September 20, 2015 - St. Augustine Catholic Church



September 20, 2015 - St. Augustine Catholic Church
SEPTEMBER 20, 2015
2015 Annual Mission Cooperation is Coming
7:30am For the Parish
10:00am David Chesak
8:00am Communion Service
8:30-3:30pm Eucharistic Adoration
5:30pm No Mass– Intention Rescheduled for 10/28/15
8:00am No Mass
8:00 am No Mass– Intention Rescheduled for 10/1/15
8:30-9:30am Holy Hour
8:30am No Mass– Intention Rescheduled for 10/15/15
5:00pm Bill & Jeanne Snyder Family
7:30am For the Parish
10:00am Living/deceased of the Obermeyer & Chesak Families
Minister Schedule for Sept. 26 & 27
5:00PM Greeter-G. Messman, M. Jagoda
Lector– Pam Hueser
Ministers– J. Mercer, E. Stath, M. Kahler, L. Waymire,
R. Hueser
Servers– Alex Nagel & Lindy Ventrello
7:30 AM Greeters– N. Shide, H. Bracht, M/L Park
Lector– Marty Park
Ministers– I. Mangas, B. Warren, J. Brusnahan,
R. Geleott, B. Worden
Servers– Katherine & Kaylei Lank
10:00 AM Greeters– D. Reichert, E. Nagel, D/L Wornhoff
Lector– Sarah Mahnesmith
Ministers– R. White, E.Faker, ML Potts, M. Rodibaugh,
D. Reichert
Servers– Jacob Hall, Josh Fleming & Reegan Leeper
Care Ministers for Sept 20-26
Sept. 20– R. Koebke Sept. 21– ML Debb
Sept. 22– G. Schenk
Sept. 23– D. Reichert
Sept. 24– G. Evans Sept. 25– E. McGraw Sept. 26– M. Chesak
Birthday List
Sept 20 Terri Bakondi, Kaleb Huff, Iris Ordones, Richard Shide
Sept 21 Michael Hatch, Harold Kohley, Lawrence Nagel,
Gerardo Padron, Robert Schenk, Joshua Tonner,
Roberto Villegas
Sept 22 Christopher Pfledderer
Sept 23 Paul Bakondi, Monica Clemente, Craig Davisson,
Jacob Egan, Lisa Houston, John Kahler, Edwin Nagel,
Alyssa O’Dette
Sept 24 Marnie Davisson, William DelPrincipe, Katherine Dettner
Sept 25 Courtney Mathew, Maeve McCully, Carly Meyers,
Lela Mushett, Ava Urbano
Sept 26 Loida Marzke, Avery Mathew, Jorge Rodriguez
On the weekend of Sept 26/27, Fr. Vince Albano from the Society
of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT) will give a mission
appeal at our parish. Serving in 13 countries including the United
States, SOLT Missionaries bring hope and the love of Jesus and
Mary to people living in impoverished conditions. They serve
migrant farm workers, refugees, Native Americans, orphans, the
elderly, families and those undergoing drug rehabilitation.
SOLT missionaries serve in parishes and schools giving the
sacraments and teaching catechism in remote areas. They also
care for the needs of the poor through community and family
development projects such as clean water, food and medical care.
Your generosity makes it possible for these missionaries to bring
Christ to the poor. Thank you!
Christian Women’s Meeting
**Notice Day Change**
The fall meeting will be WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14TH after the
8:00am mass. Our speaker will be Jocelyn Ventrello, who is the
director of the new parish nurse (PN) program at St. Augustine.
Jocelyn will explain how the parish nurse will work in our faith
community and help address health concerns of its members as
well as those in the broader community.
Refreshments will be served.
You are All Invited!
On October 10th, our parish will celebrate the 98th anniversary
of the appearance of Our Lady of the Rosary at Fatima, Portugal.
The day will begin at 10am CST in the church basement with
coffee, rolls, and a viewing of the movie, "The Miracle of Our of
Fatima", followed by the praying of the rosary. Our Lady asks us
to pray the rosary and to attend Mass on the first Saturday of each
month in atonement for the sins of the world. Mass is offered
every Saturday at 11:30 am at St. Joseph's College chapel.
