April - Benson



April - Benson
Veritas Lux Mea
Camp Stone Lodge 77 F&AM
Sierra Vista, Arizona
April 2013
Masonry is a way of life.
About Us
Camp Stone Lodge No. 77 is a daylight Lodge. Stated communications are held on the second Saturday of each
month. Located at 219 S. Garden Avenue in Sierra Vista, AZ 85635-1701
Contact our secretary for information at the below address.
Camp Stone Lodge No. 77
Free and Accepted Masons
PO Box 464
Sierra Vista, AZ 85636
Breakfast is served by the Cochise High Twelve Club No. 703 at 8:30 AM followed by our Stated Meeting at 9:30
Camp Stone No. 77 Education
April 8th 7:00 PM Camacho dining hall. We will continue the discussion of the First Degree proficiency.
Camp Stone Lodge News:
Camp Stone Lodge had its first Entered Apprenticed degree this year. The Degree Team performed very
well with the ritual for our new Brother. Education night was used as the practice for the first degree and needless to
say good practice makes good ritual. We are seeing an influx of membership and that is good for Camp Stone. It
seems like Saturday works best for a lot of schedules.
Please visit the Benson-Arizona WEB site for all Cochise County Masonic information at the
following URL: http://benson-arizona.com/campstone77/index.htm by WEB Master Merle Hobbs
who does a wonderful job at keeping us informed with Masonic activities in Cochise County.
Note: There is now a name for the Camp Stone 77 newsletter; it is “Veritas Lux Mea,” which
in English translation is “Truth is my light.”
Masonry is a way of life.
Antonio Meucci (1808 – 1889)
the Superintendent of Mechanics at the Tacon
While living in Havana Meucci started
experimenting with electricity including
electroplating experiments and even a crude
form of Electro-shock therapy he used to treat
patients with headaches. It was during one of
these experiments with electricity that he came
up with a device that would change the world:
his speaking telegraph, or as he called it the
Interestingly, this is only part of the story as
there is an even older claimant, an Italian that
was already developing a speaking telegraph
when Alexander Graham Bell was still an infant.
His name was Antonio Meucci and his
brilliance and ingenuity has gone unrecognized
for far too long.
Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci, born in
Florence in 1808 was a highly inquisitive man
and lived a life of constant experimentation. He
studied mechanics, drawing, chemistry and
physics for six years at the Florence Academy of
Fine Arts. Meucci's gift for invention was
evident at an early age as he created an
improved chemical propellant for fireworks
when he was eighteen. While working at
Florence's Pergole Theatre, Meucci met his
future wife, a seamstress named Ester Mochi
and they soon married. Due to his involvement
in the Italian reunification movement, Meucci
was constantly under surveillance by the Grand
Duchy of Tuscany's police forces and so
immigrated to Havana, Cuba in 1835 to work as
Here it was born: Antonio Meucci Inventor of
the Telephone
It all started when Meucci heard a patient's voice
coming through an electrically charged copper
wire he was using for one of his treatments. This
discovery immediately piqued his interests and
he started experimenting with voice
communication over wire in 1849. By 1850, he
decided to move to New York to better exploit
his new discoveries - and to escape the watchful
eyes of the Spanish Governor of Cuba. Being
both a supporter of liberty and a confirmed
Freemason made Meucci a dangerous person in
the eyes of the Pro-Spanish Government of Cuba
and so left for the United States even though he
could hardly speak English.
Meucci arrived in Staten Island, New York at the same time that the hero of Italian reunification
movement, Giuseppe Garibaldi also landed in the city. The two became fast friends, both sharing ideas
on liberty and a desperate need for cash. Even though he arrived fairly wealthy, Meucci gave much away
to Italian refugees and in support of Garibaldi. Meucci quickly got to work finding a way to make an
honest living for himself and the growing Italian immigrant community and came up with America's first
smokeless candle at his New York Paraffin Candle Company. It did not make him rich, but it allowed for
Meucci's continued experimentation with his Teletrofono, that is until much of this money and property
was lost after being swindled by false creditors.
Masonry is a way of life.
and he never even got to test his design. When
Alexander Graham Bell finally filed his patent in
1876, Meucci's patent caveat was two years
expired, making his battle for recognition even
more difficult.
