February 2014 Graduation



February 2014 Graduation
Saturday, February 1, 2014
James L. Knight Center
Miami, Florida
Commencement Convocation
Saturday, February 1, 2014
Processional (Please Stand)
“Pomp and Circumstance”.........................................................................................................................................Sir Edward Elgar
Order of Procession
Graduates, Faculty, Macebearer, Convocation Speaker, Board of Trustees, Executive Officers, Academic Leadership
Presentation of Colors
Color Bearers
“The Star-Spangled Banner”........................................................................................................................................Francis Scott Key
Sung by Kennese Cook, Master of Science in Accounting Graduate, Kaplan University
Please remove hats during “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
Order of Events
Provost Welcome................................................................................................................................ Dr. Betty Vandenbosch, Provost
President’s Message....................................................................................................................................... Dr. Wade Dyke, President
Commencement Address....................................................................................... Donald E.Graham, Chief Executive Officer and
Chairman of the Board of Graham Holdings
Conferring of Degrees....................................................................................................................... Dr. Betty Vandenbosch, Provost
Graduate Recognition................................................................. Dr. Wade Dyke, President, and Dr. Betty Vandenbosch, Provost
Closing Remarks................................................................................................................................. Dr. Betty Vandenbosch, Provost
Recessional (All guests to remain standing until the last graduate has exited.)
During the 2014 Kaplan University Commencement Ceremony and events, you may be photographed, videotaped, or filmed by authorized parties. Your attendance/
admission serves as permission for use of these images by Kaplan University. Commercial photography or filming is prohibited without permission of Kaplan University.
2014 Commencement
Commencement Speaker
Donald E. Graham
As a Courtesy…
•Please remain seated throughout the ceremony. Professional photographers will take photographs of
each graduate as he or she is hooded (master’s-level students) and receives their diploma. Photographs of
the ceremony will be available for purchase at a later date.
• For everyone’s safety, please do not stand in the aisles or on the chairs.
• Please turn off all cell phones or set them to vibrate.
• To ensure everyone’s enjoyment of the event, we ask that crying or disruptive children be taken outside.
• Please be respectful of other graduates and their families and remain seated until the end of the ceremony.
The live webcast is viewable online at www.graduation.kaplan.edu.
Donald E. Graham became chief executive officer of Graham Holdings Company (then
The Washington Post Company) in May 1991 and chairman of the board in September
1993. He was publisher of The Washington Post newspaper from January 1979 until
September 2000 and chairman of the paper from September 2000 to February 2008.
Graham was born on April 22, 1945, in Baltimore, Maryland, a son of Philip L. and
Katharine Meyer Graham. His father was publisher of The Washington Post from 1946
until 1961 and president of The Washington Post Company from 1947 until his death
in 1963. His mother, Katharine Graham, served in a variety of executive positions from
1963 until her death in 2001. Eugene Meyer, Graham’s grandfather, purchased The
Washington Post at a bankruptcy sale in 1933.
After graduating in 1966 from Harvard College, where he was president of the Harvard Crimson, Graham was drafted and served
as an information specialist with the 1st Cavalry Division in Vietnam from 1967 to 1968. He was a patrolman with the Washington Metropolitan Police Department from January 1969 to June 1970. Graham joined The Washington Post newspaper in 1971 as
a reporter and subsequently held several news and business positions at the newspaper and at Newsweek. He was named executive vice president and general manager of the newspaper in 1976.
He was elected a director of The Washington Post Company in 1974 and served as president from May 1991 to September 1993.
Graham is chairman and a director of the District of Columbia College Access Program (DC-CAP), a private foundation
which, since 1999, has helped double the number of DC public high school students going on to college and has helped triple
the number graduating from college. He cofounded the program along with major local businesses and foundations. Since its
inception, DC-CAP has assisted over 13,000 DC students enroll in college and has provided scholarships totaling more than
$18 million.
Graham is a trustee of the Federal City Council and of the Philip L. Graham Fund, which was established in 1963 in memory of
his father. He is also a director and member of the compensation committee of Facebook, The Summit Fund of Washington, the
College Success Foundation, and the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP-DC). Previously, he served as a member of the Pulitzer
Prize Board.
Kaplan University
2014 Commencement
Kaplan University Board and Administration
Kaplan University
Board of Trustees
Dr. Paul Bott
Educational Consultant
Professor Emeritus
California State University, Long Beach
Larry David (Vice Chair)
Law Office of J. Lawrence David
Lucien Gosselin
Lewiston/Auburn Economic
Growth Council
Lt. Gen. Normand Lezy
US Air Force (Retired)
Gregory Marino
Chief Executive Officer
Kaplan Higher Education Group
Kara VanDam
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
PhD and MA, University of North
Carolina-Chapel Hill
MBA, Kaplan University
BGS, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ron Kishen
Steve Burnett
Drew Ross
Vice President, Legal Education
MSLS, Southern Connecticut State College
JD, University of Connecticut School
of Law
BA, University of California at Los Angeles
Dean, School of Graduate Education
PhD and MSc, Oxford University
MS, University of Chicago
BA, Bard College
Thomas C. Boyd
Dean, Schools of Arts and Sciences,
Legal Studies, and Public Safety
PhD, Capella University
MA and BA, University of Arkansas
at Fayetteville
Library Consultant
KK Runge Associates
Lisa Gefen Sicilian (Secretary)
Greg Brandes
Wade Dyke
DPhil and BS, University of Oxford
BBA, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Betty Vandenbosch
PhD, MBA, and BS, University
of Western Ontario
Jodene DeKorte
Dean, School of General Education
PhD, Colorado State University
MA and BA, University of
Northern Colorado
Kay K. Runge (Chair)
Kaplan University Academic
Leadership and Administration
Dean, School of
Information Technology
PhD, Capella University
MBA, Auburn University
BS, George Mason University
Senior Vice President,
Campus Operations
MS, Claremont Graduate University
BS, California Polytechnic University
Dean, School of Business
PhD, University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill
MBA, Florida Atlantic University
BS, Oakland University
Chief Administrative Officer
Kaplan Higher Education Group
David B. DeHaven
Dean, Concord Law School
JD, Loyola University of Chicago School
of Law
BA, Marycrest College
Sheila A. Burke
Dean, School of Nursing
MSN and MBA, University of Phoenix
BSN, Rush University School of Nursing
Barry Currier
Dean Emeritus, Concord Law School
JD, University of Southern California
BA, University of California at Los Angeles
Sara Sander
Tim Smaby, CFA, FRM
Dean, Kaplan University School
of Professional and Continuing
PhD, University of Cincinnati
MBA, University of Wisconsin
BS, University of Minnesota
Keith Smith
Dean, School of Health Sciences and
Vice President, Ground
Health Programs
EdD, Seattle University
MA, Fuller Theological Seminary
MBA, City University
ThB, Multnomah University
Robert Winters, JD, School of Public Safety
Ceremony 1
Thomas Boyd, PdD, Dean, School of Business
Sara Sander, PhD, Dean, Schools of Arts and Sciences, Legal Studies, and Public Safety
Keith Smith, EdD, Dean, School of Health Sciences and Vice President, Ground Health Program
Kara VanDam, PhD, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Assisting With Diplomas:
Keith Brender, MBA, Vice President, Academic Operations and Interim Dean of Student
Jodene DeKorte, PhD, Dean, School of General Education
Ceremony 2
Thomas Boyd, PhD, Dean, School of Business
Sara Sander, PhD, Dean, Schools of Arts and Sciences, Legal Studies, and Public Safety
Keith Smith, EdD, School of Health Sciences and Vice President, Ground Health Program
Kara VanDam, PhD, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Assisting With Diplomas
Keith Brender, MBA, Vice President, Academic Operations and Interim Dean of Students
Sheila A. Burke, RN, MSN, MBA, Dean, School of Nursing
David DeHaven, PhD, Dean, School of Information Technology
Jodene DeKorte, PhD, Dean, School of General Education
Risa Blair, EdD, Faculty, School of Information Technology
Joni Boone, MA, Faculty Developer
Marla Cartwright, MA, Faculty Developer
Erica Ellsworth, MA, Faculty Developer
Laurie Hansen, MA, Faculty Developer
Penny Lorenzo, JD, Interim Associate Dean, School of Legal Studies
Lisa Star, EDS, Faculty Developer
Allison Woods, MA, Director, Center for Teaching and Learning
Presentation of Colors by:
United States Marine Corps
Marines of Hialeah, FL
Kennese Cook, Master of Science in Accounting Graduate, Kaplan University
Sign Language Interpreters:
Keith Muller
Caroline Partin
Students will be contacted via email by Lifetouch Photography for picture orders.
A special thank you to the many Kaplan University employees and alumni who volunteered to serve as Ambassadors. Your dedication is a vital part
of making the graduation ceremony a success.
Kaplan University
2014 Commencement
Academic Honors
Students earning an associate’s or bachelor’s degree are eligible for academic honors according to the following criteria:
Cum Laude: Students graduating with a 3.50 to 3.69 cumulative grade point average.
** Magna Cum Laude: Students graduating with a 3.70 to 3.79 cumulative grade point average.
^ Summa Cum Laude: Students graduating with a 3.80 to 4.0 cumulative grade point average.
^^ Kaplan University Award of Excellence: Students graduating with a 4.0 cumulative grade point average.
Honor Societies
Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society........................................................................................................... Maroon and Navy Blue Cord
Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society........................................................................................................ Rich Royal Blue and Gold Cord
Ambassador, Leaders and Student Group......................................................................................................... Black and White Cord
Golden Key International Honour Society................................................................................................Royal Blue and Gold Cord
Iota Sigma Tau Honor Society......................................................................................................................................Royal Blue Stole
National Society of Collegiate Scholars...........................................................................................................Maroon and Gold Cord
Psi Chi International Honor Society.....................................................................................................Platinum and Dark Blue Cord
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing......................................................................... Orchid and White Cord
Please note: these students were invited to join the above honor societies while a student at Kaplan University because they
met the academic requirements to join.
Honors Program, School of Arts and Sciences and School of Health Sciences
In Cursu Honorum............................................................................................................................................................... Purple Cord
Eligible students who are enrolled in specific programs within the School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Health
Sciences are invited to participate in the honors program. These students have met certain academic and extracurricular
Gift of Knowledge Program
At Kaplan University, we believe that investment in our employees and their education is an important component in the
success of our community of professionals. The Gift of Knowledge program helps employees develop academically while
they continue to develop professionally at Kaplan University.
Kaplan University
Kaplan University Graduates
Please note that participation in the graduation ceremony is not a confirmation of graduation.
All requirements must be met and verified by the Registrar.
Arts and Sciences
Master’s Degree
Abbott, Tina
Altdoerffer, Kathlyn
Arambula, Jennifer
Aranda, TyAnn
Aurilio, Devon
Baczkowski, Madeline
Bailey, JohnQueta
Baker, Christal
Bamberg, Sharon
Barnes, Donna
Barnett, Annabelle
Barney, Michael T
Barry, Chelsea
Bechtel, Elizabeth
Benrexi, David
Berg, Michael
Bergquist, April
Blake, Allyson
Blakely, Linda
Bogdan, Sabrina
Boreman, Heather
Bradford, Latricia
Bradley, Debra
Bratton, Laura
Brown, Jessica
Brown, Renee
Bullard-Holmes, Elizabeth
Burden, Jennifer
Busse, Lisa
Butler, Robert
Campbell, Laura
Carlton, Victoria
Carney, William
Carpenter, Jennifer
Carpinelli, Tiffany
Castro, Hilary
Cedres, Juan
Chapman, Mildred
Chase, Courtney
Chavez, Stephannie
Cheatham, Jami
Chenery, Tiffany
Chrisman, Heather
Claycomb, Shedrick
Collins, Sara
Colvin, Teresa
Conyers, Adam
Cooper, Tracy
Cordeiro, Roseanna
Corley, James
Culp, Adrienne
Cumberland, Michael
Czarlinski, Jennifer
Davis, Mark
DeBronkart, Kenneth
Deppisch, Melissa
Dinkla, Kara
Dorval, Hans
Dorsey, Valerie
Dowd, Shelby
Doyle, Rebecca
Dubensky, Martha
Duenas, Michael
Dunbar, Alecia
Dunham, Kathryn
Dunn, Kim
Edwards, Ashley
Edwards, Krystal
Ellis, Pamela
Ellis, Stacy
Escalante, Cristopher
Espinosa, Ana
Fajardo, Angie
Faltak, Shannon
Ferg, Stacie
Fernandez, Melanie
Field, Andrew
Flanagan, Tracy
Fowler, Elma
Francois, Jessica
Franks, Cory
Frederick, Lydia
French, Paige
Frey, Lindsey
Frick, Rebecca
Frye, Jessica
Fuerte, Vanessa
Fuller, Joyce
Garbarini, Bethany
Gatkuoth, Peter
George, Kelli
Gowey, Terri
Graham, Vicki
Griggs, Lynzee
Gyabaah, Gladys
Hainsworth, Lisa
Handwork, John
Hanerfeld, Andrew
Hart, Jackelyn
Haskins, Destinee
Hawkins, Kimberly
Helmbrecht, Richard
Herrington, Daniel
Higby, Angela
Hill, Bradley
Hines, Patricia
Hoehlein, Janet
Hoffer, Nicole
Holt, Youdeline
Hotpeti, Priti
Hough, Tanya
Howard, Williette
Hunt, Rose
Hunter White, Alicia
Idleman, Teresa
Ingalls, Holly
Irwin, Lillian
Ivey, Patsy
Jackson, Jayvetta
Jeffries, Elizabeth
Jenkins, Crystal
Jenkins, Kirstie
Jones, Chavora
Jones, Chemika
Judkins, Jessica
Karker, Amanda
Kawski, Crystal
Keller, Brenda
Kelley, Jerri
Kennedy, John
Kester, Kenneth
Kincey, Kimberly
Knecht, Kimberly
Krage, Claire
Krider, Stacy
La, Nina Hong Quyen
Landrum, Ashley
Laroche, Brittany
Leahy, Samantha
Lee, Ryan
Levin, Alexandra
Lill, Ashley
Lynn, Stephanie
Malinovsky, Jenna
Marquis, Natalie
Marsh, Zaimary
Mauro, Jamie
Mauser, Christopher
Mayle, Maria
McCallum, Susan
McCaskill, Jasmine
McCoy, Derrick
McCray, Monica
McDonough, Diane
McFeely, Jennifer
McLain, Amy
McMiller, Bennetta
Meney, Julie
Mercedes-Kenney, Claudia
Miles, Fazonua
Millard, Merri
Miller, Erin
Mitchell, James
Montagne, Renee
Moon-Franks, Marilyn
Moore, Patricia
Morrison, Sarah
Muth, Dawn
Nagurney, Mary
Nguyen, Nancy
Nitekman, Rachel
Nobles, Stacey
Norman, Victoria
Nwosu, Enyinnaya
Nwosu, Uzoamaka
Oefelein, Matthew
Olsen, Ashley
Olsen, Stacy
O’Neal, Quentin D
O’Neil, Robyn
Ortega-Medina, Mona
Pacheco, Steven
Pancoast, Kathleen
Parsons-Bowie, Carmen
Perreault, Jessica
Pfeiffer, Elizabeth
Phifer, Colleen
Picazo, Ambar
Ramsamujh, Subhashini
Redding, Jamie
Rene, Jean-Bernard
Rhodes, Sammie
Richardson, Anita
Ricketson, Tillman
Ridley, Sheronda
Ritter, Sarah
2014 Commencement
Robinson, Autumn
Robinson, Rakiya
Rodriguez, Kristal
Rogers, LaVonda
Sakdarak, Souphalak
Sanders, Frances
Santos Silva, Amanda
Savoy, Geraldine
Schaefer, Samantha
Schaller, Jill
Schlobach, Deborah
Schofield, Theresa
Shawgo, Danielle
Sierra, Lorraine
Simmons, Joshua
Smallcombe, Kelly
Smirnov, Ruslan
Snedeker, Elizabeth
Soni, Madhu
Spivey, Mary
Springer, Geoffrey
Spyksma, Valerie
Stephans-Dumas, Lisa
Stoddart, Basil
Stuck, Kolby
Sukkert, Jean
Thompson, Brittany
Todd, Vernon
Townser, Traci
Tyler, Kimberly
VanCamp, Sherry
Voorhees, Hannah
Vuckovich, Kathryn
Walker, Janine
Ward, Stephanie
Ware, Everist
Waterman, Carl
Whitten, Ellwood
Williams, Phyllis
Williams, Zaraeda
Winsor, Miranda
Wisdom, Kristy
Woods, Dawn
Yarris, Emily
Zimmerman, Patricia
Bachelor’s Degree
Abdullah, Tavan
Ackley, Linda
Adames, Joel **
Adams, Amanda ^
Adams, Jacque ^
Adkins, Amanda ^
Adkins, Rebecca ^
Aguilar, Sarah
Aiken, Diane **
Kaplan University
Albert, Benita
Albert, Wayne *
Aldridge, Julie *
Alen, Dania ^
Alleman, Paige ^
Alvarado, Mary ^
Alvaranga, Brandon-Shea *
Alvarenga, Magaly ^
Anchondo, Jennifer **
Anderson, Michael
Anthony, Jennifer
Arvin, Melissa *
Asebedo, Melinda
Ashenfelter, Corey
Bailey, Brenda
Baker, Jaime ^
Balducki-Koenig, Pamela ^
Banks, Doris
Barbour, Jessica ^
Barker, Michael
Barnett, Kim
Barr, Lisa ^^
Barreto, Benny
Barrett, Dawn ^
Bass, Corinne
Bater, Megan
Baucom, Dawn
Beaudry, Christen *
Bedoya, Tamara
Belcher, Petra
