Palapa Ring Will Immediately be Tendered



Palapa Ring Will Immediately be Tendered
Majalah C
All about ICT in Indonesia
No.36 edition III Year August 2015
Palapa Ring Will Immediately
be Tendered
Broadcasting and
Telecommunication Law Is
Considered as Pro Foreign
Majalah ICT readers everywhere. After long
holiday celebrating Eid Mubarak 1436 H, once
again we meet all readers with the latest news
and information from editor’s desk informing
the latest development on Indonesian
information technology, telecommunication
and broadcasting sectors.
Certainly not to forget, in this good
month we also would like to convey our
apology for physical and emotional deeds
as well as news that may have caused
concerns, contain typo or mistyping which
is annoying or issuances that have not met
schedules. We hope that with the training
of the month of Ramadhan this beloved
media can be improved and own spots in the
hearts of all readers.
In this edition, we come up with the main
topic which is on internet tariff in Indonesia.
As we all know internet access has now been
stated as a part of Human Right. Therefore
it is considered as important, when costly
tariff and several areas and circles of life
cannot access, and there is also a chance
that human right violation is committed.
In addition, we also come up with
government plan to continue Palapa Ring
project by the opening of registration to
participate in tender prequalification. In
this edition several beleid designed by
the government related to user privacy
regulation correlated with data center
placement in Indonesia.
Last but not least, there is also loud voice
from civilians who desire the acceleration of
Telecommunication and Broadcasting Law
since it is considered as Pro Foreign and
regulators who deal with telecommunication
and broadcasting is considered as not yet
independent. All of them are presented for
all kind readers.
Happy reading.
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Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
Ministry of Communication
and Informatics Prepares 3
Regulations on Service
Quality................................ 19
Drone use must have license
from Ministry of Transport.
Drone ‘Pilot’ Objects............. 4
KPI & MUI Provide Awards
for the Best Ramadhan
Broadcasting Programs..... 24
XmartCity XL – NTB
Provincial Government
Cooperation....................... 26
Telkomsel 2015 Homecoming
Together............................. 28
Our Internet Tariff Is Too
Expensive............................ 6
Biznet Offers Broadband
Internet Service in 70
Cities.................................. 29
The Government Asks for
Internet Tariff Re-calculation.9
Backbone Lane of Palapa
Ring II Internet Will
Immediately be Auctioned.. 11
Broadcasting &
Telecommunication Law
Is Requested to be Revised
Immediately........................ 15
The Interchangeable
Operators’ members of
Board of Directors.............. 17
3 Majalah IC T No. 36• August 2015
Infinix Zero 2: Cellular Phone
with High Specification Made
of Kevlar............................. 32
Drone Use Must Have
License from
Ministry of Transport,
Drone ‘Pilot’ Objects
rewless aircraft now cannot
be randomly used. The
government through Ministry
of transport has issued Minister
of Transport Regulation (PM) Number
90 of 2015 Regarding Crewless
Aircraft Operational Control. In such
PM the methods on how to use
crewless aircraft or drone in
Indonesian jurisdiction are also
Head of Ministry of
Transport Center J.A.
Barata explained such
regulation was issued
to maintain the aviation
operational safety in
Indonesia. Ministry of
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
that there
is possible danger
to airplanes when
drones are operated.
Hence, drone
operation cannot
be done randomly. “Therefore the
Minister decided to regulate such
drone operational licensing,” said
Barata. In addition, he said, Ministry of
Transport also stipulated which areas
are crossable by drones and which are
Nevertheless Ministry of Transport
provides special provisions for
crewless aircraft operators for the
interest of the Government. Ministry
of Transport also obliges such
operators to coordinate with aviation
unit which is responsible for air space
for such drone operation.
“In addition, drone flight plan
change must also be conveyed to
Ministry of Transport at least 7
working days prior to
such crewless aircraft
operation. Report on
cancellation of drone
flight must also be
conveyed to Minister
of Transport,” expressed
In the drafted regulation, banning
of drone operation is also conducted
in air space that does not obtain
ATC service on the altitude of 150
meters. Nevertheless Ministry of
Transport provides special provisions
for crewless aircraft operators for the
sake of the government for instance
for state area patrol, sea patrol and
weather monitoring.
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
“Ministry of
Transport allows
drones to be flown
above the altitude of 150
meters, however it obliges such
operators to obtain license to
operate drones and coordinate
with flight navigation unit which
is responsible for air space of such
drone operation,” he explained.
The presence of this new regulation
causes drone ‘pilots’ who join hobby
communities, associations, are
journalists, and have shopping hobby
as well as several observers to feel the
need to meet Minister of Transport
Ignasius Jonan to convey their points
of view. The important view emerging
is related to license in flying drones.
Meeting participants do not decline
such license however they have come
up with notes. One of the regulations
that are still bothering is the obligation
to attach license from the authorized
institution and regional government
when operating drones with cameras.
Conse­quently drone fans will
arrange a special seminar to review
this minister
in which
the result is
expected to
provide inputs
for policy
Our Internet Tariff Is
Too Expensive
nternet tariff difference provided
by Telkomsel in Eastern part of
Indonesia is considered as too
burdensome. As a result, Telkomsel
is brought to petition. Such petition
is voiced with the title “Internet
for the People: Save @Telkomsel @
KemenBUMN @kemkoinfo.”
Such online petition is voiced by
Djali Gafur’s account. According to
Djali, the difference of price between
zone 1 and 12 reaches up to two
folds or 100 percent. It is discovered
that Telkomsel internet tariff is
divided into 12 zones. These zones
are area distribution by Telkomsel,
such as Jakarta, West Java, Central
Java which are included in zone 1.
“2GB data package in zone 1 is only
IDR65,000 while in zone 12 the
price is IDR120,000. We in zone 12
do not have any choice,” said Djali
Djali also protested why Telkomsel
differentiates internet tariff when all
areas are within Indonesia. “We live
under one roof (Indonesia) and we eat
different protein and menu. [They]
said we speak the same language, live
in the same country. Why do we have
different tariff?”
In response to Djali’s complaint,
Vice President Corporate
Communication of Telkomsel, Adita
Irawati said Telkomsel network
arrangement in many regions in
Indonesia has different amount of
fee due to the difference of level of
difficulty and other fee components
required to arrange such location
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
network infrastructure.