Old Telehone Exchange from 1892
A tragic case of rheumatoid arthritis crippled his
wife Ester, but necessitated the creation of a
working prototype of his invention in order to
communicate with her within his home. Just
when it seemed that Meucci was about to
become a household name, even more tragedy
struck as a Staten Island ferry explosion would
leave him hospitalized and further impoverished.
After recovering, he would discover that Ester
had sold off his prototypes in order to keep away
from complete bankruptcy. Meucci was
devastated, but still persevered and in 1871 he
borrowed twenty dollars in order ensure a patent
caveat since he could no longer afford to register
an official US patent. Even though Meucci beat
both Gray and Bell by nearly five years, it was
his inability to afford a full-fledged patent as
well as his poor English that allowed his ideas to
be at the least, neglected and at the worst, stolen.
In an attempt to make his invention known and
to produce patents in the US and Europe,
Meucci found three financial backers and
founded the Teletrofono Company in 1871.
Unfortunately for Meucci, the group split a year
later without success short of renewing his
patent caveat. Once again short of funds but
undaunted, Meucci approached an affiliate of the
Western Union Telegraph Company in order to
test his designs on their lines. After two years,
all Antonio Meucci had to show for this effort
were delays, excuses and the eventual
disappearance of his materials. Meucci was now
left without the funds ($20) to renew his caveat
for 1874, his materials were most likely stolen,
In the years after receiving the patent, Bell was
subject to numerous lawsuits by claimants to the
invention of the telephone, including Antonio
Meucci and later the US Government. After
years of delays, The United States Government
vs. The American Bell Telephone Co. and
Alexander Graham Bell was started in 1886 but
further complicated by countersuits brought
against Meucci by the wealthy Bell. However
through his descriptions (given by an
interpreter), over 24 affidavits (including one
from the man who bought his models from his
wife), a copy of his original caveat and models
he was able to construct, Meucci gave a very
strong argument. However it has been reported
that the judge in the case was a shareholder in
Bell's company and delayed the outcome of the
case year after year until Meucci's death in 1889.
The Government kept up the case, still
upholding that Meucci was the true inventor of
the telephone until 1897 when it was finally
closed without a decision. The case was later
appealed to the Supreme Court by the Globe
Telephone Company to uphold Meucci's claim
but was dismissed in 1892.
Until recently, Antonio Meucci has been
neglected by nearly all, mere footnotes in the
fields of Science and Italian history. His house
on Staten Island is more known for Garibaldi
than Meucci and his contributions have mostly
gone unnoticed. Hopefully that is starting to
change as in 2002 the US Congress passed
Resolution 269, finally recognizing Antonio
Meucci as the true inventor of the Telephone.
The genius of Meucci should be rightfully
acknowledged not only as a telecommunications
pioneer, but also as a great Italian who deeply
cared for his countrymen and supported a
unified and free Italy.
By Justin Demetri
Masonry is a way of life.
Worshipful Master………………………………WB Duane L. Brown
Senior Warden…………………………………...Bro. Eugene M. Guzzi
Junior Warden…………………………….……..WB Al Camacho
Secretary…………………………………………Bro. Gary McFie
Treasurer…………………………………………Bro. Robert C. Frankenfield
Senior Deacon…………………………………..Bro. Matthew J. Reidmiller
Junior Deacon……………………………….….WB Bennett T. Dingwall III
Senior Steward………………………………….Bro. Al Hammond
Junior Steward………………………………..…MWB Michael T. Bishop
Tyler………………………………………….…WB Donald R. Rodgers
Chaplain…………………………………….…..WB Harry Brown
3 Year Trustee (2012-2014)
2 Year Trustee (2012-2013)
1 Year Trustee (2012)
MWB Michael T. Bishop
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Chairman WB Donald R. Rodgers
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Bro. Eugene Guzzi
AMC, Degree Ritual Work & Masonic Education
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Bro. Eugene M. Guzzi
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Masonic Widows’ Program
Chairman WB Edwin Reed
WB Donald R. Rodgers
Bro. Eugene M. Guzzi
Bikes for Books & Essay contest (Huachuca City School
Chairman WB Duane L. Brown
Bro. Cecil G. McFie
WB Harry C. Brown
Jurisprudence – Constitution and Lodge By-Laws
Chairman WB Harry C. Brown
WB Al Camacho
MWB Michael T. Bishop
Masonry is a way of life.