Belen, Samantha *
Bell, Doris ^
Benken, Morgan *
Bennett, Melissa *
Bentley, Bonnie
Bergfield, Holly ^^
Bernardy, Elizabeth
Bey, La-Vern *
Biehl, Ashley
Bland, Shirley
Blanda, Megan
Bliven, Sharline *
Blood, Amanda
Bloodworth, Madeleyn ^
Blount, Angie
Boggan, Kenjii *
Boggs, Carol ^
Bolin, Jeffrey **
Boone, Antoinette
Boots, Timothy **
Boswell, Layla
Bowles, Amber ^
Bowles, Ashley *
Boyd, Echo ^^
Boyd, Monique ^^
Boza, Mary ^
Bozzo, Stacy
Braboy, Renita
Bradetich, Rissa *
Brandom, Erica ^
Brannon, Jo Ann ^
Brightman, Shantell
Brink, Ashley *
Broadnax, Charity *
Brooks, Ashley
Brown, Angeliec
Brown, Crystal
Brown, Melisa
Brown Schneider,
Kimberly ^^
Bryant, Kristina ^
Bryant, Tiffany
Bryson, Barbara **
Buchanan, Holly
Buchanan, Leonard *
Buchanan, Tasha
Buddie-Damon, Derek ^
Burch, Leonard
Burchett, Faye
Burgess, Jana
Burleson, Toni ^
Burns, Amy
Burrows, Dawn Marie ^^
Burton Schwier, Tracy ^
Butts, Natasha ^
Bybee, Athena
Cadenas, Silvia
Caldwell, Yvette **
Cameron, Lisa
Camhi, Nicole *
Campbell, Megan ^
Campbell, Michael *
Cantrell, Emily ^
Carlson, Beth ^
Carpenter, Jamesetta *
Carpentier, Jennifer *
Carr, David ^
Carter, Tamika ^
Casarez, Wendy
Castro, Roberto **
Castro Kline, Joanne ^
Casucci, Kathleen
Cerise, Lemon
Chambers, Donna ^^
Charles, Abigail
Cherry, Lakisha ^
Chesna, Heather ^
Chisholm, Whitney
Christensen, Bryn ^
Christian, Ruby ^
Christopher, Clayton
Clark, Antoinette **
Clark, Shelia ^
Clark, Susan *
Classen, Raymond
Clater, Robert
Clay, Julia ^^
Cobbs, Janice
Coleman, Cortaya ^^
Conard, Erickeysha
Conard, Pamela
Coney, Linda
Connell, Tina ^^
Cooper, Daniel
Cooper, Gail
Cornine, Terri
Corothers, Janisee
Corsey, Agnes ^
Cronin, Ginni ^
Crowell, Andrea ^
Cuevas, Cheri ^
Cunningham, LaDonda
Darmanin, Brandi ^
Davis, Candace ^^
Davis, Marilyn ^
Davis, Monica *
Dawe, Heather
Day-Fitts, Jocelyn
De Villiers, Rebeca *
Decker, Rieko
Decker, Theresa
DeJarnette, Natalie ^^
Delgado, Ela *
Delgado, Kiara ^
Dennison, David
Derasmo, Kristen ^
DeRuiter, Toni ^
Devine, Kimberly ^
DeVose, Nanci ^
Dickson, Ashley ^
Diehl, Heather ^
DiGangi, Dominick
Dilce, Natasha ^
Dillard, Stacyia
Donnell, Sharonda
Dotson, Karen ^
DuBose, Synthia
Duff, Jennifer ^
Duncan, Tracy
Dunham, Nickai
Durham, Robin
Durrett, Cynthia ^^
Easterly, Holly ^
Echols, Dorothy ^
Edwards, Maria-Christina **
Emhoff, Katherine ^
Emmons, Allison ^
English, Calvin **
Enyart, Mark ^
Espinoza, Silvia
Esposito Gurley, Rochelle ^^
Esters, Toi ^
Evans, Kathy
Fagan, Carl ^
Farrington, Tammie ^
Feinsod, Tracie **
Fereday, Susan ^
Fergerson-Carson, Linda
Fillingame, Lakeshia
Fisher, Annette
Fitzgerald, Nancy *
Fitzpatrick, Suzanne ^
Flores, Amy **
Floyd, Joshua *
Flynn, Catherine ^^
Fobbs-Green, Laura
Foley, Elisa
Fontenot, Autumn ^
Forcier, Miranda ^^
Ford, Nadine
Ford, Yolanda
Fornell, Sonya **
Foster, April
Fox, Larry
Franklin, Heidi
Franklin, Misty ^
Freeman, Brianna
Freeman, Shondra
French, Tammy
Frohn, Barbara ^
Frymoyer, Kristin ^
Fugate, Marlene ^
Fuller, Elizabeth *
Fuller, Lisa ^^
Furr, Christina
Gamble, Troy
Garcia, Nicole ^^
Garcia, Reana ^
Gard, Lucinda
Gardner, Lisa ^
Gardner, Richard **
Garfinkel, Stacy ^
Garrett, Daniel *
Garzon-Earthman, Anna
Gayle, Angela
George, Heather
Gerena, Nicole *
Gibisser, Melanie ^
Gilbert-Webster, Bonita
Gillespie, Cynthia ^
Gilliam, Matthew ^
Glasgow, Rebecca *
Goethe, Stephen
Goins, Brannon
Gonzalez, Rosa Patricia ^^
Goodhue, Kathleen
Goodman, Kimberla
Goodman, Shalee
Gordon, Latonya
Gordon, Sarah ^^
Gowans, Lisa *
Grady, Alecia **
Graupman, Belinda
Gray, Mary
Gray, Nora
Greene, Yulonda *
Greenlee, Roberta *
Griffin, Channie
Griffith, Shandra ^
Groenenstein, Crystal ^
Grove, Angela ^^
Grussendorf, Mary *
Guerra, Mary
Hadley, Camillia
Hagan, Gregory
Hair, Elisa
Hale, Margaret **
Haley, Stephanie
Hall, Amanda
Hall, Berthena
Hall, Cameron ^
Halleck, Sherrie ^
Hamman, Sarah ^
Hanson, Elizabeth
Hanson, Shelley ^^
Hardy, Jammie
Hariri, Wanda **
Harne, Kayla *
Harris, Chiquita *
Harrison, Gay ^
Hart, Angie
Hart, Fawn
Hartley, Jeanette
Hartley, Roxanne ^
Harvey-Williams, LaDonna
Hass, Kyle **
Hassmann, Lucia ^
Hatcher, Miranda
Havard, Nicole ^
Havens, Jillian
Haylock, Carolyn *
Heimbuck, Misty
Heinrichs, Robin ^^
Henry, Jacqulyn
Hensley, Hillary ^
Hernandez, Corina ^
Herrera, Meibol **
Herrera, Salvador
Hesseling, Tammy *
Hicks, Sandra ^
Hilbert, Roger *
Hinds, Leslie
Hines, Joseph
Hitchcock, Sara **
Hoglen, Michael ^^
Holdman, Michele
Hollida, Mandy
Holmes, Alicia *
Holmes, Hidayah *
Holmes, Jacqueline
Holmes, Latisa
Holmgren, Andrea *
Honor, Janet
Horney, Rachele ^
Houlette, Robin ^^
Howard, Michael ^
Hudson, Melissa **
Huff, Sheila ^
Humenick, Crystal **
Humphries, Karen
Hunt, Patricia ^
Huson, Joscelyn
Hutchins, Angela ^
Iglesia, Janet ^
Illidge, Fortuna **
Imarhiagbe, Esther
Ingersoll, Grant ^
Irby, Tammy *
Ison, Erica ^
Ivy, Caroline
Jackson, Christy
Jackson, Edward ^
Jackson, Kristy
Jantzen, David
Jason, Sally ^
Johnson, Carol ^^
Johnson, Elizabeth
Johnson, Evita *
Johnson, Jacquelyn ^
Johnson, Latasha *
Johnson, Tanya **
Johnson, Yolanda
Johnson-Hannibal, Cynthia
Jones, Amanda ^
Jones, Ashley
Jones, Chanta *
Jones, Donna *
Jones, Jacquice *
Jones, Jennifer ^
Jones, Kassandra ^
Jones, LaTonya
Jones, Lori **
Jones, Marlene
Jones, Ronald
Jones, Tamika
Jordan, Dalisha
Jordan, Pamela ^^
Joshua, Carolyn
Junkins, Tammy ^
Justin, Amanda
Kacprowski, Lindsey *
Kail, Brandt *
Kantor, Margaret *
Kaplan, Jennifer ^^
Keffer, Kimberly
Kelly, Ashana ^
Kelly, Belinda ^
Kelly, Geraldine
Kersey, Angela **
Kibby, Megan ^^
King, Alicia
Klander-Self, Stefanie ^^
Knight, Brittany
Kolsen, Tanya *
Kottmann, Glynthy ^
Kreitzer, Deborah
Kuhn, Sarah
Kumar, Shipra
Kurtz, Rebecca
Labounty, Halley
Lafferty, Kelly ^
Lamper, Elizabeth *
Landa, Ashley
Lanier, Kimberly ^^
Lanz, Joann
Lapetina, Samantha
Largesse, Mark ^
Lash, Alexis
Lash, Amber
LaShell, David ^
Latimer, Maxine **
LeDay, Vanessa
Leduc, Brandy ^^
Lee, Amanda ^
Leighty, Amanda ^
Lewis, Rachel
Linskey, Kaitlin
Litzau, Jolene
Lloyd-Hawkins, Felicia
Logan, Michelle ^^
Logan, Renee ^
Lomibao, Madaline
Long, Michael
Lovell, Paula
Lucas, Anna
Luckey-Lyons, LaTish ^
Mack, Adrian
Madden-Palmer, Joy ^
Magee, Lachequa
Mankey, Annette ^
Mares, Michael ^
Marin, Tonya
Marousek, Shari ^
Marquez, Jaclyn **
Marr, Donna
Marshall, Daneva ^
Martin, Cortnee ^
2014 Commencement
Martin, Stacey
Mason, Crystal
Mason, Margaret
Massaro, Kelly
Matthews, Christina *
McAuliff, Kelly ^
McCain, Sarah
McClelland, Tangela
McCluskey, Donaleen
Annette ^
McCurley, Stephanie
McIntosh, Susan ^
McLendon, D’Ambe ^
McLeod, Susan
McMeans, Irish
McNear, Charles
McNiel, Bonnie ^
McNutt, Charice ^
McSwain, Amanda ^
McVey, Samantha ^
Menzie, Ka-Myra ^
Merrell, Geraldine **
Meshey, Tanya **
Messex, Tammy *
Mhadhbi, Amanda ^
Milam, Victoria
Mills, Lynna
Mireles, Samantha
Mitjans, Triana
Monteith, Alicia *
Montminy, Irene **
Moore, Kaitlin
Moore, Tyrica
Moore-Beall, Tamara
Morey, Chasity
Morgan, Marsheka
Morris, Amanda ^
Motley Walker, Leola **
Moye, Lori *
Mullins, Teresa *
Mumma, Erica
Muncy, Jennifer **
Mure-Firpi, Jacqueline ^
Murphy, Jessica ^
Murray, Michelle
Mwadzuya, Mary *
Nabel, Marisa
Nance, Sonja
Neff, Kathy
Nelson, Donna *
Nelson, Heather
Nelson, Shamanda
Nelson, Tracy ^
Newman, Jane
Newton, Nancy ^
Nick, Tiffany
Kaplan University
Nielsen, Melody
Niles, Vickie
Noble, Sharon
Nolan, Penny *
O’Brien, Iris ^
Ocasio, Elke
Ortiz, Miriam
O’Toole, Crystal ^
Overs, Theresa
Owens, Laura ^
Pace, Laura ^^
Pacheco, Christina
Page, James
Pagel, Heather ^^
Paige, Takiyah
Palmer, Ebony
Palmer, Nicole
Parker, Nekaus
Parker, Sarah
Parris, Adrienne
Parsons, Rachael
Pauling, Lakeisha *
Payne, Isola
Pearson, Hollie
Pelto, Jessica *
Pena, Jolene
Pennybacker, Kerian ^^
Perez, Shelinta
Perkins, Ernestine
Perkins, Zach
Perry, Crystal *
Peterson, Tina ^
Petrone, Lacey
Phegley, Kimberly
Phillips, Dorothy **
Phillips, Melissa ^
Pike, Allison *
Pinney, Christie ^
Pippin, Misty ^
Plummer, Julie ^
Poindexter, Jayne **
Pomeroy, Daniel
Pomeroy, Kimberly
Ponder, Anthony *
Ponti, Tasha
Poole, Monique **
Pope, Amanda ^
Pouch, Nora
Praska, Karla *
Prewitt, Samantha
Prosser, Brandon ^^
Prudhomme, Tashai *
Pruitt, Tori
Putnam, Esther
Putt, Virginia ^
Quick, Amy ^
Quigley, Kinga ^
Quillen, Stephanie ^
Quiroz, Miranda
Raimondo, Meghan
Randall, Vanessa
Rao, Kerrie **
Reaves, Shanique
Reeaves, Angela
Reed, Dyette
Reinersmann, Liesel
Rhodes, Mary ^
Rice, Tara *
Richard, Kevin
Richardson, Ashley ^
Richardson, Deborah ^
Richardson, Kenya
Richmond, Sarah
Ricks, Wendy
Ridl, Jessica
Riep, Lisa
Rivera, Ana
Robertson, Shannon
Robertson, Terri
Robinette, Cassaundra ^
Robinson, Otishna
Robinson, Rachel
Robinson, Tiffany
Rock, Jessica ^
Rodgers, Bob
Rodriguez, Lita
Rodriguez, Shirley ^^
Rojas, Lydia
Roldan Mora,
Diana Marcela ^
Romero, Maritza
Rosado, Danely ^
Rosburough, Elizabeth ^
Rose, Shelley
Rosenberg, Debra *
Rouse, Melissa
Roy, Tammy **
Royer, Randyl ^^
Rubio, Linda
Ruszkiewicz, Priscilla
Saccone, Lucila
Saffold, Treixanete
Sagno, Marisha **
Salters, Melissa ^^
Sample, Dorothy *
Sanchez, Christina
Sanders, Barbara
Sandoval, Heidi ^^
Sankey, Ashley
Santiago, Jennifer
Saucedo, Amy *
Sawyer, Tim
Scallon, Kimberly ^^
Schmidt, Peggy ^
Schysm, Shauna ^
Seays, Christina
Sellers, Tenesha
Seymour, Melissa ^
Sharp, Eric **
Shea, Nicole *
Shelby, Ashton ^
Shoulders, Nicole
Shyngle Okuribido, Lisa ^
Signor, Melanie **
Simmons, Dominique ^
Singletary, Terrica *
Skinner, Samiya ^
Slater, Christopher ^
Smith, Ashley
Smith, Mary *
Spears, Deborah ^
Speer, Kristina ^
St John, Anita *
Stanlick, Camille ^
Stanton, Tameka
Stark, Tammy ^^
Stearns, Sue **
Stennis, Thomasa
Sterns, Lisa ^
Stewart, Tonya
Stoltzfus, Rachel ^
Stonewall, Richia *
Storey, Jennifer **
Storteboom, Erika **
Stover, Crystal ^
Strommer, Shannon ^^
Strong, Florence
Stubbs, Lisa
Stueven, Ashley ^
Sturgeon, Sheila
Sullivan, Carole
Sullivan-Gamble, Ericka ^^
Sumpter, Shirley
Sutton, Jessica
Sutton, Linda ^
Swegan, Cynthia ^
Swiss, Jennifer *
Tabakar, Tetyana **
Tacti, Jamie ^
Tasker-Bohon, Tabatha
Tate, Frank ^
Taylor, Marsha ^
Taylor, Toni **
Teblum, Amy ^
Terry, Sharee ^
Thiel, Carolyn ^
Thomas, Sherry
Thomas, Tanya
Thomas-Donaldson, Erin ^
Thompson, Amanda ^
Thornton, Jerome ^
Thurman, Letti ^
Timson, Angela
Tinus, Christine
Tippins, LaTisha
Toal, Jennifer *
Tomlinson, Marsha **
Toni, Weathers ^
Tooke, Christina
Torkelson, Amy ^^
Torres, Lillian
Treakle, Teresa ^
Trout, Michael
Tucker, Deborah ^
Turner, Natasha
Turner, Tamara ^
Tutt, Brandon
Ul-Haq, Samena
Ullmer, Tammy ^^
Umphlett, Denise ^^
Urrutia, John
Van Wright, Drucilla ^
VanDyke, September
Vanhorn, Paige
Vaquero, Alyssa
Varns, Candice
Vaughan, Dorlisa
Vazquez, Marcos ^
Velgus, Maria ^
Vereen, Robin
Vining, Lynette ^
Void, Meaghan **
Vondrasek, Donna ^
Voorhees, Courtney ^^
Wagner, Jo
Walden, Ellen
Waldman, Heidi
Walker, Charlene **
Walker, Lakita
Wallace, Susan
Walsh, Kilya ^^
Walter, Michael
Warren, Kristi ^
Was, RoseMarie *
Watkins, Zanovia
Watson, Christina ^
Watson, Kevin
Watts, Ann *
Weaver, Colyn *
Wegner, Shannon ^
Weidenbach, Alison ^^
Weidman, Samantha ^^
Weiss, Ann
Wheelock, James
White, Dena *
White, Teresa
White, Tiffany
Whitford, James
Wilkins, Ira ^^
Willett, Carrie ^^
Williams, Bobbie **
Williams, Bryan ^
Williams, Diane **
Williams, Eleanor
Williams, LaShanda
Williams, Lashonda
Williams, Rene
Williams-Hubert, Renice *
Willis, Darshia
Willis, Juanita ^
Wills, Arnita
Wilson, DeVora *
Wilson, Jennifer
Wilson, Maureen ^
Winchester, Brandie *
Wines, Felicia *
Witte, Judy ^
Wood, Monica **
Wright, Jammie ^
Wright, Kirsten **
Wright, Lori ^
Wyatt, Raven
Young, Christina ^
Young, Curcinda ^
Young, Earshline
Young, Lolinda *
Young, Sherema
Young Houser, Stephanie *
Zamora, Jessica
Zayas, Santos
Zeringue, Angelle ^^
Associate’s Degree
Acoff, Winnie ^
Alexander, Amanda ^
Alicea, Brittany *
Alls-Ross, Jeniece *
Anderson, Joel ^^
Arbogast, Donel ^
Arthur, Allyn ^
Artis, Sherita *
Asher, Lisa **
Bailey, Kenda
Bailey, Kristin *
Baker, Mark
Ballentine, Joyce
Balroop, Ariel ^
Barefield, Lartrice
Barnes, IBrie
Bass, Latrese
Bates, Misty
Bean, Martha
Beene, Deborah **
Belmonte, Jaimie
Beltran, Juana
Benton, Bonne ^^
Bergstrom, Jacob
Berry, Heather *
Bess, Elizabeth
Bird, Arnold ^
Bishop, Santanna ^^
Blanton, Crystal **
Blayer, Ashley ^^
Bohannon, Lanita ^
Bott, Jessica ^
Brandenberg, Nancy
Brasch, Terrie **
Brass, Richard *
Brown, Angela
Brown, Brittany
Brown, Danyell **
Brown, Janeil *
Brown, Kathryn
Brown, Tamara
Bunkley, Nieshah
Buono, Pamela
Burbage, Dana
Burhannan, Yvonne
Burns, Sarah **
Bush, Maderitrick
Bussie, Robert
Campa, Nikki *
Chapman, Annie ^
Chavez, Isela ^^
Chelsea, Galito ^
Christy-Riley, Kyra ^
Cisneros, Catherine
Clark, Lisa ^
Clark, Tamia
Clement, Shawn
Conigan, Rochell
Conner, Addie
Cooper, John
Cooper, Patricia
Cooper, Shanta
Cordick, Joseph
Cozzi, Kelly
Creek, India *
Crofton, Candiss
Crossley, Charisse
Crowdus, Monique
Culiver, Amber *
Dangerfield, Donna
Daniel, Judy
Davis, Glenn
Davis, Kaneisha
DeForge, Nova
DeJoseph, Samantha ^
Deloach, Angel
Diaz, Delmy ^
Dickerson-Crawley, Sonya
Dixon, Miriam
Douglas, Tinettia **
Dowse, Stacey **
Dunbar-McCants, Tara *
Echols, Tashica
Edgar Bolten, Brandy
Edwards, Arleatha **
Eiker, Melissa **
Ellis, Shanta ^
Emerson, Donnell
Emrick, Velvet *
Estep, Amber
Ettore, Christina *
Eugene, Sherry
Falter, Stephanie
Fambrough, Rene
Fancher, Debra ^
Farrow, Mary **
Felder, Bridgette ^
Ferree, Troy ^
Finch, Charice
Fleischhauer, Amy
Floyd, Kimberly ^
Foley, Michael ^^
Foote, Jessica
Forbes, Stacy
Fouts, Heather ^
Freemer, Lynette ^
Garces, Sylvia
Garrett, Kassia
Garrison, Julie **
Gaston, Kathy
Gibson, Senetria
Gomez, Ana ^^
Gorham, Stephannee
Graves, Kari ^
Guerrero, Roxanne ^
Gunstanson, Melissa
Hacker, Angela *
Hall, Cynthia
Hall, Erin ^
Hamby, Megan ^
Handy, Kimberly *
Harper, Lisa
Harris, Shanae
Hartzburg, Dawn ^
Henderson, Toni ^
Henry, Joshua
Hickman, Erika ^
Hill, Jessica
Hill, Krystine
Hinely, Jill ^
Hirsch, Jackelyn ^^
Hitchcock, Melinda ^
Holland, Toby ^
Hollis, Diane *
Holt, Sherri
2014 Commencement
Horne, Mersadie **
Howe, Abbey
Howland, Dana *
Hughes, Fonda ^
Hunt, Patricia ^
Hunter, Melinda
Hurst, Kimyatte
Hyatt, Patricia
Ines, Maria ^^
Isom, Patience
Jeffrey, Jessica
Jenkins, Favoryor
Jenkins, Kateria
Jeys, Christi
Jimenez, Martina *
Johnson, Alexis ^
Johnson, Juanita
Johnson, Shauntay
Kay, Gerard
Kerr, Carolee **
King, Anthony
King, Brittany ^
Klein, Heather ^^
Knight, Shonte
Knighten, Dlana
Kopach, Kathryn ^
Kopta, Angel
Kyles, Tierra *
Lamkin, Sherry
Landry, Sarah *
Lane, Goldie
Lange, Whitney
Larson, Toni
Laveau, Joanie ^
Law, Khalilah
Leblanc, Diana
Lewis, Keshana *
Lewis, Timolyn ^
Litke-Wilson, Samantha
Little, Sharron *
Lloyd, Katrina
Locklear, Samantha
Lootans, Kristen
Love, Natasha **
Lupole, Angela *
Lyon, John ^
Macaluso, Joseph ^^
Madden, Nicole **
Maldonado, Casie **
Mallory, Rebecca
Manrique, Linda
Marrero, Anaise
Marrero, Yaritza
Martin, Mandana
Martin, Terrell *
Mason, Valerie *
Mayfield, Christopher *
Kaplan University
McBounds, Jacquelyn
McCaffery, Jessica
McDonald, Brian ^
McDonald, Jessica *
McKenzie, Phyllis
McNeal, Letitia
McParlin, Edward ^
Meade, Sammara
Meader, Marissa ^
Meares, Natasha ^
Meeks, Susie **
Meier, Katie
Miles, Megan
Miller, Jessica
Miller, Joreane ^
Millican, Teresa ^
Momon, Clarissa **
Montiel, Denisse
Moore, Elayne *
Moore, Jennifer *
Moore, Kentell
Moore, Meshia
Morrill, Chelsea
Mouyios, Lynn ^
Murphy, Demetria
Nixon, Nycol
Norwood, Mary
Nuah, Wondor
Omoniyi, Christine ^
Ordung, Janet
Ortega, Ninoshka ^
Pace, Tracey
Palmer, Victoria
Parham, Melinda
Patton, Denise
Payne, Candace
Peoples, Lashanta *
Pettis, Vanessa *
Phillips, Krystle *
Phillips, Melissa
Pinckney, Daranee
Pointer, Kim
Poole, Kendall **
Potter, Jamie ^
Powers, Misty
Ramirez, Christiana
Randall, Kaitlyn *
Randall, Tia
Rasey-Proper, Julie
Ratcliff, Jill ^^
Raymer, Joetta ^
Raynor, Bridget
Redd-Thacker, Candie *
Reid, Wilverria
Rice, Shanay
Riddick, Arlenny ^
Riddick, Terrance
Roberts, Gwynn ^^
Robinson, Latoya ^
Robinson, Pamela
Rogers, Briannon ^
Rogers, Tina
Rollins, Catherine ^
Rosser, Julie
Rupert, Richard ^
Russell, Yvette ^
Sample, Christina ^^
Scarbrough-Bradford, Shon
Schmidt, Marnie **
Scott, Dale
Scott, John
Shapiro, Tara
Shusterman, Sandy ^^
Simmons, Angela ^
Sims, Marsha ^
Sims, Thomas
Smith, Ashley ^
Smith, Brittany
Smith, Simiko
Smith, Tanya
Snyder, Melissa
Sokoloski, Misty ^
Souza, Barbara ^^
Stallworth, Ladonna
Stapleton, Jenelle *
Starling, Michael
Stevens, Lynda ^
Stokes, Misty
Stone, Shericial **
Street, Lakeisha
Strong, Jasmine
Strunk, Kayla *
Stubbs, Alison ^
Swafford, Sheila
Tasker, Caron
Thomas, Heather
Thomas, Kelly
Thompson, Kristie *
Tillis, Tammie
Tomczak, Christine ^
Tope, Terri *
Toritto, Ginette ^^
Travers, Maggie
Tubbs, Daphne
Turner, Alyssa
Van Blarcom, Ashley ^
Vannatta, Carrie *
Varner-Fields, Sharon
Vaughn, Kelsie ^
Walker, Lakeshia **
Walter, Jacqueline ^
Walters, Pamela
Walters, Tiffany
Ward, Emily
Washington, Leslie
Webb, Joanne
Webber, Wesley
Weisel, Amanda ^
Westbrook, Candice ^
White, Amy *
White, Clarice E
White-Bahadur, Monique
Wible, Charlotte
Wilkinson, Rachel ^
Willey, Margaret
Williams, Anita
Williams, April *
Williamson, Nieshaia
Williford, Milinda ^
Willis, Abra ^^
Willis, Elizabeth Ann *
Winfield, Jeremy **
Wolfe, Stephen
Wombolt, Justine ^
Wright, Mary
Wyscaver, Brittany
Young, Princess ^
Zahorchak, Christine *
Zurita, Jennifer ^
Anderson, Lindsay
Brown, Pamela
Felicciardi, Vito
Fields, Marc
Kavoulakis, Stavros
Molina, Melody
Morris, Marsha
Onesty, Regina
Papps, Jessica
Procelli, Karen
Rose, Leah
Rosenberg, Lisa
Sheehy, Amanda
Singer, Laurie
Stariha, Kristine
Master’s Degree
Abercrombie, Sabrina
Adams, Michelle
Adeoye, Olabisi
Adepoju, Christy
Adner, Nicole
Al-Chadirji, Omran
Allan, Elaine
Allen, Reginald
Alspaugh, Rosemary
Alvarez, David
Alvizo, Juanita
Ames, Samantha
Amos, Floyd
Anderson, Emme
Anderson, Robin
Anderson, Tionna
Andrews, Shannon
Ardebili, Sepideh
Ardines, Odalys
Artis, Ruby
