Personal InnoVia



Personal InnoVia
Personal InnoVia
Installation, Registration,
Configuration, and
Training Guide
REALTORS® Association of Northeast Wisconsin
Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
October, 2005
Personal InnoVia (“PI”) Program Overview
What is Personal InnoVia (“PI”)?
PI is a distributed database. This means that the database you normally search over the Internet (“online” InnoVia) is
reproduced on your own hard drive. It allows you to access and utilize MLS information without a constant Internet connection.
How does PI work?
When installed on your computer, PI stores MLS information which is downloaded from the InnoVia web site. (Data
must be updated at least once every 7 days or the program will expire.) PI is unique among distributed databases in that
it uses your Internet Explorer browser to navigate the information that is downloaded.
Who can/should use PI?
PI is available to all RANW MLS members. Members who have a dial-up Internet connection, or would like to take their
laptop and use an off-line MLS option to search for and display listings to clients will find it especially helpful.
To install PI, your PC must use either the Windows 2000 or the Windows XP operating system. Please review the
complete system requirements for PI included in this guide.
Is there anyone who should not use PI?
Members who have high speed/broadband for their Internet connection and only use a desktop computer will find that
online InnoVia offers more functionality (status sheets, more reports, Super CMA, etc.) than Personal InnoVia, at a comparable rate of speed.
Those members interested in PI need to have a certain level of technical expertise to install, configure and maintain the
PI program. Listing downloads must be performed at least once every 7 days, or the PI program will expire. Members
who are unable or unwilling to independently install and maintain their program should not use PI.
Can we set PI up on our office computer(s)?
PI is designed to be “personal” - installed on an individual PC and registered to an individual user, not on an office computer where the program may be used by multiple agents.
Will I have to learn a whole new program with PI?
You can expect PI to function very similarly to the online MLS InnoVia. This means that you are not going to have to
learn a new program; however, there are some differences between the two systems.
Is training provided for PI?
An installation and setup guide is included on each PI installation CD.
RANW MLS encourages all members to attend our instructor-led InnoVia training classes. Because PI is based on our
InnoVia program - using the same search screens, displays, and report functions - familiarity with “online” InnoVia will
greatly assist members in learning to use PI. No specialized training will be needed.
Many of the functions of online InnoVia - such as status sheets, prospecting, the Super CMA and various reports - are
not available in PI. These online tools may require an active Internet connection or access to parts of the MLS database
not included in property data/photo downloads. Therefore, members using PI will still need to use online InnoVia for
some functions.
If you have any questions, please contact MLS Support ([email protected]) or call RANW’s Appleton office.
Before you begin to install PI on your computer::
1. Verify that you meet the minimum System Requirements (see below)
2. Close all open programs that are currently running on your computer, including
your anti-virus software.
After installing PI, you will need to shut down and restart your computer. After restarting your
computer, you will need an active Internet connection to perform a “catch-up” download to
update your data and photos from the date on the installation CD to today’s date.
Minimum System Requirements for Personal InnoVia
Operating System
Windows 2000, Windows XP
Internet Browser
Internet Explorer 6, including Service Pack 1 (must be set as the default browser).
• To check your IE version: Select Help - About Internet Explorer.
A pop-up window will display the version and updates you have installed.
• To set IE as your default browser:
1. Select Tools - Internet Options.
2. Click the Programs tab.
3. Click to select “IE should check to see if it is the default browser.”
4. Close and reopen Internet Explorer; when asked whether to make IE your
default browser, click “Yes.”
Pentium III 500MHz or higher (or equivalent).
Minimum 128 MB, Recommend 256 MB
Hard Disk Space
Up to 5 GB (depends on MLS areas and the number of photos per listing to be installed
and maintained)
Monitor and Display 17” SVGA @ 1024x768 with true color. (15” monitors or lower resolution settings may
be used, but will result in excessive left/right scrolling to see each screen.)
Connection Method Internet-based download (requires 56K or faster connection).
Data Currency
Last download to PC from MLS Server.
Access Times
Always Available. Downloads/updates may be automated, but should only be performed
between 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. or between 5:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. An active
Internet connection is required during data downloads.
