Breakout Star…



Breakout Star…
“Breakout Star…”
David C. Jones, The Charlebois Post
“…Impressive Rocker!”
Colon Thomas, The Georgia Straight
Jerry Wasserman, The Province
Marsha Lederman, The Globe and Mail
Neezar is a Canadian Singer, Actor, Musician, and Circus
Performer based in Vancouver, Canada. Neezar has been
entertaining audiences for the last 18 years with charisma and
depth to a spontaneous outpouring of characters. These numerous
characters have caused him to develop a symphony of artistic
expressions including Acting, Stilt-walking, Fire-breathing, Opera
singing, and Mime making him a quintessential performer, artist
and entertainer. Some noted credits include: Kooza and Quidam
by Cirque Du Soleil, The 2004 & 2010 Olympics, Burger King,
Mazda, X- Men 2, and Davinci’s Inquest. Neezar has now set his
sights on combining all disciplines to produce high caliber circus
“Things are looking up!” 10 foot Tall Stilt
Characters mingle and roam to provide a
heightened wow factor as a part of any event, and
with over 40 costumes Neezar will most likely fit
any theme.
Check out the Stilt Bike Act, a one of a kind, larger
than life performance!
Stilt Bike Video:
Fire Performance
“A beautiful love story told through live
vocals, fire performance and dance” This is
one of the many shows that features Fire
Swords, Flaming Hula Hoop, Staff, Poi, a Fire
Rose and a crescendo of Fire breaths!
Whether it’s a solo performance or a large
group show, Neezar will illuminate the stage
with amazing visuals and Charisma.
Fire Breathing/Vocals Video:
From a French Mime to Living Statues, These
surreal characters are an enchanting addition for
any occasion, with an extensive array of characters
the Mime/Statue can be customized for each event.
Mime Video:
Neezar has been Acting for over a decade
And has booked roles in Film, TV, and Theatre.
Some noted credits include: Burger King,
Mazda, X- Men 2, and Davinci’s Inquest. More
recently He can be seen in the critically
acclaimed Sci- Fi musical “Broken Sex Doll”
where he plays “The King”
Broken Sex Doll
Neezar developed an interest in theatre and
music at an early age; singing and performing
in various school and church plays. Over the
years he has fronted and toured with a few rock
bands and has currently released “ZAR Wildfire” a Pyro/Circus/Rock show!
2604 E21 AVE VAN CO UVER, BC V5M 2W 1 N eezar | eezarInc
W W W .N EEZAR.CO M | [email protected] N EEZAR.CO M
PH +1 604 312 2500

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