“Based on that, Telkomsel applies
data tariff distribution based on zones
in accordance to the amount of fee
required for network arrangement in a
location,” he said.
He added that network arrangement
component, such as 3G or 4G does
not only include BTS development
fee, but also daily maintenance fee, in
which this fee is quite high in Eastern
parts of Indonesia like in Papua.
“This input will be our main concern
in order to provide better service to
the people particularly customers in
the eastern parts of Indonesia,” said
this woman who wears hijab.
The expensive internet data service
tariff offered by Telkomsel bothered
Indonesian Telecommunication
Users Group (IDTUG). From this
International Telecommunication Users
Group (INTUG) affiliated non profit
organization point of view, there is
allegedly dominant position abuse
element in which with monopoly
of service in the Eastern part of
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
Indonesia, Telkomsel offers expensive
tariff to access the internet over the
This was expressed by Muhammad
Jumadi, Secretary General of IDTUG.
According to him, the expensive
Telkomsel internet tariff is
monopolistic and oligopolistic. “Just
because the coverage is the widest
this company sets monopolistic price
with oligopolistic system to gain large
profit,” he said.
He added that this zone based tariff
was considered as the opposite with
the spirit to drive internet penetration
growth which is still low.
On the other hand the increased
internet penetration will assist
in creating economic growth.
“Telkomsel tariff based on zone at
this time is very expensive,” he said.
For such purpose, said Jumadi,
IDTUG expected the government to
be involved in decreasing operator
tariff that is considered as burdening
“The government must also
regulate, don’t just stand still.
There should be tariff regulation by
determining certain limit and people
in regions are charged with the same
tariff in order for them to obtain
justice from cellular service. After
all the frequency used by operator
which is owned by the state must be
beneficial for the people at large,”
expressed Jumadi.
BRTI Response
Indonesian Telecommunication
Regulating Body (BRTI) urges
Telkomsel to decrease internet
data service tariff for the eastern
part of Indonesia. BRTI’s urge was
conveyed in relation to the increasing
complaints from users in Eastern part
of Indonesia since the data service
sold tariff by Telkomsel reaches
two fold the tariff sold in Jakarta
and other areas. This is the result
of the findings held after BRTI met
“One of the points of the result
of the meeting with Telkomsel is our
request to decrease internet tariff
in East Indonesia. There should not
be too large gap with the western
parts,” said a member of BRTI I Ketut
Ketut admitted that Indonesia has
not had any regulation that regulates
data tariff. Therefore request to
Telkomsel is conducted with the
consideration of customer interest,
operator and the industry interest.
“In requesting tariff decrease to
Telkomsel we asked it to consider
customer’s and operator’s interests
as well as the industry sustainabiity.
From customer’s standpoint the
govement asked for the tariff to be
more affordable,”
As to the regulation, it was
conveyed that data tariff regulation
will be conducted next year. “Data
service tariff will not be imposed until
2016,” said Ketut who is former Head
Division of Legal of Director General
of Post and Telecommunication.
Meanwhile Founder of Indo Telko
Forum Doni Ismanto Darwin urges
that the government stipulate
tariffing regulation and data quality
for data tariff. This he said is because
operators have provided application
based on quota, while customers
never know how much quota has
been used or whether it has reached
Fair Usage Policy.
“The best solution is to create
ceiling price or upper limit tariff since
operators feel that the tariff is too
inexpensive on data and rebalancing,”
suggested Doni. The issue is if
rebalancing is not supervised there
will be cases like Telkomsel. There
must be clear referrence as to what
is the maximum upper limit,” he
Concerning the geographic
condition in East Indonesia that
is uneven compared to any other
areas, Doni has different opinion. He
compared tariff in Sumatera and Java
island. “The reason of operation can
be questioned if [we] take samples
in one provincial capital city where
all cellular operators are and whose
tariff is expensive. Other operators
also use transportation to develop”
he responded.
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
The G
nternet service penetration
developent in Indonesia is vast
from time to time in which many
Indonesian people who at this time
have made internet access as one
of basic needs in addition to voice
service and SMS in the framework
of supporting daily activities either
for office work activities, business,
information or interactions on social
For such purpose, according
to Head of Information and
Community Relation of Ministry of
Communication and Informatics, the
availability of internet service for the
public is part of active participation
of telecommunication arrangers in
developing network infrastructure
and telecommunication access to
arrange telecommunication service.
“Network infrastructure
development and telecommunication
access which have and are being
conducted by telecommunication
arrangers to the people all
over Indonesia is a form of
joint commitment between
the Government as the policy
maker as well as regulator and
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
telecommunication arrangers. The
government realizes that to satisfy
such commitment a very large long
term fee is required to develop and
provide telecommunication service
either in the form of voice service,
SMS and the internet. The investment
done by telecommunication arrangers
includes the entire areas of Indonesia
both in areas with dense population
and those with less dense or small
population,” explained Ismail.
Ismail said for Eastern Indonesia
area such as Maluku, Nusa Tenggara
Timur and Papua which areas are
quite large and the population rates
are low, not all telecommunication
arrangers develop and provide
telecommunication services due to
the geographic contour condition
causing low user penetration and
high investment fee.
The government admits that it has
not conducted any levied /retail tariff
regulation for internet services. The
plan for levied/retail tariff regulation
is being conducted in a discussion
by the Government, therefore
at present levied/retail tariff for
internet service of each arranger still
applies independent tariff based on
market mechanism.
This then drives the arrangers
to apply different internet
service levied/retail tariff in
one area to another or based
on zoning. For instance for
areas with low population
rate and small internet
service user penetration,
higher internet service
levied/retail tariff is
applied compared to
levied/retail tariff in areas
with high population rate
and internet service user
“To overcome levied/
retail tariff discrepancy and
in the framework of satisfying
the Government target to support
equality of broadband access all over
Indonesia, as well as considering the
people’s interest to obtain internet
service with affordable price and
the interest of the sustainability of
telecommunication arranger business
(industrial sustainability), Ministry of
Communication and Informatics will
take steps,” he said.
