File - Luther Crest



File - Luther Crest
Luther Crest Bible Camp
2011 Annual Report
Saturday, October 1, 2011
Luther Crest Dining Hall
Luther Crest is called and committed to
Christ-centered ministry through
creation and community.
Luther Crest Bible Camp, 8231 County Road 11 NE, Alexandria, MN 56308
320-846-2431 [email protected]
We gather each year not only to
do the business of the Association
but also to celebrate Luther Crest
and the work of Jesus Christ in this
We gather to celebrate the ministry and the mission by recognizing
the work done by your Staff, your
Board, your volunteers, your
congregations and your families.
We will evaluate the past year and
look forward to the year to come.
We will sing praises and share in
appetizers and drinks in honor of a
job well done!
We will lift up the ministry of Luther
Crest and the thousands of people
who pass through this place each
The Board of Directors and Staff
wish to thank you for your commitment to Luther Crest and the
support you give to your Outdoor
We look forward to celebrating with
In Partnership with God
and with you,
David Holtz
Executive Director
Gathering Music
Opening Devotions
Ministry Meeting
Called to Order
Adopt Agenda & Establish Quorum
Association Membership and Congregational Giving Clubs
In Memory & Honor of…
Acknowledgement of Donors (Jan – Aug 31 2011)
Board of Directors and Committee Members
Recognition of Outgoing Board Members
Staff Reports
Old Business
Reading of the Constitutional Change from Feb 2011
New Business
New Board Members Presentation,
Election and Installation
Constitution & By-Law Amendments
Section 7.14
Luther Crest Vision 20/20
On Site Housing Proposal
2011-12 Ministry Plan
UP to $100
First Evangelical, Parkers Prairie
Little Bethany, Rothsay
Messiah, Wadena
Faith, Miltona
Calvary of Little Sauk, Little Sauk
Rock Prairie, Elbow Lake
South Immanuel, Rothsay
Esther, Parkers Prairie
Nidaros, Clitherall
Grove Lake, Pelican Rapids
First, Morris
West Zion, Hancock
Shalom, Alexandria
Shepherd of the Valley, Clarissa
Zion, Pelican Rapids
Little Sauk, Vining
Atonement, St. Cloud
Zion, Browerville
Osakis, Osakis
Bethesda, Alexandria
Grace, Brandon
Immanuel, Wadena
Faith, Evansville
Bethlehem, Brainerd
Messiah, Hoffman
Breckenridge, Breckenridge
Family of Christ, Channhassen
Good Shepherd, Henning
Peace, Ashby
Trinity, Pelican Rapids
Our Savior’s, Chokio
Trinity, Cyrus
First, Little Falls
Faith, Staples
Shepherd of the Hills, Benson
Trinity, Clinton
Faith, Morris
New Life Parish, Rothsay
Lord of Life, Baxter
Calvary, Perham
Lutheran Church of the Cross, Nisswa
Crosslake, Crosslake
Glenwood, Glenwood
Trinity, Brainerd
Bethlehem, St. Cloud
Calvary, Alexandria
Our Redeemers, Benson
First, Alexandria
Association Members
(PCM not yet received as of
August 31, 2011)
Aastad, Fergus Falls
American, Long Prairie
Augustana, Elizabeth
Augustana, Fergus Falls
Balsamlund, Verndale
Barsness, Glenwood
Bethany, Menahga
Bethel, Brainerd
Bethel, Battle Lake
Bethel, Herman
Bethlehem, Backus
Bethlehem, Fergus Falls
Bethlehem West Elbow Lake,
Elbow Lake
Celebration, Sartell
Central, Pelican Rapids
Chippewa Falls, Terrace
Christina Lake, Evansville
East Moe, Garfield
East Zion, Starbuck
Elmo, Parkers Prairie
Fahlun, Nelson
Faith, Eagle Bend
Faith, Pelican Rapids
First, Battle Lake
First, Kensington
Folden, Vining
Foxhome, Foxhome
Fron, Starbuck
Good Shepherd, Wheaton
Grace, Erhard
Grue, Ashby
Hedemarken, Fergus Falls
Hope, Fergus Falls
Hope, Walker
Immanuel, Starbuck
Indherred, Starbuck
Kongsvinger, Donnelly
Leaf Mountain, Vining
Lincoln, Hoffman
Maple Hill, Pine River
Maplewood, Pelican Rapids
Nora, Kensington
North Immanuel,
Pelican Rapids
Norunga, Lowry
Our Redeemer’s, Hancock
Our Savior’s, Albany
Our Savior’s, Federal Dam
Our Savior’s, Nelson
Our Savior’s, Pequot Lakes
Our Savior’s Ten Mile Lake, Dalton
Peace, Barrett
Salem, Osakis
Salem, St. Cloud
Sauk Valley, Osakis
St. John’s, Donnelly
St. John’s, Starbuck
St. Luke’s, Garfield
St Paul’s, Lowry
Sverdrup, Underwood
Swan Valley, Leader
Tingvold, Underwood
Tonseth, Erhard
Trefoldighed, Battle Lake
Trinity, Carlos
Trinity, Alberta
Trinity, Holmes City
Trinity, Wendell
United, Elbow Lake
Vukku, Foxhome
West Moe, Brandon
Zion, Boy River
Zion, Fergus Falls
Association Membership Roster 2011
Association Members
Per Confirmed Member
(Jan-Aug 31, 2011)
In Loving Memory of...for Jan. - Aug. 2011
John Aanden
by Roger & Kathlyn Rotvold
Ansem Ackerson
by Messiah Women of the ELCA
Helen Ahrlin
by Richard & Barbara Barsness
Allan & Julie Rutter
Gladys M Amdahl
by James Amdahl
LaVern Asmus
by Don & Algene Larson
Darlene Awsumb
by Margie Sherstad
Burdell Barsness
by Tim & Jodi Jergenson
Allan & Julie Rutter
John & Marie Stellner
George Battles
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
David Baukol
by Keith Nygaard, John & Marie Stellner
Harvey Beuckens
by Elroy & Beverly Anderson
Ken & Joan Johnson
Corrine Mattson
Messiah Women of the ELCA
Adeline Shauer
Bob Bilden
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Carol Lee Brevig
by Don & Algene Larson
Jerry & Mary Werk
David S Brink
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Glen Bucholz
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Dolores Dahl
by Tim & Jodi Jergenson
Allan & Julie Rutter
Glen Dahlen
by Brent & Debra Johnson
Linnea Dahlen
by Brent & Debra Johnson
Ruthe Dahlseng
by Marilyn Staples
Ray & Lydia Danielson
by LaRae Johnson & Dan Cook
Anita Delegard
by Harvey & Gloria Radtke
Ardyce Erickson
by Elroy & Beverly Anderson
Donald & LaVerne Olson
Arnold "Arnie" Erickson
by Kirk & Jane Landman
