened
cost-effectiveness, quality appreciation and reliability.
or prepared an industry is that is fixated on size or on a single business principle has been consistently
demonstrated during all crises on a global scale.
SAKRET: The professionals
In the spotlight. The number of customers who regard a master
builder’s expertise as something worth paying for and investing
in is steadily increasing. They don’t want “off the peg”solutions
that offer limited material resilience and aesthetic permanence.
Instead the trend is in customised quality solutions, as only a
craftsman can provide.
SAKRET: the Professionals
Professionalism always has a future
Expertise means being able to turn knowledge into skill. And the more complex the structural and
technical requirements of the project in question, the more essential is its completion by a suitably
qualified master builder, in compliance with standard regulations and procedures. Particularly in
these times of increasing interregional market activity, with the attendant impact of European
standardisation on laws, standards and guidelines, master builders need to regard this as an
opportunity. After all it is up to them to ensure that quality building work is a matter of course and
not the exception. Despite all pressure to complete on time and in budget. In view of such market
conditions, it is more important than ever to demonstrate at what end of the quality spectrum one
operates – whether as manufacturer, wholesaler, or builder. This will determine what customers are
prepared to accept as credible and durable in terms of services rendered and how much they are
prepared to invest. Add up all these factors and it quickly becomes apparent that only master builders
can be relied upon to carry out building work of a high technical and aesthetic quality.
SAKRET: The one for the job
The logic behind product information. How best to communicate
construction information these days? Definitely application-oriented.
At SAKRET this follows the planning and execution cycle of a
building project. Elements and areas determine not only the building
procedure used, but also the product system selected.
Everyone for himself. Or everyone together
A major building project requires the direct involvement of a number of individuals – the customer,
concept, no-one sees more clearly the structural reality of all aspects of the design and no-one plays
architect, builder and wholesaler. For the most part, the various roles are clearly defined, except
a more central role between those involved in the project. SAKRET not only regards this as a striking
when it comes to the builder. The customer’s focus of interest in the project shifts between concept,
misjudgement of construction realities, the company has also used the situation to draw its own
return and durability. Architects and expert planners are responsible for the aesthetic design,
market development conclusions.
planning and awarding of contracts, as well as the static and structural calculations.
The reason? SAKRET’s products and systems are semi-finished products. This means: only when a
Wholesalers provide advice and logistics – transparency, completeness, availability and supply
square metre of a product or system has been used can you make any statements about its actual
reliability of the product ranges. All still very much in the traditional sense of building processes and
added value. That necessarily makes master builders in cooperation with their trade partners –
thus for the most part unaffected by the market shift between new builds and the renovation of
dedicated to serving professionals – SAKRET’s main target groups. This is most noticeable in SAKRET’s
existing buildings.Master builders however increasingly see themselves confined in their role to the
marketing: it puts the focus firmly on the services offered by master builders. This proximity produces
status of a “mere doer”, expected to deliver their building services in double-quick time. There is
an understanding of the factors that contribute to the economic success of a master builder – and
no-one however that is closer to the project, no-one in a better position to interpret the customer’s
why SAKRET offers the ideal people, products, services and techniques.
SAKRET: Works well. Done well
SAKRET: works well. Done well
Home sweet home
There’s no denying it: DIY is for many a favourite hobby, for others sheer necessity – a phenomenon
Despite the mentioned diversity, one expectation consistently crops up: firstly those who engage in
that cuts across all sectors of society. The size of this market influences everyone in the construction
DIY hope that the results will be in line with what they have imagined. This expectation is met with
industry, whether manufacturer, planner, builder or trade partner. At the moment, the interplay
a two-fold affirmative: using product and marketing policy.
between the markets and the various sales channels is either characterised by flux or regeneration.
In the DIY division SAKRET defines product ranges that are easy to work with and promise success. At
In its capacity as an international brand, SAKRET is dependent for the control of its market strategy
the same time we take the need of the DIY target group seriously for expert advice and accompanying
on existing access – and this varies considerably throughout Europe. On the other hand, the SAKRET
product information. This is why SAKRET has tailored its DIY communications to the information
professional and DIY divisions are defined by the differences between these two target groups. In
needs and knowledge level of the target group. After all the success of a DIY project is often just a
concrete terms: skill levels and motives for activity differ significantly. In the case of DIY enthusiasts
hair’s breadth away from potential failure.
the latter can be never-ending, since everything in and around the home can be a reason for or target
SAKRET helps to ensure that the result at the end of a project is convincing rather than disappointing.
of their attention.
That’s why in DIY terms SAKRET stands for “Works well. Done well.”
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