Recent Changes To CSM`s Most Powerful Tool



Recent Changes To CSM`s Most Powerful Tool
Recent Changes
To CSM’s Most
Powerful Tool
Keith Faufata
City & County Of Honolulu
Department Of Environmental Services
Collection System Maintenance
November 13th, 2009
1997 Vactor
2009 Vactor
Recently my family and I took a trip to Monterey,
California to see my daughter, Noelle graduate from
Defense Language School as a Crypto Linguist in
the United States Marine Corp.
While we were there a representative for Aquatech brought a
brand new high velocity flushing truck to Monterey. There are
no Aquatech trucks in Hawaii so this was a nice opportunity
for me to see a new machine. Here are some of the pictures I
Noelle after Graduation getting ready to drive to San Angelo Texas,
Goodfellow Airforce Base, her next training stop, 1200 miles away.
My Wife Joy & My Two Girls, Kayla on the left & Noelle on the right
Me and my two girls
My wife & I at Pier 39, San
Francisco, Golden Gate
Bridge Souvenir Store
The Golden Gate Bridge from a boat on the way to Sausalito
OK Vacation over,
back to work!
New Aquatech High Velocity Flushing & Vacuum Truck
As I looked at the Aquatech truck, I tried to
see what made it different from the Vactors
we have. It seems that certain truck
builders have options that they do better
than the other guys. The fun part about my
job is I try to get all the good stuff on one
truck. Well it’s not always fun, sometimes
they get a little bothered when they can’t
do what I want.
Aquatech has a “quick release” filter set up and a hand washing
outlet next to the controls that operate the high velocity pump
Aquatech with the Debris Tank Raised
Aquatech, Debris Tank Raised
Fenders go up with debris tank for easy access to work on chassis
Cross over “Y” to keep water supply to pump from both sides
Rear door with hose reel mounted on the back of the truck. No engine
noise back here, like front mounted hose reels
Rear door fully open with debris body raised
Rear door fully open with debris body raised
Rear door with screen to keep drain area clear
Inside debris tank, ball float to shut off vacuum,
body wash out and water recycle pump
Debris Body wash out system ON at very low rate
Tool box and suction pipe storage
Aquatech has the truck components set up so you can walk to the
top of the debris tank to check the tank through a trap door. This
helps if there is a need to open the rear door and you are not sure if
any debris and/or waste water is in the tank.
My Work History at the City
1979 I started working for the City & County of Honolulu as a Cesspool
worker. Wastewater Management Helper
1982 I got promoted to a Cesspool Truck Driver WWM Operator I
As a driver I tried to setup the truck so work was done safe and
efficient. The senior drivers had also modified things to
make it easier to work with the equipment we had.
1995 I got promoted to Working Foreman WWM Operator WF-1
As a foreman I got involved in setting up repairs and modifications for 10
Cesspool trucks. We were also asked as drivers, what improvements can
or should be made on new trucks the department purchased
1996 I moved to the Sewer Maintenance section due to a reduction in
work force in the Cesspool Section. I was assigned to Flushing with an
Aquatech in the Waikiki area.
My Work History at the City
1997 our flushing crew got a brand new Vactor, I was able to talk to the
Vactor representatives to see how the Vactor worked. After a few years I
began to suggest certain modifications to make truck operations more user
2006 I was asked to help coordinate vehicle repairs for CSM. For the last
three years I’ve had the opportunity to help spec out new vehicles, including
Vactors. I have flown to Vactor three times to inspect trucks before they are
shipped. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I walk along the Vactor
factory and point out what I like and don’t like.
Today I would like to point out some
of the changes that were made.
Telescoping Boom on 2009 Vactor
Telescoping Boom on 2009 Vactor, side view
Partially Extended Telescoping Boom 2009 Vactor
Extended Telescoping Boom 2009 Vactor
Extended Telescoping Boom 2009 Vactor
Manually connected suction pipes, 1997 Vactor
Front view of boom on 1997 Vactor
Rear door 1995 Vactor
Rear door 2001 Vactor
Rear door 2007 Vactor
Rear Door 2009 Vactor
Control Panel 1997 Vactor
Control panel 1999 Mini Vactor
Control Panel 2009 Vactor
Side view 2009 Vactor Lateral Hose Reel Powered
Side view 1997 Vactor, notice no lateral hose
Bottom driver side corner, lateral hose, manual wind
Lateral hose and operational controls 2009 Vactor
Folding Side steps on 2009 Vactor
Rear door knife valve switches relocated so operator can see valves
Rear door knife valve switches relocated so operator can see valves
Center Console on new 2009 Vactor
Dash Board Gauges on new 2009 Vactor
Traffic Advisory Control Box and TV Monitor for Front or Rear View
We have looked at a lot of pictures so far but the best way
to see the changes is to go outside and look at our brand
new 2009 Vactor.
Any questions
before we go?
Thank you very much,
see you outside