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Native Americana - Holabird Americana
Native Americana
Lot# 759 WY Evanston Arapahoe
Circle Camp Photograph c1880
The photographer is identi�ied Baker
& Johnson, landscape and portrait
photographers. Charles S. Baker and
Eli Johnson ran the Baker & Johnston
Photographic Studio in Evanston.
They are best known for their work
titled “List of Indian Pictures.” This
photograph is one of them. This image
measures 6.5” x 4.3” while the matte measures 7” x 4.5.” The image has
some wear including foxing, fading and small tears. The matt also has
some wear. The contrast is low to medium and the focus is somewhat
sharp. [REF:].
Est. $300 - 1200 FHWAC# 346
Lot# 760 A New
Medicine Robe, Roye
Signed Print 1988 “I
paint my works not
the way I see them,
but the way viewer
looks at them” said
Native American
artist Paladine Roye
in 1989. Roye was
born on the White
Eagle Reservation in
northern Oklahoma
in the 1940s to the
Ponca tribe. Although
he left the reservation at the age of nine, he was taught Native stories
and traditions by his parents, grandparents and cousins. Roye didn’t
discover his artistic gifts until he was in his thirties. He become a
professional artist in 1979 and enjoyed a long and fruitful career as an
artist of traditional Native American scenes. [REF: Southwest Art, July
1989 p. 76-80. Carl J. Dunne]. This is an image of three Plains Indians,
most likely Ponca, hunting a small herd of buffalo. There are �ive
buffalo that can be seen in the image, the one in the middle is white.
This is a Paladine Roye signed limited edition print. The signature can
be seen on the lower left hand side. This print is number 168 out of
450. The print has been professionally framed and measures 40.5” x
31” while the piece measures 30”x 21”. This piece is complete with an
American International Art Commissions and Appraisers certi�icate of
authenticity, which is attached to the back. This piece is in wonderful
condition and a must have for any art collector Est. $500 - 1000
FHWAC# 416
Lot# 761
Cry DeHaan Signed
Lithographic Print
1989 “The story of
the relationship of
Native peoples and
horses is one of
the great sagas of
human contact with
the animal world…
When American
Indians encountered
horses-which some tribes call the Horse Nation-they found an ally,
inspiring and useful in times of peace, and intrepid in times of war.
Horses transformed Native life and became a central part of many
tribal cultures.” [REF: The National Museum of American Indians].
This piece entitled “War Cry” paints a �ierce image of the Native
American warrior. The imagine shows two Native men engaged
in battle, with their horses appearing triumphantly brave. Artist
Chuck Dehaan was born and raised around the horse. He is known
to collectors as a cowboy artist and often showcases the use of the
horse in the American West. This is a professionally framed limited
edition lithographic print. It is number 672 of 925 and signed by
Dehaan. His signature can be seen on the lower right corner. The print
was produced by Guildhall Press in 1990, and comes with its own
certi�icate of authenticity which is located on the back. There is also
another certi�icate of authenticity from the American International Art
Commissions and Appraisers, which is also located on the back. The
frame measures 36” x 29.5”, while the print measures 18.5” x 25” The
piece is in excellent condition. Est. $750 - 1000 FHWAC# 417
Lot# 762
Limited edition signed print
of “Pueblo Man of Wisdom” 1978 Portrait
of an elderly Native American man wearing a
collared shirt and jeans with a wooden handle
(shovel? broom?) in has hands. Print measures
approx. 10 1/2” x 13 3/4” in a 16” x 20” frame.
