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The TresTLeBoarD - Milwaukee
Damascus Lodge No. 290 F. & A.M.
The TrestleBoard
Volume IX, Issue 8
September 2012
Good Bye and Welcome
Special Points of Interest:
The summer is over, the kids are back in school and the Lodge’s that were dark are returning
back to continue their work; however, Damascus wouldn’t know much about being dark, because
we’ve been busy all summer! We’ve had a miniature golf competition, a family picnic, a visit to
the Renaissance Fair and that’s in addition to the awesome degree work we’ve been doing. Congratulations to our newest Master Mason’s – Jon Stollenwork and Derrick Zolinski. We’re happy
to have you aboard and look forward to seeing you at meetings and helping with degree work.
Past Masters Dinner
Master’s Message
It’s that time again, the Damascus 290 slot car races will be happening on the 25th of September
at Lucky Bob’s Raceway. After our evening of death defying turns, wipeouts and straight-aways,
we’re heading to Filippos Pizzeria for some world class pizza and garlic bread. If you’re interested
in joining us, contact Tom “Streak of Lightening” Stachowiak at (414) 207 - 5668 or [email protected]
com for more information. The cost is only $10 for members and if you bring a guest, they’ll
race and eat for free.
On October 14th, Damascus will be honoring the men who have been chosen to lead the Lodge
in the past. In other Lodges they may be known as “The Old Guys”, “The Old Guard”, “The
Curmudgeon Crew”, but at Damascus, we affectionately like to call them – “The Past Masters”.
At Damascus we love our Past Masters and honor them for their service to the Lodge. This year
we’re having dinner at Paisano’s Italian Restaurant on the corners of Chicago and College Avenues in South Milwaukee. If you wish join, please see the flyer at the end of the Trestleboard for
contact information.
On October 21st, Damascus will be having a family Halloween Party. Starting at 5pm, we’ll have
games, music and fun for everyone, accompanied with spookghetti and eyeballs for dinner, along
with other assorted dinner treats to eat. Put on your best family appropriate costume for some
great pictures opportunities and the possibility of winning a prize. Cost for members is only $5.
Upcoming Events
Counselor’s Corner
DL290 Racing
Halloween Party
Page 2
The TrestleBoard
Bring the whole family for
Dinner ”spookghetti and eyeballs” (spaghetti and meatballs)
Assorted goulish and creepy dinner treats
in lodge trick or treat
scavenger hunts for young and old alike
games for young goblins and older ones too
Plenty of photo ops
Family Appropriate Costumes optional
but encouraged for all, you may
even win a prize!
Cost is $5 per adult, kids under 12 are free....
Volume VIII, Issue 1
Page 3
The Master’s Message
The main question around the Lodge has been “Where did the summer go?” It doesn’t seem that long
ago we were at the Damascus Hoedown and now we’re preparing for the races at Lucky Bob’s Raceway.
Before you know it the temperature will drop, we’ll give thanks for our many blessings and our Brother
St. Nick will make his famous journey.
While many Lodges have been dark this summer, the Damascus train has been blazing full steam ahead.
Over the summer we have initiated and welcomed three new Entered Apprentices and raised two new
Master Mason’s.
Although we work hard, we also play hard as well. We’ve had some great family events this summer all
around the greater Milwaukee region. From mini-golf at the River Falls Family Fun center on Layton, to
Wilson Park for a wonderful Family picnic, to the Milwaukee County Zoo to visit some of my relatives, on down to Bristol for
a moment back in time at the Renaissance Festival. The events have been well attended by members, family and friends and the
fellowship experienced and observed have made some excellent memories that will last with me (and I’m sure many of you) for
a lifetime.
The degrees have been well attended considering the summer schedule. All things considered, only a few of our regular
Brothers have been missed and I’ve been very thankful for all those who have come out to support our degree work. Of course
every Master wishes the seats could be full during the degrees, because it means that much more for the candidate. I’m sure
many of us have experienced the difference between a degree that has been well attended and barely attended. The feeling that
you get from seeing all your Brothers there with you during your degree is a truly awesome experience. However, just because
summer is over, our degree work is still rolling along. We’ve received new petitions and our candidates are knocking out their
postings and are eager to proceed with their Masonic career. The meeting time is still the same - dinner is at 6pm, meeting is at
7pm – come out and support the Lodge.
Matthew Wright
Worshipful Master
Schedule of Events
September 11th – Stated Meeting and Fellow Craft degree, dinner starts at 6pm
September 25th – The Damascus 290 Races at Lucky Bob’s
October 9th - Stated Meeting, dinner starts at 6pm
October 14 - Past Master’s Dinner, see flyer on page 5
October 21- Halloween Party at the Lodge
Masonic Milestones
JOHN L. IMMEL – 63 years
ANDREW M. BLAHA – 28 years
GEORGE J. WEBER – 17 years
DONALD P. O’KRAY – 6 years
Congratulations Brothers!!!!