Ayers, Giovanna
Badgett, Theotis
Baggett, Robert
Bagir, Ali
Bailey, Chanel
Baker, Mark
Barber, Trina
Barber-Moore, Kenyatta
Bassett, Allesia
Batchelor, Dionne
Bates, Kerri
Bates, Pamela
Beaty, Jelisa
Bellamy, Shiral
Benson, Pamela
Blackburn, Terry
Blair, Daniel
Blau, Frank
Blue, Chaka
Bondelier, Andrew
Boswell, Alicia
Boutwell, Anthony Scott
Boyd, Gloria
Brayboy, Louis
Brazil, Chinita
Broughton, Priscilla
Brown, Ashley
Brown, Cynthia
Brown, Jason
Brown, Matthew
Brown, Melissa
Brown, Shirley
Brown, Sophia
Brown, Taz
Brown-Aguilar, Deidre
Browning, Chris
Bullard, Sherell
Bullock, Heather
Burgos Hernandez, Sareliz
Burks, Michelle
Burns, Yolanda
Campbell, Christopher
Candelario, Sherri
Cantrell, Daniel
Carey, Zipporah
Carillo, Janelle
Carpenter, Josh
Carrington, Emily
Cartagena, Kiana
Carty, Godwin
Cason Tobin, Alyssa
Cathey, Kevin
Chang, Tina
Cherkary, Azzeddine
Christmas, Curtlynn
Ciambrone, Regina
Coblish, Denise
Cohan, Erin
Collier, Robert
Collins, Barry
Collins, Briana
Colzie-Artau, Stephanie
Comer, Antwain
Cook, Kennese
Cooper, Christina
Cooperrider, Kathryn
Cortes, Marylin
Cos Padron, Yanelkis
Crabtree, Jason
Credell, Bernadette
Crider, Kay
Crigler, Melanie
Cripps, Vana
Crowder, Rene
Cruel-Santiago, Natalie
Cusick, Tami
Dajani, Heather
Daniels, Kristy
Davis, Ernest
Davis, Patricia
Davis, Randolph D
Dawkins, Yasha
Deal, Gloria
Dec, Emily
Delaney, Patrick
Delcourt, Benjamin
DeLeon, John
Demner, Denyse
Derival, Wilkens
DeShields, Denae
Despin, Tina
Diaz, Martha
Dickson III, Everett
Didier, Sheila
Dlamini, Dorothy
Dodson, Laura
Downing, Paul
Doyle, Michael
Dragseth, Carolyn
Draper, Constance
Dudley, Dexter
Dunn, Shanique
Eads, Patrick
Eclar, Alexander
Edget, Sandra
Edwards, Anthony
Edwards, Bonnie
Edwards, Kiara
Edwards, Michael
Elack, Allen
Elkin, Allyn
Ellis, Deborah
Elshafei, Nadia
Estrella, Carlos
Etuks, Emanuel
Ewen, David
Ewings, Rickey
Farenga, Brian
Ferreira, Tiffany
Ferrell, Sonjanique
Flerme, Anise
Flores-Alinur, Rose
Floyd, Terrah
Forbs, Geneva
Foreman, Roberta
Forrest, Michael
Foster, Danielle
Fowler, Debra
Francois, Cathy
Frazier, Bernard
Frazier-Kennedy, Karen
Frechette, Phillip
Freiberg, Robert
French, Lawrence
Frohardt, Shannon
Gainsbrugh, Nicholas
Gamm, Greg
Garcia, Karen
Gardner, Angela
Garner, Leanna
Garrett, Brenda
Gaskin, Christy
Gates, Gail
Genov, Dimitre
George, Holly
Geter Jr, William
Giles, William
Golden, Margarita
Gomez, Janine
Gomez, Jeanie
Gordon, Trevor
Gosselin, Renee
Grant, Alba
Grant, Meloney
Griego, Jeremy
Griffin, Christina
Griffin, Verthelius
Griggs, Cheralita
Groves, Jennifer
Guardia-LaBar, Lilly
Guillory, Theresa
Gumbs, John
Gwynn, Lynette
Halabi, Sarah
Hale, Heidi
Hamilton, Marsha
Harmon, Julia
Harris, Gail
Harris, Keshia
Harris, Willie
Hart, Veronica
Hayes, Chareese
Hayes, Lasuandra
Haynes, Erica
Haynes, Travis
Haywood, Iva
Haywood, Renee
Hearn-Redon, Katherine
Herod, Jermaine
Heslep, Willis
Hesman, Vicky
Hinton, Terry
Hoenings, Gerald
Hollingshed, Mary
Holloway, Orvetta
Hooks, Pamela
Hopkins, Alysha
Hostetler, Sarah
Houghton, Amanda
Howard, Angela
Howard, Carolyn
Hummel, Mark
Hunt, James
Hunt, Jeffrey
Hunter, Jesse
Hutchins, Catrina
Ibrahim, Dina
Idahosa, Martins
Iles, Kimberly
Iovino, Robert
Ivery, Teneal
Jackson, Francine
Jackson, Star
James, Shae
Jarosz, Diane
Jeffries, Jasmine
Jenkins, Debbie
Job, Aqiyla
John, Tracy B
Johnson, Catherine
Johnson, Charlene
Johnson, Jessica
Johnson, Joanna
Johnson, Kenza
Johnson, Michael
Johnson, Ryann
2014 Commencement
Johnson, Saundra
Johnson, Stephanie
Johnson, William
Jones, Jacqueline
Jones, Jordan
Jones, Katina
Jones, Miranda
Jones, Precious
Jones, Sheree
Jonina, Kindred
Jordan, Patricia
Kamara, Helena
Karam, Saeed
Kasmieh, Omar
Kawa, Kaidu
Kiarie, Judy
Kincheloe, Lawrence
Kinkead, Kurt
Kirkpatrick, Mandie
Knight, Antonio
Knight, Rachel
Koch, Lisa
Koteles, Mark
Kramb, Kristie
Kramer, Glen
Kromeke, Marie
Krupp, Christel
Kurilko, Charles
Kurth, Tyler
Lafayette-Garcia, Arshownta
Laird, Corey
Lakshman, Mark
LaMarra, John
Lambert, Letitia
Lanham, Keith
LaNunziata, Jesse
Lanzilotta, Amy
Lassiter, Regina
Lawler, Claudia
Lawrence, Rohan
Leal, Pablo
Leazer, Michael
Lee, Lucy
Leggett, Leketha
Leonard, John
Leonard, Paula
Leto, Laureen
Lewis, James
Little, Ann-Marie
Lloyd, Angella
Lok, Wan
Lopez Jr, Louis
Lor, Jenny
Lubin, Lee
Ludwig, Lance
Kaplan University
Lum, Betty
Lumpkins, Ashley
Lutheran, Wendy
Maahs, Doreen
Mack, Shertina
Madyun, Talib
Malarik, Jody
Maligon, Florence
Manticof, Graciela
Martin, Rosa
Mathew, Kavita
Mathis, Andrea
Matott, Stacey
Matthews, David
Maybee, Kassydi
Mboggo, Esther
McCallister, Edward
McCleese, Omar
McClellan, She’rri
McCorkle, Kristy
McCoy, Gretchen
McCoy, Niesha
McCrea, Karin
McCready, Vicki
McDermott, Margaret
McKeeby, Jon
McKenzie, Shannon
McKinney, Stacey
McMaster-Lubin, Shanna
McPheters, Patricia
Melvin, Angela
Merkins, Alicia
Merle, Lizette
Meyer, William
Miles, Patricia
Milicia, Anna
Miller, Clifford
Miller, Kelly Jo
Miller, Maurice
Miller, Theresa
Milton, Avis
Mines, Cassandra
Minter, Elizabeth
Mohr, JoAnna
Montano, Eric
Montes de Oca, Ailyn
Moola, Peddireddy Venkatareddy
Moore, Delcie
Moore, Kari Anne
Moore, Katherine
Moore, Kelley
Moore, Renee
Morales, Connie
Morose, Francklin
Mosley, Colette
Moujane, Youness
Naeve-Ervin, Toni
Nally, Catherine
Nathaniel, Kenyatta
Nau, Margaret
Navarro II, Johnny
Navarro Jr, Johnny
Nellums Wilson, Yolanda
Nelms, LaQuita
Nelson, Benjamin
Nelson, Cynthia
Nesser, Mark
Newell, Wayne
Nichols, Vernon
Nixon, Marcella
Noonan, Shannon
North, Raelynn
Nowak, Amanda
Nwaogu, Juliana
Ogundipe, Edward
Oliveros, Rica
Olsen, Amanda
Olson, John
Olson, Lisa
Olvera, Gabriela
Ondo Bile, Eustaquiano Ndong
Orbelyan, Anahit
O’Rourke, Justin
Orrantia, Claudia
Ortega, Mary
Ortiz, Soraida
Osadczuk, Christopher
Pacanins, Tomas
Palleschi, Victoria
Palubicki, Brad
Pardie, Philip Tetteh
Parikh, Dharmen
Parker, Amanda
Parks, Juanita
Paskvan, Laura
Passley-Mendez, Suzanne
Patel, Shivani
Patrick, Jerome
Pelayo, Taleria
Pelle, Rellina
Perry, Jonathan
Peters, Malte
Peters, Stephanie
Peterson, Angela
Phillips, Jonathan
Phillips, Ron
Pierce, Eric
Pierson, Roshanne
Pomerenke, Karen
Powell, Carolyn
Powell, Mark
Poyser, Earl
Price, Lashawnda
Prince, Jerrilyn
Pryor, Latricia
Pyle, Jeffrey
Quinones, Katherine
Ramsey, Dave
Ranit, Liza
Ranson, Alisha
Ransone, Sandra
Reddy, Kim
Reed, Stacey
Reeder, Sarah
Revier, Dana
Reyna, Christina
Rhonda, Kindred
Richey, Tiffany
Ricks, Brian
Riecke, Cindy
Riggenbach, Cindy
Riggs, David
Ringe, Terese
Rivens, Karen
Rivers, Darlene
Roberson, Bruce
Roberts, Andrew
Roberts, Larry
Roberts, Tamaya
Robinson, Mark
Robinson-Camacho, Alise
Rodgers, Charity
Rogers, Brett
Rogers, McKinley
Romero, Michele
Ross, Candi Lee
Rudolph, Stephen
Rueda, Giovanni
Ruschau, Valerie
Sales, Theleasa
Salinas, Susan
Samuel, Jonathan
Sanders, Emily
Sanders, Joyce
Sanderson-Dowdy, Rachel
Sara, Williams
Sarager, Seth
Savage, Nancy
Saylor, Kimberly
Schmelter, Joseph
Schmitz, Juanita
Schwab, Michelle
Scott, Erica
Scott, Jennifer
Scott, Jennifer L
Scott, Nia
Sears, Renee
Secharan, Shivan
Sekulov, Mitko
Selvin-Torrence, Rosemarie
Sepulveda, Heriberto
Sepulveda, Nancy
Shaffer, Janice
Shepherd, Christine
Shipp, Perry
Shyroka, Iryna
Siegel, Scott
Silver, Verneisha
Simmons, Douglas
Simpson, Steven
Singh, Inder
Singleton, Kevin
Sledge, Nicole
Slezak, Albert
Sloan, Manal
Smith, Antoinette
Smith, April
Smith, Crystal
Smith, Danieleah
Smith, Janasha
Smith, Kenisha
Smith, Tamra
Smith, Wonda
Sneed, April
Snow Payne, Rachael
Snyder, Lisa
Somers, Michele
Sonnier, Tiffany
Sookie, Jossette
Sorrell, Troy
Soucy, Jennifer
Sprewer-Williams, Cheryl
St Dennis, Mark
St John, Adam
Stang, Christopher
Stansbury, Dala
Starr, Tanya
Stephens, Shawnna
Stevens, Angela
Steward, Ronnie
Stewart, Lashanda
Stilson, Alicia
Strassacker, Frank
Styles, LaQuita
Suarez, Noel
Sumpter, Jessica
Surace, Scott
Sykes, Regina
Taft, Aubreae
Talegrand, Beatrice
Tankoano, Aimee
Tarin, Jesus
Tarrant, Jeanne
Taylor, Francine L
Teichfuhs, Kirsten
Thomas, Kelly
Thomas, Mia
Thomas, Shauna
Thompson, Brenda
Thompson, Stella
Thompson, Tara
Tillar, Kimberly
Tipa, Rucsandra
Toles, Latoya
Tone, Nicole
Torgerson, Jay
Towler, Elizabeth
Trinh, Kimngan
Turk, Angel
Turner, Dorine
Turner, Erica
Turner, Marquita
Twum-Danso, Evans
Tyler, Markita
Uihlein, Rosemary
Upton, Megan
Valdez, Kelvin
Valentine, Kellie
Vandenbree, James
Vander Horn, Stephanie
Varghese, Blessy
Varghese, Roshini
Veney, Donna
Vicente, Madeline
Viens, Jennifer
Villagomez, Margaret
Virgil, Susselys
Virgin, Karen
Wakefield, Dy
Walker, April
Walker, Charles
Walker, Matthew
Wall, Michele
Wallace, Latoya
Walters, Elaine
Wani, Kayaso
Ward, Henrietta
Ward, Rosie
Washington, Christine
Washington, Dwayne
Watson, Kristy
Watterson, Robert
Way, Heather
Webster, Kyle
Welter, Debra
Whaley, Nicole
White, Donald
Wilkins, Cassandra
Wilkins, Stacy
Wilkinson, Tamatha
William, Villa Osorio
Williams, Precious
Williams, Preston
Williams, Tiffanie
Wilson, Matthew
Wine, Dwight
Wolf, Daniel
Wood, Ernest
Woodard, Angela
Woodard, Shemega
Woodberry, Keeuonna
Wright, Najat
Young, Shawntel
Zajan, Jay
Zak, Kathleen
Zecevic, Andrea
Bachelor’s Degree
Ackerman, Lana ^^
Adams, Arlise
Adams, Kimberly ^
Adams, Robyn *
Aguilar, Malinda
Ahl, Paula ^
Al Sayed, Khazma Omar
Albert, Alan
Albert, Elizabeth *
Albillar, Nichole ^
Albright, Jeremy ^
Albright, Jordan ^
Alday Quezada, Brianna ^
Alexander, Christina
Alexander, Karen ^
Al-Hassan, Razak *
Ali, Mark **
Allen, Richard ^
Aloyo, Zulma ^
Alston, Lynia ^
Altman, Paul
Anderson, Jeanice
Andrews, Eva ^
Armstrong, Prentice
Arnett, Megan ^
Ashford, Betty *
Austin Aquino, Bernice *
Ayguasbiba, Wilfredo
Babin, Kimberly ^
Bacon, Misa *
Bagger, Louella
Bailey, Bridgette
Bailey, Terri **
Bangura, Rosaline
Barbara, Francesco
Bare, James ^
Barker, William
Barkley, Teresa
Barnes, Sheri ^
Barton, Amanda **
Barton, Timothy *
Bashir, Faizah
Bastien, Alicia *
Battle, Tamara *
Bauer, Leslie *
Bautista-Abad, Luz
Bayoh, Jarieu
Bearden, Deron
Beatty, Utopia
Beehner, Charles *
Beery, Nikki
Behrns, Peter **
Beitner, Shoshana ^^
Bell, Matthew
Benne, Bambi ^
Benoit, Aaron *
Bernat, Aaron *
Bernstein, Sheldon *
Berry, Daniel
Best, Diane *
Bethel, Angela
Bhoolai, Latasha *
Biegner, David
Bies, Corie *
Billings, Tyler
Billingsley, Jennifer **
Binder, Sandra
Binder, Teresa ^
Bisbee, Jason
Bishop, Lynnette ^
Blackmon, Willie
Bladen Jr, Stefan
Blake, Jonie
Blanco, Ruby
Blystone, Gretchen
Bobonea, Kristi
Boken, John ^
Bollo, Charles
Bore, Carolann
Bouchard, Paula
Bourst, Michele **
Boyd, Adejoke ^
Brabbs, Cindy
Bradford, Ursula ^
Branch, Shelratta
Brantley, Jessica
Breedlove, LaKesha
Brody, Damon *
Brooks, Leigh ^
Broome, Wanda ^
Broseus, Ashley
Brown, Anniko
Brown, Howard
Brown, James
Brown, Jennifer
Brown, Lisa
Brown, Ryan
2014 Commencement
Brown, William
Brown-Fite, Elice *
Bryson, David *
Buff, Cynthia
Bullock, James
Bupp, Robert ^
Burgess, Crystal
Burgess, Robin ^
Cabrera, Angie ^^
Cadogan, Joe
Caines, Nicole ^
Campbell, Takeyia *
Carara, Shara **
Carr, Maggie ^
Carrigan, Dorothy ^
Cassagne, Cheryl ^
Castro, Henry *
Cauley, Veronica *
Cephus, Tanya
Chadwick, Julie *
Chen, Aiping ^
Chisolm, Jacquelyn
Chue, Andrea ^
Clark, Steven
Clark, Tiffany **
Clark, Vicki ^^
Clarke, Marlene *
Clarke, Soyinka *
Cline, Suzanne
Collier, Marvin
Cooley, Simon
Cooper, Merlin
Cooper, Stefan
Cordova, Amanda
Coston, Valerie
Covington, Linda
Cox, Christy ^
Cox, Tod ^
Coyle, Jamie *
Croft, Stephanie
Culp, Jason
Culver, Dale
Cunningham, Marilyn
Cunningham, Stephanie
Cuthbert, Bryan **
Daily, Rebecca ^
Dancer, Dustin
Daniel, Jessica ^
Daniell, Dawn **
Darmaalianto, Amy *
Darrenkamp, Shawn ^
Davis, Christine
Davis, Henry ^
Davis, Nikyta ^
Davis, Stanley
Dawson, Schevon ^
DeFelix, Joyce
Kaplan University
Deitch, Ronald *
DeLay, Eric
Denny, Ceceilia
DeShong, Melody ^
Despin Sr, Stephen ^
Devine, Lydia
Devoe, Tabitha
Dieppa, Alexander
Diersing, Jessica *
Dixon, Benjamin
Dockery, Cinnamon
Dominguez, Nafisa
Doratio, Stephanie *
Drago, Dawn
Droz, Aimee **
Dsouza, Brenda *
Duchesne, Nickie
Duffell, Alina **
Duit, Christina
Dukes, Adam
Dunham, Cathy
Dunn, Shawn ^^
Dwyer, Amy ^
Edwards, Peter *
El-Ayadi, Leyla ^
Elders, Gwendoly
El-Ras, Mais ^
Emerson, Denise
Escobedo, Javier
Estrada, Samantha ^
Eubanks, Jodi *
Evans, Georgia
Fagan, Raymond ^
Fambro, Shaunareca *
Fasanello, Tennillia
Favors, Lesly
Feil, Kevin
Ferguson, Michelle ^
Feringa, Lois ^
Ferrara, Gregg
Fikes, Jamal
Flores, Sarah ^
Flowers, Christopher
Foote, Derrick ^
Forcier, Tony ^
Forden, Carolyn ^^
Fortune, Evyonne ^
Foster, Daniel
Foster, Laurel *
Foster, Michael
Fox-Quinlan, Detric
Fraiser, Phillip *
Franks, Karen ^^
Frasinetti, Sheri ^^
Frazier, Rhonda **
Freeman, Martha *
Friedel, Ysidor
Fuller, Charma
Furino, Christine *
Gaddy, Lyndon
Gaines, Ykaysha
Galleo, Desiree R
Galvez, Claudia ^
Garcia, Erica
Garcia, Teresa
Garrard, Holly *
Garrett, David
Garrett, Jacqueline
Gaughan, Tammy ^
Gause, Kristan
Gaynor, Sharon
Heather *
Genus, Tracy-Ann
Gerdes, Cameron
Gienger, Lachelle ^
Gigliotti, Tracey **
Gilbert, Shala **
Gilmore, Jack ^^
Gingerich, Alisha
Ginnery, Tonie
Glenn, Rhonda *
Glenn Allums, Christine *
Goebel, Chelsey
Goldsberry, Angela
Gomez, Eudelia
Gonzales, Linda
Gonzalez, Christopher
Gonzalez, Michael
Gooden, Jannetha
Goodman, Ashley
Goodson, Shelia
Gorden, Stephanie ^
Goree, Rachel
Goss, Jeanne
Gould, Whitney
Grant-Jackson, Toye
Greer, Patrick
Griess, John
Groom, Theresa *
Groos, Jessica *
Guerrero, Diane ^
Guidry, Breanna
Guilford, Laurcretia
Hagar, Sheral
Hall, Cara *
Hall, LaTasha
Hall, Leon
Hall, Steve ^
Hall-Ingram, Elizabeth ^
Hamlett, Dominic
Hampton, Robert ^
Harrington, Laura
Harris, Amber
Harris, Willie **
Harris-Mims, Gail
Harvin, Ami **
Haslem, Margaret
Hauret, Sherie
Headlee, Michael ^^
Hegman, Adrienne
Helton, Michael
Hendricks, Fountain *
Henry, Deborah *
Henry, Richard **
Hereford, Karen
Hiapo, Jaylyn
Hicks, Jeffrey ^
Hicks, Julia ^
Higdon, Kerry ^^
Higgins, Linda *
Higgins, Scott ^
Hill, Christopher ^
Hill, Gregory ^
Hilliard, Joyce
Hoffman, Tina
Holbrook, Debra *
Holdcraft, Patrick
Holden, Detra
Holden, Jannine
Holliday, Nyisha
Hollis, LaDon
Holloway, Alex *
Holloway, Bryant ^
Hood, Brittany
Horton, Melisa ^
Houston, Delois
Howey, Yvette *
Huneycutt, Mark
Hunt, Samantha **
Hunter, Mia
Hurtado, Shari ^^
Iler, Elizabeth *
Inouye, Kimberly
Jackson, Audrianna
Jackson, Beatrice *
Jackson, David ^
Jackson, Michael *
Jackson, Sylvia *
Jakubowski, Kaitlin
Jaramillo, Manuel
Jatzke, James ^
Jean Pierre, Lourdenie
Jennings, Sondara
Jerzewski, Jack ^
Jewell, Angelique
Johnson, Annette ^
Johnson, Bridgette ^
Johnson, Jennifer ^
Johnson, Johnnie
Johnson, Kevin
Johnson, Nikiesha *
Johnson, Robyn
Johnston, Fernando
Jones, Daniele ^
Jones, Derrick
Jones, Doris
Jones, Hazel
Jones, Leah ^
Jones, Nathan
Jones, Wanda ^
Kahai, Jessica ^
Kaper, Pamela ^
Kaplan, Jesse
Kaplan, Matthew ^
Keating, Thomas *
Kelley, Dessa
Keyes, Michelle
Khoury, Adham **
Kimmons, Kendall ^
King, Shad
Kish, Matthew ^
Knaebel, Dawn ^
Knepp, Joshua
Knight, Demetrius
Knipp, Heather
Knox, Dana
Kohnen, Lisa ^
Kozakevich, Vitaly ^
Kreager, Nikolina **
Kresser, Robert
Kristin, DeLancett
Kucmierczyk, Melissa
Lace, Holland ^
Lackey-Marks, Kamilla ^
Lamb, Jarred
Langone, Jean
Lannen, Megan
Lara, Mayra
Latham, Lisa
Latta, Gregory ^^
Lauderdale, Enjoli
LeBlanc, Ray ^
Lee, Donna
Lemmo, Kelly ^
Lenik, Jerald *
Lesher, Jessica
Lewis, Amy *
Lewis, Gloria *
Lewis, Mario *
Lewis, Tanika ^
Lewis, Toni
Lieske, Cristin
Lincoln, Sandra
Link, Fredric ^
Linneman, Samantha ^
Liranzo, Karina
Litton, Robert ^
Logan, Sheryl ^^
Lopez, Kathrine
Lopez, Krissy ^
Lorigan, Catherine
Luffman, Richard
Lugo, Benjamin
Lupcho, Nanette ^
Lyon, Michele
Machin, Timothy
Macmillan, Christina ^
Mader, Earl
Mahan, Kyle
Malin, Michel *
Malouf, Nancy
Manion, Courtney
Manno, Stephanie
Martin, Shari ^
Martin, Sharlyn **
Martin, William *
Martinez, Noemi ^
Marvin, John
Mateo, Stephanie
Mathis, Eddie ^
Matras, Daniel ^
May, Lisa ^
Maye, Erika *
Mayers, Clifton ^
Maynard, Kelizma
Mayo, Dena ^
Mayo, Michael **
Mays, Joseph
Mays, Sandra
McBrayer, Terri
McCamey, Kelly
McCaskill, Carla
McClain, Elizabeth, ^
McCoy, Starr *
McCracken, Nicole
McCullough, Monica
McDonald, Tahveen ^
McDuffie, Arnold
McGowan-Taylor, Yvonne
McGrath, Mike ^
McGregor, Rebecca
McKenna, Marina ^
McKeon, Nakemia
McLean, Michael
McMullen, Joan ^
McNeil, Karen ^
McNeley, Cory *
McNulty, LeeAnn ^^
McNulty, Terrence ^
McNutt, Valerie
McWhirter, Tere
Mecham, Lisa ^
Medina, Laura
Melendez, Cassey *
Melin, Sarah
Mezera, Stacey
Michaels, Ashley
Mills, Richard ^
Misri, Premrudee
Money, Kasey
Moore, Kristina
Moore, Sarah
More, Elineth
Moreira, Ruth
Morgan, Maria **
Mormando, William *
Morrison, Sarah
Morse, Rene
Moyle, Emily *
Muller, Nicole
Munns, Brittanie
Murray, Lynda
Murray, Stephen ^
Nadeau, Ryan *
Nasimov, Munavvar ^
Negrete, Sandra ^^
Nelson, Cialyn
Nelson, Richard
Niesen, Tyler ^
Niksejel, Amin
Noceda, Patricia ^
Norrell, Jennifer
North, Tonya
Norton, Mauricette ^
Nunez, John
Ochoa, Amber
O’Connor, Amber **
Ojoye, Olawale
O’Keefe, Cody
Okpobia, Bridget *
Ondo, Dillon
Orellana, Keli *
Ortiz, Liz
Ousey, Tracy ^
Owens, Kathy Jo **
Pale, Kaufoou
Pangallo, Anthony *
Panuthos, Michael
Parham, Sheena
Parsons, Desiree ^
Patek, Frank
Patel, Monaz ^^
Paul, Ashley *
Pavone, Victoria
Payne, Aundrea
Pehrson, Rohn
Penn, Kamesha ^
Pennacchio, Monica
Pennington, Henry
Penrose, Mark
Petersen, Jesse
Phillips, Rachel *
Phillips, Steven
Piccone, Kristin *
Pinkelman, Jennifer
Pliskaner, Michael
Pondeca, Alvaro
Poole, TaKeisha
Porter, Tammie
Pouliot, David
Powell, Veronica ^
Pratt, La Tricia
Pressey, Casie
Preston, Carla *
Price, Christina ^^
Prince, Melissa ^
Puckett, Lynn
Quintana, Zara
Ramundo, Gabriela *
Randle, Kayla
Rawls, Erica
Reed, Andrea **
Reed, Traci ^
Reese, Amy
Reim, Robert
Richards, Summer
Richardson, Celestine
Richardson, Rhonda
Rider, Kristen
Riegle, LeRoy
Riego, Rosa *
Rios, Jose ^^
Ripley, Christine
Roberts, Meta ^^
Robertson, Iris
Robertson, Patsy
Robinson, Gail
