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Unless you live in some desirable part
of the world we won’t talk about, then
Christmas usually comes at a time of
year that is quite frosty. In preparation
for that, I present my Cold Weather
Gift Guide–a few affordable
suggestions from Lypsyl, Calgon and
Yardley that have one thing in
common, and that’s moisture for sad
dry winter skin.
My lips definitely get into rough shape
as the weather cools, and so I have
already gotten a lot of use out of Lypsyl
Intensive Care*, a thick petrolatumbased balm that provides a great
protective layer on my lips and helps to
heal them. I also appreciate that it’s
not too strong on the minty weirdness
that I’ve found similar balms to be in
the past, so it’s easy to reapply–I
actually wouldn’t be surprised to find
this in my empties by the end of the
winter. If you unfortunately suffer from
cold sores, there’s also a Lypsyl
Extreme Cold Sore Relief*, although
I’m lucky enough not to.
Earlier this year I offered a Calgon suggestion for Mother’s Day, and while the scent was nice, I am definitely an even bigger
fan of this Calgon Lavender Vanilla Hand Gift Set*. It’s a soft, lovely scent that is relaxing and not overpowering. I also
think this particular little set is so cute for beside a sink (I have mine in the kitchen) and the snowflakes on the packaging
make it especially holiday-friendly. The combination of the hand soap and hand lotion are great, although the soap isn’t
drying on its own it’s always nice to follow up with some hand lotion after–and the only way I’ll do that is if it’s actually
right beside the soap.
I feel like there’s just something so soothing and classic about Yardley soaps, and these three definitely qualify. In
particular, the Yardley English Rose* would make a great gift, either the entire set of three, or divided up (they are each
individually packaged quite nicely and would be fantastic stocking stuffers). I love the scent rose, so of course that’s a big
success for me, but the other two scents are also great as well. Yardley English Lavender* and Oatmeal & Almond Soaps*
come in two packs, and are quite large, moisturizing bars. The Lavender is very relaxing and authentic scent, while Oatmeal
& Almond is fairly sweet and would be lovely on dry skin.
Well that’s it for my first Cold Weather Gift Guide! Lypsyl, Calgon and Yardley can all be found at your local drugstore, and
the brands have fantastic scents and moisturizing products. What’s on your cold weather wishlist?
Publish Date: November 16, 2014
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This week — this month — has been an unpleasant one for me. I’ve
claimed before that November is the worst month, and this one is,
so far, no exception. In the last few weeks alone, I’ve been hit with
fleas (‘my dog has fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas’, as
my father has so kindly reminded me), financial woes (furnace
repairs and wildly different numbers between quotes and reality),
really sad and unpleasant work-related stuff (that I clearly can’t talk
about), and a brutal case of the cold-or-worse, leaving me curled
up in a little ball with body aches and totally bizarre semi-lucid
dream hallucinations about having a brain aneurysm. OH. And it
No denying that winter is upon us now — or very, very
soon. THANK GOODNESS for my Winter Woes Aid Kit,
because…seriously, I was a total wreck from the time the calendar
flipped over, and being able to pull out some little moments of
comfort and care was of great help. It, and waterproof mascara,
kept me human. Whether it is a cold or the cold, winter can wreak
some serious havoc on our skin — and with the help of Lypsyl,
Psoriasin, and Calgon — winter doesn’t have to
be marked by chapped, red skin.
Your November may not be as bad. But believe me — winter is
coming, and having these products in your arsenal is one way to
ease into the season a little more comfortably. At the bottom of
this post, I’m going to share an opportunity for you to win a Winter
Woes Aid Kit of your very own
Holiday Gift Ideas Calgon Body Fantasies Signature Body Spray Trio
Publish Date: November 20, 2014
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*Holiday Gift Ideas* Calgon Body Fantasies Signature Body Spray Trio
Calgon always has it goin’ on when it comes to deliciously-scented body sprays and
conveniently, each body spray fits perfectly into a Christmas stocking! The Body Fantasies
Signature Gift Set contains three scents: Twilight Mist, Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy and Japanese
Cherry Blossom in mini 50mL bottles.
Twilight Mist
I did not think I would like this scent as it conjured up
images of a certain teen vampire series, but with top
notes of mandarin, coconut and fresh plum, this
scent turned out to be a bit of a winner. The plum
scent is what I detected the most which gave
Twilight Mist a bit of a kick!
Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy
Ah, now this scent speaks to my inner teenager. The
top notes of this scent are juicy peach and berries
instantly making it VERY sweet right at the get go.
This is a scent that might not be for everyone, but it is
quite delectable. At this point in my life, I think I
would prefer it as a bath gel or body butter.
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Cherry blossom, rose and amber are the top notes of this scent unfortunately making it my least
favourite scent. I am learning to appreciate florals and I know some of you will adore this scent,
but right now it’s just not quite right for me.
All of three scents last about 2 hours without any body lotion to “lock” in the scent for longer, but
that’s sort of the deal with body sprays.
All in all, I think little mini sets like this are awesome gifts for young girls or as add-ons to already
overflowing stockings. Calgon products can be found at mass drugstores across Canada.
Body Fantasies Signature A Little Magic Set
Publish Date: November 14, 2014
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This gift set includes three 50 mL bottles of body spray. The first scent is Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy,
which smells light and fruity, with a slightly floral undertone. Fresh White Musk beautifully
combines the deeper musky tones with fresh, upbeat, and clean notes. Romance & Dreams is more
seductive, and definitely the one that I'd pick for a date night. These body sprays last for about 3-4
hours on my skin, but you can easily pop one of these small bottles in your purse for touch ups
throughout the day.
If you have a teenage girl on your shopping list this holiday season, then I think that they'd love to
receive Body Fantasies Signature's A Little Magic Set. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
La detente parfaite
Publish Date: November 11, 2014
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La détente parfaite
Ou, comment survivre à novembre
J’sais pas pour vous, mais perso, mon mois de
novembre est ultra occupé. Je travaille beaucoup,
Marie-Philippe et moi avons des projets excitants (vous
en saurez plus très bientôt…) et je déménage dans mon
premier appart. Cet appart très cool avec des plafonds
hauts dans lequel nous avons dû plâtrer 300 trous (no
jokes) et peinturer TOUS les murs.
J’ai donc environ zéro seconde pour moi.
Ma seule journée de congé (le lundi) est dédiée à faire
les 89042 trucs que je n’aurai pas le temps de faire
durant le reste de la semaine (écrire des articles,
ménage, lavage, être en attente 1 heure au téléphone
avec le service à la clientèle d’une compagnie
quelconque…), mais cette semaine, j’ai décidé que 30
minutes de cette journée (trop) remplie serait pour
Je vous invite à faire la même chose, en vous inspirant (ou pas, nous vivons dans un pays libre) de mon moment détente
parfait, créé avec mes produits chouchous du moment. Pour les gens qui ne passent pas leurs weekends à travailler et à
boucher des trous et à laver des armoires, le dimanche est une journée parfaite
1. Se faire couler un bain chaud et se préparer un kit de linge mou propre pour après. Juste pour que vous le sachiez,
mon kit mou du moment est composé de pantalons de pyj décoré de ratons-laveurs qui portent un foulard et une veste
d’entraînement Reebok magnifique qui ne sert qu’à chiller chez moi.
2. Mettre dans notre bain quelque chose qui facilite la relaxation. Perso, j’ai mis du sel d’epsom à la lavande puisque
ça détend les muscles et aide à s’endormir et le bain moussant pailleté orange et chocolat de Yves Rocher parce que ça
sent TROP bon et je veux me sentir #fabulous avec les paillettes
Publish Date: November 1, 2014
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Happy November! It's hard to believe that October has come and gone faster than you could say
"Boo!" This time of year always flies by quicker than the rest. It's definitely the most exciting time of
year (for me, at least), because all kinds of happy things are jam-packed into a couple of months.
Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas. YAY.
Anywhoooo, time to discuss a few of my favourite things from the last month. Some old, some new.
Here we go.
As a bath lover, I've really been enjoying the Dr. Teal's Relax&Relief Foaming Bath (I forgot to
do a close up, but you can see the bottle in the first photo of this post). The Eucaplytus and
Spearmint scent was a life saver when I was suffering from a cold earlier this month. It is
super affordable and you can pick it up at Walmart! It's just as good as any expensive
bubble bath that I've ever used.
Well, those are my favourites from October! What have you been enjoying this month?
The 10 best volumizing shampoos
Publish Date: November 2, 2014
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Finesse Extra Body Volumizing Shampoo
The self-adjusting formula of this shampoo contains silk and soy proteins
that protect the hair shaft. This is gentle enough for daily use and what's
more, it smells deliciously sweet too.
If you're on a budget, look no further. This volume-boosting shampoo is
the lowest priced on our list! A true beauty bargain.