Audrey Jean Erickson
by Larry & Maggie Hanson
Virginia Erickson
by S Diane Lande
Ida Forbord
by Helen Claire Anderson
Raymond Froslie
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Viva Fronning
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Clarice Frykman
by Paul & Carol Evavold
W. Berdell Skogstad
Ruth Frykman
by Virginia Myers
Mary Ann Germundson
by Kathryn Haugrud
Nicole Getz
by Harvey & Gloria Radtke
Arland Gilbertson
by Margie Sherstad
Norris Gilbertson
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Mina Goodwin
by Elroy & Beverly Anderson
Paul & Wanda Stark
Blanche Gray
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
LaVonne Greenquist
by Kathryn Haugrud
Helen Grim
by Kathryn Haugrud
Alice Gronseth
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Ella Grunewald
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Donna Toso
Mavis Gulbrandson
by Elroy & Beverly Anderson
Messiah Women of the ELCA
Donald & LaVerne Olson
Harvey Gunderson
by Leland & Polly Hedstrom
W. Berdell Skogstad
Hazel Vestrum
Emil Haack
by W. Berdell Skogstad
Arnold Westrum
James Hanson
by Paul & Carol Evavold
Virginia Myers
Wayne Hermanson
by James & Mae Eichelberger
Lena Hexum
by Ordean & Marilyn Haarstad
Rachel Savageau
Leasha Hoff
by Kathryn Haugrud
Lily Hokanson
by Walter Hokanson
Lloyd Hokanson
by Mayme Hokanson
Judith Holl
by Paul & Wanda Stark
Tina Holteen
by Dorothea Lamere
Ray Holten
by Margie Sherstad
Orren Hotvedt
by Messiah Women of the ELCA
Donald & LaVerne
Olson, Hazel Vestrum
Richard Howe
by Paul & Wanda Stark
William L Jacobsen
by Rob & Darlene Nelson
Berthel Johnson
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Carlton Johnson
by Joyce Johnson
Eunice Johnson
by Carol Bruns, Steve & Joanne Lynk
Joyce Johnson
by Barrett Farm Supply, Inc
Paul & Carol Evavold
Brent & Debra Johnson
Tom & Sandra Perry
Red River Marketing Co
Roy Johnson
by W. Berdell Skogstad
Paul & Wanda Stark, Arnold Westrum
Raymond Keep
by Paul & Wanda Stark
Collene Kloos
by Elroy & Beverly Anderson
Dean & Marilyn Olhoft
Adeline Shauer, W. Berdell Skogstad
Paul & Wanda Stark, Hazel Vestrum
Arnold Westrum
Lillian Koehntop
by Paul & Wanda Stark
Karla Kopperud
by S. Diane Lande
Neta Frykman Lamp
by Paul & Carol Evavold
Thelma Leegaard
by W. Berdell Skogstad
Marie Lindemyer
by Brent & Debra Johnson
Jim Lolkus
by Elroy & Beverly Anderson
Messiah Women of the ELCA
Donald & LaVerne Olson, Lynda Searcy
Rachel Martin
by Paul & Wanda Stark
Margie Mecklenburg
by Paul & Wanda Stark
Ruth Moerke
by Florentine Erickson
Vern Mortenson
by Florentine Erickson
Jeff & Sharon Severence
Diane Muenchow
by W. Berdell Skogstad
Greg Nagel
by Dorothea Lamere
Ray Naumann
by Allan & Julie Rutter
Lila Nelson
by S Diane Lande
Marie Nelson
by Bill & Dorothy Bahe
Gust Nettestad
by Harvey & Gloria Radtke
Mariann Norum
by Arden & Kathy Norum
Phyllis Olsen
by Ronald & Janice Tolifson
Harlan Olson
by Dick & Elaine Simpson
Harris Olson
by Dorothea Lamere
Reuben Ostlund
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Ethel Palmquist
by Vicki Carlson, Joyce Johnson
Lyle Pattison
by Florentine Erickson
Frances Pedersen
by Florentine Erickson
Genevieve Pederson
by Gary & Karen Loge
Elvira Pieske
by Richard & Barbara Barsness
Allan & Julie Rutter
Helen Rademacher
by Steve & Meriel Park
Lynn Rambeck
by Allan & Julie Rutter
John & Marie Stellner
Paul Ranum
by Marlan & Sharon Johnson
Donald Roiland
by W. Berdell Skogstad
Elmer Ronningen
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Harvey & Gloria Radtke
Wilbert and Margaret Schnieder
by S Diane Lande
Laurel Siegel
by S Diane Lande
Kevin & Ruth Pederson
Rhoda Sillerud
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Kermit Skogen
by Marc & Nancy Hampl
Gerry & Cheryl Rafftery
Bev Skogen
Darin Slack
by Dick & Elaine Simpson
Grant Smith
by Don & Algene Larson
June Sonstebo
by Kathryn Haugrud
Bernard St Peter
by Carol Bruns
Mildred Stark
by Paul & Wanda Stark
Maynard Stokka
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Burton Strand
by Don & Algene Larson
Nelvin Thormodson
by Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Stanley Vipond
by Dean & Marilyn Olhoft
Lloyd Volker
by Don & Algene Larson
Milo Widmark
by Junnell Widmark
LuVern Wilts
by Don & Algene Larson
Marvin Wilts
by Don & Algene Larson
Generous Gifts from Family and Friends of Luther Crest January - August 2011
Up to $100
Grant & Ruth Aaseng
James Amdahl
Carol Amundson
Elroy & Beverly Anderson
Helen Claire Anderson
Mary Anderson
Mark & Cheryl Astrup
Bill & Dorothy Bahe
Richard & Barbara Barsness
Charles & Joyce Beck
Don & Helen Berheim
Chris & Mary Bess Biegner
David & Karen Blom
Ardelle Boelter
Gerald & Marlys Breid
Selvin & Margaret Brenden
Alan & Lois Bruce
LuDean Bruer
Kate Bruns
Charles & Lillian Burford
Connie Burns
Pat Buttweiler
Ardis Buysee
Tony & Nancy Castle
J. Ronald & Carol Chihos
Alvina Christopherson
Cliff & Lois Clausen
Philip & Cara Coen-Pesch
Jim & Gail Colby
Samantha Curwick
Lucille Dale
John & Sandra Dube
Amy Ebensteiner
Steve Eckblad & Beverly Williams
Doug & Sharon Ehlers
Corinne Ehlke
James & Mae Eichelberger
Gary & Nancy Ekdahl
Tom & Julie Ellison
James Endreson
Ellsworth Engebretson
Adolph Erickson
Elizabeth Erickson
Florentine Erickson
Karen Erickson
Paul & Carol Evavold
Arlene Fellows
Jeanne Flagstad
Pat Freese
Gene & Kathy Fynboh
Matt & Nancy Gervais
Don & Carolyn Glesne
Eleanor Goplen
Betty Green
David & Mona Gregersen
Kenneth & Pamela Greiner
Chuck & Marlys Gunderson
Donna Gunderson
Glenn & Sylvia Gunderson
Ordean & Marilyn Haarstad
Rodney & Phyllis Haarstad
Jerome & Twyla Haase
