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Vol. 23, Issue 1
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The Herald is a self-supporting newsmagazine produced
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The staff will follow proper press law in regards to libel,
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Members of the staff will determine the general content of
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Asian Nights Come Alive
Essence Hall
Layout Editor
Maple Heights held their annual
Homecoming festivities the last week
of September.
The theme for the event was
“Asian Nights” and it was run by
Student Council.
The week kicked off with spirit
days. Monday was Domino Day.
Students could either wear white or
black or both colors combined.
Tuesday was Fake an Injury
Day or College Sweatshirt Day.
Wednesday was Camouflage
Day or Cleveland Sports Day.
Thursday was Community Color
day, where the freshmen wore white,
S2C students wore blue, and A3
students wore red. Students could
also choose a Decade Day theme
where they wore clothes from the 90’s,
80’s, 70’s, 60’s etc.
The annual parade was held that
evening from Dunham Park to Stafford
History teacher Mr. Corwyn
Collier competes in a pushup
contest against the students.
Leading the parade was the
cross country team, followed by the
marching band and Lolly the Trolly
Junior Jasmine King poses in
camouflage gear for spirit day.
carrying various district administrators and Board of Education members.
The football team rode in buses
surrounded by a band truck and the
Floats were also included in the
parade with several of the classes
creating one.
Riding last in convertibles were
the Homecoming court members.
Friday was Color War Day.
Seniors wore black and the rest of the
students and staff wore maroon and
The pep rally assembly was held
during fourth block. The cross
country, volleyball, and football teams
were introduced. The band/flagline
performed and the cheerleaders
danced and cheered.
The assembly ended with the
announcement of the Homecoming
2013 court. Courts members included
seniors Briana Blair, Ciarra Jones,
Jamia Ray, Courtney Warner, McKayla
Belfiore, Ju-Marri Sims, Devin
Chandler, and Kailin Chambers.
Crowned king was Chandler.
Chandler is a member of DECA
and he also has run the 200m dash
and hurdled for the track team.
Next year, he plans to attend
college in Florida and major in Music
According to Chandler, “I was
surprised to be nominated as Homecoming king, but I was also very
happy to represent my class this
The Homecoming game was
against Cuyahoga Heights.
During halftime, the queen was
crowned. Congratulations goes out to
Warner is a member of DECA
and plays volleyball for the Mustangs
as an outside and middle hitter. She
also ran the mile and the hurdles for
the track team.
Next year, she plans to move to
Florida and go to college there
majoring in Marketing/Business.
According to Warner, “I was
very happy and excited to win
Homecoming queen. I couldn’t
believe it. I still don’t!”
The dance was held Saturday
evening from 7:00 p.m. until 10:30 p.m.
for the first time in the high school
Senior Asia McCallum performs
a cheer at the annual Homecoming pep assembly in the
Wylie Athletic Center.
Students enjoyed dancing to hit
tunes provided by a disc jockey.
McGruder Takes Over
Brian Holland
Maple Heights has hired a new
community 2 principal for the 20132014 school year, Mr. Robert
McGruder grew up in Washington, Pennsylvania, a small city
outside of Pittsburgh.
He attended Washington
Elementary School. He went to
Washington Middle School and was a
part of the football and track teams.
McGruder spent his high
schools years at Washington High
School where he continued to
participate in football and track.
He then decided to attend
California University of Pennsylvania
where he received his Bachelor of
Science degree in Technoloy Educa-
Mr. Robert McGruder
He received his Masters degree
from Ball State University and he
received his administrative license
from Ursuline College.
When asked what motivated
him to finish college, he replied, “I
was the first in my family to graduate
from college.”
After college he was a technology education teacher for three years
in the Mentor Exempted Village School
District. Next, he was a technology
education teacher for Painesville City
Schools for eight years. From there,
for four years he was the athletic
director in Ashtabula.
When asked why he chose
Maple Heights City Schools for his
next position, he replied, “I heard
nothing but good things about the
students and staff of Maple Heights
City Schools.”
When asked what are his
favorite food and colors, he answered,
“black and blue”, which were his high
school colors, and “steak”.
His plan while at the principal
position is “to continue to make
Maple an outstanding school district”.
Schmidt Hired As Principal
Taneya Fields
The new Freshman Academy
principal for the 2013-2014 school
year is Mrs. Amanda Schmidt.
