Mobile claims instructions



Mobile claims instructions
Kechnie Benefits Mobile Claims
This user guide was created to assist you with navigating through the Symbility Health Mobile Claims application.
This application is currently available for Apple devices as well as Android devices and can be found at these links
respectively. **Note: a Blackberry® device cannot be used to access the Kechnie Benefits Mobile Claims App but
can be used to access Kechnie Benefits Online Claims Access (
Android device:
*Note: Search for Symbility Health Mobile Claims for the app.
Logging In to Mobile Claims
Once the application has been launched on your device the below screen will appear. Please use the same
username and password you would use for Online Claims Access.
After your initial log in, the below screen will appear for subsequent logins:
The Home Screen
The Home screen will allow you to view your profile, check your current coverage status, view claims history, and
submit a claim.
Profile Tab
The profile tab will show you information about you including your dependents. From here you will also be able to
view your direct deposit information. To edit the field simply tap on it.
Claims Tab
The claims tab will allow you to submit a claim, view recent claims, or perform an advanced search. To perform
any of these actions, simply tap on them.
Submitting a Claim
To submit a new claim, tap on “Submit
new claim” option. You will be prompted
to the claim type selection screen. Tap
on the claim type you wish to submit,
once selected you will be prompted to
the next step which is to select the
claimant. The example shown is for a
dental claim.
The next step would be to select a service provider. Tap in the blank field to search for a service provider. If you
are unable to find the service provider, tap on the “Add” option to add a service provider. The application keeps
track of service providers you may have selected on earlier claims.
Once the service provider has been selected, the next step would be to upload your receipt. You can either take a
picture directly through your device, or upload an image that has been previously stored on your device.
The next step is to input the claim details, tap the add option to enter claim details.
To enter a procedure, tap on the “Select an item” field. This will open a search field that will allow you to either
enter the procedure code or procedure name. The next step is to enter the service date by taping on that field.
Now enter the dentist’s fee and lab charge, if applicable, by tapping on those fields.
Some procedures require a tooth and surface code. To enter these, tap on their respective field to open the
Tap done, this will bring you to the next screen. This screen will allow you to enter additional dental claims. If you
are satisfied with the claims you have entered you can go to the next screen which will allow you to review claim
details before you submit the claim.
**Note** If you wish to enter claims for other claim types, you will need to submit the current claims you
have entered which will bring you back to the claim type selection screen.
After you’ve reviewed the claim details and you are satisfied that everything is correct, tap submit. The system will
pop up a confirmation window asking if you are sure you want to submit the claim now. Answering yes will result
in a confirmation screen. You may choose to submit another claim or go to the home screen.
For other claim types, different information will be required. For example, for Drug claims, the Drug Identification
Number (DIN) must be entered. The “day supply” and “quantity” are optional fields.
For Health, Hospital*, and Vision* claims (*if applicable), a service code must be selected as well as the service
date. If this is the initial visit for this service, please indicate this by selecting the initial visit option.
Recent Claims
The recent claims option allows you to view a list of the most recent claims that were submitted. To view the
submission in detail, simply tap on one of the procedures within the list.
10 | P a g e
11 | P a g e
Advanced Search
The Advanced Search feature allows you to search for past claims. You must select the claim type, enter a date
range, and select the claimant. Simply tap, load claims to generate a list of claims. To view the details of a
procedure, tap on the procedure you wish expand.
Coverage Tab
The Coverage Status section of the mobile app will allow you to view your current coverage status. This will
indicate if you have Single, Family, or Couple coverage status.
12 | P a g e
The Coordination of Benefits section will display the coordination rules that have been applied to you if applicable.
This will indicate what the coordination rule is for each claim type as well as whom is the carrier for your spouse.
The Benefit Balance section will display balances for claim types that have dollar value constraints. Currently you
can view your extended health balances, and if applicable, vision balance.
13 | P a g e
Settings Tab
From this tab you can change some of the preferences you have set, such as date and time format and language,
access electronic benefit cards, and log out.
To change these preferences, tap on the field you wish to modify.
14 | P a g e
The Insurance card section will have a copy of both your electronic dental and drug card, you can rotate the card
so that it displays in a larger format.
Your Grp #
Your Certificate #
Last name, First name
Your Employer
Your Grp #
Your Certificate #
Last name, First Name
Your Employer
15 | P a g e
The drug card has a flip option which allows you to view the details found on the back of your drug card. This
includes an ESC pharmacy helpdesk number as well as an E-dental technical setup number.
16 | P a g e

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