CyclePort - Bicycle Network



CyclePort - Bicycle Network
Micro bike share
Traditional bike sharing
Centrally owned + managed
Concentrated in CBD
Restrictive rental policies
Monoculture of custom bikes
Duplicates existing bike stock
+ public racks
Traditional bike sharing
Micro bike share
Organisations own tailored micro networks:
Offices, apartments, civic buildings, transport nodes, universities,
hospitals, shopping centres, hotels, tourists attractions…
Bikes communicate via a standardised technology
The Internet of Bikes
Link micro networks to create citywide bike share
Nimble, affordable + scalable
Micro bike share
Universal connector with e-tag
Universal port:
instantly clamps connector + charges e-bikes
Connect modular ports to create stations
with flexible layouts
Wirelessly link stations to create smart
micro networks
Case study - Bendigo
Regional city with transport problem:
110K today  200K by 2040
Cars – 85% of commuter trips
Annual traffic growth - 3%
50% car trips < 5km
Walking + cycling – only 5.4%
56.9% pop. overweight
Why swap cars for bikes?
120 fleet cars - OPEX $8K /yr
Car parking - $10K CAPEX or $2K/yr rental
50% trips < 5km, 90% one occupant, no luggage
Staff fitness + productivity
Carbon reduction targets
Green Star building ratings
Leading by example
Barriers to cycling
Non-cyclists – 33%
Distance – 40%
Rain – 9.5%
Heat – 2.5%
Heavy loads – 5%
Multiple occupants – 10%
Can still replace 30% of trips
= 36 fleet cars
Smart bike fleet
Mix of pushbikes + e-bikes
Salary packaged bikes + cash incentives
Staff cycle to work  bike joins common fleet
Automated stations – ‘hub + spokes’ micro network
Swipe card to release, instant docking, smart charging
Remote bookings, management, reporting, real time tracking
Save $8,000/vehicle/year!
Expanding to citywide bike share
‘Big 3’ - bank, hospital, university
– 89% staff drive to work
Smart bike stations at public
transport nodes, shops, public
buildings, clubs
Tourist rentals – hotels, VIC, rail
trail + attractions
Link to create citywide network
Cross promote + integrate
Australian start up with global application
Public launch: Bendigo, Oct 2016
Seeking investors, clients + partners
Contact Al Reid: 0449 677 922 [email protected]

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