Schmidt was born and raised in
Montreal, Quebec before moving and
settling into Ohio in 1999.
She attended Mayfield High
School. Activities she was involved in
were Art Cub, volleyball and tennis,
during the summer.
Schmidt worked at her family’s
restaurant throughout high school.
She also earned Honor Roll
numerous times as well as individual
awards for classes in high school.
Schmidt graduated from Kent
State University in 2008 with a
Bachelor of Arts in French and a minor
in Education. She also has a Masters
degree in Educational Administration
from KSU as well.
Schmidt was on the Dean’s list
every semester throughout college and
graduated with honors.
In college, Schmidt played
Mrs. Amanda Schmidt
She worked as a makeup artist at
Sephora for five years before becoming a
Here, at Maple Heights, she taught
French for four years before becoming the
FA principal.
Schmidt was also the coordinator for
the 21st Century program for three years
and that was very helpful in gaining
leadership experience and working with the
Schmidt’s family consists of her
father and brother, who live in Cleveland,
and her mom, who travels a lot and is based
out of Florida.
With a ring on the finger, she is no
longer known as Ms. Rassi, but is married to
basketball coach Eric Schmidt and is called
Mrs. Schmidt.
Her favorite color is purple, she has
too many favorite movies to list, and she is
entertained by anything but scary movies.
Schmidt enjoys spending time with
her family and her friends as well as being
active. She has run the Cleveland half
marathon twice and many other races
around the city. She also loves to travel and
has been out of the country almost once a
year for as long as she can remember.
Football, rugby, hockey, and
basketball are all sports Schmidt enjoys.
The hardest part about this job for
her so far has been dealing with the tough
decisions when it comes to disciplining
students. The best thing about being an FA
principal is being able to help a larger
population of students become successful
and achieve their goals.
She would like to thank all of the
teachers, students and staff for their support
she has been getting.
“I feel like they are part of my
family, and I couldn’t imagine being
anywhere else.”
Newman Hired As Principal
Brian Holland
Mr. Aaron Newman, formally
known as the Freshman Academy
principal, is now the head principal of
Maple Heights High School.
Newman grew up in Steubenville,
Ohio. He attended McKinley Elementary
where he participated in school plays, flag
football, and wrestling.
He went to Harding Middle School
and again was part of the football and
wrestling teams.
As a student at Steubenville Big
Red High School, he made it big in
wrestling and was an All State wrestler.
In additioin, he was the secretary of the
Key Club and was part of the University
Scholars program.
After high school, he went to
Columbia University where he continued
to wrestle and received a Bachelor of Arts
in History.
Mr. Aaron Newman
After graduating from Columbia, he
received his law degree from Capital Law
Newman worked in the Jefferson
County prosecutor’s office. After
spending some time there, he decided he
wanted to have more interaction and
excitement. He wanted to get back into
interacting with wrestling and wanted to
start teaching.
Newman’s main goal was to teach
at a college level, but he was very happy
with the freshman social studies teaching
job he had here at Maple Heights High
Newman became Freshman
Academy principal in 2010. As a
freshman principal, he was focused
mostly on the discipline of the students,
but now he has more interaction with
students in a more positive way as head
According to Newman, “The
breadth of responsibility is much larger
being the head principal than an assistant
Newman is very excited and happy
with his new position, although some
struggles will follow along the way.
Juggling all the different responsibilities,
while keeping and maintaining interaction
with every student and teacher and
keeping everything organized, could be
difficult. But Newman is ready for the
Are The New Rules Too Cruel?
Asia McCallum
Feature Editor
There’s a new man in charge . . .
he is Mr. Aaron Newman. As principal, he is taking on the challenge full
throttle. Moving up from freshman
principal to school principal is a huge
deal. Along with a new enforcer, new
rules must follow.
The new rules will give Maple
Heights structure and make us an
overall better school.
The rules concern the following
topics: the tardy policy, being on time
to lunch, and the dress code.
When a student accumulates
eight tardies, the new rule states they
must return with a parent, unless the
tardy is excused. Last year, detentions
would be assigned which were not
closely monitored which means
students would get away with their
Most students have a huge
problem with this new rule. They say
things like, “My mom makes me late
every morning and it’s not my fault!”
or “My car wasn’t working.” It
doesn’t matter what reasons you have
for being late, tardiness is not
This rule is implemented to
make Maple Heights a more effective
school by getting people to class on
time so instruction is not missed and
students pass the OGTs and high
It also helps students prepare
for the real world where tardiness on
the job will cause them to get fired
and tardiness to college will cause
bad grades.
