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Biography - Capital City Music Factory
Inspired by the lack of inspiration for today’s music, Snowblynd took to the stage with reckless
abandon in 1998. With a sound labeled “Motor City Dixie” by the band, Snowblynd provides
listeners with real, rooted rock ‘n roll and an unmistakable outlaw country attitude. These influences
are not only present in their music, but are also present in their live performances as well. Snowblynd
is the opiate of the rock ‘n roll purist and a rude awakening for those entranced by the commercially
bland music alternatives of today.
Snowblynd began as a group of teenagers born into the wrong generation who wanted to hear and
play real rock ‘n roll for real rock ‘n roll fans. Brad Williams - vocals, Ryan Smith - guitar, Greg
Wyld - guitar, and Barry Damron - drums, began honing their craft in local clubs and lounges, and
generating a decent amount of buzz while struggling to find a bass player who shared their vision.
During their very first show, there were more people in the bar than ever before. They also won the
Columbus Battle of The Bands competition in 1999.
Snowblynd began recording their debut CD without a bass player when they stumbled upon the
perfect solution: head engineer and bass player Joe Viers. Joe filled in on bass during the recording,
and the chemistry between them all was undeniable. It didn’t take long for Joe to become a
permanent member. The recent addition of Nate Hollman and his Hammond B3 has polished the
band off with the perfect, finishing touch and has created a unique sound lending to both classic and
modern rock n roll. Their talent and fan base helped them land opening slots for national acts like
Black Label Society, Tesla, Bret Michaels, Jackyl, David Allen Coe, Molly Hatchet, White Lion,
Loudmouth, Union, Blackberry Smoke, and the Bullet Boys.
Their debut CD, Dirty Water, was released in March 2007. Snowblynd has been featured in
Columbus Alive, Columbus Dispatch, and numerous European publications as well as WBZX The
Blitz 99.7FM, The Wags & Elliot Morning Show on WLVQ QFM96.3, WWCD CD101FM. In
addition, Snowblynd has received international airplay on French Beaub FM, Kaolin FM, and scored
multiple songs on the Top Play List as a featured artist on Snowblynd is
currently ranked #11 on CD Baby's top selling rock 'n' roll albums.
Rock ‘n Roll by definition is timeless. The great songs cannot be dated by simply listening, and will
live on forever. Playing what’s in your heart and giving it everything you have is not a gimmick, nor
a fad. Kid Rock once said, “If it looks good, you’ll see it. If it sounds good, you’ll hear it. If it’s
marketed right, you’ll buy it. But…if it’s real, you’ll feel it.” This is what Snowblynd aspires to be.
Brad Williams - Vocals
Ryan Smith - Guitar
Greg Wyld - Guitar
Barry Damron - Drums
Joe Viers - Bass
Nate Hollman - Hammond B3 / Keys
Dirty Water - LP, March 2007
Lick It Up: A Millenium Tribute to KISS - LP, April 2008
Misty Mountain Hop: A Tribute to Led Zeppelin - LP, November 2008
Rock & Roll Train: a Millennium Tribute to AC/DC - LP, February 22 2011
Song Of The Day: Snowblynd
Columbus Alive
Hailing from Columbus, but delving into the mythology of the American South in similar ways as
Lyrnyrd Skynryd, Molly Hatchet and Charlie Daniels, Snowblynd has picked gained national recognition
with tracks from their debut album.
Currently, singles from Dirty Water are appearing regularly on, an internet radio
site, and the five-piece outfit is playing across the state throughout October.
Now this is Southern rock, with twang and grit and a bit of a drawl, and all those things are dangerous
nowadays. Why? Because people who fear country music can lump everything with twang into a
gaping black hole.
But this music here rests squarely apart from the likes of Toby Keith. Sample a few tracks, and you'll
see that this band seems to have some of the same problem rockists and other music fans have with
contemporary country - even the popular singles claiming to be influenced by rock 'n' roll.
Their music, which has been expertly produced and stands ready-to-blare, deals with rural settings,
the mighty Mississippi, guts, blood and gasoline. But the Columbus band is smart about it, and the
melodies ring out with a one-two punch of distorted guitar and the vocals of front man Brad Williams.
On tracks like "Little Miss Misery" and "Dirty Water," the band manages to avoid the melodramatic
mall-core of Nickelback and the boots-'n'-gravy nonsense of most mainstream country music.
Best New Southern Rock Album
"The Barchen Record Award for Best New Southern Rock Album of 2007. "
"Snowblynd has elements of Lynyrd Skynyrd, 38 Special, Molly Hatchet, Doc Holliday, and the Black
Crowes. In addition, there is also a touch of more current music such as Black Label Society and even
at times Kid Rock."
"The production is great with a fat sound. The song writing is without exception first-class, and they
are excellent musicians!"
"The uncommonly strong singer, Brad Williams, finds an accurate balance between a lasting melody
and powerful intensity! The two excellent guitarists, Ryan Smith and Gregory Wyld, have 'the balls' to
play strong licks."
Review of “Dirty Water”
“Now until a week ago I had never heard the term “Motor City Dixie”, but it is fast becoming my
favorite saying thanks to Snowblynd.”
“These guys maybe from the Midwest but they know how to play some great southern rock.”
“Vocalist Brad Williams, guitarists Gregory Wyld and Smitty, along with bassist Joe Viers, drummer
Barry Damron, and on Hammond B3 Organ Nate Hollman sound like they walked right out of the
swamps and into the rock n roll spotlight on their ‘07 release “Dirty Water”.”
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