November 3rd 2013 - Ville de Saint



November 3rd 2013 - Ville de Saint
August to November 2013
Volume 23 • number 3
November 3rd 2013
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Advance polling day on September 27.
One number for all municipal services
Town Hall A
[email protected]
1960 Chemin Sainte-Angélique
Saint-Lazare (Québec) J7T 3A3
Fax : 450-455-4712
Regular schedule:
Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Summer schedule1:
Monday to Thursday 8:30 a.m. to noon and 12:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. to noon
Urban planning and environment department B
[email protected]
Infrastructures services B
[email protected]
1967 Chemin Sainte-Angélique
Saint-Lazare (Québec) J7T 2Y4
Fax : 450-455-7913
Regular schedule:
Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Summer schedule1:
Monday to Thursday8:30 a.m. to noon and 12:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. to noon
Community centre C
1301 Rue du Bois
Saint-Lazare (Québec) J7T 3E6
Fax : 450-424-3246 - [email protected]
Regular schedule: Monday to Friday 8 :30 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Summer schedule1:
Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to noon and 12:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Library C
[email protected]
1275 Rue du Bois
Saint-Lazare (Québec) J7T 3E6
Fax : 450-424-4068
Regular schedule: MondayClosed
Tuesday to Friday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Horaire estival2 :
Tuesday to Friday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Sunday Closed
Fire station D
[email protected]
1875 Avenue Bédard,
Saint-Lazare (Québec) J7T 2G5
Municipal garage D
[email protected]
1875 Avenue Bédard,
Saint-Lazare (Québec), J7T 2G5
Fax : 450 455-0499
Regular schedule:
Monday to Thursday7:30 a.m. to noon and 12:45 to 4 p.m.
Friday 7:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
Winter schedule3 : Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m.
schedule is in effect from May 6 to September 27, 2013.
schedule is in effect from June 1st to September 22nd, 2013.
3Winter schedule is in effect from December 16, 2012 to March 28, 2014.
Street closures
lease note the following streets will be closed to traffic,
partially or completely for events. We apologize in advance for
inconveniences these temporary closures may cause you.
Block party on Rue des Lilas
On Friday, August 24, 2013 between 3 p.m. and 11 p.m.
Rue des Lilas.
Offices closed
he Town would like to remind its residents that its offices
located at Town Hall, at the Community Centre, at the Complexe
professionnel and at the municipal garage will be closed on
Monday, September 2 for Labor Day
and Monday, October 14 for Thanksgiving.
Please note the Community Centre will be opened to those who
have rented halls.
Liaisons - Administration - August to November 2013
In this issue
August to November 2013
New synthetic field
read more on page 13
Municipal Life
Street closures
Offices closed
Municipal tax account
Blood drive
Mobile application, download the Town
Collection of leaves and organic materials
Garbage collections
Roundabout project
The Big evacuation
Stop sign justification matrix
Garage sales
Treasure hunt
Rainwater barrels and composters
Green streets
Plantons ensemble - Community planting
Fire department
Community life and
Recreation service
Synthetic field at Parc Westwood
L'Artisan award
Saint-Lazare festival of yesterday and today
Family day
Pie contest
Flora and sense : an invitation to Saint-Lazare artists
local economy
AGASL Golf tournament
Business anniversary : Physio-santé
This is a translation of the original French version.
Liaisons - Administration - August to November 2013
Municipal Tax Accounts
3rd instalment on Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Receive deadlines notices:
1) Subscribe to the newsletter:
2) Download the Town's mobile application:
Here are your options:
• cash, cheque (please write your roll number at the back of your cheque) or debit at the Town
• cheque (please write your roll number at the back of your cheque)by mail at 1960 Chemin
Saint-Angélique, Saint-Lazare J7T 3A3;
• Internet via your financial institution.
You bank or hypothecary creditor pays for you?
You must bring your tax account to your bank.
Don’t forget! It’s your responsibility!