Another new rule is being on
time to lunch. Most students who
have been late to lunch know the
consequence is not enjoyable. If late
to lunch, you must report to the choir
room for 25 minutes.
Other students in the choir room
are the students who have not served
a detention for tardies. They are
served a peanut butter and jelly
sandwich and spend the whole lunch
Even though most students feel
negatively about these new restrictions, it is making Maple Heights High
School better every day by instituting
the tardy policy and keeping our halls
The new dress code requires
students to wear bright, obscenelooking t-shirts over inappropriate
clothing. If you haven’t seen too
many of these, then the policy is
obviously working.
Students are obligated to follow
the Student Code of Conduct. The sad
fact is without these rules being
enforced daily, our school would
potentially fall apart and students
would fail to get the education they
need to be succesful in the real world.
Welcome Back!!
Have a Safe, Productive Year
McKayla Belfiore
Welcome back to all of the students
and staff! It’s our senior year, class of
2014. School came fast this year and the
first semester is almost done.
This school year we are being lead
by a new principal, Mr. Aaron Newman.
He is doing such a wonderful job in his
first year as head principal.
With a new principal comes new
rules, but I strongly support his direction
he wants for us students. He only wants
the best for us, and that is what makes
him perfect for this position.
Also, I would like to acknowledge
Mrs. Schmidt (Rassi). She accepted a big
position as freshman principal and is
doing an outstanding job as well. And let’s
not forget the S2C and A3 principals as
well. They all, I am proud to say, are a
wonderful part of our staff, and I look
forward to a promising and exciting year!
Congratulations and welcome to all
of our new teachers at Maple Heights
High School. All the students look forward
to your contributions to our students
promising futures.
With a new principal comes new
rules. This means that everyone needs to
make it to school and class on time. If you
are late, unfortunately, you know the
consequences. So, please save yourself
the frustration and be on time.
We all know and understand that it
takes time to get back into a routine and
schedule, however, set yourself a personal
goal to stay in the books and not in the
This year can be very enjoyable, so
try something new. Think out of the box,
and try a new club or group, maybe one a
friend really likes. There is a wide variety
available to you such as sports, clubs,
Student Council, 21st century, and
yearbook, plus so much more.
Now, let’s talk tutoring! Twenty
First Century is a program set up for the
students to get extra help by wonderful
teachers. There are several talented and
committed teachers who are willing to
come before school or stay after to help
you reach your academic goals.
We also have a new implemented
program that started about a year ago
called Student Ambassadors. I am the
freshman recruitment manager and would
like to personally invite you to join. This
program is only open to freshmen for the
extra help and mentoring and seniors to do
the mentoring. If you are interested, please
contact me, McKayla Belfiore, or
President Jamia Ray.
This school year is very important
to all students in every grade, from
freshmen to seniors. Whether you are just
starting high school, or are in the middle of
your high school years, or are in your final
year, it is pertinent to keep your grades as
high as possible.
To the freshmen, this is your first
year as a high school student and it is a big
jump from middle school. While saying
that, don’t take this year for granted, take
advantage of these opportunities.
Although you all want to have fun your
first year of high school, you must
remember that this really is the most
important year. The grades you make this
year will stay with you your whole high
school career. Your accumulative GPA is
what gets you into a good college when
you become a senior. If you bomb your
first year, your freshman year will start
over and no one wants that for you. If you
make your academics and behavior a top
priority, your freshman year will be
positive and memorable.
Sophomores, I want to say
congratulations for surviving freshman
year! Just remember that you are no
longer freshmen, and it’s time to get
serious. You will have many tests to take.
In fact, there are five of them and they are
called OGT’s. In order to graduate, you
must pass all of these tests. Keep in mind,
you will not graduate with a high school
diploma and won’t be able to attend
college without passing these tests. You
probably hope these will be easy to pass
without effort. Don’t kid yourself. It
takes hard work and lots of studying. Best
of luck and stay focused.
