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Welcome to
Sonntag Partner.
The following provides an overview of our firm — a one-stop shop with
a dynamic team of experts and core competencies in all things tax, legal,
accounting, and private asset management. No matter the complexity.
You need
real advice on
real matters?
Then look
no farther.
We deliver Personal, professional Our advice and services are as multifaceted as
your matters are. We handle everything from routine to major
corporate matters, while maintaining firm roots in the region.
This translates into one simple fact: we work across practices
to get you the advice and services when and where you need
them; it does not matter who you are: from mid-size to large
international businesses to professional partnerships of all kinds
and beyond to individuals managing their own assets.
Our team is comprised of
professionals with diverse backgrounds who are committed
to excellence in their field of expertise. But there is nothing
more important to us than client relationships built on
personal involvement, mutual trust, and openness. And
we give you more than our word. We give you a dedicated
contact person who is responsible for handling the various
aspects of your matters — coordinating across practices
whenever necessary.
Challenge us.
At every level.
P tax While we advise on general tax matters (tax structures,
general tax issues, annual financial statements), our focus remains on
corporate tax law, international tax law, reorganisation tax law, and
inheritance and gift tax, and capital investment tax assessments.
We also represent our clients before all German tax authorities and
finance courts.
P legal We provide integrated and comprehensive legal
counsel across practices that runs the gamut from drafting contracts
to in-court representation. Our expertise includes commercial law,
corporate law, property law, inheritance/succession law, real estate law,
private construction law, IP law, competition law, labour law, criminal
tax law, and commercial criminal law.
P accounting Our approach is synonymous with modern
compliance and international best practices. In essence, this means that
we (i) conduct regulatory, statutory, and voluntary audits of financial
statements and consolidated financial statements in accordance with
applicable German law and international accounting standards; (ii)
prepare integrated budgets, reorganization concepts, and business
valuation reports (as court-appointed experts or on other occasions);
and (iii) advise public corporations and implement sophisticated
conversion projects designed to move from German to international
accounting standards.
P asset management We manage private assets of
high-net worth individuals. We advise on tax and structuring issues
and ensure that tailored and comprehensive solutions are implemented
so that your assets will enjoy longevity and be effectively utilised for
generations to come.
Thriving on complexity.
Synergy Sophisticated matters require expertise and cooperation
from across practices. And we thrive in the face of difficult and multi­
faceted challenges.
Here is some proof. Our services portfolio includes:
· optimal tax structuring under applicable commercial law to meet
the individual needs of entrepreneurs
· structuring and completing acquisition deals involving companies
and holdings of any and all legal forms
· corporate advice and contract drafting: from the organization/
incorporation of partnerships and limited companies to restructuring
and beyond to termination and dissolution
· corporate advice for initial public offerings; IPO advice for entre­
· estate and corporate succession matters including, but not limited
to, family-owned businesses and small to mid-size firms
· business consulting for controlling, risk management, reorganisation,
and bankruptcy matters
· trusts and estate matters, expert opinions in various sectors, financial
structuring advice, start-up advice, and more
· medical practitioners’ competence centre: multidisciplinary consultancy
services for associations of medical practitioners, preparing investor
models, due diligence audit of practices
Great expectations
for your firm
of choice?
The whole picture, in brief Having access to expertise
across practices is indispensable to the successful handling of any
sophisticated matter. Sonntag Partner’s professionals are proven
in the art of harnessing synergies for effective case management and
providing pertinent counsel relevant to the totality of your matter.
Whenever necessary, your contact will arrange for a project group
capable of shedding light on all aspects of your matter by providing
you with any tax advice, legal counsel, accounting services, and/or
asset management know-how you may need.
We’re ready for
all contingencies.
Your expectations are our motivation We rise to sophisti­
cated challenges by exploring creative ideas and providing innovative solutions.
Rest assured: we are not satisfied until our efforts result in a tailored concept
satisfying your every need. And we won’t stop at the concept, if you don’t
want us to. We will also advise on how to implement it.
Networks …
cross-border networks.
International cooperation Cross-border deals and counsel
continue to gain in momentum and significance. A number of our clients
are global players on international markets. And we have built a global
network of mid-size law firms that we cooperate with; all of these firms
have a proven track record and are well-acquainted with the ins and outs
of the countries they are located in. We also have long-standing relationships with firms and service providers in other areas including, but not
limited to, insurance and management consultancy.
you and yours.
Tailored solutions Your needs determine what outside experts we need to consult
to get you the results you need. We are well
connected, but not bound by any exclusivity
agreements. Our multi-lingual country desks
are specialised in individual countries/regions
and ensure that our coordination efforts
precipitate into country-specific solutions and
sound overall concepts for you.
Your firm for your
business with offices
in Augsburg, Munich,
Frankfurt, and Ulm.
Proven track record Sonntag Partner started as a sole practice in
1978 by Dieter Sonntag in Augsburg, Germany, and became a partnership three
years later after Dieter Sonntag merged his practice with those of Peter Alterauge
and Dr. Peter Berndsen.
The firm has continued to grow ever since. Matters have increasingly grown in
sophistication, while new partners and other professionals have built out and
strengthened the firm’s competencies. This growth precipitated in a move into
the prestigious Prinz-Karl-Palais and the opening of additional offices in Munich,
Frankfurt am Main, and Ulm. Today, Sonntag Partner has over 240 employees
in Augsburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, and Ulm.
Schertlinstraße 23
Riesstraße 16
86159 Augsburg
80992 Munich
Telephone 0821/5 70 58-0
Telephone 089/25 54 43 4-0
Fax 0821/5 70 58-153
Fax 089/25 54 43 4-9
Frankfurt a. M.
Fair Tower
Adolph-Kolping-Platz 1
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 49
89073 Ulm
60308 Frankfurt a. M.
Telephone 0731/3 79 58-0
Telephone 069/509 56-5609
Fax 0731/3 79 58-20
Fax 069/509 56-5568
[email protected]

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