He said, for short term,
telecommunication arrangers which
offer internet service and tariff based
on zoning, the Govenment asked
recalculation of internet service
tariff. “This can reduce levied/retail
tariff discrepancy of internet service
between one zone to another all over
Indonesia,” he said.
Meanwhile, Ismail added that
for medium term the government
will compose and apply regulation
package with the purpose of
optimizing Universal Service
Obligation/USO to support
broadband service equalization
acceleration, driving infrastructure
sharing efficiency and resulting in fair
interconnection fee calculation as
well as affordable levied/retail tariff
formula, either for voice service, SMS
or data/internet.
For long term, he explained, the
government will complete Palapa
Ring project and Indonesia Broadband
Plan 2014-2019 as mandated in
President Regulation Number 96 of
2014 therefore discrepancy/gap
of internet service supply can be
“Such steps will be implemented
by the Government together with all
stake holders in telecommunication
field, therefore telecommunication
services, including equal internet
service all over Indonesia will be
available, by maintaining competition
and sustainability of healthy
telecommunication industry, as
well as good service quality for all
Indonesian people,” said Ismail.
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
Backbone Lane of Palapa
Ring II Internet Will
Immediately be Auctioned
The government through Ministry
of Communication and Informatics
will immediately conduct auction for
telecommunication infrastructure and
internet work named Palapa Ring.
This network expected to connect
regencies and cities all over Indonesia
is estimated to cost IDR 3 trillion.
As explained by Minister of
Communication and Informatics
Rudiantara, this second volume of
Palapa Ring is expected to complete
in 2018 in order to support Indonesia
broadband plan (IBP). “Selection
for palapa ring which connects
regency and municipal cities must
be completed in 2018. Tender prequalification will be openend until the
end of June,” said Chief RA.
He added that Palapa Ring
development will be divided into
three namely East Indonesia, Central
Indonesia and West Indonesia.
The concept to be used by the
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
government in developing Palapa
Ring is least cost subsidy in which
the winner is the one who offers
the lowest government subsidy. “It
is estimated that [this project] will
need IDR 3 trillion, however this is
not paid by the government since the
concept is the smallest subsidy,” he
West Package for 5 regencies/
cities in the eastern part of Indonesia
for 1,122 km (sea) with an estimate
of project value of US$ 40,392,000
then there is Central Package in
17 regencies/cities in the western
part of Indonesia for 1,676 km
(sea and land) with an estimate of
project value of US$47,085,000
as well as East Package for 35
regencies/cities in the eastern
part of Indonesia for 5,681 km
(sea and land) with an estimate of
project value of US$143,182,000.
The project is targeted to channel
broadband service to end users
with transfer speed of at least 10
Mbps in village areas and 20 Mbps
in urban areas which is integrated
with telecommunication network
arrangers’ network.
It was expressly stated that
despite least cost subsidy is used,
this project is guaranteed not to
cause any loss for operators if they
develop Palapa Ring. It is not a
wonder if there have been operators
which intend to work on such project.
“There have been six to seven
operators that take the documents,”
he added.
There are 27 telecommunication
fixed closed companies and license
holder IT that will participate in
the tender for optic fiber network
development project supported by
the Indonesian government, Palapa
Ring II. This trillion Rupiah project
tender process is being conducted
by Ministry of Communication
and Informatics. Pre-qualification
stage was closed on 31 July. Large
operators such as PT Telekomunikasi
Indonesia (Telkom), Indosat, PT XL
Axiata as well as PT NTT Indonesia
(Japan NTT unit) and PT Cyber
Network Indonesia also participate in
this tender. Companies that satisfy
the requirements will be reduced to
participate in the tender. The date of
the tender is yet to be announced.
Palapa Ring II is a broadband
infrastructure project targeted to
complete in 2018, said Rudiantara.
“This project has been designed since
10 years ago. I believe this project
will run well in the future,” he said.
Palapa Ring II project will include
construction, operation and
maintenance which will be divided
into two parts. The first one will be
developed in 11 regencies/cities in
the western part of Indonesia. The
winner of tender will arrange optic
fiber network for 1,823 kilometers.
The second part will include 40
regencies/cities in the eastern part
of Indonesia. Tender winner will be
requested to lay optic fiber cable for
6,572 kilometers.
In total, Palapa Ring II will develop
optic fiber network for 8,395
kilometers of optic fiber cable
to provide backbone for internet
connection in all islands in 33
provinces and 460 regencies/cities.
This project extends Palapa Ring
II network which was completed in
2009. This Palapa Ring I project is
conducted by Telkom itself after
other operators such as Indosat,
XL, Axiata, Bakrie Telecom and
information technology companies
Macca Sistem Infokom, Infokom
elektrindo and Powertek Utama
Internusa resigned from consortium.
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
Will Become
the World
Internet Hub
ndonesia will become
the world internet
hub. However, there
should be an effort
to seek such matter
by realizing national
network as well as
fiber optic, Palapa Ring
development. As a red
plate entrepreneur,
Telkom supports the
effort of seeking
Indonesia as the
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
world internet hub, by
connecting optic fiber
from Manado to the
Philipines to the United
According Director
of IT & Solution
Network of Telkom
Abdus Somad Arief,
Telkom has arranged
under the sea cable
project Luwuk Tutuyan
in Soekarno-Hatta Port,
Makassar, South Sulawesi.
According to him, Telkom plans to
connect northern parts of Indonesia
with broadband network. Telkom will
arrange this network from Medan
directly to Dubai which will end in
Manado. From Manado, this under
the sea cable will be connected
North Maluku and the Philipines. This
network from the Philipines will end
directly in the United States.
“We expect that Indonesia becomes
the backbone of international traffic.
In the future from Manado we will
arrange optic fiber cable to be
connected to the Philipines, then
directly to the United States. If it
has been sought internet users in
Indonesia can access the internet with
servers in the US faster since they
don’t have to be connected with the
network in Singapore,” he said.
Abdus Somand added that with
Indonesia connected directly to the
United States, it is targeted that
internet traffic from West Europe
will pass Indonesia if [you] intend to
access network in Asia Pacific area.
“We have a goal to become
international traffic hub by way of
connection to West Europe and the
US from Indonesia. When we talk
about hubs for flight traffic or vessel
now they are in Singapore. However
we still have a chance to become a
telecommunication hub,” he added.