This is your last year before you’re
a senior. Yes, I mean you, juniors! For
you, this year brings the ACT and SAT
tests. Don’t hesitate, and sign up right
away. You may think that the OGTs were
hard. Let me tell you that the ACT and
SAT are even harder, so study just as
much if not more. Get ahead of the game,
get organized, plan, and be prepared.
Seniors: the best class of them all.
We did it, we made it to the top, and now
it’s time to shine! We have been waiting
for this special year since we were
freshmen, so let’s make it the best. This
year should be easier than some of our
past grades. However, keep your focus on
your academic goals. Now is not the time
to breeze your way through it. Now the
real work begins. Start your college search
and apply for scholarships now. There are
several underclassmen looking up to you,
so set a good example. Let’s have a great
year and show all the students the right
Good luck to all of our sports
teams. This year, you will bring victory to
our school and we will shower you with
our pride and support.
To the volleyball team, congratulations on last season’s success, and we are
hopeful to see it again.
To the cross country runners, we
know you are the best and can also bring
victory to our school.
To our football team, I have total
faith and great pride that you will bring us
victory. You have the talent and dedication
to win it all, so go for it! Your cheerleaders, including myself, will be on the side
lines cheering you on and keeping the
spectators spirit high.
In conclusion, you all should be
involved in some way and make a personal
contribution to our new school year. Keep
your priorities straight, join a group, and
have fun this year. Together we will make
the 2013-2014 school year the most
memorable yet.
10 New Teachers Begin
Shamyla Wilson
Aaron Chandler
Brandi Haamid
Entertainment Editor
Mary Carson
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio.
Cleveland School of the Arts
College Attended
(undergrad): Northern Arizona
Degree: Bachelor Of
Science in Geology/Environment
College Attended (masters): Case Western Reserve
Degree: Masters in Geologic
College Attended (masters): University of Akron
Degree: Masters in Education/Curriculum and Instruction, 712
Other Teacher Experiences: 2009-2010: Post-Secondary 100 level Geology courses at
Northern Arizona University, 20112012: Honors and General Chemistry and Yearbook at McKinley Sr.
High School in Canton, Ohio.
Classes Teaching At Maple:
Biology, Honors Chemistry, and
Environmental Science.
Extracurricular Positions:
Drama Club and STEM Club
Comment On First Few
Weeks At Maple: “I am impressed by the resources and the
structure of the school. The
students are full of personality and
potential, and the staff is so
Kathryn Darnell
Heights, Ohio.
School: Paudua
College Attended
(undergrad): Bowling Green State
Degree: Bachelor of Science
in Science Education
Other Teaching Experiences:
Warrensville Heights for two years
and I Can Schools for four years.
Classes Teaching At Maple:
Freshman Physical Science.
Comment On First Few
Weeks At Maple: “I have enjoyed
getting to know all of my students
and staff members.”
Adam Smith
Hometown: Huntington, West
School: St. Joseph Central High
College Attended
(undergrad): The Ohio State
Degree: Bachelor of Science
in Biology and minor in Portuguese.
Classes Teaching At Maple:
Comment On First Few
Weeks At Maple: “It isn’t just the
students that are learning! I’ve had a
great first few weeks with each day
getting better. I’m feeling more and
more like part of the Maple family.”
Teacher: Corwyn Collier
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio/
Maple Heights,
School: Maple
Heights High
Attended (undergrad): Southern
University of Mississippi
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in
Sports Administration and a minor
in Business
College Attended (masters):
University of Akron
Degree: Masters in Adolescent To Young Adult Social Studies
Prior Teaching Experiences:
Student taught at Spring Hill Junior
High in Akron for a semester and
substitute taught in both Springfield
and Akron school districts for a
Classes Teaching At Maple:
US Government and World History
Comment On First Few
Weeks At Maple: “It’s great to be
back where it all started from. I
love the new building and I hope to
be the inspiration that was given to
Erin McArdle
Hometown: Mayfield,
School: Hudson High School
College Attended
(undergrad): The College of
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in
History and a minor in Education
Classes Teaching At Maple:
Freshman World History.
Extracurricular Positions:
Coach for freshman volleyball.
Comment On First Few
Weeks At Maple: “I have loved it!
At The High School
Every day is something new!