Access Method
Internet-based download via your Internet Service Provider.
Other Software
Virus Protection Settings: Virus protection programs should be set to check program files
only. (Certain versions of Norton’s System scan may need to be disabled if PI fails upon
log in. McAfee version 7.0 is NOT compatible with PI.)
Please contact MLS Support ([email protected]) or call the RANW MLS
Appleton office if you have any questions.
Auto-Run Installation
Insert the PI CD into your CD drive. A new auto-run window (see image below) should
appear on your screen.*
Click the Read/Print Personal
InnoVia Manual button. The
Adobe program on your computer
will be used to open this guide.
Print a copy of the PI Manual and
follow the step by step
instructions provided to install
and set up your PI program.
After you have printed a copy of the
PI Installation and Setup Guide, you
may close the window. You will be returned to the auto-run screen.
Click the Install Personal InnoVia button to begin the PI installation and setup. You
may experience a short delay before the installation screen appears on your computer.
Please note: The Personal InnoVia Manual provides all of the instructions needed to
install and configure the PI program. Be sure to print a copy of this manual before
beginning the PI installation.
have the Macromedia Flash program installed, the auto-run window shown
above will not open when the CD is inserted into your CD drive. Please turn
to page 5 of this guide and follow the step-by-step installation instructions
1. Insert the Personal InnoVia CD into your computer’s CD drive.
2. Open My Computer (either through your Start menu, or by using the desktop icon).
3. Double-click on your CD drive icon.
4. Double-click on setup.exe to begin the installation.
**Note: At some point during the installation, you may encounter a
Microsoft error relating to the “Apache” program. If you see the
error, click “Do Not Send” and continue. The error occurs on some
computers because Apache has to be stopped during reinstallations
of PI. It is not a cause for concern.
If everything has been completed properly up to this point, the Wise Installation Wizard message box will appear, beginning the installation process.
The first prompt instructs you to make sure all
programs are closed before continuing.
If you have not closed your programs, click the
Cancel button, close all other programs, then
find and double-click the setup.exe file to begin
the installation process again.
If all other programs are closed, click the Next
The second prompt instructs you to select which
drive PI will be installed on.
It is highly recommended that you accept the installation defaults and install the program on the C
drive; however, if your hard drive uses a letter designation other than C, please follow the directions
on the prompt to change the destination drive.
Once the proper drive has been established, click
on the Next button.
PI, as provided by RANW MLS, is designed to be
installed on individual computers (not on a network). There is no need to change the IP address in
this window.
Accept the default IP address by clicking the
Next button.
The final installation prompt offers the chance to go
back and change your information, to begin the install, or cancel.
If you are ready to begin the installation, click
the Next button.
Note: If you are ever reinstalling PI over a
previous version or installation, the install
process will need to remove previous JPEG
files (images).
This window will NOT appear on a firsttime installation, only on a re-install.
The amount of time that it takes to actually install PI
depends on the speed of your computer and the size
of the MLS database.
The PI installation CD provided by RANW MLS
includes all active, contingent and pending listings
and the last 12 months of closed/offmarket listings
(based on the date of the CD), as well as one listing
photo (when available) for each of these listings.
All market areas are installed by default. A typical
installation can take from 10 to 45 minutes.
When the installation process is complete, you will
be asked to click the Finish button.
A box may appear asking you to restart your
computer. Click OK.
If this box does not appear, restart your computer
After your computer restarts you will have a new Personal InnoVia folder on
your desktop that contains a Personal InnoVia icon. You can drag this icon out
of the folder and on to your desktop to create a program shortcut.
Double-clicking this icon will open your Personal InnoVia program.
Now you can begin to set up your PI program. Instructions are provided for each of
the next steps in the set-up process. Follow each step carefully:
Log In and Register PI;
Set your data update options;
Schedule your downloads;
Perform a “catch up” download;
Begin using Personal InnoVia!
1. Log In and Register your PI program
Use your MLS user name
and password to log into
your PI program.
(This is the same user
name and password used
for online InnoVia.)
The first time you log in to PI, you will be
prompted to register the program.