Past Masters
1983 Richard Lee Taylor ǂ
1985 Kenneth Keith Kendall
1987 Edwin Reed, Jr.
1989 Ernest Godfrey Bruder
1991 Cherry Jeffers Miller ǂ
1993 Michael Taylor Bishop
1995 Donald Ray Rodgers
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ǂ Celestial Lodge
Al Camacho
John Harriman 4/11/1983
Terry Henley 4/16/1985
Preston Leingang 4/18/1979
George Mason 4/17/1956
William McCormick 4/1/1975
Bruce Heran 4/21/2001
Rodger Rust, Sr. 4/2/1990
Duane Brown 4/17/2010
Nathan Green 4/15/1972
King Solomon Lodge No.5
First Monday
Willcox Lodge No. 10
Second Thursday
Nogales Lodge No. 11
Second Wednesday
Perfect Ashlar Lodge No. 12
First Thursday
Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 19
Huachuca Lodge No. 53
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San Pedro Lodge No. 55
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Camp Stone Lodge No. 77 Day Light Lodge
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Safford Lodge No. 16
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George W. Prioleau Lodge No. 13 PHA
Third Friday
Masonry is a way of life.
Introduction To Freemasonry Entered Apprentice
By Carl H. Claudy
One of the great appeals of Freemasonry, both to the profane [v] and to Masons, is its
antiquity. The Order can trace an unbroken history of more than two hundred years in its
present form (the Mother Grand Lodge was formed in 1717), and has irrefutable
documentary evidence of a much longer existence in simpler forms.
Our present rituals – the plural is used advisedly, as no two jurisdictions are exactly at
one on what is correct in ritual -are the source books from which we prove just where we came
from and, to some extent, just when.
If we alter our ritual, either intentionally or by poor memorization, we gradually lose the
many references concealed in the old, old phrases which tell the story of whence we came and
Time is relative to the observer; what is very slow to the man may be very rapid to
nature. Nature has all the time there is. To drop out a word here, put in a new one there,
eliminate this sentence and add that one to our ritual seems to be a minor matter in a
man's lifetime. Yet if it is continued long enough – a very few score of years – the old
ritual will be entirely altered and become something new.
We have confirmation of this. Certain parts of the ritual are printed. These printed
paragraphs are practically the same in most jurisdictions. Occasionally there is a
variation, showing where some committee on work has not been afraid to change the
work of the fathers. But as a whole the printed portion of our work is substantially what it
was when it was first brought to this country more than two hundred years ago.
The secret work is very different in many of our jurisdictions. Some of these differences
are accounted for by different original sources, yet even in two jurisdictions which sprang from
the same source of Freemasonry, and originally had the same work, we find variations, showing
that mouth-to-ear instruction, no matter how secret it may be, is not wholly an accurate way of
transmitting words.
If in spite of us alterations creep in by the slow process of time and human fallibility, how
much faster will the ritual change if we are careless or indifferent? The farther away we
get from our original source, the more meticulously careful must trust-worthy Masons be
to pass on the work to posterity exactly as we receive it. The Mason of olden time could
go to his source for reinspiration – we cannot.
Masonry is a way of life.
Ritual is the thread which binds us to those who immediately preceded us, as their ritual
bound them to their fathers, our grandfathers. The ritual we hand down to our sons and
their sons' sons will be their bond with us, and through us with the historic dead. To alter
that bond intentionally is to wrong those who come after us, even as we have been
wronged when those who preceded us were careless or inefficient in their memorization
of ritual.
The Entered Apprentice, then, should not be discouraged if the ritual "comes hard." He
should fail not in the task nor question that it is worth while, for on what he does and on
the way in which he does it depends in some measure the Freemasonry of the future. As
he does well or ill, so will those who come after him do ill or well..
Masonry is a way of life.
Section 5-101 – Investigation Committee.
