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Newsletter - Canton Shefford
of the Municipalité du
Canton de Shefford
Volume 20, No 3 - September 2015
When Will Shefford Get Its School?
by André Pontbriand, Mayor
Here is a brief summary
of the steps taken by
the Municipal Council
with the competent
authorities since 2012
in an effort to obtain an
elementary school on
Shefford territory.
In October 2012, your
André Pontbriand, and
by Councillor Donald
filed a request for
In This Issue
Inauguration of Parc Maher 2
It’s Back to School We Go!3
The Coopérative de Solidarité Santé de Shefford
completes another milestone !4
Intersection of Saxby Route 112(Denison East)5
CENS On Patrol6
A Sample of Our Avian Riches6
Recreation Activities and Events7
Reusable Diapers Buying Program7
Thinking about Volunteering?7
News from Urban Planning Department8
Important Reminder about
Civic Address Numbers9
Fire Prevention Week, October 4-10, 201510
Need Orthopedic Equipment? 10
The Great Escape: Step-By-Step 11
The Fire Department Is RECRUITING12
Important Phone Numbers12
an elementary school
with the authorities of
Commission scolaire Valdes-Cerfs, represented
at the time by its Director
General André Messier
and by Chairman Guy
Vincent. At the close
of the meeting, it was
indicated that the school
board would study our
Following the election,
on November 3, 2013,
when a new council
current mayor formed
a committee whose mission would be to define
municipal objectives in matters of recreation,
parks, families and community life. The
committee was composed of councillors Johanne
Boisvert and Michael Vautour, the municipality’s
general manager Sylvie Gougeon, and Mayor
André Pontbriand. One of the first tasks of these
municipal representatives, on March 12, 2014,
was to renew the request for an elementary
school with the school board authorities, by filing
a resolution of the Municipal Council.
The board representatives at the school board
meeting were Messieurs Guy Vincent: Chairman,
Jean Graton: Vice-Chairman, Donald Tétreault:
Commissioner, and André Messier: Director
General. By the end of this meeting, we were
certain that we would be on Val-des-Cerfs’ priority
(continued on page 2)
Inauguration of Parc Maher on September 9, 2015
Citizens are invited
to attend the official
inauguration of Parc
Maher, this September
9, at 10:30 a.m., rain or
To find out more: Visit
at, «
Dernières nouvelles ».
The Municipality’s Fall
Activities and Events
Program will be unveiled
at the same time!
(continued from page 1)
On May 7, 2014, a letter was sent to Mr. Yves
Bolduc, then Minister of Education, Recreation
and Sports, with a copy to Mr. Pierre Paradis, MNA
for Brome-Missisquoi and Minister of Agriculture,
Fisheries and Food, seeking their support for the
school in Shefford on December 11, 2014. But,
because the deadline for depositing the request
was July 2, 2014, Shefford’s request would not be
analyzed that year and Val-des-Cerfs would have
to present a new request in time for the next P.Q.I.
On October 3, 2014, a meeting was held at
the municipal office, between Val-des-Cerfs
(Guy Vincent: Chairman, Donald Tétreault:
Commissioner, and André Messier, Director
General) and Shefford (André Pontbriand: Mayor,
Johanne Boisvert: Councillor, Michael Vautour:
Councillor and Sylvie Gougeon: General Manager).
We informed them that a reliable source at the
Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport had
reported to us that Val-des-Cerfs never applied for
a school for Shefford.
On April 6, 2015, our source at the MEQ confirmed
that Val-des-Cerfs must resubmit its request. We
immediately informed the new chairman of the
school council, Mr. Paul Sarrasin.
It was agreed then that our administrations will
exchange information to move the matter forward.
Following the school elections, the new board
of Commission scolaire Val-des-Cerfs, in a
unanimous vote by its commissioners, signified its
acceptance of an elementary school in Shefford
and mandated its director general to take the
necessary steps.
On March 18, 2015, the office of the new Minister
of Education, Sports and Recreation, François
Blais, informed us that Commission Scolaire Valdes-Cerfs had submitted the request to build a
On April 7, 2015, at the regular meeting of the
Shefford Council, a new motion was filed, and
unanimously approved, to resubmit the request
for an elementary school, and with a letter
accompanying the resolution, if necessary.
On June 16, 2015, Commission scolaire Valdes-Cerfs passed a new resolution mandating
the interim director general to file a request for
additional space and to take the necessary steps
for the construction of an elementary school (2
kindergartens and 12 classrooms) on the territory
of Municipalité du Canton de Shefford, pursuant to
measure PQI 2016-2026.
