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felt - Rikskonsertene
Ghana and South Africa
KO - Son Of A Gun
Ntokozo Mdluli, popularly known by his stage name, K.O, is a South African rapper who rose to
prominence with the group Teargas after releasing their critically acclaimed debut album K'shubile
K'bovu in 2006, under Electromode Music
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Kwaito … is a 90s variant of house music featuring African sounds and samples … at a slower
tempo than other styles of house music … often contains catchy melodic and percussive loop
samples, deep bass lines, and vocals ... similarities to hip hop music, a distinctive feature of Kwaito
is the manner in which the lyrics are sung, rapped and shouted. US producer Diplo described Kwaito
as "slowed-down garage music," most popular among the black youth of South Africa.
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and Azonto
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Can Norway play a role in
preparing rights holders
from Ghana and South
Africa for a future digital
marketby bringing their
music to main music
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Juan Atkins
...widely credited as the originator of techno music, specifically Detroit techno along with Derrick May
and Kevin Saunderson.
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About Phonofile AS
- Since 1999
- Owned by FONO, Nopa, VC, Private
- Artspages / Phonofile merge in 2009
- Bought Klicktrack Sweden in 2010
- Biggest digital distributor for independent labels
in the Nordics
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- Revenue 85 mNOK in 2014
- 13 employees
- Offices in Førde, Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg,
- Main client market Nordics
- Main sales market Nordics, US, UK, Continental
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Focus change:
- 2003 Distribution of digital downloads vs piracy
- 2005 Developing distribution technology platform
- 2006 Transparency and rights owner control
- 2007 Positioning of music, partnering sync etc
- 2009 Marketing, streaming technology came in
- 2010 Digital skills development
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...focus change cont.
- 2011> international position, Nordic market
- Big players game
- 2012 Merlin Network
- 2014 skills development and international work
- 2015 key markets consolidation - Phonofile indie
ownership and streaming market experience
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Phonofile hypothesis:
- Southern Africa market mechanisms much of the
same as in the Nordics
- Preparing for new times is not felt as a pressing
priority before the new times are present
- While waiting for digital domestic market to
develop, build export and learn digital market
skills from this
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- Artspages had signed up labels since 2005
- Stikk.no
- Accra and Kumasi
- Next part of project will take place Q2 2015 with
Okyame “Okye” Kwame’s team
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- Culture for paying for recorded music can be
- Organizations can be developed
- Infrastructure competition on ISP level needed
- Very welcome sessions; more needed
- Partner up with more organisations
- Regular music business & marketing skills
should be learned before digital specifics
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South Africa:
- 84% physical market, 14% digital, 2%
performance (2013 IFPI)
- Music revenue per capita $1,3 (Norway $23,5)
- Artspages signed up labels since 2005
- Skills development should be distributed
- Stikk.no
- Soweto, Sandton, Langa, Cape Town
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Learnings South Africa:
- Higher skill level starting point than Ghana
- Part 1 session about the world we work within.
Part 2 session straight into digital skills training
- Positive feedback, bearing fruits already
- Partner up with more organisations
- Domestic market will take time, thus now a good
time to train for digital routines and export skills
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Future prospects:
- Nordic possible position in music exchange with
African independent industry
- Norway as a funnel for independent music
towards UK and US
- Electronic and young music travelling easily
- Steps including digital cooperation, exchange of
producers and ultimately artist exchange and
touring cooperation
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