Tupperware Children Helping Children



Tupperware Children Helping Children
Tupperware Children Helping Children
Tupperware Children Helping Children (CHC)
HC program is a part of the Tupperware
Children’s Fund (TCF) Program with Caring
& Sharing vision. The program activity is
writing and drawing competitions. Based on
each of children’s writing or drawing received,
Tupperware Indonesia, on behalf of the children’s
name will donate Rp 10,000,- to be distributed
through schools, community or foundation which
supports education of disadvantaged children
(i.e. homeless or victims of disasters, etc.)
Objective of CHC Program
This program has aim
to stimulate children
interest in writing and
drawing while to motivate
children to help others
To involve children
together with
Tupperware in bringing
forward one of the
Tupperware vision i.e.
Caring and Sharing
By joining this
competition, children
can express their ideas,
connect with other children
in similar circumstances
and gain confidence
Year by Year CHC
Rp 34.7K
donated to
20 schools or
foundations in
Rp 23K
donated to
Sanggar Anak
Akar Foundation
Number of participant
Total donation
Rp 20.8K
donated to
HOPE Worldwide
43.158 entries
32.964 entries
Rp 16.7K
donated to
HOPE Worldwide
Rp 45.5K
donated to
21 schools or
foundations in
Rp 4.7K
donated to
HOPE Worldwide
Rp 1.8K
donated to
Nanda Dian
7,930 entries
9,865 entries
10.900 entries
4.500 entries
1,743 entries
The Result of CHC 2012
43.158 entries
Rp 45.5K donated
21 school/foundation
Since CHC program rolled
out at 2005, this program
has managed to reach more
than 111 thousand children
to participate by providing a
total donation of more than
his year, a total of 43,158
children across all Indonesia
have submitted their writings
and drawings. This mean, those
children have donated
Rp 431,580,000.00 (approximately
USD45.5 K). Such donated funds
were used for computers, printers,
knowledge books, and school
bags. We have distributed them
to 21 schools or foundations in
Indonesia territorial.
Rp 1.4 billion (approximately
USD136.9K) to support
education of disadvantaged
Increasing participants
who join the program
shows the more of children
who cares of disadvantaged
The Inspiring
In addition, five books of short stories
that compiles winners of the CHC
program has produced as an inspiring
and entertaining reading.
CHC 2007
CHC 2008
CHC 2009
CHC 2010
CHC 2011
What They Said...
Sena Rusli
Sena Rusli
Sena, Senior High School (disabilities, blind)
Although I am disabled, but it does not makes me stop to help other children who are
unfortunate in education. I sent 14 stories with the wishes to be able to help many
disadvantaged children to continue their schooling.
I feel proud and impressed when informed that I am one of the finalists CHC Tupperware.
I am very grateful that one of my stories qualifies as finalists. Having experience of writing
workshops with the famous writer TianaHelvyRossa becomes a very valuable learning
experience for me. I really support this program.
What They Said...
Ira Esmeralda
Ira Esmeralda
Mother of Khansa Arifah Adilah
(3rd winner Elementary School)
Raising Khansa, children with special needs (autism), were once burden me. But, I’m trying
to keep encourage her. Now my daughter was cured, however it is still difficult to socialize.
To encourage her, i gave books as her friend.
I just found out that she had a writing talent when I was told that she had become one
of the winners of Tupperware CHC writing competition. Now, she had already started to
socialize with her fellow finalist CHC. Thanks so much Tupperware, you helped my daughter
find ‘‘her identity’’.
What They Said...
Student at disabilities children school
Only a few people want to visit our school. This
may because we are disabled, and people do not
Very surprised, Tupperware want to come and
share with us. We are so happy to get a lot of
good books from Tupperware. Although I have
only one eye but I really like reading and painting,
I could also use computer. Computers in our
school are old and sometimes can’t be used
anymore. Accordingly, such computers donated by
Tupperware were very useful for us and now we
can access to internet as well.Thanks Tupperware!
What They Said...