This measure will be studied by the office of the
Minister, for Québec as a whole, and an answer
should be sent to Commission scolaire Val-desCerfs in July 2016.
Stay tuned.
page 2
It’s Back to School We Go!
The Municipality wishes all of its students, big and
small, a safe and happy return to school and would
like to remind parents and children of these safety
rules issued by the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec :
Getting off the bus:
It is dangerous to remain too close to the bus:
• Wait until the bus
comes to a full stop
before leaving your
• Stay in line to get
off the bus, without
pushing, and hold
the handrail;
• Move away from the
bus quickly and never go behind the
• Let the driver know
when an object has
fallen under the bus
or near the wheels.
If you cannot get the
ask an adult to help
or wait until the bus
has moved away
to pick up what has
Getting to the bus stop:
• Get to the bus stop
ahead of time, and
don’t run;
• Use the sidewalk
when going to and
coming from the bus
stop; if there is no
sidewalk, walk on the
left side of the road,
facing traffic.
At the bus stop:
• Wait in line for the
bus, without shoving
the other students;
• Wait until the bus comes to a full stop before approaching it;
• Board the bus in
a line, holding the
handrail and without
• Quickly find your
seat and sit down.
Crossing the street:
• Take 10 steps after
leaving the bus before crossing; that
way, you can see the
driver and he can
also see you;
• Walk in front of the
bus, then look left
and right, and then
left again, before
• Cross quickly, but
without running.
On the bus:
• Do not disturb the
bus driver;
• Remain seated and
stay quiet;
• Keep your head and
arms inside the bus;
• Keep the aisle free and put your belongings
away in your book bag.
Source : Autobus scolaire. Pour des écoliers en sécurité, publication
of the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, 5 pages. http://
School Bus Transportation. A Shared Responsibility, publication of the
Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec, 6 pages.http://www.
page 3
The Coopérative de Solidarité Santé de Shefford
completes another milestone !
by Johanne Boisvert, Secretary, Temporary
Committee on the Coopérative de Solidarité
Santé de Shefford
To structure and document the feasibility study
for starting a health cooperative in Shefford, a
professional survey of the population of Shefford
and environs (Bromont, St-Joachim, Warden and
Waterloo) was carried out last June.
- The cooperative’s service offering
Here are the highlights and
principal conclusions that were
presented to and discussed by
the Temporary Committee on
the Coopérative de solidarité
santé Sheford
Although the citizens were surveyed about a
multitude of possible health services, basic
services such as medical consultation, with
or without appointment, frontline nursing
services (medical followup, blood drawing,
screening, vaccination)
and telephone follow-up
by a nurse who knows
your medical history, are
the priority needs.
- Availability of
- Pricing and annual
The persons surveyed
would consider
reasonable a fee
of approximately
$100/year for the
cooperative’s services.
The individuals
surveyed are
representative of
the population in the
territory, based on their
age, income, schooling,
and the number of
persons per household.
A third of the adults
surveyed have a negative
perception of the
availability of healthcare
in their community, even
though the majority of
respondents say they
have a family doctor. The
proportion jumps to 40%
among the citizens of
Shefford and environs.
- Support for the
cooperative project
90% of citizens are in
favour of the project.
- Market potential (number of members)
Overall, 60% of respondents are very or
fairly interested in becoming members of the
cooperative. In the municipality of Shefford,
that interest jumps to 74%.
The temporary committee will therefore continue
its efforts in the coming months, in order to assess
the financial aspect, as well as the different
possibilities for the physical implementation of the
The recruitment of medical personnel is also
among its concerns, and it remains an imperative
in order to open a health cooperative.
page 4
Intersection of Saxby and Route 112 (Denison East)
by André Pontbriand, Mayor
After four accidents occurred in June 2012,
the Municipal Council headed by Acting Mayor
passed a motion
to study the
causes of these
accidents and to
lower the speed
limit to 70 km/
hr on Route 112
along the section
Granby city limits
and 1220 chemin
Denison East in
meeting was held at the Shefford town hall at
which the MTQ stated that it had taken readings
of the traffic patterns at the intersection of Route
112 and Saxby (North-South) in early November,
and that these readings confirm that the number
and type of auxiliary lanes meet the standards.
Finally, it noted that “the posted speed must be
consistent with the features of the traveled area
in order to be respected by the users.
Given the improvements made to the intersection
(turning lanes, improved visibility, lighting, etc.)
and in light of the recent verifications, the MTQ
is maintaining the speed limit at 90 km/hr along
this segment of Route 112”.
Between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015,
having experienced seven accidents at this
intersection, the causes of which were analyzed
by our police department, a new request dated
April 14, 2015 was submitted to the departmental
officer responsible for our area.