The english version of the tax account
can be found on the Town's website at:
For more information, contact the taxation department at 450-424-8000 ext. 229 or
[email protected]
Blood drive
The day camp blood drive on Friday, July 12!
Mayor's blood drive on Wednesday, September 16
For this occasion, Children from the day camp had prepared "thank
you" cards for each donor. An initiative that was greatly appreciated
by the donors and which made more than a few smile.
It would be the second blood drive for the Mayor Robert Grimaudo.
He's a generous donor with more than one hundred donations. He
will be there to greet donors. The target this year is 155 donors.
he day camp consellors, Bambi, Friandise, Éclair, Twist, Oakley,
Tournesol, Toulouse, Peach et Décibel were happy to participate
in this event and warmly thank the generous 147 donors.
he Mayor's blood drive will take place on Wednesday,
September 16 between 2 p.m. tp 8 p.m. at the Saint-Lazare
Community Centre (1301 Rue du Bois).
For more information on blood drive, visit
For more information, contact the Communication services at 450
424-8000, ext. 214 or visit
Liaisons - Administration - August to November 2013
Download the Town
one-stop-mobile-shop to access public The Town will be able to warn you in real time of any immediate
services and local commodities anytime danger:
Emergency health and safety notices (real time)
Large scale water boil advisories, watering and open-air bans
Get "beeped" only once a day at the most - all (SOPFEU), heat waves, dangerous weather, disasters, forest fires,
pandemic, etc.
Downloading Saint-Lazare's mobile application
is free.
The Town may send you courtesy reminders 24 to 48 hours ahead
of time (at the most once a day at 10 a.m.):
Non-emergency health and safety notices
From the app store on your phone. Look for « Saint-Lazare » :
Vaccination clinics in Saint-Lazare, shredding days by the SQ or child
seat SQ inspection clinics, the big evacuation exercise, Halloween
surveillance plan, etc.
IPhone on the Apple Store
Courtesy reminders and notices
Androïde on Google Play
BlackBerry Z10 + on the Blackberry App World
on your home computer: web version at WatchCompanion
Tax payment deadlines, flushing of the aqueduct network,
street closures, large impact road works, changes in the garbage
collection schedule, large items collection day, removal of car
shelters, surveys, etc.
(The Town's supplier)
What to do in Saint-Lazare
How to download it?
You may also scan the QR code here on this page.
To be able to do that you must have the QR scan
tool on your phone. These tools are free and may
be downloaded from your app store.
Town events and activities
(registration for activities, camps or school break, Saint-Lazare
festivities, Cyclo-tour, shows, contests, etc.)
Large scale events or events of interest
(Fly-in, farmers' market, vélo féria, etc.)
Activities offered by Saint-Lazare Business Association
(Eastwood's equestrian competition, etc.)
Teen special
What's the use for it?
When you download the Town's free mobile application you gets:
Teen dances, teen bus schedule and destinations, youth club
centre, teen committee, etc.
New in Saint-Lazare
New Town services, new grants, new businesses, etc.
Direct access at any time
(phone, emails, address, business hours, website, location)
• to the Town's departments
Mayor's office, Town management, administration, finance and
treasury, library, communications, Town clerk and legal affairs,
infrastructures, recreation and community life, public works, urban
planning and environment as well as human resources.
• to points of interest
Town offices and buildings, parks and green spaces, transport, what
to do in Saint-Lazare, cycling trails, schools, day camp locations,
to local merchants
Business directory (members of the Saint-Lazare business
association). Discount coupons and special offers.
