Luminator X Halogen Auxiliary Spotlight Brief Information



Luminator X Halogen Auxiliary Spotlight Brief Information
Luminator X Halogen
Auxiliary Spotlight
The full mounting instructions and further details
can be found on the Internet on:
Protective cap*
8XS 172 921-001
* Protective caps are not legally authorised in some countries. Please
check with the relevant authority before using on public roads.
Luminator X halogen auxiliary spotlight
Small and strong. Perfect for quads,
compact pick-ups, SUVs and
passenger vehicles.
With aluminium die-cast housing and
black design ring.
ECE type-approved high beam for
12-volt vehicle electric systems
Technical drawing
Scope of supply
Halogen spotlight
H1 12 V bulb
Attachment material
Mounting instructions
Ø 12.7 cm
Weight: 1,200 g
Upright mounting. Inclination angle: +/- 7 °
Spotlight (ref. 17.5), 12 V
1F0 010 186-201
Ideas today for
the cars of tomorrow
Range overview
Luminator X Xenon auxiliary spotlight
Ø 12.7 cm, Xenon spotlight with ECE type type approval
integrated ballast and D1S gas discharge lamp.
Spotlight (ref. 37.5), 12 V
1F0 010 186-001
Light distribution comparison
Ref 50 ⁄ 40 ⁄ 37.5 ⁄ 25 ⁄ 17.5 and 12.5: the reference number (ref.) is a value referring to
spotlights. According to the ECE regulation; the reference number may not exceed an upper limit
of 100 per vehicle. The two values of the standard high beams (left and right main headlights) plus
the value of other mounted spotlights are added. The value is entered on the cover lens of
approved headlights.
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Lux is a unit used to measure light. It specifies the luminous flux which hits a certain surface
from the light source. For example; an office should be illuminated with at least 500 Lux and the
human eye can still read a newspaper without any problems at 1 Lux. The values under the Lux
axis show where the respective strengths of light are achieved in the light distribution diagrams.
Ideas today for
the cars of tomorrow

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