In this letter, we
causes identified
by our police
department and
asked whether
for the MTQ
speed on route
112 to 70 km/hr
at the approach
to Saxby Road
and/or installing
flashing lights.
We have received no answer, not even an
acknowledgment of receipt.
After a few more accidents, on May 29, 2015, a
new request was submitted to the director of the
Est-de-la-Montérégie directorate, with cc to Mr.
Robert Poëti, Minister of Transport, to Ms. Lise
Thériault, Minister of Public Security and to Mr.
Pierre Paradis, MNA for Brome-Missisiquoi and
Minister of Agriculture.
The political attaché for Mr. Paradis promptly
confirmed to us, that following a conversation
with the officer in charge of the matter, the
latter had confirmed that engineers have been
appointed to conduct a study of the situation
and that the results should be known around
September 2015.
page 5
CENS On Patrol
by Denise Papineau, Municipal Councillor
patrollers of Parc
des montagnards got
together last June
29 to share their
patrolling experience.
Shefford (CENS),
maintains a visible
seasonal presence
on the trail, as they
sport their new
emblazoned with
the CENS logo.
respect for the Nature
Reserve is upheld
by some committed
Left to right, top row: François Houde, Richard Evoy, Sophie Beauvais,
Thank you for
Richard Lachance, Martin Morin, Hervé Miniou, Gérard Lavoie and Normand involvement!
Gagnon. Bottom row: Yvon Ginchereau, Denise Papineau, Yves Beaulieu
and Carole Clermont.
A Sample of Our Avian Riches
by Denise Papineau, Municipal Councillor
The Club des observateurs d’oiseaux de la HauteYamaska (COOHY) birding club held its first official
field trip in Parc des Montagnards on the morning
of June 12.
Normand Fleury, a COOHY board member, is the
one who applied to the provincial organization
Québec-Oiseaux to have Parc des Montagnards
recognized as a public interest site for birding.
Ten bird and nature lovers participated in the threehour outing. Delighted with
their visit, they especially
commented on the quality
of the forest and the
landscape and the birding
opportunities that it offers.
The group fully intends to continue its exploration
of the territory’s wealth
in order to improve the
documentation on the
presence of breeding
birds and birds of
Over the course of the
morning, 28 bird species
woodpecker species, three
thrush species and eight
warbler species; Vireos, an Eastern Wood-Pewee,
a Great Crested Flycatcher, Chickadees, a Wren,
Cedar Waxwings, Robins, Blue Jays, Dark-Eyed
Juncos, Scarlet Tanagers and Rose-Breasted
Grosbeaks were among the species identified.
its evolution over time.
Their work enriches
the knowledge of the
area and provides
essential data to track
You can consult the list of birds that were
page 6
Recreation Activities and Events
Watch for the forthcoming release of the all-new
2015 Fall Activities brochure, jam-packed with
sports and recreation
activities, as well as a
few novelties, such as
a special Halloween
We remind you that it
is now mandatory to fill
out a reimbursement
The Politique sur les loisirs - Formulaire de demande
de remboursement is available on the Municipality’s
website, as well as at the Town Hall reception desk.
The full text of the recreation policy/ Politique sur les
loisirs, is also available on the website, with all the
clauses and exclusions.
Reusable Diapers Buying Program
How to obtain reimbursement?
The policy aims to lessen the pressure
on ligneous (woody) matter, reduce
the amount of waste in landfills, and
opt for production and merchandising
processes that are less harmful to the
Families may apply for the funding by
submitting an invoice for the purchase
of reusable diapers.
Buy a set of reusable
diapers (minimum of 18
Submit to the Municipality
the original invoice for all
of the reusable diapers,
along with proof of the birth
and residence of the child
Who is eligible for the reusable
diaper buying program?
The child must be under six (6) months old to
benefit from the financial aid.
Thinking About Volunteering?
by Chantal Rioux,
Centre d’action bénévole de Waterloo
You’d like to volunteer but don’t know where to
start? It will be our pleasure to inform you about
our different services and our volunteer needs.
There are many possibilities open to you in the
following services: Popote roulante (meals-onwheels), Dépannage alimentaire (food assistance),
La chaudrée (soup kitchen), etc.
