Response to Intervention (RTI)



Response to Intervention (RTI)
Who We Are
The Provincial Outreach Program for Early Intervention (POPEI) is a British Columbia
Ministry of Education Provincial Resource Program with an outreach focus.
Why We Are Here
POPEI’s mandate is to increase educators’ capacity to support diverse and struggling
learners in the classroom.
Who We Help
POPEI provides services to BC public school districts and Group I and II Independent
Schools. Our support delivered through series of workshops (face-to-face and online),
networking, resources and eLearning opportunities.
Our Service Delivery Model
As POPEI’s mandate is to build teacher capacity, we aim to deliver systemic,
supportive, interactive learning opportunities to help educators meet their personal,
school and/or district goals to improve.
Our model allows for face-to-face workshops to be followed up with self-paced
online modules. This permits educators to connect their learning to the students in
their schools, while giving them job-embedded opportunities for practice as well as
providing connections with other educators on the same learning
How To Book Our Services
POPEI has District Partners that represent school districts in British Columbia.
Face-to-face workshops are coordinated through our District Partners.
Click here to find the District Partner for your School District
District Partners - click here to book workshops
Good first teaching in literacy skills is vital for all students. The following workshops are
designed to help to build a solid foundation for literacy.
The first workshop in this series will be:
Effective Literacy Instruction
The follow up workshops can be chosen from the following:
Scaffolding Reading Instruction—Reading to, with & by Children
Assessment for Reading Instruction
Scaffolding Writing Instruction—Writing to, with & by Children
Assessment for Writing Instruction
Word Work
Early Literacy Concepts
Word Solving Skills
Oral Language
Oral Language Foundations
The foundation of early intervention is rooted in effective classroom practice for all
students. These workshops cover a variety of concepts that are important for
“prevention” - as the best intervention is prevention!
This series includes:
Universal Design for Learning
Setting Up Classrooms for Success
These workshops are designed to provide a solid grounding in different
aspects of assessment in order to identify students in need of intervention
and to drive instruction effectively.
This series includes:
Assessment FOR Learning
Using The Right Tool at the Right Time
Using Data to Drive Instruction
Designed to provide background in best practices for effective intervention.
Response to Intervention (RTI)
Overview of Response to Intervention (RTI)
Tier 1 of RTI
Tier 2 and Tier 3 of RTI
Intervention Strategies
Build Systematic & Sustainable Interventions
Does Your District Need Something Different?
The POPEI team has carefully analyzed the current needs of schools and
districts across British Columbia in the area of Early Literacy Intervention.
However, if your district requires support in an area not seen here, we can
coordinate with District Partners to customize a series of workshops to
meet the needs of the educators in your district.
Meet the POPEI Team
The POPEI team consists of two Teacher Consultants, Lisa Watson and Sasha Žekulin. Lisa and Sasha
have extensive classroom experience as well as experience as consultants across British Columbia and
Both Teacher Consultants have been with POPEI since its inception in January 2014.
Other members of our team are our:
Administrative Assistant
Technical Analyst
Richmond SD Site Administrator
Richmond SD Supervising Administrator
District Partners from School Districts across BC
Multi-Regional Advisory Committee
Sasha Žekulin
Lisa Watson
Connect with POPEI
[email protected]

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