Grace Hafstad
Lucille Hagedorn
Randy & Stephanie Hagen
Darlene Hagestuen
John & Olive Hagstrom
Marc & Nancy Hampl
Byron & Shirley Hamre
Keith & Catherine Hanson
Margie Hanson
Pamela Hanson
Rose Marie Hanson
Violet Hanson
Rolland & Joyrene Hanstad
Ryan & Paula Haraldson
Richard Norma Haugdahl
Arliss Hauge
Dale & Judy Haugejorden
Milton Haugrud
Ted Heller
Robert Hemmingson
Sandra Hendrickson
Veryle & Margaret Henriksen
Harvey Henrikson
Mayme Hokanson
Janice Holmes
Gale & LuAnn Holt
Marcus & Janell Holt
Keith & Karen Homan
Ralph Hornberger
David & Jeanne Hoyme
Henry & Arlou Hyatt
Ruth Irgens
Charles & Eileen Jacobson
Debbie Jaeger
Dwight & Audrey Jaeger
Marvin & Marlys Jensen
Tim & Jodi Jergenson
Paul & Gladys Jobe
Betty Johnson
Carrie Johnson
Clarette Johnson
Dorothy Johnson
Douglas & Elaine Johnson
Harlan & Hope Johnson
James & Marilyn Johnson
Joyce Johnson
Ken & Joan Johnson
LaRae Johnson & Dan Cook
Marlan & Sharon Johnson
Paul & Minette Johnson
Paulette Johnson
Ralph & Joyce Johnson
Ray & Jane Johnson
Sylvia Johnson
Vern & Gunhild Johnson
Floyd & Dorothy Jorgensen
Sharon Kalland
Jeffrey & Tracy Kent
Tonu & Karen Kiesel
Klint & Cindy Kjeldahl
Lois Koehntop
Brad & Judy Korn
Joyce Kunde
Kirk & Jane Landman
Shawn & Deb Larsen
David & Betty Larson
Don & Algene Larson
Emilie Larson
Elaine Leone
Jerilynn Lindquist
James & Linda Line
Philip & Jill Lisius
Allen Ljung
Gary & Karen Loge
Dana & Jana Loken
Kenneth & Cynthia Losch
Eugene & Patricia Loya
Char Ludwig
Jason Lund
Orin & Lois Lundberg
Christiana Lundholm
Peter & Pamela Lundholm
Keith & Chris Lundsetter
Wayne & Barbara Lunsetter
Steve & Joanne Lynk
Leslie MacKichan & Mark Hove
John & Kitty Mahoney
Jill Manlove
Corrine Mattson
Frances McClellan
Jon & Bonnie McGregor
Glenda Meister
Joan Merritt
Duane Moe
Robert & Joan Moerke
Marlin & Nancy Mohrman
Paul & Shirley Montan
George & Joy Moon
Allan & Debra Mortenson
Matthew & Erin Moxness
Virginia Myers
Matthew & Elizabeth Najjar
Iona Neisess-Fiskum
Lars & Joan Nelson
Rob & Darlene Nelson
William & Maren Newhall
Lorraine Nomeland
Cliff & JoAnn Nordly
Keith Nygaard
Dean & Jane Oelfke
Dean & Marilyn Olhoft
Donald & LaVerne Olson
Helen Olson
John & Ann Pate
Kevin & Ruth Pederson
Roger Pederson
Tom and Sandra Perry
Keith & Sandy Porter
Matthew Prois
Loren & Deborah Quernemoen
Tim & Debra Raasch
Dana & Randi Rach
Harvey & Gloria Radtke
Earl & Melissa Rapp
Karl & Linda Retzlaff
David & Evelyn Rinke
Marion Robbins
Muriel Rogelstad
Fred & Lois Rohde
Roger & Kathlyn Rotvold
Bernice Roysland
Bob & Susan Ruhr
Frank & Joy Ruzich
Vicky Sagen
Doris Samuelson
Jo Sandberg
Rachel Savageau
Ken Sazama
Faye Schmiesing
Chuck & Gail Schoberg
Craig & Ronnah Schoeck
Gloria Schroeder
Jeff & Sharon Severance
Adeline Shauer
Mary Shaw
Margie Sherstad
Alvin & Faye Siegle
Harvey & LoAnn Simonson
Dick & Elaine Simpson
Alice Skarsten
W. Berdell Skogstad
Phyllis Solvie
Marilyn Staples
John & Marie Stellner
Fred Sternhagen &
Roger Strand
Jim & Kristie Stratton
Mitchell & Monica Stueck
Zinta Sundby
Leland & LaVerne Swanson
John Sward
Richard & Sandra Telander
Michael & JoEllen Thacker
Alisha Thill
Donna Thompson
Tenner & Roma Thompson
Sarah Timian
Ronald & Janice Tolifson
Mark & Cindy Torgerson
Donna Toso
Robert & Linda Mae Toso
Dallas & Wilma Triebenbach
Alice Turnbladh
Julie Urke
Antonio & Denielle Velasquez
Hazel Vestrum
Jeffrey & Kimberly Vosburgh
Richard & Arlene Walen
Wilma Weber
Brad & Doris Weinrich
Elaine Wencl
Brent & Chris Werven
Arnold Westrum
Ronald & Suzanne Whipple
Matt & Elizabeth White
Margaret Wischnak
Steve & Diane Wisniewski-Grzybowski
Friends ($100 - $199)
Ruth Amundson
David & Lori Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Lloyd & Marilyn Andrews
John & Mary Backlund
Richard & Mary Ann Bahe
Clark & Shiloy Baldwin
Paul & Dianne Beckman
Jim & Marilee Bergerson
Tim & Ann Bergin
Leonard Blade
James & Kaiya Blanshan
Brent & Amy Boraas
Joann Bowman
John & Beverly Braaten
Doug & Laurie Braun Paul Brenden
Kenneth Brevig
Donald & Kathy Bucher
Bill & Donna Buckner
Kevin & Teri Burns
Kent & Pamela Carlson
Robert & Natalie Carlson
Harlan & Faye Childers
John & Sandra Christianson
Steve & Candace Dahl
Jane Dingwall
Steven J. Drummond, Attorney at Law
Tom & Joan Eidsvold
Lowell & Nancy Einerson
Paul & Linda Engebretson
Bernice Erdahl
Lila Estenson
Jere & Joyce Ettesvold
Mark & Donna Even
Jonathan & Sherri Fahl
Gurvin & Myra Femrite
Jon & Jeanie Frolander
Amy Furan
Curtis & Betty Ghylin
Lynn Glesne
Morris Gold
Eleanor Hagstrom
Rollen & Allice Halvorson
Charles & Maxine Hanosn
Larry & Maggie Hanson
Lee & Janice Hanson
Lyle & Deb Haraldson
Stephen & Kathleen Haug
Kathryn Haugrud
Mike & Chelsey Headrick
Leland & Polly Hedstrom
Tom & Annette Helder
Phyllis Helgerson
Irene Henjum
Clark & Judy Hoffman
Jeff Horak & Deb Kaminski
Rolf & Virginia Jacobson
Nancy Jewell
Lauris & Sharon Johnshoy
Arlan & Jeanette Johnson
Carl & Betty Johnson
Jeff & Kim Johnson
Kevin & Karen Johnson
LaRayne Johnson
Mark & Mary Johnson
Neal & Melanie Kalina
Jewel Kastelle
Phil & Jeannine Kiltie
Michael P Kuntz
Dorothea Lamere
S Diane Lande
Brad & Dolores Lantz
Carol LeBon
Christopher & Yolanda Lehman
Vernon & Mary Ann Leitch
John & Wendy Lindlief
Jay & Patti Loeppke
Darrel & Carole Magnuson
Marilyn Malmanger
Gary & Bette Mattson
Paul & Rebecca Melby
David & Debra Mennis
William & Helen Mennis
William & Marlene Messenger
Bob & Lori Mork
Edna Mork
Dennis & Ruth Nagle
Dave & Ruth Nelson
Dennis & Sandra Nelson
Wyman & Gloria Nelson
Bill & Jane Nemitz
Luther & Marilyn Nervig
Garnette Noble
Jeff & Tamara Olson
Roger & Marilyn Olson
Tammy Olson
Virginia Ostlund