Following the instructions on the screen,
click the Click Here To Register prompt.
Your program will receive an “unlock
code” registered for your user name.
Click the Next button to continue.
Your registration confirmation will appear
on the screen.
Click the Next button to continue.
After successfully registering and logging
in, you will see PI’s main screen.
NEXT STEP: Set your data update options
2. Set your data update options
The default download for Personal InnoVia is set to download data and the main property
photo for all RANW market areas.
In order to select certain market areas and/or a different number of property photos for each
listing as part of their PI downloads, members must set their preferred data update options
before updating listing data and photos!
Select MISC - PI Update Options
Open the pull-down menu, and
choose the number of photos you
wish to download with each listing. Options range from zero to
six photos per listing.
If you do not wish to download
listings for all market areas, or
all property types, make your
selections in the appropriate
When you have finished selecting your Personal InnoVia Update options, click the Save button at
the bottom of the screen.
These criteria should not be routinely changed. The update will only retrieve
relevant listings since the last update was performed; routine changes to the
criteria could result in the apparent loss of data.
Reducing the number of photos or areas downloaded is possible by saving new selections. If an
increase in photos or areas is desired, a new PI installation should be performed.
Next Step: Schedule your Downloads
3. Schedule Automatic Updates
Select Update Data - Schedule Automatic Updates
1. Choose your connection method.
2. If you installed PI by accepting all default prompts, leave the connection letter as C otherwise, enter the correct drive letter.
3. PI should be updated between 5:30-7:30 a.m. OR between 5:30-11:00 p.m. to avoid
conflicts with overnight system functions, or impairment of on-line usage during business
hours. (An active Internet connection is required at the time of the download.)
4. Select which days to perform downloads.
5. Click the Save button to save your Automatic Update schedule.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Personal InnoVia must be updated at least once every seven
(7) days. If updates are not performed, the PI program will stop functioning and will
have to be reinstalled.
Please be aware that in order for automatic updates to take place, your computer must be on, and
you must be connected to the Internet. Obviously, this works perfectly for people who use highspeed connections such as cable or DSL, because you are always connected to the Internet, and
typically leave your computer turned on at all times.
If you use a dial-up Internet connection, you should schedule the updates for a time that you will
definitely be on the Internet.
Next Step: Perform a “catch up” download
4. Perform a manual “catch up” download
The installation CD for PI contains listing data and photos that are current as of the date on the
CD. As part of the installation and set-up process, members should perform a manual update to
“catch up” on any listing and/or photo updates that have occurred in the MLS since the date on
the installation CD.
Make sure you are connected to the Internet, and then from the Update Data menu, select
Update Now
The Update Now screen will give the date of the last update (or the
data date of the installation CD).
To begin the update, connect to the Internet and click the Update
While the update is performed, an animated blue circle will appear on
your screen.
The download may take several minutes, depending on the type of
Internet connection you have, how many areas and photos you have
chosen to include in your PI program, and how long it has been since
your last update (or the date of the installation CD).
Once the download is complete, the Update Data screen will tell
you that “Personal InnoVia has been updated.”
Once your program is updated, you may disconnect from the
Internet. You do not need to be online to use Personal InnoVia.
RANW MLS recommends daily automatic updates, but manual updates may be more convenient
for members who use a dial-up Internet connection.
A manual update can be performed by any PI user who wants to ensure they have the most recent
data in their PI program. Please remember that downloads (automatic or manual) should only be
performed between 5:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. or between 5:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. to avoid
conflicts with overnight system functions, or impairment of on-line usage during business hours.
(An active Internet connection is required at the time of the download.)
Congratulations! Your PI installation and set-up are complete!
Using Personal InnoVia
The advantage of PI is that it functions exactly the same way as online InnoVia. Performing
searches, working with search results, selecting displays, creating hotsheets and roster reports all work the same way in PI as they do in online InnoVia.
We would suggest if you need direction on how to perform searches, hotsheets, or reports, that
you refer to the documentation for online InnoVia. RANW MLS offers instructor-led training
classes for InnoVia at no additional cost to members; class schedules can be found on the
RANW website ( under Computer Services - Training Calendar.