Liaisons - Administration - August to November 2013
Survey results : preservation of natural areas in Saint-Lazare
ublic input is essential to the development of
a conservation plan. This is why Saint-Lazare
residents were asked to take part in an on-line
survey on the conservation of natural areas. In
all, 722 people from all parts of town voluntarily
answered the survey posted on the Town’s website from May 7 to 27,
This on-line survey is no more than a tool designed to help us find out
what the public thinks and knows about the conservation of natural
areas. It does not provide quantitative data nor does it provide precise
measurements. Here is a brief overview:
the municipality’s natural areas add to our residents’ quality
of life notably because they contribute to their physical and
Garage sales
Weekend of August 31st and September 1st and 2nd
Weekend of September 20 to 22nd (3 consecutive days max.)
No permit required. You will find all the information on the web site at or dial 450-424-8000,
ext. 242. It is possible to publish your garage sale information on the
Town’s website. Register, it’s free.
mental well-being;
these areas are used for various types of recreational
the state of our natural areas is deteriorating;
respondents intend to learn more about the conservation of
natural areas and about the role they can play;
respondents approved the purchase by the Town of more
land for protection or conservation purposes as well as its
search for ways to raise funds for the protection of SaintLazare’s natural areas.
Finally, nearly 200 people added various comments which will
be taken into account in the development of the conservation
master plan.
Treasure hunt
On Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saint-Lazare
residents will once again be invited to place their treasures in good
working order at the curb for free pickup by other members of the
community. Register online at
and we will publish your coordinate.
So start collecting your items now and put them aside!
Rainwater barrels and composters
n July 2, 2013, Council adopted a policy for the refund of the purchase price of
rainwater barrels and backyard composters. From now own, Saint-Lazare residents
may be eligible for a refund of up to $50 per item. This new program allows residents to
choose the model that they like best, at a time convenient for them and in a store of their
own choosing.
Saint-Lazare residents who have purchased a backyard composter and/or a rainwater
barrel in 2013 are therefore asked to fill out this form below.
This programme is also intended for eligible establishments such as public or private
daycare centres and schools located on the Saint-Lazare territory.
The applicant must bring the duly completed form to the Town planning and environment
department before December 15, 2013 and provide the following supporting documents:
proof of residency or, in the case of an establishment, proof of operation at the address
concerned, the original invoice and a photograph of the device duly installed and operational
at the address for which a refund is requested. A refund cheque will be issued within 90
days following the receipt of the request.
For more informtion, consult the policy
or contact the Urban planning and environment
department at 450-424-8000 ext 248.
Liaisons - Environment - August to November 2013
TD Green Streets
he TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and
Tree Canada have awarded Saint-Lazare $7,500
for the implementation of the TD Green Streets
programme. Residents living in Le Boisé de SainteAngélique will have the opportunity to adopt a tree
from a predetermined variety (a letter will be mailed
at the end of August).
Between August 26 août and September 6, residents will be able
to chose their tree online from a few variety of indigene trees
that are durable and have a great ornemental value.
The tree they have chosen will be planted on their property in
a location chosen in colloboration with the owner. Tree planting
will take place on September 28, starting at 10 a.m.
Plantons ensemble
Community Planting
Sunday, September 15 at 10 a.m
nitiated by the provincial MNA, Lucie Charlebois, this festive
annual event celebrates volunteers with the planting of small
and tall trees on public land. This year, Plantons ensemble will
take place on September 15 and the location will be confirmed
through the town's newsletter. Residents of all ages are invited
to participate.
Trees play a powerful role in our lives
In summer, they cool the air and protect us from the sun. In
winter, they protect us from the cold northern winds. They purify
the air we breathe, they trap and hold dust, they absorb and
filter rainwater, they prevent soil erosion, they provide habitat
for wildlife, etc. Saint-Lazare recognizes that the quality and
value of our environment depends, in large part, on the care and
attention we give to our region’s forest cover.
Liaisons - Environment - August to November 2013
Collection of leaves and organic materials
RC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges will proceed to the collection of organic materials. The collection program is aiming at the Waste Management Policy
objective which is to recover 60% of compostable organic material by 2015. Collections will take place on the following dates:
Secteur A
The sector within the perimeter formed by
chemin Saint-Louis, avenue Bédard, chemin
Sainte-Angélique and chemin de la Côte SaintCharles. The major arteries that define Sector A
are also part of sector A. .