Abdus Somad explained that optic
fiber network to West Europe will be
conducted through Dumai and Middle
East segment. To seek this segment
Telkom will cooperate with more less
13 countries.
“Optic fiber network heading
towards the US will be coducted
through Manado, the Philipines and
Guam and through cooperation
with more less five countries. The
connecting of such optic fiber heading
to two international lanes will be
worked on adjacently. Telkom itself
prepares fund in the amount of IDR
2.4 trillion for this project. From
Manado to the US, the completion if
God is willing is in early May 2017.
Meanwhile the one from Dumai
heading towards the Middle East to
West Europe will be complete earlier,
in this 2016,” he said.
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
Regulators Have Not Been Independent and Pro Foreign
Broadcasting & Telecommunication
Law Is Requested to be Revised
and broadcasting
regulator at
the present
is considered as not
independent. At this time
there are members of
commissioner from the
government which are
believed to disturb policy
This was conveyed by Chairman
of Regulation and Media Regulator
Supervisor (PR2Media), Amir
Effendi Siregar. “As in Indonesia
Telecommunication Regulatory Board
(BRTI) despite the community element
it is led by Directorate General. BRTI
was established by the government,”
he regreted. Therefore, Amir sees other
interests than administering regulation.
Amir also highlights former
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
practicioners who
become regulators. He
is concerened that this
will disturb policy when
it is about to be made.
Supposedly according to
him practicioners at least
wait two to three years
before taking the position
of industrial referee. “Wait
for two to three years
then [you] become a regulator therefore
there is a guarantee of justice when
making decisions,” he said.
Nevertheless, independent institution
presence as telecommunication and
broadcasting regulator is highly needed.
This, he said, is to avoid government
interference and obtain involvement of
telecommunication and broadcasting
industrial observers.
“If there is still interference from
the government, industrial issues will
not be handled well. Therefore it will
be better to establish non government
institutions,” Amir suggested.
For this purpose, PR2Media asked the
government to revise Law No.32/2002
regarding Broadcasting and Law No.
36/1999 regarding Telecommunication.
Both Laws, according to this insitution
are considered as liberal and pro foreign
Amir Effendi expressed that revising
both laws must put forward national
interest for the sake of Indonesian
people interest.In addition, he said in
this covergence era these both sectors
(Broadcasting and Telecommunication)
are related to each other, even united.
Unfortunately, regulations of these both
sectors seem to overlap and have not
been united, even different in terms of
“A number of articles show that both
Laws have paradigmatic difference
in regulating industrial activities. We
intend to provide inputs in order for
Broadcasting Law to be revised to have
a connection with Telecomunication
Law. In addition, Telecomunication Law
must also be changed in order to have
synchronization for national interest.
Therefore we intend to have this
regulation made for national interest,”
said Amir.
He explained that Telecommunication
Law No. 36/1999 which was issued
in deregulation and liberalization
era, continued Effendi, provides an
extensive gap to foreign investors to
control telecommunication companies.
On the other hand Broadcasting Law
No. 32/2002, despite it was issued
in reformation era, has not provided
extensive prosperity impact to the
Indonesian people.
“Based on the research conducted
in several large cities in Indonesia
such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta,
and Makassar, he discovered that
Indonesian government has not
sufficiently considered the sustainability
of the policy that has been taken. The
absence of blueprint and appropriate
roadmap to develop various sectors in
telecommunication is one of the main
causes. In Telecommunication Law,
cellular industry is controlled by foreign,
since the regulation gives a chance for
it. This is what we have to change,” he
He said as a result of such foreign
domination Indonesian people tend
to become just a part of the market
for telecommunication and internet
industry. Dependency on imported
products and government focus
which is only to the infrastructure
causes national content industry not
to develop. “Lack of government
attention on content industry causes
foreign provider content to fill national
telecommunication channels, including
the internet which has been developed
painstalkingly. Foreign content
providers enjoy the large profit from
such transaction. The revenue goes to
foreign. Therefore this is our concern,
majority shareholders must be national,”
he ended.
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
Operators’ Board
of Directors Is
n 1 August, XL Axiata announced
its new organizational structure.
This new structure concerns
duties and authority distribution
of members of company Board of
Directors of to support transformation.
As conveyed by Murni Nurdini,
Corporate Secretary of XL Axiata, “XL
Axiata changes the duties and authority
distribution of members of Board of
Directors effective on 1 August 2015.
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
This change is for the sake of Company
transformation agenda.
From the change conveyed through
Information Openness, Ongki Kurniawan
who previously held the position of
Independent Director/Chief of Service
Management Officer now has a new
duty as Independent Director/Chief
Independent of Digital Service Officer.
Chief Management Officer is held by
Yessie D. Yosetya.
The other change is the entrance of
P. Nicanor V. Santiago III who holds the
position of Chief Brand and Customer
Management Officer. Nicannor replaces
Rashad javier Snachez. New power that
also enter is Johnson Chan who holds
the position of Chief Strategic Business
Partnership Officer. The interesting part
is, Rashad did not obtain any position
after this 1 August.
In addition to XL, shocking news
also comes from Indosat. Board of
Commissioners of Indosat has secretly
dismissed Indosat’s Director Sarwoto
Atmosutarno, only a month after
Sarwoto held his position.
Sarwoto is former President Director
of Telkomsel, a cellular operator owned
by telecommunication cellular operator
owned by telecommunication company
owned by the state PT Telekomunikasi
Indonesia Tbk. “On 8 July 2015 Board
of Commissioners of PT Indosat Tbk
decided to temporarily dismiss Sarwoto
Atmosutarno as a member of Board of
Directors until the next General Meeting
of Shareholders (GMS),” said Indosat in
an announcement signed by President
Director of the company Alexander Rusli.
Sarwoto who is also a politician
of Nasdem Party is rumored to be
dismissed temporary due to “Personal
Reason”. Following such decision,
Indosat, a subsidiary of Ooredo Group,
will take steps in accordance with the
prevailing laws, including to prepare
extraordinary meeting of shareholders.