When a petition for the degrees, or
application for affiliation, shall be received,
the Master, when appointing the Committee
on Investigation, shall not announce the
names of said Committee in open Lodge, but
shall privately inform the Secretary as to the
names of the said Committee. When this
Committee makes its report, it shall be to the
Master, and he to the Lodge, and after the
vote has been taken, said reports shall be
Section 5-102 – Mandatory Report to
Grand Secretary. Each petition for degrees
and each application for affiliation received
by a Lodge shall, before any action is taken
thereon, except the appointment of a
committee of investigation, be forwarded by
the Secretary to the Grand Secretary, and all
rejections of petitions for the degrees or
applications for affiliation shall be promptly
reported by the Secretary of the Lodge to the
Grand Secretary.
Section 5-102.1 – Grand Secretary
Certification Required. No Lodge shall act
upon any petition for the degrees or
application for affiliation, except the
appointment of an investigating committee,
until the same shall have been referred to the
Grand Secretary and returned by him with
his certification, as provided in this section.
The Grand Secretary’s certification shall be
read to the Lodge prior to any ballot being
Section 5-103 – Investigation Required
Prior to Ballot. No Lodge shall ballot upon
any petition for the degrees or upon any
application for affiliation from a Master
Mason who is not a member in good
standing of a lodge in this jurisdiction until
it shall have been referred to a committee,
whose duty it shall be:
(a) To make strict examination into the
moral, mental, physical, and other proper
qualifications of the petitioner or applicant,
and to independently or collectively conduct
a personal interview with petitioners, if they
be geographically available;
(b) To ascertain if the petitioner conforms to
the requisites for membership and to help
the applicant ascertain if Freemasonry is
what the petitioner thinks it is, and;
(c) To report thereon at the next stated
meeting, unless further time be granted.
Section 5-103.1 – Favorable Report
Requirements. A favorable report by two
members of an investigaton committee upon
a petition for the degrees, or an application
for affiliation, is sufficient for the Master to
make a favorable report to the Lodge. If the
Master desires the report of the other
member of the committee, further time may
be granted by him.
Section 5-104 – Investigation Committee
Report. When the appointment of a
Committee on Investigation is required, the
report of the Committee must be received by
the Lodge prior to the opening of a ballot.
Failure to report to the Lodge will invalidate
the ballot.
Masonry is a way of life.
1 King Solomon Lodge #5 stated meeting at 7. Dinner at 5:30.
2 Pearl of Venus Chap #6 OES stated meeting in Bisbee at 2 PM.
3 Huachuca Lodge #53 stated meeting at 7 w/ dinner at 6 PM.
4 Perfect Ashlar Lodge #12 stated meeting at 7 w/ dinner at 6 PM.
4 Electa Chap #51 OES stated meeting at 7 PM.
6 Cochise Scottish Rite Club breakfast meeting at 8 AM. Meet at Masonic Lodge in Sierra Vista.
6 CHIP event in Bisbee. Time 10 to 3. POC Jim Elliston (623) 680-8380
6 – 7 Tombstone Rose Festival & Parade.
9 Mt Moriah Lodge #19 stated meeting at 7 w/ dinner at 6 PM.
10 Huachuca Lodge #53 TBA
11 Willcox Lodge #10 stated meeting at 7 w/ dinner at 6 PM.
12 Cochise Masonic High Twelve Club #703 meets at VFW in Huachuca City at 5:30 PM. All are welcomed to
13 Camp Stone Lodge #77 stated meeting at 9:30 AM w/ breakfast at 8:30. All are welcomed.
15 King Solomon Lodge #5 TBA
16 Pearl of Venus Chap #6 OES stated meeting in Tombstone at 2 PM.
16 Adoniram Council #14, Cryptic Masons stated meeting at 7 PM.
16 Coronado Chap #20 Royal Arch Masons stated meeting at 7 PM.
17 Huachuca Lodge #53 education nite starts at 6 PM.
18 Electa Chap #51 OES stated meeting at 7 PM.
19 George W. Prioleau Lodge #13 PHA stated meeting at 7 PM.
20 Huachuca Shrine Club monthly meeting at 5:30 at My Place.
20 SABBAR Shrine Ceremonial in Tucson.
22 San Pedro Lodge #55 stated meeting at 7 w/ dinner at 6 PM.
23 Burning Taper Commandery #15, Knights Templar stated meeting at 7 PM.
23 Scottish Rite Study workshop at 6:30 PM at the Masonic Lodge in Sierra Vista.
24 Huachuca Lodge #53 TBA
25 Tucson Lodge of Perfection stated meeting at 7:30 w/ dinner at 6:30 PM. Everyone is invited to the dinner.
RSVP a must. POC Tom Jones (619) 922-5324.