Robinson, Robert ^
Rodriguez, Delilah
Rodriguez, Juan
Rodriguez, Lisa
Rodriguez, Marcial *
Rodriguez, Rosana
Rollins, Deri
Romero, Rebecca ^
Ronzo, Christopher *
Ross, Rachel ^
Roy, Jennie
Russo, Susan
Rutkowski, Izabela ^
Sadler, Brandy
Saget, Darlen
Saint-Val, Andre ^
Salhany, Christopher
Samala, Jennifer
Sandell, Karen *
Sandoval, Natalie
Santana, Stephanie
2014 Commencement
Sawyer, Jennifer
Schmid, Lori
Schultz, James ^
Schultz, Megan
Schuster, Philip *
Schwartzbeck, Janet **
Schwarz, Eric ^
Schweers, Lisa *
Schwietert, Corrine ^^
Scott, Laura *
Semonik, Matthew ^^
Servi, Natashia
Shank, Jessica
Sheppard, Tiffanie
Shinkle, Terra ^^
Shoemaker, Deborah ^
Shover, Jodie *
Shriver, Shasta **
Sihan, Sukhvinder ^
Sikod, Poplela *
Simmons, Christopher
Simmons, Ellaree
Simon, Michael
Sipe, Karrie
Siver, Michelle ^
Skinner, Robert ^
Slatton, Billie Jo
Smith, Amelia
Smith, Cheryl **
Smith, Euphemia ^
Smith, Indra ^
Smith, Lacy *
Smith, William ^
Smith-Thomas, Mary
Sparrow, Michelle
Spencer, Emily Catherine
Spore, Courtney
Stanton, Richard *
Staples, Jane
Stapleton, Seth ^
Starling, Jeanetta
Stephens, Karen ^^
Stephens, Laura ^
Stewart, Lennie
Stewart-Hendriks, Alieka
Still, Larry
Stobaugh, Teresa
Stogner, Loretta *
Strouble, Erin **
Sullo, Amy
Suresh, Ramamani **
Swann, Christie
Sylva, Khary
Tan, Lisa
Tarr, Nadia ^
Taylor, Alice ^^
Taylor, Brandy
Kaplan University
Taylor, Kristen
Taylor, Mary
Taylor, Patricia
Teater, Melissa
Thomas, Jocklin Juilette
Thomas, Joia **
Thomas, Rufus
Thomas, Thelisha
Thomas, Theresa ^
Thomason, Jimmy **
Thompson, Renee ^
Thrash, Tabitha
Tieman, Heather
Tiner, Erik **
Tomaloff, Jennifer ^
Torres, Ashley
Tracy, Jennifer
Trahan, Wade ^
Trost, Theodore ^
Trusty, Julius ^
Tubbs, Kimberly ^
Tucker, Rebecca
Tucker, Thomas *
Turnbull, John ^
Ulmer, Matthew
VanDeLoo-Walsh, Leah
Vargas, Alexandra
Varona, Maray
Vasile, Julie
Veilleux, Colette *
Velez, MaryJo *
Villa, Shadia
Villanueva, Kimberly
Visconti, Nicole ^^
Vogel, Gregory *
Vogel, Markus ^^
Walker, Angela
Walker, Nicole *
Walsh, Audrey
Walsh, Emily
Ward, Nathan
Watrous, Jimmie
Watson, Babbie
Watson, Rose
Weatherspoon, Brenda *
Weaver, Tim ^
Weller, Kevin
Wheatcroft, Cassandra
White, Christopher
Whitfield, Wendy ^
Whiting, Denise *
Whitworth, Ashley
Wiggins, Gerzell ^
Wilber, Bernard ^
Williams, Kesha
Williams, Lois
Williams, Marcus
Williams, Melisha **
Williams, Sandra
Williams, Shaneen
Williams, Tara
Williams-Augustin, Frances
Willis, Shirley
Wingate, Jo Anne ^
Wojcik, Jenna ^
Woods, Bernisha
Woolvin, Joshua *
Wortman, Teralynn **
Wright, Kenneth
Wright, Micheal
Wright Sr, Dexter **
Wykle, Heather
Yager, Michael *
Youells, Renee
Young, Euricka
Young, Kristine ^
Young, Melinda
Zimmer, Laurie *
Zoerb, Martha
Associate’s Degree
Abel, Jodi ^
Acker, Melissa *
Agney, Joshua ^^
Alattawy, Victoria ^
Anderson, Jeremy
Andrus, Yolanda ^
Atkins, Diana ^
Audet, Felicia *
Augustinos, Bryon
Aures, Bethany **
Ballantyne, Bradley ^
Barraza, Cristina
Barrs, Barbara ^
Barton, Shaun *
Baumann, Russell
Bedward, Keston
Behrens, Tracey *
Benjamin, Johnson ^
Bennett, Jodi
Michael **
Betz, Mary
Bird, Lauren ^
Blackburn, Dionne
Boling, Paul ^^
Boller, Morgan
Boney, Sherma ^
Bonnie, Peters ^
Bookman, Eddie
Boone, Timothy
Bosley, Kelly
Boudreaux, Cynthia
Bowman, Kevin ^
Boylan, David ^
Braleski, Serena
Bratcher, David ^
Breaux, Nannie ^
Brennan, Jeanne ^
Brown, Barbara
Brown, Ebony
Brown, Heather
Brown, Latoya **
Brown, Lawrence *
Brown, Nina **
Brown, Shenika
Brown, Stephanie ^
Brown, Yvonne
Bryan, Sarah **
Bryan, Yashica
Budde, Crystina
Bukousky, Tammy
Burden, Melissa *
Burden, Patricia *
Burgess, Yardley
Burleigh, Heather ^^
Caldwell-Roth, Heather
Camacho, Monica
Campos, Ana
Canales, Katherine *
Card, Morgan
Carey, Krystal *
Carlson, Brandy *
Carrick, Rick **
Cash, Patricia
Ceballos, Rochelle
CeCe, Misty ^
Chamberlain, Emma *
Chavez, Michelle
Chery, Robert
Childers, Julie ^
Chism, Jeannie
Chlon, Rose
Church, Brandon
Cifuentes, Zoyla
Clark, Christina *
Clark, Nicole **
Clevenger, Geoff
Cofield, Jaime **
Collier, Kellie
Conty, Philip ^
Cooke, Monuella
Cooley, Bonnie ^
Coon, Shayleen
Cope-Williams, Misty ^^
Cortez, Yvonne
Crafts, John
Crimminger, Megan *
Crisafulli, Heather
Crosby, Vance
Crowley, Ashley ^
Cude, Eric ^
Curry, Ashley
Curry, Summer
Daley, Thomas ^
Daniel, Terry ^
Daniels, Grace
Dauk, Melissa
Davis, Cynthia ^
Davis, Quiana
Davis, Stephanie *
Dean-Roberson, Latrice
DeCapio, Becky
Dehni, Monaliza ^
DeVose, Katherine
Dillie, Mindy ^
Dixon, Jeremy
Dohring, Peggy
Dohring, Penny
Donnelly, Jena ^
Downing, Sara ^
Drews, Mandie
Dubery, John *
Duckson, Franscea
Duckworth, Dario
Duncan, Geshia
Duple, Denise
Duran-Rigney, Massiel
Eckert, Carol
Edmond, John
Edwards, Angela
Ehrenberg, Brandie
Elliot, Jason **
Ellis-Aelaei, Jennifer
England, Ashlee
Epps, Lea
Erickson, Victoria
Everhart, Betreace
Everhart II, Mark ^
Fallon, Matthew
Fears, Lashella
Ferguson, Jennifer *
Ferguson, John ^
Ferraro, Christopher
Fillebrown, Heather
Florucci, Jami *
Foss, Brooke *
Fouche, Kimberly
Fox, Christina **
Friedline, Paige *
Frye, Lakisha *
Fuselier, Christine
Gallegos, Dawna **
Gamboa, Edmundo **
Garay, Marisela
Gardner, Angela
Garvin, Chiet
Genesis, Brown *
Gertcher, Sandra ^^
Gholston, Shantel
Gibbs, Candace
Gitzlaff, Dana ^
Godin, Ana ^
Goins, Angela ^
Gonzalez, Jacqueline ^
Gonzalez, Juan *
Gonzalez, Rene
Gonzalez, Zaida
Gooden, Ashley **
Gordon, Teresa
Gosdin, Anthony ^^
Graff, Michael
Graham, Dana ^
Graulau, Robert
Gray, Andrew ^
Grice, Laura
Groover, Emily ^
Gross, Michael
Guajardo Jr, Juan ^
Halfhill, Deborah *
Hammond, Penny **
Harlow, Jayson
Harr, Courtney
Harris, William *
Harrison, Andrea ^
Hartsell, Andrea *
Hasanova Oskouie, Parvin
Havelka, Margaret ^^
Hawkins, Kayla
Heckman, Ryan
Hemingway, Lakeisha
Henryhand, Sherry
Herrera, Jessica
Hess, Gary
Hill, Ronald
Hitchcock, Brandy
Ho, Jolyn
Hollis, Thomas
Hollis, Vanessa
Holmes-Goodman, LoToya
Hoyle, Jacob
Huston, Kaela *
Ingraham, Elizabeth ^^
Jaboram, Moise
Jackson, Brittney
Jackson, Janet ^
Jackson, LaToya
Jackson, Rhonnise
James, Bedra
Jamison, Enisha **
Jamison, Lilla **
Jeter, Ashlea ^
Jilek, Cheryl ^^
Johnson, Charlotte
Johnson, Katina
Johnson, Shalisha
Johnson, Tamara *
Johnson, Teia
Johnson, Theresa ^
Jones, Brooke
Jones, Ronald *
Kain, Elaine ^^
Kaiser, Michael
Kammerer, Justin ^
Kilroy, Stephanie ^
Kinard, Aaron
Knight, Lindsay
Knight, Vincent
Kobe, Meghann
Kovacs, Brandon *
Kratzer, Katherine ^
LaBombard Jr, Terry *
Lamb, Kimberly
Lane, Mercedes
Lawrence, Jenice F
Lawson, Thomas *
Lazo, Ginette
Leiss, Perry *
Lenoir, Christine
Leon, Brennan
Lett, Andrea *
Lewis, Deirdra
Lewis, Jeffrey *
Lewis, Kevin
Lilic, Ismet ^
Little, April
Littrell, Janice **
Lopez, Monalisa
Louis, Carrie ^
Lowery, LeAnn ^^
Lucker, Richard
Lunsford, Anna ^
Lunsford, Nada
Lynn, Santresa
Lyons, Isha *
Malvasio, Wendy ^
Maner, Adam *
Mann, Carol
Manville, Trish **
Marie, Lurena
Martin, Anthony *
Martin, Ruth
Martinez, Ashley **
Marzullo, Carlos
Mason, Victoria ^
Matsumoto, Lisa
Mauro, Brian *
Maymon, Darnell
Maynard, Patricia
McClain, Victoria ^
McCoy, Shiovhan
McDaniel, Amanda ^^
McDaniel, Lida *
McGee, Lynette **
McGriff, Michael *
McHugh, Michelle ^
McInvale Sherman, Loretta
McMahan, Laura ^
McNeil, Elizabeth ^
Melendrez, Georgina ^^
Meltzer, Kimberly
Mercer, Tiffany ^
Midlik, Candace **
Miller, Kierra
Miller, Shaquania
Miller, Wendy
Miller, Yvette *
Montgomery, Jason ^
Moody, Michael ^
Moore, Jenifer
Moore, Melissa ^
Moritz, Matthew ^
Mosely, Kymberli
Mowbray, Deborah
Muhammad, Abdullah
Mullins, Brandon *
Mullins, Nathan ^
Myles, Lionel
Nabie, Davida
Napoletano, Sara ^
Nappier, Doneen
Nichols, Donna
O’Connor, Stacia
Ortega, Ohilda ^
Otis, Melissa ^
Owen, Pamela *
Pacious, Francis *
Painter, Jamie
Palmer, Carl
Parker, Jennifer
Patterson, David
Payne, Judith
Perez, Veronica
Phan, Steven
Phillips, Audrey
Piatt, Lindsay *
Piotrowski, Holly
Poland, Emilie **
Poore, Shiloah ^
Pothier, Tiffany
Powell, Latoya
Prince, Floyd *
Pruett, Suzanne ^
Purdy, Kayla
Raasch, Candice
Raatz, Jane
2014 Commencement
Rainwater, Whitney
Ramsey, David
Ramsey, Mary ^
Rawls, Kenneth
Reeder, Jacob ^
Reeves, Barbara
Reuter, Diana *
Reyna, Tannara **
Ricardo, Ricardo
Richardson, Shawn
Rife, Shawn *
Riley, Chelsea ^
Rivera, Valerie
Roby, Irina ^
Rodriguez, Dianna ^^
Rodriguez, Selina
Roles, Stephanie *
Royce, Marcus
Rundell, Christine **
Ruscher, Deborah
Saez, Kelly ^^
Sanchez, Kristi *
Sansone, Lori
Santos, Karen
Sarber, Dianne
Schofield, Dakota ^^
Scholz, Rehman **
Schwartz, Misty ^
Scott, Tiffany
Seress, Sandy
Settle, Stacy
Severy, Billie Jo
Shannon, Amanda
Shay, Edwin
Sheaffer, Ralph
Sheppard, Shelia **
Shields, Jordan
Shirey, Adam
Shotnokoff, Erica ^^
Shrokman-Marsh, Wendy ^
Simmons, Kimberlie
Simmons, Travis
Simpson, Lisa *
Sims, Courtney **
Smith, Antoinette
Smith, Carlos
Smith, Michael
Soto, Stephanie
Sprowl, Scott *
Stancel, Linda
Stewart, Johnny **
Stewart, Kyle
Strickland, Gertrude
Strickland, Wendy *
Tatge, April *
Taylor, James
Taylor, Keith
Kaplan University
Taylor, Shatoya
Textor, Amber
Thomas, Janet
Thornton, Ron ^
Timmons, Tammy ^
Torres, Ariel
Torres, Johnny
Treadwell, Chiquilla
Tucker, Kevin
Turner, Ashley
Turner, Brittney
Turner, Deborah
Turner, Eric
Turner, Misty *
Turner, Wayne ^
Typhair, Allen ^^
Valdez, Katiria
Valencia, Ferguson
Valentin, Jennifer
Vasquez, Ruby
Vassell, Kanhai *
Vassol, Dan
Vazquez, Laida *
Vazzana, Nicole **
Velte, Erika
Wagner, Brandon
Walker, Karen
Walker, Lori ^
Wallace, Carolyn ^
Wandall, Marissa
Washington, Alshera *
Washington, Anthony
Washington, Hayla ^
Washington, Whitney **
Weed, Tina ^
Weichers, Nicholas
Weir, Gregory ^
Welch, Michael
White, Curtis
Whitfield, Steven
Whitley, Alisa Jeanette ^
Whitman, Leslie ^
Wiles, Valerie
Wilkinson, Scott *
Williams, Calvin
Williams, Candess
Williams, Clementine
Williams, Elice
Williams, Grant
Williams, Jacqueline
Williams, Kimberly ^
Williams, LaTori
Williams, Tyrone
Wilsher, Gwendolyn
Wilson, Jennifer
Wilson, Lawrence ^^
Wilson, Luke
Dominique ^
Wonderling, Dorothy
Woodrum, Carla ^
Wutzke, Teresa
Yang, Kong Chee
Young, Dannika
Young, Dona *
Young, Jehnea
Young, Marvin
Young, Timothy ^^
Zapata, Emilia
Angelroth, Cheryl
Archibald, Keisha Maria
Badillo, Eric
Bayles, Robert
Bellorin, Giselle
Brooks, Travis
Brown-Palmer, Colleen
Carcione, Alysson
Chawora, Rukudzo
Elmore, Darnetha
Fishman, Jennifer
Grill, Doris
Henry, Benoit
Ibanga, Christopher
Josué, Steve
Kabba Kargbo, Isatta Eliwo
Kaempf, Joanne
Kennedy, Daryl
Lowe, Carrie
McWilliams, Jason
Onyekwelu, Adaeze C
Parker, Michele
Peck, Kimberly
Sanders, Alana
Sargsyan, Ruzanna
Smith, Antonia
Smith, Tracy
Spagnoli, Angela
Willis, Jandi Lee
Graduate Education
Master’s Degree
Adams, Jason
Adams, Theresa
Aguirre, Carina
Alford, Shannon
Ali, Sharifah
AlKayal, Bassima
Amos, LaShaun
Anderson, Derek
Apollon, Katchouscia
Archer, Marilyn
Arnold, Ryan
Austin, Mike
Babb, Brandi
Bailey, Joseph
Baker, Bradley
Bakley, Amanda
Banks, Shalanna
Barker, Joyce
Barnes, Juliet
Barnes, Jyra
Bass, Renata
Bastien, Berline
Beeny, Catrina
Bellissimo, Tricia
Benson, Donald
Bezuidenhout, Johanna
Bimin, Marjorie
Binkley, Shawnda
Blair-Wilcox, Carrie
Bogensberger, Kyra
Bolin, Cynthia
Borgela, Irline
Bowers, Jessica
Bowling, Melissa
Boyington, Dustin
Brachmann, Mitchell
Breiter-Fineberg, Abbe
Breton, Tammie
Bridget, Manuel
Brown, Shameka
Bryce, Jordy
Buckner, Sandra
Buntyn, Reuben
Bustillos-Dods, Jeannette
Byrd, Michelle
Campbell-Arner, Lisa
Canady, Melanie
Cargo, Stacey
Carlson, Christina
Carpenter, William
Carrigan, Lawanda
Carter, Michael
Casey, Carl
Cathey, Kriston
Cespedes, Stephanie
Chaney, Teasha
Clare, Leroy
Clark, Latesha
Clester, David
Coatar, Stephanie
Cochran, Dawn
Colbert, Dana
Coleman, Chenelle
Coleman, Eva
Colosimo, Samantha
Colton, Adrian
Commins, Tabatha
Conley, Melissa
Cooper, Danielle
Copenhaver, Lisa
Cutchineal, Angela
Dafin, Georgeann
Dahlquist, Todd
Darasz, Casey
Dee, Mary
Destine, Ashley
Drone, Megan
Durfee, Rita
Durham, Elizabeth
Ellis, Shonda
Ethington, Rebekah
Everett, Mitchell
Evins, Willard
Fangman, Mark
Farren, June
Farve-Davis, Zina
Fay, Erin
Feibusch, Howard
Fernandez, Elvira
Figgs, Betty
Figueroa, Kelly
Finneseth, Samantha
Foral, Sydney
Ford, Elyse
Fox, Erin
Fraser, Jason
Friesch, Carolynn
Fulwood, Stephanie
Gant, Jennifer
Gaskins, Phyllis
Geisler, Britney
Genama, Jobea
Ghirmai, Natzenet
Glenn, Marc
Glenn McHayle, Tameka
Gonzalez, Matthew
Gordon, Kesha
Gower, Brandy
Granado, Mary Grace
Grant, Erica
Gray, Deneshia
Gregory-Aikens, Lorraine
Grooms, Emily
Guinn, Danyelle
Gumas, Stacy
Haldeman, Andrea
Hall, Melissa
Hall, Sharese
Hampson, Lynne
Hanchell, Zanovia
Hanselman, Rachelle
Harris, Aundrea
Harris, Bessie
Harris, Deborah
Harris, Eltonette
Harris, Heather
Harris, Marquita
Harris, Norman
Harris, Vanessa
Hassell, Jennifer
Haynes, Kimberly
Henningham, Ann
Herbert, Jennifer
Herbert, Sergio
Herro, Dan
Hewitt, Eleanor
Hibbitts, Cynthia
Higgs, Fredrica
Hilden, Jon
Hill, Jacob
Hinkley, Ginette
Hoffman, Laurie
Hogan, Rhonda
Hollis, Amy
Holmes, Aisha
Holmes, Cheryl
Holmes, Tamika
Horani, Rajaa
Hudson, Desiree
Hudson, Tiffani
Hunt, William
Hunter, Lawana
Hutto, Petrina
Jache, Christina
Jackson, Crystal
James, Rijeka
James-Arthurs, Shauna-Kay
Janisingh, Dimple
Johnson, Debra
Johnson, Kathleen
Johnson, Kristen
Johnson, Lisa
Jones, Sharon
Joshi, Ratna
Kama-Sunada, Ettamay
Kassab, Matya
Katzakian, Susan
Kemple, Kelli
Killen, Kevin
Kim, YooRan
King, Brian
Klafter, Elizabeth
Knowles, Rachel
Knuckles, Monica
Kretchmar, Linda
Krow, Heather
Krzykowska, Dorota
Kuecker, Betsy
Kugler, Christopher
Lamontagne, Michele
Lark, Athena
Lee, Lauren
Lee, Patrick
Leonard, Deborah
Lewis, Harold
Lindo, Jasmine
Litan, Amanda
Long, Kathryn
Lowe, John
Lucas, Alvena
Lund, Joanne
Madison, Jessica
Major, Raven
Marcus, Charles
Marrast, Camil
Martinez, Luis
Martinez Jr, Jose
Matchett, Sherrica
McDougle, Shannon
McGrew, Shanteds
McKinley, Judy
McMillian, Kenneth
Mellott, Patricia
Menio, Joshua
Miller, Destiny
Miller, James
Miller, Mark
Mitchell, Adrienne
Moez Shayanian, Laobat
Molee, Jillian
Monfort, Molly
Morrow, Cosandra
Motyka, Theresa
Mounsey, Shannon-Kay
Mounter, Brian
Moyer, Melynda
Murray, Beverley
Myers, Karen
Nelson, Juanita
Nemcik, Beddie
Netterville, Leontyne
Nich, Elda
Nobles, Melva
Oleinik, Amy
O’Neal, Ashford
Osborne, Larissa
Parenti, Lisa
Pastorino, Daniel
Payne, Angela
Payne, Kristin
Pedro, Tanielle
Peralta, Jazmin
Perrin, Nashaye
Pesina, Cherylyn
Phillips, Rikki
Phillips, Stacy
Pilarcik, Alyssa
Plum, Timothy
Poitier, Corey
Powers, Christopher
Prado, Crystal
Purdum, Amy
Quatse, Maria
Reddeg, Sarah
Renwick, Joanne
Rhyne-Bright, Phyllis
Riddick, Brian
Rios, Michael Gabriel
Rivera, Sonia
Roberts, Janine
Roberts, Tamra
Robinson, Kadion
Robinson, Marva
Robinson, Sara
Roche, Amy
Rodriguez, Natalie
Rossello, Bernardo
Rowe, Darcia
Ruhland, Sarah
Rumaker, Michael
Safley, Mallory
Samuels, Chasity
Santiago, Joeleen
Scaringi-Melendez, Vanessa
Scheer, Thomas
Schiefelbein, Justin
Schlecht, Judi
See, Michael
Segura, Jessica
Shelton, Wendy
Sheys, Harold
Shipmon, Cecily
Shirley, Jamile
Short, April
Siess, Maureen
Simpson, Staci
Sims, Adina
Sims, Jayma
Skym, Hillary
Slafky, Francine
Smalls, Nickie
Smith, Agustin
Smith, Angela
Smith, Marie
Smith, Mark
Smith, Semaja
Smith, Susan
Soda, William
Solomon, Anita
Sookhoo, Jennifer
Speight, Michelle
Spence, Latisha
2014 Commencement
Spiller, Erica
Springer, Brian
Stacie, Cannone
Stegall, John
Stephen, Jenna
Stewart, Brenda Jean
Suckow, John
Swaim, Sandra
Swartz, Emily
Tara, Erichson
Taylor, Karlos
Tew, Ericka
Thayer, Terri
Thomas, Christopher
Thomas, Melvin
Bradey Jon, Thompson
Thompson, Valerie
Threadgill, Rachael
Thunberg, Brandee
Togni, Stephanie
Torrens, Omar
Toy, Maria
Trim, Bryan
Tuck, John
Tucker, Demetrius
Vamstad, Hillary
Vassell-Gowdie, Nadia
Vincent, Emmanuel
Walls, Maxine
Washburn, Leah
Watkins, Heather
Watson, David
Weaver, Crystal
Wellman, Britnee
West, Willard
Whatley, Tracy
Wheeler, Lawonda
Williams, Christy
Williams, Elizabeth
Williams, Kelly
Willis, Christa
Willis, Wesley
Willmon, Wendy
Wilson, Jacquelyn
Wilson, Kimberly
Wyatt, Jan
Wyatt, Tishi
Yaeger, Romona
Yesayan, Mariam
Yoma Tarquine, Sylvia
Young-Hanley, Gecell
Youniss, Fatima
Zeidan, Sonia
Zeikowitz, Jason
Kaplan University
Arseneau, Michelle
Belan, Allie
Bishop, Jolan
Bryant, Quiona
Buzzerd, Jenilyn
Canning, Denise
Chandler, Dawn
Christiansen, Leslie
Clemons, Michelle
Cramer, Wendy
Curry, Candace
De Jesus, Brian
Derby, Melissa Lee
Dewolf, Gail
Dooley, Christi
Fox, Monica
Gussis, Shelly
Hageman, Jessica
Hanel, Rachael
Harrison, Mozella
Higgins, David
Holsey, Charles
Jensen, Stephanie
Kahler, Gina
Lockwood, Jay
Markevich, Galina
Marks-Dixon, Keri
McDonald-Miranda, Kathryn
Miller, Melissa
Mowen, Candy
Paul, Diane
Policar, Laura
Prince, Katia
Sadat, Nazia
Sullens, Tabetha
Thompson Jr, I G
Turner, James
Villa, Antonino
Weekes, Kimalecia
Wells, Miranda
Health Sciences
Master’s Degree
Abe, Brian
Adams, Brittany
Akerley, Bridget
Alvarez, Karem
Arango, Joan
Arnold, Amber
Ash, Dominic
Atwater, Denise
Autuori, Anastasia
Bahley, Nicole
Balogh, Julius
Barno, Hallie
Bello, Sandra
Bennett, Patricia
Bentley, Dorinda
Bland, LaTeshia
Blyler, Kay
Booth, William
Borrell, Vanessa
Bourassa, Lauren
Briana, Davis
Brice, Linda
Brown, Angela
Brown, Waveney
Bruegl, Melissa
Burns, Marguerite
Burton, Leah
Caldwell, Brandon
Callahan, Sherilee
Candle, Craig
Carpenter, Jamila
Chalker, Naomi
Chike, Carol
Clark, Chimere
Cordes, Paulette
Corpuz, Rico
Crawford, Catherine
Cronin, Fria
Crowder, David
Cruz, Norma
Cudjoe, Grace A
Cummings-Deenah, Shanique
Czarka, Menachem
Dahal, Atul
Davis, Rebekah
Davis, Shameria
Dawson, David
De Jesus Torres, Noelia
Dillingham, Lakisha
Doxy, Trina
Durant, Shauntaya
Eghan, Edmund
El’Shukri, Huda
Erugo, Ebere
Euser, Kate
Fanaika, Amiame
Fearrington, Paula
Feller, Christina
Flemming, Valencia
Flemming-Picozzi, Jheanell
Fonseca, Jamica
Freeman-Arnold, Lois
Gallagher, Heather
Garcia, Rosa
Genosier, Guerty
Gergis, Romany
Bobbie Jean