Temporaty dismissal is considered as
a surprising step considering Sarwono
was just appointed to hold his new
position in Indosat a month ago. He
was appointed for a post of a deputy
from the government. Sarwoto was
Telkomsel President Director until
2012, before he was replaced by Alex
Sinaga. In 2014 general election he was
legislative nominee from Nasdem Party,
representing Central Java V area.
What happened to Sarwono perhaps
cannot be separated from his position as
Indosat commissioner. Rinaldi resigned
just after Sarwono entered Indosat
Board of Directors. Rinaldi was Telkom
President Dairector when Sarwono was
President Director of Telkomsel. Rinaldi’s
position as Independent Commissioner
was replaced by Elisa Rumbantoruan.
The interesting part is in the array of
Board of Directors the name Sarwoto
Atmosutarno came up and he replaced
Fadzri Sentosa.
“Accepting the resignation of
Rinaldi Firmansyah as Independent
Commissioner of the Company, with
appreciation and gratitude, as well
as granting waiver and settlement to
the concerned from liabilities arising
from supervising actions that had been
taken from 28 January to 6 May 2015
insofar as the actions taken during the
supervising actions do not violate or
contradict with the prevailing laws,” said
press statement conveyed by Indosat
describing the resolution of the Indosat
Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
and Extraordinary General Meeting of
Shareholders in mid July.
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
Ministry of Communication and
Informatics Prepares 3 Regulations on
Service Quality
inistry of Communication
and Informatics held
public consultation on
telecommunication and internet
service quality regulation. Stipulation
of service quality standard parameter
as well as its benchmark that must be
satisfied by telecommunication arrangers
in the framework of increasing service
quality for customers in arranging
telecommunication and internet.
As conveyed by head of Information
and Community Relation of Ministry of
Communication and Informatics ismail
Cawidu, there are three minister drafts
which are consulted with the public to
obtain inputs, namely Minister Regulation
draft on Internet Access Service Quality
Standard, draft on Closed Fixed Network
Service Quality and draft on Data
Communication System Service Quality
Ismail explained that the three drafts
above regulate substance on parameter
and benchmark of Internet Access
Service quality standard which include
new installment application satisfaction
standard, post paid billing performance
standard, services disturbance report
level standard, customer general
complaint settlemet standard, service
recovery standard and customer service
officer response speed standard.
Meanwhile, said Ismail, parameter and
benchmark of Closed Fixed Network
standard and Data Communication
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
System service quality standard include
service availability standard, new
installment application satisfaction
standard, customer complaint
settlement standard and service
recovery standard.
“Arrangers are obliged to safekeep all
data record on service quality standard
standard parameter calculation and
obliged to report service quality standard
achievement to the Director General.
Arrangers are obliged to publish service
quality standard achievement on their
webstes respectively and must update
the same every three months,” he said.
He added that Director General can
audit arranger service quality standard
achievement report and self calculation
and/or by using a consultant service.
“Each arranger that does not satisfy
service quality standard provision under
this Minister Regulation will be imposed
with sanction,” expressed Ismail.
Personal Data is
Now Protected
Here is the New
Regulation on The
Arrangement of
Electronic System
and Transaction
n the framework of
implementing the
mandate of Article
20 paragraph (4) of
Government Regulatio
No.82 of 2012
regarding Arrangement
of Electronic System
and Transaction
(PP PSTE), Director
General of Informatics
Application of Ministry
of Communication
and Informatics
has completed
the composing of
Draft Minister of
Communication and
Informatics Regulation
(RPM) on Information
Security Management
System (SMPI).
Article 20
paragraph (1) of
PP PSTE stipulates
that Electronic
System Arrangers are
obligated to own and
run procedures and
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
facilities to secure Electronic
System to avoid disturbance,
failure and loss.
Further Article 20 paragraph
(2) of PP PSTE stipulates that
Electronic System Arrangers
are obliged to provide security
system that includes prevention
procedures and system
regulated under a Minister
As explained by Head of
Information and Community
Relation of Ministry of
Communication and Informatics
Ismail Cawidu, composing the
RPM of Information Security
Management System has been
conducted since late 2013 and
continued in 2014 by involving
related stake holders namely
all working units in Ministry of
Communication and Informatics,
Representative of Certification
Institution ISO 27001 TUV
Rheinland Indonesia, Bureau
Veritas Indonesia, BSI Group
Indonesia, Sucofindo, and SGS
Indonesia, Representative of
SMPI Certification Institution
Nominee Representative
namely: Xynexis, XecurelIT,
SAI Indonesia, Mutu Agung
Lestari, and LMK Jaser
PLN, National Accreditation
Committee Representative, and
National Standardization Board
“RPM SMPI script was
already discussed/consulted
by public in Bandung on 4
November 2014 attended
by 90 people consisting of
representatives from each
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
working unit in Ministry of
Communication and Informatics,
representative of Ministry/
Institution, representative
of Universities, Certification
Institution and KAN; and in Bali
on 28 November 2014 attended
by 20 participants consisting of
representatives of Certification
Institution, representatives of
several LPSE in Bali Province,
Communication and Informatics
Service in Denpasar City and
Denpasar Radio Spectrum
Balmon,” said Ismail.
He elaborated that Information
Secutiry Management System
RPM consisted of 12 Chapters
and 29 Articles. Several matters
regulated therein are Information
Security Management System
Standard, Certification
Institution, Certificate Issuance,
Certification Result Report,
Certificate Revocation,
Nurturing, Supervising and
provision on Sanction.
In addition to Information
Security Management System,
the Government which
in this matter Ministry of
Communication and Informatics
will also regulate personal data
protection. This regulation is in
the framework of implementing
the mandate of Article 15
paragraph (3) of government
regulation Number 82 of 2012
regarding Electronic System
and Transaction. Ministry of
Communication and Informatics
itself has completed composing
Draft Minister of Communication
and Informatics Regulation (RPM)
on Personal Data Protection in
Electronic System.