Please join us to commemorate this special event. All are
Interested in becoming Catholic?
St. Augustine is planning an RCIA program.
RCIA is the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, a
process by which adults enter the Church.
People who go through RCIA may be unbaptized or baptized in
another faith. The process will begin in the fall and end at Easter.
If interested, please email Father Don at [email protected]
Total for 9/6/15
$ 5352.90
Envelopes/checks & Loose Collection
$ 5411.50
Total for 9/13/15
$ 5916.50
Automatic (Online) Giving (weekly average)
We need $6,025.00 to meet our weekly budget goals.
You have a wonderful Catholic heritage. Pass it on!
Just as we insure financial health for our families, we must plan for
the health of our faith families. Your planned gift to the St.
Augustine Catholic Parish Fund will provide financial support
forever. You have a wonderful Catholic heritage. Pass it on!
219-866-5351 OR
You Are Invited to Join Us
Wednesday Evening Meals
St. Augustine Parish is offering meals on select Wednesday evenings, and
you are welcome to join us! Come for food and fellowship prior to
Wednesday evening programs. Dinner begins at 6:00 pm unless otherwise specified.
Free-will donations will be accepted at the meal.
Volunteers are needed to provide meals and help with set-up and clean-up. Please contact
Kris Dobson at 863-5423 if you are willing to volunteer.
First Semester Menu
Taco Bar
Soup & Salad
Baked Potato Bar
Pizza & Salad
Pasta Night
Sloppy Joes & Hot Dogs
Breakfast Night
Taco Bar
Soup & Salad
Baked Potato Bar
Peanut Butter and Jelly will be available at every meal J
Come join us for food and fellowship!
Online Safe Environment Training
SEPTEMBER 20, 2015
Instructions for
All of those volunteers, staff, religious and clergy that work with minors, need to complete the diocesan safe
environment training requirement through the Safe & Sacred™ Environment Training Program.
The program is designed to be respectful of the topic and your time.
If you need technical assistance there is a button at the top right
corner of almost every screen where there is a “live” person to assist
The site is accessible anytime and on most computers, mobile devices and smartphones.
You may also contact Technical Support by calling toll-free: 888-804-9643.
It is as easy as...
Create a user profile at the training web site:
Important: You will be asked to complete a background screening application. Please complete this
application as your training certificate will not be issued until a
background screening is completed.
Complete the “Protecting God’s Children in the 21st Century” course.
Be sure to read the instructions and complete all of the steps.
You will be notified by email that your training certificate has been
issued if it was not available when you completed the training because
the background screening process had not yet been completed.
Your training certificate will be emailed automatically to the local safe
environment coordinator in your primary location as listed on your
registration form.
Everyone who works with young people and/or vulnerable adults shares the
responsibility of creating safe environments. We are all charged with treating
life with the respect and dignity given to each of us by our God.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this important training.
Fall Frolic Fun for the Whole Family!
Join us October 3rd on the church &
school grounds!
Invite your friends, family and neighbors to
St. Augustine’s annual Fall Frolic! Mark it on
your calendar for an evening of great food,
music, fellowship and fun for all! Contact Marie
at [email protected] or 866-5351 to volunteer to
help with this school sponsored event. We are
currently accepting $100 sponsorships. If you
would like donate to making this event a
success, please call or email. Most importantly,
don’t miss the fun!
219-866-5351 OR
St. Augustine Youth in Action!
1) The Annual Youth Group Food Drive is
scheduled for Wednesday, September 23rd.
Please note the change of date!
You’re invited to join Edwin Nagel as he
celebrates his 90th Birthday! The party will take
place on September 20th from 1:30-4:30pm at
Embers. Please come if you’re available.
No gifts.
Please Note:
Due to a scheduling conflict, the Knights of
Columbus will be cancelling the C.P.P.S.
Appreciation Dinner that was previously scheduled
for October 3rd. The event will be held the second
Saturday of October in 2016.
