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Water Aerobics - Arlington Parks and Recreation
What are the Benefits of
Water Aerobics?
Provides Buoyancy and Support
The water supports almost 80% of your
weight, which in turn causes less strain and
prevents injuries on your joints, back and
Improved Flexibility
When doing water aerobics, the joints can be
moved easily and in a wide range of motion.
This allows you to exercise with no joint pain.
Is Water Aerobics
Right for Me?
Water aerobics is one of the most energizing
forms of aerobics and can be enjoyed by
everyone. Whether you are looking to kick
start your fitness journey, increase flexibility
and joint mobility, lose weight, or just have
some fun, water aerobics is the exercise for
Many people refer to water aerobics as a
“non-weight bearing exercise,” because the
water supports most of your weight rather
than your hips, legs and feet. This relieves
stress and resistance on the joints, allowing
for greater flexibility and stamina than your
body offers in exercises outside of the water.
Classes are held in waist-deep water so
that you do not have to be able to swim to
Doctors recommend water aerobics for
patients with limited mobility due to injury,
weight or disability, as well as for new moms
and mommies to be!
Please make sure to consult your doctor before
beginning any type of exercise program as well as
inform your instructor at the start of the first class.
Helps Keep you Cool
Water aerobics is refreshing and helps keep
your body cool, as well as lift your mood
Quick Muscular Endurance
Due to water resistance, you will see a
quicker build-up of toned and endured muscle
Burns Calories
Water aerobics helps you burn anywhere
from 450 – 700 calories per hour!
Improves Cardio Conditioning
During water aerobics your heart rate is
maintained, which is beneficial to both the
heart and lungs.
Who can participate in
Water Aerobics?
ANYONE!!! That’s right, anyone of any age
with any health condition who enjoys the
What should I bring?
Water or Sports Drink
Bathing suit
Hugh Smith Indoor Pool
1815 New York Ave.
Arlington, TX 76010
Water Aerobics Schedule
8:00 am
Class Fees
9:00 am
12:15 pm
6:00 pm
7:00 pm
H2O on
the Go!
H2O on
the Go!
H2O on
the Go!
Joints in
Joints in
Joints in
Class Descriptions
H20 on the Go! - Get with the flow, with
H20 on the Go! Enjoy a cardiovascular workout
intended for beginners to advanced individuals
who seek to strengthen and tone.
Joints in Motion - Get your joints back in
gear! Class focuses on individuals with injuries
and arthritic conditions and works to improve
flexibility, strength and overall health.
Water Wellness - Great for beginners! This
low impact class focuses on flexibility and toning.
Improve your health with Water Wellness!
AquaSlim - Get fit, get slim! Come for
an evening of cardio, flexibility, toning and
strengthening. This workout is great for all ages
and populations. Get an amazing cardio workout
without putting stress on body joints and parts!
HydroBlast - Blast off to the new you! This
class is geared towards beginners to advanced
individuals wanting to improve their health
and strength with a great cardio workout. This
medium to high intensity class gets your body
moving towards the new you!
Saturday Splash - This is no dip in the pool!
This high intensity work out will definitely get
you moving and the water splashing. The class is
intended for beginners to advanced individuals.
Wash those worries away!
Aqua Zumba!
Jump into the Latin-inspired, easy-to-follow,
calorie-burning, dance fitness-party™ that
makes working out a splash.
*Aqua Zumba is a contract class therefore the
punches, memberships and passes for the other
Water Aerobic classes are not interchangeable.
Register onsite or contact Carla Riffel, Zumba
Instructor, at 817-229-3346 or by email at
[email protected]
Aqua Zumba Fees
1 Class: $8
10 Classes: $40
ALL classes require an Annual Membership Card.
1 class: $5
8 classes: $32
12 classes: $42
24 classes: $72
Monthly Membership
Enjoy unlimited water and land
aerobics along with weight room
usage for an entire month!
Combo Pass
This combo pass allows you to attend
an unlimited number of water and
land aerobics classes, open/lap swim
and weight room usage all at Hugh
Smith Recreation Center and Hugh
Smith Indoor Pool for a whole month!
Prices listed do not include Annual Membership Card.
Newcomer Special
Stop by Hugh Smith Indoor Pool
to get your FREE week of water
aerobics started!
After you enjoy your FREE
week, sign up for 20% off your
This offer is only valid for customers
that have not registered for any water
programs within the last 6 months.
This offer does not include the cost of a
facility card and/or Aqua Zumba.

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