27 Huachuca Lodge #53 yard sale at the lodge. POC Rayna Stanley at (602) 565-1320
Planning ahead
May 3 & 4 – Tucson Scottish Rite Reunion. POC Matt Reidmiller @ (724) 396-0140
June 6 – 8 – Arizona Grand Lodge Annual meeting. POC see Lodge secretary.
Masonry is a way of life.
From the corner of the DDGM
Greetings from your District Deputy Grand Master # 11
April 2013
A fraternal and warm greeting to all my brothers in District # 11. The ritual work in all of the lodges has been
nothing short of impressing. All of the lodges seem to be picking up steam and are increasingly impressive in their
activities. I see many degrees scheduled and executed. It seems to be an exciting time for all of the lodges. Camp
Stone # 77 gave a very good First Degree, King Solomon executed an impressive Third Degree and Huachuca # 53
completed two Second Degrees is a very professional manner. Special kudos to Brother Kuchkar for the third
degree lecture he gave in King Solomon # 5. He is a young mason who is becoming very involved in participating
in the Masonic fraternity. The District # 11 workshop was a success with attendance from all the lodges within the
District and some from outside the District. I ran out of handouts and will be making 10 more sets of handouts for
anyone interested. We will have those turned into digits and available by email shortly. The Grand Lodge
Leadership Retreat was a grand success and was spot on in reality therapy. Some of the classes included how to run
the lodges as a business, the importance of the investigation, how do we guard the backdoor and many other
subjects. If you know anyone that attended you may want to copy the binder of handouts the Grand Lodge provided
to the attendees. I would like to compliment the education efforts of all the lodges and particularly recognize
Brother Rayne Stanley for his program which has broken new ground in the field of spreading more light in masonry
to our brothers, sisters and new potential candidates. An important focus for April is the Rose Parade in Tombstone
on the 6th of April. Report time to King Solomon # 5 is 1200 noon. We need to support this effort the dress code
will be western wear with cowboy hat if you have one and your apron. I encourage all officers to wear their collars
and either your officers apron or your past masters apron. The more brothers attending the stronger public statement
we make to the public that Masonry is alive and well in Arizona. It is only about a six block walk so those of us that
are challenged in mobility should be able to make it. I will be using my cane but I will be glad when we get to the
end of the parade for that is the American Legion and I will buy the first beer.
Bruce F. Wood
District # 11
From the corner of the PDDGM
“Let there be Light” How many of us can recall the
precise moment when we heard those words spoken
in a Masonic Lodge and can recall the thoughts that
passed through our minds at that precise moment,
when we were brought to light.
The chances are that at the time of initiation when we
were brought to light, our first thought was “now I’ll
be able to see what is going on.” The quest for light.
Not merely for that material light which is to remove
physical darkness but for that intellectual light which
will dispel the darkness of mental and moral
The word light is like a two edge sword. Not only is
it something that each one of us can and must
receive, but it is something that we, each one of us
can and must give if we are to be true Masons. A
lodge of instruction is held each Tuesday starting at
4:30 PM. This training day is for anyone who is
working on a lecture, conferring a degree or learning
the proficiency for anyone of the three degrees. We
meet at the Masonic Lodge in Sierra Vista and if you
are running late give me a call and we will wait.
The month of March 2013 was a good month for
light “education.” We had a Grand Lodge Officers
Masonry is a way of life.
Retreat in Prescott which was very informative and
pleasant and we attended a work shop by the DDGM
on Masonic Funerals.
Part of the training on Masonic funerals was directed
at the family members before the Mason passes
away. This subject was very well received with
comments such as we need to have more information
about what do we do when the Masons passes on.
