SMART Integrated Meters



SMART Integrated Meters
SMART Integrated Meters
Collecting transformer data has traditionally been an expensive
and time consuming proposition. To access transformer data,
operators were required to open and close transformers and work
around live terminals. Additionally, the error associated with the
vast majority of clamp-on CT’s made accurate field verification of
transformer performance very challenging. Powersmiths has
solved the safety and accuracy problems associated with
transformer data measurement by integrating revenue class CT’s
and metering into the transformer at the time of manufacture.
This innovation provides customers with the ability to easily and
accurately commission the installed performance of transformers
for energy and power quality on an on-going basis.
Because SMART meters are integrated into the transformer, they
allow fast and easy access to transformer performance, energy
consumption and power quality data. They are ideal for
application in facilities where easy on-going access to energy
consumption and power quality data is desirable including:
• Facilities that restrict access • LEED commissioning,
to live transformers
measurement and verification
• ESCO packages
• Other energy savings
driven installations
• High performance schools
• Supporting sustainability
education programs
Powersmiths SMART-2 and SMART-3 meters provide the
technology infrastructure for the Powersmiths Windows on the
World™ (WOW), sustainability management system. WOW uses
actual building resource consumption data to graphically
illustrate the environmental effects/benefits of an
organization’s energy saving strategies and helps to educate
and engage people in energy conservation.
SMART-1 is an external measurement port providing
simultaneous access to transformer primary and secondary
electrical parameters including coil temperatures and internal
surge protection status (when supplied). It provides simple twistlock connection for the Powersmiths Cyberhawk™ Portable
Meter, which measures efficiency as well as comprehensive
energy and power quality data; adapters are available to connect
3rd party meters.
SMART-2 incorporates an energy and power meter that measures
the transformer secondary (load profile). Electrical data may be
read at the transformer and via a building management system
over RS485 using the popular Modbus RTU protocol or over
Ethernet with the optional ethernet gateway supporting Modbus
TCP. Additional configurations include an external measurement
port with SMART-1 functionality as described above.
SMART-3 incorporates an energy and power meter that measures
the transformer secondary (load profile) together with a web server
for anytime anywhere access. Electrical data can be viewed at the
transformer or remotely over an Intranet or Internet (network IP
setting dependent) using a common Internet browser with no need
for custom software. SMART-3 also logs user selected parameters
for historical trends offering support for building management
systems using the popular Modbus TCP protocol over Ethernet.
Additional configurations include an external measurement port
with SMART-1 functionality as described above.
• Acquires energy consumption and power
quality data quickly and easily
• Eliminates the safety and disruption risks inherent in
opening transformer enclosures while they are operating
• Facilitates continuous commissioning and validation
• Supports energy management programs and
sustainability education initiatives
Access power and energy status over the Web
• Offers a low cost approach to sub-metering
Meter Features
• Electrical parameters of the load including power and energy
• Power quality (voltage & current THD)
• Built-in support for Powersmiths interactive Windows on the World™ sustainability
management system
• Simultaneous display of 3 parameters
• Available external measurement port
External Measurement Port Features
• Safe access to live voltages and currents without opening the transformer enclosure
• Measure transformer primary and secondary
• Measure real world transformer efficiency and performance
• Check transformer coil temperatures and internal surge protection device
(when supplied)
• Simple twist-lock connection
SMART-1: External Measurement Port (no meter)
SMART-2A: Integrated Meter, RS485 (Modbus RTU)
SMART-2B: Integrated Meter, RS485 (Modbus RTU), External Measurement Port
SMART-2C: Integrated Meter, Ethernet (Modbus TCP)
SMART-2D: Integrated Meter, Ethernet (Modbus TCP), External Measurement Port
SMART-3A: Integrated Meter, WEB Server (TCP/IP)
SMART-3B: Integrated Meter, WEB Server (TCP/IP), External Measurement Port
Volts (Line & Phase)
Current (Line & Neutral)
Power (kW, kVA, kVAR, PF)
Energy (kWh, kVARh)
Demand (kWd, kVARd, Vd, Id)
THD (V & I)
Protection: Fused disconnects Shorting CT Terminals
Meter Accuracy: 0.5% typical (V & I), 1% Power/Energy
CT Accuracy: Class 0.3
Display (HMI:) 3-Line 3-Digit LED
User Input: Selector buttons
Setup: Local at screen
Remote by software
Access Restriction: Password protected
Size: 18.5”W x 9”D x 6”H
Mounting: On top of transformer enclosure
Temperature: 0˚C to + 40˚C
Power: 120VAC (Internally self-powered), 7W burden
RS485 (SMART 2A, 2C): 2-wire to 38.4kB, Modbus
Ethernet (SMART 2B, 2D): 10/100 BaseT, Modbus TCP
Webserver (SMART 3A, 3B): TCP/IP, Modbus
TCP 4-level Password
Parameters: 20 (user selectable)
Log Interval: 10 sec. to 1 hour
Built-in Log Time (parameters x log interval):
example - 4 months for 12 parameters @15 min
5 year limited warranty
Technical specification subject to change without notice.
Copyright 2008, Powersmiths International Corp. All rights reserved. SMART™, Cyberhawk™ and Windows on the World are trademarks of Powersmiths International Corp.
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