If any of these interest you, the first step is to stop
by our office and request an application form. The
Centre d’action bénévole de Waterloo is located at
107 Lewis St. W., Waterloo. Telephone: (450) 5392395.
Everyone is welcome!
page 7
News from Urban Planning Department
Documents Required for a Construction or
Expansion Project
Before the work begins
construction permit application:
• fill out and sign the form;
• submit the building plan(s) (prepared by a
recognized professional): plans, elevations,
cross-sections, details, specifications and/
or necessary documents;
• supply a project layout plan (prepared by a
land surveyor);
• tree cutting permit, if necessary;
• if not served by a municipal drinking water
and/or wastewater system:
- soil characterization studies (recognized
engineer or technologist)
- scale plan of the facilities;
- all in compliance with the requirements of
the Québec Department of Sustainable
Development, Environment and Parks;
Approval of the permit application by resolution
of the Municipal Council, following the positive
or negative recommendation by the CCU.
Issuance of permit.
After the work is completed
Submit location certificate within 30 days
following the end of the work (prepared by a
land surveyor)
Sight Triangle, Article 35 of Zoning Regulation
Any property located at a street intersection must
have a sight triangle that is unobstructed by any
bush, tree, fence, supporting wall or other structure,
more than 75 cm (2.5 ft.) in height.
Two sides of the sight triangle are formed by the
right-of-way lines of the two streets. Each side of
the triangle must measure a minimum of 8 m. (26
ft.) in length, from the point where the two right-ofway lines intersect. The third side is formed by the
straight line joining the extremities of the two rightof-way lines.
In the near future, a municipal inspector will be
inspecting all properties with trees, bushes and
other structures located within the sight triangle.
He will measure heights and advise citizens of any
problems in this regard.
Numerous interior and exterior renovations,
the installation of a swimming pool, fence, or
outbuildings all require a renovation permit.
If you submit a permit application that is incomplete,
i.e. you are missing documents necessary to the
analysis of your project, unfortunately, the office
clerk and/or inspector will be unable to accept your
If you have any queries about the regulations, don’t
hesitate to contact the Urban Planning staff. They
will be happy to answer your questions.
(continued on page 10)
page 8
Important Reminder about Civic Address Numbers:
Please Make Sure You Are Compliant
by Éric Salois, Manager, Urban Planning
On December 2, 2014, the Municipal Council passed
a new bylaw, Règlement 2014-515 concernant la
numérotation des immeubles, notably to establish
regulatory standards for the installation of civic
address number signs. The bylaw gave one year,
namely until December 2, 2015, to comply with its
Installation zone for civic address number signs
on properties
Civic address number signs on properties must be
installed at a maximum distance of 1.5 m (5 feet)
from the driveway giving access to the traveled main
road, and between a minimum of 2.5 m (8.2 feet)
and a maximum of 3 m (10 feet) from the edge of
the travel lane on the main road, except in particular
cases. See the illustration below:
The minimum height of signs shall be 1.5 m (5
feet) and the maximum height shall be 1.9 m (6.2
feet). Furthermore, the signs must be installed
perpendicular to the traveled main road.
The civic address number must be legible at all
times, both day and night, from the public or private
road; it must be reflective.
The civic address number sign on a property must
be installed as soon as the building is occupied and
inhabited for the first time.
Every property owner shall ensure that the civic
address number identification sign on his/her
property is well-maintained and is not obstructed
by vegetation, such as a tree, shrub, flowers, etc.,
or other obstruction, such as snow, or any type of
permanent or temporary signage.
If the civic address number is on a mailbox, the
mailbox must be installed as follows:
If there is a ditch, the maximum distance for
installation of the civic address sign is one (1) metre
beyond the ditch.
a) one mailbox shall be authorized per address;
b) the front of the mailbox must be positioned a
minimum distance of:
i. 5.25 m from the center line of the roadway;
ii. 0.2 to 0.3 m from the outer edge of the
c) the bottom of the opening must be 1.05 to 1.15
m above the ground.
(Source: Ministère du Transport du Québec (MTQ)
page 9
Fire Prevention Week, October 4-10, 2015
by André Cadorette, Fire Chief
As with every year, your Fire Department will be
actively participating in Fire Prevention Week.
This year, the theme is a returning one: « Sitôt
averti, sitôt sorti! » [Smoke alarm goes off, you get
out!] and on Wednesday, October 7, 2015, the Fire
Department will be targeting the 1st, 2nd and
3rd Avenue neighborhoods for “THE GREAT
“THE GREAT ESCAPE” is an event in which all the
citizens of Québec, especially families, are invited
to conduct a fire drill, on the same day, at the same
On page 11, you’ll find a document prepared by the
Ministère de la sécurité publique in support of the
Even if your neighborhood is not targeted this year,
it is still highly relevant to prepare an evacuation
(continued from page 9)
You should know that placing
signs anywhere except on
the actual property for sale is
prohibited. Installing signs at the
road’s edge is an offence liable
to a fine and we are empowered
to remove the offending sign
House for Sale Sign
In many municipalities, there
is a veritable explosion of
House for Sale signs lining
the roads. Our municipality is
no exception.