Yardley Lily of the Valley Moisturizing Body Lotion and Perfumed Talc
Publish Date: November 20, 2014
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Location: National
Province: CDN
Type: Blog
Reach: 6,500
The Lily of the Valley fragrance combines
citrus top notes, fresh flowers including lily of
the valley, jasmine, geranium, and magnolia,
and rounding things off with amber and woody
notes. This fragrance is pretty unique, and I
really enjoy it! The body lotion has a very thin
consistency, but it's still surprisingly
moisturizing. The formula absorbs into my skin
quickly, so you can get dressed straight away.
The perfumed talc has a creamy consistency,
and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft!
This powder isn't messy at all, like I originally
thought that it might be.
Overall, this duo would make a nice gift for any mother or aunt on your
Christmas shopping list. This fragrance is really nice, and I think that it's a
scent that most people would really like.
Have you used a body talc before?
Gift Ideas for Her
Publish Date: November 20, 2014
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Gift Ideas for Her
I have never considered myself a hard person to buy for. I have a wide-range of things I enjoy. Plus, I love
everything cute and girly, so that definitely helps.
To help those who need a little insight into gift ideas for her, I have a couple of my favourite products that
are sure to please!
I just recently was introduced to from Fuse Gelnamel and I
absolutely love it. “The Fuse Starter Kit contains everything you
need! Included is your Fuse Gelnamel color, all the essential
accessories, but most importantly, the high-powered Fuse LED
lamp. It thoroughly cures yourGelnamel in only 30 seconds (yes,
really, 30 seconds). It’s so simple, you’ll nail it!”
There are several colours to choose from and the gelnamel lasts!
The Fuse LED lamp really is only 30 seconds per nail and is
completely dry and ready to go after that!
We all use soap. However, not all soaps are created equal. One of my
favourite brands is Yardley. They have luxury soaps that are perfect for
the lovely lady on your list. My ultimate favourite is Yardley English
Rose. It smells phenomenal and I am crazy for pink.
Other fabulous scents in their Luxury Soap line include Lilly of the Valley
and Lavender. It is best to have an idea of what scents she prefers and
go from there! You can find Yardley products at retailers such as Bed,
Bath & Beyond, Safeway, Target and others!
Nude Wear Glowing Nude Blush was featured and
photographed in the October issue of Flare in a story titled,
“Meet Mindy Kaling”. Flare is a top Canadian publication
and receives an approximate circulation of 125,111.
Nude Wear Touch of Glow was featured and photographed in
the November issue of Allure for their “Free Stuff”
giveaway. Allure is a top beauty publication that receives an
approximate circulation of 1,127,636.
Youthful Wear Youth-Boosting Spotless Foundation and Brush
was featured and photographed in the October issue
of Canadian Living in a story titled, “Innovation, Ultra-Thin Fluid
Foundations”. Canadian Living is a top Canadian publication
that receives an approximate circulation of 513,027
December is quickly approaching so I thought I'd
share a fun holiday makeup look using some bold
and festive colors from Wet n Wild. Red and gold are
the traditional holiday colors but I thought I'd work
with hot pink, a less conventional holiday color, for
this look. To see some swatches and read about the
products I used
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow Trio in "Spoiled
Brat" ($2.99):
This is a very bright shadow trio featuring a satin-y
pink with a subtle purple sheen, a matte black with
silver sparkles and a silver metallic. The quality of
these shadows are phenomenal, especially given
how inexpensive the trio is. The pink and black are
quite buildable and the silver was opaque in one
Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter Eye Shadow in
"Groupie" ($1.99):
This is an interesting glitter cream shadow. The
formulation consists of shiny pink glitters suspended
in a sticky clear base. The glitter adhered pretty well
to the shadow base but it's important not to over
apply or the lids will become very sticky.
Do you like this look? I certainly had a lot of fun creating it! I
am shocked each and every time by the quality of Wet n Wild
products because they are just so good for such low prices!
What's your favorite Wet n Wild product? Share with me in
the comments below!
Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipstick in "Cherry Picking"
($2.99 CAD):
A festive look is not complete without a bold lip and
"Cherry Picking" from Wet n Wild is the perfect way
to finish off this look. Creamy, lightweight, and
packed with color, the Mega Last Lipstick is probably
the best lipstick you can get at $2.99! "Cherry
Picking" is a gorgeous dark pink with reddish
undertones and this color lasts and lasts!