Signed by James L. Branscum 1978, early in
the artist’s career. #96 of 500. Framed, matted,
under glass. James L. Branscum was born in
1945 in Oklahoma. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1964. He put
aside his regular employment in 1977 to devote himself full-time to his
art . Exhibiting for many years with the Firebird Artists Association,
Branscum has been successful at marketing his own work. He was
voted Artist of the Year by the Firebird Artists Association in 1980 and
1981 and was given a solo exhibition at the Denver Country Club in
July 1982. Est. $100 - 150 FHWAC# 2696
Lot# 763 CA, Tahoe Lake Tahoe,
El Dorado, California Native Indians
Photo This lot features an early black
and white photo of 2 Washoe ladies,
one weaving a basket, the other with a
child and cradle board strapped to her
back. It`s an engaging depiction, with
one woman smiling as she apparently
is passing along the latest news with
her friend. The mounted photo measures 8.5 x 5.25. In the lower left
corner reads Indians at Lake Tahoe, in the lower right reads Graham
Photo. On the reverse side is the handwritten note: born July 27, 1890
Elmer Cameron. There is slight fading at the top of the photo, but is
generally in good condition Est. $200 - 600 FHWAC# 2906
Lot# 764
1909 E. S. Curtis Print “Signal
Fire to the Mount 1909 By Edward S. Curtis
(1868-1952). Shows a Native American looking
up to a large stone where a small �ire is burning
and the smoke is rising to the sky. It shows the
insigni�icance of man. Curtis was an ethnologist
and photographer of the American West and of
Native American peoples. In 1906, J. P. Morgan
provided Curtis with $75,000 to produce a
series on the North American Indian. This work
was to be 20 volumes with 1,500 photographs.
Morgan’s funds were to be disbursed over �ive
years and were earmarked to support only �ieldwork for the books not
for writing, editing, or production of the volumes. Curtis himself would
receive no salary for the project, which was to last more than 20 years.
Under the terms of the arrangement, Morgan was to receive 25 sets
and 500 original prints as his method of repayment. Est. $200 - 400
FHWAC# 13057
The Great American Treasure Hunt Auction* September 13, 14, & 15, 2014
Lot# 765
1925 framed
E. S. Curtis Print “Tewa
Dance-Costume The Tewa
(or Tano) are a linguistic group
of Pueblo American Indians
who speak the Tewa language
and share the Pueblo culture.
Their homelands are on or
near the Rio Grande in New
Mexico north of Santa Fe. (See
other Curtis print for more
information.) Est. $200 - 400
FHWAC# 13058
Lot# 766 Two Native American Oil Paintings by John Mulvany
Unique art discovery! Two fantastic works from a celebrated Western
artist. 1) Portrait of Red Cloud, Oglala Lakota chief, facing left. c.1890.
Not signed by artist. Approx. 9 1/2” x 7 1/2.” 2) Portrait of Native
American woman, possibly Pretty Owl, Red Cloud’s wife, facing right.
Signed by artist and dated 1904. Approx. 9 1/2” x 7 1/2.” Fabulous
colors on both. Both are in wooden frames which measure 12” x
14”. The Artist John Mulvany (1839-1906), best known as a Western
Painter, was born in Ireland in 1839. He immigrated to New York
in 1851 where he began his art training at the National Academy of
Design. He eventually went to work for Mathew Brady in 1863 and
gained �irst-hand experience of the Civil War. Mulvany was made
famous by his painting “Custer’s Last Rally” (1881), the �irst large
image of Custer’s Defeat, which toured coast-to-coast for 17 years.
Walt Whitman said “it needs to be seen many times—needs to be
studied over and over again.” Mulvany’s fame and respect within art
circles cooled off when he became more focused on Irish historical
subjects. He painted “The Battle of Aughrim,” (1885) which depicted
the decisive battle of the Williamite War in Ireland. During the course
of his lifetime, he lived in 21 different cities and crossed the country
eight times. He �inally settled in Brooklyn in 1896. He continued to
sketch and paint portraits, though his health worsened as he got
older. In May 1906, Mulvany drowned in the East River at the age of
66. At the time, he was suffering from throat cancer and the effects
of alcoholism. His obituary from The New York Times argued that
from “a �ine physique of a man [with] handsome features and a
kindly countenance, he had sunk to a ragged derelict, uncertain of a
night’s lodging or a day’s food.” William Merrit Chase and Frederick
Remington are cited as two prominent artists that Mulvany in�luenced.
