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shea butter
21st Century Makeup
High performance mineral colour with
skin-loving native herbs, sustainably packaged
Première gamme de maquillage minéral haute
performance avec des produits certifiés bio et équitable.
Welcome to Essential Care’s stunning new makeup collection...
Conventional makeup contains so many undesirable ingredients; it isn’t surprising you have so
often asked us to make genuine organic alternatives. This has been a real challenge as our ethos
embraces not just purity, but performance and sustainability too, so we hope you agree that the
years of trials and tribulations have been well worth the wait.
first lipsticks, lip pencils, pressed eye shadows and
mascara certified by the Soil Association and the first makeup ever approved
by the Fairtrade Foundation using Fairtrade certified ingredients.
Our range includes the very
Truly sustainable natural beauty.
Essential Care for You...
Great performance means using the best raw
materials available:
Our mineral-based makeup is packed with
the finest vitamin-rich organic plants oils,
butters and skin-loving native herbs like
calendula and rosemary. It is free from any
synthetic chemicals, preservatives and fillers,
bismuth oxychloride, hydrogenated oils, lead,
mercury, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals,
silicones, talc and tree-nut oils. So you can have
the utmost confidence that all our makeup is
completely toxin-free and will actively care for
your skin as well as enhance your appearance.
Essential Care for
the Planet...
From its organically grown ingredients to its
unique reusable and recyclable packaging, our
makeup addresses sustainability like no other.
Makeup truly for the 21st Century.
We do not test on animals and ensure our
suppliers don’t either. And we do not use
carmine (crushed insects) as a colouring.
The entire range is suitable for vegetarians.
Since 2003, Essential Care’s mother-daughter team of Margaret & Abi
Weeds (left) have been on a mission to create the purest skincare on earth.
This makeup range is the latest in a series of award-winning innovations
and milestones including the UK’s first ever organically certified shampoo
and skincare certified to Fairtrade and organic standards.
Abi and Margaret
Contact us...
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Margaret is a trained herbalist and aromatherapist and has been creating
beauty products without synthetic ingredients since the 1980s. With a
family history of eczema, her focus has always been on formulations best
suited to the most sensitive or allergy-prone skin.
25-26 James Carter Road, Mildenhall, Suffolk, IP28 7DE
tel 01638 716593 fax 01638 590474
email [email protected]
Première gamme
avec des produits certifiés bio et équitable
Le maquillage conventionnel contient tellement d’ingrédients indésirables… Cela a été un vrai
challenge car notre philosophie englobe non seulement la pureté, mais aussi la performance et la
protection de notre planète.
Notre gamme inclut les tous premiers rouges à lèvres, crayons pour les lèvres, ombres à paupières
compactes et mascaras certifiés bio par la Soil Association, l’organisme le plus strict en Europe
en termes de certification bio. C’est également la toute première ligne de maquillage ayant des
produits certifiés à la fois bio et commerce équitable.
Du naturel
et rien d’autre…
Une performance élevée signifie n’utiliser que le
meilleur des ingrédients:
Notre maquillage minéral contient les plus
fines des huiles végétales, riches en vitamines,
des beurres et des plantes bénéfiques pour la
peau comme le calendula et le romarin. Notre
gamme ne contient pas de produits chimiques
de synthèse, de conservateurs de synthèse, de
bismuth oxychloride, d’huiles hydrogénées, de
plomb, de mercure, de parabènes, de phtalates,
de produits pétrochimiques, de silicones, de
talc et d’huiles d’arbres à noix. Le maquillage
Essential Care est particulièrement adapté et
a été testé pour les peaux sensibles et sujettes
aux allergies.
Packaging réutilisable
et recyclable…
De ses ingrédients issus de l’agriculture
biologique à son packaging réutilisable
et recyclable, notre maquillage adresse la
durabilité comme aucun autre. Du maquillage
respectueux de l’environnement pour le
21ème siècle.
Non testé
sur les animaux…
Essential Care ne teste jamais ces produits sur
les animaux et nos fournisseurs d’ingrédients
non plus. Saviez-vous que le rouge vif de la
plupart des rouges à lèvres était obtenu par
broyage d’insectes? Aucune inquiétude, nous
n’utilisons pas cette méthode, c’est d’ailleurs
pourquoi vous ne trouverez pas de teinte rouge
vive dans nos rouges à lèvres. Notre gamme
entière convient aux végétariens.
tel 09 70 44 01 28 (France)
email [email protected]
The power of Calendula
The cherished garden marigold is native to the UK and Europe and has been used for centuries
as a traditional herbal medicine. Its bright orange petals are high in beta carotene (pro-vitamin A)
and reknowned for their regenerative, antioxidant and soothing properties. It is a key organic and
biodynamic ingredient in all our makeup products.