Some of the functions of online InnoVia - such as status sheets, prospecting, the
Super CMA and various reports - as well as some displays and tools, are not
available in PI. These online options are not included in PI because they may
require an active Internet connection, special software, or access to parts of the
MLS database not included in property data/photo downloads.
The next several pages highlight functions that are exclusive to Personal InnoVia (PI). General
troubleshooting tips for PI begin on page 17.
Basic Functionality
Browser Toolbar
PI Menu Bar
The menu bar in PI has similar buttons to those in online InnoVia. Also, since PI uses your
Internet Explorer browser, the Back, Forward, Print, etc. buttons on your browser’s toolbar
work the same in PI as they do in online InnoVia.
You do not need to be connected to the Internet while using PI (although an active Internet
connection is required when downloads are performed).
Emailing Displays from PI
PI has the capability of emailing displays to your clients that is similar to online InnoVia.
The following information will guide you through setting up your email information in PI to
send a display “now” (only available if you are connected to the Internet at the time you prepare
the email) or “later” (if you are not connected to the Internet at the time you are using PI).
(NOTE: AOL users can not use the PI email function because the AOL email program
does not allow integration with outside software.)
Exactly as you would in on-line InnoVia, you can search for listings
and choose the displays you wish to send in an email.
Also the same as in online InnoVia, once you have selected your listings and displays, use either the Email button (in the left column of the
search results screen) or the Email option in the Use Checked window
to access PI’s Email Display window.
Email button on
left side of
search results
Email option when
Use Checked is
First Time Email Setup:
PI’s Email Display window looks a little different than
the on-line InnoVia Email Display.
You will still type in the email address of the recipient, the subject of your email, and a message, but there
will be two additional fields at the bottom of the box
labeled “From” and “Mail Server.”
Type your email address into the “From” field, and
your mail server information into the “Mail Server
field. (See next page for help on finding your mail server
This information should only have to be entered
one time; PI will save this information for future
email use.
How do I find the name of my mail server?
If you use Outlook Express, go to Tools, then Accounts. Inside the Internet Accounts window,
select the Mail tab. Highlight the account name under the word Accounts. To the left of this,
select the button Properties. Inside the properties window that appears, select the Servers
tab. Copy down the name of the Outgoing Mail or SMTP. It should be in the form of
If you are on an office network, ask your network administrator what your SMTP server name
(NOTE: AOL Users can not use PI’s Email function because the AOL program does not
allow integration with outside software.)
Send Now or Send Later options:
Once all the appropriate fields have been completed, you
can choose to send your email message now or later.
Send Now:
If you are connected to the Internet, you can immediately
send this email by clicking the Send Now button at the
bottom of the Email Display screen.
Send Later:
If you are not connected to the Internet while working in
PI, you can save email messages to be sent at a later time.
Click the Send Later button at the bottom of the Email
Display screen, and this email will be saved on your hard
drive. When you are connected to the Internet, you can use
PI’s Pending Mail function to send these saved messages.
Pending Mail:
When you are connected to the Internet
and select MISC - Pending Mail.
Under Pending Mail, you will see a list of saved emails. Check the emails you would like to send,
and then click the Send button.
• If you get an error message, ensure your email address and mail server information
is correct and try again.
• If your attempt was successful, you will see a message that reads “there are no
more messages awaiting delivery;”
PI Address Book:
In PI, you have the capability of keeping an address book to use for your PI email. The Address
Book appears inside the Email Display window that pops up when you are emailing a display.
After contacts are added to the address book, you need only to double-click on the name of the
person you wish to email in order to populate the “To” field with their email address information.
Adding Contacts to your Address Book:
Select Misc - Address Book.
1. Click the Add button at the bottom of
the Edit Contact window.
2. Enter your contact information into the
Add Contact window as desired.
3. Click on the Save button at the bottom
of the Add Contact window. Your
screen will change and tell you the
contact has been added.
4. Click the Continue button and the
Edit Contact window will reappear.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 as needed.
When you are finished adding contacts, you can go to another part of PI; there is no “close” function
for the “Edit Contact” box.