The attendance was very good and we had request for
more training on this subject.
Check out the Masonic Activities Schedule in this
issue and attend activities when you can. There is a
lot going on all very interesting. Travel safely
Andrew Anderson 33°
Grand Chaplain
AZ Grand lodge
Cochise Masonic High Twelve Club #703
The Cochise Masonic High Twelve Club #703 will hold the April 12 meeting at the VFW in Huachuca
City starting at 5:30 PM. The usual menu of steak, plus the trimmings, and homemade desserts. Our 2nd
VP Tom Jones has lined up a very interesting program one we all will enjoy.
The AZ State High Twelve Association will hold their mid-winter meeting on April 6 starting at 9:30 AM
in Tucson. Everyone is welcomed to attend and it will be held at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse 4270 N.
Oracle Rd, just a block south of the Tucson Mall. President Dave will have the state report at the April 12
Masonry is a way of life.
Worshipful Master
Using the “Square” an emblem of Truth and Morality, we test ourselves each day when confront the
world. We wager we will do the right thing and live up to our obligations. We chose this and we also honor these
sacred obligations. Why is this important? Look around the world today and you see it more difficult to understand.
Why, because there are people who find it easier to stray from the truth to procure theirs wants and needs. Our
society is constantly shifting and becoming a little more difficult for us to understand.
Being a Mason and using these tools we are given keep a perspective on this and provides the guidance to
circumscribe our lives. We are fortunate that with these tools and education and our good Brothers, life becomes a
little easier.
Senior Warden
What we learned in the third degree is “spreading the cement.” Yet, does that mean something different to
all. I think it means the same to all of us but, we act on those words differently. Why? I certainly don’t know, but I
do know when those words are put into action there is no doubt you will notice it immediately.
Those words are not to be limited to a Lodge, but to the Fraternity in whole. There is not much to interpret
in these words, it’s clear to us what they mean and clear to us to use those words in the manner in which they are
intended? Why would we say these words if we are going to pick and choose what we see fit? This Fraternity is not
about an individual or group of individuals you may choose their interpretation, it’s about the Fraternity as a whole.
Junior Warden
Announcements! A time during the stated or special meeting when one rise to be recognized by the Master
and make a pronouncement. What a dreaded word it has become. Dreaded not for its’ intended purpose or expected
meaningful information, nay, but for the abuse and disrespect of the Brothers that ensues.
Its’ purpose is to advertise, in brief, concise words, the Time, Day, Place, Event, and Location, of a
forthcoming event. Not to add who else attends, will be there, the route taken to arrive there, what year the event
began, how the last one went, the number of attendees at the previous one, the numerous titles you possess, and how
proud you are that you remembered all that nonsense.
Consider this instead: “April 22nd, 7:00 PM, Stated Meeting, San Pedro Lodge No. 55”. The Brothers will
be impressed with your understanding of time constraints, briefing abilities, respect for others, and may go so far as
to thank you for the information. And, in practicing good etiquette, you have avoided insulting us for the lack of
knowledge pertaining to what a stated meeting is, where San Pedro Lodge is located, the ability to tell time, and
what a calendar is for.
But wait, my Brother, I almost forgot to mention that there are two, not one, bulletin boards available in the
foyer where one can post schedules, flyers, notices, announcements, etc. and free of charge? In addition, please
forgive me my Brother, for pointing this fact out, I mean it only as a reminder that there are other more useful means
of communication. I shall now stow away the raw egg, rotten tomato, and rope until the next time you rise for an
Masonry is a way of life.
of white leather or satin, bordered in red, with a
skull and cross-bones, a red passion cross, and
three red rosettes. The grand jewel is a gold
compass open a quarter circle. A rose-cross is
between the legs of the compass, and under it is
a pelican, tearing its breast to feed its seven
young, on the obverse, an eagle with wings
extended, on the reverse. On the circle are the
letters I.N.R.I.
