SR-1200 front - OTO Body Care (Malaysia)



SR-1200 front - OTO Body Care (Malaysia)
Key Benefits
Weight loss
Toning of muscles
Achieve cardiovascular exercise for better health
Whole body movement allows improvement of
bone health
� Slows down aging process
� Better circulation
� Constant exercising enhance the capability of
Key Features
�������� hp DC motor
� Speed Range: � - �� km/h
� Incline: 0 – ���
� Running Surface: �� x ��� cm
� 9 preset programs, �������� program
� Belt Size: ��� x ������
� Built-in grip pulse sensor
� � speed instant key
� � elevation instant key
Product Specifications
Name of Product
OTO Sport Runner
Model Number
Type of Product
Power Consumption
Power Input
DC ���V����V, �� - ����
Setup Dimensions
���� ��� x ��� ��� x �33� ��� cm
Folded Dimensions
�� ��� x �� ��� x ������� cm
Box Dimensions
��� ��� x �� ��� x �� ��� cm
Nett Weight
�� KGS
Gross Weight
�� KGS
Lace up and Run!
OTO Singapore
��� Aljunied Road ���������
Aljunied Industrial Complex
Singapore ������
Email: [email protected]�����
OTO Careline: ���� ���� ����
Lace up and Run!
A runner’s best friend
I’m too tired. The gym is too far away from home. I don’t have enough time. It’s raining. It looks dark and
dangerous outside. When it’s time to run, it is easy to come up with a list of excuses for not running.
Train your strength endurance
But the OTO Sport Runner SR-1200, the latest endurance training home-use treadmill by OTO will take all
these excuses away
Runner will allow you to train in maximum convenience, safety and comfort.
• Speed training: Sport Runner allows you to run
at a steady speed. Start at a slow speed, and
gradually move onto more challenging speeds to
improve your muscle strength.
Easy storage
• Sport Runner is easy to assemble and store –
even for smaller spaces. Its running deck can
simply be lifted up so that it takes up less space.
Warm up & Cool down
A successful exercise program consists of a warm up, aerobic exercise and a cool down. Warming up is
an important part of our workout, and should begin every session. It prepares your body for more
strenuous exercise by heating upevery session and stretching out your muscles. Appropriate warm up
exercises includes head rolls, hamstring stretches, and shoulder lifts, among others. At the end of your
workout, repeat these exercises to reduce your risk of muscle injury.
Running Tip!
• Go uphill: Train on an incline with Sport Runner.
When you run uphill, you are using your body to
act as resistance – your muscles will have to work
harder, improving your leg power. With 4
di erent incline options, you can select the ideal
incline to reach your training goals.
Head rolls
Shoulder lift
Rotate your
head to the
right, next rotate
your head back,
and then to
the left, before
dropping your
head to your
Lift your right
shoulder; then
as you lower
it lift your left
Inner thigh
Sit with the
soles of your
feet together
with knees
outwards. Push
your knees
Toe Touch
Bend forward to
stretch as far as
you can to touch
your toes
Sit with right leg
straight in front
of you. Try to
hold on to your
outstretched leg
with your hand.
Hold your back
straight, then
bring your chest
to your knee.