Godwin, Maria
Grier, Frank
Hamlett, Tamberly
Harrell, Jenny
Harris, Farrah
Hart, Danielle
Hassanein, Amr
Henry, Justin
Hentges, Catherine
Hernandez, Delaine D
Hewett, Frank
Hicks, Shawanna
Hinton, Jamie
Holsworth, Heather
Hopkins, Consuelo
Hori, Kimika
Hough, Melisa
Huber, Michael
Humphrey, Fontella
Ishiekwene, Didi
Jackson, Jeje
Johns, Jessica
Johnson, Mecca
Jones, Howell
Jones, Jacy
Jordan Jr, Darrell
Joseph, Sheronne
Kelley, Sharon
Kellum, Kwiinta
Kelly, Stefanie
Khawaja, Ayesha
Koroma, Jeneh
Ladick, Laura
Lamar, Kristal
Lamb, Whitney
Laras, Frank
Leach, Sandra
Leftwich, Jericho
Leitzen, Justin
Lewis, Nicole
Lindsey, Meshia
Lombana, Yvonne
Loriston, Charlaine
Mack, Robin
Maddox, Eddie
Maguire, Patria
Mahon, Amy
Malonga, Jack
Martin, Britney
Martin, Lori
Martin, Sharian
Martindale, Colleen
Martinez, Christian
Massoud, Mary
Maxwell, Gerald
McFarland, Lorenzo
McGriff, Sheila
McLaurin, Leandra
McPherson, Neil
Medena, Dietzie
Medina, Katherine
Mercer, Brent
Meyer, Christine
Miles, Skyler
Miller, Armetta Ivy
Mixon, Stephanie
Mostella, Bianca
Nazon, Perpetua
Neasbitt, Teresa
Nesnidal, Lindsay
Nunes, Ishanna
Ogaldez, Frances
Ongondo, Robert
Onukwugha, Uche
Onwuka, Krystle
Orlandi-Campton, Margaret
Ostensen, Ingrid
Ott, Kate
Parker, Rhasheca
Patterson, LaTasha
Patterson, Sherry
Pendleton, Kelley
Pernell, Mary
Perry, Andrea
Phillip, Marie
Porten, Candice
Powell, Teron
Pudovka Gross, Olga
Purisch, Tracy
Rebod, Giorgio
Ribeiro, Michelle
Richardson, Jamie
Richardson, Joyon
Rider, Deborah
Roach, Abbey
Robinson, Danielle
Robinson, Shawan
Rodgers, Krista
Roth, Leanne
Roy, Andrea
Sahal, Abdialin
Sanyal, Vivek
Savoy, Autumn
Scarlett, Morphia
Sherman, Matthew
Sias, Harold
Smith, Antoinette
Smith, August
Smith, Kerry-Ann
Smith, Mieshia
Solomon, Natasha
Soper, Kelly
Stevens, Soraya
Stewart, Andrea
Stewart-Romillie, Josephine
Sullivan, Jamie
Tandoc, Roy
Tellez, Esperanza
Teten, Sherri
Thomas, Margo
Thorne, Marlon
Tooraji, Sameera
Trueblood, Brian
Uka, Kelechi
Vasquez, Josue
Vaughn, Lakeitcha
White, Candace
White, Sharion
Whiting, Joseph
Williams, Deanna
Williams, Floyd
Williams-Booker, Darcia
Wilson, Misty
Winemiller, Troy
Wright, Dorothy
Wright, Jessica
Zamarripa, Nadia
Zeh, Clement
Bachelor’s Degree
Abenojar, Amorvida **
Abramovic, Dubravka ^
Acampado, Maria Jozelle **
Adams, Stephanie **
Ahmad, Samrah *
Akers, Randy ^
Alberto, Maria *
Alfred, Loudemilla
Allen, Rebecca
Alvarez, Daniel
Anderson, Kenyatta ^
Andre, Jean
Andrews, Randall
Ansari, Subia ^^
Appling, Xarviera **
Armstrong, Kristine *
Arrington-Davis, Taneisha ^
Ascher, Cullen
Ashley, Duraine
Austin, Latonia
Bailey, Pamela
Bailey, Terry
Bajorek, Greg
Baker, Sophia
Baldes, Julie ^
Ball, Edward
Ballance, Richard
Ballinger, Forest
Barkdull, Jessica ^
Bartlett, Colleen *
Bartone III, Michael **
Bassey, Eme ^
Battiste, Debbie *
Baxter, Stuart
Bedolla Jr, Benancio **
Belden, Erin **
Belkin, Limor ^
Bell, William *
Benitez, Alex *
Bernardoni, Danielle *
Bernhardt, Emily ^^
Berry, Opel
Beukes, Hester ^^
Bey, Amber ^
Bey, Jamila
Bierwag, Renee
Bill, Hector *
Blackburn, Amy
Blackett, Debra *
Blake, Ashley
Blanco-Diaz, Wilfredo ^
Blocker, Jamie ^
Bond, Jeffery
Booker, Savanna **
Bourque, Stephanie ^
Bousfield, Sara ^
Bradford, Jeanene
Bradford, Vedamay ^
Bradley, Zdenka
Braggs, Tenaye
Brandt, Melissa ^^
Bremer, Andrea ^
Brent, Michael
Brown, Roslyn
Brown, Tonya ^
Browne, Regina
Bruno, Jessica **
Bryant, Tanisha
Burgess, David *
Burkes, Tomanika
Burns, Brenda **
Bussell, Rochel ^^
Caddali, Paul Ryan *
Cain, Anita ^^
Cain, Sarah **
Cairo, Christine ^
Cammon, Shievon ^
Cantway, Ami ^^
Capre, Laura
Carauskas, Daina ^
Carey, Elizabeth
Carlton, Carla
Carraway, Kellee **
Carruthers, Tiffany
Carter, Christina ^
Castaneda, Stephanie
Celestino, Frank ^
Centeno, Yicel
Chance, Jasmine
Chang, Peng
Charles, Nola ^
Chavis, Natasha *
Choplin, Scott ^
Christiansen, Laura *
Christopher, Evelyn **
Chumley, Teresa Gwyn
Clarke, Shalanda *
Cleveland, Stephen
Cloud-Gambles, Ashley *
Clough, Amanda
Coleman, Abigail ^
Collins, Craig *
Colton, Vickie ^^
Cooper, Demetrius
Cordaro, Alex ^
Corey, Linda **
Coulson, Fayetta **
Cover, Heather ^^
Crichlow, Natasha ^
Crowder, Nada ^
Cunningham, James ^
Curtis, Lina ^
Cushman, Daniel **
Czuj, Sharen
Dana, Candii ^^
Davenport, RaLana *
Davis, Heather **
Davis, Jacqui ^
Davis, Pamela ^
Deal, Ameshia
Dease, Jermicher
Decker, Nick
Dehnert, Susan *
DeNardi, Lisa ^
Dickerson-Jones, Marcella *
DiVita, Andrea ^
Dixon, Shemeika ^
Dodd-Jones, Joyce **
Dohman, Kimberlee ^
Dominguez, Rachele *
Dotson, Rachael ^
Dovin, Stephanie ^^
Downey, Crystal ^
Drake, Alicia
Drotenko, Olga *
Dunn, Jennifer *
Dyer, Amber
Dyson, Syretha
Eckert, Rachel ^
Edwards, Jennifer ^
2014 Commencement
Edwards, Reggie
Egler, Lynn ^
Ellis, Andrea *
Eng-Wu, Fai ^
Everson, Susan ^
Ezell, Tammy
Fagan, Scott
Fair-Goin, Arceola *
Farris, Darren *
Faubert, Li-yun ^
Faulk, Monisha
Fecko, Valeria
Fenty, Monica ^^
Figliolia, Clair ^^
Fischer, Phoenix ^
Fish, Soraya ^
Flanigan, Bonita
Flournoy, Jamar
Force, Jannessa ^
Fornshell, Jaimie *
Foster, Regina **
Fowler, Marion ^
Fox, Sheila ^^
Francis, Rada ^
Franklin, Glorial *
Freeman, Calandra
Friend, Jessica ^^
Frunz, Kelly *
Gallagher, Anne Marie
Galley, Kristopher
Garcia, Carmen ^
Garcia, Lillian ^
Garmon, Brenda *
Garnett, Pamela
Garrett, Mindy ^^
Garrison, Nicole
Garza-Mitchell, Rachel
Gelinas, Stevi ^
Giboyeaux, Yvonne
Gilbert-Howe, Kathleen
Gilboy, Rachel ^
Gilleo, Kristine ^^
Giunta, Ralph **
Goblick, Andrea **
Golicki, Colleen
Gomez, Victor
Gonzalez, Amy
Goodson, Megan *
Gordon, Michelle ^
Gorham, Jessica
Gorrod, Mary
Gosnell, Michael
Gracer, Marcella
Gragert, Nicole
Graham, James ^
Gray, Brandy ^
Grecula, Kimberly ^
Kaplan University
Green, Lugene ^
Green-Barker, Tyeshia
Greene, June
Guillory, Roberta
Gullo, Danielle **
Hairston, Arastede
Hall, Aletha ^
Hall, Caleb
Hall, Helia
Halling, Kelby ^
Haltom, Andrea
Hamilton, Crystal ^
Hamilton, KaJuana *
Hammett, Ryan ^
Hammonds, Teresa
Hansmeier, Kimberly *
Hardy, Fleurette
Harris, Dia ^
Harris, Nadine **
Harrison, Amy ^
Harrison, Jennifer
Hart, William
Hartpence, Autumn
Helfrich, Dawn **
Hemminger, Heather **
Henderson, Kristen ^
Henderson, Nechae
Hendricks, Ryan
Henry, Athelene **
Hernandez, Elissa
Hernandez, Ida ^
Hicks, Sonya ^
Highsmith, Lori
Hodge, Rachel
Hoensheid, Holly
Holt, Miles ^
Howard, Tasha *
Hughes, Jennifer **
Humbert, Kenya **
Hunter, Debra
Hurtado, Taya *
Isom, Lisa
Jakubowski, Jason ^^
James, Deidre *
Jameson, Kevin ^
Jansen, Mandy *
Jaszewski, Mary **
Jenkins, Yvonne
Johnson, Delwin
Johnson, LaToya
Johnson, Tikita
Joseph, Mara **
Kalemba, Timberly ^
Kamara, Hope
Kaminski, Teri J *
Keaton, Elizabeth ^^
Kessel, Brenda
Kessler, Melissa **
Khera, Nadine
Kibbee, Daniel
King, Danielle ^^
Kirsch, Jessica
Kitchen, Jennifer ^
Kleiner, Francine
Knight, Tim ^
Kobzeva, Ekaterina ^
Koch, Christina
Kopyless, Radheeka *
Koski, Jennifer
Kraft, Christian *
Kriger, Amber ^^
Kubas, Shannon
Kwok, Ricky *
Lacny, Alexa
Ladd-Harris, Janice
Lake, Marcella ^
Landers, Karen ^
Larkin, Shannon ^^
Larkin, Stephanie **
Larson, Kim ^
Leach, Nikisha *
Lee, Jara
Lee, Katherine
Leonard, Brandy ^
Lias, Juanita ^
Long, Jean ^
Looney, Jerold ^
Lopez, James **
Louks, Melissa ^^
Love, Natasha
Lowe, Theresa ^^
Lubic, Mara ^^
Lunetto, Traci
Lynch, Robert **
Manning, Ashley ^
Manning, Tracy ^
Marino, Kevin
Kimberlee ^
Martin, Cynthia ^^
Martinez-Toben, Deena
Matthews, Monique
Mautone, Maria
Mayo, LaTonya
Mbakop, April **
McAllister, Susan
McCathen Jr, Andrew
McCloyn, Mardest ^
McClure, Audrey ^
McClure, Heather
McCormick, Kathleen *
McGee, John
McHugh, Debra ^
McKenzie Brannam, Lea *
McKinney, Steven *
McKnight, Ashley
Meeks, Casey
Melvin, Teresa ^
Mendez, Angel
Mickelsen, Nicole ^
Miller, Courtney
Miller, Donna **
Miller, Linda ^
Miller, Lisa ^
Miyasato, Kelly ^
Mohammed, Hashemeen ^
Molini, Kristin ^
Morgan, Jacqueline
Morin, Bonnie
Morris, Jaquline
Mountaser, Heba
Mullins, Catharine ^
Muncy, Jackie ^
Muniz, Elma *
Munoz, Robin **
Murphy, Wendi ^^
Muzanenhamo, Gabriel *
Myers, Kristen ^
Navarro, Caroline ^^
Nelson, Jason ^
Newberg, Berri
Newton, Stephanie ^
Nick, Lorie ^
Nickisher, Jennifer ^
Norman, Supreena
Norton, Lettie
O’Connor, Liam ^^
Olton, June
Pacheco Jr, Domingo
Palmer, Miranda ^
Paluch, Rebecca
Parker, Noelle
Pearson, Andrew ^
Perris, Jennifer *
Peterson, Laurie ^
Pierce, Deana ^
Pierce, Sara ^
Pierre, Mia
Pinkerton, Nicola A ^
Porter, Nishonda
Potter, Curlena
Potts, Quanedral *
Powell, Kacey
Powell, Renee ^
Powell, Valentino
Pratt, Linda
Premer, Michelle
Preston, Amanda ^
Priestley, Grace
Probert, Darby
Probst, Kamala
Punchard, Laquisha ^
Quintana-Garcia, Erika ^
Rabor, Eileen ^
Rakia, Zimbron *
Ramey, Lori
Ramirez, Odette *
Ramsay, Sandra *
Rand, Cheryl
Raper, Jamie *
Reber, Kristin ^
Reed, Ashley
Reed, Diana ^
Reed, Stephanie
Remuto, Leslie *
Rice, Pamela
Riker, Daniel ^
Rivera, Racheal *
Roberts, Kambryn
Roberts, Sarah ^^
Robertson, Amy ^
Roehl, Natasha ^
Ronk, Linda ^
Ronning, Kandi A *
Rosas, Amanda
Rush, Realisteen ^
Saah, Peter **
Sailor, Jessica **
Salyer, Benjamin *
Sandoval, Marivel
Sano, Heidi *
Santos, Laci ^
Sarault-Perez, Jennifer **
Saxon, Stefanie **
Saxton, June ^
Saxton, Tara **
Schafer, Erika **
Schmitz, Theresa
Schram, Peter
Schwab, Eric ^
Scroggins, Rodney
Seipp, Angel ^
Shaffer, Jennifer ^
Shah, Stuti ^
Sharpe-Williams, Wendie *
Shea, Cynthia ^
Shields, Evelyn ^
Shipp, Peter **
Siedow, Alicia ^
Simmons, Elizabeth
Simpson, Dana
Simpson, Lisa
Skalicky, Courtney
Slagle, Margareta ^
Marianne ^
Snyder, Christine
Sodamann, Greta *
Spangler, Ashley ^^
Spencer, Kalicia ^
Spriggs, Shannon
Stein, Tiffany ^^
Stelogeannis, Cassandra
Stemple, Kimberly
Stokes, Emmett
Stokes, Makati
Strickland, Catrina
Stringer, Areva
Styer, Nicole ^
Suber, Catherine
Suzanne, Bray
Tackett, James *
Taylor, Denya *
Taylor, Jacqueline ^^
Taylor, Melissa ^
Taylor, Ursula **
Terpstra, Wren ^^
Theriot, Michelle ^
Thomas, Cindy *
Thomas, Shawana
Thompson, Beckey ^
Thorgerson, Juli ^
Tiel, Lisa ^
Tiller, Jason **
Tirado, Tieasha
Torres, Carlotta
Torres, Kelly ^
Torres Igartua, Ramon
Trinidad, Andre
Tripp, Camellia *
Trotter, Ellori
Tucker, Erica ^
Turcotte, Arline **
Vaughn, Patricia
Vazquez, Charmaine
Vecchiarelli, Lisha ^^
Velez, Michael
Verburg, Jennifer ^
Verlie, Chandra
Vidrios, Angel
Vittorio, Cheryl ^^
Wade, Blake ^
Waffo-Tchoungo, Christiane
Walden, Cynthia ^^
Wallace, Anthony
Wallace, Keneka
Washington, Kanisha
West, Ryan ^^
White, Arvette ^^
White, Jennifer ^
White, Kellie
White, Nychelle ^^
Wiginton, Casey ^
Willette, Phylicia ^^
Williams, Alescia ^
Williams, Karla *
Williams, LaToya
Williams, Rayanna ^
Williams, Sarah
Williams, Tracie
Wilson, Alexis
Wilson, Cherise ^
Wilson, Irma
Wilson, Patrice
Wilson-Sanchez, Susan ^
Winnett, Amandah ^
Wize, Kelly *
Woods, Melissa
Workman, Heather **
Wyant, Julie ^
Wyatt, Holly
Yanni, Kristin
Young, Shamere
Ziegler, Karen ^^
Zuber, Ami ^^
Associate’s Degree
Adams, Dawn ^
Adams, Ryan
Akers, Russel ^^
Albert, Kelly **
Aleman, Joseph ^
Alexander, Timothy ^
Alvarez, Jennifer
Anderson, Alison
Anderson, Lashanda *
Anderson, Lisa *
Anderson, Rachelle
Anderson, Shannon ^
Andrews, Heather
Andrews, Marisella ^^
Andrews, Shyla
Anslem, Sheldon *
Archibald, Adam ^
Arndt, Meloney
Ashby, Rebecca
Bailey, Cassandra
Bailey, Emmalee ^
Baker, Heather
Baker, Meggan *
Ball, Jayme ^^
Bangura, Franklyn ^^
Barnett, Sara **
Barretta, Angela ^
Barrs, Eric
Beachum, Kirk *
Bell, Jarrell
Benton, Hope ^
Berkin, Daniel *
Berning, Debra ^
Bertolotti, Megan
Blacksmith, Santana **
Blair, Daniele *
Bledsoe, Jessica
Bocago, Josephine ^
Bohnert, Synthia *
Bond, Brenda
Bonner, Jon-Christian
Bourbeau, Michael ^
Bowen, Tara *
Bowman, Jamilyn ^
Boyd, Kasey
Branch, Terri ^
Brandon, Nicole
Britton, Erik
Brooks, Kelly *
Broomfield, Gene
Brown, Annastaycha
Brown, Carmalena ^^
Brown, Dashea *
Brown, Hope ^
Brown, Jessica ^
Brown, Stanley ^^
Brown, Terene *
Bruno, Julie ^
Bryan, Tabitha ^
Bryant, Amanda
Bryant, Robert ^
Bucko, Nicole
Burcham, Stephen
Burdge, Darol ^^
Burka, Amber *
Burkhanov, Nicole **
Burrell, Michael
Bush, Margaret
Bynane, Amanda **
Camacho, Adrienne
Carlsness, Angela ^^
Carney, Mariah *
Cassar, Joseph **
Castro, Bele ^
Cavalier, Gwendolyn **
Ceballos, Beatriz ^
Chapman, Sonia *
Chatman, Kelvin
Cheek, Danya ^
Chiavaroli, Brooke *
Christian, Newman
Chubb, Alycia ^
Chvatal, Bonnie *
Clark, Derrick
Clark, Patricia
Click, Cassandra ^
2014 Commencement
Clopten, Wendy
Coffil-Smith, Tierica
Coleman, Jacqueline ^
Colley, Jeannie *
Collier, Anita
Comer, Kellie ^
Conley, Daniel *
Cook, Cynthia **
Cooper, Charles
Cordes, Amber ^
Cota, Angela
Cratty-Ambriz, Riki ^
Crenshaw, Carla *
Cromwell, Shamika
Crosby, Mark **
Cruanes, Brooke
Curry, Tanisha
Curtis, Amanda
Cutcher, Natalie ^
Daniels, Donna ^
Davis, Caleb ^
Davis, Courtney ^
Davis, Darcy ^^
Davis, Sharon
Dawson, Elizabeth ^^
Debord, Noah
DeGraeve, Catherine ^^
DeMagnus, Shirley
Denzer, Christine
Deuell, Sherry ^
Devoe, Charlotte ^
Digamo, Criselda *
Dillman, Kristen
Dirkintis, Kyle ^^
Diwisch, Thomas ^
D’Mello, Laura
Dockery, Gevonee
Dolodai, Teresia
Doty, Jennifer **
Douglas, Wilma
Downey, Megan
Drake, Charles
Duck, Jessica ^
Dumas, Jessica
Dupree, Alfred ^
Dye, Nathan
Edmond, Miriam
Edmond, Tiffany ^
Eduardo, Crista
Edwards, Lisa
Ellis, Billie ^
Embry, Christopher ^^
English, Ashley ^
Espinal, Pamela
Estrada, Heather ^
Evans, Andreia **
Everline, Rachel
Kaplan University
Ewing, Chanelle
Falkenberg, Erin
Fargis, Kelly *
Farley, Curtis ^^
Fauss, Hannah ^
Fell, David ^
Ferguson, Joshua
Ferrell, Sonja ^
Ferris, Rebecca
Fitzgerald, Barbara **
Fitzgerald, Brittany
Forney, Tridessa **
Fox, Daniel ^^
Francis, Benjamin *
Frank, Rebecca *
Frank, Roy
Fuller, Jennifer ^
Fulton, Aundrea **
Funk, Kristy ^
Galindo, Samuel ^
Galvin, Kayleen
Gant, Aaron
Garcia, Jose
Garcia, Michael
Garrett, Teena *
Garza, Lydia
Gasiecki, Michael ^
Gaut, Lynette
Gelinas, Amy *
Gholston, Verionique *
Gilley, Angela *
Gillin, Jamie **
Goben, Leslie **
Godles, Jeremy ^^
Golden, Darius *
Gomez, Jose *
Gonzales, Juanita
Gonzalez, Christina
Gordon, Terrence
Gouker, Kari ^
Goynes, Faith ^
Graf, Brigid ^^
Graff, Patricia ^
Graham Sr, George L
Graham, Heather
Graham, Kage
Gray, Christie *
Gray, Matthew *
Greiff, Amber
Greve, Dallas ^^
Guest, Sarah-Jane
Gump, William
Gunn Golkin, Charlotte *
Haas, Amanda
Halloran, Mikana ^
Halstead, Erika
Hamilton, Justin
Hanson, Judith ^
Harbin, Johnathon
Hardenstine, Scott *
Hardin, Marcus
Harris, Brian ^^
Harris, Delilah
Harris, Heidi
Harris, LaTonya ^
Harris, Shermelle
Harrison, Kaay
Hart, Charity
Harvey, Bryan
Hatcher, Daniel ^
Hawkinson, Heather ^
Hayes, Dawn ^^
Heather, Dennis ^
Helms, Estella *
Hennessee, Christopher
Henry, Leeann
Hensley, Brenda
Her, Choua ^
Hetherly, Justin *
Higginbottom, Bonita **
Hines, Kerra ^^
Hintz, Nancy *
Hobbs, Janet ^
Hoke, Crystal
Holmes, Dajuan
Horne, Sabrina *
Hosaka, Daniel *
Howard, Summer ^
Howarth, Yvonne **
Hubert, Elizabeth
Hughley, Erin
Huntley, Kimberly
Hurr, Cheryl
Iribarren, Chavaun ^
Isaacs, Brenda **
Jackson, Angela ^
Jackson, Deborah *
Jackson, Devon *
Jacobs, Britany ^^
Jaynes, Madelaine
Jenkins, Dawnetta
Jewell, Robert ^^
Johnson, Eddie *
Johnson, Jacob
Johnson, Jason ^^
Johnson, Jessie
Johnson, Melissa *
Johnson, Paula **
Jones, Brittany **
Jones, Catherine ^
Jones, Danaya
Jones, Rebecca
Jorgensen, Amy ^^
Joseph, Judith
Kear, Daniel
Keown, Justin **
Kerlin, Breanna
Kerling, Samantha
Kerr, Joshua ^^
Kicklighter, Chad
Kirkland, Alyson ^
Kirschner, Brian ^
Kissick, Toni *
Kleinsorge, Michael ^
Kline, Amanda **
Kline, Miracle ^
Klinger, Brandon *
Kloc, Melissa *
Kloft, Sarah ^^
Knighten, Clinton *
Koehn, Melissa *
Kollars, Amy ^
Koltz, Kathryn ^
Kovall, Branddon ^^
Lafnear, Kenneth
Lance, Stacie ^
Laplante, Danielle ^^
Larson, Valerie *
Lateef, Cheryl
Laubach, Tiffany ^
Layton, Christina **
Leduc, Jennifer ^^
Lee, Patricia
Lehman, Kandace ^
Lemmon, John
Lemper, Tina
Leonard, Katrina
Leroy, James ^
Lester, Suzette
Levay, David
Levine, Leon
Lindelof, Jessica **
Lindquist, Kevin
Lipscomb, William *
Littlefield, Lori ^
Lively, Shirlanne ^
Lloyd, Laura ^
Logan, Danielle ^
Lopez, Daisy
Lopez, Jose
Lopez, Wanda
Losey, Robert
Lovelace, Kimberly ^
Lowe, Kenya
Lowe, Stephanie **
Lucas, Ariell
Lunsford, Tammera *
Luttrell, Stacy ^
MacDonald, Aurora ^^
MacFarland, Lori ^^
MacFarland, Zachary
Mackie, Lydia
Manfredi, Jessica
Marchi, Anthony ^^
Marichal, Kristy *
Mariner, Marcy **
Martin, Kellie *
Martinez, Stacy ^
Matz, Timothy *
McAlister, James ^^
McCall, Kasius ^
McDougald, Toni
McGahan, Joshua
McGowan, Greg ^^
McGowan, Stacie *
McGraw, Carol ^^
McKay, Michelle
McMahon, Janet
McMullens, Rhonda
Medlen, Richard
Mello, Jessica
Melo, Jaime
Mendenhall, Amber **
Mendoza, Crestyl
Mendoza, Gleimarie ^
Mendoza, Leticia ^
Mercado, Nancy ^^
Metivier, Cheryl ^
Meyers, Mary *
Middleton, Jawara *
Miller, Jordan *
Miller, Mark ^
Mills, Jennifer
Miner, Aislinn *
Mione, Lawrence ^
Mlenek, Belinda
Mobley, April
Montijo, David
Moore, Tamika *
Moorehead, Markita
Morales, Randy
Morales, Rene
Moran, Rebecca *
Morant, Shanika
Morris, Alice **
Morse, Michael ^^
Moses, Lara *
Moya, Richard
Mulherin, William ^
Munoz, Alex ^^
Munyan, Melissa
Murphy, Angela ^^
Murray, Danielle
Myers, Sandra *
Nault, Danielle *
Navara, Jennifer *
Nelson, Jenniffer ^
Nelson, Tiffany *
Nicks, Michelle
Noonan, Angela
Novack, Melissa **
Nunez, Maria
O’Connell, Brandy **
Oliva, Jonathan ^
Oliver, William
Olson, Mitchell ^^
Osswald, Rozanna **
Oswald, Ciji ^
Otfinoski, Nathan
Oubari, Michael ^
Pantanella, Angela ^
Pantzke, Rene *
Para, Stephen ^^
Parker, Gary
Pate, Sylvia
Payne, Melody
Paz, David ^
Pecht, Connie
Perdue, Lisa ^^
Perez, Angela ^^
Perez, Hector
Perez, Jose
Perjuci, Afrim *
Perrington, Daisy ^
Peschang, Sue ^
Petty, Taresa ^
Phillips, Courtney ^^
Pitts, BethAnn *
Pitvorec, Kimberly ^^
Pooler III, Howard **
Portwine, Tanisha
Powell, Tracy
Prankienas, Dominic ^^
Preo, Lynn
Presas, John
Price, Kathryn ^
Prince, Jodee
Pr’Out Jr, Marc