[Weber, 2014; Pennington 2010] Est. $5000 - 20000 FHWAC# 19117
Burger Collection
Lot# 767 AZ
Native Americana
Beatien Yazz
Framed Painting c1980, Beatien
Yazz grew up in two worlds; his
artwork became a product of his
duel upbringing in Anglo and
Native worlds. Born in the trade
post town of Wide Ruins, Arizona,
Yazz, also known as Jimmy Toddy,
discovered art early in life. His
Navajo name means “little no
shirt.” As a child, Yazz would
draw on canyon walls with stones
without wearing a shirt. His
passion for drawing caught the
attention of the local Trade Post
owner, Bill Lippincott. Lippincott
noticed the boy’s gifts early, and gave the young artist his �irst set of
painting materials at the age of seven. By the time he was ten, Yazz’s
work was on display at the Illinois State Museum. Yazz, like many
other Native children attended boarding schools. For a short time,
he was educated at the Santa Fe Indian School and later attended the
Sherman Indian School. Yazz was drafted into the Marines in 1945 and
was trained as a Navajo code talker, before leaving the service in 1946.
Early in his career as an artist, Yazz illustrated two books with Alberta
Hannuum, Spin a Silver Dollar (1944), and Paint the Wind (1951). Yazz
began painting professionally again in the late 50s and and enjoyed
several years of fame and artistic growth. Yazz was active until 1991,
when he stopped painting due to his deteriorating eyesight. [REF: Joan
Marter, The Grove Encyclopedia of American Art]. This is a framed
piece that features an eagle purched, looking for prey. The piece
measures 6.05” x 9.05” and is mounted on a blue matte. The frame
measures 14” x 11”. Yazz’s signature can be see in the lower right
corner. Est. $450 - 1000 FHWAC# 301
Lot# 768 AZ
Beatien Yazz Framed
Painting of Native
Cowboys 1987,
This piece has been
professionally framed
and mounted in a 18”
x 16” frame. The piece
itself measures 16.5”
x 14.5.” The image
shows �ive Navajo
cowboys overlooking
their horses while the
imagine of a cowboy
appears in the clouds
above them. Yazz’s
signature can be see in the lower right corner. Est. $500 - 1000
FHWAC# 302
Lot# 769
Beaded Indian
Purses Lot of 2. 1) Beaded bag
with beaded �lower accents. The
bag measures 11.5” x 11” and has
had some wear, but the beading
has remained intact. 2) Patriotic
themed bag, with red, white and
blue beading. It measures 7.25”
x 6” and has little wear. There is
some fading, but the beading is intact. Est. $150 - 350 FHWAC# 13
Bid online at or call 775-851-1859
Native Americana
Lot# 770 NV,
Pyramid Lake 4
Beaded baskets, 2
with lids By Connie
Eagle of Pyramid Lake,
Nevada. 1) Small, about
3”. Blue, black and
silver beads. No lid.
2) 5”. Red, gold, and
black beads. Spots on
bottom. With lid. 3)
3”. Black, gold, and tan
beads. Gold lined seven pointed star on bottom. No lid. 4) Gold, brown
and black beads. Quarter size tan bottom center. With lid.
Est. $200 - 300 FHWAC# 2929
Lot# 771 CA
Medium sized Panamint basket White, black, light
brown and dark brown with vertical stripes. Black and light brown
top. Diameter is about 5”. Est. $500 - 800 FHWAC# 2930
Lot# 772 CA
Small sized Panamint basket Light brown and
black. Bottom inner circle is red. Diameter is 4 1/8”. Est. $300 - 600
FHWAC# 2931
Lot# 775 NV
American basket with
lid: Washoe See picture for
wonderful set of designs on
basket and lid. 8 stiches per
inch. A few breaks at rim,
rope showing through lid
handle, faded from sunlight.
Est. $700 - 1500
FHWAC# 11079
Lot# 776
Of�icial and
Personal; with
Sketches of
Travels among
the Northern
and Southern
Indians 1846
McKenney, T.
L.; Memoirs,
Of�icial and Personal; with Sketches of Travels among the Northern
and Southern Indians; embracing a War Excursion, and descriptions
of scenes along the western borders; 1846; Paine and Burgess, New
York. 340pp, plus the second volume (in one), 136pp, separately
paginated. Line engravings, color prints, etc. Brown boards, bright gilt
lettering on spine. Very tight, excellent condition. This is an eleven
chapter book outlining and summarizing all of McKe4nney’s work and
observations over a lengthy career. McKenney was the Superintendent
of Indian Trade from 1816-1822, and after that of�ice was abolished,
was appointed as Superintendent of Indian Affairs under the War
Department 1824-1830. He was �ired by president Jackson for
considering the Indian “our intellectual equal.” However, he was also
in favor of ridding the Indians west of the Mississippi River. This is
unarguably one of the �irst high quality �irst-hand reports published
about our early involvements with American Indians. It even discusses
the political rami�ications of changing political party control and
policies, corruption and abuse of power. A “Must-Have” reference. This
specimen is in premium condition. Est. $350 - 1500 FHWAC# 19338
Lot# 773 CA
Eagle Panamint basket Basket is entirely light
brown except the two eagles which are a darker brown. Diameter is 5
1/4”. Height is 3”. Est. $800 - 1500 FHWAC# 2932
Lot# 774
Pomo /
Great Basin Indian Basket
Not traditional material,
but Native American. Might
have been done in class.
