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Data Science - SourceMedia
Web Seminar Series:
Data Science ► Generate Qualified Leads ► Gain Substantial ROI ► Build Thought Leadership
What’s the most exciting discipline in modern Information Management? Data Science!
And yet, with all the buzz and countless articles referencing this lofty concept, the
vast majority of information workers still crave the granular how-to details for making
the magic happen. This new Web Seminar series will provide those answers!
Align yourself with this series for maximum reach and engagement of this large,
influential audience of Business and IT professionals.
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Data Science
Upcoming events:
June 3
July 8
August 5
Each 60-minute event will employ the following format and is supervised by an independent Analyst who shepherds the
process of producing the show’s content, then takes an active role in the live event:
The Issue (5 minutes) – What is the business issue this Data Science project attempted to solve?
The Team (5 minutes) – Who was involved in the project? From the sponsor down to the front-line workers?
The Data (5 minutes) – Which data sets were involved in the project? Inside and outside the firewall?
The Tools (5 minutes) – Which technologies were used in the project? Purchased? Home-grown?
The Process (20 minutes) – How did the project commence, continue, and ultimately resolve?
The Results (10 minutes) – What was the final outcome of this Data Science project?
Q & A (10 minutes) – Let’s talk!
Project Management
A dedicated event specialist, provided by Information Management, to manage the process
Event registration – creating the registration page and the collection of registrant information
Marketing deliverables – Event promotion via email and advertising on and in our e-Newsletters
Production and execution of the live event, managing all deliverables
Opportunity to poll audience during live event
Post-Production Support
Post-event reporting: registration, attendance and polling results
Access to live event questions
Complete list of registrants with full attendee demographics
Hosting and archiving of the Web Seminar on for 3 months
Unlimited usage of registrant names for follow-up
Multi-Sponsored event:$8,000 (4 maximum sponsors)
Sole Sponsored event: $18,000
For more information, please contact:
Tony Carrini, Publisher, (212) 803-8547 or [email protected] |