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How to buy a starter set
Do you want to practice with the old computing systems, using original instruments? Buy the indispensable
is not expensive and you can find everything on the internet.
To start you just need an addiator, a pascaline and a slide rule. Big calculators as Brunsviga, Odhner,
Triumph, Thales etc., are very complicated and often not working.
The addiator is easy to use, buy it only if in perfect conditions and with its original stylus.
Addiator and Sterling Dial-A-Matic, both with their original stylus
To buy a pascaline we have a limited choice: the economic Sterling Dial-a-Matic, the beautiful Lightning or
the most complete Addometer, the latter exist in decimal, duodecimal and eights version. For the children is
ideal the Quercetti Zero+1, for sale in toy stores. Remember that they must always have their original stylus.
The Addometer, here in decimal version
Lightning adding machine: nearly unchanged from Pascal original model
Pascaline Quercetti Zero+1 and the Pilot Watch Casio “Edifice”
Find a slide rule is easy. Search for a standard model (the pocket ones are hard to read) and avoid the
monsters with 34 scales that would end immediately forgotten in a drawer. If you like to try a pilot watch the
choice is wide and for all budgets. Buy a big one, otherwise it is difficult to use: the Casio Edifice, for example,
is great to learn and cost very little money.
The Picket 600, used by NASA, could be too difficult for beginners
Let's not forget the Consul Monkey, invented at the beginning of last century to teach the multiplication
tables to the children. The originals are rare and expensive but fun is guaranteed with the reproductions. A
last note on calculators: if you want to try the old keyboards a good solution is the Torpedo calculator, with
only half keyboard. All the excitement of the accounting of yesteryear in a calculator that, in principle,
always work or can be repaired without too much trouble.
The amazing Consul Monkey and the “half keyboard” calculator Torpedo

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