James (Jim)
Hometown: Akron,
School: Akron Garfield High
College Attended
(undergrad): The University of
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in
Mass Media: Broadcast and Production
College Attended (masters): Kent State University
Degree: Masters in Education
Prior Teaching Experiences:
2010-2012: Washington State
Community College (ASL, Interpreting, Exceptional Learners) and
2013: Kent State University (ASL).
Classes Teaching At Maple:
Comment On First Few
Weeks At Maple: “Interesting,
exciting, and challenging”.
Hometown: North
Royalton, Ohio
High School: Brecksville/
Broadview Heights High School
College Attended
(undergrad): University of Toledo
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
in French Education (K-12).
College Attended (masters): Kent State University
Degree: Masters in French
Prior Teaching Experiences:
2000-2002: Strongsville High
School, 2002-2013: Columbia High
Classes Teaching At Maple:
Extracurricular Activities:
“None. I have two children to go
home to after school. Madeline is
seven and Cameron is one and a half
years old.”
Marcus Green
Hometown: Natchez,
School: Natchez High School
College Attended
(undergrad): Youngstown State
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in
Liberal Arts, a Bachelor of Science
in Applied Science, and a minor
College Attended (masters):
Notre Dame College
Degree: Masters in Special
Teaching Experience: “I have
taught around the Cleveland area.”
Classes Teaching In Maple:
All core classes (self contained
Extracurricular Positions:
High school football: special team
coordinator and defensive end coach
and Varsity Track.
Comment On First Few
Weeks At Maple: “My first few
weeks were mind boggling. It was
a flash of
paperwork with
MANY demands.”
Hometown: Brunswick, Ohio
High School: Brunswick
High School
College Attended
(undergrad): University of Toledo
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in
English/Language Arts 7-12
Teaching Experience: 20122013: Spectrum Schools of Lorain
Classes Teaching In Maple:
Freshman Academy Language Arts
Extracurricular Positions:
“I cannot wait to get involved with
theater and choir.”
Comment On First Few
Weeks At Maple: “The school
and staff are amazing and have
been so welcoming. I hope my
students are ready to keep up and
work hard.”
Allison Wilson
Hometown: Canfield,
Canfield High School
College Attended
(undergrad): Youngstown State
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in
Mathematics with a minor in
College Attended (masters): John Carroll University
Degree: Masters in Secondary Education
Teaching Experience:
Summit Academy math for one
Classes Teaching In Maple:
Algebra 1 and Honors Geometry
Comment On First Few
Weeks At Maple: “It has been a
great experience so far.”
‘Stangs Run For Personal Best
Sandeep Singh
The 2013 cross country team started
on July 9th with voluntary conditioning
with over 10 runners coming regularly.
The cross country coaches are Coach
Gary Frounfelker and Coach Nick Edwards.
The team currently has eight boy
runners which include seniors Kevin
Jackson, Myles Moore, Anthony Taylor,
and Abdul Freeman and sophomores André
Stowers, Sandeep Singh, Romain Pierce and
Darius Hearns.
The team also has five lady runners
which include senior Tatianna Gregory;
juniors Dansia Mosely, Ashleigh Morgan,
and Lauren Hemphill; and freshman Julicia
Jackson is currently Maple Heights
top runner. His fastest time so far in the
season is 20:28 for the three mile race.
Moore is a returning runner to cross
country as the second best runner. Moore’s
fastest time was 21:01.
Moore, along with other runners such
Senior Myles Moore gives it
his all during a race.
as Taylor, Peirce, Singh, Gregory, Mosely,
and Hemphill, will take a month off of
running then go back into running for track
conditioning starting in December.
When Moore was asked why he runs
cross country, he replied, “I do it to get
ready for track.”
Gregory is currently Maple Heights’
top girl runner and is a returning athlete. She
is a distance runner and uses cross country to
stay in shape for distance running in track.
This is Gregory’s first cross country
season because of a chin split that occurred
during the early part of last year’s season.
Gregory’s fastest time is 24:45.
Frounfelker has been coaching for
over five years. He is a former track coach
and track and cross country runner for
Maple Heights.
According to Frounfelker, “It
doesn’t matter how many bodies. I am
pleased with the progress of my individual
Edwards coaches track, as well as
cross country. He is one of the top five best
runners Maple Heights has ever had.
According to Edwards, “No pain, no
A First For Jackson
Taneya Fields
Have you ever went jogging
around three in the afternoon and saw
this wave of students jogging by.