• October 26
• November 9
• November 23
For more details on collections,
consult the Resident's guide on
page 19 or visit the website at
3 4 10 11 17 18 24 25
1 2
8 99 15 16 22
29 30 6 77
13 14
20 21
29 2 3 4 5 9 10 11 12 16 17 18 19 23242526
30 31
1 2
8 9 15 16 22 23
29 30 3 10 17 24
4 5 6 7
11 12 13 14
18 19 20 21
3 4 5 6 7
10 11 12 13 14
17 18 19 20 21
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 222324
25 26 27 28 29 30 31
For more details concerning these leaves collections, visit the website
en/feuilles or MRC’s website at
Secteur B
All other areas located outside the perimeter
of Sector A
• October 19
• November 2
• November 16
1 2
5 6 7 8 9 12 13 14 15 16 19 2021 2223
26 27 28 29 30 Collections dates for 2014
were not available at
the publishing date.
It will be sent out
through the newletter.
Le Liaisons - Infrastructures services - August to November 2013
(blue bin)
(black bin)
Roundabout project!
On Monday, May 27, 2013, Saint-Lazare mayor Robert Grimaudo and
members of his council proudly announced their intention to proceed
with the construction of a roundabout in 2014, an investment of
nearly $1.5 million dollars.
“I’m sure many of you will be delighted at the news”, said the mayor
as he made the announcement. “We have chosen to announce the
roundabout project right here, at the intersection of Avenue Bédard
and Chemin Saint-Louis, in the middle of rush hour, so that the good
news spreads as quickly as possible! We want to give hope to all those
drivers who must negotiate this intersection every day, morning and
night. In the past few years, it has been the scene of serious traffic
jams during rush hour. This situation is also an inconvenience for those
living near Domaine Saint-Louis because of impatient drivers using
surrounding streets as a bypass. We are victims of our own success”,
added the mayor, “our town has substantially increased its population
but the road infrastructure has remained unchanged.”
“Ramp no. 26 off highway 40 ranks in the top exits to enter and exit
the town”, explained the mayor, “and, although it was redesigned
in 2010, the large number of cars converging at Bédard/Saint-Louis
intersection during rush hour turns this area into a traffic funnel. We
have explored several options including installing a traffic light and
widening the lanes to allow right turns, but a roundabout remains the
safest, most efficient and most economical solution and it will keep
traffic moving. ”
“I want to assure our residents that this problem should be solved by
the end of 2014, maybe even earlier. I also want to thank them for
their patience.”
When designing the roundabout, Genivar will take into account
the maximum vehicle dimensions it will need to accommodate, for
example vehicles going to the Chevrier sand quarries and heavier
vehicles going to the agricultural areas along Chemin Saint-Louis.
The construction of the roundabout, which will include bike path
segments, will involve the expropriation of part of some lots. A
borrowing by-law is expected to be adopted at the beginning of 2014.
The Town will publish a flyer explaining the rules of the road applying
to roundabouts such as the importance of yielding to traffic already
in the circle, of entering to your right and of not stopping once inside
the roundabout.
From left to right: Gilbert Arsenault, counsellor, Patrick
Descheneaux, infrastructures service director, Nathaly Richard,
counsellor, Daniel Boyer, Fire department and public security
director, Robert Grimaudo, mayor of Saint-Lazare.
Le Liaisons - Infrastructures services - August to November 2013
The Big Evacuation
The Big evacuation
On Wednesday, October 9
between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.
This great evacuation drill is a provincial
event during which all Quebec residents,
especially families, are asked to conduct
a fire drill in their homes on the same
day and at the same time.
If you would like to conduct your
fire drillunder the supervision of our
firefighters, you can register at:
w w w. v i l l e. s ai nt - l a z are. q c . c a / e n /
For additional information, please
contact the Fire Department prevention
captain at 450 424-8000, extension 207.
