Kermit The Hop Sell Sheet


Kermit The Hop Sell Sheet
It isn’t always easy being green. Sexy organic hops aren’t easy to come by. This year, we scored hella’ Organic Simcoe® and =inally brewed our very =irst Double IPA. With over 3 lbs of hops per barrel, Kermit The Hop is bright, citrusy and palate-­‐wreckingly bitter. Resinous pine coats the tongue and reluctantly gives way to grapefruit and a grassy bitterness that stays at the back of the tongue for days. Drinking green never tasted this good. Kermit The Hop
great match for spicy food, pungent cheeses & anything fried.
Sausage, Meat Pizza,
Gumbo, Blue Cheese,
Sharp Cheddar, Chili,
Mexican Food, BBQ,
Indian Curries &
Carrot Cake
Brewing Specs (for the geeks)
Double IPA with Hella Simcoe® Hops
Hops: Hella Simcoe®*! !
Chinook*, Centennial*!
| IBUs: 80
| ABV: 8.5%
Malts: Two Row*, Wheat*, Munich*
*All Ingredients 100% USDA Certified Organic
Available 22 oz. Bottles & Draft
22 oz. UPC: ! !
Case Box UPC: !
7 87143 10028 5
7 87143 10028 5
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