Importing Addresses from your Email Client:
You may be able to import an address book from your regular email account/program.
Within the Edit Contact window, click
the Import button. The next screen
will provide general guidelines as to
which fields can be imported.
Please refer to the help section of
your regular email software for instructions on exporting your Address
Book in a comma-separated (.csv)
Editing Contact Information in the Address Book:
1. Select Misc - Address Book
2. In the Edit Contact window,
click once to highlight the
name of the contact whose
information you would like to
3. Change the contact information
as needed
4. Click the Save button at the
bottom of the Edit Contact
Deleting Contacts from your Address Book:
1. Select Misc - Address Book.
2. In the Edit Contact window,
click once to highlight the name
of the contact you wish to delete.
3. Click the Delete button at the
bottom of the Edit Contact
4. A new pop-up window will
appear, asking if you are sure
you want to delete this contact.
Click Yes, which will return you
to the Edit Contact window.
Saving Searches in PI
You can save search criteria in PI just as you do in online InnoVia for those searches you perform
frequently. (Prospecting is not available in PI.)
REMEMBER: The searches you save in PI are only available in PI; they will not appear in online
To Save a Search:
1. Select your search criteria on
PI’s search screen.
2. Click the Save Search button
on the left side of the screen.
3. A new window will appear, asking you to enter
a Search Title. Your search title will appear on
a pull-down menu when you wish to retrieve a
saved search.
4. Click OK to save your search.
Retrieving Saved Searches:
1. Go to the search screen in which you saved the search (if you saved a Residential search, go
to the Residential search screen, etc.)
2. Click the Get Search button on the left side of
the screen. The Retrieve a Saved Search box
will pop-up on your screen.
3. Open the pull-down menu to find your search and click on the search title to select it.
4. Click the Continue button, and your search criteria will fill in on the search screen.
Additional Tools available in PI:
Display Writer Custom Displays and Display Preferences
PI includes the Display Writer program (accessed by selecting Search - Custom Displays) and
Display Preferences (Search - Display Preferences) which allow members to create their own
custom oneliners, and choose which displays they would like to have appear in the display
menus for property searches.
Displays created in PI will not appear in online InnoVia, or vice versa. Display preferences selected in PI will not carry over into online InnoVia, or vice versa.
A training guide for Display Writer is available on the RANW website ( under
Computer Services - Support/FAQs - InnoVia, and training for Display Writer is included in
RANW MLS’s instructor-led Intermediate InnoVia class.
MISC - Monitor
The Monitor function allows a log file to be created containing all activity in a member’s PI
program. This log file can then be sent to Offutt’s Customer Service department. This function
does use additional memory on a member’s computer, and may result in slower computer performance over time. The Monitor function should only be activated if RANW MLS or a customer service representative from Offutt Systems requests that a log file be created to assist
them in diagnosing problems with the PI program..
MISC - Delete Records
When PI is installed it includes 6 months worth of listings of all property types and all MLS
areas. Most members will not want to maintain all market areas, and some members may not
want to maintain all property types or statuses. The Delete Records function is used to delete
the unneeded data.
Remember, ALL MLS listings are available in online InnoVia. Your PI program should be used
for that information you access on a regular/frequent basis.
Using the criteria selection options on the Delete Records screen, perform a search to find the
listings you do NOT want to keep in your Personal InnoVia program.
Example #1: You are a Fond du Lac area member, and do not wish to use your PI program to
maintain listing information in the Green Bay area (because you can use online InnoVia to review that information and will not access it regularly using PI).
Delete Records Search #1: Select Areas 101 through 130, leaving the Property Type and
Status fields blank to retrieve all listings in those areas.
Example #2: You work primarily with Residential listings, and do not wish to maintain Vacant
Land, Duplex/Multi-Family or Business/Commercial listings in your PI program.
Delete Records Search #2: Select all of the Property Types EXCEPT Residential to retrieve
all non-residential listings.
To Delete Records:
Select criteria to find those records you do NOT wish to keep in your PI program.
Execute your search by clicking the Search button on the left of the screen.