[email protected]
or visit the website
Some evacuees of the 2012 edition
Stop sign
justification matrix
he Town of Saint-Lazare is carrying out a study for the implementation
of a stop sign justification matrix. Like the decisional matrix used for
speed reduction measures, this matrix will be used as a tool to improve
road safety on our territory.
This matrix will serve as a benchmark for the installation of new stop
signs or the removal of others in order to improve traffic flow without
compromising safety. An action plan will be submitted in September.
It will include a procedure identifying the steps to be taken before
changing in any way the stop signs in our town.
For additional information, please contact the Saint-Lazare Fire
Department at [email protected]
Liaisons - Fire department - August to November 2013
New: synthetic field at Parc Westwood
he inauguration of the new synthetic field will take place at the
beginning of August. This long-term effort project was born because of
a grant given under the Programme de soutien aux installations sportives
et récréatives – phase II of the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sport.
In fact, the Town has received financial assistance representing 50% of the
maximum admissible expenditure for this project, $453,131.
Both soccer and football have become increasingly popular in SaintLazare over the past several years. Each year, the local soccer club now
has 1,800 players and the football association has a membership of over
200. This sports field will therefore be used by athletes of all levels as
well as by an adult and school-age clientele.
Through this financial assistance, the Ministry of Education, Recreation
and Sport improves the quality of sports infrastructures and promote
physical activity, recreation and sports participation among the general
population in a healthy and safe environment.
Spring 2012, Soulanges MNA and government chief whip, Lucie Charlebois
together with members of Stallions (football) and members of Saint-Lazare
Hudson soccer club.
The newly installed synthetic field, respecting Fédération internationale
de football association (FIFA) (100 m x 63 m) will also allow two
smaller soccer fields for the younsters (63 m par 40 m), dimensions
recommanded by la Fédération de soccer du Québec.
field under
Young players,
impatients to use
the new field!
The synthetic field, wiht Stallions, Ville de Saint-Lazare and Saint-Lazare
Hudson soccer club.
Liaisons - Community life and recreation department - August to November 2013
L’Artisan award for
the recreation
Saint-Lazare festival
of yesterday and today
t was during the unveiling of the Fête nationale’s regional programming
by the Société nationale des Québécois du Suroît on June 13, 2013,
that Saint-Lazare’s recreation department was awarded the Prix de
l’Artisan for their exceptional contribution to the promotion of Québec’s
Fête nationale.
90's decade
Indeed, for more than 25 years, Saint-Lazare has been offering a highly
diversified outdoor programming for all tastes and all ages over a twoconsecutive day period for the great pleasure of its population who
always attends in large numbers. In fact, its traditional St-Jean-Baptist
parade always attracts thousands of people from all over the area.
90's decade
Created in 2009 to mark 25 years since the Mouvement national des
Québécoises et Québécois and its affiliates began coordinating the
national holiday’s festivities, the Artisan de la Fête nationale award
recognizes the contribution to the national holiday’s success of more
than 20,000 organizers and volunteers throughout Québec. The award
given to the recipients is a reproduction of a sculpture made especially
for that purpose by Jocelyne Duchesne.
Congratulations to Saint-Lazare, which was well represented by Ms.
Brigitte Asselin, municipal councillor, Ms. Chantal Latreille, Recreation
and community life department and Mr.Michel Guindon and his wife,
proud Fête nationale volunteers.
Congratulations to all employees and volunteers! Saint-Lazare’s festival
wouldn’t be the same without you!
Liaisons - Community life and recreation department - August to November 2013
On Sunday, September 29
Let's celebrate families in Saint-Lazare!
s in past years, the Recreation and
Community life department will concoct a
program more dynamic and more diverse than
It's a rendez-vous, on Sunday, September 29!