That would be Maple Heights’ Cross
Country team. One of the key runners
for the team this year is senior Kevin
Jackson was born in Windsor
Ontario, Canada, on August 2, 1996.
He grew up in Parma, Ohio. He
has three brothers and one sister, but
he lives with his father and his
Jackson attended John Muir
Elementary School in Parma. He
wasn’t just a student there, but he
played sports as well. He played
basketball, football and baseball
during his elementary years.
For middle school, Jackson
attended Shiloh Middle School in
Parma. During middle school, he was
still interested in sports and kept
Senior Kevin Jackson warms
up before a meet.
playing basketball and football.
Jackson came to Maple in the
tenth grade. Here, he has been part of
the cross country, track, and basket-
ball teams.
This is his first year ever
running with the cross country team.
His best time in a meet thus far at
press time was 20:28.
Before a meet, he enjoys
listening to his music. When asked
what the best part of cross country is
for him, he said getting to know more
people and communicating better.
The worst part for him is not
winning a meet because losing isn’t in
his name and blood.
“Our season has been decent,
and expectations are very high. I hope
to make it to Regionals this year, ” said
Cross country is alright, but his
favorite sport is basketball. Last year,
he played point guard for the junior
varsity and varsity teams.
Here, he leaves off with advice
to give to the future Maple Heights
runners: “Always work hard. Have a
goal in mind and try to attain it
throughout your season.”
Mustangs Dominate The Court
Najee Mixon
News Editor
It’s nearly mid-season and
the Mustang volleyball team is
killing it! With an overall record of
13-3 and a conference record of 6-1
at press time, the Mustangs were
on a roll!
Coaches this year include
head varsity coach Betsy Smerglia,
varsity assistant Dale Walter, JV
coach Jordan Kolarik, and freshman coach Erin McArdle.
Key players this year include
seniors Taylor Lattimore, Ebony
Harris, Courtney Warner, and Kiana
Blair and freshman Ammaarah
For stats on Lattimore, see
the story below as she was named
Athlete of the Month for October.
Warner plays middle hiiter/blocker
and leads the team with 103 kills! She has
the most blocking assists at 33 and is
second thus far second in total blocks at
Accordng to Smerglia, “Courtney is
a very dominant force at the net!”
Blair plays the position of outside
hitter, however, she excels in all three
hitting positions coming in second with a
hitting percentage of 87%. She was also
third in kills with 66!
Harris plays setter. She was first in
most serving aces with 30 and second in
digs with 81. She had 288 setting assists
at 36% and was second in serving at
According to Smerglia, “Ebony is a
team player and is respected by all
members of the team. She is the quarterback and leader of the team’s offense.”
Williams is a double threat
playing both positions of middle
hitter and blocker. She lead the lady
Mustangs in blocks with a total of 80
and has 25 solo blocks. She also lead
in hitting with a a percentage of 92. In
addition, she was second in kills at
“She is one of three freshmen
to EVER start varsity”, according to
Coach Smerglia. “She has great
When asked to comment on
the season so far, Smerglia replied,
“The team has been playing great
volleyball. We are emphasizing
consistency, eliminating errors,
playing together and hustling for
every play. Both losses to Revere
and our one league loss to Warren
Harding have taught us lessons. We
hope to improve throughout the
A Libero For The Ages
Gabrielle Miller
Sports Editor
Maple Heights High School
senior Taylor Lattimore is a fouryear varsity starter on the volleyball team and has been chosen by
her coaches as the Athlete of the
month for October.
Lattimore is a key player on
both offense and defense.
Offensively, she feeds
consistent passes to the setter so
that the hitters are able to score
Defensively, Lattimore
covers a large area of the back
court while hustling and digging
up opponents attacks. As a result,
she holds the libero position which
is considered the best defensive
player on the team.
At press time, she lead the
team in digs with 223 (6.75 per
game), in serve receptions (182/
189), in serving (96%), and in most
serving points (99). Lattimore was
second in aces with 19 and only
Senior Taylor Lattimore prepares
to serve the ball.
had seven errors in passes.
According to head volleyball coach
Betsy Smerglia, “Taylor is the best libero I
have ever coached!”
Lattimore enjoys the sport of
volleyball because it is fun and competitive.
She considers herself a team player
because she believes that “if you play
apart from your team, you will never win.”