When the Matches Found window appears, click CONTINUE (not Printer Friendly).
PI will then delete those listings from your program.
What if I want to expand the Areas or Property Types I’m using in my PI program?
Can I just change my download preferences to include that information?
If you simply change your preferences, you will find you are missing MLS listing
information. If you wish to expand your PI program to include more listings, please
call RANW MLS and request a new PI CD.
PI Repair Options:
1. Full Data Download
If you believe your PI program is missing listing information, you may wish to perform a Full
Data Download. As noted on the PI Update Options screen (see image below), this download
will provide a data file of listings. All market areas and all property types will be included,
however, no photos are provided in this download.
Select MISC - PI Update Options
Click the Full
Download button
to begin the data
2. Photo Download by MLS #
If you find that your PI program is missing a listing photo that is available in online InnoVia,
you can manually download that photo into PI by using the Photo Download by MLS#. This
type of photo download can be performed at any time.
Select Update Data - Photo Download:
A. Check to make certain the
Number of Photos per
Listing is at the level you
B. Enter the MLS number(s)
for the photos you wish to
Click the Get Photos button to download the photos.
3. Photo Download by date (up to 14 days back)
If you find a large number of listings in your PI program are missing listing photos (photos that
are available in online InnoVia), you have the option of a backdated photo download. This
download allows members to specify a date (up to 14 days back) and retrieve all available listing photos added to or changed on the MLS system since that date.
This backdated photo download is only available between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. to avoid slowing
the MLS system during regular business hours. Photos for all MLS areas and all property types
will be included in this download. Depending on the number of days specified and the speed of
your Internet connection and computer, this photo download could take hours to complete.
Select Update Data - Photo Download:
Check to make certain
the Number of Photos
per Listing is at the
level you desire.
Enter a date (up to 14
days back) to be used
as the backdate limit
for your photo
Click the Get Photos button to begin your photo download.
During testing of the Personal InnoVia program it was very rare to find missing listings
or listing photos. The data and photo downloads offered to repair Personal InnoVia
should be performed sparingly and only upon the suggestion of RANW MLS Technical
If you find that Personal InnoVia continues to miss listings and/or photos, it is possible
that your PI program has become corrupted. If this happens, you may wish to obtain a
new PI Installation CD from RANW MLS and reinstall Personal InnoVia.
Tips and Troubleshooting
I try to log in to PI, and the pop-up box to connect to the Internet comes up. I
click on “Work Offline” and then nothing happens.
If your computer is trying to connect to the Internet when you open PI, DO NOT SELECT
WORK OFFLINE. Click on “Connect” and proceed as if you were trying to get online. Your
Internet connector will not connect, and you will be able to get into PI.
I am having various problems running PI and I have Norton anti-virus protection.
Norton Anti-Virus protection does a good job of preventing viruses from infecting your
computer. Many software manufacturers require that Norton be disabled while running their
For use with PI, Norton should be set to check program files only. Right-click on the virus
scan icon in the lower right corner of your screen, select Properties, then make sure that
“Program Files Only” is checked under System Scan. (Certain versions of Norton System
Scan may need to be disabled if PI fails to log in.)
I use Norton Internet Security. Is there anything special I need to do to run PI?
Be sure to configure your Norton Internet Security program for use with PI, the same way
you did for online InnoVia:
Select Start - All Programs - Norton Internet Security, and click on Norton Internet Security to
start the program.
For Versions 2004 and 2005:
• Click Privacy Control
• Click Configure
• Click Advanced
For Version 2003:
• Click Options on the top menu
• Click Web Content
THEN for all versions:
1. Click Add Site under the Web Content Options window
2. Add in the New Site/Domain box
3. Click OK
In the Web Content Options window, click once on to highlight it
1. Select the User Settings tab in the top left of the Web Content window
2. In the section titled Pop Up Ads:
• Uncheck Use Default Settings
• Click the Permit radio button
I am running Windows 2000 or XP, and when I start PI I get a message that says
“Page Cannot Be Displayed.”
Restart your computer and try again.
