BriTec presentation



BriTec presentation
Custom solutions and
components for the industrial
electronics field
Born in 2008 from a ten-years experience of the founders in the industrial
electronics field, BriTec is a specialist in manufacturing products and
components in the Far East for industrial automation and electronic market.
Certified quality
Long-life materials
100% Customized products
Competitive price
Headquarter in Cogliate (MI) - Italy – Office and Logistic
BriTec is specialized in the assembly and rework of products and electronic
components on customer specifications.
Components assembly
Production and testing dept.
BriTec is known for the strict tests on components and the quality controls
provided directly on site by BriTec staff, along with the
possibility to make the 100% customized products.
BriTec supplies components, services and solutions
to satisfy any customer needs.
What are BriTec's values
compared to competition?
• High competence in dealing with foreign suppliers
• Experience buying components from more competitive markets
• Reliability establishing long term collaborations with suppliers
• Competitive price allows the increase of customer's margin
• High Quality standards
• Flexibility in 100% customized products based on customer requirement
Quality and
The BriTec quality system is based on the
attention to the customer and to the
company processes. That’s why BriTec is
able to provide a high-quality product,
including customized product developed
according to customer specifications and
product at catalogue constantly up to
date in technology.
South America
ISO 9001 supplier certification
Product certifications
BriTec collaborates only with partners
certified according to ISO 9001, ensuring
a high-quality and reliable product.
Markets and
BriTec provides solutions
for different markets.
Industrial Manufacturing
• Beverage
• Food
• Packaging
• Automotive
• Medical
• Electronics
• Vending
• Safety
Process automation
• Pharmaceutical
• Petrochemical
• Chemical
• Energy
The customer is our
technology partner.
Machine builders (OEM)
R&D dept. of companies
Suppliers of Components and Systems
System integrator
Engineering / Consulting / Design Firm
Standard and
custom cables
Standard and custom cables and adaptors
for any kind of application.
Coaxial cables
Molded cables
Flat cables
LCD connection cables
Computer cables
Automotive cables
Communication cables
Power cords
Adaptors and connectors
BriTec make big productions of custom
cables on specific customer requirements.
LCD Display
and inverters
A wide range of LCD display such as
alphanumeric display, monochrome or
color graphic display, available in STN or
TFT technology and LED or CCFL
backlight, can be used for different
applications: Panel LCD, Open frame LCD,
Public LCD and Monitors.
BriTec’s LCD display product range is
available in any size, adaptable to any kind
of industrial or public application and for
consumer goods.
Touch Screen
The BriTec’s Touch Screen technology
offers 4-5 wire resistive or capacitive
Touch-Screen available in any size. In
addition BriTec also providing custom
Touch-Screen products satisfying any
customer need.
Touch-Screens undergoing rigid tests in
order to offer a high-quality product and a
remarkable reliability.
BriTec is specialist in providing membrane,
siliconic and steel metal keyboards based
on customer specifications, easily
adaptable to a wide range of domestic and
industrial applications.
Many configurations available: polyester
membrane and metal dome keyboards,
glass capacitive keyboards and other
custom keyboards available on specific
customer’s request.
Industrial PCs and
Embedded systems
BriTec is able to provide industrial PCs,
Embedded systems, boards and all-in-one
Workstations, Panel PCs, Racks, Monitors,
CPUs, Boards and Embedded systems can
be configured according to individual
requirements of the customer in order to
offer a robust, reliable and efficient
Industrial board, Addon card Single board
Computer-on-module, Embedded SBC.
Embedded systems, Box PC. Touch Panel,
Graphic cards, Power solution, Digital
signage, Periphericals.
Cooling fans, Power
supplies, PC accessories
BriTec provides a wide range of
components for industrial PCs and
external and internal power supplies.
Moreover BriTec offers a complete cooling
fans product line including waterproof
fan, silent fan, high temperature fan, AC
fan and EC fan.
BriTec offers products and solutions for
security and radiofrequency applications.
BriTec is able to provide any kind of
antenna such as Wireless LAN, Wireless
Video, GSM, RFID, DVB-T, WiFi and WiMAX
Metallic and
plastic parts
BriTec is specialized in manufacturing
plastic and metallic cases and parts,
simply based on design customer
specifications and customized in shape,
size and colors.
High quality in finishings and the focus on
the finest details, make BriTec product
the best one in terms of reliability and
Example of
Re-engineering of a proprietary Human Machine Interface
Engineering and production of the complete solutions:
display, touch, internal mechanics, board, cables and
external case.
Line of alarm systems for the safety of the house and
buildings based on the requirements defined by the
Customer's technical department.
Plastic frontal and rear chassis and display + keypad,
internal wiring, glass capacitive keypad with LED lights
and an adhesive RF antenna.
Example of
Components supplier of food&beverage vending
machines: external display, membrane keys for the
selection of options / recipes and the complete internal
wiring (display + communication cables with the
proprietary board).
Developing of a control panel for an industrial machine
equipped with True-flat Touch display (Industrial PC)
and control keypad on board at the same time.
From request to
Customer request
Custom product
Product at catalogue
Sample and approval
Supplier selection
Design product
Customer design
Sample and approval
Transparency in all
BriTec processes.
From request to
Customer request
BriTec product is obtained thanks to
• Special attention to the suppliers structures
• Reliability on delivery time
• Quality and frequent controls on materials and goods
• Respects on customer's specifications
• Total assurance that initial specifications are respected
BriTec’s partners are based in all
over the world.
BriTec s.r.l.
Via Donizetti 30
20815 Cogliate (MI) - Italy
Phone: +39 02 96460991
Fax: +39 02 96469319
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site:
Skype: Britec
For any further information, please consult our web site