Ismail said, Personal Data
Protection RPM composing in
Electronic System was initiated
by discussion on personal data
regulation paradigm discussion
in several countries which
further continued with personal
data protection main issue
discussion by inviting regulating
institution and related sector
supervisor namely Directorate
General of Immigration which
manages passport data, National
Archive (ANRI) which manages
data archive, Financial Service
Authority which regulates
financial sector data, Bank
Indonesia which regulates
banking data, Indonesia Customer
Institution Foundation which deals
with customer data protection,
and Ministry of Health which
regulates health field data and
“The material that covers
Personal Data Protection RPM in
Electronic System consists of 11
Chapters and 39 Articles,” said
He elaborated, several
regulations included in this RPM
such as Protection, Personal Data
Owner Right, User Obligation,
Electronic System Arranger
Obligation, Dispute Settlemet,
Community Participation and also
Administrative Sanction.
From RPM document which
is obtained by Majalah ICT, a
good Personal Data protection
basis appreciates Personal
Data as privacy, confidential
Personal Data in accordance
with Approval and/or based
on provisions of laws and
regulations, based on Approval,
relevance with acquisition,
collection, management, analysis,
safekeeping, appearance,
announcement, dispatch and
dissemination purpose, worthiness
of the used Electronic System,
goodwill to immediately inform in
writing to Personal Data Owner
on each failure of Personal Data
protection, availability of internal
rules on Personal Data protection
management, responsibility of
Personal Data which is in the
control of the user, the facility
of access and correction on
Personal Data by Personal Data
Owner, integrity, accuracy and
sophistication of Personal Data.
Meanwhile privacy is stated
as the freedom of Personal Data
Owner to state whether the
Personal Data is confidential,
unless otherwise stated pursuant
to the provisions of the laws.
It is also regulated that
Personal Data acquisition and
collection by Electronic System
Arrangers must be upon approval.
Personal Data Owner that
provides approval may state
Certain Individual Data that he/
she owns as confidential.
Software is also regulated
Directorate General of
Application and Informatics also
has completed composing of
Draft Minister Regulation (RPM) of
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
Communication and Informatics
regarding Electronic Software.
Article 7 paragraph (1) of PP
PSTE stipulates that Software
used by Electronic System
Arranger for Public Service is
obliged to: be registered in the
Ministry of Communication and
Informatics; is guaranteed in
terms of its operational security
and reliability accordingly;
and is in accordance with
the provisions of laws and
“Article 7 paragraph (2)
of PP PSTE mandates that
requirements of Software is
further regulated in a Minister
Regulation. Composing of
electronic system Software
RPM has been conducted
since late 2013 and continued
in 2014 by involving the
related stakeholders namely:
the related Working Unit in
Ministry of Communication
and Informatics; Members of
Open Web Application Security
Verification standard (ASVS);
and Acedemics (University of
Indonesia and German Swiss
University),” explained Ismail.
Ismail explained the scope
of Software requirements
includes all source codes
including source code which
documentation is developed or
modified in the framework of
creating Software.
Meanwhile, Electronic
System Software Requirements
are divided into two namely
administrative and technical
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
“Administrative requirements
which must be fulfilled include
Developer Name, Software
name, version, service type,
range of number of users,
product life cycle, is it web
based or desktop, and operating
system it supports. Electronic
System Arrangers are obliged
to register by submitting the
completeness of Software
Administrative Requirements,”
he said.
Ismail added that technical
requirements that must be
fulfilled refer to Open Web
Application Security project
(OWASP) Application Security
Verification Standard (ASVS),
which include 3 (three)
levels. Technical requirements
satisfaction is adjusted with
Electronic System risk with the
following terms: Software used
in Strategic Electronic System
must satisfy Level 3 technical
requirements, Software in High
Electronic System must satisfy
a minimum of level 2 technical
requirements, and Software
and Low Electronic System
includes 13 requirement areas
namely authentication, session
management, access control,
input validation, cryptograph
on static verification, error
handling and log recording,
data protection, communication
security, HTTP security,
dangerous code control,
business logic, document
and resources and mobile
KPI & MUI Grant The Best Ramadhan
Broadcasting Program Award
ndonesia Broadcasting Commission
(KPI) and Indonesia Panel of Islamic
Scholars (MUI) once again held
2015 Ramadhan Boradcasting
Program Award. This event is
the award place for broadcasting
program during Ramadhan with
broadcasting parameter in accordance
with Broadcasting Behavior Guidance
and Boradcasting Program Standard
(P3SPS), which is relevant with the spirit
of Ramadhan and broadcasting that
is entertaining and at the same time
educating audience.
In the supervision of Ramadhan
broadcasting, in addition to cooperating
with MUI, KPI also involved the public
through complaint channel and
appreciation on boradcasting program
on television. From such supervision
result a number of assesment processes
were conducted in order to obtain
broadcasting program which are worth
receiving the award.
Different from the previous year, KPI
and MUI provide appreciation for a number
of programs. However this year there
are several changes with the division of
award types for all programs aired during
Ramadhan, namely awards for the best
Ramadhan broadcasting program.
The best program awards were
granted for programs that were
considered as fulfillinf the criteria,
quality; relevant and contextual material
substance and relevant with Ramadha,
Creativity: interesting packaging
and liked by audience, originality:
the originality of program idea and
Continuity: consistency and survival.
The Ramadhan broadcasting programs
were divided into four categories namely
Talent Show, Feature/Documentary,
Soap Opera and Reality Show. Meanwhile
Ramadhan Program Appreciation was
granted to all program categories, cross
genre program and programs that fulfill
good category.
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
2015 Ramadhan Best Television Program:
Talent Show Category : Hafidz Indonesia (RCTI)
Feature/Documentary Category: Muslim Traveler (Net. TV)
Soap Opera Category: God Seekers Chapter 9 (SCTV)
Reality Show Category: I Meet Your Calling (RTV)
2015 Ramadhan Program Appreciation was granted to:
Junior Action (Talent Show – Indosiar)
Qoran Hafizh (Talent Show – Trans 7)
Under Father’s Protection (Soap Opera – Trans TV)
Ramadhan Heart Light (Preach – ANTV)
Fatawa (Preach – TVRI)
Ramadhan Special Hijab Stories (Preach – TV One)
Waiting for Fasting Break at Islamic Boarding School with Opick (Sketch – MNC TV)
Today’s Inspiration (Short Preach – iNews)
Ramadhan Heart Stories (Talk Show – Kompas TV)
Al Mishbah Interpretation (Talk Show – Metro TV)
[I] Miss the Adzan Sound (Reality Show – Global TV).