Jeanette Pattinson
Jack & Sandra Pearson
Darrell & Jennifer Pedersen
Joy Ann Potthoff
Dennis & Leila Preston
Gerry & Cheryl Rafftery
Beverly Reque
Paul & Claire Rud
Allan & Julie Rutter
Lauren & Irene Sansness
Richard Sayther
David & Kathleen Schleichert
Russell & Janine Schoeck
Dwaine Schuette
Lynda Searcy
Bruce & Cheryl Skalbeck
Paul & Melinda Skorheim
LeRoy Stark
Roger & Joan Stenerson
John & Darlene Strand
Dave & Sonja Strutz
Ken & Cindy Thiele
Gary Lee Thompson
David & Betty Thronson
Daryl & Linda Timian
Erwin & Alice Toso
Dean Travland
David & Inez Troen
John & Genevieve Trumm
Curtis & Dawn Vander Broek
Lee & Nancy Warne
Thomas & Barbara Welle
Jerry & Mary Werk
Richard & Ruth Woessner
Chris & Becky Worley
Second Mile ($200 - $299)
Dianna Anderson
Kenneth J Anderson
Karl & Sandra Bloomquist
Fred & Terri Bursch
Vicki Carlson
Allen & Debra Dahlseng
Arla Mae Discher
David & Beth Fabian
Ralph & Carole Fritz
Orville Jacobson
Harold & Darline Knutson
Dan & Heather Kraft
Tom & Shirley Kuenzel
Rodger & Karen Larson
Audrey Palmquist-Aga
Ida B Peterson
Dell & Tamara Sanderson
Darrell Schaub
Donna Sigfrid
William & Peggy Smith
Doris Jean White
Donate to Luther Crest on Give to the
Max Day, Nov. 16th, 2011 and your
donation will be doubled. For more
information go to If
you give $10, on Nov. 16th through the
website, Luther Crest will get $20. What
a wonderful way to contribute more to the
ministries at Luther Crest!
Silver Circle ($300 - $499)
Roger & Sheryl Bakewell
Marion Bauer
Carol Bruns
Erik & Denise Hanson
Don & Jill Klimek
Douglas & Karen Magnus
Mark & Ginny Ronning
Steve & Antoinette Sveom
Tim & Carrie Urness
Gold Circle ($500 - $999)
J. Ray & Dorothy Conger
Jim & Anne Eidsvold
Gerald & Joyce Hansen
Peggy Hoffarth
Charlu Mahlke
Steve & Meriel Park
John & Dee Peshek
Bob & Jeanette Risnes
Paul & Wanda Stark
Junnell Widmark
Builders Member ($1000-$2499)
Ronald & Dee Anderson
David & Sylvia Chase
Richard & Karen Holtz
Brent & Debra Johnson
Neoma Laken
Michael & Virginia Loken
Larry & Kathy Ortloff
Bev Skogen
Shirley Youngner
Builders Bronze Level ($2500-$4999)
Mildred Wilson Estate
Arden & Kathy Norum
Walter Hokanson
Gifts Given in Honor of:
Walter (Slim) Hokanson’s estate plan
by Walter Hokanson
The graduation of Marc Mahanna & Eric Timian
by Arden & Kathy Norum
John Peshek’s 35th anniversary of his ordination
by Eleanor Hagstrom
Allan & Julie Rutter’s 40th Anniversary
by Marlan & Sharon Johnson
Paul & Wanda Stark’s Wedding Anniversary
by Ryan & Paula Haraldson
Karis Thompson & Matthew Trefz marriage
by Messiah Lutheran Church
Secretary’s Report
Luther Crest Annual Meeting 2010
LCBC Dining Hall Sunday, February 13, 2011, 3:00pm
Gathering music was shared by Dave Holtz.
Opening Devotions - Jody Johnson led the group with prayer based on the summer 2011 theme “Follow Me”.
Ministry Meeting
Called to order- President Dee Peshek called the meeting to order at 3:15pm with the following present: Board of Directors: Pr. Melissa Ehrhardt,
Kim Johnson, Pr. Rob Nelson, Allan Rutter, Kathy Ortloff, Sue Gustner, Polly Hedstrom, Pr. Matthew Rose. Staff: Dave Holtz, Executive Director, Karen
Glade, Sue Jahnke, Jody Johnson, Bonnie Praska, Chase Rambo, Dale Anderson, Paul Hanson. Absent: Christy Schmahl.
There were delegates present from 35 member congregations. Total attendance of 92.
Adopt Agenda and Establish Quorum (20% of MC 122= 24)- Motion made, seconded, and carried (MSC) to adopt the agenda as written on p. 1 of the Annual
Association Membership- Bold Congregations Participated in PCM Giving (83 of 122). Special thanks go to those congregations who were able to meet their
PCM contributions for LCBC ministry.
Confirm mission, privileges and responsibilities LCBC Associations- as written in the Annual Report
Acknowledgement of Donors written in the Annual Report
In Memory and Honor written in the Annual Report
Reports- Secretary’s – A motion to accept the minutes as printed on page 10 was made. MSC.
Treasurer’s –Motion made by Rob Nelson with a 2nd to approve the reports. MSC.
President’s – Recognition of Outgoing Board Members- Allan Rutter is completing his 2nd term and in not eligible for reelection at this time.
This is actually his 2nd 2 term service, which means 12 years of service for LCBC.
Staff Reports- Associate Director of Operations, Paul Hanson- spoke about his first year here at LCBC.
Associate Director Programs, Jody Johnson- gave a glimpse of the many aspects of programming here at LCBC.
Executive Director, David Holtz- introduced the year round staff and commented on parts of his report on p. 15.
One new aspect not in the report was the partnership with Pilgrim Point camp.
Old BusinessReading of the Constitutional change from 2010 – the amendment changes voted upon at last year’s meeting were read and are now official.
New BusinessNew Board Member Presentation, Election and InstallationElection – It was moved and seconded that nominations cease and a unanimous ballot be cast as presented on p. 13. Motion carried (MSC).
Installation – Pr. Jennifer Rose installed the 2011 Board of Directors.
Constitution and By-Law AmendmentsSection 9.03 Fiscal Year- Motion was made by Pr. Melissa Ehrhardt - As a member of the Board of Directors, I move that By Laws Section 9.03 be changed
from: “The fiscal year of the corporation shall be the calendar year.”
to read: “The fiscal year of the corporation shall be September 1-August 31.” Second by Nate Loer. Discussion included questions about when the change
would take effect (this year) and if the proposed budget reflects the change. Motion carried.