Possible James Basket.
Est. $100 - 200
FHWAC# 8576
Lot# 777 The Cliff Dwellers of Mesa Verde, 1893 Nordenskiold,
G.; The Cliff Dwellers of Mesa Verde; Southwestern Colorado. Their
Pottery and Implements. Stockholm, 1893. 174pp, indexed. 51 color
photographic plates. Appendix of human remains from the cliff
dwellings... by Retzius, 10 plates, plus map. 12 x 15”. This is the alltime classic work on Mesa Verde. Loose binding, water stained cover
at bottom quarter and entire back cover. Contents all good. No foxing.
Needs TLC by a professional, and it will be a beauty. The contents
are astounding, showing human remains, pottery, markings, and
discussion of the early excavations. Est. $1500 - 3000 FHWAC# 19450
The Great American Treasure Hunt Auction* September 13, 14, & 15, 2014
Lot# 778
NV Life Among
the Piute’s,
First edition
1883. “Their
Wrongs and
Claims” by Sarah
Hopkins. Edited
by Mrs. Horace
Mann. This is
both a memoir
and history of
Sarah’s people
during their �irst forty years of contact with European Americans.
Anthropologist Omer Stewart described it as “one of the �irst and one
of the most enduring ethnohistorical books written by an American
Indian,” frequently cited by scholars. It is the �irst book EVER written
by a Native American woman. Excellent condition. A little wear at top
and bottom of spine and cover corners. 268 pages. [Rarity: iv]
Est. $250 - 800 FHWAC# 13011
Native Americana
Lot# 782 AZ
Navajo Belt This belt
measures 51” long when laid out �lat. It
features 14 square pieces that include a
small round red color stone. The maker’s
mark is located on the back on the buckle
and reads “DC” under the word “sterling.”
The belt itself doesn’t appear to be real
leather, but the marker is identi�ied as
Mayorga Saddlery. Est. $250 - 500
FHWAC# 306
Lot# 779 AZ
Navajo Necklace
and Earrings Set c1980 This is a lot of
1 necklace and 2 sets of earrings. The
necklace measures 19.5” long when laid
out �lat. It has 5 turquoise pieces in the
center that appear to be shaped like
bear claws. There doesn’t seem to be an
apparent marker’s mark. The �irst pair of
earrings are bear shaped and will match
perfectly with the necklace. The earrings
are screw back earrings and have a small
piece of turquoise, and don’t appear to
have a maker’s mark. Lastly there is a
pair of clip on earrings that feature a turtle with a light color yellow
gemstone in the center. The earrings are marked as sterling silver and
have a mark of an unknown maker. Est. $250 - 500 FHWAC# 303
Lot# 780 AZ
Navajo Turtle
Belt c1990 This belt features
7 silver colored turtle pieces.
There is a maker’s mark that
reads “BC” on the buckle. The
maker is unknown, and more
research would be needed to
�ind out exactly who the maker
was. The belt measures 52” long
when laid out �lat. The belt itself
doesn’t appear to be real leather. Est. $150 - 300 FHWAC# 304
Lot# 781 AZ
Navajo Belt This a
cute ladies belt that appears to have
been created by Navajo artist Jean
Dixon. This belt has 19 turquoise pieces
throughout the belt. There is a maker’s
mark on the buckle that has a small “J”
with the work “sterling” next to it. The
belt measures 51.5” when laid out �lat.
The belt itself doesn’t appear to be real
leather. Est. $150 - 300 FHWAC# 305
Bid online at or call 775-851-1859