Minister of Communication and Informatics congratulated all 2015 The Best
Ramadhan Program Award receivers, and this appreciation award will not be
granted only at Ramadhan but also KPI will grant other awards.
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
Cooperation between XmartCity
XL – Provincial Government
of NTB
T XL Axiata Tbk (XL) extends its
XmartCity program cooperation
with Provincial Government of
West Nusa Tenggara (NTB)
Province. This cooperation is in the
form of XL Tunai (Cash) service
utilization for the payment of
Motor Vehicle Tax specially for
NTB area. Both parties intend to
facilitate service to the public
by utilizing digital technology
excellence. The cooperation was
signed by Head of NTB Province
Region Revenue Service Dra. Hj
Putu Selly Andayani, M.Si and
Director of Service Management of
XL, Ongki Kurniawan, in Mataram
on Monday (7/6). Governor of
NTB, Dr. TGH. M. Zainul Madji also
witnessed this signing.
Ongki Kurniawan said “Through
this program XmartCity and
XmartVillage which at this time
have been implemented in a
number of regions and local
community to maximize the
potential they have through
utilization of fast internet and
digital technology. This XL Tunai
facility utilization cooperation
program to pay motor vehicle
tax is one of the forms of its
implementation. Through this
program, we expect XL Tunai can
answer NTB Provincial Government
need to increase tax payment rate
at the same time facilitate the
public to make payments.
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
This at the same time is the first
in Indonesia for this type of model.”
Ongki explained, technically, by
utilizing XL Tunai motor vehicle
tax payment service will be faster
and more effective. On due date
of tax payment, customers can
make payments through XL Tunai
by accessing menu at *123*120#.
After inputing vehicle number, info
on how much of tax payable will
pop out. Next, customer will obtain
notification through SMS and can
print payment evidence in ticket
boxes provided by Regional Revenue
People of NTB will be able to
utilize this facilitating service
around August 2015. After the
signing of coopertion agreement,
XL and Regional Revenue Service
of NTB Province will soon provide
various matters needed including
locations at which it will be easier
for the public later to print tax
payment evidence.
By controlling XL market segment
of around 85% all over NTB, this
program will not be troublesome
NTB people in obtaining XL service
which the majority in such area will
not be able to obtain other benefit
from XL Tunai, as electronic money
which enables XL customers to have
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
financial transaction just by using
their cellular phones. The types of
transaction that can be used are
purchasing cellular phone credit,
paying bills, shopping at stores,
online shopping as well as money
transfer and receiving money
from off shore. All such types of
transaction can be done anytime
and anywhere.
This cooperation at the same
time completes programs in
the frame of XmartCity Lombok
which has been and is being
developed. Previously, XL assisted
the development of websites for
children at the orphanage to drive
the growth of their potential and
achievement. It is expected that
this can be a facility for them to be
able to show self-potential in the
limitedness that they experience.
XL and the local regional
government are also preparing
several other programs.
Lombok is the location chosen
for the comercial launching of 4G
service on 1800 MHz frequency.
As XmartCity program, such fast
internet service launching in
Lombok is the form of appreciation
of XL to Lombok people for their
trust and loyalty in choosing
XL service for the need of
telecommunication and data
service facility.
Homecoming With Telkomsel 2015
s a form of caring to share with
stakeholders especially loyal
customers and phone credit/prime
card traders (Outlet Partners) who
intend to celebrate Ied Mubarak in
their hometowns, this year Telkomsel
once again held Homecoming
Together using four different types
of transportation namely aeroplane,
ship, train and bus with a total of
homecomers of 4000.
The arrangement of this program
(Homecoming Together) of Tekomsel
2015 was marked by the release of
buses for homeconing by President
Director of Telkomsel, Ririek
Adriansyah and array of Telkomsel
management on Tuesday (7/14) in
Parkir Timur Senayan, jakarta.
This year Telkomsel dipatched 300
homecomers using the plane from
various regions with destionations
such as Padang, Jakarta, Yogyakarta,
Semarang, Surabaya and Makassar.
As to trains, 400 participants were
dispatched from Gambir station
using Agro Anggrek with destination
Surabaya through North Coast and
Argo Bima with destination Surabaya
through south lane.
Meanwhile 400 participants joined
the homecoming together by ship
from various regions in Indonesia
with destination Medan, Semarang,
Surabaya and Makassar.
As to homecoming by bus,
Telkomsel dispatched 2,500
participants with destination
Yogyakarta, Solo, Tegal, Pekalongan,
Semarang, Madiun, Malang and
Surabaya. Previously on Sunday
(7/12) Telkomsel also participated
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
in Homecoming Together of Ministry
of State Owned Enterprises in
which there were 10 buses which
accomodated 400 particiapants.
In Telkomsel Homecoming Together
program, in addition to obtaining free
tickets, participants also obtain travel
President Director of Telkomsel,
Ririek Adriansyah said, eid mubarak
homecoming together program
is an annual activity as a form of
appreciation to customers therefore
they obtain the opportunity to
go home to their hometowns to
celebrate eid mbarak with their
families. We hope that participants’
journey in Telkomsel homecoming can
be endured safely and conveniently,
and all participants can reach their
hometowns safely.”
Telkomsel Homecoming Together
program was conducted through two
methods to gain its participants. The
first was through loyalty program
that was started from 11 May to 4
June 2015, in which all customers
of kartuHALO, simPATI and KartuAS
can exchange Telkomsel points by
participating in point auction by
accessing *700*123# to obtain plane
and train tickets for homecoming. On
the other hand, homecoming together
with bus was conducted as a form
of appreciation on outlet partner
Biznet Offers Internet Broadband Service in 70 Cities
fter the announcement of
Biznet Fiber network extension
in Java and Bali for 1,700 km,
adding a total of Biznet Optic
network to become 13,000 km
which reaches 70 cities in Java,
Bali and Sumatera islands last June,
Biznet now shares the newest
information on array of product and
service to respond to public need
of fast internet with good quality
and is reliable to support business
and individual segments.