Section 2.02 Annual Meeting – Motion was made by Sue Gustner - As a member of the Board of Directors, I move that By Laws Section 2.02 by changed
from: “The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held in the Luther Crest Bible Camp area or at Luther Crest Bible Camp on a day in January or early
February. The Board of Directors (hereinafter known as the “Board”) shall determine the exact date and location. The fiscal year shall relate to the annual
meeting of being January 1-December 31.”
to read: “The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held in the Luther Crest Bible Camp area or at Luther Crest Bible Camp in October. The Board of
Directors (hereinafter know as the “Board”) shall determine the exact date and location. The fiscal year shall relate to the annual meeting date by being September 1-August 31.” MSC.
Amortization LoanMotion was made by Kathy Ortloff with a 2nd by Pr. Rob Nelson - After discussion and consideration, as a member of the Board of Directors, I move that the
Corporation borrow $200,000 from the ELCA’s Mission Investment Fund as primary lender for a 5 year A.R.M. with a maximum amortization of 25 years for
the purpose of covering the current line of credit of approximately $156,500 and up to $43,500 for critical property upkeep and improvements (i.e. the Dining
Hall roof, a grinder pump, etc.)” Motion carried.
Luther Crest WestMotion was made by Allan Rutter with a second by Pr. Matthew Rose - After much discussion and many considerations, as a member of the Board of Directors, I move that the Corporation sell the approximately 15 acres of the tillable land of Luther Crest West, and that the remaining acreage be gifted away.
Discussion followed. John Peshek, moved to amend the motion “to delete reference to gift and change to “we will sell LCBC West’”. Motion was seconded
by Bryan Stoeck. Discussion resumed. The question was called on the amendment. Vote was by show of hands but then the vote was made with paper ballot.
Vote to amend the motion was 58 yes, 12 no. Motion carried. The motion then on the floor was to sell all of LCBC West. Discussion. The question was called
on the motion. Vote was by paper ballot with 66 yes and 7 no. Motion carried.
Hope and Heritage Campaign AnnouncementEstablish a task force, develop budgets and sketches, town hall-type meetings to discuss and get feedback, feasibility study. Present to the Board for approval
in Sept. and Kick-off the campaign in October.
2011 Ministry PlanKathy Ortloff presented the 2011 Budget as listed on p. 18. Motion to accept the budget as presented on p. 18 by Pr. Rob Nelson with a second. MSC.
Dave H. informed the Association that every 3 years, LCBC goes through the accreditation process with the American Camping Association. This year will be
an accreditation review.
Adjournment – MSC to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 5:10pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Kim Johnson, Secretary
2011 Financial Report
When I accepted the position of Treasurer I knew how challenging finances can be, particularly unknown revenue and
projected expenses.
2011 was an interesting year;
LCBC had budgeted for a deficit, and the end of fiscal year
was better than projected; as camper income was down due to
fewer campers, development income was up, Thrivent Choice
dollars was a pleasant surprise---over $20,000.00 in 9 months
and there was a $10,000.00 increase in congregational support.
Our Line Of Credit in the amount of $156,500.00 was paid
in full using Luther Crest West proceeds. We now can enter
Fiscal Year 2012 debt free!
In our Three Tier Pricing for campers of 809, 59% were eligible for tier pricing , 82% choose Tier One (regular pricing),
13% chosse Tier Two and 5% choose Tier Three---resulting
in $16,000.00 more in income. Like with our home or church
budgets, it becomes challenging to project revenue and expenses, but we were blessed in 2011 Fiscal Year!! Extremely
blessed! Thanks to you and many others who made this positive impact on LCBC.
Executive Director Dave and Paul, with the support of all
staff monitored income and expenses closely. Thanks be to
God for a terrific year!
Pastor Rob Nelson
To the Board of Directors
Luther Crest Bible Camp Association
Alexandria, Minnesota
We have reviewed the accompanying statement of financial position of Luther Crest Bible Camp Association (a not-for-profit organization) as of August 31,
2011 and December 31, 2010 and the related statement of activities and cash flows for the eight months and year then ended. A review includes primarily
applying analytical procedures to management’s financial data and making inquiries of Organization management. A review is substantially less in scope
than an audit, the objective of which is the expression of an opinion regarding the financial statements as a whole. Accordingly, we do not express such an
Management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of the financial statements in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted
in the United States of America and for designing, implementing, and maintaining internal control relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of the
financial statements.
Our responsibility is to conduct the review in accordance with Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Those standards require us to perform procedures to obtain limited assurance that there are no material modifications
that should be made to the financial statements. We believe that the results of our procedures provide a reasonable basis for our report.
Based on our review, we are not aware of any material modifications that should be made to the accompanying financial statements in order for them to be in
conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.
Our review was made for the purpose of expressing a conclusion that there are no material modifications that should be made to the financial statements in
order for them to be in conformity with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America. The information included in the accompanying Schedule of Activities before Depreciation, Investment Income, and Interest Expense is presented only for purposes of additional analysis and has
been subjected to the inquiry and analytical procedures applied in the review of the basic financial statements, and we are not aware of any material modifications that should be made thereto.
2011 Financial Report cont’d
Luther Crest Bible Camp
Profit and Loss Statement August 31, 2011
Jan to Aug 31, 2011
Gain on Sale of Assets
Mission Offerings
Summer Camp Fees
Annual Fund
Other Income
Canteen and Store Sales
EXPENSES Facility Projects 0.00
Equipment Purchase-General Fund 0.00
Cost of Canteen/ Store Purchase 10,442.84
Mission Outreach
Seasonal Staff
Payroll Taxes
Food Purchase
Office Expense
Promotion & Fund Raising
Program Expense
Repairs, Grounds & Laundry
Vehicle & Travel Expenses
Interest Account
Net Income (Loss)
President’s Report
It feels as though I just completed a letter for the annual report. But then I remembered that this “year” was a short one.
We are experiencing our first Fall Harvest Festival that includes our annual meeting. It feels good to be celebrating
the year at the end of summer camping season as we again celebrate another time of Christ-centered ministry at Luther
Crest. Our Christ-centered vision guides and helps us make tough decisions with prayerful consideration and steps of
faith. We continue to see His actions in the life of Luther Crest.
Thank you to Dave Holtz and his family for their dedication to our ministry. As Executive Director, Dave continues to
share outstanding leadership, enthusiasm, excitement and vision for the camp and the Board of Directors. I encourage
you to talk with Dave and invite him to your congregation. See if you don’t come away more energized and excited
about the ministry at Luther Crest. His presence throughout the state continues to impact the ministry here. Thanks,
Our year-round and summer staffs also represent the Christ-centered community of Luther Crest to many individuals on and off our site. The staff helps
ensure visitors feel welcomed, well-fed and cared for as they experience a
Christ-centered community in God’s unique creation. Thank you to each of
you for being a blessing to all those who spend time here at Luther Crest.
But we also remember that Luther Crest is you. Your gifts of time and dollars to Luther Crest ensure that a ministry happens here. Your continued gifts
of time and dollars to Luther Crest have been a blessing to our continued
ministry. Like you, we still have areas where we need to keep working to
improve. And we do that with the vision, time and dollar gifts from so many
of you and your congregations. Thank you!
