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want to
enjoy a
s and
With our low-Syn
mint medley, you can
enjoy your minty-fresh
favourites after dinner…
or at any time of the day!
1x Nestlé Mint Aero Bubbles (10 Syns per 36g bag)
Mmmmmm minty!
It’s always ‘after 8’
somewhere, so no
need to wait for
your mint moment
2x Kellogg’s Special K Chocolate & Mint Cereal Bars (4½ Syns per bar)
2x Polo Sugar Free Mints (4 Syns per tube)
3x Thorntons Luxury Double Cream Mints (3 Syns each)
4x Terry’s Chocolate Orange Goes Minty Segments (2½ Syns per segment)
5x Thorntons Peppermint Cremes (2 Syns each)
5x Bassett’s Mint Creams (2 Syns each)
5x Nestlé After Eight Mints (2 Syns each)
10x Bassett’s Murray Mints (1 Syn each)
20x Trebor Extra Strong Mints (½ Syn each)
For up-to-date Syn values log in to LifelineOnline at or call Syns Hotline on 09068 518 518* Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm.
Please note calls will be charged at 60p per minute from BT landline. Calls from other providers and mobile networks may vary, please contact your provider for information.
* For Republic of Ireland please visit Our Syns Hotline is not available in the Republic of Ireland.
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