18th degree - Knight Rose Croix:
This degree emphasizes that life and its strength
come from God. The rose signifies the dawn and
the cross is a sacred symbol of antiquity in many
cultures. One is also taught to be tolerant of
others errors and their faults. The apron worn is
York Rite
of Freemasonry
Select Master
A Degree emphasizing the lessons of devotion
and zeal. The Degree centers on the construction
and furnishing of a Secret Vault beneath the
Sanctum Sanctorum of the Temple, and the
deposition of those secrets pertaining to the
Craft by the three ancient Grand Masters of the
Craft. This Degree bridges the events
surrounding the concealment and loss of the
Ineffable Word and the events leading to the
recover of the Word in the Royal Arch Degree.
The presiding body is a Council, and the
presiding officer is a Master (titled Illustrious).
Masonry is a way of life.
The Huachuca Shrine Club April 20 meeting will start at 5:30 PM at My Place Restaurant. We will order off of the
menu and we will have a separate place in the restaurant to hold our meeting. At the March meeting we were told
that starting the end of March / April SABBAR Shrine will no longer be sending children to Shrine Hospitals
because of the costs. We will also talk and decide the date and details for the Annual Archie Pate Picnic and get
updated on the sweet onions. We have had several Club Members to have health issues and especially Noble Bill
Watson and we ask that each of us keep these Brothers in our prayers. Travel safely
Tom Jones
(619) 922-5324
Cochise Scottish Rite Club
The Cochise Scottish Rite Club will be holding their quarterly breakfast meeting on Saturday,
April 6, 2013 at 8am in Huachuca 53 dining room. Breakfast will be served by the High Twelve kitchen crew. All
masons, non masons, and families are welcome to attend. It is an open meeting. The club will have a special guest
speaker, WB Jim Wolfe from the Tucson Scottish Rite. Main topic will be the Spring Reunion on May 3 rd and 4th.
Please RSVP to Bro. Tom Jones at 520-378-6399 or [email protected]
The next Tucson Lodge of Perfection stated meeting is scheduled for April 25, 2013 and will be “York Rite
Recognition Night”. Dinner will be served at 6:30 PM, prior to the stated meeting. Please be sure to RSVP for the
dinner by calling the Tucson Scottish Rite at 520-622-8364. If you would like to attend this meeting and are
interested in joining the carpool, please contact Bro. Tom Jones at 520-378-6399 or [email protected]
The Spring Reunion is scheduled for May 3rd and 4th. Candidate petition fees are $225.00 and $112.50 if the
candidate is under the age of 31. In addition to the candidate becoming a 32º Scottish Rite Mason, the fees also
provide the candidate with a 14º ring, 32º degree prayer cap, registration in the Master Craftsman course, a copy of
Bridge to Light, a Patent, 2013 Supreme Council membership, and lunch during both days of the
reunion. If you are interested in becoming a Scottish Rite Mason, now is the time to join. After the
Spring Reunion, candidate petition fees will increase to a total of $300.00. Please see any of the
Cochise Scottish Rite Club members for a petition or visit our website at
http://cochisescottishriteclub.webs.com/ to download one.
Matthew Reidmiller, 32º
President, Cochise Scottish Rite Club
Masonry is a way of life.
Proper Protocol in Masonic Lodges by Brother Eugene Michael Guzzi
ne of the most noticeable faults made in a Lodge in when a Brother will stand and speak before he
is recognized by the Master. We are not taught this but somewhere along the way we developed a
new way to condense this tradition in the Lodge! This is not only incorrect, but impolite.
It’s not isolated to one or two Lodges, it happens in a number of Lodges. If left ignored it reflects what
the Lodge will condone. If left uncorrected, it will travel to other Lodges, thus becoming a reflection on
your Lodge and maybe on your jurisdiction.
We have chosen this Fraternity and we accepted to honor it in the way it was established. We have ritual
that dictates how it is done and, if we are to teach others, we ourselves must follow what we teach and
insist upon it to be done correctly.
The Master of the Lodge should monitor this in the Lodge and when a Brother persists in ignoring this
protocol and ensure that he perform it correctly. So, be fair to your Brothers who also like to speak and
wait to be recognized.
Scottish Rite Spring Reunion
Where: Scottish Rite Temple Tucson, AZ
When: May 3-4
131st Annual Grand Lodge Communication
Where: The Nautical Beachfront Resort in Lake
Havasu City
When: June 6th - June 8th, 2013
Masonry is a way of life.

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