If you are running Windows XP and have Service Pack 2, make sure you have set PI as one
of your trusted sites and configure the Service Pack to allow PI’s pop-up windows:
To configure trusted sites:
Open Internet Explorer (IE), and select Tools - Internet Options
Click on the Security tab
Click on the green Trusted Sites icon (the green circle with a white check mark)
Click on the Sites button to display the Trusted Sites window
Uncheck the box that says “Require Server Verification (https:) for all sites in this zone”
In the box labeled “Add this Web Site to this zone,” type, then click the
Add button
7. Click to put a check mark back into the box titled “Require Server Verification (https:) for all
sites in this zone”
8. Click OK
9. Click OK
To allow pop-up windows:
Open Internet Explorer (IE), and select Tools - Internet Options
Click on the Privacy tab
At the bottom of the Privacy tab, under Pop-Up Blocker, click the Settings button
In the box labeled “Address of Web Sites to Allow:,” type, then click the
Add button
5. Click Close
6. Click OK
Check to see if Apache has started:
Click your Start button and select RUN.
In the pop-up window that appears, type in services.msc and then click OK.
Double-click Apache in the list of services.
Change the startup type to Automatic.
Click Apply.
Click the Start button.
Close the Services window.
Close PI and try again.
If you do not see Apache in the list of Services, reinstall PI from the CD.
I have Microsoft Personal Web Server and I get errors when I use PI.
The Apache program used in PI is a web server as well, and will not run properly if Microsoft
Personal Web Server is enabled while PI is being used. You will need to disable Microsoft
Personal Web Server to use PI.
I logged in to PI and got a message that I couldn’t connect to the database.
Close your PI screen and check to see if MySQL has been installed and activated:
1. Select Start - Run
2. Type CMD and hit the Enter key
3. Type C:\mysql\bin\mysqld-max-nt.exe install MySQL
4. Hit the Enter key (you will see some commands run on the screen)
5. Re-open PI and log in again.
I use AOL as my Internet Service Provider, and am having trouble registering
and/or using PI.
If AOL is your Internet Service Provider, you will need to do the following:
Registering your PI program:
Follow the installation instructions and restart your computer. When you open PI for the first
time, and the screen appears that says “This version of PI has not been registered”:
1. Maximize AOL,
2. Login to establish an Internet connection,
3. Minimize AOL,
4. Go back to the PI screen and then click on the “Click Here To Register” button.
Using PI:
• Make sure Internet Explorer is your default browser:
Right-click the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop
Select Properties from the mini-menu that appears
Go to the Programs tab
Click to put a check in the box that says “Internet Explorer should check to see if it is your
default browser.”
5. Close Internet Explorer.
6. Re-open Internet Explorer.
7. A message will appear asking if you would like to make Internet Explorer your default browser.
Click Yes.
Make sure your Internet Explorer browser is set to “Dial only when no network connection
is found.”
Do not connect to the Internet before using the Update function.
I changed my MLS password, and now I can’t log in to PI.
Log into PI with your previous password and perform a manual update. This will update your
password in your PI program.
• Select Update Data - Update Now
• Make sure you are connected to the Internet, and then click the
Update button.
I want to add a new area to my downloads. What do I do?
If you simply change your download preferences, you will find you are missing MLS listing
information. If you wish to expand your PI program to include more listings, please call
RANW MLS and request a new PI CD.
My PI program is missing listing photos.
Remember, new listings may not have a photo in the system yet. You may want to check
online InnoVia to see if a photo is available for that listing.
PI offers a Photo Download by MLS# - see page 20 for details on how to use this manual
photo download option.
If many photos are missing, you may want to perform a Photo Download by Date (see page
21) or contact RANW MLS for a new PI Installation CD.
My PI program is missing listings.
The PI installation CD includes all property types and all market areas. Members may set
their PI program to download only certain property types or limited market areas. Make sure
that your search includes only that data you are downloading into your own PI program.
If you are searching types or areas that you are maintaining in PI but are still missing listings,
PI includes a Full Data Download option that provides a download of all Active, Pending and
Contingent listings as well as 12 months of Closed activity. This data download does not include photos.
See page 20 for details on how to use the Full Data Download.

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