Our fiscal year is unique this time around. This fiscal year represents a
January 1 to August 31 fiscal year. As we move to a fiscal year of September
1 through August 31, we look forward to continued Fall Harvest Festivals in
the glorious colors of the fall season.
Luther Crest
Board of Directors 2011
Rev. Melissa Ehrhardt,
Vice President
Sue Gustner
Erik Hanson
Polly Hedstrom
Kim Johnson, Secretary
Rev. Rob Nelson, Treasurer
Kathy Ortloff
Dee Peshek, President
Jeff Reither
Craig Risnes
Rev. Matthew Rose
Allen Westby
The Board of Directors has worked hard to be good stewards of your gifts
of time and dollars. With the sale of Luther Crest West this spring, we made
some financial decisions that were unique and exciting for this board. But our decisions were made with a focus on
Christ-centered ministry today with thoughts of planning for the future. We will be presenting some exciting ideas for
Luther Crest at our Annual Meeting. As we move forward into our new year, we take seriously our position of representing you and your congregations and our calling and commitment to the Christ-centered ministry as we share Christ
through His creation and community at Luther Crest. Please continue to keep Luther Crest and the Board of Directors
in your prayers.
Thank you and Blessings,
Dee Peshek
Committee & Task Force Reports
and Members
Rick Larson
Kim Johnson
Erik Hanson
Dee Peshek
Allen Westby
Larry Ortloff
Rev. Dave Sperstad
Clark Baldwin
Rev. Rob Nelson
Kathy Ortloff
Rev. Melissa Ehrhardt
Polly Hedstrom
Rev. David Holte
Rev. Paul Johnson
Rev. Del Moen
Rev. Matthew Rose
Helen Berheim
Sue Gustner
Al Rutter
Jeff Reither
Mike Golden
Luther Crest West Taskforce
Craig Risnes
Polly Hedstrom
Erik Hanson
Jeff Reither
Luther Crest Strategic
Initiative Taskforce
Rob Barse, Orb Mgmt
Steve Hippe
Jen Jabas
Josh Kehrwald, JLG Architecture
Dan Miller, JLG Architecture
Craig Risnes
Tom Wacholtz, Orb Mgmt
Property Report
The Luther Crest Property Committee would like to thank Dale Anderson for his care and
knowledge of Luther Crest’s property. We are grateful for his work and years of service.
Thank you, Dale.
Luther Crest has a number of needs and wishes for the upcoming year…
• Each of the cabins need attention both inside and outside
• The Dining Hall roof is beginning to leak. We are thankful that the Luther Crest West proceeds will help with this project
• Waterfront is being addressed this fall, along with a new Challenge Course
• We continue to see increases in energy costs and energy usage at camp
• Our sign at the road should be evaluated and potentially changed this comin
• We are thankful that this is the last year of road construction in our area
• Water management in the parking lot, the theater, in the office and ARC, the
dining hall and the road down to the beach will need to be addressed
• Bunk beds in cabins 4, 6, and 7 need to be upgraded due to State of Minnesota
• Mattresses throughout camp should be addressed. Most of the mattresses are
very old and don’t provide a comfortable night’s sleep for some of our guests.
Project highlights that were accomplished…
• Regrading north road to waterfront after each rain storm
• Built a balcony in the Chapel for sound and light controls
• Water heater was replaced in the ARC
Endowment Fund
The Luther Crest Endowment Fund was established for the purpose of supporting Luther
Crest’s camper scholarship fund and the work of our summer staff. This fund has been
held solely with the Lutheran Community Foundation.
This year, the committee has decided to present an official position for our endowment to diversify its investment vehicle and to give special direction in how the dollars
of the fund are disbursed. We are proposing specific change to our Endowment Fund By
Laws at this meeting.
This year Luther Crest distributed 4.25% of the funds value for scholarships to
help cover $12,000 in camper support was given out in 2011.
The Endowment Committee is planning on specific promotions this upcoming
fall and spring to lift up the work of the Endowment Fund. We are seeking individuals
and families to name Luther Crest in their will or estate plan. It is a simple way to give
beyond your life and for you to leave a legacy and commitment to the future campers of
Luther Crest. If you are interested in doing this, please visit with Dave Holtz, our Executive Director.
The Association has invested in the following fixed interest investments
2010 2009
Lutheran Community
(Fair Market Value)
Governance Report
The Governance Committee has covered quite a few topics in the last seven months. Here are a few topics that we feel are important enough to bring forward to the annual meeting:
One topic that was discussed at length is a camp volunteer policy. It is our duty to ourselves, our constituents, and our insurance company that ensure that our volunteers have sufficient background checks. There was much discussion to define what a
volunteer is and does. Many who do come to volunteer at Luther Crest have had background checks as required by their places
of employment. For those volunteers that haven’t had background checks, one can easily be obtained for about $9.95.
Another topic that we are in constant discernment about is Board Development. We want to make sure that the Luther Crest
Board is as up to date on what its role is and how it relates to the role of the Executive Director. Education is very vital for all
Board members, and books non-profit board report newsletters have been our tools to educate this year. We need to continue to
keep our Board up to date on the latest and greatest cutting edge materials. There are two sources that we are looking at using
for this next year.
Pets! We recently discussed our policy of not allowing pets at Luther Crest. We can understand people wanting to have their
pets with them to experience the awesome place Luther Crest is, but in the end we definitely support the policy. Having pets at
camp brings up a lot more issues (allergies, frightened children), than not having pets at camp.
So as you can see there isn’t a more exciting committee than the Governance Committee (can you imagine the topics that I
didn’t mention in this report?) In all seriousness, we believe in our Board, our Executive Director, and the staff at Luther Crest.
We are excited to begin another fiscal year in concert with them. We hope to have a productive year supporting the well being
of Luther Crest!!
Respectfully Submitted,
Rick Larson
Governance Committee Chair
Strategic Initiative
Luther Crest West
The Strategic Initiative Taskforce has been working diligently
since February on identifying strategic needs for Luther Crest
in how we serve our Association and our guests. In order to
do this we engaged GSB Fundraising, Orb Management and
JLG Architecture both of Alexandria to guide us through the
process and developed Luther Crest Vision 20/20. We identified four key areas of focus.
Luther Crest West’s long history of outdoor ministry will go
down in history as a place which provided space for Jesus’
love and grace to be given and received by hundreds. From
1991 to 2008, Luther Crest West provided space for kids to be
kids and parents to be at peace that their child was having an
experience of a lifetime.
First, Luther Crest needs to be a part of the formative years of faith development in children still today.
Second, Adults and families need special space for
family and adult faith development.
Third, a congregation’s health is dependent on a
relationship with Luther Crest and our ability to assist
in faith development.
Fourth, Luther Crest needs to address three key areas on the site including sleeping areas, dining and the care of our property.