Queen, Derrick ^
Rady, Jennifer
Raison, Gregory *
Ramdani, Cory
Ramirez, Blanca *
Ray Jr, Benson
Ray, Lindsey
Razeeq, Jasmine
Reed, Theresa ^
Reese, Kristal
Reeves, Andrea **
Rehburg, Zephaniah ^^
Reinke, John ^
Respess, Alfonso **
Rey, Jessica **
Rhone, Ryan
Rice, Stephanie *
Rich, Melissa
Richards, Lisa
Richardson, Desanette ^^
Richardson, Donnie
Riley, Cindy
Rinker, Dea
Ripp, Retta
Ritenour, Jacinda *
Rivera, Joey ^^
Rivera, Jorgen **
Rivera, Nelida
Rivers, Bridget
Robbins, Heather *
Roberts, Craig ^^
Rodriguez Reyes, Alberto
Rodriguez, DeeAnna ^
Rodriguez, Waldemar ^
Rodriguezmalave, Hiram ^^
Rojas, Yadielys *
Romero, Sarah
Romeus-Benjamin, Rhode ^
Roseborough, Lashaun
Ross, Heather
Roufai, Ruth **
Roznovsky, Lisa
Ruberti, Sheena
Rucinski, Angela *
Russell, Hollie ^
Russell, Lucas ^^
Ryan, Jenaro *
Salerno, Jessica *
Salmon, Megan
Samble, Angela ^^
Sanders, Jessie ^^
Sanders, Reginald
Santos, Omar
Schaefer, Jennifer *
Schenk, Mark
Schenone, Ashley
Schrieber, Annabelle ^
Schuette, Marnie *
Schwartz, Justin ^^
Schwisow, Michael ^^
Sconiers, Allen ^^
Scott, Steffanie **
Scott, Toni ^^
Scruggs, Virginia ^
Seabert, Katie
Seabrooks, Alicia
Seifert, Sarah **
Senner, Samuel
Shaw, Michael ^^
Shearin, Stephanie
Shepard, Adam ^
Shingledecker, Jacob ^^
Short, Dianna ^
Shreffler, George ^^
Siders, Samantha ^
Sigmon, Jennifer *
Simeone, Hillary ^^
Sims, IIan
Singletary, Crystal
Sisam, Brady *
Smith, Christopher *
Smith, Elizabeth **
Smith, Jaclyn *
Smith, La’Ticia
Smith, Lona ^^
Smith, Mary
Smith, Norma
Smith, Raymond ^
Smith, Robbi **
Smith, William ^
Snyder, Jonathan ^
Soliz, Anjelica ^
Somersall, Chauntel
Sophus, Katherine ^^
Sperry, Mark ^
Stachowicz, Brittany
Stafford, Angels ^
Stallins, Whitney
Stanton, Cory *
Starr, Tristan
Stewart, Ashley ^^
Stewart, Cheryl
Stickel, Joseph *
Still, Tammy **
Stone, Michelle ^
Stonerook, Robert ^^
Stover, Joseph ^^
Stover, Rachael ^
Strang, Brittany
Strott, Marium
Strubhar, Cailin
Struckman, Alicia
Sturgill, Carolynn
Sutton, Abbie **
Swanson, Regina
Swinford, Ryan ^
Tamburino, Rebecca ^
Tatum, Daequan
Tavarez, Adam ^
Taylor, Ashley *
Taylor, Charles
Taylor, Dwight
Taylor, Hayden ^
Taylor, Joseph *
Temple, Amanda ^
Terrell, Juanita *
Thomas, LeCharles
Thompson, Johnny ^
Thompson, Justina **
Thompson, Stephanie ^^
Tillis, Shimeca *
2014 Commencement
Todd, Melinda ^
Tolbert, Priscilla
Torres, Carmen
Torres, Jennifer ^
Trantham, Michael *
Trent, Tonya
Tyler, Keytha ^
Tyra, Nicole ^
Uhrig, Brianna ^
Ulrick, Robert
Urban, Heather
Uribe-Bench, Concepcion **
Valerio, Berky **
VanderVeer, Jolene ^
Vanmeter, Andrew ^^
Vann, Kenneth *
Varner, Lorie ^
Vasquez, Roland ^^
Vega, Kenna ^
Ventline, Kayla *
Vogel, Tiffany ^^
Walker, Jansala
Wallace, Angela **
Walton, Hayley
Walton, Yolanda
Wanke, Christopher ^
Warren, Jerrold
Warren, Tennille
Washington, Gillespie *
Washington, Vernon ^
Watts, Amy
Wayman, Craig ^^
Weaver, Rhonda ^
Wegscheid, Wendy **
Wehry, Linda
Welch, Rachel
Werder, Shawn ^^
West, Theresa
Westfall-Finch, Kerri
Wetherbee, Kevin
White, Brandon
White, Travis
Whitlock, Nadia
Wike, Maria ^
Wiley, Keith
Wilkins, Andrew
Williams, Damien
Williams, Ebony
Williams, Shanice ^
Williams, Sharael *
Williams, Teresa
Williams, Trever ^^
Williamson, Bruce ^
Wilson, Carlton
Winn, Demetrius
Winston, Traci ^
Winters, Lori ^
Kaplan University
Wolfe, Connie *
Yang, Khou
Yang, Ye *
Yap, Myron ^^
Youman, Elwood
Young, Tresina
Zuber, Lynette ^^
Master’s Degree
Abeyratne, Mahesh
Alcayde, Deanna
Anderson, Christopher
Anthony, Todd
Arthur, Roderick
Bainbridge, Larry
Baker, Levi
Baldry, Arian
Barrio, Jeremy
Benjamin, Eddie
Bensouda, Zayed
Berg, Christopher
Bertrand, Thomas
Bodiford, Brady
Brown, Karen
Brown, Melissa
Brown, Shani
Burns, Thomas
Butler, Leticia
Campbell, Karlyn
Campudoni, Victor
Carter, Jamie
Clark, Debra
Clark, Leonard
Coffey, Nicholas
Condon, Elizabeth
Cooper, Chris
Davis, Jeffrey
Davis, Thomas
DeLucia, Tracy
DeVendra, Tim
Donald, Angeela
Duff, Baron
Ebeniro, James
Edwards, Michael
Egan, Ronald
Elebute, Oladimeji
Evanson, Roberta
Foster, Kenneth
Fraser, Wayne
Frekhtman-Schmidt, Sofia
Fudge, Grace
Garbart, Kyle
Gbadegesin, Solomon
Gensler, April
Glascock, Kevin
Golden, Christina
Goshorn, Cindy
Griffin, Reesa
Grimes, Andrew
Hammond Jr, Kenneth
Hankerson, Terrell
Hilton, Jere
Hogan, Stephanie
Holmes, Shane
Hunter, Jim
Hunter, Michael
Ido, Ahmad
Jacobs, Martin
Johnson, Michael
Johnson, Robert
Kabeireho, Maurice
Kelly, Tim
Lapaix, Alberto
LaRue, Waltina
Lawhn, Valerie
Lehmann, Brandon
Lesher, Donald
Lopez, Sonia
Lucero, Isaac
Malaviya, Manish
Malvey, Brian
Manzi, Jeffrey
Mason, Gwynne
McClain, Marcella
Metcalf, Phillip
Mitchell, Cheryl
Moccia, Tom
Morman, Andrea
Musick, Stephanie
Myers, Eleanor
Nadia, Hafsa
Nugent, Robert
Oseguera, Hector
Osterman, Jason
Perry, Canaan
Platt, Steve
Price, Jamaal
Pruitt, Donna
Pugh, Sarah
Ralph, James
Rankin, Jeffrey
Rastafar, Adam
Reilly, Mandi
Robinson, Michael
Rodriguez, Juan Carlos
Rodriguez, Mauricio
Rodriguez Jr, Hector
Rogers, Cynthia
Roland, Terrence
Salone, Ronnie
Shah, Sunilkumar
Shapllo, Royce
Shedo, Oren
Singleton, Detria
Slabiak, Joshua
Smith, Phillip
Smith, Vernon
Sorrell, Dawna
Stylc, Thomas
Thomas, Marcel
Thomas, Michael
Toliver, Darrell
Valenzuela, Edward
Vandegrift, John
Vang, Johnyee
Washington, Tierra
White, Courtney
White, Mark
Whiteley, Meegan
Whitfield, Troy
Woods, Darry
Wurm, Timothy
Bachelor’s Degree
Adeoti, Adekunle *
Aficial, Jonah
Aguh, Owen *
Allen, Troy *
Alnabhan, Sael
Alvarado, Julio
Ames III, Donald ^^
Arthur, Michelle
Ask, Angela ^
Babcock, Thomas ^^
Ballinger, Colton
Barbosa, Andrew ^^
Barnett, Hondo
Barrientos, Jennifer
Baumhofer, Evan
Bekic, Alen
Bennallie, Evans
Bennett, Kay **
Booher, Darlene ^^
Bouck, Celena ^^
Bradford, Mark
Brown, Larry
Brown, Tiana ^^
Budner, Eugene ^
Bunkley, Thomas
Burdell, John ^
Cadena, David
Calvert, Michael ^^
Campbell, Darryl
Campbell, Marissa
Campton, Christopher ^
Carzola, Manuel
Cerda, Dustin
Chaudry, Rizwan **
Chavez, Rudy ^
Chu, Richard
Clarke, Sharlan ^
Clayton, William
Collier, Hardy ^^
Condos, Peter ^^
Contestato, Michael
Copeland, Carl
Corbitt, Allen ^
Coykendall, Luke *
Craighead, Edward
Cuffy, Debra
Cuneo, Charles *
Dawkins, Shanique **
Delong, Charles
Demarco, Bryan *
Dickens, Timothy ^^
Donahue, Allison ^
Dowell, Mark ^^
Dufour, David ^
Duhon, John
Eclarinal, Philip
Elert, Michael ^^
Ellison, Tasha
Espinoza, Tomas
Eversoll, Edward ^
Feliz, Jeimy
Fields, Jon ^
Fitts, Joseph ^^
Flores, Jacob
Fuhrman, Aaron
Fuller, Desirae ^
Funderburg, Darin ^
Furness, Dustin *
Gamble, Patrick ^
Garant, Patrick ^
Garczynski, Brian ^
Garmon IV, Van
Gartley, Kristin *
Giaudrone, Heather
Godwin, Samuel *
Gonzales, Frank
Gonzalez Trinidad, Pablo
Good, Jason
Goodlund, Joseph
Gordy, Ryan ^
Gorsch, Linda ^
Graveline, Garrett ^^
Gray, Maria *
Green, Darnell
Greer, Lisa ^^
Griffiths, Kevin
Gutierrez, Gricelda ^
Halcomb, Loanna
Hall, Patrick ^
Hamilton, Patrick **
Harris, Rae
Haser, Matthew
Hashmi, Asif **
Hatch, Eric ^^
Haynes, Henry
Heiser, Lisa ^
Hellbusch, Shane *
Hellersperk, Stefan ^
Herbig, Christopher ^
Hernandez, Ernesto
Hernandez, Melanie
Herron, Joseph ^
Hieber, Bradley
Hoggard, Randy
Hopkins, Paran ^^
Howell, Joseph
Hust, Troy *
Imlay, James *
Isaac, Monique
Jordan, Roger *
Joseph, Natasha ^
July, Lisa ^
Kaczmarek, Andrew **
Keeffe, Penny Larisa ^
Kellner, Tammy ^
Kessel, Kenneth ^
Khan, Bula *
King, Diane
Kohnen, Jessup ^
Kramer, Jacob
Krista, Davis
Kuatli Chaves, Marcel *
Kuhn, Charles *
Landers, Donna ^^
Leal, Gilbert ^^
Lolio, Al ^
Lykes, Rodney
Lytle, Jared
Magara, Michael ^^
Mallory, Christopher *
Malone, Stacy ^
Malopolski, Paul ^^
Malott, Kathleen
Marshall, Brett
Martin, Ricky
Mattingly, Jamie ^
Mays, Kenneth *
Mbi, Ebini
McCain, Kelly *
McCormack, Christopher *
Meurer, Elizabeth ^
Miles, Thomas
Miller, Michael ^
MIttell, Steven ^
Mohiuddin, Idrees **
Montgomery, Kelvin ^
Mooney, Steven *
Morgano, John **
Nash, Bethany ^
Natal, Benjamin ^
Norris, James *
Ogoke, Bobby ^
Palafox, Jessica ^
Parrish, Penny ^^
Patel, Manish **
Perez, Crystal **
Pierce, Brandon ^^
Pitts, Jonathan ^
Pozobyt, David
Pulliam, John-Paul ^
Raabe, Debra ^
Rager, David **
Ramos, Jasmine
Raney, Richard ^
Rapone, Jerry
Raschke, Shawn
Raymond, David
Rechek, Jay *
Rhame, Thomas
Rhodes, Michael ^
Richardson, Tim
Ridgeway, Carol
Rivera, Carlos ^
Riveramerced, Luis *
Robles, Christopher
Rogers, Regina
Rojas, Marcia ^
Rolon, Gabriela
Rosario, Luis *
Rowe, Cynthia
Sales, Melissa
Sano, Joseph
Santos, Jose
Sauls, Keisha
Schafer, Bruce ^^
Scott, Mathew ^
Scott, Nakuma ^
Scrabeck, Glenda *
Severson, Blake
Shannon, Isaac ^
Shell, Ron *
Shields, Sherree
Silva-Fabela, Alejandro
Smith, David ^^
Sorrell, Derick
Stafford, Christopher
Steinmetz, Thomas ^
Stivala, Robert **
Struble, Opal
Suplee, Kyle
Svistun, Anatoliy ^^
Tarr, Aleshia
Tate, Beverly ^
Taylor, Russell
Taylor, Thomas ^
Teems, Bryce ^
Thom, Edmund
Thomas, Brian ^
Thomas, Steven ^^
Thompkins, Kiva
Thorpe, Chris
Torres, Nick ^
Torres-Bonilla, Emmanuel
Vega, Rafael *
Vondenberger, Brittany *
Voskuilen, Trisha ^
Vu, Joseph *
Wagner, Jeremy ^
Waldschmidt, Daniel *
Walker, David ^
Ward, Erne ^
Wehrle, Brian ^^
Welch, Timothy **
Wertz, Richard ^
West, Alicia
Wilkins, Micheal
Williams, Alma
Williams, Marvin ^
Williams, Rion ^
Williams, Troy
Wills, Pamela
Winkler, Louis **
Wonderling, Trevor
Woodrow, John *
Woodward, Wendy ^
Associate’s Degree
Alexander, Scott
Allen, Bridgette *
Anderson, Jadell ^
Anderson, Wendy
Asiatico, Ryan
Austin, Tina
Barton, Matthew
Bean, Whitney ^
Bell II, Tony ^^
Bercaw, Robert ^
Bernardini, Joshua
Bivins, Daniel
Bizor, Prentiss
Blumer, Travis ^^
Bradshaw, Andrew
Brazzell, Darlene *
Buchanan, Sherry
Cain, Todd
Callaway, Kyler ^
Chaffin, Jonathan ^
Chang, Peter *
Chapman, Myrna
2014 Commencement
Cole, Verneda
Copeland, Darren **
Cortledge, Lavon
Cox, Robert ^
Crum, Martha *
Cruz, Angel
Cunningham, Hollis *
Davis, Timothy
Deane, Michael ^^
DeFrank, Patsy ^
Delarosa, Carlos
Dewis, Robin ^
Ducharme, Robert ^
Dunlap, David ^^
Durrant, David
Eads, William *
Eastman, Thomas ^
Eliefja, Asher *
Ensley, Kyle *
Eversole, David ^
Fisher, Dennis ^
Flaherty, Angela
Flowers, Jai
Fuller, Dawn
Gioimo, David ^
Gish, Bryson ^^
Godshall, Jerry ^
Goforth, Joy
Gray, Robert
Green, Shawn J ^
Hager, Robert *
Harmon, Nicholas *
Harris, Zanifor
Held, Melissa
Hicks, Daniel *
Hill, Kevin ^
Hodge, Douglas **
Hoffman, Ashley ^
Holamon, Vassar ^
Hooker, Jeffrey
Hornick, Joshua
Hudson, Christopher ^
Huntley, William
Ishman, Daveon
Jackson, Jarvis *
Jackson, Kevin
John, Darren
Johnson, Emily ^^
Johnson, Linda ^
Johnson, Raymond
Jones, John
Jones, Philip *
Keith, Baton ^
Knight, William *
Lafitte, Jonathan **
Lane, Emily
Leandro, Gooding *
Kaplan University
Lee, Gary ^^
Lee, Sharia
Lennon, Benjamin
Liskey, Eric **
Managan, Jerlisa
Manocchi, Robert
Marsack, Daniel
Martin, Ishmael
Martinez, Cynthia **
McGhar Jr, Johnnie *
Medina, Marina
Merrell, Rodney
Minerich, Jamie ^
Mitchell, Aisha
Mleziva, Paul *
Monahan, Patrick ^
Montgomery, Shaine
Moore, Tanji
Murasaki, Jay
Navarro, Philip
Neidlinger, Donny ^
Nguyen, Sang
Nix, Donna ^
Nyanforh, Charles
O’Connor, Jennifer
Octavia, Johnson
O’Kelley, Kenneth
Olmsted, Jennifer
Owens, William ^
Pacius, Samuel *
Pascual, Adrian ^
Peace, Joshua ^
Pereda, Cristobal ^
Petty, Joshua ^
Phan, Kim Tho *
Phillips, Christopher
Phillips, Glenn *
Pohlkotte, Cassandra ^^
Pratt, Richard
Preston, Timothy
Purvis, Charles
Quevedo, Alan *
Quintana, Dena **
Ramireznunez, Gregory ^^
Ratford, Robert ^
Rehby, Joseph ^
Roady, James **
Rohland, Chad ^
Rolle, Bernard
Roth, Vincent
Ruble, Verlinda ^
Ruffin, Rocchina
Ruiz, Destiny
Santana, Kenney *
Schamber, Richard
Scott, Melvin
Sharon, Ross
Shriver, Andrew
Simmons, Mark ^^
Sing, Shawn ^^
Small, Howard
Solis, Jezriel
Spealman, Alicia
Stemm, Jill ^
Stephens, Micheal
Stier, Steven
Supitilov, Daniel
Surgeon, Tina
Talton, George
Tanner, Camelia
Tarczynski, Gregory ^
Truelove, Brian
Valdez, Mildred
Valdivieso, Bethany ^^
Vick, Beth *
Wallace, Jeremy *
Wallis, Amber *
Walter, Eric ^^
Warren, Karen ^^
Wesley, Richard ^^
West, Josephus
Weter, Joseph ^^
Whay, Gabrielle **
Whittington, William ^
Williams, Taylor
Wilson, David ^^
Wilson, Keith
Wilson, Renee **
Wonderlich, Mark ^
Wright, William
Yates, Darryl *
Young, Jamie
Young, Tharin ^^
Young, Timothy
Young Jr, Gary
Zepeda, Jesse
Belfield, Stuart
Builes, Janette
Bustamante, Yvonne
Danzer, Cherilyn
Dean, Jessee
Dooley, Lydia
Faudree, Melissa
Floyd, Danny
Floyd, Tanesha
Gunter, Christopher
Kling, Jeremy
Kovacevich, Edward
Lee, Mark
Linn, Denzel
Mitchell, Gearing
Parker, Bridget
Richardson, Lavonda
Robertson, Brandi
Robinson, Jeffrey
Snyder, Jason
Spence, Julie
Sun, Synath
Xie, Xiaojing
Legal Studies
Master’s Degree
Abrams, Erika
Alamon-Scott, Alana
Albritton, Melissa
Allen, Camesha
Andrews, Terry
Andrieux, Narold
Applegate, Kelli
Arnell, Alyssa
Bell, Oran
Benberry, Vanity
Blevins, Palmer
Brown, Colleen
Casa, Tara Marie
Cass, Bobbi
Castro, Esmeralda
Catalano, Lorrie
Christiana, John
Creach, Leticia
Darlington Myles, Debbie
Davis, Corinn
Davis, Kristen
Debler, Kristen
Detrick, Trudy
Douglas, Terri
Flatt, Lisa
Foster-Requejo, Angela
Francen, Jean Renel
Freeman, Lloyd
Gail, Bonnie
Garcia, Julia
Garcia Radke, Angela Mae
Giles, Terra
Glasper, Donna
Goldsmith, Terica
Granville, Hope
Griffin, Tyjuana
Haji, Assefa
Hall, Charleen
Hamilton, Dana
Henrickson, Paul
Hicks, Jacob
Hill, Michelle
Hines, Darlene
Holland, Andre
Ingram, Lisa
Johnson, Sandy
Keeling, Amethyst
Kemp-Arnold, Theresa
Key, Tammi
King, Holly
Knight, Desiree
Kulak, Nadia
Lamb, Rachel
Lambert, Heather
Lasnaud, Alexandre
Laury, Patricia
Law, Susan
Lawrence, Kenosha
Lewis, Sue
Linder, Lynn
Macklin, Erin
Malmstrom, Michael
Mason, DeRita
Mazur, Katrina
McCay, Charlotte
Merrick, Barbara
Miller, Cheryl
Moraes, Juliana
Morgan, Karlene
Nelson, Chad
Patterson, Rose
Peck, Stacey
Ponikvar, Dianna
Porter, Matthew
Pulliam, Deeann
Radosavljevic, Doris
Randerson, Jo
Reale, Joann
Romeo, Kamaria
Sheriff, Holly
Sideris, Amanda
Simmons, Katrina
Stairs, Joelle
Tan, Rachel
Tarud, Andrea
Thomas, Carol T
Truitt-Brinson, Rasa
Warren, Jaime
Washington, Starleshia
Washington-Byrd, Sarah
Watson, Mary
Whatley, Theresa
Williams, Cerissa
Yancey, Rosolyn
Bachelor’s Degree
Aguas, Keri
Aguirre, Leslie ^
Andrews, Kristen **
Auman, Kori
Baird, Karen
Barata, Jennifer **
Bason, Rebecca *
Bauer, Sarah
Beasley, Andrea
Beatty, Janice
Beckett, Kabeara
Bell, Dana ^
Bennett, Heather
Beverly, Jennifer ^
Bignell, Michelle ^^
Birmingham, Jill
Boggs, Stephon
Bogle, Carman **
Booker, Wendy ^
Boone, Tristan *
Bourlier, Krystal *
Bowden, Myra
Brannen, Carina ^
Brewer, Heather
Brey-Rice, Teresa
Bridges, Tiffany *
Brogard, Melissa *
Brooks, O B
Brown, Michelle
Brown, Tinika
Burlew, Lana ^
Calderone, Jennifer ^
Calderwood, Robert *
Camp, Stephany
Cantu, Angela
Carpenter, Gail
Casado, Susie
Castano, Lance **
Christiansen, Abbey ^
Clark, Carol **
Clark, Yvonne
Clarke, Carine
Cloutier, Janel
Clover, Karen ^
Coldsmith, Natasha
Combs, Kelly ^
Como, Marianne ^
Conover, Delma **
Coppin, Jasmine
Cord, Holly ^
Cottman, Patricia
Cramer, Shannon
Crawley, Danielle
Crouse, Paul
Curtis, Jody ^^
Dahl, Ryan ^
Davila, Julie
Davis, Erica
Dawson, Alyson
de los Angeles, Pamela
Dean, Mary ^
Depropriis, Corinna
Diane, Belanger
Dotson, Troy *
Dowell, Heather **
Dugan, David ^^
Dunlap, Kelly
Edwards, Eartha
Faust, Samantha *
Fisher, Crystal *
Fitts, Colleen
Fitts, Karen **
Flores, Yanira
Forster, Nickolas
Fox, Elizabeth
Fraser, Carol
Galarza, Aixa
Gallagher, Susan
Garcia, Debbie *
Garcia, Eric *
Garrison, Elizabeth *
Gentry, Elizabeth
German, Leslie
Ghazaryan, Artavazd
Chantal **
Gibson, Jalisa *
Gilbert, Jan
Glover, Krystal *
Goddard, Steve **
Gohl, Paulette
Gonzalez, Eduardo H
Gowens, Frances *
Graham, Miika
Grife, Sara
Gross, Tara **
Gullifer, Josilyn *
Hanson, Paul
Harrington, Traci
Michelle ^
Hatfield, Maya
Henderson, Sarah
Henninger, Heather ^
Hevia-Navarro, Jenine
Hewitt, Sean *
Holliman, Paige
Holloway, Monique
Hoosein, Shaimah ^
Hubbard, Eric ^
Hudson III, David ^
Ivy, Tabitha *
Jean Simon, Paulucienne **
Jenkins, Paula
Johnson, Karen **
Johnson, Michael
Jones, Marilyn
Jones, Sherman **
Kaye, Douglas **
Kearney, Rose *
Kennon, Robert *
Key, Hailey ^
Koch, Larry
Kozlovich, Jim ^
Kuban, Angela
Lackey, Seanna
Ladday, Tina
Lakesha, Oates ^^
Landerway, Jason *
Larrea, Giovanna ^
Leidy, Brian *
LeMaster, Aleksandra
Lendt, Michael
Lizotte, Emily ^
Lluka, Kleida
Lopez, Dwayne ^
Lukes, Billie Jo ^^
Lunsford, Jennifer
Luton, Shirley ^^
Marr, Montie
Marshall, Kelisha
Matthews, Heather ^
Matza, Brian *
Mayes, Helen
McCastle, Michelle
McCoy, Georgia ^
McCreary, Erica ^
McDermott, Kenneth
McKay, Tiffany
McKinney, Bryant
McKnight, Lori
McLain, Tabatha *
McNair Jr, Gurnee *
Merino, Gina
Meza, Asucena
Michels, Jessica
Miller, Dusty *
Miller, Elizabeth ^^
Mizzell, Jessica
Moore, Yolanda
Morales, Carolina ^
Morris, Sophia ^
Moses, Cara *
Newton, Crystal
Ortiz Sanabria, Wilberto
Osgood, Rachel ^
Oswalt, Patricia *
Palmer, Staci ^
Parramore, Ashley
Patrick, Denise *
Patterson, James ^
Patterson, Toni ^^
Paul, Angeline *
2014 Commencement
Payne, Nicole
Pegee, Crystal
Pepe, Yolette *
Perez, Melissa
Phillips, Kristy ^
Plasch, Kari ^
Poer, Christina *
Polydoros, Anastasios
Potter, Erin *
Proctor, Melanie ^
Pussewela, Veneka
Qandah, Heidi
Randolph, Rebkah **
Reid, Aiesha *
Richards-Porter, Ryan
Robinson, Kathleen ^
Rounds, Jennifer ^
Russo, Anthony **
Saint Louis, Ketlie
Salazar, Jo
Sawyer, Latanisha
Schmidt-Haynes, Linette ^
Schott, Melissa ^
Schuhardt, Joshua **
Schultz, Gina ^
Sessom, Kala **
Shafer, Richard
Shapiro, Paul ^
Shepard, Sarah *
Shryer, Shawn *
Smith, Warren
Snyder, Wendy
Stearns, Tanya ^
Steinbrunn, Elmer
Stilwell, Vickie *
Stump, Kristina *
Sutton, Tamme *
Thomas, Calah
Thompson, Manjeet ^
Thorn, Shelby ^
Tillman, Bobbywayne
Torres, Alexandra
Torres, Jerry **
Troy, Raymond *
Tucny, April *
Vrbas, Lisa *
Wallack, Linda ^
Ware, Zachary
Warren, Lisa ^
Watson, Janice ^
Weaver, Michelle