The K of C last Sunday Breakfast will be on Sunday,
September 27. Pancake, Sausage & Eggs will be
served from 8:00 to 11:30am. Orange juice, milk and
coffee included. Dine in or Carry Out.
History of St. Augustine
The current issue of Vintage Views includes an article on St.
Augustine Church written by John Groppe. Rodney Woolley and
Jim Worden provided the historic photographs that accompany the
article. Vintage Views is published by the Jasper County Historical
Society and is printed by Campbell’s Printing. The current issue
can be purchased for $10 at Campbell’s as well Long’s Gifts,
Jordan’s, and Clauss Bakery.
St. Augustine School Money Board
This voluntary fundraiser will be available throughout the year at
mass and other social events such as basketball games,
grandparent's day, fall frolic and spring social. There are
envelopes labeled $1-100, as well as a few "name your own price"
envelopes, which the St. A students decorated in art class. You
simply choose an envelope and place the noted dollar amount
inside. You may place the envelope with money in the bucket
below the money board, with the church offering, to either the
church or school office. Checks may be made payable to St.
Augustine School. The Money board is located by the McKinley
street entrance. Thank you for your support!
Mt Calvary Cemetery Regulations
Cemetery decorations will be removed on or after October 1. No
decorations will be allowed until December 1.
If you do not want the decorations, please leave them on the grave
so the committee can dispose them up. Please do not throw them
in the trees or over the hill. Thank you.
RADIX is coming to St. John Vianney, Fishers, for its Parish
Mission…The mission will be held beginning on Sunday, October
11th at 7:00pm and continues each night through Wednesday,
October 14th at 7:00pm. Each evening is unique so you don’t
miss out. Doug Barry, host of EWTN’s Life On The Rock and
founder of RADIX, has been spreading and defending the Catholic
faith for over two decades. RADIX message is for ages seven and
older. There is no registration or cost. St. John Vianney is located
at 15176 Blessed Mother Boulevard, Fishers 46037 or 317-485-0150.
The St. Augustine school rummage sale will take place on Oct. 2nd
MONDAY, Sept. 28th through NOON ON THURSDAY. No
electrical items or baby equipment can be accepted. This sale is
not only a fundraiser it is also a corporal work of mercy and a
chance to recycle clothing and household items that are still useful.
Workers will be needed during the sale on Fri. and Sat. and
especially for clean up on Sat. at noon. Call Germaine if you have
any questions or would like to volunteer, at 866-4206. Thank you.
*** Help needed: A few people to come to the basement after
the 10:00 Mass on Sept. 27th to help arrange tables and to set
up racks for the rummage sale***
Sacred Heart Catholic Church Annual Turkey Dinner
Join Sacred Heart Catholic Church on September 20th from 11am1:30pm (EDT). Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans,
roll, dessert and a drink will be served. Crafts, baked goods, and
children’s games are available. Tickets are $8/adult; $5 for
children 5-12; children 4 and under eat free! Carry-outs are
available at no additional charge. Please join us and enjoy great
food and fellowship!
Catechetical Day 2015
All catechists, catechetical leaders, and parishioners are invited to
the diocesan Catechetical Day 2015. It will be held on Saturday,
Oct 10, 9– 3pm at Central Catholic High School, Lafayette. To
register, go to:
Believe in the power of prayer!
If you would like to add someone to
the prayer list, please contact the
church office at 866-5351 or Sharon
Davisson at 866-4675.
SASBUCK$ NEWS:Two items of SAS Buck$ news: (1) $25
Family Express cards will no longer be available on-hand,
but you can still place an order for them. (2) Northside Car
Wash is the September Merchant-of-the-Month, earning you
$2 per carwash. Don’t forget that once you’ve earned $50
for the school this year, the remainder of what you earn
reduces the amount of tuition you’ll pay next year. The
sooner you start shopping with SAS Buck$, the more money
you’ll have accrued by the end of the year--the more
savings for you! Call the school (866-5480) or the church
office (866-5351) with questions about SAS Buck$.