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EYES - Mascara Volumising and conditioning
Our Bottle:
Made in the EU from PETG
(grade 1 recyclability).
Our Cap:
Made in the EU from PP
(grade 5 recyclability).
Our Box:
Printed in the UK on
FSC certified board by
a carbon neutral company.
Compostable and recyclable.
The first mascara certified
by the Soil Association
For long-lasting definition to your lashes
without flaking or clumping. Based on certified
organic aloe vera juice, shea butter, biodynamic
calendula, sea buckthorn fruit and pure mineral
colour, this 100% natural mascara is extremely
kind to eyes and conditioning to lashes.
Available in rich black and brown shades
to create naturally seductive lashes with
great wearability.
Top Tip: For more dramatic definition,
apply a second coat after about 5 minutes.
Made with minimum
85% organic ingredients / 85% bio
Le premier mascara certifié bio par
la Soil Association
Ce mascara volume haute définition ne
s’effrite pas et ne fait pas de paquets. A base
de jus d’aloe vera bio, de beurre de karité, de
calendula biodynamique et de fruit d’argousier,
il est 100% naturel et ultra doux pour les yeux,
et nourrit profondément vos cils.
Astuce beauté: pour un effet dramatique,
appliquez une seconde couche après 5 minutes.
A true synergy of
nature and nurture
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EYES - Eyeshadow
The first pressed eye shadows
certified by the Soil Association
Our extra gentle formula with skin-caring
organic jojoba, shea and calendula ensures
ease of application, even coverage and lasting
colour in a choice of flattering shades to take
you from day to evening. This most natural of
formulations does not clog your pores, allowing
your skin to breathe naturally.
Palettes are available in two beautiful colour
combinations; Earth and Ocean, each with a
highlighter and three other colour shades. All
shades are available individually as refills.
Top tip: Use the highlighter lightly as a primer
and concealer to even out skin tone.
Our Palette: Made from recycled, FSC certified
board and fully refillable. Simply remove the
empty aluminium pan, recycle, and insert a
replacement refill colour of your choice.
At the end of the palette’s life, remove pans,
elastic and magnetic tape, twist lid to remove
the mirror, then the entire palette can be
composted or recycled as paper.
Our Applicators: Handles made from renewable,
recyclable, 100% vegetable material.
Our Card Sleeve: Printed in the UK on FSC
certified board by a carbon neutral company.
Compostable and recyclable.
Made with minimum
15% organic ingredients / 15% bio
Our recycled,
FSC certified and
fully refillable palette.
The colours are a guide only and may not be an
exact representation.
Fully refillable
La première ombre à paupière
certifiée bio par la Soil Association
Notre formule ultra-douce est composée
de jojoba bio, de karité et de calendula.
L’application est facile, les couleurs durent
longtemps, et le choix de nuances est large.
Notre formulation naturelle ne congestionne
pas les pores, permettant à la peau de respirer
Les palettes sont disponibles en deux
combinaisons de couleurs: Terre et Océan.
Chaque palette est composée d’un fard clair et
de trois autres couleurs. Toutes les nuances sont
disponibles individuellement en recharges.
Astuce beauté: utilisez le fard clair comme base
et comme correcteur pour harmoniser le teint
de la peau.
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EYES / LIPS - Pencils
Our Pencil: Made from sustainably
sourced wood. Recyclable /
Our Box: Printed in the UK on FSC
certified board by a carbon neutral
company. Compostable and recyclable.
The first eye and lip pencils certified
to both Soil Association and
Fairtrade standards
Intensely rich mineral colour combined
with organic jojoba, sunflower, shea butter
and calendula for a rich, smooth texture that
glides on effortlessy to define and nourish
the delicate eye and lip areas.
The pencils work in harmony with our
eyeshadows and lipsticks to dramatically
define or subtly enhance the natural beauty
of your eyes and lips.
Available in 3 versatile pigment-rich shades:
Black eye liner, Brown eye/lip liner and Rose
lip liner.
Top Tip for Eyes: For a more dramatic look,
apply eye pencil to the top and bottom
lash-line and blend out with a damp sponge
applicator. Use to define eyebrows with light,
feathery strokes.
Made with minimum
64% organic ingredients / 64% bio
shea butter
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contient du beurre
de karité issu du
commerce équitable
Our Cap: Made from recyclable
Les premiers crayons
pour les yeux et pour
les lèvres certifiés bio
(Soil Association) ET
équitable (Fairtrade)
Une couleur minérale 100% naturelle, riche en
jojoba bio vitaminé, en tournesol et beurre de
karité, combinés en une texture riche et crémeuse
qui s’applique facilement. Ces crayons ne sont
pas seulement nourrissants pour les zones
fragiles des paupières et des lèvres, ils procurent
également une couleur uniforme profonde tout
au long de la journée. La pureté des ingrédients
que nous utilisons signifie que ces crayons sont
parfaitement adaptés pour les yeux / lèvres les
plus sensibles.