Welch, Tiffany **
Whipkey, Charlotte ^
White, Gail
White, Sharon *
Wilhelm, Sara
Williams, Amy
Williams, Autumn
Kaplan University
Williams, DeAngelo **
Willocks, Sabrina
Wills, David *
Wilson, Barry
Wizzard, Maureen
Wong, Long ^
Wooster, Christian *
Wright, Jessica
Associate’s Degree
Acker, Pamela ^
Acosta, Sonja ^
Alimenti, Holly *
Andrews, Lisa
Austin, Ruby *
Bailor, Priscilla
Barnes, Brittany ^
Bernard, Megan ^
Booker, Kristin **
Bowen, Rebecca
Bredwell, Candy
Briggs, Michelle
Britt, Christen ^
Brown, Dixie
Brown, Jamel
Cadogan, Theresa
Campbell, Ebony
Cathey, Chelsey ^
Cervantes, Daniel
Christlieb, Kimberly ^
Ciambra, Melodie
Clabaugh, Douglas
Clark, Kristina ^
Collins, Michael
Colon, Stephanie
Contejean, Kathy *
Cooper, Ashley *
Craig, Christina *
Crampton, Kaitlyn
Crosley, Stacy ^^
Cruz, Roberto ^
Curry, Heather ^
Detmer, Alice*
Doney, Amber *
Donlan, Cortessa
Duffield, Dawn
Duncan, Jinare **
Edwards, Chelsea
Edwards, Darien
Erickson, Rachel
Essex, Mary
Ewing, Brittany
Fals, Samantha *
Feagin, Wendy
Fischer, Alexandria
Fitz, Aliya
Fleener, Molly
Franks, Renee
Geiger, Belinda
Gibson, Denise
Gibson, Jody
Gibson, Rachel
Glackin, Kimberly
Glieck, Megan
Goettl, Jessica ^
Goff, Connie
Goodman, Lennette
Grainger, Gordon
Gutierrez, Jenny
Hammons, Cassie
Hampshire, Melissa
Hannibal, Stephanie ^^
Hawkes, Equesei
Henley, Sandra ^
Heskett, Leah *
Hines, Genna
Huron Jr, Armando
Jackson, Katrina **
Jenks, Vanessa
Jolly, Melissa ^
Kaupu, Jaslynn
Kellner, Rachel **
Kelly, Angela
Kenerson, Deirdre *
Kleman, Maggie **
Knapp, Kimberly *
Koomjan, Rebekah ^
Krasuk, Karen **
Langdon, Alicia *
LaVarnway, Casey *
Leach, Kayla
Luna, Debbie
Magallanes, Darice
Mann, Rachel ^
Martinez, Lori ^
Mathews, Barbara ^
Mattli, Thomas
McArthur, Ashley
McDaniels, Kimberly ^
McNair, Angel
McNair, Roshawn **
Means, Leslie *
Miller, Luther
Mills, Katrina ^
Mims, Misa ^
Mitchell-Crews, Jamie
Muslar, Keisha
Nassoiy, Kara
Nieves, Jeanette
Nikolas, Leigha *
North, Kari
Norton, Tiffany ^^
O’Neill, Katie
O’Reilly, Shelia ^
Osborn, Andrea
Owens, Kristine
Page, Christy **
Painter, Lacey
Palmisano, Nicole
Papeck, Marianne ^
Patterson, Eden *
Phillips, Andrea ^
Pickel, Jamie
Pieters, Michele
Pope, Christina
Portillo, Stacy
Price, Kayla
Quick, Derek
Rice, Jeannie
Riding, Kelly
Rivera, Melissa
Robinson, Sherreen **
Rowe, Barbara
Ruiz, Nancy
Salazar, Haycha
Sarkisyan, Kristine
Scherer, Sandra
Schoenfeld, Dawn ^^
Siha Hernandez, Elizabeth
Simeon, Racquel
Skimhorn, Crystal
Smith, Mallorie
Stalnaker, Hannah *
Stroble, Thomas
Terry, Cindy ^^
Toth, Sara *
Trammell, Kristie
Valdes, Marilyn
Vanas, Shannon
Vance Lewis, Angela ^
Voice, Myesha
Wagoner, Starsha ^
Ware, Robert
Wasson, Maria
Weeks, Jennifer ^
White, Brenda
Whitman, Erin *
Wickwire, Jennifer ^
Wilcox, Kendra **
Willams, Melissa
Williamson, Amber
Winters, Natalie *
Wiseman, Susan
Woodgate, Holly
Wueller, Kristin
Yarbrough, Christina
Yarbrough, Kathy
Amin, Bijal
Anderson, Risa
Bailey, Marguerite
Baker, Amy
Bowen, Jason
Breaks, Donna
Bruhier, Jo-Ann
Butler, Derriene
Claybrook, Mariia
Collins, Jamie
Dencklau, Jessica
Flatt, Selena
Gilbert, Sandra
Hatton, Annmarie
Henderson, Heather
Hill, Shavon
Hogan, Tawana
Justo-Blank, Kim
Liberto, Stephanie
Limon, Marie
Magee, Kylee
McGrath, Maura
Melton-Symon, Teresa
Miracle, Autumn
Mosco, Victoria
Novy, Shaunna
Otting, Holly
Peters, Kristin
Peverada, Talia
Pollard, Jill
Rayburn, Keri
Rhodes, Hope
Robinson, Traci
Salazar, Jan
Savage, Velda
Simmons, Chade
Smith, Brenda
Stephens, Robert
Stout, Leslie
Stunson, Elizabeth
Thompson, Katherine
Walsh, Sara
Whitaker, Demetra
Whitehead, Misty
Master’s Degree
Abelgas, Katherine
Adams, Kristin
Adams, Mischa
Aemisegger, James
Alleyne Anthony, Debra
Anderson, Jessica
Bailey, Kaitlin
Barajas Jr, Juan A
Brantmeier, Julie
Brewer, Dimetra
Brooks, Rochelle
Campbell-Holman, Valorie
Casey, Suzanne
Coffey, William
Craft, Kerri
Desrochers, Rhonda
Duffy, Angelique
Granahan, Sharon
Green, Jennifer
Heilman, Christine
Henry-Thomas, Nadine
Hezekiah, Anisha
Jobe, Angela
Johnson, Armelle
Jones, Lillian
Kelly, Bettianne
Kelsey, Kimberly
Kinnon, Santeia
Krome, Marcy Joyce
Little, Earline
Little, Katrina
Luna, Nadia
Marg, Michelle
Marlatt, Julie
McNeese, Laraine
Miller, Shana
Moeller, Julie
Morris, Evangeline
Morse, Lucinda
Murphy, Angelia
Nesta, Karla
Payton, L Christine
Raastad, Melisa
Raczynski, Michael
Rainford, Debra
Rai-Tamegnon, Liza
Rawlins, Cheriese
Rodriguez, Felicia
Romano, Glorytess
Salami, LaTasha
San Miguel, Ernest Gerard
Savage, Tanya
Sjolander, Veronica
Smith, Kristen
Smith, Laurie
Stine, Lauren
Sullivan, Cathy
Sullivan, Nina
Symmerman, Lisa
Tabaka, Joella
Taneja, Seema
Tannery, Leslie
Thomas, Tamra
Turpin-Rose, Kimberly
Untalan, Emylene
Vanlong, Joshua
Verdone, Heather
Warren, Diane
Wheatley, Kamisha
Woodward, Sarah
Yates, Trisha
Bachelor’s Degree
Abeba, Adgeh ^
Adams-Rocha, Rhonda **
Akpan, Mercy
Alexander, Corrine *
Allen, Kimberly *
Allen, Sandra ^
Ancheta, Channel ^^
Aran, Sima ^
Archer, Adam ^
Arcidiacono, Kathleen **
Armstrong, Deborah
Asbeck, Amanda ^
Asuncion, Felipe *
Augustin, Rachelle ^
Austin, Jennifer ^^
Baggett, Tina **
Baldwin, Brandi ^^
Balyan, Tarika ^^
Barillas, Rosa *
Barker-Tilley, Jennifer ^
Baron, Kari ^
Barrett, Leanne ^
Bellew, Kimberly ^^
Bernard, Ghislaine ^
Bersing, Kim
Bier, Tracy *
Blanton, Belinda ^
Boone, Angela ^^
Botsford, Miriam **
Bray, Melissa ^^
Briese, Lisa ^^
Bronson, Tracy ^
Brown, Casey
Brown, Laurie ^^
Bryant, Janice ^^
Burke, Jennifer ^^
Burke, Sarah *
Busin, Kelly ^
Byrne, Dawn ^^
Campbell, Rhonda
Carter Hansen, Elizabeth ^
Carty, Monique *
Chambers, Ann Marie *
Chambers, Marjorie ^
Chambers, Vicki
Charest, Kristan ^^
Chrobak, Janina ^
Clark, Susan ^
Clark, Tina ^
Collins, Sheila ^
Cook, Herminia ^
Cook, Tanya ^
Cooper, Stephen ^
Cordova, Jennifer *
Cotton, Amalia ^^
Cruz, Julie
Cummins, Jennifer ^^
Cunningham, Erin *
Dafney, Kadiatou ^^
Dahl, Harrison ^
Daily, Miranda ^
D’Avenio, Sharon ^
Davis, Katrina
Davis, Kimberly ^^
Del Valle, Vilma ^
Derisse-Surin, Nicaise ^
Diaz, Crystal *
Diaz, Kim ^^
Dillard, Jenny ^
Duffens, Kasey
Duncan, Jennifer **
Dygart, Kristy ^^
Dylinski, Silvia ^
Eason, Keama ^
Echols, Stephanie ^
Ecker, Denise ^
Eddings, James **
Etters, Krystal **
Fahey, David ^^
Fairman, Adam ^^
Figueroa, Joslyn ^
Franklin, Stephanie ^
Freiberger, Jeanne ^
Gainey, Danielle *
Garcia, Michelle **
Garcia, Rosario ^
George, Lovely ^
Girard, Kimberly
Glasgow, Yvette
Gonsalves, Samantha ^
Gooden, Wendall *
Gorrow, Alexandria ^
Graviet, Valerie ^^
Green, Helen **
Gresham, Karen ^
Gross, Katherine ^^
Grunwald, Eric
Hammersley, Robin ^
Harston, Denise ^^
Harvey, Angela ^
Hathaway, Kristen ^
Hill, Kaytie ^^
Hoffmann, Deborah *
Hogan, Nichole ^^
Hollinger, Sherry ^
Holloway, Joan **
Hothem, Therese ^
2014 Commencement
Anne Louise ^
Iverson, Natalie
Jackson, Audrey ^^
Jackson, Ginger ^
Jackson, Talesha ^
James, Joslynn *
Jean-Baptiste, Venise ^
Jenkins, Danielle ^
Jennings-Finger, Harolyn **
Jessup, Rufus ^
Jessup, Shannon ^
Johnson, Lindsey ^^
Johnson, Mildred ^^
Jones, Yvonne *
Joyner, Keosha
Kallio, Kara Leah **
Kalman, Andrea
Kaur, Amandeep ^
Kennedy, Tammy ^
King, Laurie ^^
Knee, David ^^
Koester, Kenneth **
Kofke, Amy
Kovacs, Erika ^^
Krannig, Mackenzie ^^
Kretschmar, Mary ^
Kubes, Kaitlin **
Kuntz, Jillian ^^
Kunzi, Krystle
Larson, Melissa **
Lawrence, Demetria
Leak, Natasha **
Lee, Lakisha *
Leon, NormaMarie
Li, Yanxia ^^
Lirio, Jan Cristyl *
Lloyd, Lisa ^
Longmore, Heather ^
Loyd, Kathryn
Lucero, Elizabeth
Lukin, Joanne ^
Magner, Christina ^
Mahr, Tammy ^
Mann, Faith ^
Manuel, Richard ^
Mattox, Aundra ^
Mavia, Maurice
Mawhiney, Katrina ^^
Maye, Kayla *
Mayer, Nicole ^^
Mays, Nicole ^^
McCallum, Susan ^^
McCarthy, Rachel *
McCoy-Davidson, Virginia *
McCullough, John ^
McKoy, Michelle *
Kaplan University
Meadough, Schekesia
Merenyi, Dianne ^
Merisier, Eliezer ^
Merkley, Cindy ^
Middlebrooks, Jamilah ^
Middleton, Bobbilynn *
Miller, Georgia ^
Milner, Unity
Minerva, Kirsten ^
Mitchell, TammySue ^^
Monahan, Stacy ^^
Monono, Assietou ^^
Morgan, Jonni Michelle ^
Munoz, Regina
Murdock, Teresa ^^
Murphy, Chrissy ^
Musser, Jennifer ^^
Myers, Catherine **
Narigon, Stephen ^
Naypauer, Kelly ^^
Ndamko, Nadege ^
Nehring, Pamela ^^
Nelton, Angelina ^^
Nichols, Jennifer
Nightengale, Sharon ^
Nuss, Sandra ^
O’Connell, Sheryl ^
Ofeldt, Dana ^
Offhaus, Brooke ^
Orisasona, Helena ^
Ososanya, Adeyinka
Otte, Lynn
Pan, Weiyi ^
Parsons, Tiffany ^^
Paulson, Roger ^^
Penrose, Stephanie **
Perez, Ariela ^^
Perkins, Dezaree ^^
Phare, Brenda
Phelps, Donna ^
Phelps, Francine ^
Phelps, Karen ^
Pierce, Julie ^
Pionk, Shannon ^^
Pipes-Puriefoy, Joanne ^
Porter, Becky *
Powell, Gwen **
Pumfrey, Shartyse ^
Purdue, Joan ^^
Quick, Melanie ^^
Rambeau, Laura ^^
Reid, Casey *
Reisman, Michelle ^
Rendon, Ana ^^
Romines, Deidre *
Rorer, Alissa
Roster, Nancy ^^
Ruud, Lele **
Ryan Bien, Deona ^
Saccento, Patricia ^
Saling, Tennille ^^
Samaco, Constance ^
Samuel, Hazel
Schmidt, Naomi ^^
Schnell, Jennifer ^^
Schwingel, Jaime
Scicchitano, Jill *
Scott, Toni *
Selwyn, Michelle
Shank, Lindsay ^
Shurtz, Carla ^^
Sims, Terrance
Sisler, Christa ^^
Skuza, Nicola ^
Slawinski, Kelly ^
Smith, Clark ^^
Smith, Ginny
Smith, Maisha **
Smith, Sheryl **
Smith Hartless, Holley ^
Soto, Cathy ^
Spain, Deinika Tarsha ^
Spencer, Mary *
Spitz, Jennifer **
Spurlock, Karen ^
Stackley, Lyann ^
Statman, Aliza ^
Storey, Amy ^^
Story, Jenice ^^
Sullivan, Lynsey ^
Sumter-Davis, Gwendolyn ^
Swinton, Sheryl *
Taylor, Jasmin ^
Thomas, Angela
Thomas, Sharon *
Torres, Zubeida
Travis, Sara
Tumang, Shirley ^
Uzoma, Ijeuru ^^
Valadez, Jana
Van Buren, Nataliya *
Van Fleet, Kelly ^
Visner, Carmen ^^
Vital, Melissa ^
Volentine, Melissa **
Waller, Jasmine *
Watson, April ^
Weiss, Roberta Ruth ^^
Weyker, Sherri ^^
Wiggins, Ingrid
Willard, Sheri ^^
Williams, Kathy ^
Williams, Tawana
Williams-Rossi, Dionne ^
Willie, Lynette ^^
Wilson, Deveva *
Witdoeckt, Amanda ^^
Wolf, Tammy **
Wood, Lorinda ^
Wright-Brooks, Karen
Wulff, Kristen ^
Zachel, Cynthia *
Zifchock, James **
Associate’s Degree
Czaja, Kerri
Edemidiong, Patience
Jeanty, Hugues
Jessurum, Luz
Knowles-Forbes, Dawn ^
Schuman, Dana
Sharpe, Desreen
Smith, Patrick
Suarez, Wendy
Cofini, Beth
Holder, Alice
Ostrowski, Susan
Seguancia, Jennifer
Williams, Erin
Public Safety
Master’s Degree
Akortha, Mazino
Altamirano, Abel
Amerson, Phillip
Arquette, Dennis
Augustosky, Kristine
Balfour, Kwana
Barnaby, Angella
Beary, Yolanda
Blackman, Anthony
Bond, Alaina
Bosquez, Jacob
Bowman, LaVonnia
Bowman, Lisa
Brandon, Stan
Brooks, Nathan
Bruno, Tonia
Burk, Tim
Cabrera, Jessica
Canonizado, Glenn
Carter, Terrance
Chandler Jr, Alec D
Colbert, Brenda
Coles, Kodi
Coles, Laura
Copeland, Siobhan
Cornish, Rebecca
Crisman, Conrad
Cyprian, Debra
Davis, Karen
Dolman, Jonathon
Eligio, Jennifer
Ellison, Preston
Epps, Misti
Evans, Michelle
Ferguson, Renee
Flores, Gloria
Freytag, Andrew
Gattorno, Denise
Gugisberg, Alicia
Harris, LaToya
Harris, Sabrina
Haydel, Candy
Heinz, David
Hernandez, Brigitte
Hobbs, Kay
Hodges, Ida
Hopkins, Sherman
Horton, Christopher
Houston, Marie
Hughes, Melody
Hulse, Desire
Humrich, Brian
Hunter, Linda
Jackson, Antonio
Janelle, Hall
Jefferson, Zemoria
Johnson, Marquitta
Johnson, Tiffany
Kamel, Diana
Kelli, Cruickshank
Knights, Barbara
Koekebacker, Nicole
Kraft, Michael
Leisure, Misty
Lieberman, Michael
Lopez, Brenda
Loramartinez, Manuel
Lucy Sr, Joseph
Mapa, Jennifer
Marc, Justin
Mark, Hake
McDonald, LuAnn
McElligott, Jane
McMeen, Gary
Miller, Rosemary
Mitchell, Brayland
Moore, April
Moses, Danielle
Nevins, Laura
Ngwang, Emmanuel
North, Larry
Perez, Limaris
Quaintance, Sonya
Quesinberry, Jeffrey
Rabadziovski, Suzana
Rabin, David
Rambo, Eric
Robison, Amy
Saddler, Bria
Salazar, Hector
Sarratt, Samuel
Scalf, Toyia
Sekulova, Gordana
Sheber, Alfred
Shirley, Natasha
Shosan, Kimberly
Siclait, Rachelle
Smith, Jessica
Stallings, Debbie
Steward, Reginald
Stokes, Steven
Sturdivant, Shanikia
Talani, Jeffrey
Terry, Danielle
Thomas, Dave
Trumbull, Brenda
Turner, Scott
Ugonna, Anselm
Velasquez, David
Walker, Elvina
Williams, Toni
Wimberly, Takia
Wright, Sandra Dell
Zemko, Mary
Bachelor’s Degree
Abernathy, Jason
Abiodun, Adekanmbi ^
Acosta, Rolando
Adams, Katie **
Adams, Wiley
Adamson, Matthew ^^
Aguilar, Armando ^
Ahmad, Rabia
Ahmed, Mohammed
Albrecht, Jessica **
Alfaro, Julio ^
Allen, Ja’Net ^
Amundson, Allyn
Ankrom, David
Aquino, Artis
Aranda, Jessica
Archampong, Florence ^
Arnold, Sally ^
Arrington, Karl ^
Arthur, Shaniece
Ashley, Rebecca
Ayala, Nicole *
Aycock, Christopher
Bailey, Harold ^^
Baker, Yul *
Barnes, Gary
Bassett, Brittany
Bean, Paul
Becker, Jarrin ^
Bell, Crystal ^^
Bellefleur, Marie **
Benavides, Kristena ^
Bison, John
Bissell, Amanda ^
Black, Douglas ^
Blair, Rebecca ^
Bobka, Stacey
Bolen, Daniel
Bonfiglio, Gregory ^
Bouakhasith, Rattana ^
Bowen, William **
Bower, Donna ^
Bowers, Clifton *
Boyd, Shannon ^
Bradley, Adam *
Branch, David ^^
Branche, Sheldon **
Brix, Kent ^^
Brooks, Kari ^
Brooks, Xavier
Brown, Ryan ^
Bryant, Kimberly
Buckhannon, Ebony *
Burris, Sean ^^
Byers, Kimberly
Carrigan, Danny ^
Carrizales, Vanessa
Case, Annette ^
Cauthorne, Kenneth
Chadney, Jeffrey ^
Chambers, Deena
Chau, Jessica
Chavera, Maria
Chiapparelli, Warren
Clapp, Doug ^^
Clapper Jr, Fredrick Eugene
Collinsworth, Jessi ^
Comstock, Matthew
Connors, Bruce ^
Conroy, Lee ^^
Conway, Jacqueline
Cooks, Lazenda
Cooper, Jerrica ^^
Cooper, Lynda
Corwin, Alexandria
Croft, Ashlee *
Cruz, Teresa
Cuonzo, Zachary *
Cusson, Amanda ^
Davenport, Rodney *
Davenport, Ronald ^^
DeForest, Keith
DeForrest, Kurt **
DeLellis, Toni
Denis, Robert ^
Dennis, James **
Dial, Nicholas ^
Diaz, Juan ^^
Dickenson, Robert
Ditschler, Casandra
Diviney, Barbara *
Dixon, Ronald
Dominguez, Jose
Dorris, Gregory ^
Dorsey, Danielle
Dorsey, Rachel
Doutre, Robert
Dover, Tammy ^
Downing, Tiffany
Duckett, Kareem **
Duffus, Nicole
Dykeman, Heike ^
Ebling, Sharon
Edwards, Jeffry **
Edwards, Kelly *
Eidel, George **
Ennis-Harris, Ericka
Etheridge, Xenia Jennifer ^
Evans, Keith
Evans, Robert ^^
Felix, Rebecca *
Fenech, Sharon **
Fernandez, Moises
Figueroa, Jason ^
Fluegeman, Stephen ^
Ford, Christopher
French, Philip
Fulton, Sheila
Galbraith, Lana ^^
Galloway, Jeremy
Garcia, Cristina **
Garcia, Juan ^
Garrett, Teneshia ^
Gilbert, Deanna ^
Gilbertson, Morgan
Giles, Naomi
Gillon, Jeffrey
Gordon, Lacey ^
2014 Commencement
Gordon, Sheldon
Grabbe, Jennifer ^
Granger, Joshua
Grant, Letitia ^
Green, David *
Green, Jesse
Griffin, Sue
Grzandziel, Bridget ^^
Gulick, Michelle
Gust, Michel *
Gutierrez, Gabriel ^
Haas, Jilliann ^
Habrack, Renee ^^
Hairston, Selena
Ham, Geneva **
Hamby, Erin
Hamilton, Ryan *
Handrick, Tina *
Harbaugh, Anna *
Hardy, Keith *
Harper, Shannon
Harris, Sheryl *
Harris, Sir Thomas
Hayes, Ethbin *
Heath, David ^
Hepburn, Matthew
Hildahl Schwartz, Nikki ^
Hines, William
Hoague, Ronald ^
Hobbs, Leslie *
Hochstetler, Michelle
Hoke, Katrina
Holland, Janelle
Hollifield, Cathy
Hopkins, Joshua
Hopkins-Layne, Tija *
Hopper, Joshua ^
Hoskinson, Nickolette
Howard, Jaime ^
Howard, Seana **
Hubbard, Terrel
Huerta, Juanito ^
Hull, Barbara
Ibarra, Luis
Isley, Stephanie ^
Jack, Dianna *
Jackson, Alphonso
Jackson, Jennifer ^
Jackson, Tongela
Jacobs, Mary Ann *
Jarvis, Rosemarie **
Jennings, Amanda
Jette, Barbara ^
Jimenez, Yarelis
Johnigan, Jessica *
Johnson, James
Johnson, Jessica
Johnson, Nicholas
Kaplan University
Johnson, Omika **
Jones, Andrew ^
Jones, April ^
Jones, Felicia
Jones, Mistie *
Jones, Trena
Joseph, Shane ^
Juring, Michelle *
Kaiser, Thomas **
Kauhi Vazquez, Chrystal
Kavanagh, Amber *
Kelley, Tammy *
Kidd, Cheryl ^
Kieffer, Donald
Kijowski, Gabriela ^
Kirkland, Robert *
Kirklin, James ^
Kitauchi, Kelly ^
Knight, Daniel
Koblinski, Lisa ^
Koffa, David
Krebsbach, Bryan ^
Lacy, Tamara ^
LaFlamme, Brandy ^
Lail, Amber
Lawrence, Brandy ^^
LeBlanc, Marc ^
Lee, Mekesha
Lee Jr, Hosea
Lemaster, Jeremy ^
Leonard, Zipporah **
Lewis, Trisha ^^
Likovetz, Tammy
Lindo, Arielle ^
Linschoten, Jessica
Ljubec, Gina
Lloyd, James
Lopez, Anthony
Lopez, Armando
Lopez, Jessica
Lopez, Vanessa
Lovell, Jeffrey
Lowe, Maria
Machor, Mitchell ^
Madore, Kristi ^
Maisonet, David *
Marioni, Melissa
Marks, Michael
Martin, Juanita ^
Martin, Latashia *
Martin, Stephanie **
Matheson, Charles *
Matthews, Aqua
McAllister, Natasha
McClure, Sean
McCollum, Daniel ^
McDaniel, Tracey *
Mcdonald, Jabari ^
McKnight, Eva **
McPherson, Jamie
Menear, Jeremy ^
Merwin, Krista
Mestre, Laydelin
Middleton, Nefertiti ^
Miles, Sassiree ^
Miller, Maria
Mills, Andrew **
Mitchell, Priscilla
Mitchell, Ross **
Mitchell-Smith, Andrew
Montoya, Harriett ^
Mooney, Coronda
Morelock, Katie
Mota, Franchesca
Muha, Donna
Murphy, Amy *
Myers, Jason ^
Neely, Vashtia ^
Neyens, Tobin ^^
Nichols, Brad ^
Nielsen, Kenneth ^^
Nip, Regina ^^
Oatis, Rosaura
Olaya, David **
O’Neal, Constance
Ortiz-Kamel, Jamil ^^
Page, Jason
Painter, Jeremy
Pando, Kristina
Pappas, William ^
Paradis, Willard
Parker, Jason
Parry, Tori
Patterson, Patrick ^
Pearce, Sara ^^
Pegram, Jackie ^
Pena, Juan *
Perez, Michael
Perkins, Marcus **
Pescador, Celina ^
Peterson, Katherine
Petrik, James **
Pigott, Amanda ^^
Pittman, Jimmie
Pizarro, Melissa ^
Poe, Shannen
Pollert, Joshua
Potter, Kelley
Powers, Donna M ^^
Presnar, Ashley *
Radwan, Mansour ^
Range, Steve ^
Ray, Andrew
Ray, Christy ^
Reed, Melanie
Reisinger, Taylor ^
Remig, Mitchell
Reyes, Breanna
Reyes, Rwanda ^^
Rhodes, Rochelle
Richmond, Darcy ^
Riethle, Ronald
Riley, Kimberly ^
Rivera, Rosaura
Roberge, Jacquelyn
Robertson, Angela *
Robinson, Daralyn
Robles, Rose Marie
Rodriguez, Jenette
Rorabaugh, Amanda **
Routson, Lisa
Royal, Anthony **
Rudolph, Vanessa
Russell, Cassandra
Sacerdote, Laina
Sanders-Burkholder, Tonya
Santos, Deborah
Satterfield, Teica
Schumacher, Thomas
Scott, Amanda *
Scott, Andresha
Seltzer, Elizabeth *
Servance, Dee ^
Severino, Dawne ^
Shanquana, Morgan **
Sharp, Eric ^^
Shepard, Tamiki *
Shepley, Raymond ^
Shifflett, Michelle
Simon, Rachelle ^^
Sloan, Madison ^
Smack, Alfred ^
