Cold Store Floor Protection Systems



Cold Store Floor Protection Systems
Cold Store Floor Protection Systems
Tanveer Mistry
Product Manager – Flooring Solutions
Challenges of a Cold Storage Warehouse Floor
Heavy & continuous movements of Material Handling Equipment's (MHE's) and
Varying temperatures; upto -40 degree C in blast freezers
Maintaining flatness for high reach stacking's
Floor casted on an Insulation foam
No or minimal shutdowns for periodical floor maintenance
Failing Floor; an obstacle in smooth Operation
Abraded floors make the movement of MHE’s &
stackers difficult, especially those with smaller
Repairing of floors is a major issue in most cold
storages – most repairs can take place only at a
positive temperature
High energy cost & lots of time lost to bring cold
room to positive temperature & later down it.
A single days non-utilization can cost the owner in
millions (much more than the cost of the floor)
Floor is the first thing a person sees when he walks
into a plant & a failing floor is neither safe or
Maintenance of trolleys & stackers
Safety Concerns due to improper floor
Critical areas for achieving a Sustainable floor
Floor Design
Managing joints
Managing Floor settlement
Floor protection
Floor Design
Proper Design of reinforcement;
SFRC – steel fibre reinforced concrete
Possible to cast floor Upto 40 m of no joints space. (Typical panels 7.5 m x 40 m)
Floor Design
Floor Design
Floor Design
Challenges for a Floor Protection system
Floor protection in a Cold Store have to meet the very diverse
Performance against
Impact and abrasion
Thermal shocks
− against slip, Hygiene, low VOC
− Moisture insensitivity & fast setting
Ucrete – Worlds Toughest floor Protection
Ucrete – Polyurethane Concrete Flooring system
Combination of strength & mechanical integrity of Concrete and chemical
resistance, thermal integrity, elasticity & durability of PU Resins
Provides a long lasting durable & maintenance free floor
In use for more than 40 years in more than 50 countries across various
industries like food & beverage, dairy's, personal care, pharma, cold storages
Ucrete – Worlds Toughest floors
Ucrete – High on Performance
Low Modulus – resilient to impact loads,
does not crack or break
Withstands continuous trolley / fork lift
movements without abrading.
Class AR 0.5 as per BS 8204-2 (less
than 0.05mm thickness loss)
Co-efficient of thermal expansion similar
to that of concrete
High thermal shock resistance
can be applied at different thickness
for different temperature exposures
Ucrete – Safe floors
Slip resistance
With people working on wet floors it is clear that there is a risk of slip
Clearly specifying the right floor with the correct slip resistant profile is
one way of helping to prevent accidents
Ucrete provides textured floor with varying slip resistance values to
measured as per
Pendulum tester to EN13036-4:
Tilting Ramp test to DIN51130
Ucrete – Hygienic floors
Hygiene considerations
HACCP – endorsed as food safe flooring surface
Eurofins – GOLD certified, Indoor air comfort certification
CFTRI – conforms to Global Mitigation standards laid down in US-FDA
175-300 for intended use for contact with potable water & aqueous food.
UCRETE does not support biological growth
Ucrete – Buildability
Moisture Insensitive
Can be used for continuously wet areas without the risk of debonding
or delamination
Can be applied to 7 days old concrete / 4 days old polymer screeds
Fast Setting
One can drill through a Ucrete floor the day after application to facilitate
the rapid installation of plant and machinery.
Ucrete – Apple Cold Store Warehouse
Ucrete – Logistic Cold Store Warehouse