Les teintes s’harmonisent parfaitement avec nos
fards à paupières et nos rouges à lèvres, afin de
mieux rehausser votre beauté naturelle.
Astuce Beauté: Le crayon contour des yeux
est disponible en noir et en marron, le marron
pouvant aussi servir de crayon contour des lèvres.
Le crayon contour des lèvres est disponible
en rose.
LIPS - Lipstick
The first lipsticks certified to Soil
Association and Fairtrade standards
We hope you’ll love the creamy, nourishing
texture of our lipsticks just as much as we do!
Bursting with organic plant oils and butters
including jojoba and Fairtrade shea to provide
a moisturising vitamin-boost to your lips as
well as a versatile spectrum of delicious natural
mineral colours from a pale shimmery gloss to
a scintillating red.
Top Tip: Lightly sweep across cheek bones
and blend in well for a natural blush of colour.
Our Lipstick Case: Recyclable and
made in the EU from dextrose
(sugar) that is derived from corn.
Waste parts of the corn are used,
so there is no impact on food
Our Box: Printed in the UK on
FSC certified board by a carbon
neutral company. Compostable
and recyclable.
Made with minimum
86% organic ingredients / 86% bio
Rose Parfait 10
Raspberry Coulis 12
Marshmallow 11
Hot Chocolate 14
Cherry Tart 16
shea butter
Praline 15
Apricot Sorbet 17
The colours are a guide only and may not be an
exact representation.
contient du beurre
de karité issu du
commerce équitable
Les premiers rouges à lèvres certifiés
bio (Soil Association) ET équitable
Nous espérons que vous aimerez la texture
crémeuse et nourrissante de nos rouges à
lèvres autant que nous! Les huiles végétales
hydratantes et les beurres bio, dont du
beurre de karité certifié équitable (Fairtrade),
procurent un boost de vitamines pour vos
lèvres, qui vont être rehaussées grâce à ses
sublimes couleurs minérales naturelles.
Astuce Beauté: utilisez une touche de rouge
à lèvres sur vos joues pour rehausser votre
teint naturel
“40 years ago I used to melt down lipsticks I’d bought and mix my own when I couldn’t find the right colour. Now
things have come full circle and I’m making my own, albeit with very different – and much healthier - ingredients!”
Margaret, co-founder and formulator of all Essential Care products
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Eye Makeup Remover
Makeup Primer
We make 3 award-winning, products that
gently, but effectively remove makeup:
Organic Rose Moisturiser
Our best-selling moisturiser is
light textured, quickly absorbed
and creates the perfect
hydrating base for natural
mineral makeup, especially
around the eyes if your skin
tends to dryness.
Creamy Coconut Cleanser
(for normal, dry and mature skins)
A rich, creamy blend of dynamic plant oils –
skin-conditioning extra virgin olive & coconut
- are combined with a subtle blend of soothing
essential oils. Simply rinse or whisk away with
damp cotton pads.
Lemon & Tea Tree Facial Wash
(for normal, oily or combination skin)
A rinse-away cleanser which leaves the skin
scrupulously clean, smooth & refreshed. With
balancing essential oils including antibacterial
tea tree and lemon for a fresh revitalising
Top Tip: Ultra Rich, one of our multi-tasking
balms, makes a convenient and neutral lipstick
and eye make-up remover.
More details on our website
Trading ethically has always been one of our priorities.
So with our lipsticks and pencils, we are proud to create the
first makeup certified to both organic and Fairtrade standards.
The shea butter in our makeup is grown and produced in
Ghana and the Fairtrade certification ensures the farmers
have a fair wage and decent working conditions.
Mindful of our commitment to sustainability and the need to minimise
our carbon footprint, we try to strike a balance through our relationship
with growers, by sourcing locally where possible (such as the native
calendula used in our makeup range) and through fairly traded sources
when we need to buy outside the UK and Europe.
shea butter
Besoin d’un démaquillant?
Nous vous proposons notre Nettoyant Visage à la Noix de Coco:
une texture crémeuse, riche en huiles végétales hydratantes d’olive et de coco, combinées à un
mélange subtil d’huiles essentielles apaisantes. Appliquez avec un disque démaquillant en coton bio.
Astuce Beauté: L’Ultra Riche, un de nos baumes bio multi-usage, fait un parfait baume à lèvres
et sert aussi de démaquillant pour les yeux.
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