Being a four-year varsity starter is
pretty exciting for Lattimore. She
likes being known as one of the many
leaders on the team, but she also
understands the pressure that comes
with it.
Lattimore’s favorite part of
volleyball is being a part of the
practices and playing against a good
Awards she has won include
the LEL Player of the Year, First Team
All District and Honorable Mention.
Records she has set for Maple
Heights are most digs in a game and
most digs in a season.
She treats home and away
games equally, but feels she can relax
more at away games because there
are less distractions.
In the future, Lattimore plans
on playing volleyball in college. She
wants to attend Tiffin or Walsh
Her advice to athletes who
wish to try out for volleyball is “just
do it. You never know how much
you might like it or how good you
could be.”
Mustangs Struggle
Josh Coffee
The varsity Mustang football
team is in the rebuilding stage right now.
The Mustangs are in a tight spot after the
second year of having a new coaching
The team is 1-4 as of press time.
The Mustangs have battled very hard in
each game they’ve played and haven’t
come out on top. Every game has been gut
wrenching and exciting with scores and
game changing moments that would have
you on the edge of your seat.
The Mustangs beat John Adams,
18-6. Tough losses were to Fremont Ross,
26-35; Akron Green, 20-35; Warren G.
Harding, 20-35; and Cleveland Heights,
The Stangs are lead on offense by
senior quarterback Cameron Crews. He
had a nice start to the season with 15
completions out of 26 attempts for 184
yards and three touchdowns. He also
rushed for 140 yards with three touch-
A Mustang player intercepts
the ball.
downs on ten rushes. Crews was
sidelined during the Green game, however,
due to a concussion and was still out at
press time.
Senior slot/safety Martez Butler is
having a killer season with 24 rushes for
231 yards and three touchdowns at press
time. He also plays safety with 14 tackles
and a forced fumble. Butler took over for
Crews as quarterback for the Green game,
Warren Harding, and Cleveland Heights.
Junior slot Curtis Brown had eight
catches for 132 yards and two touchdowns at press time.
Senior wideout Cliff Garner had
11 catches for 245 yards and two
touchdowns. He also starts at safety and
had 9 solo tackles and two assists at press
Junior linebacker Josh Coffee lead
the Stangs with 31 tackles, three sacks ,
six assists, and four tackles for a loss at
press time. On offense, he had seven
carries for 88 yards and one touchdown.
Senior linebacker Ronald Smith had
29 tackles, five assists, three tackles for a
loss, and a crucial forced fumble.
At defensive end, senior
Dwayne Bridges had 24 tackles, seven
assists, and four tackles for a loss.
Hopefully, the team can turn
this season around and win these last few
Butler Battles For The Mustangs
Essence Hall
Layout Editor
The October Herald Athlete of the
month for football is senior Martez Butler.
Butler is known as “Tez” and “TP”
on the field on offense for the Mustangs.
He was born and raised in Cleveland on July 31, 1996.
He attended many different
elementary schools.
But, as he got older, he and his
family came to Maple, where he attended
Dunham Elementary.
After leaving Dunham, he attended
Milkovich Middle school before coming to
the high school.
During these years, he loved
playing a lot of sports including football,
basketball, track, and wrestling in every
school he attended.
He has been playing football since
he was six years old.
The reason for his love and
participation in sports is becauseof his
family history with sports.
“My seven aunts won states for
Senior Martez Butler finds a
receiver in sight.
track and my uncle coaches football in
Virginia. He used to coach my little
Butler also expresses that ever since
he’s played sports, his numbers were
always one or two.
He also adds that in his entire
football career he has made over 100
Ever since Butler was six, he has
played on five teams (The East Cleveland
Cheifs, Warriors, Plow Six, Garden Valley
Falcons, and the Maple Heights Mustangs).
Butler says that his favorite game
of his football career was “freshman year
when we played Warrensville junior
varsity and I made seven touchdowns.”
Even though Butler plays many
sports, he is still doing well grade-wise.
After he leaves Maple, he plans on
going to college at The Ohio State
University, where he plans on majoring in
business or engineering.
He says that the Ohio State
Buckeyes is his favorite team.
Seeing his parents wake up and go
to work every morning is his motivation
to do what he has to do in life to achieve
his football goals.
Butler’s mottos are “give what you
got because what you don’t give you lose
forever” and “take every play as if it’s
your last.”

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