We have noted that both real
estate agents and clients of
Proprio Direct, among others,
are putting up directional as
well as open house signs on
roadsides, in particular at the
intersection of Saxby South and Jolley roads.
A letter will be sent to the real
estate agents, as well as to the
clients of Proprio Direct, and if
there is a recurrence, we will be
obligated to enforce the bylaws,
and offenders will be fined.
Need Orthopedic Equipment?
by Chantal Rioux
Centre d’action bénévole de Waterloo
The Centre d’action bénévole de Waterloo operates
an orthopedic equipment lending service. You can
borrow a wheelchair, crutches, a walker, or other
type of equipment, in exchange for a cash deposit
that will be returned to you. This lending service is
for residents of Waterloo, Warden, Shefford and
Saint-Joachim de Shefford.
For information, talk to Chantal Rioux, who is
responsible for orthopedic equipment loans, at (450)
We are located at 107 Lewis St. W., Waterloo,
Québec. Our hours are Monday to Friday, from
8:30 a.m. to noon, and from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Telephone: (450) 539-2395. Follow us on Facebook
at: www.facebook/CABWATERLOO
page 10
Your Fire Department, is joining with the Ministère
de la sécurité publique, to invite you to take part in
The Great Escape.
Find out more by contacting your municipality.
3 minutes
To this end, check your smoke detectors, prepare
your evacuation plan and practice it. If you know
how and where to evacuate, you have every
chance of escaping in time.
- That’s how long it can take for smoke to
asphyxiate you.
- Are you prepared to evacute in under
3 minutes ?
Be ready!
Your local firemen will fan out on the streets of your
neighborhood with fire trucks, sirens and flashing
lights to remind you that it’s time to practice your
evacuation plan with your family.
The Great Escape: Step-By-Step
1. Make a home
evacuation plan
with your family.
To prepare your
evacuation plan
use the pamphlet
Préparer un plan
d’évacuation, c’est
2. Choose an
exercise scenario
and explain it to
the family. For
inspiration, look
at the different
scenarios described
in the pamphlet.
3. Check all your
smoke detectors
before the
exercise. If they
are connected to
an alarm company
server, let the
company know your
plans and follow
their instructions.
4. On Great Escape
Day: When you see
the fire truck coming
along your street,
set off the smoke
detector closest
to where your
imaginary fire starts.
The clock starts
running as soon as
the alarm sounds.
5. Start evacuating
according to your
evacuation plan
and your chosen
6. To make it more
real, crawl on the
floor as if there was
smoke, or cover
your mouth with a
wet cloth, hugging
the walls, until you
get to the exit.
7. Rendezvous at
the rally point
identified in your
plan. WARNING!
Be careful. Avoid
crossing the street.
8. Share your
experience with
your family. Talk
about it with your
neighbours as well,
and even with your
local emergency
services team.
page 11
The Fire Department Is RECRUITING
by André Cadorette, Fire Chief
We are updating our bank of
candidates in order to fill vacant
positions in the Fire Department.
If you have time to give and
would like to get involved in your
community, either as a firefighter
or first responder, we would like to
meet you.
We invite you to express your
interest by sending your resume
to the address below, or simply
stop in to meet us at the fire
station to learn more about what
the job involves.
Email me at: [email protected]
Your newsletter is published
by the Municipalité du Canton de Shefford
Important Phone Numbers
Emergency (Ambulance, Fire, Police)
Town Hall
André Pontbriand, Mayor
Sylvie Gougeon, General Manager/
Sharon Forand, Assistant Treasurer
Francine Larose, Office Clerk, Administration
Jackie Lavigne, Secretary-Receptionist .
Nancy Meese, Executive Secretary
Events and Recreation
Lyn Ouellet, Coordinator
Fire Department
André Cadorette, Fire Chief .
Luc Couture, Fire Prevention Inspector
and Deputy Fire Chief
Fire Station
Public Works
Chantal Morissette, Manager .
Urban Planning and Environment
Éric Salois, Manager
Marie-Michelle Prévost, Municipal Inspector
Manon Chalifoux, Office Clerk
Nancy Meese
ext. 236
Johanne Boisvert, André Cadorette,
Luc Couture, Lyn Ouellet,
Denise Papineau, André Pontbraint
and Éric Salois.
Carol O’Donoughue
Canton de Shefford, Google Image, Ministère des Transports
and Denise Papineau
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Sylvain Audet, MBA
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