Small, Jeremiah
Smith, Cheryl
Smith, Marcia ^^
Smitherman, Glennis *
Smoot, Jonathan
Sneed, Antoinette
Soos, Michael ^^
Spencer, Holly
Spitzley, Jessica ^^
Stankiewicz, Shannon ^
Stanton, Marcus ^
Sterner, Leon
Stevens, Lisa
Stevenson, Brian ^
Stokes, Elizabeth
Stone, Laroy ^
Story, Ramon
Sullwold, Gregory **
Surridge, Keri
Tanyhill, Nolita
Taute, Connie ^
Taylor, Christopher
Taylor, Gregory **
Temple, Franklin
Templon, Timothy ^^
Tetrault, Melissa **
Thompson, Andrew *
Thompson, Quincy
Thurman, Candra
Tipton, Dana
Tolbert, Catherine
Tomei, Limarielid
Toribio, Steve ^^
Troia, Jessica *
Turner, Stephanie
Umarov, Rustam
Vallejo, Laura
VanTyne, Brooke **
Vargas, Robert **
Vasquez, Abigail ^^
Vega, Carlos ^
Vincler, Justin *
Viola, Michael **
Vlad, Sally ^
Voigt, Michelle
Wallace, Darrell *
Wardell, Amber ^
Wardlow, Jeremy
Washington, Precious
Weber, Rachel ^
Wesley, Dwight
Whitaker, Mary ^
Whitfield, Angela
Wiggin, Kevin
Wilkes, Scott ^^
Williams, Antoinea
Williams, Bradley
Williams, Brian
Williams, Kimeisha
Williams, Pedro *
Wilson, Loretta ^^
Wilson, Monica ^
Wilson, Tiechia
Wolcott, Tanya
Wood, Alexis
Woods, Samantha
Yohn, Cynthia
Zanders, Christy
Zierden, Allen
Associate’s Degree
Adams, Kristina
Adker, Gloria ^^
Algere, Adreaion
Allen, Terrell **
Anderson, Marshunda
Anderson, Tammy
Arrington, Jade
Bailey, Kimberly
Bartles, Stephanie
Barzilay, Leah
Behling, Amanda
Birdow, Letechia
Blake, Amber **
Blakely, Megan
Bloom, Frank **
Blume, Shane ^^
Botley, Ken
Boyd, Tiffany *
Brown, Kayla
Brown, Matthew
Burks-Chapman, Brandon **
Bustamante, Vanessa
Byers, Delas
Cabic Sr, William ^
Campos, Leah
Carlisle, Brandy
Carlson, Sandy *
Carter, Nisheka **
Castano, Jorge **
Castro, Joseph
Charles, Verina *
Chess, Anthony
Claxton, Ricky ^
Cobb, Eric
Coffey, Jess
Coffman, Jennifer ^
Coley, Eugenia
Conner, Divian
Convolbo, Konkiswende ^
Coulter, Rebecca
Cruz, Meagan
Cruz Jr, Tomas *
Cummings, Michelle
Davis, Taria
Delacruz, Pedro
Denisar, Charles ^
Dewyea, Stephen ^^
Dillard, Demetrius
Dinsdale, Gerald
Dubois, Titus ^
Duffy, John
Dye, Malcolm
East, Michael
Enloe, Cynthia
Escarsega, Ana
Exley, Timothy
Foster, Katherine **
Fox, Dwayne **
Foye, Brian
Frye, Ayreale
Fuiava, Nicole
Fultz, James
Fumarelli, Jesse
Garmon, Jessica ^
Garofalo, Luis
Gause, Garvin ^
George, Phillip
Geralds, Chanyell
Giles, Antoinette
Gills, Joseph *
Graff, Robert
Green, Athenia
Gulino, Michael
Gutterez, Michelle ^
Hair, Denika
Hall, Joshua **
Hampp, Devon
Harmon, Sean
Harry Spencer, Sharon
Hastings, Alyson
Hathaway, Shawn
Hatmon, Nathon *
Helmkamp, Katherine
Heyliger, Carlotta
Hill, Jennifer
Hill-Bailey, Shane
Hilliker, Christopher
Hinshaw, Kelly
Hobbie, Naisha
Hodzic, Asif
Hollands, John **
Holowaty, Tony ^^
Hudson, Justen *
Ivey, Tara
Jakob, Rainer *
James, Kanecia ^
James, Michael
Jean, Shanese
Johnson, Kimberly
Johnson, Misty *
Johnson, Tiara
Justine, Waite ^^
Kammer, Ryan ^
Keesee, Kristina ^
Kelsey, Wickett ^^
Kennedy, Rachel **
Knapton, Ashley **
Krichbaum, Edward ^
La Vigne, Rachel
Leinhauser, James **
Lopez, Erik
Luna, Ana ^^
Lundy, Samantha
Luster, Charles
Lyons, Glenda
Mancini, Lisa *
Marion, Jacquelyn
May, Odarries
McCarty, Darlene
McDonald, Delroy ^
McGinnis, Jenna
McLaughlin, Jesse
McMullen, David
McNeal, Shatonga
Meyerink, Patricia
Miller, Christy ^^
Miller, Marc *
Mills, Jesse *
Milton, Regina
Miracle, Jeffrey ^^
Miranda, Paige
Mondalto, Ruben *
Moore, Gregory
Moore, Kierre
Moore, Linda *
Morgan, Angelica
Morrow, Crishawna **
Mraz, Nora
Nagel, Matthew
Navarro, Annie ^
Neal, Porcha
Neeley, Tuere
Neff, Candace *
Negron, Elias
Newkirk, Tara
Noll, Carrie ^
Nunn, Brandi ^
Olson, Joshua
Orr, Amber
Owens, Jazzmion
Painter, Andrew *
Parker, Brande ^
Passio, William ^^
Payne, Shane ^
Perez, Yen
Perry, David **
Pezo, Erin ^
Porter, Kaitlyn
Powell, DaNevia
Pratt, Shirley
Procter, Larry
Prunty, Josiah *
Pundsack, Samantha
Rashad, Hana
Reese, Danielle
Rene, Natalie
Reyes, Dayna
Richter, Brent
Rivera, Robenia
Roberts, Chase
Roberts, Elsie
Robertson, Crystal ^
Ruscetti, Steven
Rutko, Jarad
2014 Commencement
Salas, Luis *
San Antonio, Katherina
Sanchez, Aaron *
Santiago, Carmen
Saucedo, Francisco **
Saylor, Daniel ^
Scavalone, Christopher ^
Schlear, Jaclyn ^
Sedlak, Samantha
Semidey, Efrain ^
Shearer, Jason ^
Shirey, Sarah
Shoulder, Shannon
Sims, Bryant *
Slattery, Laura
Smith, Jasmine
Smith, William
Spangler, Karen
Spears, Natasha
Specht, Sarah ^
Spinuzzi, Dacey *
Spruill, Elasha
Stevens, Loretta **
Stevenson, Deneen
Stone, Jewel
Stotsky, Amanda ^
Suarez, Gilbert *
Suda, Natalie
Talady, Linda ^
Taveras, Natividad ^
Taylor, Joy
Terry, Celia
Terry, Raenette
Thompson, Michelle *
Toney, Patrick
Trejo, Giovanni
Ulerio, Madelyn
Vigo, Jorge ^
Wallace, Lory
Wallace, Markell *
Ward, Brittany
Watson, William
Westerling, Stephen
Wilkerson, Tamika
Williams, Holly
Williams, Vaughn ^^
Williams Jordan, Melea
Wilson, John *
Winters, Sequenna
Wolff, Lanny **
Young, Stuart
Yusko, Robert
Zaglewski, Leah
Brigham, Alyssa
Casiano, Stephanie
Eckhardt, Christina
Fay, Wesley
Gragg, Kimberly
Johnson, Nicole
Kirkland, Jaamar
Mosley, Alexander
Nikkel, Dhana
Parsons, Amanda
Perry, Breanna
Ramirez, Raul
Rankin, Alisha
Samuels, La’Shante
Sanford, Tiffany
Umphlett, Kasandra
Students at the American Institute of Commerce, later known as Kaplan University.
Davenport, Iowa. October 7, 1938.
Kaplan University History
Kaplan University’s roots trace back to 1937 with the founding of the American Institute of Commerce. Today, Kaplan
University serves approximately over 45,000 online and campus-based students throughout the country and around the
world. The University, which has its main campus in Davenport, Iowa, and its academic headquarters in Chicago, is
accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and
Schools (NCA). For more information, visit their website at hlcommission.org. Use the links under “Contact Us” to
reach the Commission.
In addition to many associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs, the University offers several online master’s degree programs
in business, legal studies, education, nursing, and public safety, among others. Kaplan University also provides students a
suite of personalized services and rich academic support through online tutoring, writing and mathematics labs, and
web-based career planning diagnostics that help students craft a course of study to maximize their career potential.
Kaplan University offers a different school of thought for higher education. It strives to help adult students unlock their
talent by providing a practical, student-centered education that prepares them for careers in fast-growing industries.
Graduates receive comprehensive education through disciplined, professional programs of instruction. The University
was founded to provide professional business training and has achieved this objective for over 75 years by keeping abreast
of employment demands, employer needs, teaching methods, and the use of various educational resources and industrystandard technology and equipment.
Kaplan University has campuses in Iowa, Maine, Maryland, and Nebraska, and Kaplan University Learning Centers in
Indiana, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, and Wisconsin. The Learning Centers are designed to provide onsite support
services and some classroom-based courses for local Kaplan University online students.
Alumnus Creed
As an alumnus, I will support the values of Kaplan University by being a living example of a lifelong learner. I will
use my knowledge to strive for excellence, and will do so with integrity. I will find opportunities to encourage others to
unlock their talent through the pursuit of education, and I will proudly share the results of my academic achievements.
Kaplan University
2014 Commencement
Kaplan University Faculty
Listed below are all full-time faculty members in addition to adjunct faculty members attending the commencement ceremony.
Please note: not all faculty members are in attendance.
Arts and Sciences
Battista, Ludmila, MA
Bauer, Joanna, MS
Baysinger, Che, PhD
Becker, Lori Holzman, PhD
Bradley, Juliet Rogers, PhD
Cumella, Edward John, PhD
Donnellan, Elizabeth, MEd
Estes (Estes-Del Re), Darlene, M, PhD
Grace, Patricia, MS
Jordan, Tibe Patrick, MA
Krois, Dina M, PhD
Mahoney, Opal, EdD
Palmer, Robert, PhD
Ruble, Verlinda Sue, MA
Smith Clark, Elizabeth, PhD
Stevenson, Carolyn, EdD
Streit, Mary, PhD
White, David, PhD
Wright, Lisa A, PhD
Alex, Theodore C, PhD
Altinoz, Cuneyt, PhD
Anweiler, Larry R, MBA
Ayanou, Tilahun Z, PhD
Boone, Joyce, MBA
Bourne, Beatrice B, DM
Brown, Sharon Joan, MBA
Byers, Rachel, PhD
Carter, Richard, PhD
Cates, Steven, DBA
Cojanu, Kevin A, PhD
Digiammarino Jr, Enrico, MBA
Doyle, Sean, PhD
Eads, James, MS
Eads, Theresa, MBA
Edwards, Carolyn, PhD
Fail, Charles, PhD
Felder-Strauss, Jaclyn Helaine, MAC
Flores, Jimmie, PhD
Flynn, Catherine, DM
Gifford, Crystal D, DBA
Greenfield Jr, Alfred C, PhD
Grove, Leon, DBA
Gunzelman, Rita J, DM
Herman, Rebecca, PhD
Hochanadel, Aaron, MBA
Hubler, Monica, DBA
Kaplan University
Jackson, Jason M, PhD
King, Elaine, MACC
Knapp, Susan, PhD
Kuhlman, Bruce R, PhD
Leatherbury, Linda, PhD
Machuca, Ana, PhD
Martin, Gillian, DBA
Martinez, Broderick F, DBA
McCoy, Craig, PhD
McDermott, Martin, DBA
Minor, Maria, DM
Mulnix, Michael William, PhD
Norris Jr, Ernest A, PhD
Reinhardt, Michelle M, MA
Ringler, Ilene M, DM
Roy, Janette S, PhD
Ruiz, Jose, MBA
Schoenherr, Denise, MBA
Schubert, Carol, DBA
Self, Stanley W, DBA
Sparks, George, PhD
Strouble, Dennis, PhD
Taylor, Jerry L, MBA
Tyler, Marion Jeffery, MS
Vanderpal, Geoffrey, DBA
Walters, Kimberly, PhD
Zurick, Andryce Marie, MS
Furr, Annissa, PhD
Fussell, Galia B, PhD
Gates, Ami M, PhD
Gregg, Fran, MLS
Hannigan, Carrie, MS
Harper, Virginia, MS
Harrison, Jennifer, MA
Hofegartner, Crystal, MA
Johnson, Nancy A, MAE
Johnston, Mark, MEd
Jones, Kelly, MSW
Kelly, Teresa M, MA
Krishnan, Rathi, MA
Laska, Mary K, PhD
Lockwood, Robert, PhD
Lorie, Aine F, PhD
Manning, Ellen, MA
O’Neil, Kathrine P, PhD
Platt Rose, Karney, MSW
Rafalovich, Adam, PhD
Reich, Ann D, MA
Rosenberry, Lea, MAE
Shank, Kira, MEd
Smith, Amy, MS
Stallard, Janet, MA
Thompson, Stephanie L, PhD
Thornton, Jamie, PhD
Vaughan, Robert, DMin
Vice, Josef, MA
Public Safety
Campbell, Terry L, MPA
Clouston, Derrick Sean, MPA
Findley, Jerry Christopher, PhD
Hulvat, Jennifer, JD
Kozyra, Timothy, JD
Miller, Cloud H, PhD, JD
White, David Alan, PhD
Winters, Robert, JD
Womer, Denise Ruth, PhD
General Education
Beach, Brenda Lee, PhD
Bone, Sheryl, JD
Delong, David Stephan, MS
Duke, Elizabeth B, PhD
Erickson, Paige M, MA
Fail, Russell E, MDiv
Feraldi, Nancy, MA
Graduate Education
Bailie, Jeffrey Lynn, EdD
Beckett, Kelvin Stewart, PhD
Brizuela, Francisco, EdD
Cardenas, Judith, PhD
Godsall, Lyndon, EdD
Hutchinson, Sue, EdD
Rubel, Carol, EdD
Tedesco, Marick A, PhD
Health Sciences
Benton, Brooke, PhD
Cameron, Ginger, PhD
Claire, Jennifer, MS
Fisher, Karalea, MS
Friesen, Lisa Beth, MEd
Goris, Lidia, MBA
Hollander, Christine Elizabeth, MA
Hollis, Brina Marie, PhD
Kraus, Regina Louise, MS
Martinez, Armando, MD
Maslar, Dawn, MS
Parker, Holly E, MA
Siegel, Lawrence, MA
Snell, Michael Joseph, DBA
Young, Leslie Adams, MS
Adelman, Deborah S, PhD
Alexander, Lucy D, PhD
Conte, Theresa, MS
Daly, Amy S, MSN
Edds, Kelley S, MS
Erickson, Barbara, MSN/Ed
Fant, Catherine Traver, PhD
Flurry, Kellee Renee, MSN
Gunderson, Barbara J, MS
Kieffer, Susan, MS
Lewis- Washington, Cynthia, DNP
Liken, Michelle A, PhD
Macdonald, Maureen, MSN, NA
Mason, Wendy Anne, PhD
Richards, Millicent, MSN
Rogers, Tami J, DVM
Rucki, Sheila, PhD
Theiss, Mary Anne, PhD
Thomas Eckroade, Melissa J, MS
Towne, Tracy M, MS
Turner, Cynthia M, DNP
Wood, Laura Kay, MS
Information Technology
August, Andrew, MS
Blair, Risa, EdD
Chicone, Rhonda, PhD
DePriest, Desiree, PhD
Edwards-Walcott, Carol, MEd
Fenick, Michael, MSIT
Ferebee, Susan S, PhD
Fudge, Tamara P, DM
Gomez, Gustavo, MS
Hall, Linnea, MS
Jenewein, Glen J, MS
Lecomte, David, MSIT
Lehoczky, Maria, MBA, MSIT
McDanolds, Jan L, MS
Savage, Stephen S, MSIT
Selby, Allison P, MS
Williams, Lynne Yarbro, PhD
Legal Studies
Berube, John P, JD
Chiacchia, Monique M, JD
Dragseth, Carolyn, JD
Gray, John P, JD
McElligott, Jane G, JD
Novy, Laurie, EdD
Olsen, Cheryl, JD
Starcher, Toni, JD
2014 Commencement
The Mace
Academic Regalia and Dress
The mace was originally a medieval weapon that was carried by bishops
of the church into battle as a protective device. The mace has survived for
more than 900 years in a shape similar to that of a club, which commemorates
its very early use. Robes and hoods worn during the commencement are steeped in a tradition that dates back to the eleventh century, when
the monks who administered Oxford University in England wore shoulder capes to protect themselves from scratches
when they gathered alms and hoods to protect their shaven heads from the cold. Eventually, the garb became daily attire
and served as insulation from the damp and cold inside the University’s walls, and as identification that one had permission
to pass into specific college buildings.
In later times, the mace was carried by sergeants-at-arms who were
bodyguards of kings and others of high rank. Both Richard I of England
and Phillip II of France ordered their sergeant-at-arms to carry a ceremonial
mace. Legislative bodies such as the English Parliament also adopted the
ceremonial mace as part of the pomp and circumstance associated with
opening the meeting of the body.
As universities developed during this same period, they too adopted the
mace for use in academic processions. Today, the mace is carried by the
macebearer who leads the platform party, which includes the University
president and other dignitaries, onto the stage for the graduation ceremony.
Throughout history, special craftsmen were presented with the task of
decorating the mace so it carefully embodied the history, traditions, and
symbols of the academic institution. Often, leading citizens or alumni of
a university would donate the mace at the time of a special event.
In the United States, the academic robes and hoods were first adopted as ceremonial attire for college officials in 1754 at
the institution now known as Columbia University. In 1885, students in many of the country’s colleges and universities
launched a movement to permit graduating candidates to wear robes and caps during the commencement. Eight years later,
an intercollegiate commission of university officials adopted the country’s first code of color and design for the academic
garb. Faculty soon adopted the custom of wearing gowns at commencement and other academic ceremonies. Although the
code has been revised many times, today’s academic regalia represent those modifications accepted in 1960 and adopted
by nearly 95 percent of the nation’s postsecondary institutions.
In the United States today, the academic robe is most often black; some institutions, however, sanction the use of specific
colors. The length of the robe, the width of the sleeves’ borders, and the length of the hood all increase with each advanced
degree. Colors in the hood identify both the specific field of study in which the degree was earned, as shown by the velvet
border, as well as the institution that granted it, as shown by the lining. The following color table provides a key to the fields
of study according to the Intercollegiate Code:
Color of the Cap’s Tassel and the Hood’s Velvet Border That Represent the Field of Study
Agriculture.............................................Maize (Pale Yellow)
Arts, Letters, and Humanities..................................... White
Business Administration.....................................Drab (Tan)
Criminal Justice .......................Blue, Peacock (Green Blue)
Economics................................................................... Copper
Education .............................................................. Blue, Light
Engineering................................................................. Orange
Fine Arts and Architecture..........................................Brown
Health Sciences (Public Health)...Pink, Salmon (Orange Pink)
Home Economics............................... Cardinal, Dark (Red)
Journalism............................................. Maroon (Dark Red)
Legal Studies (Law)......................................................Purple
Library Science............................................................Lemon
Kaplan University
Medicine........................................................................ Green
Music................................................................................. Pink
Nursing.......................................... Apricot (Yellow Orange)
Pharmacy............................................................ Green, Olive
Philosophy..............................................................Blue, Dark
Physical Education..............................................Green, Sage
Psychology....................................................................... Gold
Public Administration.............Blue, Peacock (Green Blue)
Science............................................................................. Gold
Social Science.................................... Citron (Green Yellow)
Speech (Oratory)................................................. Grey, Silver
Technology........................................................................ Red
Theology or Divinity............................ Scarlet (Bright Red)
Veterinary Science...........................................................Grey
2014 Commencement
School Seating
School Seating
Kaplan University
Arts & Sciences
Legal Studies
Public Safety
Health Sciences
Legal Studies
Public Safety
Arts & Sciences
Health Sciences
2014 Commencement
Kaplan University
2014 Commencement
Kaplan University
2014 Commencement

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