Accomplishing these tasks will assure Luther Crest’s future
to be an active part of the Alexandria area community and a
mountain top experience for our Association congregations on
a year round basis. For more information visit
We will always remember Luther Crest West in our ministry
for it was a special gift to Luther Crest by Elroy Stock. Praise
God for God’s work with us at Luther Crest, for we are thankful and grateful for the opportunity to care for Luther Crest
Luther Crest West was sold for $300,000. Since July, the
Luther Crest Board of Directors has identified and funded
a number of projects within the organization. Here are the
1. Line of Credit at $156,500
2. Emergency Fund $20,000
3. Luther Crest West Preparations $7,551
4. Waterfront Fund $25,000
5. Dining Hall Roof up to $25,000
6. Endowment Fund at $10,000
The proceeds that are left are roughly $33,000 as of
September 1, 2011.
Program Report
Luther Crest Bible Camp Program Committee Overview - January – September 2011
We are in the spirit of making things happen through the Program Committee. We have met twice since the last annual meeting
of the Luther Crest Association. We also communicated through e-mail in between scheduled Program meetings. These meetings at Luther Crest included the following:
1. We evaluated the 2010 Summer Program and Retreats.
2. We confirmed the weekly Summer 2012 schedule and reviewed the different camp options. We brought back 4-6 Grade Fishing Camp and 7-10 Grade Volleyball Camp. We added “All American” Family Camp Week
during the 4th of July Week, and Dance Camp. These decisions were largely based on responses and requests
from 2011 Campers and Parents, as well as Staff recommendations. We will continue to discuss new camp programs for activities such as Cross Country, Wrestling, Gardening or Cooking for future summers.
3. We confirmed the 2012 Summer Theme and Verse and are still working on the daily Bible verses and themes for the week. “CENTER OF THE WHEEL” will be the Summer 2012 theme. This theme will focus on the HOPE
we find when we have Jesus as the center of our wheel of life. It will specifically address the question: “Where do
we find hope in a world filled with fear?” This process will now be passed along to the Program Staff to create the
overall 2012 Daily Bible Themes and Bible Studies.
4. We will continue visioning about Programmed retreats and trips for Luther Crest.
Our next scheduled meeting is October 6, 2011 at Luther Crest. We will be analyzing the 2011 Summer Parent and Camper
evaluations and continuing to look into 2012 ministry opportunities. Visioning for the future is one of the main purposes of this
committee, and we will start looking at the ministry opportunities for 2013. If you would like to be a part of the Program
Committee, contact Jody Johnson, [email protected] Thank you for your support of Luther Crest Bible Camp!
Respectfully Submitted
Pastor Melissa Ehrhardt
Program Committee Secretary
Summer Camper Numbers Comparisons by Program
Executive’s Report
Dear Friends in Christ and Partners in Ministry!
This short 8 months of Luther Crest has been a whirlwind of incredible experiences and great movements towards our future. I would like to thank our Board of Directors for their support, to our staff for their work in this place
and to all of you who are part of our family because of your time, and your prayerful and financial support.
Beginning in April, Luther Crest engaged in an intentional partnership with Pilgrim Point Bible Camp to provide
two keys areas of service, Maintenance & Grounds care and waterfront program management. I am thankful for this
partnership for it brought Luther Crest and Pilgrim Point closer and allowed us to share our wealth of experience with
them. Pilgrim Point Bible Camp is the UCC’s camp in Minnesota located over on Lake Ida, just west of Luther Crest.
It has been a privilege to work with our Strategic Initiative Taskforce. Jen Jabas, Steve Hippe, Craig Risnes,
Tom Wacholtz, Rob Barse, Dan Miller, Paul Hanson, Jody Johnson and Josh Kehrwald have been our members charged
with the goal to develop a potential plan for the future of Luther Crest over the next 30 years. Through careful conversation, brainstorming and evaluation, they have developed the Luther Crest Vision 20/20.
The next step of this plan is to share it with you, our friends, congregations and donors. We would love to line
up a time to share this and to have your input. You can go online to at your convenience to view the plan and to share your input. Otherwise, connect with Dave Holtz to get a town meeting scheduled in
your area today.
Along with a number of new summer programs that were offered this summer, Luther Crest has developed a
partnership program in the area of Youth and Family Ministries. Our Ministry Associate program has been in development over the last couple of years to provide congregations part time support in youth and family ministries. Our current
team of Katie Eul, Sam Curwick, Anders Meier and Brian Weyer are ready and good to go with this new program. We
are excited for this adventure and look forward to the future of Ministry Associates serving Luther Crest and our congregations.
Finally, this year’s Ministry Plan, both programmatically and financially depends on you as congregations and
individuals to help accomplish it. Your gifts of time and dollars, your ability to invite and encourage the young and old
to participate, and for you yourself to participate will help Luther Crest succeed but also will further the kingdom of God
and his work in this world through us.
Simply, we, the hands of God, can move this place with God’s help so that kids, young and old, can experience
God through the people and the place of Luther Crest this year!
God’s Peace,
Luther Crest Staff
David Holtz
Dale Anderson, Property Manager
Sam Curwick, Ministry Associate
Katie Eul, Ministry Associate
Karen Gladen, Office Manager
Paul Hanson, Associate Director
David Holtz, Executive Director
Sue Jahnke, Hospitality and
EE Teaching
Jody Johnson, Associate Director
Anders Meier, Ministry Associate
Bonnie Praska, Food Service
Brian Weyer, Ministry Associate
SPECIAL THANKS to our departing
staff Chase Rambow and Christy
Old Business
These two sections were voted on in February 2011.
Section 2.02.ANNUAL MEETING. The Annual Meeting of the Association shall be held in the Luther Crest Bible Camp area or
at Luther Crest Bible Camp in October. The Board of Directors (hereinafter know as the “Board”) shall determine the exact date
and location. The fiscal year shall relate to the annual meeting date by being September 1—August 31.
Section 9.03. FISCAL YEAR. The fiscal year of the Corporation shall be September 1—August 31.
New Business
New Board Members Presented:
Steve Guttormson, Shelli Crowe, Dave Endicott
Returning Board Member: Rob Nelson
Installation of 2011 Board of Directors
P- In Holy Baptism our Lord Jesus Christ liberated you from sin and death and made you members of his Church. Through Word
and Sacrament you have been nurtured in faith. I ask you together with all who are here gathered, to confess the faith of the
Church, the faith in which we are baptized.
All: I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only Son our Lord, he
was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, and born of the virgin Mary. He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died
and was buried. He descended into hell. On the third day he rose again and ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of
the Father. He will come again to judge the living and the dead. I believe in the Holy Spirit, the holy catholic Church, the communion of saints and the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting, Amen.
1 Corinthians 12:4-7 and 1 Peter 4:8-11
P- On behalf of your sisters and brothers in Christ, I ask you: Are you ready to accept and faithfully carry out the duties and responsibilities of being a member of the Luther Crest Bible Camp Association Board of Directors which you have been elected?
P- People of God, I ask you: Will you support these, your elected leaders, and will you share in the mutual ministry that Christ has
given to all who are baptized? Will you accept the duties and responsibilities as Luther Crest Bible Camp Association delegates to
your home congregations and communities?
P- I now declare you installed as the Luther Crest Bible Camp Association Board of Directors. God bless you with his Holy Spirit,
that you may prove faithful servants of Christ.
By Law Change: The Luther Crest Board of Directors voted to present the following changes to the By Laws Section.
