Exposición Sr. Sergio Melnick, presidente de Anticipa S.A.



Exposición Sr. Sergio Melnick, presidente de Anticipa S.A.
¿S e
Sergio I. Melnick
La cuadratura del círculo:
Un problema matemático. Irresoluble en geometría. Consistente en hallar —con sólo
regla y compás— un cuadrado que posea un área que sea igual a la de un círculo dado.
La poderosa energía de las ideas y el pensar
Los problemas fáciles
ya están todos
Î No hay “recetas” fáciles, ni rápidas
"no se puede obtener la solución a
un problema desde el mismo nivel
de pensamiento que lo generó“
Un sistema lógico no se puede explicar a si mismo Î Gödel
Buscando unas 10, o más,
razones de peso ¿$?
No es tema
de lucas
“Los chilenos no reaccionan contra la
adversidad: se encogen, se achican, se
ajustan, y la culpa es siempre de otros”
La auto-responsabilidad falla
Al final se
revienta con
Un país que le falta el PADRE …
El síndrome del deporte:
pais con transtornos del estado de ánimo
(se suben con la misma rapidez que se bajan de las cosas)
Las muchas
Cuatro categorías:
1. Sociedad como un todo
2. Economía
3. Educación y cultura
4. Diversas
Sociedad como un todo
1. Desequilibrio severo en poderes del Estado
2. Desequilibrio muy severo en fuentes de poder
3. Desequilibrio regional ÎCENTRALIZACION
4. Muy mala distribución del ingreso junto a un
severo error en el concepto de “equidad”
Baja Inversión (Debe llegar al 30% PRECIOS CORRIENTES)
Campaña permanente anti-empresarial
Mercado Laboral rígido e ineficiente
Mala protección efectiva a la libre competencia
10. Sector público MUY ineficiente y
sobredimensionado, con islas de excelencia
11. Tema ambiental muy mal definido
Educación y cultura
12. Ministerio de educación es parte del problema y no
de la solución,
13. Estatuto docente debe ser derogado
14. Arte y cultura no son lo mismo
15. Escasa capacidad, e interés, en Ciencia y tecnología
16. Muy poco deporte Î actitudes, competencia,
17. Consumidor poco eficiente para si mismo: poco
18. Innovación (falta la casta de los inventores)
Voy a desarrollar sólo 4
Desequilibrio severo poderes del Estado
Desequilibrio muy severo fuentes de poder
Desequilibrio regional ÎCENTRALIZACION
Muy mala distribución del ingreso junto a un severo error en el concepto de “equidad”
Baja Inversión (en torno al 20%)
Campaña permanente anti-empresarial
Mercado Laboral rígido e ineficiente
Mala protección efectiva a la libre competencia
Sector público MUY ineficiente y sobredimensionado, con islas de excelencia
Tema ambiental mal definido
Ministerio de educación es parte del problema y no de la solución,
Estatuto docente debe ser derogado
Arte y cultura no son lo mismo
Escasa capacidad en Ciencia y tecnología
Poco deporte actitudes, competencia, equilibrio
Consumidor poco eficiente para si mismo: poco exigente
Innovación (la casta de los inventores)
El Gran desafío
de la clase
política chilena
El origen del
problema de la
Los dos grandes
“atractores” para la
sociedad ... y compiten
por existencia
¿Qué es lo “justo”?
Un error en el sistema operativo
Un error en el sistema operativo
Vs Condorito, Verdejo y el roto Quezada
Inventos top del año 2006
Hydrogen Bomber
It may be years before you can buy a Chevy
powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Tired of
waiting, Shanghai-based Horizon Fuel Cell
Technologies decided to design and market the Hracer, a 6-in.-long toy car that does what Detroit still
can't. It runs on hydrogen extracted from
plain tap water using the solar-powered
Hydrogen Station, below, and can travel
more than 300 ft. in a single fuel-up. The
car's miniature scale gives it one advantage over fullsize prototypes: since it uses only a trace amount of
flammable hydrogen, there's no risk of it pulling a
Hindenburg in your living room.
Inventos top del año 2006
Finder of Lost Gloves
For years, people prayed to St. Anthony for
help finding misplaced items. Now you can
attach radio-frequency-emitting tags
to your most losable possessions. When
something is missing, fire up the Loc8tor,
and it points you in the right direction--not just
left or right, but up or down too. It homes in to
within an inch of your item, while the tag itself
emits helpful beeps. The only thing the
system can't do is locate the Loc8tor itself. For
that you still need St. Anthony.