Page 4
The TrestleBoard
Meet our new Master Masons
Volume VIII, Issue 1
Page 5
Page 6
The TrestleBoard
Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!
Meet all your favorite drivers at the
“Damascus 290”
Our meeting on Sept. 25th will be held at:
5822 West Forest Home Ave.
Join us for a night of Racing and Fellowship!
Exciting racing from 6-8 p.m.!!
Enjoy PIZZA after the Main Event!!
Entry fee is only $10.00!!
Call Bro. Tom Stach, 414-207-5668 to reserve your car!
Bring a prospective member!!
Or be Sean!
Volume VIII, Issue 1
Page 7
Counselor’s Corner
“Roll up the Sleeves”
The summer of 2012 is now, officially in the books. We have had a good summer as a Lodge, replete with practices, degrees and outside
activities. Fun was had by all and how could we not have had good times? We took our families to Jobie softball games, picnics, the Ren
Faire, and other events, and did so as Brethren.
We practiced and conferred degrees. Indeed we practiced and conferred degrees. This year is the first year where Damascus has followed
the Grand Lodge ritual and had our Junior Warden confer Entered Apprentice degrees, the Senior Warden confer Fellow Craft degrees, and
Master Matt confer Master Mason degrees. Congratulations to WM Matt Wright for putting his back into this cart and pushing it forward
and congratulations to Bro’s. Stach and Flash on their progress and learning the ritual.
As we roar into the fall, we have yet more work to do. There are 10 men to confer degrees upon, ranging from new candidates and their
Entered Apprentice degrees right through to Brethren who are in waiting to receive Fellow Craft and Master Mason degrees. Yes, we are
going to be extraordinarily busy through the end of the Masonic year.
Fortunately, our Lodge is gifted and blessed with ritualists who will be there and will do the work.
What happens however, if a ritualists becomes sick or can’t be there for a degree? We have made great strides and good success in filling
roles and backups for our degrees, but we are not quite there just yet.
The Lodge is fortunate enough to have a depth of two or three levels on some parts, and only one level on other parts. For those who
would like to become part of the Damascus ritual team, now is your opportunity, the requirements are really fairly simple and straight
forward. You must be a Master Mason in good standing.
Our pay is meager (corn, wine, and oil) and well worth any effort put forth. The benefits are such as to please even the toughest Worshipful Master. The benefits are pizza, custard, and a ship load of fun at practice nights. Other benefits are learning to speak in public and
overcome fears of making mistakes while coming away with a sense of accomplishment and achievement.
Contact WM Matt Wright, PM Mick Olson, PM, Secretary, degree director Michael Meyer, or PM, Counselor Michael Fairbanks for your
part, roll up your sleeves, and join the fun.
See you at the next meeting.
Be there and be square.
Michael Fairbanks, P.M.
Lodge Counselor
Lodge Trustees
Damascus Lodge No. 290 F. & A.M.
1235 East Howard
Milwaukee, WI 53207
Phone: 414-297-9193
Email: [email protected]
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Making Good Men Better
Mick Olson, P.M. (2012)
Dale A. Graeven, P.M. (2013)
Patrick J. Militzer, P.M. (2014)
Sick And Visitation Chairperson
Sean Schult 414-469-0305
Master’s Board
Keep those petitions coming in. The Master’s Board Chairman and
Master’s Board Secretary would like to remind you to keep an eye out
for new candidates for the Lodge.
Remember to carry a petition with you in your travels because you never
know who you will meet.
If you do not have a petition or you need more, please contact any lodge
officer and they will make sure you receive a couple.
2012 Lodge Officers
Worshipful Master [email protected]
Matthew WrightH 414-778-0532
6138 W. Fairview Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53213
C 414-254-5677
Senior Warden [email protected]
Sean SchultH 414-324-2910
5184 S Guerin Pass, New Berlin, WI 53151
C 414-469-0305
Junior [email protected]
Tom StachowiakH 414-321-0092
2352 S. 55th St., West Allis, WI 53219
[email protected]
Dale A. Graeven, P.M. (Sondra)
H 414-764-8187
9380 S. Carol Ct., Oak Creek, WI 53154
C 414-852-4838
[email protected]
Michael B. Meyer, P.M. (Deborah)
C 262-853-5631
13060 W. National Ave., New Berlin, WI 53151
H 262-821-4495
Chaplain Brian Bertram
Junior Deacon Pete Czechorski
Junior Steward Paul Peacock
Tiler Dale R. Graeven, P.M. Senior Deacon Steve Manthey
Senior Steward Jason Williams
Counselor Michael Fairbanks, P.M.