Capacity to influence?
€ Treatment
of dissent
€ Reliance on military & revolutionary militias/
guards to intimidate opposition
€ Iran provides public opinion experts to assist
“Ahmadinejad is love’
ƒ “Chavez is love”
Use of elections to secure/maintain
Elections controlled
Change implied in elections unacceptable to
leaders of both countries
€ Counter
efforts to isolate
€ Access to technology
ƒ Military
€ Opposition
to the United States
€ Dislike of secular consumer culture
€ Chavez:
seven visits to Tehran since 2004
€ Thirty cooperative agreements
Truck factory
ƒ Ammunition factory
ƒ Cement plant
€ Weekly
flight Caracas – Damascus – Tehran
€ Venezuela expresses support for Iran’s right
to develop nuclear energy
€ Purchase
of Corp Banca C.A (May 2008)
Paperwork processed in record time
ƒ Iranian Board of Directors
ƒ Circumvents embargo – allows Iran to move
money around USA
€ Iran
– Venezuela Development Bank
April 2009
ƒ Capital begins $200 million to $1.2 Billion
ƒ Capital projects (possibly uranium mining)
€ Iranian
military advisors embedded with
selected Army units since 2006
€ Iranian advisors from Revolutionary Guards
assist in organizing popular militias and
Francisco Miranda Front
€ Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammed
Najjar met with Venezuelan Vice President
Ramon Carrizalez, (also acting defense
minister) in March 2009
€ Alain
Joxe: “La Guerra USA-Iraq: Imperio,
guerra asimetrica y caos global
€ Army field manuals from period of USA
cooperation burned
€ Asymmetric warfare adopted as official
doctrine of Venezuelan military
€ Iranian military manuals discussing
asymmetric warfare appear in Venezuela
€ Colombian
Army raid on
camp of Raul Reyes (May
€ Iranian field manuals
€ $480,000 cash in Costa
Rican safe house traced
to Iran
€ Low grade uranium
buried (30 kilos)
€ What
is Iran’s capability to influence
conditions/events in Latin America that
impact on U.S. ?
€ How concerned should the U.S. be with
Iranian activities in Venezuela?