Come have fun with us! Stay tuned! Further
information will be released in September!
You must present your citizen card to access
For more information, contact the Recreation
and Community life department at 450 4248000, ext. 220 or [email protected]
L'Artisan award of
la Fête nationale
du Suroît
Liaisons - Community life and recreation department - August to November 2013
Pie contest 2013
Who makes the best pie in town?
Municipal final, August 13, 2013
at 7 tarte
In the Town Hall parking lot
(1960 Chemin Sainte-Angélique)
Kiosk in the centre of the Farmers market*
until August 13 août at 10 a.m.
Gift basket
worth 200 $ for
the winner
1) Be Saint-Lazare resident and must be 18 years old and over
2) Be present the day of the municipal contest on Tuesday, August 13, 2013 at 7 p.m. at the Town
Hall parking lot in the center of the Farmers market. *In case of rain, the event will be inside the
Town Hall, in the kitchen.
3) Are not eligible: employees of the Ville de Saint-Lazare
4) Are not eligible: businesses and companies
5) Only one pie per address will be accepted.
All are invited to attend the contest Tuesday, August 13 at 7 p.m. Bet there will be pie left for the spectators!
Flora and sense
Visual art and fine craft competition and exhibit
is launching a visual art and fine craft
competition and exhibit open to all SaintLazare visual and fine craft artists. The goal is
to highlight the dynamic of artistic creation and
the contribution of local artists to our town’s
cultural landscape and showcase their work to
maximize their exposure.
Registration date:
before August 1st, 2013
Delivery of the work:
Between October 15 and November 1st
therefore inviting local artists to create, on the
work 14 x 8 in. or 28 x 16 in. in vertical format.
When it adopted its cultural policy in 2010, the
Town of Saint-Lazare also implemented an art
acquisitions policy enabling it to acquire artwork
for the establishment of an art collection and
display it for the benefit of its residents.
First, a jury made up of two renowned
professionals from the world of visual arts
will judge the works and select those that will
become part of the Town of Saint-Lazare’s
collection. The selected works will be unveiled
on Thursday, December 5, 2013, at a vernissage
marking this important artistic event in our
Second, a number of works will be selected for
their reproduction on banners that will adorn
the Town’s lamp posts during the summer.
Liaisons - Community life and recreation department - August to November 2013
AGASL Golf tournament
On September 9, 2013
The AGASL (Association of business people of Saint-Lazare) invites
all residents and businesses of all Saint-Lazare to participate in
their annual golf tournament. Part of the funds collected during
the tournament will be distributed in the community.
Location : Cost :
Time : Golf Club Whitlock, Hudson (128 Côte Saint-Charles)
200 $ + taxes (including the BBQ lunch, a cart, the dinner and attendance prizes)
75 $ + taxes (dinner only)
11 a.m. BBQ lunch
12:30 p.m. Start (Vegas)
To register or for more information, contact Martin Couture at
[email protected]
des gens d’affaires
de Saint-Lazare
Travel package to win
worth $2,000
Business anniversary
Physio-Santé St-Lazare
A business of Saint-Lazare is celabrating it 10th anniversary
10 years! A heartfelt thank you to all my friends and cients!
N a d i n e
Tremblay earned
her degree at
the Université de
Montréal in 1994.
Nadine also specializes in perineal and pelvic
rehabilitation which focuses on restoring
normal function of the pelvic floor muscles
(urinary incontinence on effort).
Same address:
Physio-Santé St-Lazare
2370 Rue de la Symphonie
She is a resident of Saint-Lazare where she
opened her clinic in 2003.
Following extensive training in manual therapy
and myofascial release techniques, she
developed an individual approach where the
client is assessed and treated from a wholebody perspective.
With this approach, treatment is adapted
specifically to the needs of each individual,
whether the issue is a chronic or recent
disorder, a sport injury or other type of injury.
Liaisons - AGASL and business anniversary - August to November 2013

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