Inventos top del año 2006
Just Claws
You already drink organic milk, buy free-range
chicken and shun foie gras. But have you assessed
your seafood-eating habits? After watching a lobster
thrash about as it was boiled alive at a grocery store,
a British barrister devised a kinder way to kill
crustaceans. His CrustaStun electrocutes them with
a 110-volt shock, dispatching them in about five
seconds, vs. the two minutes it takes in hot water. A
commercial version is already being used by a pair of
seafood wholesalers in Britain. A smaller, home
version--measuring about 1.5 feet in width and depth-will be out by year's end.
Inventos top del año 2006
Drip Patrol
Umbrellas are supposed to keep the water
out, but those $5 throwaway models will
soak through in a downpour, and even the
best umbrellas drip annoyingly when you
bring them indoors. Here's a dryer, albeit
pricier, alternative. The NanoNuno
umbrella dries after a quick shake, so
you don't have to park it outside the door on
rainy days. The canopy's nanotech
polyester surface is designed to repel
water droplets, so they don't end up on
you or your floor. Its inventors were inspired
by the way moisture and dirt roll off the
leaves of a lotus plant.
Inventos top del año 2006
The Doting Dinosaur
Lots of robot toys look like real animals, but
they can't walk the walk. Pleo, which is
modeled after a baby camarasaurus (a planteating dinosaur), aims to be more lifelike.
When it walks, its whole body sways. It's
equipped with more than three
dozen touch, sound, light and
tilt sensors, and it even has
moods. Ignore Pleo, and it will get
depressed and sleep all day. Give it some TLC,
and it will wag its tail when you get home and
purr like a cat. O.K., maybe it's confused about
which animal it's supposed to be--but it's sure
got (a mechanical) heart.
Inventos top del año 2006
Bright Idea
Identifying drunk drivers could get a lot quicker
new infrared
alcohol test--developed by an
and easier after a
Albuquerque, N.M., start-up--is launched next
year. Using the fact that body tissue with alcohol
in it absorbs more light than normal tissue, the
device detects alcohol levels by shining
infrared light on the subject's
skin and analyzing tissue based on how it
reflects that light. The test (which doesn't have
an official name yet) takes 60 sec. to produce
results vs. 20 min. for a Breathalyzer test and
days for a standard blood test.
Inventos top del año 2006
Finger Saver
The spinning teeth on a table-saw blade move at
about 120 m.p.h. This makes them very useful for
cutting wood; unfortunately, they're also very good
at cutting fingers. This table saw comes equipped
with new sensor technology that can
tell when the blade comes in contact
with soft human flesh. Within a few
milliseconds the saw blade stops and drops below
the cutting surface, so that any errant digits come
away with just a nick. Horror movie averted.
Inventos top del año 2006
The Battlefield ExtractionAssist Robot (BEAR), developed for
military search-and-rescue missions, has
hydraulic arms that can support injured
soldiers weighing up to 400 lbs. (more than
most troopers in full gear) and a system of
wheels, tracks and joints that enable it to
maneuver in all sorts of positions. It can
balance on its back wheels to climb up a
steep hill or roll over rough terrain while
staying low to the ground. For now the
BEAR needs a human to drive it via remote
control, but a more autonomous version is
in the works.
Inventos top del año 2006
Low Rider
It's 88 ft. long, 40 ft. across the beam,
weighs 45 tons and carries 2,000 sq. ft. of cargo,
but the carbon-fiber M80 Stiletto draws only 3
ft. of water, making it uniquely suited for naval
missions in shallow water.
The M80 achieves its remarkable draft with a
specially sculpted hull that lets air and water flow
underneath to reduce wind resistance and
generate lift. Capable of speeds of up to 50 knots
(58 m.p.h.), the ship is intended for military use,
but similar technology is used in fishing boats,
yachts and even water taxis that cross Venice's
Inventos top del año 2006
Convert straw into building material
Modern Marvels Invent Now Challenge, a national
competition for inventors sponsored by the History
Channel and the National Inventors Hall of Fame with
an assist from TIME, which helped judge the contest.
Nearly 4,500 submissions poured in last year from
tinkerers in all 50 states, ranging in age from 8 to 80.
The winner, David R. Ward, 53, from Ashland, Ore.,
dreamed up the StrawJet, a farm implement that
processes straw into mats that can be used
as building materials. Ward's device uses clay
and paper pulp to hold the mats together, rather than
the hazardous industrial chemicals that made him sick
when he worked as a construction supervisor. It also
relies on resources readily available in developing
countries, where Ward hopes his machine will
eventually help produce cheap, quick housing. He's now
raising funds to build a demonstration house made
entirely from straw.