Denny Solukh
Denny Solukh
Principal Elementary School at Kupang
Although our school location not far from town but we were very poor. Many students
do not wear shoes to school because they can not afford it.
Tupperware is the first company visited our school. I do not understand how Tupperware
knows this school. However, this is really an extraordinary donation for us; the books,
computers, school bags.
Our students do not understand internet, only a few teachers know internet. These
donated computers are very useful for us, we than will understand many things through
the computer. The teachers will feel more confident to teach the students.
What They Said...
Tjendrawati Distributor PT Vinivici Prima Lestari
I and the Sales Force strongly supports this program. TCF program proves that besides
doing business, Tupperware also has social activities that focus on children’s education.
Tupperware Indonesia has donated computers, books and others. These social events
were triggered me and about 20 people Group Manager and Manager to share as well.
Hopefully, scholarships and school supplies as our additional donation will be useful to
support their education.
Gallery CHC 2012
CHC winners 2012 activities, Jakarta 14-16 June 2012
Workshop with the
Fun time at p
tourist area
Awarding day
Visiting famous an
reputed publishing
Gallery CHC 2012
Masterpiece of CHC 2012, theme GO GREEN
Elementary School
2nd winner
1st winner
3rd winner
Gallery CHC 2012
Masterpiece of CHC 2012, theme GO GREEN
Junior High School
1st winner
2nd winner
3rd winner
Gallery CHC 2012
Masterpiece of CHC 2012, theme GO GREEN
Senior High School
1st winner
2nd winner
3rd winner
Donation to 21 School/Foundation
SDN Tuis 1, Ta
Persada Tiara
SDN Asam Tiga Naibonat, Kupang
Cendana Mutiara Abadi
Qurrotu Aini, JakT
Arlia Harapan Ke
YNDN, JakSel
Andira Wanodya Citra
Donation to 21 School/Foundation
SDN 6 Pangkalan Baru, Kupang. Bintang Eka Mandiri
Yayasan Precious One, Jakarta Bar
Pijar Graha Cemerlang
ijah, Palu,
Yayasan Siti Chad
Akbar Utama Sakt
Donation to 21 School/Foundation
Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Serbajadi Natar, Lampung, Orchid Bintang Tapis
SD Negeri Pasirsari 02, Cikarang, Ind
rapuri Mitra Cikarang
Donation to 21 School/Foundation
Sekolah Gratis Pelita Pe
Surabaya, Vinivici Prim
Yayasan Al Fitrah, Lombok, Widya Mutiara Bali
Rumah Baca Asma Nadia, Cianjur,
Fajar Puncak Pratama
Donation to 21 School/Foundation
Rumah Singgah Taman Indira,
Tasikmalaya, Fajar Puncak Pratama
Warung Baca Lebakwangi, Bogor
SLB Daya Ananda, Yogyakarta, Sentosa Agung Suryatama
Donation to 21 School/Foundation
Perpustakaan Cory Sapto Dewo, Batam,
Gempita Permata Batam
Qurrotu Aini , Jakarta Timur,
Arlia Harapan Kencana
ng, Kisaran, Mulani Panca Gempita
SD & SMP Swasta Advent Simodo
Donation to 21 School/Foundation
SMK Farming Pati , Semarang,
Indrakinarya Mugi Santosa
Rumah Singga Himmata, Jakarta Utara, Prima Megah Lestari
(ALIT), Surabaya,
Yayasan Arek Lintang
Sarana Inti Cemerlang
Media Coverage
Media Coverage
Nining W. Pernama, Managing Director
We are very excited that Indonesian children have shown a sense of concern for their
unfortunate friends.Through Tupperware Children Helping Children program which has been
running for 7 years, we are constantly trying to build a sense of solidarity and concern for the
children of Indonesia on their friends who can’t afford to go to school. Hopefully, with a positive
attitude and humility will establish the character of young people qualified in the future.
Celebrating the 21st anniversary of Tupperware Indonesia, the donation has been given to the
Thank you