President Director of Biznet
Networks, Adi Kusma said “Our
commitment is to provide the best
and reliable internet service for
all Indonesian people. Biznet Fiber
network extension in Java Bali for
1,700 km is only a start for us,
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
since we will continue to seek with
out best to continue extending our
network to larger number of areas
in Indonesia, and provide solution
for all market segments, not only
B2B market but also B2C. We will
provide complete product and
service which can be opted based
on customer’s need.”
Since 2000 Biznet has been
known as an internet service
provider which focuses on business
and corporation segments through
array of products that have been
acknowledged such as Biznet
MetroNET, Biznet Data Center and
Biznet Dedicated Line.
However, since 2012 Bizned has
started to develop its business
and its market target to customer
and retail by launching Biznet
Home (previously known as max3),
Ultra Fast internet service with
high definition TV cable. To target
retail segment, in 2014 Biznet then
launched Biznet WiFi, prepaid WiFi
Turbo service for smartphone and
tablet users with a speed of 100
Based on research that was
conducted, it is estimated that
the number of internet users in
Indonesia will reach 150 million at
the end of 2015, which certainly
must be followed with powerful and
appropriate infrastructure.
At this time intenet has become
one of the most important aspects
for most Indonesian people,
especially those who live in large
cities and require fast information
access. The interesting part is,
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
people in small towns have now
accessed internet on daily basis,
both to update social media and
shop online.
Whatever the purpose is, internet
has become one of the most
important needs for most people in
Indonesia, and as one of prominent
telecommunication and multimedia
service providers in Indonesia, Biznet
understands the developing trend
at this time and it is increasingly
inspired to create innovation
to continue developing internet
infrastructure that is appropriate
and with good qualiy to reach more
circles of life in indonesia.
Present in 70 cities, Biznet offers
appropriate services, both for
business and customer segments.
As to Small and Medium Enterprises
(UKM), Biznet offers Biznet
MetroNET, Super Fast Internet
service with capacity of starting
from 1,5 Mbps up to 75 Mbps,
packed in six packages which can
be chosen with a price of starting
from IDR600,000/month.
In addition, Biznet also offers
data keeping access to customers
through the internet with a very
affordable price and can be
adjusted with customers’ need.
As to customer’s segment, Biznet
offers Biznet Home, an Ultra Fast
Internet service with TV Cable with
high definition quality for residential
and apartment segments.
Biznet Home is the most
suitable service for families who
intend to access the internet and
entertainment package at home
with good quality both to assist
children in doing their homework
and housewives in preparing special
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
meal for the family with recipee
from the internet.
Biznet Home offers various
packages with prices starting from
IDR200,000/month. In addition,
Biznet also offers Bznet Wifi, a
prepaid Turbo WiFi service targeted
for young professionals, students,
tourists, or those who like to share
files with friends through social
media, including music or image
Biznet WiFi offers interesting
features with very inexpensive
price starting from IDR10,000 with
active period of 10 days.
As an effort to provide the
best service for customers from
all segments, starting from pre
to post service, Biznet continues
to increase Customer Experience
Division which has clinched several
awards and operates 24/7.
All staff members of Customer
Experience Division are very
experienced in their fields and
have been trained in providing the
best service to customers. Biznet
ascertains that all customers will
obtain prime service and the best
solution for the issues faced.
Pertaining to Biznet network
extension plan, this year Biznet
is also developing Biznet Fiber
network in Java, Bangka, Batam
and Singapore, which is scheduled
to complete late August 2015.
Subsequent to the readiness of the
network Biznet will own very large
capacity for international network,
connected directly to the center of
internet all over the world, which
will support Biznet to continue
providing service and the best
solution for customers’ needs.
Infinix Zero 2:
Cellular Phone
with High
Made From
fter the success of launching
Hot Note X551, a smartphone
with long lasting battery
for up to two days, Infinix
strengthens its position in Indonesia
by launching stylish handphone
with affordable price, Zero 2 X509.
Cooperating with Lazada which
is one of the largest e-commerce
companies, infinix launched its
newest smartphone through “Factory
to Customer” business model.
Designated specially for young
generation and users who put trendy
design as priority, Zero 2 design
is very thin, chic and protected by
gorilla glass which causes this product
to be sronger, equipped with Samsung
super AMOLED screen.
“Designed specially for Indonesian
customers, Zero 2 X509 is equipped
with Gorilla glass technology and
13 MP camera as well as fast focus
feature that supports clear image
capturing. This product is an evidence
of our commitment to provide good
quality technology with premium
quality with affordable price,” said
Benjamin Jang, CEO of Infinix Mobility.
Created with internal storage of 16
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
Zero 2 X509:
• Design: 5 inch super
AMOLED screen with
coning gorilla glass 3,
case made from Kevlar
with very light material
weighing only 118
• Battery: 2300 mAh
Li-Ion battry with very
good durability
Processor: OctaCore 64 bit which
enables smooth and
easy multitasking
• Memory: Dual SIM
for 2G, 3G and 4G
LTE with 1 6GB ROM
internal memory. 32
micro SD, and 3 GB
• Camera: 1 MP for
back camera and 5
MP for front camera
with fast focus, geo
tagging , LED flash
and smart gesture
features equipped
with Samsung camera
• Screen: Samsung
super AMOLED
• Color: Black
Majalah IC T
No. 36• August 2015
GB and 32
GB with SD
card, Infinix
Zero X509
equipped with
core 64 bit and RAM 3 GB
which is able to provide
multitasking performance
which is very satisfying.
This newest smartphone
is developed to capture
clear image and can be
used for selfie with 5MP
front camera and 13MP
back camera.
Infinix is Hong Kong
technological company
which develops fast and
established in 2009.
Developed through R&D
and central of design in
Paris and Shanghai, Infinix
has good track record in
Middle East. Focusing
on e-commerce, Infinix
collaborated exclusively
with Lazada to obtan
extensive circle of life.
We are very proud to
be able to once again
cooperate with Infinix,
since we believe Zero 2
X509 will result in high
sales, same as the sales of
Hot Note X551 previously.
With the variety of
sophisticated features
and dynamic design, we
believe this product will
succeed in the market,”
said Rene Jansen, Chief
Commercial Office of
Lazada Indonesia.
Interested customers
can purchase Infinix Zero
2 X509 only at Lazada. with a price of
IDR2,499,000. Flash sale
would be held on 5 August
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Communication Technology in Majalah ICT
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