Inventos top del año 2006
Power Flower
Can a lamp change the way you live? This elegant
flower-shaped light harbors an eco-friendly secret: it
monitors the overall energy usage
in your household. When it senses
that power consumption is low, it rewards
you by blooming - its metal petals unfold
attractively. If you start draining too much electricity, it
closes up again. The flower lamp was created by a
Swedish consortium called Static! that explores ways
of using design to increase energy awareness and
promote greener lifestyles.
Inventos top del año 2006
It's a Wrap
CeeLite's paper-thin, flexible
lightbulbs can go virtually
anywhere: around a pillar, on the floor, even
around Chad Smith's drum set during the Red Hot
Chili Peppers' recent appearance on Saturday
Night Live. The light-emitting capacitors (LECs) are
essentially 1-mm-thick sheets of plastic. Inside is a
layer of phosphor that when hit with an alternating
current, shines bright white (not bluish like other
electroluminescent light).
The LECs illuminate surfaces evenly but can also
be programmed to dim, fade or flash on contact.
Inventos top del año 2006
Bici Niños
Matthew C. Grossman, Student, Austin, TX. Shift
Bicycle: This bicycle is intended to help small children
learn to balance on their own without the crutch of
training wheels and the worry of skinned knees. The
bicycle features two
rear wheels that are
spread apart at slow speeds to
provide critical stability, and as the rider
gains speed, the two rear wheels merge together to act
as one wheel until the rider reduces speed and
consequently returns the bicycle to the two wheel
Inventos top del año 2005
Airing It Out
Wheel without an inflated tire may seem oldfashioned—think wooden buggy wheels—but the Tweel
from Michelin is anything but retro.
A shock-absorbing rubber tread band
distributes pressure to dozens of
flexible polyurethane spokes. The spokes in
turn are supported by an aluminum center. Because the
Tweel is airless, it is more rugged than a pneumatic tire and
never goes flat. The Tweel has been tested on the IBOT
robotic wheelchair and military vehicles. But you won’t see it
on your Honda anytime soon. Michelin says it is still too
noisy for automotive applications.
Inventos top del año 2005
A Rope That Knows
As any fire fighter or rock climber can tell you, a
simple rope can save your life—as long as it
doesn't fray or break without warning. Because
Smart Rope is embedded with electrically
conductive metal fibers, it can sense
the amount of weight it is bearing
and alert users to a load that is too great. A
handheld receiver relays any problems to the
owner with a warning message. Smart Rope can
also be used for mooring boats, securing valuables
or in rescue operations.
Inventos top del año 2005
Fruit Tattoos
Goodbye, pesky stickers. A growing number of
produce packers and distributors are experimenting
with natural-light labeling,
a new process
that uses a laser to etch
identifying information
(country of origin, variety,
etc.) into the skins of fruits
and vegetables without
bruising or causing other
damage. In our taste tests with pears from
Southern Oregon Sales, the labeled areas proved
entirely edible, if oddly textured. The process
allows suppliers to attach more specific data to
individual items—such as when a peach will be ripe
enough to eat and other handy tidbits—in a way
that won't stick to your hair.
¿Y Chile...?
Inventos en Chile
Escolar Ganó
Concurso de
Un dispositivo capaz de disparar
Y MEDIO, que derrumbase un
muro a 40 mts de distancia de la
plataforma de lanzamiento
Inventos en Chile
Pinball Machine
ganó el Concurso
de Inventos 2006
UVC (ingeniería mecánica)
extraer energía de un flujo constante
de agua (similar a una cascada), y
luego con esta energía, trasladar la
mayor cantidad de pelotas de tenis
desde un dispensador, hasta un
canasto receptor ubicado a 4 metros
de distancia horizontal y 1.9 metros
vertical. “Pinball Machine” logró
trasladar las 50 pelotas en los 3
minutos asignados, en una disputada
final en que su rival “Vetty”, trasladó
47 pelotas en el mismo tiempo.
Los problemas fáciles
están todos resueltos
Î No hay “recetas” fáciles, ni rápidas
1. Nuevo Contrato social, con re-equilibrio poderes públicos. LA
2. Abrir camino al peso de los Intelectuales en la sociedad:
3. Regiones a full, casi federal,
4. Fuertes incentivos tributarios a la inversión, mas un MK moderno
(riesgo, derivados, apertura, bolsa emergente real etc..),
5. Re ingeniería, modernización, y digitalización completa del
aparato estatal
6. Traer 1.000 científicos top YA
7. Liberalizar educación, y financiar adecuadamente a los mas
pobres a la demanda
8. Focalizar el estímulo social al rol del Inventor
Hay una fuerza motriz
más poderosa
que el vapor,
la electricidad y
la energía atómica:
la voluntad
Donde hay una meta y voluntad ... ¡siempre
hay un camino!
Y sabemos quién lo puede hacer....

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