Currently it reads…
Section 7.14. Unrestricted income from the Fund shall be distributed annually and at such other times as deemed necessary and/
or feasible to further the ministry of the Association. The income from the Fund shall not be used for normally budgeted expenses
of the Association.
Change to...
The Luther Crest Endowment Fund shall use accepted Endowment/Foundation procedures on the distribution of its endowment.
Those accepted procedures are to distribute a percentage of the corpus based on a five year rolling average to be distributed annually. The present percentage being used is 4.25% of corpus. The income from the Fund shall not be used for normally budgeted
expenses of the Association.
Luther Crest Vision 20/20 Presentation
On Site Housing Recommendation
The Luther Crest Board of Directors is proposing that Luther Crest pursue permanent on site staff housing and the financing
needed to complete this project.
2011-2012 Ministry Plan
Luther Crest Bible Camp Budget
September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012
Proposed Budget 2011-12
Summer Camp Fees
Annual Fund
Other Income
and Store Sales
Facility Projects
Equipment Purchase-General Fund 9,500.00
Cost of Canteen/ Store Purchase
Seasonal Staff
Payroll Taxes
Food Purchase
Office Expense
Promotion & Fund Raising Expense 59,000.00
Program Expense
Repairs, Grounds & Laundry
& Travel Expenses
Net Income (Loss)
2011-2012 Upcoming Events and Programs
Fall Creative Retreat November 10-14, 2011
Stamping, Scrapbooking, Unfinished Projects, Worship, Learning, Fabulous Food, Hiking,
Massages, Fellowship, Laughter - - - If any of these sound like what you need, please join us for the Fall Creative Retreat.
PLT, Wet, Wild & Wild Aquatic Workshop November 13- 14, 2011
PLT K-8 Educator Guide, Wild K-12 Educator Guide, Wild Aquatic K-12 Guide, WET K-12 Guide, Fun, Hands-On training in internationally known Environmental Education curriculum - suitable for both formal and non-formal
educators, Natural resource education materials, hand-outs, poster, etc, lunch provided each day, tours of the Nature
Room and 98 acres of Maple Basswood Forest.
Luther Crest Adult Travel Event to Branson
November 29 - December 4, 2011
All the holiday sights and sounds come alive as we experience wonderful shows including Andy Williams, Shoji Tabuchi, Tony Orlando, The Lennon Sisters, SIX, the Miracle of
Christmas stage presentation, and a tribute to John Denver. Also, we close the event with the
traditional Concordia College Christmas Concert.
Christmas Bake Sale
Let Luther Crest do all your holiday baking. Our fabulously popular cookies,
candies, breads, muffins and pies will certainly warm your taste buds and
will make your Christmas season much less hectic. For more information call 320-846-2431 or email Bonnie Praska.
Grade 3-6 Winter Youth Retreat
January 20-22, 2012
“I-Pod, I-Phone, I-Follow” Come join us for a weekend of fun winter outdoor
games and activities, arts and crafts, crazy counselors, meaningful worships, Bible diving, and a better understanding of how God is working in our lives
every day!
ny of the
To regis
our web
g an
on form
d a re
R call ca downloa
each eve help with the re
and we w cess 320-846-24
tration p
Sweetheart Event February 14, 2012
A Valentine’s Day event for couples (Adults - 18 and over) Join us for an evening of elegant dining and outdoor
fun as we celebrate the gift of love and romance! Come for hors d’oeuvres, a candlelight dinner, followed by a
beautiful night walk or cross country skiing on trails lined with glowing luminaries, and an evening devotion as
we warm up by the fire. The evening will conclude with snacks and warm beverages.
Grade 7-9 Winter Youth Retreat
February 17-18, 2012
“I-Pod, I-Phone, I-Follow” Come join us for a weekend of fun winter outdoor games and activities, arts and crafts, crazy counselors, meaningful worships, Bible diving, and a better understanding of how God is working in our lives every day!
God Spa
April 27-29, 2012
Massage, reflexology, ion cleanse, yoga, Wii Fit, labyrinth meditation, prayer, Bible study, and
organic food. Our Spiritual Guide for the weekend will be leading worship, Bible study and available for personal
Where do we find HOPE in a BROKEN World? The 2012 Summer Theme, “Middle of the Wheel” will
focus on this question. Through our daily themes, we will learn to keep Christ, who is our hope
through uncertainty and fear, and our light in the darkness, as the center of our lives.
Luther Crest Bible Camp 2012 Summer Schedule
Week of…
June 10
3-6 Critters FULL WEEK
June 17
6-8 Witnesses
June 24
July 1
July 8
July 15
July 22
July 29
Aug 5
(Confirmation Week)
Women’s Week (Sun-Thurs)
K-4 9to5 Day Camp (Mon-Thurs)
4-6 Leapers (Mon-Thurs)
Mystery Mission
6-8 Digital Photography
6-8 WET & WILD
Mystery Mission
6-8 WET & WILD
Mystery Mission
3-6 Fishing
3-6 Dance
4-6 HiCanBike
7-10 X-treme
K-4 9to5 Day Camp (9am-5pm)
4-6 Musical Camp
4-6 Boys Football
4-6 Leapers
6-8 WET & WILD
10-12 Keepers (July 8-July 27 - Counselor in Training Program)
K-4 9to5 Day Camp (9am-5pm)
6-8 WET & WILD
7-10 Girls Volleyball
4-6 Leapers
10-12 Keepers (cont’d, wk.2)
6-8 Witnesses
2-4 Seekers (Sun-Wed)
6-8 WET & WILD
4-6 Girls Volleyball
2-4 Seekers (Wed-Fri)
10-12 Keepers cont’d, wk.3)
7-10 Night Owl (Pilgrim Point)
6-8 Witnesses
6-8 WET & WILD
7-10 Basketball
9-12 Night Owl (Pilgrim Point)
9-12 Onigum Mystery Mission
9-12 Waterama
4-6 Leapers
6-8 WET & WILD
4-6 Basketball
9-12 Waterama
7-10 X-treme
Grades listed are those to-be-completed summer 2012. Call us, 320-846-2431. Register online,
Churches interested in your own mission trip or Waterama week are encouraged to call camp to schedule your event!!!
Luther Crest Bible Camp 2012 Summer Schedule
Week of…
June 10
June 17
June 24
July 1
July 8
July 15
3-6 Critters FULL WEEK
6-8 Witnesses
(Confirmation Week)
Women’s Week (Sun-Thurs)
K-4 9to5 Day Camp (Mon-Thurs)
4-6 Leapers (Mon-Thurs)
Mystery Mission
6-8 Digital Photography
6-8 WET & WILD
Mystery Mission
6-8 WET & WILD
Mystery Mission
3-6 Fishing
3-6 Dance
4-6 HiCanBike
7-10 X-treme
K-4 9to5 Day Camp (9am-5pm)
4-6 Musical Camp
4-6 Boys Football
6-8 WET & WILD
4-6 Leapers
10-12 Keepers (July 8-July 27 - Counselor in Training Program)
K-4 9to5 Day Camp (9am-5pm)
6-8 WET & WILD
7-10 Girls Volleyball
4-6 Leapers
10-12 Keepers (cont’d, wk.2)

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